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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 16, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight, shooting at the mall. a frightening holiday carjacking just outside high-end stores. right in the middle of the suburbs. one dead, the mall on lockdown. suspects on the run at this hour. let it snow. the northeast braces for yet another storm tonight. more snow headed for major cities from philly to boston. even this thundersnow caught on tape last night, as the deep freeze stretches all the way to florida. he wanted us to be what we wanted to be. just be greater it at it than anybody else has ever been. >> revealing new interviews with michael jackson's children. even blanket, speaking for the first time on camera. their lives right now and what paris reveals about her father's promise to teach her the moonwalk. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ oh, my, are we headed for a
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billion-dollar lottery prize just in time for christmas? it's already one of the largest jackpots in history, and it just keeps growing. oh. >> hey, good morning, america. hope you all had a very good weekend. if you're feeling lucky, this is the week. that megamillion jackpot, now the fourth biggest in history. >> it's so big, if there's not a winner on tuesday, they have to get new billboards, because the current ones don't go past $1 billion. >> that's a first world problem for sure. 21 drawings. no winners. no winners. 21 drawings all prolonged until now. >> my goodness. and if you score the golden ticket on tuesday night, almost $200 million could be yours in time for christmas. >> merry christmas.
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angie's been praying over there. also, we have the latest on the school shooting from friday. more details this morning about the innocent victim badly wounded. she's right there. critical condition right now. and we have a new interview with pope francis. taking on his critics and saying more about what he believes the role of women in the church should be. that's all ahead. let's get to josh with the top stories. we're going to begin with this breaking news overnight from new jersey. a young couple attacked at a shopping mall in the state. the husband killed in the attack. the suspects still on the loose. shoppers are now growing more concerned about their security at this time of year. reena ninan is in short hills, new jersey, with the latest. reena? >> reporter: this quiet town 30 miles from new york city was filled with holiday shoppers on sunday night, when violence erupted in the parking lot just behind me. this morning, a manhunt. two suspects held a 30-year-old
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man and his wife at gunpoint outside this upscale mall in suburban new jersey. >> the victim opened the door for his wife. she started to get in the vehicle. as he got in the driver's side and started to get ready to enter the vehicle, was approached by two males and was shot before he entered his vehicle. >> reporter: authorities believe they were leaving the mall after holiday shopping. witnesses report hearing several shots and screams from the woman. her husband fatally shot. the assailant took off in the couple's silver range rover. the mall was immediately put on lockdown. >> they said there was an emergency. nobody could go out the building. >> reporter: just one month ago, a troubled 20-year-old man wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a rifle, entered a mall in paramus, new jersey, and fired several shots at random. he turned the gun on himself and no one else was injured. but now, a second case of mall violence has left shoppers shaken and concerned about their
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security during this, the busiest shopping time of the year. >> always be aware when walking from your car to the mall or some other store of the people around you. >> reporter: police won't comment if there's any video surveillance, but they're asking the public to phone in with any tips. josh? >> reena ninan, thank you. meanwhile, big day on wall street today. the markets will be closely following comments by federal reserve chair ben bernanke. he could provide clues about whether the fed will now scale back its economic stimulus program this week. such a move could drive interest rates higher. that concern is already hurting stocks. the dow lost 265 points last week. two stocks you want to watch today -- sprint and t-mobile after reports of a possible merger. critics say it would lead to higher cell phone bills for customers, but supporters say a merger would help sprint better compete against at&t and verizon. meanwhile overseas, it's being called the most brutal
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attack on civilians in months, in syria, where dictator bashar al assad's forces dropped barrels of bombs killing people, including 20 children. a new spy scandal this morning, not at a government agency. no, at ikea. the furniture company stands accused of spying on employees and customers in france. using surveillance and private investigators to build cases against certain workers and customers who had filed complaints. thus far, no indication the alleged spying occurred here in the u.s. ikea has refused comment thus far. and this morning, especially in dallas, it is being called an historic meltdown. the cowboys, who led by 23 points at the half, for some reason kept throwing against the packers yesterday. tony romo throwing two brutal picks in the fourth quarter, setting the stage for the
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packers' very dramatic comeback win, 37-36. in related news for so many of us, fantasy football season has mercifully come to an end. thank god for that. i was reminded how much i hate fantasy. however, today, speaking football, payday. after a car dealership near seattle ran a promotion that went very, very wrong. for the dealer. jet chevrolet promised a dozen customers a huge cash payout -- $35,000 a pop -- if the seattle seahawks, arguably with the best defense in the league, could shut out the giants. with an offense that has seen better days. quite a gamble. almost half a million in prize money. guess what? the final score of the game? 23-0. >> oops. >> that is a shutout. that car dealer checking that insurance policy extra closely this morning. >> yeah. >> what were they thinking? >> i have no idea. >> you have to have a lot of foresight to get the right insurance policy.
