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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> yes, the clean up continues at san jose international airport with the hot water line ruptured connecting terminal a with baggage lane and it triggered the fire sprinklers making a bigger mess. firefighters said there were 4" of standing water and terminal air security checkpoint is flooded forcing the airline to move passengers. affected are american, jetblue, united, virgin, and u.s. air. >> the airlines are aware of what is happening and will make sure the customers make their flight whether it means holding flights, they are aware of that is happening here this morning. >> if you headed tonearm natural a which is what you need to know if you have your boarding pass and only have carry on go to the
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international exit and go through secure. if you have luggage, check in at terminal a, take a shuttle to terminal b. we will not know about delays until first scheduled flights at 6:15. the mess is expected to take a couple of hours more to get cloned up. >> matt, thank you. >> now a check on the forecast, another "spare the air" day. the 13th so far and we have only broken the exceeding twice, before we started this record "spare the air" day string. no rain to clear the air. as far as our temperatures, we break it down, the bay is mild we temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's and mid-to-upper 50's by noon, and look at this, mid-to-upper 60's throughout the afternoon hours and we will be
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back mild in the mid-50's by 7:00. you will need not so heavy a coat. 7:00 this morning, 37 and hardly any frost, and upper 50's with high clouds at noon and mid-60's for better part of the afternoon and mild inland at 51 degrees because of high clouds hanging around in the evening. at the coast, we are in the mid-40's to near 50 degrees this morning and hang out in the low-to-mid fists for the bet we part of afternoon. will be cool but not too bad at 55 in the evening. now the monday morning community any issues? >> we had an issue on the bay bridge beyond treasure island and i will get to that in a moment because we seeing heavy traffic across the bridge. we are also seeing heavy traffic across the altamont pass with address to dublin now at 50 minutes. minute by minute we are look at a longer commute and highway four is still clear antioch to conquer at 18 minutes and through marin county southbound 101 at 17 minutes gets you from san rafael to san francisco and we will look at the bay bridge
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the toll plaza and metering lights are turned on and you can see how much traffic there is, and a few minutes ago it was 11 minutes to ahead away from the maze and into san francisco and now we are looking at 20 minutes because of an early stalled car beyond treasure island and it has finally cleared but the damage is done. plenty of traffic out there. >> kristen and eric? >> we will hear official recommendations for safety improvements around the chef republican refinery in richmond. this is after last year post massive fire that sent thousands of people to the hospital. amy hollyfield is in richmond. >> kristen, the federal age says more needs to be done here at the refinery in the name of safety. this is coming from the chemical safety board. it investigated a fire that happened here back in august of 2012, just a year ago. the board says the refineries in california need to be better
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regulated and points for australia and north way as examples. and their use of old equipment that would be patched rather than being replaced. the board does not have the power to enforce changes but they make the recommendations at a press conference today. >> people in vallejo are raising awareness of a string of violence that several dead. people gathered in a vigil to remember those shot and killed this month. police say there have been five reports of gunfire including two people who were wounded since saturday afternoon early last week with two homicides hours apart with two additional homicides taking place days before. many who end thatted the vigil are tired of violence. >> like the wild, wild west in vallejo.
