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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 15, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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welcome to "world news." tonight, remembering an acting legend. peter o'toole, the star of "lawrence of arabia," has died. >> the desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped. >> tonight, the actor in his own words, on shooting that movie in the desert. what he said about being passed over for an oscar. and that line from "my favorite year" that mirrored his real life. >> i'm not an actor! i'm a movie star! also tonight, the deep freeze moving in just as we begin the work week. nearly two dozen states dig out after two massive storms collide. to the rescue. nasa tonight scramble, planning for dangerous spacewalks if mission control can't fix the critical breakdown on the space station. and sister wives. the star of a reality show taking on that long-standing ban on polygamy. tonight, that husband has won.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a sunday night. and over my shoulder here, a scene from that great movie and the legendary actor. peter o'toole in "lawrence of arabia." we learned this sunday the actor has died. this image of a quiet moment while filming that movie, just before he would become a global star. playing that british soldier in world war i. but from black and white to color tonight, and to what helped make him famous. those blue eyes and good looks. and tonight here, we look back at his career and his life. as we return to an interview he gave to abc news not so long ago about shooting that first movie, and everything that followed. ♪ come here the girls declare ♪ he must be a millionaire ♪ he must be a millionaire >> reporter: defined by his starring role in "lawrence of arabia," peter o'toole was virtually unknown to movie-goers when they suddenly spotted him in the desert as t.e. lawrence,
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the british soldier who led an arab rebellion against the turks. the playwright noel coward once famously saying that if o'toole had been any prettier, they would have had to call the movie "florence of arabia." >> time to be great again, my lord. >> reporter: o'toole remembering it well, when he sat down with "nightline." >> we were in arabia, we were in the middle of the desert. and we lived in tents. and we got on an airplane, one for the actors, one for the technicians and the cameramen. and we'd land in a mud flat and we'd stick up the tents. wake up in the morning and go off and do the scene. and then omar and i would go off to beirut. >> reporter: o'toole recalling the parties in beirut, the paris of the middle east. >> beautiful. everything that two young men could have wanted.
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yes, there was a big casino, night life, gambling, all sorts of things. lovely girls kicking their heels up in the air. >> reporter: born seamus peter o'toole, his father was an irish bookie. he was famous for his life offscreen, too, giving up drinking later in life, but always known as a renegade, famous for his candor. just like his character in "my favorite year." >> not for me. i'm not an actor! i'm a movie star! >> reporter: he would never win an oscar. when the academy offered him an honorary one, he told them, i'm still in the game, and i'll win the lovely bugger on my own. >> that was a bit rude of me and i didn't intend it to be. because it's an honor. it's the highest honor the film industry can give one. pointed out to me very severely by my children, i like to do something specific and earn the damn thing. >> reporter: eventually, he relented and accepted, honored for his work in "lawrence of arai arai arainy arabia," for "the line in winter" can katharine hepburn, and so many others.
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in recent years, the film "venus," o'toole playing an actor in the twilight of his life. in the movie, they show a photograph of a young o'toole. and when asked what he would say to that young man? >> people have asked me about that photograph and i can remember him. and yes, he was a bit noisy and drank far too much. but he wasn't a bad fellow. he wasn't -- whatever else he was, that young man, he was a very serious actor. and i liked that. >> his daughter kate o'toole said in a statement her father had been ill for some time. he was 81. and peter o'toole once said his idea of heaven is moving from one smoke-filled room to another. and we move on tonight to the other news this weekend. and on this sunday, so much of this country dealing with bitterly cold temperatures and ice-covered roads after two storms collided. in pennsylvania, going to church meant some sunday shoveling. in missouri, digging out while still managing to get into the spirit of it all. but this image tonight with the story of what's ahead now. starting the work week in a deep freeze. that arctic blast coming from
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the north. temperatures plummeting, up to 25 degrees below normal. abc's rob nelson is in boston tonight. >> reporter: from the blowing to the shoveling -- >> i hope my boss sees this. >> reporter: to the cleaning. these scenes from around boston today played out across a large swath of the midwest and northeast as more than 20 states dust themselves off from a massive winter storm that dumped anywhere from a few inches to more than a foot of snow and now has claimed at least four lives. old man winter has arrived early this year and with a vengeance. overnight, a charter bus in newark, new jersey, slammed into a bridge, sending 12 people to the hospital. the latest in a string of storm-related nightmares on the roads. in new haven, connecticut, on the day after, motorists were still dealing with all the ice. and slick conditions. >> serious, real serious. i say, tread safely.