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>> that's true. okay, josh, thanks. we're going to turn to friday's school shooting just outside of denver. we're learning more about the teen gravely wounded in the attack, claire davis in critical condition this morning. and abc's clayton sandell is in littleton, colorado. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, claire davis is in the hospital behind me fighting for her life. for the first time, we're hearing from the girl who went to the prom with the gunman. overnight, claire davis' family says she's in critical condition. stable, but in a coma. davis, in the wrong place at the wrong time, friday, when fellow senior karl pierson opens fire at arapahoe high school. shot in the face at close range. >> i have a student down in the athletic hall. she's bleeding bad. >> reporter: her family praising police and paramedics, doctors and nurses. adding, we appreciate your continued good thoughts and prayers. >> she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> reporter: pierson killed himself as officers moved in.
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his motive, police say, may have been revenge after an ongoing feud with his debate team coach, librarian, tracy murphy. murphy disciplined him in september. pierson's friend and prom date, bailey callahan, said he was smart and outspoken. >> he didn't like -- >> reporter: but she never thought he was capable of this. >> he's not a monster. he's -- he's one of the best people i knew. he's not this -- this -- killer. he's -- he's karl pierson, one of the best people i know. >> reporter: and this morning, the sheriff says that the school will be closed all this week, through the holiday, and won't reopen until january. robin, george? >> so hard. thank you, clayton. now to the growing controversy on an american who vanished on a trip to iran more than six years ago.
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on a secret assignment for the cia. the family of robert levinson, now accusing the u.s. government of not doing nearly enough to find him and secure his freedom. brian ross is here with much more on this. good morning, brian. >> reporter: in the wake of the disclosures that levinson was working as a cia spy in iran, his family tells abc news this morning they're demanding a meeting with the new head of the fbi to push for a greater effort to seek his return. with no proof he's even alive since this video was made three years ago. >> please help me. >> reporter: bob levinson's family said they feel the u.s. abandoned the former fbi agent. but secretary of state john kerry denied that in an exclusive interview on abc's news program this week.
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>> to suggest that we've abandoned him or anybody has is simply incorrect. and -- and not helpful. >> do you believe the iranian government is responsible for his disappearance? >> i think the iranian government -- i can't tell you what happened or how the sequence was. but i think the iranian government has the ability to help us here, and we hope they will. >> reporter: in iran, the foreign minister denied to cbs that iran was holding levinson. >> anything is possible. i'm saying we have no trace of him in iran. >> reporter: levinson disappeared in march of 2007 on the iranian island of kish. where his family says he was on a mission for a rogue unit in the cia that later tried to deny any connection to levinson. >> rather than acknowledge what they had done and try to save bob's life, they denied him. >> reporter: now members of congress say the cia lied to them, too. about the true role of levinson and the cia. >> the cia did not tell the truth to the american congress about mr. levinson. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry also told abc news that there are a number of what he
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called secret different channels that are being worked aggressively for the return of levinson, who is now the longest held american hostage ever in modern time. >> his family is not giving up. not at all. >> reporter: they're pushing hard. >> thank you, brian. we're going to get the latest now from pope francis. in a new interview, he responds to criticism from prominent conservatives. including rush limbaugh who he called a marxist. he expands on how he views women in the church. dan harris has the story. >> reporter: this pope has been unabashed in his criticism of capitalism. he kicked off the holiday season by venturing into the ritziest shopping district in rome and praying allowed for the poor. then there was what he wrote in a major vatican document last month, attacking unfettered capitalism as a new tyranny. that provoked conservative radio host rush limbaugh to say this. >> this is just pure marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope. >> reporter: in an interview
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published in an italian newspaper on sunday, the pope responded saying marxist ideology is wrong. but adding that he's known many marxists who were good persons, that's why i don't feel offended by the label. also in the interview, the pope was asked about the possibility of female cardinals. no, he said, women should be valued, but not clericised. that's another example now francis is refusing to change core teachings on hot-button issues, even as he tries to present a more compassionate face of catholicism to the world. it may just be a shift in tone, as opposed to one in policy, but it's an important shift. >> it is. i mean, a shift in emphasis is a change. but it may not be a change in the substance of the teaching. it is a shift in emphasis. >> reporter: there was another notable moment this weekend when the pope smiled as a baby stole his skull cap. it all seems to be working, at least here in america, where a remarkable 92% of u.s. catholics have a favorable opinion of their new hope.
