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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a toxic scare in the east bay. what created a chemical cloud that prompted an order for neighbors to stay inside. good evening, i'm ama daetz. we do begin with developing news. a chemical cloud caused a major health concern in san leandro. our reporter is there. lisa, what are officials saying? >> reporter: ama, just a little while ago the roads opened up. and the problems, though, started right behind me in this building. that's a shipping and receiving department of a company called associated aerospace activities. jet engine material is manufactured here. at around 6:15 tonight, those who live in the area noticed a strong sul sulfur smell in the
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air and saw a haze over the building. the fire department realized it wasn't a fire but a vapor of some sort. the hazmat team was called in to investigate. >> a piece of machinery operating inside was still functioning and operating and overheating, mixed in with the chemicals that were in the machinery and created a gaseous based environment. >> this smell what it could do to you. i have a 6-year-old granddaughter and a 3-month-old. >> so you were worried. >> yeah. >> reporter: hundreds of people who live off williams street were told to stay in their homes from 8:00 to 9:00 tonight. the fire department turned the overheated machine off and aired out the building by using fans. the fire and police departments went door-to-door telling people to shelter in place for a precaution. there is a slight odor you can
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detect in the air but investigators say they really don't know what the chemicals involved were. but they do insist that there's no harm to the public. live in san leandro, lisa amin gulezian. nelson mandela is being laid to rest at his ancestral home tonight in south africa. this is a live picture of the burial service in nelson mandela's hometown of qunu. he was 95 years old when he died on december 5th. denounced as a markist terrorist by critics he spent 27 years in prison, became the country's first black president, overthrew the apartheid system, won the nobel peace prize and devoted his later years to ending poverty. he's regarded as one of the most important figures of the 20th century. the funeral procession had a
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heavy military quality. armed servicemen from south africa's navy, army and air force lined the dirt road to the church. 5,000 people came to the mandela family compound and a large number of those were invited for the services. south africans refer to mandela as the father of our country. u.c. berkeley today a large crowd gathered to hon honor nelson mandela. because of their protests the university was the first to divest themselves from businesses trading with south africa. >> the recognition of the iniquity of the apartheid system really made people come together, ultimately to make a decision like that in divestment means you have to be persuaded this is is the right thing to do. >> a year later in 1986 the u.c. regents voted on a plan to divest their holding in south africa. nelson mandela always said the student protests helped change his nation. a young girl from oakland is
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brain-dead tonight after going under surgery to have her tonsils removed. her family wants answers. abc 7 news reporter joins us with what happened. >> reporter: the girl's distraught mother tells me tonight she expected her daughter to go into surgery on monday and then be home by tuesday. now the whole family is trying to figure out how this all went terribly wrong. these are pictures of 13-year-old jahai mcmass and her mother when she first arrived at oakland's children's hospital on monday. she was and ppprehensive but th mother convinced she'd be fine. >> she smiled. i told her the surgery toys make you better. >> reporter: she went in to have her tonsils removed. doctors said it was to help her with her sleep apnea. in recovery she had disturbing complications. >> my daughter had an actual clot sliding out of her mouth. they said catch them with the cup so we can measure them. >> reporter: the girl's grandmother is a nurse at
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oakland hospital. she said she was surpriseded by what she called a lack of attention by oakland children's hospital staff. >> i went in and i said do you guys find this to be normal? and they said, i don't really know. i said well then get a doctor. >> reporter: in the last day jahai took a turn for the worst. >> we daughter went into cardiac arrest and died. they brought her back and now she's brain-dead. >> reporter: they are shocked. what's worse, they say hospital staff is now asking to consider removing jahai from life support. >> they just have a social worker following me all day long asking me do you have any other family that needs to see her? like trying to put a rush on me. >> reporter: the family is now demanding oakland children's hospital to conduct an investigation to find out how jahai could have died following a seemingly routine surgery. a children's hospital representative was not available for an interview tonight. the spokesperson provided this prepared response "we're very sad about this jut come about what's happened to her, but at this point i have no information
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on the details of the surgery. we will certainly investigate what happened. in any surgery there are risks and there can be unexpected and unanticipated complications. the family tells me they do not want to remove jahai from life support. abc 7 news. >> sergio, thank you. tomorrow is another cold day. a record eight in a row. >> one of the main reasons why is because we do have higher pressure over the bay area. anytime we get that we have temperatures starting to warm up. but we also get air being compressed close to the surface, so any particulate matter is definitely being pushed down closer to where we are breathing. a beautiful shot this evening with clear sky out there. now as you mentioned, eighth conservative day no wood-burning unless it is your only source of heat. the poor areas of air quality tomorrow will be mainly in the east bay as well as the santa
