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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 15, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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. good morning, america. this morning -- wintry wallop. a fast-moving monster storm dumped heavy snow on a large chunk of the country and a new blast of second dream weather will leave millions slivering in a deep freeze as an apparent rare tornado hits homes in florida. heavily armed. . student who opened fire in his colorado high school had ammo strapped to his body. a machete and more. we're retracing the killer's step. murder in paradise. a mystery straight out of a movie. a young woman is strangled. her boyfriend missing in hawaii, is he a suspect or a victim in
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this strange case. ♪ and christmas crime prevention going viral. the police department using jingle bells and a sense of humor to make criminals think twice. a new public service announce from the police department. >> a highly unusual crime tactic. but, wow, what a wintry mess it is this morning. so much to item you about. much of the nation is digging out from that major storm. >> we're blaming lee goldberg. droppi dropping up to one foot of the snow. rob nelson is in boston for us this morning. rob, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, dan. just a few hours ago it was snowing pretty crazy out leer in boston. after that fast-moving storm moved through, now a steady rain shower, so much of this snow, you guessed it, is turning into slush. this morning, residents in almost two dozen states are digging out of the snow that has blanketed almost 1,000 miles of the u.s. >> it's buffalo, you're bound to have snow sooner or later. >> reporter: snow accumulations anywhere from an inch to over a foot. creating hazardous traveling conditions. ten people killed on the roads in missouri since friday. >> it's terrible out there right now. >> reporter: overnight, a chartered blues in newark slammed into a bridge, causing major damages. at least three massive multicar
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wrecks this week alone. >> thank god my daughter and i are okay. he just side swept me and kept on going. >> reporter: over 1200 flights grounded due to the wicked weather. we rode out the storm in boston throughout the night. not too bad just yet. a good handfulover so. maybe 2 to 3 inches. perfect amount for good, old-fashioned snowball. none of this stopped the youngsters from enjoying the snow. now, the good news in all of this is that the storm system is almost out of our hair, it's a problem for northern new england right now. the bad news, though, cold air could come into the area. this slush could soon be ice. >> rob, stay warm. thank you. so, what else can we expect
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from this massive winter storm and what about those reported tornadoes hitting florida. lee goldberg are tracking those all. >> very dynamic system. you name it, this storm had it. just remarkable. where is the storm now? it's actually approaching cape cod, clearing the new york area, slushing mess in new york, a deep blanket of pow in albany, half a foot of snow in boston, about a foot to fall across northern new england. s a tore ya, illinois, double-digit snowfall. boston come in at officially with 6 inches of snowfall. the snow moves into northern new england. cold winds on the backside. the lake-snow machines get going again. a squall line that went through northern florida last evening, look at what it did, a tornado touched down. unconfirmed. but it was a storm that caused
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damage half a dozen homes. very rare in december. if it's going to happen u it happens in this part of the country. what's happening after this storm in terms of the cold and we'll talk about a little warmup, a little easing of this brutal cold. that's coming up in the main weather. this morning, new information that's allowing us to trace the footsteps of karl pierson, the high school senior who opened fire inside his high school on friday. he had molotov cocktails and even a machete. it was over in a little more than a minute. let's go to clayton sandell. >> reporter: you can see some of the backpacks and cell phones left behind as students fled in the chaos on friday. this morning, school officials are reviewing video camera inside. showing the speed of this attack. at 12:30 p.m., senior karl
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pierson parks his car and walks into the knot side of to building. carrying a shotgun. extra am knew in addition across his chest. >> he had a very large knife, the individual also carried a backpack with him as he entered the school. >> reporter: pierson as police said started shooting immediately. >> she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> reporter: after shooting davis, peerson goes to the library, firing again, then lighting one of three molotov cocktails he carries in a backpack. >> there's a fire in the library. come to the forum. >> reporter: as the campus scrambleses to lockdown, the school's deputy sheriff run to the library. toward the sound of gun fire. pierson, police say, knows they are closing in. >> the individual fired a fifth
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round and then ran to the back on corner, which would be the north edge of the library and there took his own life. >> reporter: this morning, clair davis is in critical condition, fighting for a life changed in a moment that happened lightning fast. >> we all wish her well and hopes she's doing well. >> reporter: from beginning to end, the entire nightmare, just 80 seconds. i started a stopwatch at the beginning of our story, it ran 90 seconds, ten seconds longer this entire incident ran from beginning to end. over so quick, but the impacts lasting a lifetime. beeian? >> 80 seconds of sheer horror. clayton, our thanks to you. we're going to turn to south africa where the country's first black president, nelson mandela is being buried after ten days of mourning. his final resting place is in his hometown.
