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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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next at 5:00, final goodbye south africa's greatest son. we'll take you to at the emotional ceremony. >> a rash of armed robberies targeting students on and around the uc berkeley campus. tonight police are making themselves visible. >> the navy's training plan that could endanger marine mammals living off the california coast. >> rest in peace. yours was truly a long walk to freedom. >> a final goodbye in south africa. the country's greatest son, nelson mandela, is laid to rest. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. it was the end of an exceptional journey for the prisoner turned president who transformed the nation.
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our reporter is in south africa with the story. >> today marks the end of an extraordinary journey that began 95 years ago. >> in front of 95 candles, one for each year of his life. a stream of family, friend, dignitaries, emotionally remembered the life and struggle of the antiapartheid icon. with full military honors nelson mandela is carried to his final resting place. his casket draped with the south african flag as the funeral mixed tradition with tribute. the coffin stood on a rug of skins in from of president zuma and the extended mandela family, including widow,
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♪ >> among the many bold faced names in the audience were open practice winfrey and reverend jesse jackson and prince charles. it was the permanent remembrances that were the highlight of the service, including from mandela's grandchild, who called him ttata kulu. >> we shall miss you. we shall miss your voice, as you told us of your childhood. we shall miss your laughter. >> after the funeral, mandela was buried in a private same attended by hundreds of family members and close friends, marking the end of a chapter for south africa and for the world. abc news, prier toa, south africa. >> a controversy at men da la's funeral was avoided with the appearance of bishop desmond
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tutu. a critic of the current leadership said he had not been invited. things were straightened it and he got a chance to say again to a decades long friend. we're learning more about the shooting victim at a colorado high school. 17-year-old claire davis was shot in the head. he colorado governor visited her today and said the teen is in a coma. authorities believe she was taught at random by karl pierson. pierson was looking to set al grudge with a teacher. he later took his open life. property crimes like out to the thefts and break-ins jumped in the bay area last year. santa clara county and san francisco saw the highest increases in the first nine months of 2012, alameda county and contra costa county saw big
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jumps, police say re-alignment, moving low level offenders may be factors. >> at least 30 residents of a san francisco north beach apartment building need a place to live after a fire burned through their unit, on powell street. the flames caused significant damage to 12 units. >> going to be a significant hardship for these people. it's the holidays. most people have stated they have someplace to go. we do have red cross comping, and we'll definitely assist them to the best of our ability. >> fire officials say the fire began in the rear of the building on the top floor. it will take some time to determine the cause. the independent federal agency tasked with investigating last year's fire at the chevron refinery in rifled will release a draft of its findings top. the fire sent thick black smoke
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spewing into the area. sent 15,000 residents to seek medical treatment. the u.s. chemical safety board will issue a set of safety recommendations for chevron and sweeping changes to how refineries are regulated in california. >> ac transit riders are saying major changes. they're adding more than 15,000 hours of bus service system-wide. the tweaks including increasing hours on lines, adding new lines, and eliminating others like shopper shuttles that have low ridership. the changes come as contract talks are scheduled to continue tomorrow between ac transsilt and the union representing bus drivers and mechanics. a cooling off expires a week from today. >> tomorrow the city of san rafael will consider whether to raise garbage recycling rates. our media partner, the independent journal, reports the city council will review the maximum rates customers can be
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charged for trash, recycling and composting services. the rate increased is proposed at 5.5%. happening now. what may be the first ever pay-per-view wedding, and one of the biggest ever held in san francisco, is just now underway at the palace of the fine arts. neil shaun of the rock band journey, and mikhail of the reality tv show, real housewives of d.c., are tying the knot what they called their winter wonderland wedding and music event. park is prohibited around the palace, and that's creating a traffic problem. city permits cost a quarter million dollars. the wedding doubles as a fundraiser for victims of philippines typhoon. >> remembering actor pet are o'toole, and protecting the land versus protecting the habitat. revisiting the mekong delta
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visit by john kerry. >> a few 70s today. the warmest day this upcoming week, plus the coolest day. we'll take a look at the
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new at 5:00, uc berkeley police are making their presence known in hopes of warding off robbers who are tarting cal students. there have been five robberies in the last week. the latest one can, and the most brazen, was this weekend. cornell bernard is live on the campus.