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for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> every day there's something else that endears you to the pope. >> so comfortable. >> yep. some sad news this weekend. >> indeed we did, robin. very sorry to report hollywood legend, peter o'toole, the movie star who dazzled as lawrence of arabia. , die / died over the weekend. this morning, the world remembers the acting giant. ♪ >> do you think i'm just anybody? >> reporter: he was just a 26-year-old irishman. >> who are you to know what can be done? >> reporter: but after that iconic turn in "lawrence of arabia" -- >> time to be great again, my lord. >> reporter: he transformed into hollywood royalty. >> i'm not an actor, i'm a movie star. >> reporter: and star with talent, earning eight oscar nominations. for movies like "the lie in
7:14 am
winter." >> i could listen to you lie for hours. >> reporter: and "good-bye, mr. chips." >> i have two kinds of rights. >> reporter: he never did win. when the academy offered him an honorary oscar, o'toole turned them down originally. >> that was a bit rude of me. i didn't intend it to be. it is an honor. it is the highest honor in the film industry to be given one. i like to do something specific and earn the damn thing. >> reporter: he eventually accepted their offer. finally taking home a statuette in 2003. he conquered every medium, from stage to later in his career, animation, gaining a new league of followers with the movie "ratatouille". >> tell him to hit me with his best shot. >> reporter: now, the world says good-bye to mr. chips, mr. lawrence, and a half century of movie magic. >> but you always stay the same. and you always will. and in that, i shall find -- great comfort in the days to
7:15 am
come. so you see, it won't really be good-bye at all. >> wow. what an immense talent. >> an immense talent. >> and you and i both said, love it that he was like, no, don't give me the oscar. i mean, eventually he said, no, i'll take it. hard to turn your eyes away. we want to give you another piece of sad news. another great hollywood legend, oscar winning actress, joan fontaine, also passed away over the weekend. famous for her starring roles in "rebecca" and "suspicion." she was 96 years young. >> i know, too. you're right about that. how about we move on to a holiday megamania. we're counting down to tuesday night's megamillions drawing. look at the clock. 1 day, 15 hours, 44 minutes and
7:16 am
counting. the excitement is building. with $500 million up for grabs, linsey davis doing some window shopping at maserati of manhattan. all right. come home, linsey. >> reporter: so much more sleigh and reindeer. how about this for a ride, santa? >> this is a fabulous ride. i'm going to ask mrs. claus to put this on my list. >> that sounds like a plan. i've already done the math for you or someone else that wins that jackpot. you could afford to buy 3,640 of these babies, plus still have enough money leftover to move the workshop somewhere warmer. >> ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: forget naughty or nice. the megamillions half-billion dollar jackpot doesn't discriminate. it just so happens that this $550 million jackpot, the fourth biggest in history, is swelling
7:17 am
in size just as we head into the holidays. >> yay! >> if we don't have a winner this tuesday, we don't have a winner this friday, we're going to have to buy some new billboards. because our billboards don't go past $1 billion. >> reporter: the odds of winning are worse than before. they used to be 1 in 176 million. they are now roughly 1 in 259 million. that's because megamillions changed the game. 5 of the 6 balls ranged from 1 to 56. they now go from 1 to 75. >> we've gone 21 drawings now, since october, without having a jackpot winner. >> reporter: as it stands, the cash option is worth a cool 295 mil, enough to buy the ultimate christmas gift for everyone on your shopping list. you could even unwrap this $114 million manhattan mansion.
7:18 am
and how's this for a stocking stuffer? a 1954 mercedes-benz. the roughly $30 million price tag makes it the most expensive car ever sold at auction. you could afford about four of them and still have enough left over to visit santa's workshop at the north pole in your own private $65 million gulfstream g-650. if nobody wins on tuesday, or friday, the next drawing could be christmas eve. someone could wake up christmas morning a newly minted billionaire. >> can we get another ho, ho, ho, from that guy sitting next to you there? that was really a great way it start our week. >> they want another one. >> oh, they want another one? >> want to give it to us? >> ho, ho, ho. >> on command. >> hey, santa, linsey, thanks very much. >> this cold weather is not going to keep people from going out to buy tickets. >> i don't think so. we have had the 1 in 1 million chances happening in florida. watch this. we have this, the tornado, ef-1
7:19 am
tornado that happened in florida, and then the chill this morning. i'll show you how cold it is in places like palm coast, where that happened. jacksonville, feels like 31 this morning. 24 it feels like in atlanta. green bay feels like 27 below. and early on the show, we were telling you more snow is on the way. yes, it is. a slide of 1 to 3 inches up the east coast. boston could pick up quite a bit more.
7:20 am
>> and the timing of all this is tonight through early tomorrow. early tomorrow morning, that's the rough time on the roads. >> ooh, once again. >> thanks, ginger. coming up on "gma," brand-new interrogation tapes revealed of the montana bride who pleaded guilty of pushing her husband off a cliff. also ahead, new interviews with all three of michael jackson's children. his youngest, blanket, speaking out for the first time on camera. and a judd family feud. why ashley is accusing her sister of trying to spy on her.
