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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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soot. it is toxic. >> looking for a new home during the holidays. a crowd rips through an apartment building leaving 16 people wondering tonight where do they go from here. i'm ama dates. more than 16 apartment units uninhabitable after a fire broke out in an apartment complex in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. still residents are thankful everyone made it out okay. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana is there live. >> one of those residents managed to knock on his neighbor's doors to make sure they got out safe and everyone did get out safely. unfortunately there is a lot
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of damage. coit liquors was shutdown for the entire day. some of those undamaged. the residents did return to their home because power was restored. residents may not be returning home anytime soon. this pile of rubble is debris from the fire. i talked with one resident who called to see what support is available. >> my place 1* pretty much uninhabitable. all of the smoke and the soot. >> he says he will be able to stay with family, but it means they will have to work out a longer term plan. >> for me it is about getting housing through the week and through the holidays. >> this is a fire that broke out about 9:30 in the morning. the fire department was able to contain it to one building, but the flames did lots of damage. >> it was on the top floor.
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we had significant damage to at least six units on each floor. >> no cause of the fire has been released and no one was injured. many people made it out of the building as soon as the alarm bell rang. he knocked on his neighbor's doors to make sure they got out. >> the fire has never been in our apartment. >> at coit liquors crews used the squeegies to clear out the water damage. power was restored late this afternoon so some people did return to their homes this evening. the red cross says they did not have to put up anyone in temporary housing, but residents can seek assistance later if needed. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a crash sent two people to the hospital and damaged a classic car. it was just before 6:00 when the car smashed into a classic car business on el camino
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real. two men the driver and passenger suffered injury seers yous -- serious enough to be hospitalized. police are investigating the cause of that crash. a beach hazard warning is in effect until tomorrow afternoon with big waves and rip currents possible. the national weather service says beaches from sonoma county to man tau ray could get waves between six to eight feet high. the swell could produce sneaker waves and strong tides so do use caution if you are heading to the beach. and taking a live look outside from our exploratorium camera another spear the air day has been declared for tomorrow making it a record nine spare the air days in a row. the problem is our on going cold weather pattern is trapping pollution close to the ground. let's get a forecast update from meteorologist leigh glaser with live doppler 7hd. >> as we get into wednesday and thursday we will get a weather pattern shift and it
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will bring us better air quality. of course we will relax some of the wood burning rules. right now you can see some of the high clouds continuing to move from the south all the way up toward the bay area. these clouds will keep us a little warmer tonight. check out the highs for today. 70 degrees was the high in santa rosa. 67 in half moon bay. santa cruz boardwalk there 70 degrees. mid60s out toward the livermore valley area. we are going to warm up and i will let you know the warmest day and the coolest day as we head into our workweek. >> leigh, thank you. new at 11:00, in vallejo people gathered to bring attention to the city's recent string of violence. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in vallejo with that story. lilian? >> reporter: ama, people we talked to say they haven't seen it this bad in decades which is why they stood together tonight to send a message. >> they stood in silence to remember those who were shot and killed this month.