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clara valley. i mentioned a warmup. we are going to. take a look the my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. somber remembrances mark the 1-year anniversary today of the sandy hook school shooting. bells tolled in newtown, connecticut this morning exactly one year after a gunman entered the school and opened fire on first graders and teachers. newtown officials called for privacy on this day and asked town residents to honor the victims through acts of service and kindness. the president and the first lady paid tribute to the victims by lighting 26 candles at the white house representing the 20 children and six adults who lost their lives before the gunman killed himself. coming up in about 30 minutes a look at some of the local remembrance events and a victim of a mass shooting in los angeles talks about how to heal after such a tragedy. new details about another school shooting, this one at a high school near denver. investigators say the gunman,
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18-year-old karl pierson, was motivated by retaliation against a librarian who disciplined him months ago. and officers say he did not know the student he shot yesterday at arapahoe high school. the victim claire davis is recovering in the hospital tonight. the sheriff also says pier son bought the shotgun legally december 6th at a local store. and he entered the school with the shotgun, a machete and three incendiary devices in his backpack and had ammunition strapped to his body. he killed himself moments after the shooting. facebook wants to get personal, really personal. ahead how the social site thinks it can learn more about you and what it will do with that information. are you really getting the best deal when you buy those holiday gifts online exposing the secrets of the big price switch learn the best time to buy to get the best deal. also. it's pretty horrible out there right now. on my way here you couldn't seat road. >> and later, a snowstorm pounds the northeast after doing the same to the upper
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. facebook wants to learn all about you and thinks it's come up with a way to do just that. facebook is hiring a new york university professor to head up a new artificial intelligence lab in order to better target
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advertising to your facebook news feed. the social site wants to learn more about its users and come up with a better way to gather and use the way you post. the. when it comes to holiday shopping online it may be harder than we think to get the best deal. a study finds the changes prices on items 2 1/2 million times a day. so when should you buy? abc news reporter adidi roy has that answer. >> reporter: with just 11 days to go before those gifts are wrapped and under the tree, many of us are still hunting for the best online deals. but blink and you might miss them. new analysis from the firm profitero shows changes prices an eye-popping 2.5 million times a day. walmart and best buy change 50,000 times during the month of november. >> in many cases consumes are not getting the best deal.
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>> reporter: we tried a tracking app and found this bulova watch was one price, two minutes later the price plummeted to $510. eight hours later it was down to $418. some say the best time to buy is the middle of the night. but some apps can also help you nab a low price. for instance, i found this sampson galaxy note booker. earlier in the week it was nearly $800. now it's down to 162. i've also set up a price tracker to alert me in case the price drops even further. another tip, cancel that online order right before you place it. chances are that same retailer will e-mail you a better deal on that same gift. >> that was adidi roy reporting. money would be no object if you won the upcoming megamillions jackpot. megamillions has reached new heights with its latest $550 million jackpot. but there is a catch. the odds of winning have changed
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from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million because there are more numbers to choose from. that makes it almost seven times harder to draw the winning ticket. it's one reason the jackpot has ballooned to more than half a billion dollars. lotto buyers didn't seem to mind. >> i like it. the bigger the better. wouldn't you like more than less? >> well, i guess the chances are a little bit harder. but the payoff might be a little bit better for somebody. >> reporter: the next megamillions drawing is tuesday. what would you do with an extra $7,000 this holiday season? that's how much you could win just for helping abc 7 news fight hunger in the bay area. when you click the give where you live button on our facebook page we'll donate a dollar to the bay area's feeding america food banks for you. you might win $7,000. imagine the good you could do with that. we'll announce the winner on december 19th so go to the
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abc7news facebook page and spread the word so your friends can help, too. it's time to get a check on our weather and find out when we may warm up some more. >> we're going to do so tomorrow. live doppler showing you mainly clear sky inland. low clouds right near the coast. and they will venture in near the bay overnight tonight. but would you check out some of these highs. i know last week we were in the 40s and the low 50s, but how about some 60s today? it was 64 degrees in santa rosa. we're still keeping some 50s inland with antioch today. 59 in livermore. 51 in san francisco. half moon bay 63 degrees, lots of sunshine there today and morgan hill checked in at 63 degrees as well. here is a live look from our roof cam embarcadero, san francisco. 52. 41 los gatos. temperature-wise we're looking at 34 degrees right now in santa