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i have not seen this sin the 80's but it is coming back the it is getting real bad. >> police are having trouble getting information from witnesses. >> a teen who died has been identified as 16-year-old clifton chapman shot and killed at the scene around 11:30 on saturday night. a second gun shot victim is hospitalized in serious condition. investigators have not said whether the shooting was gang-related shooting the. >> in new jersey a man is dead after being shot in a carjacking at an upscale mall. it happened at 9:00 last night in new jersey. a husband and wife just finished holiday shipping and were carjacked as they runed to their car. the husband died at the hospital overnight. the woman was not shot but was taken for treatment. the suspects took off in the new range recovery. >> today, the family of an oakland girl on life support hopes to talk with the doctor who performed the tonsil
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surgery. the 13-year-old jahi mcmath has son sill removed and developed comely kathys and went into cardiac arrest after the operation. doctors have declared her brain dead. the family says that they refuse to remove her from life support. a hospital spokesman said the staff is saddened about jahi mcmath's condition and the hospital will investigate. >> the city of san francisco is officially rolling out free wi-fi along market street. the corner -- the area is a people benefiting each day from the free wi-fi service. google is give the certify a granted to pay for the installation in 31 parks and pleas across the city starting in july. >> if you headed to the post office you will have lots of
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company, the postal service expected today to be the business of the mailing day of the year. workers will process 60 million more items than typical. machines are expected to send out 15 billion pieces of mail between thanksgiving day and new year and says today is the busiest day for shipping. >> if you headed to the post office around noon, what do you think it will be like? >> temperatures are in the 60's by then with sunshine and high clouds and the possibility of poor air quality again. all the areas that could have poor air include just about all of us but for what is caused the south central bay. according to the bay area air quality management from the bay bridge south along the bayshore to highway 237 and the rest of the santa clara valley is in it. no wood burning ban if 13 the time this winter season. from the east bay hills, it is
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nice. this morning, fremont, san jose, eight degrees warmer than yesterday, six degrees warmer in san francisco. santa rosa is 72, which is the wax spot again today. moving forward look at the cooling temperatures, tomorrow is the 10th consecutive day and it will be cooler on wednesday and cooler even on thursday with faster breezes on friday. leyla gulen? >> we have 50 bart trains running on time and the ferries are rolling and muni and ace train look, good. we have plenty of traffic over altamont pass which is packed. if you are traveling along highway four at laurel we have a three-car accident on the shoulder. that is before you get to the antioch bridge. behind me the other bridges we have in the bay area the dumbarton and san mateo everything is at top speed with the exception at the toll plaza where it is building. the bay bridge is what is really
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heavy and that is due to an early stalled vehicle and southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 from southbound to san francisco is 57 minutes an hour, through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 is 21 minutes. and san jose along 280 away from 17, a few extra cars but at top speeds. >> new this morning, california is home to the highest paid school administrators in the country and the leaders making the list. >> a groom killed hours after his wedding. the good deed he was trying to do that led to his death. >> remembering the young sandy hook shooting victim as year later, and the tribute from a
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>> 6:12 and a look to the beautiful downtown san francisco with the local days and the bay bridge all it up the mike has more on the "spare the air" day and leyla gulen is following traffic all coming up. >> a new report suggests this morning that bump suspected masterminds mine the boston marathon bombing may have been schizophrenic. the boston globe reports he may have heard angry voices in his head for years. the newspaper also reports that the broken home environment he and his brother lived in may have led to the violence. three people died and 200 more were injured. >> colorado's governor is asking the nation this morning to pray for the 17-year-old girl critically injured in friday's shooting at the high school. yesterday, the governor visited claire davis, the senior shot at pointblank range in the school's library. this welcome, a i believe have ill was held for claire in a coma with severe head trauma. she was believed shot at random by 18-year-old eagle scout karl
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pierson who took his own life. police say he was looking to settle a grudge with a teacher. >> nba player is proving its is not all about statistics. the detroit pistons player against portland announced he would on the victims of the newtown massacre. the 20-year-old went to high school and college in connecticut and wrote the names of all 20 children and six adults who were killed last year on his shoes for the game and will donate the shoes and the game jersey to the school if their -- in their memory. saturday was a year since the shooting. >> police in indiana are investigating the death of a groom hours after the wedding. police say 49-year-old groom and his wife left of reception and they stopped to help a woman whose car slid into the ditch.