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>> reporter: good morning, bianna. nelson mandela was laid to rest just a short time ago, carried with full military honors to that village, qunu. that followed a much bigger funeral service attended by around 5,000 people including oprah winfrey, the reverend jesse jackson and prince charles. it was a very moving tribute to mandela. lots of touching services by family members. i wanted to read you part of one, a fellow robben island inmate, he said today, now i have lost a brother, my life is void and i don't know who to turn to and bianna, i think that's how many south africans are feeling today. >> he had an impact on so many people's lives. can you talk about the mood, alex? >>. >> reporter: absolutely. after the news of mandela's
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death was announced, we had a festive atmosphere, that memorial service at the fbn stadium earlier in the week was a party. today, the mood is remarkably different. profound sadness. >> a week of mourning coming to an end. alex, our thanks to you. a loss for the entire world. lot of other news developing overnight. as always we turn to mr. claiborne. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan and bianna. history was made in college football. >> jameis winston. >> florida state quarterback jameis winston becoming the first freshman to win the heisman. allegations that he raiped a woman has shadowed him all season.
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florida prosecutors hasn't pressed charges against him. a new poll of iowa voters show the republican congressman paul ryan showing a big lead in popularity in the 2016 presidential race, ryan has a 73% fay voishlt rating. as for the democrats, hillary clinton scored 89% favorabilit favorabilities. thousands of health care applicants thought they enrolled in health care coverage, haven't. they never made it to the insurance carriecarriers. the problem has largely be cleared up. error rate up to 15% in mid-october is now less than 1%. a washington state grandfather is very lucky to be alive this morning. richard sterm was found by a bow
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hunter. his family believes he became disoriented 57bd made a wrong turn. he survived by eating a snickers bar and water from the floor of his car. he had a brain tumor. and to a remarkable video out of venezuela, two cranes teetering on the edge of construction sites before crashing right there. construction workers narrowly making it out alive with minor injuries. nasa is considering order the maneuver to repair a broken cooling system. engineers in houston, have been trying to fix the problem remotely, it may require a minor repair. it shut down on wednesday after it got too cold. finally the moon has a new visitor this morning.