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reporter: no arrests have been made in these robberies but uc police are stepping up their presence around camps. they're using this mobile command center after dark, serving coffee and hot chocolate out of it, to calm the nerves of students in the wake of the robberies and instructing them how to stay safe. lyanne and her friends are making a music video in willard park, the same place who cal students were robbed at gunpoint on saturday when they were taking pictures of a meteor shower two suspects in the 20s robbed the pair of their phones, camera, and tripe pod. no one was hurt but lyanne is thinking about her safety. >> everyone tells me to really, really be careful. >> on thursday at 2:00 a.m., man in his 30s was robbed of his laptop while he was setting on the steps of urban outfitters. an armed man struck the victim with his gun and then took off. the same night two other armed suspects stole an ipad from
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this ice cream store on tell gravel, and on tuesday, dem 10th, female was robbed of her phone and walletly two teens while walking home on b avenue. >> i tell people, if it's important to you, might be important to someone else. >> the crimes prompted uc police to beef up patrols. they're tweeting and warning students, don't be a target. >> be aware of your surroundings, walk in well-lit areas, pay attention to what is going on around you. don't be so engrossed with your cell phone, i.e., texting, talking on your phone, internet. reporter: many students know, always walk in groups or take campus shuttles after dark. >> make sure to always be with friends, and know where on campus access to the police department if. >> this year berkeley police reported an increase smartphone and tablet robberies. in berkeley, cornell bernard,
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abc7 news. >> actor peter o'toole, who achievement instant stardom as lawrence of arain arch died today. he was nominated eight times for an academy award but never won. he accepted an honorary oscar in 2003. he also played tattooar to the last emperor and a teacher in goodbye mr. chips. he died at a hospital following a long illness. he was 81 years old. >> an emotional return for secretary of state john kerry to vietnam 50 years after he patrolled the mekong delta. he took a boat trip promoting trade and human rightness the region, something he says is essential for relations with the united states. it's his 14th trip to the country since the end of the war. kerry spent two years serving in jam in 1968 as u.s.a. navy lieutenant. the u.s. navy plans on increasing the use of sonar test over the next five years, a
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controversial practice that could disturb whales and dolphins. the navy's own estimate says said the activity could kill 155 whales and dolphins off the hawaiian and southern california coast. the process has been criticized by environmentalists and biologists. navy officials say it's vital to national security that sailors receive sonar training in a real life condition. still ahead at 5:00, the call for help from a south bay charity, trying to make this christmas merrier for families. we have another "spare the air" day on deck for tomorrow. leigh glaser has
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a south bay charity that provides food and toys to struggling families in santa clara county needs a boost. they're in desperate need of toy in order to meet the goal of 18,000 gifts they hope to pass out on friday. they're asking the public to drop off money or new toys. you can be extra generous with an extra thousand. that's how much you can help abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area. we'll donate $1 to the food banks for you. we'll announce the winner. go to the abc7 news facebook pitch and give where you live. let's look at our weather. leigh glaser has that.
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>> going to like the first couple of day is, and then after that, if you like it cool, the temperatures will cool down. accept rosa today reported a high of 76 degrees. that has not been confirmed yet, but clearly there were much warmer today than yesterday. in fact most of the bay area was. live doppler 7hd showing you the clear sky that is out there. high clouds getting closer to the bay area. we're going to keep enemy our overnight forecast. rooftop cam, san francisco. from the mt. tam cam towards san francisco, 61 right now in santa rosa. 62 in fairfield. petaluma right now, 54. here's a look at our forecast highlights, and we're going to go with another "spare the air" day for tomorrow. the ninth in a row that we have experienced already this -- not even winter yet, but this time of year. the warmest day will be
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tomorrow, this upcoming work week, and by mid-week things will turn on the cool side. the worst air tomorrow will be across much of the bay area medium quality air, south central bay area, but the rest of us, because of the high pressure pushing the particulate matter close to the surface, have to deal with poor air quality, and it means no burning unless it is your only source of heat. overnight temperatures with the high clouds moving in, mid-to-upper 30s in the north and east bay locations. you can expect 40s elsewhere. the pacific satellite showing you high pressure continuing to keep the storm track to the north of us. it will start to bring us a slight offshore wind component tomorrow, and that will mean come pressed air close to the surface again, and also some warming temperatures. and tomorrow should be the warmest day of this upcoming work week, with numerous 60ness, and even some low 70ness.