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safety first. >> reporter: chaos at airports, as well, today. with nearly 7,000 flights delayed and almost 400 canceled. the weather could also cause some delays in getting your holiday packages delivered on time. but that didn't stop bostonians from hitting the stores today. >> it's really complicated because it's really slippery and we have to, like, watch our step really hard. >> reporter: meanwhile, palm coast, florida, is recovering after a tornado, linked to the same weather system, destroyed seven homes and damaged another 150. not even the sunshine state safe from this massive storm. a lot of the snow may already be melting, but temperatures are now falling and that could mean a very -- icy monday morning commute. david? >> rob nelson again tonight. rob, thank you. and from the treacherous driving to the delicate and potentially dangerous spacewalk, suddenly being planned by nasa. tonight, we've learned they're now readying astronauts for
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those walks, if mission control can't fix the urgent problem on the international space station. here's abc's linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: nasa engineers in houston have been working around the clock since wednesday, trying to fix a malfunction in the international space station's cooling system remotely. but so far, no luck. >> what is actually going wrong with the loop? >> reporter: tonight, mission control saying it will make a decision next week on whether a series of dangerous spacewalks are needed to make the repair. astronaut doug wheelock made the same fix in 2010 in his own spacewalk. >> whenever we open that hatch and send people outside, it's always dangerous. it's a dangerous environment. it's really inhospitable. when you go outside, you deal with a lot of things mechanically that can go wrong. >> reporter: but this weekend, from 230 miles above the earth, american astronaut rick mastracchio says the team is ready. >> we have the spare parts. we have the training. we have the skills.
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and, of course, going out and doing a spacewalk is always very exciti exciting, yet very challenging. >> reporter: this would be the first spacewalk since nasa suspended them in july after an italian astronaut nearly died when his spacesuit filled up with water. if nasa commissions this spacewalk, the first one could happen on thursday. >> on thursday. a lot of eyes on nasa this week. linzie, thank you. and to colorado tonight, where we're learning nor details about what played out in that high school. what happened in those 80 seconds of horror. this as hundreds of students and shaken neighbors gathered at a candlelight vigil in the shadow of the school this weekend. tonight, we hear from the young woman who went to the prom with the gunman. were there any warning signs? abc's clayton sandell with the interview. >> reporter: inside arapahoe high today, a testament to terror. student backpacks, cell phones and computers lie scattered. >> the school is locked down. >> reporter: abandoned friday when police say 18-year-old karl pierson walks in a north entrance, opening fire with a 12-gauge shotgun. his second shot, aimed point
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blank at 17-year-old claire davis. >> she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> reporter: pierson moved down a hallway into the library, firing again. >> one paul 31, i'm going to the library. >> reporter: the campus deputy sheriff and an unarmed security officer race toward the sound of gunfire as pierson lights a molotov cocktail he carries in a backpack. >> the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life. >> reporter: the attack lasts -- just 80 seconds. investigators are still trying to sort out why pierson, an outspoken member of the debate team, apparently threatened then came to kill the team's coach, librarian tracy murphy. bailey callahan was pierson's friend, his prom date junior year. >> callahan, prom? and i'm like, sure.