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china's carried out the nearly the six-wheel ed rover named jae rabbit, it will take pictures and collect samples from its the moon. this is huge accomplishment for china. they're joining exclusive company, u.s.ened soviet union. news you can use. now to a murder mystery in paradise involving a young couple looking to start a new life in hawaii, just months away from having their first child, she was strangled and he disappeared. abc's linzie janis has more on it. >> reporter: in a remote town on the coast of hawaii's big island. police have been trying to solve the crime and disappearance for
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month. this morning, two families searching for answers. loved ones speaking out on the mysterious death of this woman and her boyfriend. >> they were excited about them being preg nampbt and starts this new adventure and new life. >> reporter: but her fairy tale has taken a new turn. she was found in may this year strangled. her body dumped in the ocean and no sign of johnson. >> we're definitely concerned that he was also murdered alongside brittany. it's very possible. >> reporter: police say they suspect johnson and her brutal. but hi has seemingly vanished. a seven-month-long search has them no closer to finding their tone suspect. >> it just seems all too easy to blame someone who's not here, may not even be alive to defend
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himself. >> reporter: an after dave it said that he may have used a false name to stay at the host nell two weeks. he used the name of jeffrey allen and he abandoned the room suddenly. >> one of the things that has been very perplexing is that there has so many twists and turns to this story. >> reporter: both families say they don't know what to believe and according to brittany's mother, hawaii police have been sharing little to no information. >> we're needing to find out mode that's blocking the grief process that has been difficult for us. it's surreal. it's just been really tough. >> abc news reached out to investigators in hawaii but we have not heard back and yet, another twist to this murder
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history, several months ago, notes were sent to local media outlets that johnson also had murder. those notes alleged that he was murdered by angry locals because he was about to buy some land to start a lav va business. >> bizarre story. to the latest on this stunning execution of kim jong-un's uncle. abc's martha raddatz spoke exclusively to secretary of state john kerry for this week, which she is hosting later today from the region. martha. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. secretary kerry is here in vietnam as part of a tour. north korea's young leader has executed his uncle, considered one of the most powerful men in
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this nuclear nation. what does this tell you about the danger coming from north korea. >> it tells us about how ruthless and reckless he is. it tells us how insecure he is to a certain degree. >> reporter: kerry told us that he believes that the iranian government can help find the american whose family told abc news that he was working for the cia when he disappeared in iran seven years ago. kerry said that the u.s. has not abandoned him, as the family has charged. >> thank you, martha, see her exclusive interview with secretary of state kerry later on this "this week." moving on now to a little bit of a lighter story, often as we know, police rely on surveillance videos to solve crimes, in a new twist, cops are using a new video, this one, a viral one, a riff on a christmas
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classic. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's a catchy video. because police officers in christmas hats is an assuming sight. the fact that crime is still a reality this time of year. >> i want you to be thinking outside the box. >> officer williams? ♪ >> add two officers in each car. ♪ ♪ please pick up the phone, if you think you need some -- the number is 911 for emergency ♪ . ♪ santa doesn't play, if you see a criminal, call hpd today ♪ >> they made the minute and half production warning citizens to stay safe and out of trouble. ♪ if you want to steal, you better think twice ♪ ♪ because we'll know where you
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are as santa as our eyes ♪ >> reporter: crime is a reality even this time of year. >> property crimes on a daily basis. everything that you can think of that can get stolen is stolen. >> reporter: including christmas tree and definitely unhappy and disappointed. >> reporter: stories like these is why the video gives tips. stay in well-lit areas and don't carry large amounts of cash. police in hampton, virginia, say that's their job and they decided to get creative doing it. ♪ >> the video gets common sense pointers. things that we already know. we still need reminding because we get too caught up in the holiday spirit. >> if i was a criminal, i don't know that video would scare me
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too much. >> but it gets your attention that you don't want to be the victim of a crime. >> and on that note, our stage manager noted that the criminal was singing along and laughing. a nice criminal. a festive criminal. someone else not a criminal. on to the weather. the weather has been. >> smooth criminal, a michael jackson shout-out. we have finally -- this storm is leaving the scene which is great news. the weather maps, we talk about the cold in the wake of this storm. temperatures back into the 20s, this is where it's really snowing across northern new england and northern maine. the good news is, the boston and new york city area, by day today, you're above freezing, i think it's wet, once we get into tonight, all of the cold air over the midwest, that's all
4:20 am
diving into the northeast, there will be a refreeze. you have to be mindful of that as you head into the monday-morning commute. 75 in l.a. today. with the gusty winds these red-flag warnings will go until tonight. but that warmth is starting to build across the country. denver is one removed from single digits. 61 on tuesday. dallas, you is seen your share of ice this season. by tend of the week, we'll start talking about near-normal temperatures at least briefly on the east coast. that's the weather across the nation here's what you can expect.