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rosa. petaluma,36. 35 in fairfield. our forecast calls for chilly temperatures overnight. we will see a little bit of patchy fog creeping into the bay area overnight as well. then get ready for a nice warmup tomorrow. remember tomorrow another spare the air day and then a milder weather pattern will start to set in for us right on in through monday and tuesday. the setup high pressure really just kicking or keeping that storm track well to the north of us. so all the rain will stay north of the bay area for at least the next three to four days. this high pressure also bringing us that sinking air, bringing us that poor air quality to the surface. but it's also going to act as a nice warmup, warming mechanism for us up so expect nice warm temperatures the next couple of days. by 9:00 tomorrow morning we may see -- still see a little bit of patchy fog here and there, but otherwise get ready for some
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nice sunshine tomorrow afternoon and warmer temperatures. in fact, if you're heading to the beach, some of the coastline will see temperatures in the mid 60s tomorrow. but we do have a beach hazard in effect. sunday through monday with large westerly swells, possible sneaker waves. some of those waves as high as 8 to 10 feet and strong rip currents. so keep that in mind. i know you're going to want to go and check out some of the coast tomorrow because it should be a delightful day. but just be careful, mindful of some of the hazards there. overnight temperatures near the freezing mark in the north and east bay. the rest of us will start to moderate a little bit into the 40s. and if you're heading to the oakland raiders game tomorrow, i tell you a terrific day in the 60s, mid to low 60s, that is. and plenty of sunshine. temperatures around the bay area warming up nicely, 64 tomorrow for napa as well as san rafael. 62 for san francisco, palo alto
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64. san jose 65. inland locations will also climb into the 60s. i tell you, monday is going to be the warmest day with highs near 70 degrees. and then we'll start to cool things down, bring clouds in thursday and friday. maybe a sprinkle or two. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you so much, leigh. an assignment in tampa bay. it's going to rain, 74 degrees. might get sprinkled on. the row of futility continued for the sharks tonight in nashville. they were making record-setting quarterback look like an average player at the north ridge title game next in sports.
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welcome back. the road has not been friendly to todd mcclellan and the sharks this season, making it five losses in their last six away from the s.a.p. center. he tells former sharks wife we've having this much fun. ben tyler and ian in nashville and drinking it all in apparently. predators power play roman jossi, 2-0 after two. sharks with a knack for relinquishing two-goal leads in recent weeks. shoe on the other foot tonight, 2-1 game. under three minutes to play now nashville takes a two on one. victor stallberg under the pad of nyenmmi. final music city usa. a year from being thrashed 49-15 by baylor south fulsom getting another chance. junior jake browning with a
11:24 pm
state record 74 touch down pass this is season. the bulldogs averaging 55 points per game. de la salle is a different animal. 7-0 spartans. late second quarter, 19-3 de la salle. fullsome in the red zone. browning picked off by kevin griffin. connection half fundamental disciplined power football. john valesco with the third touchdown in the game. after another browning pick he scores again. 132 yards on the ground, almost the same score as last year. 45-17 the final. de la salle will look to win a fifth straight state championship next weekend. still to come make it an even dozen for navy and army. it was expected to be a la
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florida state's jameis winston was the overwhelming favorite to win the heisman trophy today. his reasonable legal issues clearly swayed some voters. still he won by the fifth largest margin in the modern era. >> the winner is jameis winston, florida state university. >> alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron finished a distant second. winston becomes the youngest heisman winner ever, the second red shirt freshman to win it in as many years. >> this title isn't just for
11:29 pm
jameis winston. it's for florida state. and i love everybody in here. i'm so blessed right now, man. >> it has been 4396 days since army last beat navy on the football field. make it 439 seven-days. wouldn't great traditions in all of sports, snow in philadelphia for the 114th meeting. the black knights really no answer for navy's ground game today. they had over 300 yards rushing, noah cope on 39 there for a second quarter lead. navy quarterback keenan reynolds really good with his feet. 136 yards rushing, three scores, 37 yards on the keeper there. in the fourth quarter reynolds set a new season record for rushing by a quarterback. 11 yards. 34-7 the final. navy's 12th straight win in the series. when it's over you're on the same team. rumored all week, texas coach mack brown made it official
11:30 pm
today. he will step down following the alamo bowl against oregon in 16 seasons in austin, brown won 158 games and two teams play in the bcs championship game. stanford women's volleyball team the elite eight of ncaa tournament, cardinals needing to win the fourth set to extend penn state to a decisive fifth. rachel williams team high 17 kills in the match, on to a fifth set where the second rankrank ranked knit nittany lions. in our second half hour college hoops. my one-on-one interview with former raiders quarterback market tuiasasopo. coaching at uw these days. >> 49ers play tomorrow in tampa bay. >> in tampa. shoe is there and he'll be covering it all. post-game reaction with him. >> thank you so much, collin.