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he and the we driver were killed. his bride was in a wedding gown. he served in the united states army rangers. >> he loved his country and his family and he loved his friends. he loved his craft. he loved doing whatever he was doing. >> the accident happened saturday night as the couple was headed to their hotel. >> forget about hillary clinton and a possible 2016 presidential race, speculation is now centering about what role the former secretary of state will play in next year's midterm elections. "usa today" reports that the ready for hillary clinton action committee is asking the members to support candidates endorsed by clinton for the midterm elections. there is speculation she could hit the campaign trail for the friends and allies. her office is not commenting and a spokesman says it is too usually to start talking about what will happen in 2014. >> just released list is
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revealing highest paid university executives in the country. there is no shortage of californiains including the president of usc taking home $1.4 million in 2010 and university of that veteran president received $1.2 million. dan ford president received $1.1 million. and chapman university president received $1.1 million, and former u.c. president took $847,000. this was compiled by the chronicle of higher education, the highest pay university executive in the whole country is the president of the university of chicago take home $3.3 million. >> the deep dish pizza is expensive... >> in chicago? >> you need that pay raise. >> other things are expensive in chicago, too. >> i should have stayed in college.
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>> did you notice a last those are private schools. >> lot money. >> but it would not be as fun as predicting water $3.3 million million...i predict there will be a bin wigger tomorrow in mega millions, hopefully us, but, seriously, a cooling from end is on way with cleaner air. good morning, everyone,:17. we will talk about the visibility, tracking fog around santa rosa, and 1.25 mile and like friday when we had black ice the likelihood of that happening today is less as temperatures are running in the mid-30's up there and it is hazy for the rest of us, and the high clouds you can see showing up on live doppler 7 hd, but frost is possible in danville at 33, and san ramon at 34 and pleasanton and walnut creek at 35 and concord at 36, and 38 in pleasant hill and lafayette and livermore, and low 40's headed out highway 4 through pittsburg and antioch, and if you are
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hiking this morning, about 51 degrees. the temperatures in the up upper 30's to low 40's and 41 at hayward and san carlos and mid-to-upper 40's around oakland, napa, novato and san francisco, and 63 at half moon bay and not a joke, another reporting station at half moon bay is 59, so that offshore northeast wind is blowing out at ten miles per hour and it is keeping the cold air over the ocean this morning. this is how it looks from the tower, clean air, looking right now clean and in the afternoon we have hazy sunshine and clouds, above average highs with a big jump compared to yesterday from six to eight degrees warmer. "spare the air" day is likely tomorrow but that could be last one for a while. coolest temperature and cleanest air is thursday and friday. from the north bay to big sur, sneaker waves and rip currents and large swells and in southern california, too, with rough surf. mid-60's to 70 degrees in most
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neighbors and san jose and santa cruz at 70 and morgan hill and santa cruz at 72 degrees. mid-to-upper 30's inland, through palo alto and morgan hill and low-to-mid 40's bay and coast to san francisco, at 48, and san rafael is 47, and two areas of high are bringing us the remain warmest day but the low is starting to [ down the high pressure tomorrow and more is on wednesday, and the cold front will come through quietly on wednesday into thursday and it will be quite brisk, unfortunately, any rain stays over the ocean and the snow stays in the sierra and it will not be a lot. temperatures warming into the 60's this welcome. >> here is a look at the accident with c.h.p. not arrived on the scene but they are headed there now, and it is involving three vehicles westbound highway 4 at laurel road on the on-ramp to westbound four so if you need to make it to the freeway, expect to see activity there as you travel along westbound four through antioch, that is where
6:20 am
we are seeing the most traffic that clears and into concord. the bay bridge is solid red so brake lights in the westbound direction 20 miles per hour is the top somebody as you approach this area and you get closer to the city it is down to 21 miles per hour but the 25 minute commute because of an early issue we had and as we look at highway 24 through lafayette and orinda we are still in the clear with a slow down through the caldecott tunnel. >> new this morning, sports illustrated announces the sportsman of the year, the nfl quaterback grace the newest cover. >> first, "the hobbit" is one of a dozen new movies upping up in hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts.
