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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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> tonight on "world news," snowed in. two massive storms colliding. snow, ice, freezing rain. dangerous conditions from missouri to maine. cars flipped over. the storm track what's coming tomorrow. the plot, what we learned about the school shooter in colorado, who he was targeting, the bravery inside the school just as this nation remembers newtown one year ago. and the staggering number of price changes on the web in a given day, in an hour. the precise time to lock it in and the tool to help you. >> and mega-mystery, why they're getting better. stunning new jackpot tonight. what are your odds of winning? tonight, the new strategy revealed.
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good evening, and thanks for joining us on a very trying saturday night across a huge part of this country. two storms coming together as one. what a mess. across nearly two dozen states. this is detroit, airplanes covered in snow, passengers looking to the monitors. nearly a thousand cancellations and growing. football fields this saturday disappearing. the army/navy game in a snowy philadelphia. working harder than the football players we so many at home who spent a good part of the day digging out. there is more in store tomorrow. and illinois tonight, getting down this street on skis. we have team coverage, the latest storm track and what's coming. but rob nelson in massachusetts tonight. >> reporter: a huge swath of the country bracing for a snow covered weekend as it makes it eastward trek, dumping anywhere from a few inches to a few feet. 1,000 flights cancelled, but
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better to be stuck on a frozen tarmac like these planes in detroit than to be on the roads in deadly conditions. and sleet and freezing rain accompanying the snow, roads will become treacherous. three massive multi- car wreck this past week alone. a 40-car pileup, blamed on snow and speed. >> thank god we're okay. >> reporter: frustration and relief. >> he side swept me and kept on going. >> reporter: and further east in new hampshire, fighting with ice. dousing this but leaving behind walls of ice. and in new york where people are used to this, motorists said they couldn't see a thing. >> it's horrible. i have four-wheel drive and it's slipping. that's surprising. and on my way here, you couldn't see the road. >> reporter: with christmas just a little more than a week away, holiday shoppers battling the bad weather trying to finish their gift lists.
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with the storm getting closer, we decided to check on conditions. travel was slow but steady. the roads getting worse as we reached massachusetts. we are certainly among the lucky. every year more than 1300 people are killed and nearly 117,000 injured in snow-related crashes. well, david, three and a half hours later, we made it to north hampton, massachusetts. we have the icy grime to prove. not too much snow yet, but a half a foot could be coming overnight. david. >> all right, rob nelson leading us off from a snowy new england. and i want to bring in lee goldberg from the weather center. you were telling us they are now converging. >> the whole complexion is changing. take a look at the storm track. two becoming one. it's consolidating as a coastal storm. a few things, snowfall rates picking up across pennsylvania and new york city into new england, a change over along the coast and an icy concern inland as well.
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snowfall, lighter amounts in the philly area, but heavier amounts across northern pennsylvania. and new york city, this is a computer model, 5 or 6 inches in new york city, more in boston, but just to the north and west, that whole area of pink, localized up to a foot of snow. >> over the next 24 hours. that's the first concern. the next concern, cold in the midwest. >> now the cold behind the storm, it's lagging in the east, it's not below freezing tomorrow, but tomorrow night, yes. but look at the highs on sunday, in chicago and detroit, 15, 25. they got snow fall, hard freeze. difficult for millions of holiday shoppers to get ahead. >> lee goldberg. thanks to you. now to the fast-moving investigation in colorado. revealing the motive. what drove a student to target a librarian. we watched the all too familiar scene playing out, students with their hands in the air. a senior opened fire in the hallways. tonight we're learning more
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about what he was armed with and the classmate fighting to survive. clayton sandell in colorado. >> reporter: tonight 17-year-old claire davis is fighting for her life. davis shot yesterday in the head. police say fellow student 18-year-old karl pierson pulled the trigger. >> it was terrible. >> it's awful. and i'm sad. >> reporter: police say davis was not pierson's intended target. they believe he'd come to kill teacher tracy murphy. she runs the debate team. he had been in trouble with the team, allegedly making a threat in september. >> this shooting was the result of revenge on the part of the shooter because of a confrontation or disagreement between the shooter and the teacher. >> reporter: investigators said today that he legally purchased a 12-gauge shotgun at a denver area store within one week before the attack.