11:31 pm
a severe wintery blast is pounding several northeast states. big service changes are coming to public transit. the improvement a.c. transit says you'll start seeing tomorrow. and red and white everywhere in the streets of san francisco. how they're really getting into the spirit of the season. stay with us. abc 7 news at 11:00 will be back after this short break.
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good evening. i'm ama daetz. more than 100 people in san leandro were told to shelter in place after a chemical cloud fill add neighborhood with a sulfur smell. fire officials say the cloud came from an overheated piece of machinery at a company that makes jet engine parts. all is back to normal. this is a live picture from south africa where the funeral of nelson mandela is under way. the world leader will be buried in his native village of qunu. he died nine days after at age 95 in johannesburg. he served 27 years in prison, was elected president, ended apartheid, won the nobel peace prize and fought to end poverty. a 13-year-old oakland girl
11:36 pm
is brain-dead after entering a hospital to get her tonsils out. jahai mcmass went to children's hospital wednesday. she had complications following surgery and eventually suffered a heart attack. the family wants answers. there were several bay area events honoring the memory of the 20 children and six adults killed in newtown one year ago today. the san francisco people lay on the ground. a woman who survive add mass shooting in 1999 at an l.a. jewish center was a speaker. >> it's awful. we have to just as a nation come together and realize that we can actually make a difference. we can make tragedies like the one that took place last year end. >> when one person can do a lot of damage, one person can do a lot of good. and the biggest risk factor in violence is a firearm. >> in the bay view district a service was sponsored by the alive and free omega boys club.
11:37 pm
several guns were turned in. . in oakland there was another gun buyback this. was part of a state-run gun buy back today. organizers reveal they buy guns back during the holidays because many people are looking for cash. $100 for handguns, 200 for assault weapons. police the say the buybacks are a chance to prevent violence by getting unwanted guns off the street. san jose police say 470 guns were turned into its gun buy back today. 12 were assault weapons. people started lining up at 7:00 this morning to turn in their weapons. gun owners got target gift cards worth 100 and $200. the buy back is part of a campaign by police to reduce gang violence. they teamed up with the district attorney and local authorities to raise money for the program. developing news now, two storms are coming together as one tonight bringing a blast of winter across nearly two dozen
11:38 pm
states. abc news reporter rob nelson has the story from massachusetts tonight. >> reporter: a huge swath of the country bracing for a snow-covered weekend as this huge weather system makes its eastward trek, dumping anywhere from a few inches to a few feet. some 100 flights canceled across the country, but better to be stuck on a frozen tarmac like these planes this detroit than to be on the roads today in deadly conditions. and with sleet and freezing rain accompanying the snow, many of the nation's roads will once again become treacherous. there have been at least three massive multi-car wrecks this past week alone. a 40-car pileup in michigan blamed on snow and speed. frustration and relief. >> he just side swept me and kept on going. >> reporter: further east in new hampshire, firemen had to fight fire with ice, dousing this blaze but leaving behind walls of ice just minutes later. in the snow belt of western new york where people are used to
11:39 pm
this, motorists said they couldn't see a thing. >> it's pretty horrible out there right now. i've got four-wheel drive on my car and it's been slipping. so that's pretty surprising. on my way here you couldn't seat road. >> reporter: with christmas just a little more than a week away, holiday shoppers battling the bad weather trying to finish their gift lists. with the storm getting closer we decided to hit the road ourselves to check on conditions. travel was slow but steady, the roads getting slightly worse as we reached ms. we are certainly among the lucky. every year more than 1300 people are killed and nearly 117,000 injured in snow-related crashes. the storm is not having a major impact on flights at bay area airports. only san francisco international reported some storm-related cancellations. 11 in all. 7 arriving flights and four departmenting flights. either way just a mess on the east coast. we are very fortunate there. meteorologist leigh glazer has more on the storm's path and what we're expecting.