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many in the crowd are life long residents of vallejo and they are tired of all of the violence. >> it is like the wild, wild west of vallejo. i haven't seen it like this since the 80s, but it is coming back. it is getting real bad. >> according to vallejo police there were five reports of gunfire including two people since saturday afternoon. and earlier in the week there were two homicides hours apart making them the city's 25th and 26th of the year. two additional homicides took place just days before. >> when something happens everybody snows about -- everybody knows about it. >> event organizers hope the gathering will inspire action. they want people to volunteer and be mentors to the youth. >> we will be the example and they are not going to be the example. >> there is hope that by standing together they can get through to those responsible to the violence. >> they either want to turn
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themselves in and they may want to -- they may be a person going to commit a crime and maybe they change their minds. >> so far vallejo police have had trouble getting information from any witnesses. they are counting on the public to come forward with any leads. in vallejo, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a teenager who died overnight has been identified and officers say 16-year-old cliffton chapman was shot and died at the scene near ellsworth street. a second gunshot victim was hospitalized in serious condition. investigators have not said whether the shooting was gang related. the search is on tonight for a pair of armed robbers in foster city who held up a man for his casino winnings. the victim spent time in foster city where he was approached in a parking lot with two men, one with a shotgun. the victim is a 68-year-old man and handed over his wallet
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and phone and casino chips and cash. he believes the robbers followed him home from the casino. the victim was not hurt. university of california police are warning students to be careful off and on campus. they lost money and cell phones and laptops. police say common sense is the best way to not be a target. >> walk in well lit areas and pay attention to what is around you. don't be soen grossed with your cell phone and talking on your phone and looking at the internet. no one was hurt in the crimes. many students say they are taking advantage of nighttime walking escorts and shuttles. no arrests have been made in the robberies. new details in the struggle of a young girl from oakland who is brain dead tonight after going into surgery to have her tonsils removed. they refused to remove her
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from life support. she had a tonsilectomy at oakland children's hospital. in recovery she had complications and went into cardiac arrest. more from her relatives arrived. the family is demanding to speak with the doctor who performed the surgery and hopes that will happen tomorrow. in a statement the hospital spokesperson says she was sad about the outcome and the hospital will investigate. it is not your typical wedding at an iconic spot in san francisco. it was more like an extravaganza. up next, a well known couple who tied the knot. >> do you think i am just neb? just anybody? >> remembering an acting legend whose career spanned more than 60 years. a look back at the work of peter o'toole. and santas are everywhere this time of year, but some families go out of their way to see one particular santa in southern california. we'll show you why.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was the camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. laid to rest at his boyhood home in south africa. his funeral service was attended by world leaders and celebrities including oprah winfrey and richard branson.
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representatives folded the flag from the former president's casket. the banner flew overhead followed by a flaiover. flyover. mandela died at the age of 905. the silver screen lost one of biggest stars. peter o'toole. o'toole gained instant stardom in "lawrence of arabia." it was these first of eight oscar nominations. but the 81-year-old irish born actor never won an academy award. he won an honorary oscar in 2003. he played leading roles for decades to come. the actor died following an -- a long illness. an oscar winning actress who starred in hitchcock movies has died. she won an oscar for the movie
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"suspicion" and received a nomination for" rebecca." this is a trailer for "suspicion" from she went to los gatos high school. she was 96 years old. neil sean of journey and reality tv star got married tonight in san francisco. tonight's extravaganza had up nuptials and the wedding planners called it neil and mckailey, the winter wonder land music event. the couple spent $423,000 for city permits to hold the wedding. not everyone liked closing the park for a private celebration. >> we are from san diego, california and we walked from fisherman's wharf to come and let our brother play in the beautiful dome back here, but it is closed. >> it is a perfect setting. it couldn't be more romantic and i hope it works out for them. everybody deserves to be happy. >> those who were not invited could watch via pay per view
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with the proceeds going to typhoon relief in the philippines. th is sean's fifth marriage and saw -- salahi's second. fans go out of their way to see a santa in los angeles at a mall. it is one of the places with a black santa claus. 77-year-old langston patterson has been making appearances at the mall in crenshaw for nearly a decade. some families make this trip a yearly tradition saying it is important for their children. patterson like many of the children who visit him says he doesn't believe his skin color makes him different. he is simply santa. you could be extra generous this holiday season with an extra $7,000 cash. that's how much you can win fight hunger in the bay area. when you click give where you live, we will donate a dollar to the bay area's feeding america food bank. you might win $7,000. imagine the good you can do with that. we will announce the winner on
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december 19th so go to the facebook page 1k3* help us give where you live and spread the word so your friends can spread the word too. leigh glaser is checking our forecast as we head to the workweek. >> the first half of the workweek looks terrific. live doppler 7hd is picking up on some of the high clouds. they continue to drift from southern california right up to our neighborhood. we will continue to see that off and on this evening. and then they should move on out by lunchtime tomorrow. one thing they will do is they will have to insulate us a little more. the temperatures are not as cold as the last several nights. we are looking at clear skies over san francisco with a few drifting high clouds. 53 and 46 in san jose. a nice shot here from mount tam and looking at the lights in downtown san francisco. napa is 35 degrees. fairfield you dropped to 40 and concord right now is sitting at 39. now let's go ahead and look at
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what you can expect the next few days. remember tomorrow is another spare the air day. it is also going to be the warmest day of the workweek. we start to turn cooler as we head into wednesday and thursday. spare the air tomorrow and i tell you the air quality is really getting bad. poor air quality and all locations the exception. this is the 9th consecutive day. no wood burning unless it is your only source of heat. the good news is i think a weather system coming in wednesday night and thursday will have to scour out the atmosphere. we should start to get better air quality in here. th is the low centered off southern california that is drawing the high clouds north. we qil look for those to continue throughout the course of the evening. 1k3 temperature wheeze, well, the numbers will beheld down somewhat. in the 30s, it is in the coolest locations. the north and east bay locations and elsewhere we will see generally midto upper 40s.