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>> reporter: she talked to him thursday for the last time. >> he said, you know, you're one of the cool ones, callahan. >> reporter: she saw no sign of what was about to come. >> he's not a monster. he's -- he's one of the best people i knew. he's not this -- this killer. he's -- he's karl pierson, one of the best people i know. >> reporter: tonight, davis clings to life. a senior with lots of friends, who loves to ride horses. her friend chris davis is raising money for her. >> it's just weird to think that someone at our school, like a friend, a fellow student, just, that they're hurting and that it happened to them. >> reporter: and tonight, claire davis is still in critical condition. david? >> all right, clayton sandell in colorado. clayton, thank you. from arizona now, we are hearing for the first time those last moments of the granite mountain hot shots, those 19 first responders who died fighting a fierce wildfire in arizona. their last radio transmissions
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captured by a helmet cam, just now being released. and here tonight, abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in their voices when they come face to face with the inferno. >> breaking in on arizona 16, granite mountain hot shots, we are in front of the flaming front. >> reporter: that fire in the distance, recorded on the helmet cam of a nearby firefighting team. this is the last time the 19 granite mountain hot shots were in contact with their command center. the men don't know their tragic fate is just moments away. >> air attack, granite mountain seven, how do you copy me? >> i hear saws running. that's not good. >> reporter: the chain saws may have been used as a last desperate measure by the hot shots, to cut down trees and debris, providing fuel for the flames. then, the final transmission from the hot shots. >> yeah, i'm here with granite mountain hot shots, our escape route has been cut off. we are preparing a deployment site and we are burning out around ourselves in the brush
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and i'll give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> reporter: the hot shots had two minutes to deploy those shelters to take cover. the temperature, 2,000 degrees. air command tries desperately to radio them, but are met with silence. >> granite mountain seven, bravo 33 air to ground. >> reporter: the silence, 19 lives lost in one of the worst wildfire disasters in history. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> aditi, thank you. to the economy tonight, and wall street now hoping for a better week ahead. the dow opening tomorrow at 15,755, after losing just under 265 points for the week, its second straight week of losses. retailers and economists had been hoping shoppers would provide a boost to the economy and the markets. though the storms this weekend did not help, with a much shorter holiday shopping season this year than last year. and overseas tonight, to south africa and to the final farewell to nelson
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mandela. he was laid to rest in a small rural village that was his ancestral home. world figures from prince charles to oprah traveling to say good-bye. abc's alex marquardt in south africa again tonight. >> reporter: it was the solemn march that marked the end of nelson mandela's long walk to freedom. in the auditorium, 95 candles burned, one for each year of his life. ♪ bold-faced names filled the audience. oprah winfrey next to richard branson, and prince charles. mandela's casket stood atop traditional cowskins, his long life celebrated with all the pomp and ceremony due to south africa's greatest son. ♪ it was a day of deep sorrow. the country's mourning perhaps best summed up by mandela's close friend and fellow robben island inmate. >> and now, i have lost a brother.
5:44 pm
my life is in a void and i don't know who to turn to. thank you very much. >> reporter: a void that south africans tell us can never be filled. and after a week of celebrating mandela's life with singing and dancing, it was really only today that many south africans realized that mandela is truly gone. david? >> alex marquardt, thank you. and on the surface of the moon tonight, a new set of tracks. the first in 40 years, in fact. china's moon rover named the jade rabbit slowly making its way out of the spacecraft that delivered it there. the animation with another view of that movement. the rover will explore the lunar surface. china now the third nation behind the u.s. and russia to make it to the moon, just a few years later. there is still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. in fact, this evening, the controversial victory for a husband, famous for his reality show, "sister wives." he's now celebrating a ruling in his favor when it comes to polygamy.
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i'm a 440. i'm a 210. 340. that number matched the dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with just the right support to help relieve stress on my feet. i'm a believer. find a walmart with a foot mapping center at i'm a believer. tonight, to the controversial decision on polygamy in the state of utah. the law challenged by the family from that tv reality show "sister wives." tonight, that husband marking a victory. here's abc's reena ninan. >> reporter: he is the polygamist turned reality star who fled from utah to nevada with his family in 2011. days after the tlc show "sister wives" triggered a police investigation. >> love should be multiplied, not divided. because of the circumstances, we're going to move in three days. >> reporter: brown took the state of utah to court, and tonight, his family of 22 has reason to celebrate.
5:48 pm
a federal judge in utah striking down part of the state's anti-polygamy law. >> ultimately, this is a triumph for privacy and continues a trend, a good trend, in this country, of pluralism and tolerance. >> reporter: while the ruling does not legalize multiple marriages, it means polygamist families who live together but don't seek multiple marriage licenses cannot be prosecuted. >> she's a sister from the same mister and he's a brother from another mother. >> reporter: they were open about their lifestyle while living in utah but his four wives and 17 children feared prosecution. >> asking me if my dad is going to skral today. >> reporter: the browns now live in nevada. kody weighing in on the verdict. "we hope that in time all our neighbors and fellow citizens will come to respect our own choices." tonight, critics of the browns' lifestyle are weighing in. "polygamy is not a religion and government should have kept to their own business instead of making it legal. marriage is between two." we reached out to the utah attorney general's office, david.