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>> the shooter purchased the shotgun on december 6th at a local retail outlet. the weapon was purchased legally. >> reporter: the images friday of terrified students, so similar to the ones just down the road at columbine. this sergeant teaches that unlike columbine, first responders can't afford to wait to confront a gunman. >> go immediately in, inside to address the threat. >> reporter: that strategy, police say, saved lives here. >> their quick response and their reaction saved lives. >> the second shot was aimed in our direction. and at that point, i was diving back into the classroom and pushing my friend and teacher in with me. >> reporter: we learned he had extra ammunition and armed with a machete. some extraordinary timing. from the moment he walked into this school, opened and fire and took his life was a minute and 20 seconds. the sheriff credits his troops
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for closing in fast, bringing the situation to an end before it got much worse. david. >> all right, clayton, thank you. we thought immediately of the timing when the bullets were fired in colorado yesterday. it was one year ago we were reporting on newtown, connecticut. on this saturday, a nation pauses to remember, along with a sister who sat down with us. >> at the white house today, the president and first lady, lighting 26 candles, 20 for the children, six for the teachers and principal lost. throughout newtown, the quiet but powerful memorials. the heart, the 26 crosses. and on this saturday, the bells ringing 26 times across connecticut. the families had asked that cameras keep a distance this weekend, so we sat down a few weeks back with a young woman remembering her sister. carly soto, remembering her sister, vicky, a first grade teacher. they were just starting their day in room ten. >> they were her angels. she loved those kids more than
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anything. >> she would call them that? >> yes. she would tell us the funny stories and everything they learned that day. she couldn't talk enough. we knew them by name. >> you knew them all. >> yep. allison, wyatt, olivia, dylan, hockley, jesse lewis and avielle richmond. >> she has now learned even more about the sister who stood before that gunman. >> she had her keys in her hand ready to lock her door, and unfortunately she didn't have the time to do that. >> as she stood there, one group of children running for the door. nine got out, two more survived hiding in the bathroom. >> the photograph that the whole world saw of you. >> it is hard seeing that photo, because i can remember exactly
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what i was thinking, exactly where i was waiting to hear about my sister. i can remember everything about that moment. >> she had called a friend with the news. her sister was going to make gingerbread houses with the children that day, and she also learned her sister had taken out a book. >> she earlier went to the library before school started and took out a book called "what would you do with a tail like this?" and since then, all copies of that book are dedicated to my sister which is amazing. >> there were so many facebook posts about your sister. and i wanted to read from a couple. this is victoria soto, and although i didn't know her, she is my hero. i don't know too much about her, but i know a lot of people who know her. she's amazing. after learning she was a teacher in stratford, the person writes, i have never been more proud to be a person from stratford or a teacher.
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>> it is -- it's amazing that our -- our country has looked at my sister and recognized her for being a hero and i'm proud to say that i'm victoria soto's little sister. i can't be any more proud of my sister. >> so many heros. being remembered this weekend. she's working with mayors against illegal guns hoping for more attention on metal health in this country and on background checks. she won't give up until congress acts. we turn overseas now and to an abc news exclusive. one-on-one with secretary of state john kerry, reacting to what we watched unfold in north korea this week. the young leader consolidating power, taking aim at his uncle. a former mentor. air brushing him out and executing him. martha raddatz traveling in the region with new reaction from secretary kerry. >> reporter: good evening. the diplomatic tour brought him
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here to vietnam where we asked about the startling developments out of north korea where kim jong-un, the leader, had his uncle executed. a long-time power broker in the secretive nation. what does this tell you about the danger coming from north korea? >> it tells us how ruthless and reckless he is. it tells us about how insecure he is. this is not first execution. there have been a significant number of executions taking place over the last months which we're aware of. >> reporter: and this was so public. >> it really reminded me of a video we saw of saddam hussein doing the same thing. having people plucked out of an audience. and people sitting there sweating and nobody daring to move or do anything. >> reporter: we also asked the secretary about robert levinson who disappeared in iran seven years ago. his family said he was working
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for the cia and the government has now abandoned him. >> to suggest that we've abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect. the fact is that i have personally raised the issue not only at the highest level that i have been involved with but also through other intermediaries. >> reporter: secretary kerry says he thinks the iranian government could help in this situation and hopes the government will. david. >> thank you. and martha will have much more of the exclusive interview first thing in the morning on abc's this week. and south africa, nelson mandela, his body returned to his childhood village on this eve of his funeral. and on this saturday, a moment of controversy when it seemed a major figure had been left off of the figures attending. alex from pretoria tonight. >> reporter: good evening. nelson mandela has been lying in state in the government
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buildings up on the hill went home today. a cargo plane took off from pretoria escorted by two fighter jets. he was welcomed in the eastern cape with full military honors before being driven past huge cheering crowds to his home in the village where he grew up. tomorrow's funeral will be attended by 5,000 people, prince charles, jesse jackson, and after confusion, the archbishop desmond tutu who was an -- a close friend of his for decades and an outspoken critic of the current south african government. he will be buried in the smaller private ceremony that will officially mark the end of this chapter for south africa and for the world. >> thank you. and a celebration of a milestone, landing an unmanned spacecraft on the moon. 13 day journey to get there. chinese tv showing an animation.