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let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. good morning. i'm eric thomas. terminal a at minetta san jose airport is not in service right now after a hot water line broke and flooded the upper floor. crews have been mopping up the mess since it happened shortly
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before 3:00 a.m. it is effecting passengers on many airlines except southwest and alaska. there are no flight delays or cancellations. passengers scheduled to fly out of terminal a have to check in their luggage and bussed to terminal b to get on their flight. let's check the monday morning commute. here's leyla. let's go to live pictures right now where we can show you this fatal accident involving a man on a motorized scooter. this is right at the corner of winchester boulevard and stevens ceili creek. we have a fatality reported there. it is not effecting traffic in the area. so no closures to speak of. chp and police are out there right now continuing their investigation, eric. leyla,
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beautiful picture from the exploretorium camera. poor air quality for just about all of us. ninth consecutive day. temperatures
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this is what membership is. this is what membership does. ♪ ♪ love you unconditional ♪ unconditional that is our dear friend, katy perry, singing her new hit, unconditionally. she says the song was inspired by her boyfriend, john mayer. they'll both be here tomorrow. the worldwide exclusive premier of the video for "who you love." >> i love that song. >> i know you do lara. they're going to be here. ron burgundy is going to be here tomorrow. you have the burgundy jacket on already. >> i do. hoping. waiting for you, ron. >> oh, he's waiting for you. trust me.
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oh, yeah. a lot coming up tomorrow. but today, we're going to have more on the startling interrogation taps released. montana newly wed jordan graham accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff. michael jackson's three children now, all featured if a new documentary, new interviews, as paris, revealing what her father said about teaching her the moon walk. and then young son blanket. never actually heard him speak before. first time on camera, talking about his dear old dad. >> just hope they're okay. the new trend in parenting. the growing number of people having babies with no relationship strings attached. and the websites popping up to help the coparents get together. >> boy. there's a string attached. >> well said. >> we should move on, i guess. >> move on, george. we're going to move on to the brand-new tapes of jordan
7:32 am
graham, the montana woman ho pled guilty last week of pushing her husband off a cliff just eight days after their wedding. ryan owens has the details. >> til death do us part. >> reporter: how could he know he would only live eight more days. this wedding video is some of the evidence that the jury saw in the case against jordan graham. the federal judge unsealed it after she pled guilt last week. the jury watched graham's made of honor speaking about the bride. >> i've really gted to know her. i'm just amazed as the person she is. >> reporter: kim martinez was one of the first to testify against her. the young bride is behind bars after admitting she pushed cody johnson face first off a cliff. >> i don't know anything more. >> reporter: we're getting our first look at the police
7:33 am
interrogation videos showing graham lying over and over. here she is two days after the murder, telling the detective her husband went on a joyride. >> he was going to go for a ride with some of his out of town buddies visiting. >> reporter: here he she is the next day, with her mom. >> i got an e-mail this morning from some guy that said he was tony. >> reporter: that e-mail was fake. graham sent it to herself to throw off authorities. it didn't work. days after his body was found, his bride fessed up to an fbi agent that she shoved him during an argument. >> he went to grab my arm. i said no, i'm not going to let this happen. i'm going defend myself. he went over. and then i took off and went home. >> reporter: it's all evidence the skrurry heard but never had to consider. her surprise guilty plea stopped the trial after just four days. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas.
7:34 am
>> boy, hearing those tapes is chilling. now to the mysterious get of a prominent arizona surgeon. she died with her husband and son in a horrible house fire. the authorities are call doing fire suspicious. john mull eer has more. >> my neighbor's house is on fire. >> no signs of detress from the house? like cries for help or anything like that? >> no. >> reporter: these are the frantic calls. >> you to think there are people trapped in the house? >> i don't know. >> reporter: neighbors trying to rescue the family inside. >> somebody's kicking the door. i think he broke a window and is yelling to see if somebody might be in there. this morning, arson officials are investigating the serious early morning fire that took the life of dr. joyce vonnenberger, her husband, dennis, and young son, trevor. fire officials are saying it's
7:35 am
suspicious. they had been planning a big party on saturday to celebrate trevor's 12th birthday. they moved in just a few weeks ago. >> we're saddened by it. i was praying all day she was out of town. >> reporter: she was scheduled to be in surgery friday at the time of the fire. >> she was very loving. she was -- she was not just a physician and a chief of surgery. she was a member of the community. >> reporter: a tight it in family, she owned and operated her own practice. her husband was the office manager. they home-schooled their son. it's too early to tell what caused this deadly fire. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. now to the new film featuring michael jackson's children. they're all speaking out in a pay-per-view documentary produced by the family. >> i want to help. >> reporter: we know him as