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now we will check with josh for a preview of "good morning america" at 7:00. >> kristen and eric, good monday for all of you in bay area with a lot to get to include the latest now on the deadly carjacking in new jersey at a mall. law enforcement are searching if suspects with latest details coming next right here on "good morning america" for you.
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>> president obama and the first lady are getting in the family spirit take part in the 30-second annual christmas in washington special. the special features several musical acts, including the backstreet boys and sheryl crow and the front man for san francisco rock group train and the host was hugh jackman, with the special airing later this week on cable. >> do not be surprised if you feel overwelled this season. >> the "hobbit" one of 12 new movies opening between december 12 and new year's, the highest, and "wall street journal" reports that the movie executives are concerned that new movie could bring down the box office totals. studios release big blockbusters during the holiday season because people have several days off from work or school and give them the free time to see a movie any time of the day the.
6:25 am
>> despite absolutely no promotion, beyonce's unexpected new album is already topping the charts. >> i warned people to hear the songs with the story that is in my head because this is what makes it a vision in my brain what i wanted people to experience. >> that is part of the video release to announce the new dumb and "new york times" reports that the pop star sold 366,000 copies on itunes on friday. depending on how weekend sales add up there will be one of the biggest opening sales dates and the release created at the love buzz online and twitter reports that news of the new album generated 1.2 million treats in 12 hour per. >> peyton manning is having a career season of what is a hall of fame career and he also is the sportsman of the year.
6:26 am
manning has led denver to 11-3 record, and thrown 47 tech passes and three shy of the nfl season record. manning is the 4th nfl quarterback to take the honor in the last nine years and the winner last year was lebron james. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories including the christmas food give away taking place today in the south bay and an item thatting others say they need to make sure that everyone has a happy holiday. >> at mineta san jose international airport a huge mess this morning as passengers are forced to take a detour before they get on to the plane. >> if the poor air quality is bothering you i have changes on the way. it is going to be significantly cooler. i will tell you when winter comes back the. >> in the traffic center, it is busy on the bay bridge with a brand new report of a stalled
6:27 am
vehicle as you head closer to t.i. with details coming up whe
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it 6:29 on monday morning. christmas is getting close. >> one of the stories we have is another "spare the air" day with meteorologist, mike nicco, with the latest. >> lot of us will see poor air quality which could spread over more areas of the north bay and the bay itself. well look at that just know all of us are banned from burning road. 43 at 7:00 this morning, and then high clouds and 57 by noon, and 67 at 4:00, and 53 at 7:00. inland, not much frost to talk about with temperatures around 33 or warmer, so we will go 37, and right in the middle and 58 with high clouds at noon and 68, and 66 at 4:00, and at the coast, we will have high cloudses and sunshine, and temperatures are around 45 to 60 at 7:00, quite a spread, with mid-60's throughout the
6:31 am
afternoon. leyla gulen? >> we do have the one accident that is still in the works, this is the brentwood area antioch, westbound along highway four at laurel and that is where we have three cars involved. mass transit is all running on time but we have an annual holiday bus so they starting to roll today and they will take a different route each day to hop on to the bus and enjoy the ride and it is free for the riders. it is a lost fun, traveling southbound along 680 beyond the busy area in excess of 14 minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction. from harvard university in massachusetts there reports that their evacuations due to reports of bombs on campus. this is the harvard university page with the alert sent at 6:13
6:32 am
our time with four sites with reports of explosives but there is no confirmation and no reports of a that will explosion. four buildings are evacuated and we will continue to keep our eye on this development. back here to breaking news from 4:30, passengers at san jose airport are forced to take a security detour after a water line break with matt keller back with an update. what is happening, matt? >> i spoke with the airport spokesman and there are no delays or cancellations because of the big mess here at the san jose international airport. people are checking in right now and you can see this is the result of a hot water line rupturing at 2:30 this morning flooding the second level of terminal a. it happened in the breeze way connecting terminal a to the baggage. police were letting travelers