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the china joining the u.s. and russia as lunar explorers. and from a moon shot to a long shot. so many hoping for a win in the megamillions. no winners. if you think it's getting bigger and bigger, you're right. but what's that doing to your odds? here's abc's linzie janis now. >> reporter: the jackpot is rolling over. to a whopping $550 million. by tuesday night, lottery officials say the jackpot could top the record $656 million drawn in march of 2012. but with friday's ticket sales 40% higher than expected, why no winner? in part it's because the lottery changed the game. five of the six balls used to range from one to 56. now the balls number from one to 75. the move was intended to create more of these gigantic jack pots, generating more interest in the lottery.
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the only problem is, since the changes, no one has won. the chances of winning dropped to roughly one in 259 million. but we can always dream. >> maybe buy a football team. >> reporter: or if football isn't your thing, the lump sum of $295 million would buy you 160 of these 25 karat diamonds for sale in neiman marcus' fantasy gift catalog. or this aston martin for you and 855 of your closest friends. that would make for a christmas to remember. >> there's always tuesday. good luck. much more ahead on world news. the prices that change on amazon more than two million times a day. how do you know when to lock in the best deal? the tool that will help you. prince harry and the trek on the south pole.
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all day pain relief with just two pills. now to our "instant index" on a saturday night. what's trending. we start with a once-in-a-lifetime sight in the middle east. parts of cairo getting their first snowfall in more than a hundred years. jerusalem got a foot of snow, cutting power to 60,000. but there's a snowball fight for you. and forcing thousands into shelters tonight. now to the wonder miles above the earth. stunning footage of the aurora
5:54 pm
borealis, or the northern lights. captured on a flight from london to new york. what a sight. and the mystery of a missing wedding dress. she sent the wedding dress to the cleaners in 1987. and they returned it in a box and she found the cleaners gave her the wrong dress. she posted the images hoping to find the rightful bride. when we come back, what nearly halted prince harry and the team of brave veterans at the south pole. the change in strategy paying off. be in your hand. that relief could for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium.
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with much of the nation shivering, we thought we'd end the south pole tonight, where prince harry and champion veterans are facing ahearted fought victory. here's bob woodruff. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a race to the south pole. a competition between the americans, brits, canada and australia. all trekking 125 miles through some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. among them, 12 wounded veterans struggling to make their way to the south pole along with prince harry, a military pilot who has served twice in afghanistan. but fighting temperatures as low as 31 degrees below zero and winds howling above 50 miles an
5:58 pm
hour, they cancelled their competition. realizing instead they had to work together to win. i did have the opportunity to travel with prince harry on his previous arctic trip to the north pole. is it okay if i call you prince harry? >> call me whatever you want. can i call you bob? >> reporter: yeah, that sounds okay with me. it was the same organization now trying to get to the south pole. it was walking with the wounded, a charity that provides rehabilitation services for wounded veterans. when faced with having to turn back on the 13-day march, they banded together. >> all in all, it has been a success. >> reporter: now as collaborators, not competitors. they're heading home, together, in triumph. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. >> safe trip home. thanks to bob. and good morning america and this week with george. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night.
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how the bay area is paying tribute one year after 20 children were killed in a mass shooting. a company that designs military robots bought out by google. what the tech giant has planned for its future. a mega jackpot for mega millions. so many people are hopeful to win, despite long odds. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. bells rang across the nation today, a tribute to the 26 people killed one year ago in newtown, connecticut. good evening, i'm ama daetz. 20 children and six educators were killed inside sandy hook elementary school. people in every community in the
6:00 pm
u.s. are affected. cornell bernard is live and shows us how the bay area paid tribute today. reporter: we're live at the pacific centery a rally was held to remember the victims, and calls for stricter gun laws. >> a somber prayer service at st. vincent depaul church in pacific heights to remember the newtown victims, sponsored by the group, moms demand action. >> we will not remain silent anymore. we're working if the anniversary with a moment of silence, and just thinking about my kids and my nine-year-old and my four-year-old. >> my concern is that the violence is still going on, and it's a prayer that indeed we might find a way to work together to end that violence. [chanting] >> this group, represented by the brady campaign to


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