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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 16, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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he's not a monster. he's one of the best people he's one of the best people i knew. >> this morning on "world news now," a stunned school community tries to come to terms with the horrible shooting as the young victim fights for her life. a final farewell to the man who transformed the world. nelson mandela is laid to rest as south africa says good-bye to its favorite son. also this morning -- >> many kids and consumers are not getting the best deal. >> two million times a day. that's how often changes its prices. how do you know if you are getting the best deal? it's all in what time you buy. the full details on this monday, december 16 th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
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>> good morning, everybody. did you have a good weekend. >> i did. our set looks really nice. did you see the poinsettias. >> i did. >> some pink ones here, white ones here. >> white ones are gorgeous. >> i always go for the red this time of the year because you assume that's what everyone is going for but the white looks nice. >> you have your christmas cards finally -- no, you ordered them. >> i ordered them. >> yours are on the counter ready to go out. >> ours are going out soon. >> your lady is good. >> i'm telling you. >> how was your weekend? >> snow bound, ate a lot of good food. all that good stuff. we're going to start with the aftermath of the school attack in colorado. the state's governor says it defies explanation. >> the family of claire davis says she is in critical condition and in a coma. a fellow student shot her on friday before taking his own life. clayton sandell has more.
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>> reporter: inside arapahoe high school, a testament to terror. student backpacks, computers, and cell phones lie abandoned. >> the school is locked down. >> reporter: abandoned on friday when karl abandoned on friday when karl pierson walks in a north entrance, opening fire with a .12-gauge shotgun. his second shot aimed pointblank at a 17-year-old claire davis. >> she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> reporter: he moves down a hallway into a library, firing again. the campus deputy sheriff and an unarmed security officer race toward the sound of gunfire as pierson lights a molotov cocktail he carries in a backpack. >> the shooter knew the deputy was in the immediate area and while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life. >> reporter: the attack lasts just 80 seconds.
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investigators are still trying to sort out why pierson, an outspoken member of the debate team, threatened and came to kill the coach. librarian tracy murphy. this was her prom date junior year. she says she talked to him thursday for the last time. >> he said, "you're one of the cool ones, callahan." >> reporter: she saw no sign of what was to come. >> he's not a monster. he's -- he's one of the best people that i knew. he's not this, this killer. he's one of the best people i know. >> reporter: davis clings to life. a senior with lots of friends who loves to ride horses. her friend, chris davis, is raising money for her. >> it is weird to think that someone at our school, a friend, a fellow student, that they're hurting and that it happened to them. >> reporter: claire davis, who was shot in the head, remains in
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the hospital in critical condition. clayton sandell, abc news, centennial, colorado. deadly shooting in new jersey minutes from manhattan. a man was shot in the head last night during a carjacking in a parking garage at the short hills mall. he died later at the hospital. he was getting in to his range rover with his wife when two armed men approached them. the men got away with the car. violent crime is rare at this high-end mall that has many luxury stores. well, air travel is expected to be close to normal after a weekend storm brought snow to the northeast. snowfall in the region ranged from two to eight conditions in connecticut and rhode island to almost 11 inches in northern massachusetts. most of the white stuff is gone but the commute could be icy as temperatures plunge overnight. an indiana newlywed was killed just hours after his wedding as he stopped to help a driver who had gone into a ditch. riley knight was driving from
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his wedding reception to a hotel with his new bride when he saw the accident and pulled over. knight, along with the woman he was trying to help, were killed by oncoming cars. no charges were filed. >> sad story. >> 49 years old. survived by his new wife and their blended family which includes his two young daughters, a stepdaughter and stepson. >> that's right. and apparently while they were driving, his wife wanted to keep going and he said night is coming upon these people. we've got to pull over and help them. >> this guy had a sense of duty. served as an army ranger in the 82nd airborne division and 12 tours of duty in operation desert storm. the kind of guy he was. >> they met at a theater group actually and apparently had dated for quite some time. that's too bad. >> yeah. moving on to nasa. planning for at least two, if not three, space walks to fix the broken cooling unit on the international space station. engineers worked through the weekend and are trying to fix the problem remotely. the final decision on whether the astronauts will have to go outside and make repairs is expected to be announced tomorrow or wednesday.