5:49 pm
they could appeal this case. david, we're expected to learn more this week, but it's possible this may not be over. >> all right, thank you, reena. when we come back this sunday night, see what happens when a little boy reaches over and takes the pope's white cap right off of him. she's always been able it's just her but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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[ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. our "instant index" tonight. what's trending on this weekend. the quick-handed little boy who surprised even the pope. check this out. the little boy snatching pope francis' white cap right off his head. the pope getting a good chuckle out of it, grinning as he kindly takes it back. puts it back on his head. the moment taking place during a visit to a pia trick facility at the vatican. with so many questions swirling about that sign language interpreter that got so close to the president in south africa, nelson mandela's memorial, "snl's" interpretation of the interpreter last night. >> i have been listening. to what -- to what americans are saying.
5:53 pm
>> comedian keenan thompson right there appearing behind president obama, played, of course, by jay pharoah. "snl" coming up with their own translation saturday night. well, it's growing. the next jackpot tuesday in the megamillions. soaring to $550 million. no winning ticket sold this weekend. it's the largest prize since recent changes were reported on last night here made to the game. they include a larger starting jackpot and the million dollar second prize. all of it to lure more people to get in on the game. when we come back on a sunday night here, forget the christmas card. the families now sending these. ♪ check it out ♪ we just brought a prius v ♪ and it matches these perfectly ♪ >> ragz the stakes as families send videos instead of the cards. who has the best one? you judge right after the break. a living i take pride in them. so when my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis . . . with my dermatol this time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body.
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crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. finally tonight here, it is a holiday tradition, of course. sending christmas cards to family and friends, and those family updates, some sending those newsletters updating own just about everything from over the last year. well tonight, the families now sending videos instead. literally diving into it. and the result? you decide. here's abc's marcy gonzalez. ♪ down through the chimney with good st. nick ♪ >> reporter: tis the season for spreading holiday cheer.
5:57 pm
in some unconventional ways. the slade family of arizona foregoing the typical christmas card and going digital. their unique family holiday video posted to youtube, now a viral sensation. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ who wouldn't go ♪ ho ho ho ♪ who wouldn't go ♪ i'll have a blue christmas >> reporter: they made their video debut in 2011, underwater, lip syncing to the king himself. ♪ i'll be so blue >> reporter: and in north carolina, it's a repeat performance for the holderness family this year. showing off their rapping skills. ♪ they are christmas jammies ♪ check it out ♪ we just bought a prius v ♪ and it matches these perfectly ♪ ♪ wearing christmas jammies >> reporter: christmas jammies, recapping the family's year of accomplishments and big news. ♪ gonna quit his job and come work with his wife ♪ ♪ we'll do it in these jammies ♪ in these christmas jammies
5:58 pm
>> reporter: and it's not just families getting in on the digital christmas messages this year. ♪ number's 911 ♪ more emergencies >> reporter: the police department in hampton, virginia, sending a message of their own. a reminder that santa is watching, while sending wishes for a catchy, creative holiday season. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to marcy and the singing families. "good morning america," first thing in the morning. diane, right here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> next at 6:00, why campus police have suddenly increased patrols at uc berkeley. a small fire could force more than three dozen people from from their homes for the ohio. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> good evening, and thank you for joinings, i'm ama daetz. uc berkeley police are investigating five robberies on or near campus. yesterday morning, two students were robbed on derby street. cornell bernard is live from campus. reporter: there's a real effort by uc police toback more visible on campus in the wake of these robberies. tonight they'll be deploying this mobile command center to a location on campus to serve
6:00 pm
consecutive fee, hot chocolate, and a bit of education about how to keep students safe. >> i still try to always look behind me. >> some uc berkeley students are taking more precautions after reading tweets from uc police about robberies around campus this week. the latest saturday morning in willard park. students taking pictures of a meteor shower were robbed by two men who stole their cameras, phones, and cash. the victims were not hurt on thursday two were robbed of laptops and phones. and on december 10th, female student walking home on this street was robbed by two teens with gucks who stole her wallet and phone. the crimes have lyanne thinking about her safety. >> everybody told me to, don't walk at night because there's been so many robberies and it's pretty sketchy. >> uc police have stepped up patrols, becoming more visible. officers warned s


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