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>> someone almost cuffed me on the way back from weather map. >> outstanding warrant. >> yeah. >> no judgment here. no judgment, lee. lee will never come back. >> he didn't do it. well, coming up on "good morning america" -- in her own words, hearing the first time from the newlywed who pleaded guilty of pushing her husband off the cliff. also coming up -- how you can show your children that, yes, santa and his elves really did pay a visit. and where is sarah? >> i think she got scared of our
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grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. ♪ ♪ you can call me green bean >> not the only us struggling to understand the word from our favorite songs. coming up, more hilarious interpretations. she did, by the way, spend several of her early years in the former soviet union of moldova. you're doing really well. >> i overcome those hurdles. >> we spell things phone netticly. good news for beatles fans.
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i'm excited about this. which songs are coming out? where can you get them? answers coming up in "pop news." with sara haines. for the first time we're being allowed into the interrogation room to hear directly from the newlywed who just mred guilty to murdering her husband. abc's aditi roy is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: the interviews took place over three days during a week long period and during that time, jordan talked to four investigators and changes her story dramatically. >> i'm getting some inconsistencies in what you're telling me. >> reporter: this video shows the days of questioning that led to the confession that was at the center of their case against jordan lynn graham. but that came days after telling investigators that she had no
4:32 am
idea of what happened to 25-year-old cody lee johnson. >> he was going to go for a ride with some of his out of town buddies. >> reporter: but she changed her plea to second degree guilty. prosecutors say not only was the killing intentional, they said the video taped interview helped graham prove that she covered up her story. she maintained her story to two detectives. she also cries to her mother who was briefly in the room. after she leads park rangers to johnson's body, graham's changing story undergoes her biggest shift, she accidentally pushed johnson. >> i said no, i said i'm not going to let this happen. i'm going to defend myself. so, i let go and i pushed and he
4:33 am
weren't over. and then i took off and went home. >> reporter: now that graham pleaded guilty, the groom's aunt said that johnson is grateful. >> it was very emotional, it's been a long haul for us. >> her attorney said that this morning that graham took the plea deal because it takes first degree murder off the table. she's scheduled to be sentenced on march 27th. dan and bianna a fascinating story. back to ron claiborne for a check of the other top stories. >> hello, again. in the news, new details about the colorado high school shooting. the gunman karl pierson had an arsenal that included a shotgun, even a machete. pierson shot and wounded a 17-year-old girl before fatally wounded himself. a final farewell to nelson mandela when he was buried in his hometown of qunu. thousands of mourners made the trip to pay their final
4:34 am
respects. and a major tire recall to tell you about from michelin. too tiremaker said that the tread on those tires could come apart. so far, no reports of injuries as a result of those tires going badly. finally, history in the making. vice admiral michelle howard has been nominated by the president to rank four-star admiral. if confirmed she'll be the first woman to hold a rank that high in the military. over to lee goldberg. >> we have pictures from albany, one of the higher tolls around the northeast. the snow piles up in a hurry. that snow is now leaving the albany area prp ending in rain. a slush fest from new york city to boston. we'll talk about additional
4:35 am
amounts in northern new england. then that storm leaves the scene. cloudy skies and six inches of snow ending as some rainfall. we talked about the cold blast. a refreeze for tomorrow morning. i think we'll drop and bottom out at the beginning of the week and start to recover. we recover ahead of a foot. a few inches of snowfall. meanwhile across the country. little warmup in the northeast. snow and ice in the middle of the country later in the week. l.a., cold is headed back to the west. that's the weather across the nation. here's what you can expect. >> this weather report has been brought to you by keuri go.
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>> really? >> yeah. claiborne is a skeptical journalist. he's even skemt call. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america" -- the massive trend on the american couch, how addictive binge watching tv has become the new normal. santa spy cam, how your family can see what old st. nick and his elves are up to when they do drop in. coming up in "pop news." give me a second, pete. go.
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and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. you have of course heard of binge eating and drinking. binge watching. my wife and i are guilty. >> a sign of time.