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>> any time you have something like this, it's good news/bad news. the bad news is the station is having problems and we have to do a repair. good news is we have the spare parts, we have the training, we have the skills. and of course going out and doing a space walk is exciting but very challenging. >> he will be going on the space walks if they are necessary. the first could be as soon as thursday. hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in the capital of ukraine on sunday. there have been widespread protests across the country since late november following the government's decision not to sign an association deal with the european union under pressure from russia. u.s. senators john mccain and christopher murphy marched with the demonstrators in a show of solidarity. a ten-day mourning period following nelson mandela's d&-p. the anti-apartheid icon buried yesterday in a small rural village that was his ancestral home. abc's alexander marquardt reports. ♪
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>> reporter: it was the solemn march that marked the end of nelson mandela's long walk to freedom. in the auditorium, 95 candles burned. one for each year of his life. boldfaced names filled the audience, oprah winfrey next to richard branson and prince charles. mandela's casket stood atop traditional cow skins. his long life celebrated with the pomp and ceremony due to south africa's greatest son. it was a day of deep sorrow. the country's mourning perhaps best summed up by mandela's close friend and fellow robben island inmate. >> now i have lost a brother. my life is in a void, and i don't know who to turn to. thank you very much. >> reporter: a void that south
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african s tell us can never be filled. after a week of celebrating mandela's life with singing and dancing it is only now that many south africans realize that mandela is truly gone. alexander marquardt, pretoria, south africa. stock market investors will be hoping the market can break a streak of two straight down weeks beginning today. trading the next couple of days is expected to be dominated by speculation about the fed's stimulus program. any changes to that program will be announced on wednesday them trading week is off to a rough start with major averages across asia already down this morning. speaking of down, dallas cowboys have every reason to be down this morning. here's why -- >> dallas had a 26-3 lead yesterday against green bay at home. then they surrender. touchdowns on five straight packers possessions in the second half and that was with green bay's second string quarterback at the helm. making matters worse, dallas quarterback tony romo throwing two interceptions. green bay keeps the playoff hopes alive with a 3 7-36 win. one called the second half a
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complete debacle. >> cowboys better straighten up if they want to make it all the way. eagles aren't looking good but not looking bad either. >> and my giants, long gone. see ya. next year. get a good draft choice. >> sorry, john. >> somewhere back there. if you think it's cold where you live, we will show you how easy you have it. a trip to the alaskan wilderness is just ahead. a few hours could make a difference of hundreds of dollars. how the time of the day you make an on-line purchase affects the money you may spend. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. >> a >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical.
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♪ ♪ welcome back. most of us do some shopping on line, but it may be harder than you think to get the best price. >> changes its prices 2.5 million times a day. constantly. some 2.5 million times a day.
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we have tips to pin down the prices. >> reporter: with just days to go before the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, many of us are hunting for the best online deals. but blink and you may miss them. new analysis from a firm shows changes prices an eye popping 2.5 million times a day. wal-mart and best buy change prices more than 50,000 times during the month of november. >> many cases, consumers are not getting the best deal. >> reporter: we tried the tracking app and found this watch was $750 at 5:58 p.m. on friday on amazon. two minutes later it plummeted to $510 and eight hours later down to $418. some experts say the best time to buy is the middle of the night. apps like and the tractor can help you to nab a low price.