6:33 am
into the check point area at 4:30. american, delta, hawaii, jetblue, united, virgin and u.s. air are affected airlines. >> departure gates not affected but check point and baggage claim is affected because of water at 1" to 2" chick. the water is backed up, but it is still heavy. >> passengers this morning if you have your boarding pass and only have carry on luggage you can go directly to the international exit between terminal a and b, but if you have luggage, you have to check in at terminal a and take a shuttle and that will take you to terminal b. it could take a couple more hours to clean this up. >> there are no reports of damage or injuries after a small earthquake in sonoma county that
6:34 am
was recorded at 9:55 last night, according to the geological survey it happened two miles southeast of the geysers geothermal area. >> another "spare the air" day but that is only one concern. beaches from sonoma to monterey county could have waves from 6' to 8' high and could produce schneck are waves and strong tides so be careful if you headed to the beach. >> berkeley police are wanting students to be and careful on and near campus. five students have been robbed in 9 past week loading money, cell phones, cameras and listen tops. miss say common sense is the best defense to prevent becoming a target. do not have your cell phone out. no one was hurt in any of the crimes. >> this morning, fire investigators in san francisco are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that left up to 30 people homeless.
6:35 am
the fire break out inside an apartment building on powell near union street yesterday morning. firefighters knocked it down in 40 minutes but it left significant fire and water damage inside the building. authorities say the fire began on the top floor and businesses on the bottom floor also suffered water damage the. >> in the south bay sacred heart community service in san jose will start giving out 3,000 food boxes to families in need. the annual give away takes place over the next three days. people receiving food boxes waited if line for hours last month to sign up and on friday the nonprofit is holing a toy give away for children but as of yesterday they only had 7,000 toys and, still, they need 11,000 more. sacred heart is asking the public to help by dropping off a toy or cash donation. students at san jose middle school will look at a $1 million makeever at campus when they return to class this morning. bay area tech company decided to give the school complete
6:36 am
makeover rather than having their own company holiday party. 1,500 employees and minutes of the community spent friday and saturday on the project. it included everything from a resurfaced blacktop to a new baseball field, the maker over was paid by the city of we san jose and alum rock and invidia. >> there are changes affecting 50 bus lines from rip -- richmond to fremont. contract talks between a.c. transit account union. a cooling off heard ordered by the governor brown expires this sunday. >> rock legend from journey and reality tv star salahi are on the honeymoon after the holiday pay for view wedding in san francisco which combined a wedding with a rock concert at
6:37 am
the palace of fine arts "the winter wonderland wedding and music event," spending 243,000 just for city permits. if you were not invited you can pay on pay for review with proceed going to relief for typhoon haiyan in the philippines. >> ahead, safe improvements expected to be calls for today a how high can the mega millions jackpot go with a cash frenzy under way across the bay area and across the country the. >> check out the bay and the beautiful bay bridge. it is still cold but warming up. "spare the air" day is still with us but how much longer? that
6:38 am
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>> here is what we are looking at, this is beautiful from sutro tower, look at the colorful sunrise and we have not started uplighting the clouds wait until that happens. three to eight degrees warmer
6:41 am
than yesterday. yesterday's temperatures were close do average and dead we are in the upper 60's to near 70 and it is the shortest days of the year so it shows you what the offshore wind does. everyone but south central bay which is the bay shoreline great the bay bridge all the way down to highway 237 across the northern part of santa clara valley, that is the only place that is supposed to have better than poor air quality. high clouds today and look at surge of warmth from the south at near 80 and mid-to-upper 60's through the upper valle and 54 in tahoe. >> we have a couple of problems over the a pass including the first one is westbound along 580 at grant line road where we have a hit-and-run accident involving an 18-wheeler and a van. it looks like it is not blocking any lanes but just ahead what is, a three car crash