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40 for fremont. here is a look at what you can expect in terms of the next couple days. it will continue to park itself over the bay area keeping the jet stream and all of the storm systems to the north and to the west of us. you can see height clouds moving in and it will provide a slight offshore wind component. it will compress closer to the surface and that means the coastal communities will warm up tomorrow. we are looking for highs tomorrow in the upper 60s to right near 70 degrees. a huge change with what we experienced. it is going to be a beach day tomorrow, but the possibility of the sneaker waves and strong rip currents. here is a look at what we are talking about. tomorrow we are looking at 70 and 69 on tuesday and then look at the huge drop. the system moves in wednesday
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and thursday and book down to the 50s. highs tomorrow 70 santa rosa and 65 san francisco and 70 for santa cruz as well as san jose. 67 for livermore and my accu-weather seven-day forecast. you notice the temperatures start to trend down. wednesday neat and thursday and the temperatures bottom out and slight chance of maybe a brief rain shower. and then windy and cold on friday. next saturday is the winter solstice and the first day of winter and we will warm things up then. >> colin rush is here with sports. shu was with the 49ers. >> another big wean for the 49ers -- another big win for the 4019ers. he or she is willing to run through a wall. vernon davis ekdz tending the -- extending the sentiment to the football field. sports is next.
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mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. solid defensive effort and mistake free football from kaepernick. add it all up and it equals a fourth straight win from the surging 49ers. san francisco is now 10-1 and playing in the eastern time zone. can you believe that? an emotional game from michael crabtree. first quarter and turning the defender around on the same wave length as colin paper nick. colin kaepernick. caep on play action and 52
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yards and vernon's 52nd career touchdown. move to the fourth and buccaneers getting too close for comfort. it is a one-score game. next 9er possession and he gets behind the defense. this should be a touchdown and overthrown. look at crabtree. he loses his mind for a second. he throw itself back toward the line of scrim memg. un-- scrimmage. unsports man like conduct. third and 12 and gets the first down. drive stays alive. frank gore and 86 yards on 22 carries. he is the 20th running back in nfl history to record seven seasons. his third field goal of the game and two in kickoff. the ball is on the ground and the niners win it 33-14. they are now 10-4 and four straight wins. coach harbaugh with a san francisco legend on his mind. >> they had really good
11:25 pm
protection on the play. but the waver none exsteppedded it looked -- but the way vernon extended it, it was a long flyball to center field and it extended to make the catch. that was a big time play. >> harbaugh knows his history. we have not edition of vernon's view. mike shumann went one on one vernon. the statistic he threw out that left vernon speechless. first, the on slot in oakland. how the chiefs took advantage of the raiders' giving mood time and time and time
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environments. they consider the friendly confines with the chiefs. alex smith is back in the bay area and looking every bit a pro bowler this year. 18 touchdown passes coming in. smith backpedaling on the first play and jamaal charles and this will be a common theme all day. good sometimes, but mostly bad. eric barry and the chiefs take it four times. his fifth of the season.