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i found this samsung galaxy notebook. earlier in the week it was $800 and now down to 162. i have set up a price tracker to alert me in case the price drops further. another tip, cancel that online order right before you place it. chances are the same retailer will e-mail you a better deal on the same gift. the bottom line, while you are filling up the on-line shopping cart, take a few minutes to download one of those pricing apps to your cell phone. it could save you a lot of guesswork and money. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> those are good tips. >> yeah. >> empty out your shopping cart. that's playing dirty. >> just cancel it. >> not interested. >> then a reminder we sweetened the pot. i think that happened to me once by accident and i thought, did they do that because i left it in my shopping cart for weeks? maybe that's the reason. >> the way they do this, by the way, they sample competitors constantly. they are constantly surfing the web. they have all kinds of fancy
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ways of doing this and see what the competition is offering the same item for. all they want is your business. they don't care how they get it. >> right now is the time to buy. >> is so if you are up -- >> all right. coming up, into the wild we go. the ultimate survival challenge. braving the alaska wilderness. the simple tools, important skills, and how chapstick and a cotton ball can save your life. ahead in the next half-hour, upping the ante on holiday cards. families sending messages that are going viral this morning. stay with us. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ well, a few million of us put up with some freezing temperatures and blinding snow this weekend and probably complain good it, too. >> the entire weekend. i sure did. >> now the contestants on "ultimate survival city" get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and have to get back. we are "up all nightline" with neil karlinsky. >> reporter: we're mushing sled dogs across the alaskan wilderness, far from the nearest city. no cars, no food no shelter. we have come to talkeetna, alaska, to find out if it is really possible to survive like this. our guide and, let's face it, in my case, lifeguards, 26-year-old iditarod champion and unstoppable outdoorsmen dallas and eddie native alaska born
3:19 am
marathon runner and survival expert. >> for eddie and i and so many other alaskans the wilderness is our homes. i would be far more afraid spending a week on my own in new york than i was a week on my own in alaska. >> reporter: that's nice and cold. >> there you go. >> reporter: dallas and eddie are two of the motley crue of elite who have put their life skills on the line for the national geographic show, "ultimate survival alaska." snowshoeing with dallas and eddie, they told us staying warm and having something to drink is critical. >> you warm the core. >> heat people from the outside in, fire warm clothes, et cetera. but if you drink something hot, all of a sudden you are burning up. >> reporter: we stomped on snow to clear an area to make a fire and gather wood with a fold-out saw. even when everything is soaking wet, they showed me birch bark
3:20 am
and moss which are perfect for getting a fire started. no matches, no lighter, no problem. >> i will smear some of this chapstick into this cotton ball, and it will act like a candle. >> reporter: eddie keeps chapstick and a few cotton balls on him at all times. it sounds strange until you add sparks. >> it goes. >> reporter: both carry a simple flint to scrape with a trusty knife. soon we are melting snow over a raging fire. we had pine needles for flavor for a kind of back woods tea. >> if you put it in a cup of starbucks people would pay 5 bucks for this. >> it is not saying much about this, but saying a lot about people. >> reporter: dallas and eddie built a shelter in the trees for us like it's nothing. as night falls on our adventure, eddie shows me his survival necklace. >> always want a leatherman, tools, knife sharpener, mini l.e.d.
3:21 am
light. >> that's the flint. >> reporter: eddie starts another chapstick and cotton ball fire despite soaking wet wood. in terms of survival skills, this has to be number one, being able to start a fire? >> absolutely. if you have the ability to build a fire, that's going to buy you a lot of time. >> reporter: sitting in the glow of a warm fire on a freezing night eating beans and rice in front of melted snow, everything tasted good and anything seemed possible for these two. for them, this series is a way to show off their reality. >> on tv it almost looks romantic. >> i know. i'm proud of myself for always having cotton balls and chapstick in my purse. >> you do that, right? >> all the time. >> by the way, it debuted last night on the national geographic channel last night. looks cool. >> i will watch it. a moving tribute to nelson mandela in an unexpected place.