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still keeping a close eye on he beach hazard until tomorrow afternoon. strong rip currents, possible sneaker waves along the coast for one more day. the week ahead, this is what i'm talking about. 70, san jose, 69 on tuesday, by mid-week, we take a dive. by thursday, only in the mid-do upper 50s. so enjoy tomorrow. you'll like these numbers. 70, santa rosa, 65, san francisco, 70, san jose. the seven-day forecast, you can see for yourself we'll start to cool down, especially on wednesday. thursday there's a slight chance of maybe a few sprinkles. friday, cold or cool and blustery day, and then start to warm up just in time for the first day of winter, which will be next saturday. >> will you. thank you so much. collin is here with sports because shu is with the 49ers in tampa bay. when i looked at the raiders score it wasn't looking good. >> if you liked offense, you liked the game. defense, nonexistent.
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the the 110 meetings between the chiefs chiefs and raiders, they scored -- never scored as much as today. sports is next.
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to clinch a playoff berth the niners needed a few things to happen. first things first. san francisco had to win in tampa to start the conversation. the key stat in their fifth, since jim harbaugh took over the
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niners are 9-1 in games played in the east time zone. michael crabtree, four yards, 7-0 niners, 10-0 late second quarter, kap going deep to vernon davis. jim harbaugh likening the catch to willie mays' basket catch. fourth, buccaneers getting too close for comfort. 24 yards, 20-14. next niner possession, crabtree gets behind the defense. overthrown by kaepernick and then loses it. picks 'the ball, throws it back towards the line of scrimmage, unsportsmanlike activities, and then redeems himself. frank gore, 86 yards, 22 carries, the 20th rubbing back in nfl history to record seven 1,000-yard seasons. phil dawson completes the drive with a third field goal of the
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game. the 49ers getting too accuse. the ball on the ground. niners win, now 10-4, fourth consecutive win. here's patrick willis. >> last weekend would mean nothing if we didn't get this win today. so we just trying to stay focused and stay hungry and just taking one game at a time, and try to put ourselves in the best situation to get in the playoffs. >> the rest of the niners equation. they need etegg eagles and cowboys to lose, and they did, and then they need arizona to lose, but cardinals win 37-34, they're 9-5 and prevent the niners from clinching a spot. kansas city considers the coliseum friendly confines. the chiefs victorious in eight of their last ten trips oakland. alex smith back in the bay area and playing like a pro bowler. smith, back pedaling on the first playom scrimmage, sets up
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charles. four raider defenders converge. mcgloin, great at times, really bad at others. 21-3 chiefs. mcgloin, picked four times today. raiders find the end zone in the second quarter, jennings for his fifth score of the season. charles was a fantasy football dream today. four touchdowns in the first half alone in the flat. untouched. 35-10kc. game0s over, right? huh-uh. mcgloin, this pass cuts the lead to 35-41. smith and the chiefs answer. charles can do much of the work. his fifth score of the game. 42-31 and the game that saw 12 touchdowns, kc wins 56-31. 110 meetings the teams never combined for that many points. at 6:00, reaction from raiders locker room, and jim harbaugh
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talks about the vernon davis touchdown catch, lyingenning him to willie mays. >> next, busting moves and busting bad guys. the p
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coming up at 6:00, a man followed 16 miles, then robbed. why he was targeted. we'll show you how pop is going mainstream in northern california. joan us at 6:00.
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a funny riff on a christmas classic is making the rounds on the internet. ♪ >> these are members of the hampton, virginia, police force, showing off their dance moves and vocals to "jingle bells". they made this video to deter thieves. this year officers say they wanted to get creative with the message. i think that's pretty creative. anything to stop crime. >> if it works. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser, colin rush, mike shumann, we'll be back at 6:00. world news is next.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, remembering an acting legend. peter o'toole, the star of "lawrence of arabia," has died. >> the desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped. >> tonight, the actor in his own words, on shooting that movie in the desert. what he said about being passed over for an oscar. and that line from "my favorite year" that mirrored his real life. >> i'm not an actor! i'm a movie star! also tonight, the deep freeze moving in just as we begin the work week. nearly two dozen states dig out after two massive storms collide. to the rescue. nasa tonight scramble, planning for dangerous spacewalks if mission control can't fix the critical breakdown on the space station. and sister wives. the star of a reality show taking on that long-standing ban on polygamy. tonight, that husband has won.


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