6:42 am
the rest of the drive is sold out at the dublin interchange and if you need to make it down highway 84 south of buchanan and 680 is a bear of the drive southbound through pleasanton, packed. kristen and eric? >> get your dollar bills out the next mega millions jackpot is climbing to a staggering new record with strong ticket seems could push tomorrow's jackpot above last year's record $656 million prize. no ticket matched all six numbers needed to win on friday's $425 million prize and listen to this, as of friday night, players bought enough tick its to cover roughly half of the $259 million -- >> a partial evacuation is happening now and we will tell you why the. >> poison dog meat happened here in the bay area with the latest incident under investigation by
6:43 am
police. >> plus, the safety changes to be called for to make sure
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. we are following breaking news from harvard. >> partial campus evacuation is underway after unconfirmed
6:46 am
reports of bombs. this is twitter for the newspaper, and you can see they sent a picture of students evacuated at some of the willing and police are on scene after the reports that explosives could be this four buildings on campus: science, and emerson and bayer, all evacuated from an abundance of caution. the university has sent out e-mail alerts to students and text alerts so they know the buildings offer evacuated. there have been no reports of any actual explosions at this time. we will continue to follow the story and update you with new information. the university california has an agreement with health care worker and richers with 15,000 of the university's professional and technical union will vote on the offer that includes a cost living increase of up to 13 percent over four years and union officials credited new
6:47 am
u.c. president with breaking through a two-year long stalemate that had been hampering negotiations at u.c. medical centers. >> a family member of the language interpreter caught faking it at the nelson mandela 's mel has come forward with a chilling allegations saying that the man was accused in a murder ten years ago but was never tried because he was not mentally fit. they say the it interester was accused setting two men on fire after they were caught with a stolen tv. last week, the interpreter admitted to having violent tendencies and suffering from schizophrenia after being caught signing jibberrish. >> a dog is recovering after eating poison meat with a washington state park. the owners took their golden retriever on a hike and noticed
6:48 am
she was eating meat with pellets and it was believed tainted with rat poison and a sample was taken to a laboratory and after emergency care by the vets, she is doing a lot better. >> trading is underway on wall street now. a look at big board shows the dow is up 16 points to just below the 16,000 barrier but there 10 lot going on in business news. >> more money news, wonder why the item you are lying at on amazon was one price in the morning and different later in the day? it is true that changing the prize of emergency -- merchandise 2.5 million time as day. the adjustments keep amazon prices competitive and consistent. >> and wal-mart changes 50,000 time as day. the f.d.a. will determine if the ant bacterial chemical in
6:49 am
soaps is safe because some say it should be remove because of the risk to her moan imbalance and antibiotic resistance. >> hope we have a warmer week in store. >> it has been cool at night although it has been nice during the day and you could even get sunburn. >> sunburn? >> i needed the vitamin d is what my doctor told me. now, it was chilly and the nighttimes are coming up along with the daytime temperatures today, and that will all start to change tomorrow with the cooler wet on way. now we have dry air that highlighted san francisco last week and i will highlight san jose this week only receiving 3." rain since january 1. we are 10" behind our average which is usually 15.2" and the best i could find because the reports of sketchy in san jose
6:50 am
the rest record for low rain in a year was 6.12" and that was in 1953. so san francisco will have their driest year ever, so is san jose. we will try to fine the oakland statistics coming up. half mile visibility in santa rosa and everyone else is seven or greater. you can see the high clouds showing up on live doppler 7 hd and the temperatures erupting above frosty levels throughout the south bay and 36 in cupertino, and the cool spot is 42 at campbell and alum rock at 46 and 53 in the hills of los gatos and 38 in san jose. we will go to santa rosa where it is 35 so we do not have to worry about black ice. and 51 in san francisco and 61 at half moon bay. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais this morning, gorgeous colors, still waiting for the
6:51 am