7:36 am
blanket. we have never seen the youngest son of the king of pop like this. >> i'm just trying to help africa. because that's a poor continent. >> reporter: he's 11 now and speaking publicly for the first time. >> there's a lot of animals being killed from, like, poachers and stuff. i want to help continue the species of animals. >> reporter: it's a preview of a documentary online today about michael jackson. >> it took me to 6 years old to learn his name was michael jackson. he was always daddy to me. >> we never really left the ranch that often. >> we had a zoo, basically. we had a chimp named bubbles. >> reporter: the movie, exes active produced by matriarch katherine jackson. >> she wanted to fund it without
7:37 am
asking anybody around her for funding. >> reporter: what they'll see? kids who have shed the masks about their father. >> he promised me he would teach me how to moon walk. never got around to it. >> it's not right to invade someone's privacy like that. >> we wanted us to be what we wanted to be. just be greater at it than anyone else has ever been. >> remember a few years ago spending time with katherine jackson and the three children. very unassuming. they were at a charity event. gracious. totally unaffected. >> very well spoken. so many people thinking about traveling next week. the big story is what will the weather do for your travels. i have a big picture. warm and dry out west. not looking good for the pacific northwest for a white christmas. warm and wet in florida. much better chance in the
7:38 am
northeast and great lakes. now, today, los angeles, going to be well above average. 80 for a high. san diego, 72. 75, phoenix. most folks mild in the west. 61 for a high in denver. the warmth is coming east for the mid-atlantic. it won't get all the way to the northeast. washington, d.c. urks goes from 30s and a snowy this weather report brought to you by mercedes-benz. look at you, dallas, up to 70. not bad. >> look at you. >> you and your hot self. the judd family feud is exka
7:39 am
lating. ashley accusing wynonna of spying on her. and the new modern family. the move toward coparenting right now and having a baby with no relation strings attached. >> oh, they're attached. >> thank you, lara, for that. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900. yeah. she's been to london, paris and her son plays baseball. you psychic? i speak pandora. he went to jared. [ female announcer ] this holiday, find these pandora charms, exclusively at jared.
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welcome back. it's 7:43. we continue now with the judd family feud. ashley accusing her sister, wynonna, of trying to spy on her after a tracking device was found on ashley's car. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: in a police report obtained by abc news, ashley judd accuses half sister wynonna
7:44 am
of being behind a tracking device put or her car. >> if there's been a tracker placed on her vehicle without her permission, then, based on tennessee law, that person is subject to be prosecuted. >> reporter: according to the report, filed last month, a tennessee mechanic found a wireless gps device on a minicooper owned by ashley judd, being driven by an unnamed female. the document states ashley judd proved she had custody of the driver and believes the device was placed there by wynonna. the device was traced back to a private investigator, who, according to the police report, was working for wynonna judd to spy on the driver. wynonna gave the device to arch kelly, her ex-husband. kelly has since denied the allegation. the police report says there's an ongoing custody dispute
7:45 am
between the judds and the device was placed there to track the movement. >> the public likes a good family feud. i don't think this situation reaches that crescendo. >> reporter: if an an interview with dan harris, ashley opened up about her difficult relsship with her mother and sister. >> i absolutely though that my parents -- love and adore me. and i'm so grateful that today we have good relationships. >> reporter: ashley, currently working on a new film. way nen that, now on tour. and arch kelly, all declined to comment. police have described the investigation as inactive. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> sincerely hope they can work that out. coming up, the brand-new details just out on how beyonce kept that blockbuster album top secret, including, guys, code names she used. >> went to number one over the weekend. also, "play of the day,"
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> it's the story of my life. >> a quick tease here. stick around for james marsden, by the way. >> because he and i are like this. i was watching the weekend show. they did a "play of the day" all about a christmas video. i was like, that's my buddy, penn. pen, a former news anchor. take a look. this is what he and his family did as their christmas card. >> our christmas jammys. ♪ oh, yeah. it's a whole new night
7:51 am
♪ s dancing in the front yard. merry christmas jammys ♪ ♪ they are christmas jammies wearing christmas jammies ♪ i think the news team of "anchorman 2" could appreciate this. go no where are. james marsden. ♪ it's the night before christmas, ♪ ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. sacred heart community service in san jose will start giving out more than 3,000 food boxes today to families in need. the nonprofit is also collecting toys for a toy giveaway on friday. says it's still way short and needs 11,000 toys. meteorologist mike nicco has another spare the air day. >> yep. no wood burning ban again today and probably tomorrow. that might be it for a while. near record high temperatures today. santa rosa at the airport that 72, accuweather seven-day forecast cleaner and cooler air wednesday, especially thursday and friday.