11:30 pm
charles a fantasy football dream if you have him. smith, unit uped. 35-10kc and game is over, right? nope. a pair of third quarter touchdown passes. lead cut to. no interceptions and charles scored five times and 71 yards here. a game that saw 12 touchdowns and kansas city wins the shootout. >> we were still in the game and it was 35-31 and even with all of the turnovers we had. we had a chance to get back in it. like i said, it was more consistent. >> like the raiders the warriors turnover their loss in phoenix. 20 total. two of his team high 24 just before half. andrew bogit like a globe
11:31 pm
trotter and behind the back to steph curry. warriors down six. the warriors are down seven. high pick and roll and the launch and hest him deep. launch and hits him deep. curry forces and they win it 106 h of 102. they are one game above 500. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up next, vernon's view. they have teamed up with vernon davis. get today's take and which teammate he says has that wow factor. it is not alex boone. >> all right. thank you so much, colin. >> ahead, a professional basketball player with ties to connecticut pays special tribute to the victims of the sandy hook shooting. and the storm's impact. take a look at this car just sliding across all lanes while the worst -- while the worse may
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vernon's view -- now it's time for vernon's view. right after each game it is his insight on the match up and following his five-catch 70-yard performance in the win in tampa. mike shumann wept one on one -- went one on one with vernon.
11:36 pm
>> a huge win for us. we all know about december. december is the time we need to go all out and leave all of the mistakes behind. >> your 52 bed career touchdown was 52 yards and a phenomenal throw and a better catch. >> i gave it to the right and did what i was supposed to. it was right there. it was the dying shot. thankful he could make that throw and we were able to help the team win. >> coach harbaugh says no other tightened in the league makes that catch. >> that's nice of him. that's very nice gesture. a nice comment.
11:37 pm
i appreciate it. i am here to do my job for the team. >> you are the first tight end in the history of the game to catch 12 touchdowns in two separate seasons. >> you just keep piling up these records. >> you tell me something every week. every week i come in and you have something new for me. that's remarkable. that's amazing. thankful for it. >> it is tougher for teams to zero in on you or an quan bold bold -- air nquan. >> we are peaking. it is a perfect time. michael adds value to this team and what we can do as far as exploiting each wide receiver's abilities and talents. anquan boldin, sometimes when i watch him make plays i'm like, wow, my goodness.
11:38 pm
my goodness. he is definitely my top wide receiver since i have been in the league. we have a great group of guys and they are not only great football players, but great people. that's how you win games when you have a great group of people. >> talk about your defense. from you an offensive player you love playing with the defense. >> our defense, they probably the best defensive unit i have ever seen. they are amazing. i am thankful to play for the san francisco 49ers. patrick willis and who would have thought navarro would have paned out the way he did. this team is the best hands down. >> speaking of good things. your foundation has an event. tell us a little about it. >> we just got a toy drive for
11:39 pm
the kids. it is always good to get back. that's one of my biggest passions. it is being able to give back and it is not just the little ones, but people in general. anytime you can take time aside and just make life better, that's what it is all about. i look forward to it. i am always looking forward to helping people. >> that's vernon's view from tampa. another win and they improve to 10-4. >> here is the information you need to know to attend the toy and art supply give away. it takes place from 3:00 to 6:00 at vernon's art gallery. kids aged 5 to 17 are welcome. there will be live music. we discussed a lot of topics with vernon. something tells me that this one is maybe one of his favorite things he discussed. vernon is always giving back
11:40 pm
of the shu will be there and deliver another edition in the 11:00 news a week from monday. vernon's view only on abc7. ama? >> thank you, colin. an nba player is proving it is not all about statistics. andre drummond said he would honor the victims of the newtown masacre. the 20-year-old who went to high school and college in connecticut wrote the names of all 20 children x six adults -- 20 children and six adults on his shoes for tonight's game. he will donate the shoes and the game jersey to the school in their memory. suspended nfl player richie incognito will continue to get paid by his team, the dolphins. they suspended incognito after the offensive lineman was accused of bullying teammate jonathon ma are tin. jonathon martin. martin played at stanford and he is accused of using racial