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welcome back to the mix. we will take you back. a couple of months ago there was a hilarious commercial by kmart and it was "ship my pants." that's -- ladies... kitchen counselor. it's likely your detergent. cascade platinum's triple cleaning formula delivers brilliant shine finish gel can't beat. it even helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. cascade platinum is cascade's best.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated
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to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. welcome to the "mix," everybody. we will take you back. a couple of months ago there was a hilarious commercial by kmart and it was "ship my pants." that's -- >> with a "p." >> it's not what it sounded like at all. here's a reminder of the commercial. >> ship my pants right here? >> ship my trousers. >> i just shipped my wardrobe. >> i just shipped my robe. >> i just shipped the bed. >> this is the new one. for the holiday season they have created one called ship my trousers and you can see he goes around the store and everybody is shipping everything including their trousers, their bed and anything they can find. the question is, is this going
3:26 am
to help the stinking retailer? we don't know. but we it is hilarious. >> you got through okay. you were worried you might leave the "p" off. here we go. this is a dispute, courtesy of "the daily news." this dispute between road workers and car salesman in a city of belo horizonte. apparently a used car salesman refused to move the car because he said we've been doing it for years and said i couldn't lay a finger on the car. that's how they solved the dispute. that car is permanent addition to the sidewalk. >> yeah. i don't think that will be sold any time soon. so on sunday, obviously, was the burial of nelson mandela. on saturday, there was gospel choir that surprised unexpecting customers in a woolworth's in south africa when they started singing johnny craig's song he wrote for mandela. take a listen. ♪
3:27 am
♪ >> this is a soweto gospel choir. dressed up as regular people in the market, in the woolworth's and all of a sudden started a flash mob of singing a song written for nelson mandela as a tribute. >> awesome. >> very nice. this is great. san francisco, remember bat kid, not long ago. everybody knows about bat kid -- the boy with leukemia that is in remission. the whole city coming out and making him the crime-fighting superhero he always wanted to be. the city did an amazing job and the kid is world famous now. now there is a new thing that popped up. nobody knows who paid for it but the director of make a wish tweeted a photo of it and said wow, look at this. thank you for saving the city. hing that popped up. nobody knows who paid for it but the director of make a wish tweeted a photo of it and said
3:28 am
wow, look at this.
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this morning on "world this morning on "world news now," doing battle with the worst of winter. this season is hitting hard. cold and snow is hammering a large chunk of the nation and more is on the way. but this season will be a bright one for someone out there who picks the lucky numbers in tomorrow's mega millions drawing. it's more than half a million dollars up for grabs. if your bank account can't be over the top, your holiday greetings can. beyonce her new album is booming. more popular than ever. why are so parents angry about her new video. it is coming up in "the skinny" on this monday, december 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
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>> welcome in on this monday morning. you know, i think any time someone talented does anything, there's always room for haters to say something. >> you have to have thick skin. no doubt about it. >> she came out with a bunch of videos, some are raunchy, some are not. some include her daughter. some don't. she's incredibly talented and she was able to do that. she dropped that. nobody knew it was coming and she still sold an incredible amount of videos and songs. leave her alone! >> haters out there letting her have it on social media. we'll talk about it. let's get started with the weather. the morning hours could be a challenge for millions in the northeast. >> roads could turn icy as temperatures plunge. that follows a weekend snowstorm that disrupted air travel. with more abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: from the blowing to the shoveling -- >> i hope my boss sees this. >> reporter: to the cleaning. these scenes around boston played out across a large swath of the midwest and northeast as more than 20 states dust themselves off from a massive winter storm that
3:32 am
dumped from a few inches to more than a foot of snow and now has claimed at least four lives. old man winter has arrived early this year and with a vengeance. a charter bus in newark, new jersey, slammed into a bridge sending 12 to the hospital. the latest in a string of storm-related nightmares on the road. in new haven, connecticut, on the day after, motorists were still dealing with all of the ice and slick conditions. >> real serious. i say tread safely. safety first. >> chaos at airports as well for nearly 7,000 flights delayed and almost 400 cancelled. the weather could cause delays in getting your holiday packages delivered on time, but that didn't stop them from hitting the stores. >> it is complicated because it is slippery and we have to watch our step really hard. >> reporter: meanwhile, palm coast, florida, is recovering after a tornado
3:33 am
linked to the same weather system destroyed seven homes and damaged another 150. not even the sunshine state safe from this massive storm. a lot of this snow may be melting, but temperatures are now falling, and that could mean a very icy monday morning commute. john, diana? >> all right, rob. thank you. here's a look at the rest of your monday morning weather. light snow will linger across parts of northern maine. chicago and minneapolis will pick up snow. nice weather in the west where it will be quiet and dry. >> cold day in the northeast where temperatures will be in the teens and 20s. nice in south florida where miami will be in the mid-70s. 50s and 60s from nebraska to oklahoma. turning to the school shooting in colorado. that state's governor says investigators are just beginning to look into friday's incident. 18-year-old karl pierson brought a shotgun to school in an attempt to kill a debate team coach. after entering the school, he shot 17-year-old claire davis at pointblank range.