7:57 am
leyla. and we still have police activity in san jose as we take you over to the intersection of stevens creek and winchester boulevard. this is where we had an earlier fatality reported. no traffic impacts, but farther to the north just before you get
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. 8:00 a.m., time to get your jingle on. our big christmas sweater showdown just moments away. a challenge so chilling, kevin hart here live revealing who takes the holiday crown. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ and our classiest week ever. our "anchorman 2" live event kicking off this morning with james marsden. plus, beyonce's supersized secret. insiders revealing how she pulled off the surprise of the year. as we say -- >> good morning, america. don't act like you're not impressed. >> how much do we love our crew? oh, everyone's getting in on the
8:01 am
act this morning for our christmas sweater showdown. even, oh, look at our -- our studio crew. and there's denise and the gang in the control room. embracing this. our holiday spirit. go, go, millie, the dancing director. >> notice how the shot lingers on the director. you win, mill. you win. >> we're vying for this, the golden fruit cake. >> there it is. >> i can taste it now, robin. >> we're going to let you at home help choose the winner. >> i'm worried. i have never seen george so serious about a competition. >> i'm in it to win it this year. let's look at last year. i wasn't the winner. >> you were not. >> i thought lara was going to win it last year. >> that is a start. >> there's lara. that was solid. >> like the accessory. the whatever that was. >> well, you know. i think you have to complete the look. >> let's remember who took it
8:02 am
home. you should have, josh. let's just face it. >> i like that. it was very olympian. the pressure is on, ginger. because sam won it last year. >> i hear the weather department takes it. we have some things up our sweater sleeves. don't worry. >> that's all coming up. we have a lot of other things coming up this hour, including the new way families are going online to create a family. men and women who want to be co-parents. not married. not saying they want to get married. they want to co-parent. get together and have children. we'll talk about that. >> it works much better as a judd apatow movie. we'll take care of all of that. also, holiday elves. they're back. lara and i are not touching them that's for sure. stylish gift ideas for everyone. for fewer than $25. bargains galore. >> steve, really? please, i'm begging you. we're almost there. >> we are. hey, everybody. take a look at this snapshot.
8:03 am
instagrammed by john mayer overnight. wow. they are just a beautiful couple. that's a behind-the-scenes picture of their "who you love" video shoot. it's a beautiful song sung by the pair, the couple. tomorrow, we have a world exclusive premier of their video right here on "gma." they've agreed to sit down and talk, no holds barred, about their music and lives together. and we actually really want you guys to tweet us your questions. #johnandkatygma. let's us know what you'd like us to talk to them about. let's get the news from josh. we'll begin with two stories. evacuation at harvard university. threat game during final examines there which have now been canceled. no explosives have been found but authorities are investigating. also in new jersey a manhunt under way for two suspects for a
8:04 am
man who carjacked and shot the husband. the wife was not hurt in the attack. the range rover was found in new jersey. we're told luxury cars are hijahigh carjacked recently. it's the second episode of violence at the new jersey mall. and a helicopter crashed in japan. what you see here is all that is left. four crew members were on board, remarkably, all of them survived. and this man was charged with looting a navy veterans association. a charity he once ran. and overseas a massive fire in one of the city in china. flames engulfed all 25 floors of a high rise. it took 400 firefighters almost have a day to extinguish those
8:05 am
flames. somehow, though, no one was hurt in this blaze. and some medical news for you this morning. a new study finds that longer maternity leave can lower the risk of post partum depression. researchers found that taking a leave of up to six months can be beneficial for the mother's mental health. most working moms in the u.s. return to the job before that. and finally, imagine you get on a flight. you look out the window, and you see this. the northern lights. >> ooh. >> i mean, that is in-flight entertainment right there. a view of what we're seeing here from the seat of a virgin atlantic flight from london to new york. oh. >> that is magical. >> that is terrific. it's terrific. better than anything you find in demand. >> on the flight. >> most certain to be true. >> "pop news" coming up. let's get the weather from ginger. >> oh, we are all having a great talk out here. too much to get into.
8:06 am
happy birthday. what is your name? >> tarika honeysuckle. she's from texas. she said it's a little cold. >> she did a hey, mom. let me tell you who else is cold this morning. jacksonville, florida. look at this picture. this is from florida. from jacksonville. that's frost on the roof. thank you, marcy. thank you for sending that in. we're not the only cold ones. that's what that means. we have to look at the wind chill. you see the temperatures. these are the wind chills. 22 is what it feels like in atlanta and nashville. little rock feels like it's subfreezing. new orleans, winning there. at 39. and there comes the clipper. i wanted to time this out. tonight through early tomorrow, for a lot of folks, getting some snow.
8:07 am
>> i gotta tell you. for a monday morning crowd, this is a warm one out here. >> lara, let's get in to you. >> great crowd. >> great crowd. >> and this was great, too. here's what's coming up on our ""gma morning menu"." miley cyrus versus britney spears. how two of pop's most popular gals are going head to head. and then the new baby connection. men and women searching for potential co-parents. raising kids together but without romance. stay classy, america. "anchorman 2" week kicks off. ginger in her burgundy. there's a reason. james marsden kicks it off. all live on "good morning america."