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marathon viewing sessions of their favorite tv shows like "house of cards." the hit drama on netflix out with a new season 2 trailer, is this new normal behavior a healthy one. sara haines who admits to binge watching. >> it's pretty much the story of my life. i don't have time to keep up with the shows that i want to see so i block out a few hours or days to catch up and i have been waiting for some sort of statistic to justify this choice and found it. scandal. breaking bad. house of cards. orange is the new black. must watch it all. must watch it all now. >> what's wrong with me? >> reporter: nothing. under the covers. best way to watch netflix. one full season of "scandal" on the weekend enough? >> we need more. >> reporter: committing your life to "house of cards." is normal to watch five seasons
4:42 am
of "breaking bad" in one week? >> i don't know. >> i think once you get to the point where there's no more, you're like, oh, my god, when is the next season going to start, because i need more. >> reporter: according to netflix study, you won't the only one getting caught up in this trend. fans can't help getting sucked in. >> watching it day and a half for now. >> reporter: don't feel bad about laying on the couch all day. you have to become more social. you have to create your own community around it. >> reporter: binge watching is not only acceptable, hollywood is counting on it. that's right. when the new "house of cards" comes out, you can watch the full season on day one. >> don't run away from this. >> honestly, at one point, it
4:43 am
makes you more social. it's true. the friendships that i have created on just "breaking bad" strangers in the grocery store. >> i'm sure those deep friendships. >> they are, dan. >> don't break your heart. >> i mean, why? >> but it does give people bragging rights. you hear that at parties all the time. i can't wait for "house of cards." >> february 14th, actually. >> valentine's day. >> we can bond. >> it's like blair witch. great shows out there. all right, coming up "good morning america" -- what are they saying? some of the funniest lyrics misheard out there from your favorite songs. note but i only have two heads ♪ ♪ baby can you breed
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are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! ♪ time now for pop news and back over to sara haines. thank you very much, ron and lee. good morning. we got major music news with 59 new recordings of the beatles to go on sale the tracks were recorded in the early '60s previously only available as recordings. fans can expect new versions of twist and shout. on sale tuesday. just in time for the holidays. speaking of the holidays we may have found the best christmas app ever, it's called
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the santa spy cam and it has a special built-in sensor that takes a video of the moment that st. nick and his elves visit your home. i set up this santa spy cam in the "good morning america" studio overnight and check out the results. it looks like we had some visitors. >> oh, yeah, where's many gift? >> santa, is that you have? just kidding. just kidding. i would never do that to you, dan. >> lee, you got my back on this one if. >> i can't reach. >> you're welcome back any time. the transition here, this next one is for bianna our in-house vocalist or anyone who's been guilty of belting out "hold me closer, tony dance ya ♪ here are the most misheard
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lyrics. ♪ carried the weight of the world but i only have have two heads ♪ ♪ baby can you breed ♪ i can came in like the rainbow ♪ ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ ♪ give me a raisin. ♪ ♪ you can call me green bean >> you can call me green bean ♪ ♪ every little farm town >> some of my other favorites are taylor swift's i knew you were trouble when you walked in and pink give me a raisin ♪ >> you can call me green bean. >> what was rainbow is the. >> it was wrecking ball.
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>> were you asleep? >> i'm awake. >> all right. >> yes, from songs gone bad to animals so good. here at "good morning america," we need your help to choose your best viral video of 2013. one of the famous otter eddie. he decided to shoot hoops to exercise his arthritic joints. he barely misses. please help us out and head to our "good morning america" website to vote for the best animal video. >> thank you, sarah, great pop news. we'll be back with more "gma" right after this.
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so to be clear, miley cyrus is riding on a wrecking ball ron claiborne -- >> a rainbow. >> frar enough. thank you for watching, everybody. david muir is back with "world news" later today. >> have a great day.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn filler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 15th. let's start with a quick first look at the whether a meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we around picking up returns here and numbers are in the 30s for the most part. yesterday it was much cooler. but we still are looking at a couple readings on the inland east bay below freezing. we will have that right on through the 7:00 hour. but then as we go toward noon, low to mid-50s. looking at highs today in the mid-60s. it should be milder through the first part of the work wok and


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