uplighting in ten minutes. above averages highs today and record 10th consecutive and cooler air, cleaner air, is coming in on wednesday and on thursday and friday. we talked about the waves from the north bay to big sur, sneaker waves and rough for the crash fishermen today and mid-to-upper 60's under high clouds and sunshine and 72 at santa rosa and morgan hill and 70 in san jose and santa cruz and other warm spots today. tonight, mid-to-upper 30's inland and palo alto and low-to-mid 40's at the bay shore and the coast and 48 in san francisco and the mildest temperature. you can see the high clouds are streaming up from upper level low to the south and the two areas of high pressure bringing us today the warmest day in the seven-day forecast. the low behind me is bringing onshore flow on wednesday and temperatures are six to eight degree cooler and on the become side of the front on thursday and friday, it drops into the
6:52 am
mid-to-upper 50's and it will be witchy. >> we have a three car accident westbound at greenville road and it will take you an hour to head from tracy to dublin. we had 22 miles per hour speed, and 16 miles per hour as you come away from 205. with a couple of vehicles and c.h.p. arrived on the scene and traffic is heavy coming away from treat over to the 24 junction and the entire stretch as you may it away from concord is going to be about 16 minutes. eric and kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen. our time is 6:52. you could be extra generous, couldn't you, with an additional $7,000 in cash. >> that is how much you can win for helping abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area when you click "give where you live" on facebook we will donate to
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feeding america food banks for you. you could win $7,000. imagine the good you can do with that, and we will announce the winner december 19 so help us give where you live and spread the wore. >> ahead, seven things to snow before you
6:54 am
as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. breaking news at mineta san jose airport where terminal a was evacuated after being flooded by a broken water pipe usually this morning. passengers are shuttled to terminal b to catch flights. the terminal sevens most of the major airlines that come into san jose 789. >> two, federal investigators will release their draft report on the 2012 chevron refinery fire in richmond. there will be new safety recommendations for chevron and
6:55 am
changes on regulateing refineries. >> services in san jose will give out 3,000 food boxes to families in need. the nonprofits are letting toys for a toy give away on friday but says they are way short and still need 11,000 toys. >> four, south africa has unveiled the statue of lake antiapartheid leader, nelson mandela, which stands on the groups of the union building in pretoria where nelson mandela delivered the inaugural speech after becoming the first black president of south africa in 1994. he was buried year at his home village. >> san francisco is rolling out free wi-fi along market street this morning. the service by bay area-based company will stretch from was tremendous to the embarcardero. a grant from google will pay for wi-fi installation in 31 parks and plazas next summer. >> six, check out the colorful sunrise this morning, yes, it is a "spare the air" day and we have rough surface at the
6:56 am
beaches and it is going to be a warm day today. santa rosa is 72 and then 70 in san jose, both highing record highs. mid-to-upper 60's but the coast is in the low-to-mid 60's. >> 19 minutes gets you across the bay bridge starting at maze into san francisco. we had a stalled car blocking the lane before and after treasure island. traffic is slow to recover as we head to the map. traffic in the northbound direction is locking slow, as well, as you approach the 280 and 680 and the nimitz. >> we have an update on the breaking news from harvard with word that final exams for today have been canceled following word of possible bombs on campus. no actual explosions. an evacuation of several buildings is underway.
6:57 am
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th'rtwfoju rebus. yodre.
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good morning, america. new overnight, shooting at the mall. a frightening holiday carjacking just outside high-end stores. right in the middle of the suburbs. one dead, the mall on lockdown. suspects on the run at this hour. let it snow. the northeast braces for yet another storm tonight. more snow headed for major cities from philly to boston. even this thundersnow caught on tape last night, as the deep freeze stretches all the way to florida. he wanted us to be what we wanted to be. just be greater it at it than anybody else has ever been. >> revealing new interviews with michael jackson's children. even blanket, speaking for the first time on camera. their lives right now and what paris reveals about her father's promise to teach her the moonwalk. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ oh, my, are we headed for a


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