3:34 am
she's in critical condition. she is in a coma. her friends are raising money for her. >> it is weird to think that someone at our school, like a friend, a fellow student, that they are hurting and it happened to them. >> pierson took his own life as security closed in on him. the high school where the attack took place is closed today. overseas now, more than 20 people were killed in the philippines when a bus fell to a road below. several victims were covered with newspapers as crowds gathered at the scene. a crane was used to check for more victims. we are hearing chilling final words from the brave men who died in the worst fire-fighting tragedy since 9/11. the last radio transmissions of the 19 granite mountain hotshots were captured on helmet cam. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in their voices as they come face to face with the inferno.
3:35 am
[ muffled audio ] >> reporter: that fire in the distance reported on the helmet cam of a nearby firefighting team. this is the last time the 19 granite mountain hotshots were in contact with their command center. the men don't know their tragic fate is just moments away. >> grand mountain, how do you copy me? >> reporter: the chainsaws may have been used as a last, desperate measure by the hotshots to cut down trees and debris providing fuel for the hungry flames. then the final transmission from the hot shots. >> route is cut off. we are preparing a deployment, we are burning out around ourselves, the brush. and i will give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> reporter: the hotshots had two minutes to take cover. the temperature 2,000 degrees. air command tries desperately to radio them but are met with silence.
3:36 am
the silence, 19 lives lost in one of the worst wildfire disasters in history. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. now to an interesting report about what is called e-waste which is stuff like discarded refrigerators, tvs, computer monitors and other electronic waste. the report claims by 2017 the global volume of e-waste will grow by 1/3. and that means it will weigh as much as 200 empire state buildings. perhaps unsurprisingly, the top producers are the united states and china. lottery machines are in overdrive this week as millions of americans clamor for what is now the fourth biggest jackpot in u.s. history. >> it's crazy. the mega millions prize shot up to more than half a million dollars. 550 million and counting. there were no lucky winners on
3:37 am
friday 13th. the jackpot has been growing since october 1st, rolling over 21 times. >> there was a little luck on friday 13th. nine tickets matched the first five numbers. that's a million bucks a piece but nobody drew the big one. >> do you know that i have two games in my wallet that i have not checked yet. i could be a millionaire at the very least. >> a single million. >> a single million would be just fine. >> not enough to quit your job. >> some say your life wouldn't change too much. >> but is it quitting your job money? is it walking off the set mid sentence money? >> throwing the pen down, i'm not going to take it no more. >> no. moving on now. the holidays can be a busy and stressful time with family, decorating the tree and drinking all of the eggnog. with that sometimes your pets can get neglected. >> they drew attention to that
3:38 am
yesterday in peru. dressing up their dogs in the christmas spirit. the idea behind this event is to remind everyone that pets need to be cared for during the holiday season. >> some dogs up for adoption were at the event which has been held for five straight years. all adorable. hope they find homes soon. >> very cute. remembering peter o'toole. the iconic actor's legendary life. a brilliant body of work. later, forget that daily newsletter to aunts and uncles. in this youtube generation, the latest holiday greetings are over the top and on-line. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. .