8:08 am
oh, yeah. and the ugly sweater contest -- i mean, the beautiful sweater contest coming up. (♪ maroon 5 "love somebody" ♪) ♪ ♪ shop the adam levine collection, exclusively at kmart. and get up to 40% off assorted styles. kmart. get in. get more.
8:09 am
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8:10 am
so then, wait, santa says what to the easter bunny? hang on, robin. time to bust a cluster. coming up here, rocking the holidays. great holiday gifts all for under 25 buck. and julia roberts.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
♪ ♪ gloria ♪ in excelsis deo ♪ gloria counting down to the big day. and this is a top trending video overnight. another youtube sensation. the pentatonics. we heard them do little drummer boy. now, this is "angels we have heard on high." what's popping, lara? >> well that certainly is. i was popping while it was going. i just love christmas carols. they put me in a great mood.
8:14 am
>> i hope this puts you in a great mood. we begin "pop news" with news from middle earth. new zealand, the home of the lord of the rings franchise. a new one on the horizon. james cameron announcing he'll shoot not one but three sequels to his record-breaking film "avatar." he's going to do it all at one time. in new zealand, he expects to finish the film sometime in 2015. if all goes according to plan, the first will be in theaters at christmas, 2016. >> when was the first one out? >> a couple of years ago. >> and it broke every box office -- i would shoot seven of them. >> it's in new zealand. which really does look fake, everywhere. >> perfect setting for that. in one corner, miley cyrus. the other, britney spears. >> oh, boy. >> miley coming on like a wrecking ball. she'll host the opening of feature's mad house in las vegas. that's a really hot night club
8:15 am
in l.a. they're opening up at the mgm grand on december 27th. it's all well and good but it's the same night that britney spears opens her much anticipated, talked about residency just a few blocks down the strip at planet hollywood. this is going to be a tough fight, too. cyrus is perhaps the hottest thing in pop music right now, spears' new album, "britney jean" a less than stellar opening. not bad, but not what she usually does. vegas bookies might say odds are good that cyrus comes out on top. >> under ginger's breath, she said, no she didn't. i heard you. >> i love you, brit. >> they're both very talented. >> i agree. ooh. >> oh, no. and finally, this really warmed my heart. hopefully, you'll agree. happy story that will have you roaring with glee. a woman named lauren finds a lost teddy bear in a london train station.
8:16 am
she posts a picture to twitter. anything anyone for leads. then she takes the bear on her adventures. everywhere she goes, she brings the bear, thinking it's funny. until magically, a man facebooks her and says his little girl phoebe lost the bear. turns out the two will be reunited very soon. in an added twist, the bear is a lion named roar. the little girl gets the bear. >> social media. >> doing what it can do in a positive way. >> thank you, lara spencer, for bringing that to us. a nice way to end the news. we're moving on to beyonce. more details coming out over the weekend about how she kept her brand-new album top secret. more than 400,000 copies sold in just under a day. no one knew about it. beyonce is on pace for her best debut week ever. so how did she pull it off?
8:17 am
paula faris has the story. ♪ ♪ we're flawless >> reporter: and everything about queen b.'s self-titled album release was just that. flawless. ♪ do whatever i want >> reporter: no whispers. no fanfare, no hype. ♪ ♪ i just write another one >> reporter: when the clock struck midnight friday it was this surprise instagram post by beyonce. 14 songs. 17 videos available all at once on itunes. ♪ the power >> reporter: but just how did the queen of pop manage to pull off such an unprecedented move? >> there were code names used in all stages of the process. around the columbia offices, everyone had a code name lily. >> reporter: billboard magazine said there was a shifting deadline. >> a constant conversation for the better part of the last year. but it wasn't really until the
8:18 am
last two months that all the pieces came together. it's been a moving deadline because beyonce wanted to it be perfect. >> reporter: and as release day approached -- >> there were a lot of people involved in that. there were extras in the music video, producers of the song. itunes. a lot of them in the dark until very recently. >> i just want this to come out when it's ready. and from me to my fans. >> reporter: the visual album is complete with 17 videos. 17 staggering looks, styles, and stories, something only queen b. could pull off fiercely. and it's also a family affair. there's this video with 1-year-old blue ivy. ♪ hold on to me >> reporter: and drunk in love with hubby jay z. ♪ drunk in love >> reporter: that song, and "blow," are expected to be her next two singles. call it a december surprise that's redefined music and albums forever. upon release, the album is only
8:19 am
available exclusively on itunes which is why you won't see it on store shelves. to be able to pull off something of this magnitude in the social media era makes it remarkable. we didn't know she was working on an album. she hinted about it. but signed contracts. code names? >> everything. little pieces like that. for it to come all together. she did it. >> producers didn't know when it was going to drop. >> queen b. >> paula, are we gets a christmas baby? >> this is going to be a secret as to when this is going to drop, too. code name. >> some clues. >> baby number three. they said any day now. yeah. so i'm excited. >> you did it the old-fashioned way. fell in love. got married. >> been together 13 years. >> how about that. >> we're going to move on to couples not doing it the old-fashioned way. >> code name love. how is that. >> they want to be parents. but they don't want the marriage, necessarily. they're finding each other through co-parenting websites. abbie boudreau takes a look at how it works. >> we have the kids, share all
8:20 am
the responsibility and just skip over the whole marriage and divorce nightmare. >> reporter: it's a concept we have seen on the big screen. like in the movie, "friends with kids." >> i can't tell if you're kidding right now. >> reporter: but having a baby with a friend. with no relationship string attacked? it's called co-parenting. websites like modamily are popping up for this new kind of modern family. >> it works like a dating site. like a or eharmony. >> reporter: dawn, who is now 44 years old, had just ended a long-term relationship with her boyfriend when she met fabian blue on a coparenting website in 2011. >> i was feeling that my biological clock was ticking. seemed like this was the way to go. >> reporter: fabian e-mailed her. they quickly met. >> in my case, it's a gay male seeking a female partner. the thing about dawn that got me right away was her sense of humor. >> reporter: one year later, their biological daughter, indigo claire, was born. >> don't run away. i will get you.