11:41 pm
slurs against him. they will face a deadline to reinstate him, cut him or pay him to stay away from the team. our sister network reports that the nfl still needs to finish its investigation of what happened. coming up, when your school zone is in a drug zone. we take a look at how schools in a drug-plagued part of san francisco helps keep their students safe. it is a story you will see only on abc7 news. also, why some will be impacted and it is by this weekend's nasty, wintry weather. >> and most of the states with all of the snow in new england, travel weather tomorrow. it is not too bad across the lower 48. we will check out that map and the accu-weather seven-day
11:42 pm
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warming up, it is downright miserable from the midwest to the northeast. the storm has dropped snow on a 1,000-mile path bringing 16 inches to main and new hampshire. driving is even more hazardous. roads are filled with stalled cars. some owners have given up and simply walked away saying they will dig out their vehicles at the spring thaw. forecasters say the brubt of the stomp -- the brunt of the storm has passed, but high winds for the next few days. when you drive in the snow
11:45 pm
anything can happen. a tv camera spun out on a road in massachusetts. the vehicle landed on the shoulder and luckily a tow truck was just a half mile away. last night we reported exclusively that a task force of federal agents and police conducted a sweep of the tenderloin district of san francisco arresting dealers selling drugs near schools smghts -- schools. you will hear from the children exposed to the drug trade. here is vic lee now with a story you will only see on abc news. >> the u.s. attorney got the indictments that forbids drug dealing within a thousand feet of schools. in the tenderloin there are self-schools. they serve many of the 4,000 kids who live in this community of one square mile. >> too many of them are walking through, methamphetamine dealing just to get to school. >> have you people doing transactions in the streets and even injecting needles in
11:46 pm
their arms in front of the kids. >> she is the principal of city academy, an elementary school in the heart of the tenderloin. 24r* are 120 students here. since the school has no outdoor recreation area they walk four blocks every day to a public playground and they navigate their way past the open air drug market. notice how some of the children have their fore fingers pressed to their lips. that's how teachers remind their kids of the dangers on the streets. >> not only do they need to not talk to anybody on the streets, but they need to know what is going on in their surroundings. >> the academy is a couple blocks away from the city academy. the kids are exposed to the same rampant drug dealing. >> sometimes i feel in danger because you don't know what people are capable of doing to you. >> the neighborhoods may not be the best. >> some of the obstacles that our students encounter on the streets of the tenderloin is
11:47 pm
like a war zone. >> child psychologists volunteer their time here counseling students who have trouble coping. it causes our students to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. >> i asked a principal of city academy if she noticed any difference out on the streets since the sweep. she told me one of her teachers who lives in the neighborhood says the streets seemed much quieter. task force officers we spoke to say they want to keep it that way by conducting operation safe school on a continuing basis. abc7 news. it is time for one last check of our weather with leigh glaser. >> high clouds will greet you tomorrow morning. that's what live doppler 7hd is picking up on now. no moisture out of these clouds, but it will help to give us a little bit of an extra layer of comfort tonight which means the temperatures will not be as cold tomorrow morning. we were talking about that nasty snowstorm back east. you will see much of it now has pushed on out toward the
11:48 pm
ocean there. 24 tomorrow. it is expected in boston and the wicked winds wig pick up be henned that as well. washington 37. 65 though and lots of sunshine and the midsection of the country, 65 for dallas and 76 for phoenix and even southern california will pick up on some of the high clouds. there they go. 66 for fresno and 65 for sacramento. tomorrow around the bay area upper 60s to near 70 degrees. it is a spare the air day. temperatures dramatically drop as the system moves in and brings us a slight chance of a little bit of light rain on thursday morning. what you are really going to notice is very gusty winds especially on friday. cooler air mass and then the first day of winter actually is next saturday with the winter solstice. we are entering in the last few days of fall. >> thank you, leigh. colin is here with the last check of sports because shu was with the niners.