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a star of the golden age of movies has passed away. joan fontaine, she played in alfred hitchcock's "suspicion" alongside cary grant and starred in hitchcock's "rebecca" which she won an academy award. she later appeared in "ryan's hope" and was a panelist on "to tell the truth." she died in her sleep at her home in california. she was 96 years old. and when joan fontaine arrives at the pearly gates, she may find peter o'toole making himself at home. >> he played royalty especially well and passed away over the weekend. brandi hitt looks back at a
3:43 am
lived large. >> reporter: it was "lawrence of arabia" that made peter o'toole an international superstar. the playwright nole howard said if he had been any prettier it would have been called "florence of arabia." he had those piercing blue eyes and talent to match. >> do you think i'm just anybody? do you? >> reporter: o'toole quickly proved he was not just anyone. on stage and screen, he was acting royalty. >> i warn you, there can be only one justice in this country, and that is the king's. >> reporter: he played tutor to the "last emperor" and a teacher in "good-bye, mr. chips." >> it won't rarely be good-bye at all. >> reporter: he played an actor afraid of acting, a crazed director, and in "lord jim," a naval officer who abandoned ship. >> maybe cowards and heros are just ordinary men who for a split second do something out of the ordinary.
3:44 am
>> reporter: o'toole was the son of an irish bookie and scottish nurse. he had a reputation as a hard-drinking ladies man. health problems forced him to give up drinking but on screen and in life he never lost his taste for beautiful women. >> i compare thee to a summer's day. >> reporter: he had his eighth academy award nomination for playing an old actor who romances a young woman in "venus." he never won the golden statuette for acting but was given an honorary oscar for lifetime achievement. the award seemed to smooth any hurt feelings. >> always a bridesmaid. never a bride. >> reporter: in his long career, o'toole said his favorite leading lady was his close friend, katharine hepburn. >> i hope we never die. >> so do i. >> you think there's any chance of it? >> perhaps not, but o'toole was content with his role in life. "acting," he once said, "is what i was put on this earth to do." brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles.
3:45 am
>> his daughter said he passed away on saturday in the hospital. he had been ill some time. he passed peacefully according to his daughter. >> reporter: you heard brandi say he never won an oscar for best acting. he holds the record for most nominations without winning one. but in 2003, they gave him an honorary oscar, and on the statue it says, "provided some of the most memorable characters." when we come back, more news from hollywood including backlash from beyonce. plus, back from the dead. major tv character who's been resurrected. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now"
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♪ skinny so skinny
3:48 am
all right. "family guy," you're a fan and haven't seen last night's episode and you don't want to know what happened, spoiler alert, hit the mute button. don't change the channel, hit the mute button. for everybody else -- wow. you remember what happened. brian, the beloved family doing, got killed off on november 24th shocking everybody. the fans were stunned and giant social media campaign. how could you do this? >> rough scene to watch. >> rough scene to watch, as well. guess what, he's back. check out this clip. >> brian, look out! >> what the hell? >> you are alive, my friend. >> of course i'm alive, what the hell is going on here? >> brian is alive. stewie saved him. wonder how this happened? remember the very beginning of that, that little flash? time machine. time machine.
3:49 am
it was a christmas miracle. he wanted to save the dog and he did. used the time machine. the dog is back, folks. >> the fans were not happy with this one. >> yeah. i wonder, did they plan this all along? we'll never know. >> the writers want you to believe they did, or did they bring him back because of the backlash? we will never know. >> we'll never know. on "saturday night live" there was an opening skit right before they say, "live from new york." the actor who plays barack obama was on stage and he was trying to give a speech about the health care promise made when an unwelcome visitor came, somebody who's been in the news quite a bit lately. take a look. >> i have been listening to what americans are saying. and some very valid concerns are being raised.