11:40 pm
>> you're exactly right. live doppler showing the bath of heavy snow moving through new york up through the boston area. on the back side of it they're actually starting to see a little bit of improvement. you can see our forecast overnight tonight, the heavy thunderstorms stayed offshore and that snow will continue to move through new york city all the way up towards bangor, maine by tomorrow afternoon. maybe get an inch or so by tomorrow afternoon in the new york city area. really it looks like tonight, early tomorrow morning and then the worst is over with. we'll take a look at our forecast once again in a little bit. >> thank you can leigh. come tonight morning a.c. transit riders will see major route changes. new routes and service will affect 50 bus lines from richmond to freemont.
11:41 pm
a.c. transit says freemont and newark will see the biggest improvements after years of service cuts. next go along as federal agents take down drug dealers in san francisco. what agents are learning about these pushers. and a look at san francisco's version of a worldwide event that has been known to put some
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breaking news now in san francisco. police are on the scene of a double shooting that has left one person dead. it happened a little after 11:00 tonight near the intersection of alameny boulevard and ellsworth street. no word yet on suspects or motive. a multiagency task force of san francisco police and federal agents fanned out in the tender loin district over several days taking down drug dealers who set up shop near schools. abc 7 news was embedded with the task force during the sweeps. reporter dick lee has the story you'll only see on abc 7. >> reporter: the task force targeted chronic drug dealers operating near schools in the tender loin. armed with federal indictments, they made their arrests quietly. some had been selling drugs here since the early 90s. narcotics investigator sergeant darren nocetti. >> if you include their juvenile history they will have been
11:45 pm
arrested probably in excess of 50 times. >> reporter: many of those arrested on state charges are cycled in and out of jail and they're soon back on the streets. the message this time was different. these are federal charges, which means they're facing at least a mandatory one year in the federal pen. u.s. attorney melinda hay. >> based on the amount of drugs they often face more than that. certainly more than the hours and days that are the result of the state prosecution unfortunately. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney obtained the indictments under the safe schools program which forbids drug dealing within 1,000 feet of schools. there are several in the tender loin. they serve many of the nearly 4,000 kids who live in this 56-block area. many attend city academy, a private elementary school with no recreation facilitiefaciliti. every day they walk escorted by teachers to a playground four blocks away. they pass drug dealers selling
11:46 pm
with seeming impunity in front of children. the tender loin has the highest rate of drug crimes in the city. crack, heroin, prescription pills, you name it they've got it. narcotics inspector brett elmore says it's like an outdoor pharmacy. we hid his identity because he works undercover. >> they'll take a corner over. they'll stay on that corner until they sell out and somebody will come in and take their spot. it's just like they're punching a time clock coming in and out. >> reporter: they don't even have roots here. >> the vast majority of these folks that we're getting do not live in san francisco. they're commuting to san francisco to sell drugs. >> so not only do the dealers face more significant prison time under the federal judicial system, they also face stay away orders which could last five to six years. now, the u.s. attorney also emphasized this is not a one-time sweep. they plan to do this on a sustaining basis with more indictments to come. tomorrow we'll show you just how important this operation was to the children and their schools.
11:47 pm
dick lee, abc 7 news. and as dick mentioned tomorrow night it will be on abc 7 news at 11:00. he will have that in-depth exclusive look at the effects of the drug trade on children who are exposed to it every day. time to get a check on our weather with leigh glazer. things are finally warming up. >> they will be warming up. you're not going to believe by how much. by tuesday close to 70 degrees around here. and live doppler 7 hd showing mainly clear skierks although starting to pick up a little bit of that low cloudiness, a bit of fog right near the coast extending down to about point ray. a little bit of a push of a westerly wind. that will move in towards the golden gate bridge as well as ocean beach, even into the peninsula by early tomorrow morning should not stick around too terribly long. so we will look for some nice clearing tomorrow afternoon. as we just mentioned earlier, that storm system back east will start to fall apart and push up
11:48 pm
towards the northeast up through maine by tomorrow afternoon. so boston 39 degrees. you'll actually get above the freezing mark there. but you still could find all kind of flight delays here locally as well as back east tomorrow. so keep that in mind. midsection of the country will be dry. los angeles tomorrow 78 degrees, a little bit of an offshore wind flow there. that's why temperatures there climb into the 70s. check out the bay area. as we head into monday and tuesday, inland temperatures near 70. enjoy it because by wednesday, thursday and friday we take a big temperature dive. maybe a few sprinkles on thursday. >> thank you so much, leigh. it was a nice day for people to held out to san francisco's union square which was filled with santas day to kick off santa con. thousands of santas made their way through the city stopping at various bars through the way.