11:49 pm
>> another productive day for the niners kind of peaking. so many games today settled by the final play. we will run through the day in the nfl. yes, i will recap raiders and niners. look who was in tampa today, heavy d speaks of the what he
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it with mike shumann. the 9ers were peaking at the right time. they won four straight and looking like super bowl contenders once again. to tampa and colin kaepernick to michael crabtree. great body control and it is 7-049ers. a 10-0 lead and kaep going to air it out and can't see this play enough. in stride and on a collision course with the wall. 52 yards and 12 touchdown receptions on the season. going deep again and crabtree overthrows him. no need for crabtree to do this. he puts the ball back to the line of scrimmage. unnecessary, but you have to like the competitiveness for sure. a loose ball and kendal hunter thank you. the 9ers are 10 and 4 and here is coach harbaugh talking about the crabtree incident. >> they didn't really say it was his fault.
11:53 pm
he knows he shouldn't have done it. i think he ran a good route and he was open on the post and he picked up the ball and got hijacked and threw it back in there. he has a heck of an arm. >> he does have a good arm. ever the optimist and not much has changed. the former niners owner in tampa for the game. he for one thinks this year's team is everybody bit as good as last year's. >> they are by far the best team in football. seattle is great. they have had trouble in seattle but they have their players back and their offensive lines back and kaepernick and reminds me of our teams, reminds me of 1988, 1989 and i don't see any reason they can't win the super bowl. >> strong statement. losses by philly and dallas and if they lost in tennessee the niners would be assured a
11:54 pm
playoff. 10 seconds left and the game winning field goal and cardinals win it 37-34 and they are 9 and 5 and the 9er does not clinch a playoff spot. the cards will be in seattle next sunday. the seahawks, no setback from their loss to the niners last week. they made life miserable for eli manning. seattle dominated and mar -- marchand lynch going beast mode. new york shut out at home for the first time in 18 years. staying in the nfc west. drew brees and 56 pass attempts and intercepted twice. johnson doing the honors in the end zone. really good looking rookie here and takes the handoff and gone 40 yards. that made it 24-3 and rams stun the saints 27-16. a seven-turnover performance against division rival kansas city and arguably the low point of the season for the
11:55 pm
raiders. alex smith is back and dissecting the raiders' secondary today. smith backpedaling on the first play and sets up jamal charles and charles is a fantasy football dream if you had him today. mcgloin picked four times and a pair of fired quarter -- third quarter touchdown passes. career high five touchdown passes. 71 yards here and the game that saw 12 touchdowns and kansas city wins it 56-31. let's hear from alex. >> it was strange being back. we flew to san jose and stayed down there. that was a little different. i didn't think it was all week. i would be lying if i said it wasn't. especially being back in the bay area. it has been awhile since i have been back. >> redskins-falcons and rg iii not going to play the rest of the season and that means it is kurt cousin's time to earn some money. santana moss with 19 seconds
11:56 pm
left. washington within one and they elect for two. the pass is tipped and incomplete. falcons win it. they are at the stick on monday night football. patriots and dolphins. ryan tannehill to thigpen and no lead necessary in people me. 24-20 dolphins. tom brady drives new england and fourth down. former stanford man michael thomas ?aled off the practice -- snagged off the practice squad. game of the day if you are a packers fan green bay and dallas. tony romo back of the end zone to des -- dez bryant. dallas goes up 12, but following an interception and lacey dives into the end zone. green bay with 34 second half points his second fourth quarter pick and he stopped on the route. second beggest collapse in
11:57 pm
dallas -- second biggest collapse in dallas history. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. one basketball note. cal wouldn't play. they beat uc bakersfield 70-51. >> thank you, colin. and thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:theater for leigh and colin -- at 4:30 for leigh, colin and shu and all of us here. have a great night.
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