3:50 am
and while i can't say that i have been entirely thrilled with the results, i'm just relieved the website has been turned on again. [ laughter ] >> it is just so wrong. >> so any way, secret service comes out and takes him away and he manages to get himself back in. the entire time he is doing gestures that make no sense, kind of like what happened unfortunately at the memorial service for nelson mandela. there you have it. beyonce time. first the good news. the album that just dropped on everybody. no promotion or nothing. sort of flying in the face of convention. it is beyonce. she sold 80,000 copies. in just three hours after the closing sales window on friday. it is too early to tell how the whole album will do but it's off to a flying start. basically she said i'm just going to put this out there, not promote it.
3:51 am
she's beyonce. so the thing is on a roll. however, there's some beyonce backlash because the album contains some tracks like "blow" and "drunken love." it contains some profanity, x-rated lyrics. some twerking that some people called pornographic looking. so there are haters out there that have gotten on their case. saying we didn't expect this from you kind of thing. this is not who you are. you sold out. people have been taking shots at her for putting blue ivy in one of the songs saying you exploited your kid. i guess it goes with the territory but she is entering new territory with the hard-core aspects. i don't know how hard core they are but i guess for squeaky clean, it might be shocking for some people. >> squeaky clean with the caveat she's always been on the racy side. she's always been sexy and never hidden the fact that she's sexy. i love she included her daughter
3:52 am
in some of the videos because it is pure and innocent. plus, it's her daughter. she can do whatever he wants with her kid. >> there you go. she can do whatever he wants with her kid. >> there you go. when you don't have the time, there's new crest 3d white 1 hour express whitestrips. removes years of stains in just 1 hour. whitening without the wait. now get the best 3d white deal of the year at selected retailers. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated
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stay in the groove with align. ♪ here's one more thing to feel >> here's one more thing to feel guilty about during this festive season. an extraordinary new standard for holiday cards. >> yours probably won't go the distance like the ones that marci gonzalez found her e-mail. most of those going viral this year. ♪ down through the chimney with good st. nick ♪ >> reporter: 'tis the season for spreading holiday cheer in some unconventional ways. the slade family from arizona, foregoing the typical christmas card and going digital. their unique family holiday video posted to you tube now a viral sensation. >> ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't know ♪ ♪ i will have a blue christmas >> reporter: they made their video debut in 2011 underwater lip syncing to the king himself. ♪ i'll be so blue just thinking
3:56 am
about you ♪ >> reporter: and in north carolina, it's a repeat performance for the holderness family this year showing off their rapping skills. ♪ they are christmas jammies check it out ♪ we just bought a prius p ♪ and it matches these perfectly ♪ wearing christmas jammies. >> reporter: "christmas jammies" recapping the year of the family's accomplishments. ♪ he's going to quit his job and work with his wife ♪ ♪ ♪ we'll do it in these jammies ♪ in these christmas jammies >> reporter: it is not just the families getting in on digital messages this year. ♪ the number is 911 for emergencies ♪ >> reporter: the police department in hampton, virginia,
3:57 am
is sending a message of their own. a reminder that santa is watching while sending wishes for a happy, creative holiday season. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> boy, oh, boy. >> you are going to start working on yours tomorrow. >> if i do that, please shoot me. >> oh, my goodness. >> isn't that a lot of work? and if you are going out on a limb it better be good. >> that's a lot of cheese. that is a lot of cheese. >> pass the cheese whiz on that one. my feelings exactly. >> more paper from you. no videos. >> i'm all about the paper. nice holiday card, maybe something clever or witty in the card. >> you get to be judged in the secret of your own home and it will last until eternity. >> recycle the card, though. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight. a christmas shopping trip turns deadly after a shooting in a mall parking lot. the home to high end stores placed on lockdown. the search for the suspect under way overnight. fighting for freedom. new questions about an american that disappeared in iran seven years ago. this morning, secretary of state john kerry talking about the case in an exclusive interview with abc. gigantic jackpot. megamillions fever is taking over. why this will likely be a record. and could even reach $1 billion. and party waves. surfing swans hanging ten and going back for more. it's a video that is quickly going viral.


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