11:49 pm
participants have been known to be put on santa's naughty list. police in new york city urged bar owners not to participate in the event this year. it is time for one last check on sports with collin west because shoe is on assignment for the 49ers for their game tomorrow in tampa bay. >> big game for the 49ers. want to go to 10-4 to solidify themselves in the playoff race. alex smith will be without one of his main weapons tomorrow against the raiders. i'll tell you who that is. on the college hardwoods, st. mary's may not have the star po
11:50 pm
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when you can hold a team to 0 for 14 shooting from beyond the three-point arc you've got a pretty good chance of winning. that's what tar van der veer's defense did to gonzaga today. jim harbaugh calls this enthusiasm unknown to mankind. wow. shenay 17 points, 7 rebound against the bulldogs. freshman katie johnson providing a spark off the bench. 11 points, 8 boards for kalely. both career highs. stanford in a blowout. 73-45. cardinal improved to 8-1 double
11:53 pm
headers at naples. carbon copy of the women's game. a anthony brown the passing lane. four of the five starters have at least 15 points. josh houston's back door to the dunk. he had 15. jason randall led the way 16. 83-56. stanford. james harden at berkeley scored 26 over the warriors last night. rich add solomon big day against fresno state. 17 points, 14 rebound, 22-10 cal in the first half. bears just 4 of 19 from three-point land. the old fashioned three-point play more effective. freshman jabari byrd then ricky kekl o w, tyler wallace. calorie mains perfect at home. st. mary's in boise, broncos students going all in on the body paint.
11:54 pm
steven holt -- gale shot 52% from beyond the three-point arc. james walker iii, holt led st. mary's with 24. 82-74 gaels. they have yet to lose this year. now 8-0. alex smith returns to the bay area tomorrow when the chiefs invade the coliseum. kansas city is 10-3 but all three losses have come in the division. their only win inside the afc west, yeah, week six against the raiders. good news for the silver and black, looks as though do everything skill player dexter mccluster won't play due to an infection in a small cut on his ankle suffered against the redskins. a win or tie tomorrow in kansas city clinches a playoff berth but they know it won't be easy. >> they're a little different week-to-week depending how they play their opponents. there's little known there. play the same, play different. they're out of it now. so maybe they'll be more aggressive than they have been. some factors there.
11:55 pm
but still same system, just some new guys in there. >> they've grown a lot since we've played them last. they had some new guys over there the a the beginning of the year. they've come a long way in developing their system and figuring it out there. but that being said, raider hater week, baby. >> opportunities arise in different ways and at different times. former raiders quarterback marcus tuiasasopo will return to the bay area in less than two weeks to coach his alma mater the university of washington in the fight hunger bowl. it will probably be his last coaching experience for awhile. after steve sarkisian left, he was asked to coach an interim coach. marcus is in coaching limbo now. just like his eight-year nfl career he's taking his coaching career in stride. his focus byu on december 27th. >> been here a lot of my life, whether it was with my dad and the 49ers living in foster city,
11:56 pm
san carlos, play here for four years against cal and stanford in my college career, then seven of my nfl years over in the east bay. and so this is second home for me. i'm excited to represent university of washington and bring the football team down here for the fight hunger bowl. >> at&t park is the venue. what do you know about it? what are you telling your kids? because it's a baseball stadium. what do you tell them about the venue? >> it's a great venue. it's where the giants play. it's a professional stadium. it's going to be different. both teams will be on the same sideline. it's a unique experience. but it will be fun. they'll be going through the walk through and pregame, probably talking about where barry bonds was hitting all his home runs out into the water. it's a unique experience for them to be there. and it's a fun deal. >> should be a really fun game. this abc 7 sports report brought
11:57 pm
to you by river rock casino. >> that is it for us for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 p.m. be sure to tune in i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. the news continues online on twitter facebook and all your mobile devices. our new abc 7 news app. our new abc 7 news app. have a great night. -- captions by vitac -- of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound.
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