8:21 am
>> reporter: more than 5,000 people have signed up on modamily alone. he says, when you find a co-parent, perform background and health checks and work out a co-parenting agreement. but legally, co-parents are wading in murky waters. >> the issues are that these people may end up in a situation where one is not the legal parent or, where there is a dispute over custody of the child. >> reporter: dawn and fabian are aware of the legal pitfalls. they're taking life one day at a time. despite living apart, 42-year-old fabian skypes with dawn and indigo every day. >> give kisses to daddy. >> give me a kiss. >> if i listened to everybody that said not to do it, indy wouldn't be here. and those same people are loving her today. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> as you might imagine, a lot of people weighing in on twitter. ma catfish 2004, you need to know the other person to know how you'll parent.
8:22 am
kids need parents on the same page. fair enough. dan, could be a new meaning to friends with benefits. yes, it could, dan. >> that's putting it so mildly. >> at least until high school graduation. so what do you say we rock the holidays now with some great gift ideas. just, a week and half before christmas? oh, my goodness gracious. i better get busy. in case you need more items, "instyle" magazine's subira shaw is here to show us some of their best gift ideas on a budget. everything is $25 or less. >> are we starting there? >> let's begin right here. >> yes, that's right. everything you see here is available on and with even more ideas. it's all about luxe gifts that are thoughtful. this is an opi mini nail polish set. for just $25, you get ten of the brand's best-selling colors. including you don't know jacques and lincoln park after dark. >> very famous. >> what color is that? >> a brownish purply black. i would love that.
8:23 am
>> plum. >> i would love that, that's a great stocking-stuffer. >> you're taken care of. >> this is so cute. >> and this is from two's company. it's only $20. you get a scented soap along with a ceramic tray. it's great for the people that love home decor. >> so pretty. i love the color. >> it comes prewrapped, essentially. >> prewrapped. you're done. give it a sniff. it's not cake. it's soap. >> i think it's broken. i don't know. >> no, i'll smell it. it's delicious. your nose is broken. and the dish reusable. very petty idea. >> exactly. isn't this great? it's from elle cosmetics. $15, you get 150 different eye shadows. >> and you should not wear them all at the same time. i just want to point that out. >> exactly. you can have a lot of fun with this, josh. your daughter would love that. >> it's like a fender bender potential. she could just paint them all on me.
8:24 am
>> great for your beauty junkies. >> will you take a picture if she does? >> yes, i will. it's so beautiful, you just throw a bow on it, and it's ready to give. >> that's great. you can't afford not to have that. >> finally, a last simple idea for you. >> yes, these are bracelets from the alchemy shop. there is something for everyone, whether you like a splash of color, a leaf motif. it's wonderful. you can get them all because they're so well-priced. that person can have an arm party. >> something for everyone except a guy. >> one more. one more. >> there's one more item. i'm going to go. there is one more. and let's take the big -- oh because the whole thing, does it come off? >> oh. >> yea! >> ugly doll umbrella. it's $12 on it's for children 3 and up. it's great, fun, silly, bright. it can be worn at the beach or
8:25 am
carried on a rainy day. >> i love that. josh, kate and sarina would love that. >> done. yes. is he included? >> i was just going to say. it's a mazing. >> for details, for the great gift ideas, go to our website, on yahoo!. and we thanks "instyle" magazine. coming up, the christmas sweater showdown.
8:26 am
go on, take a self-y, and thursday night. celebrate the year. >> what a year it's been. >> good morning america. hear me, america? i'm talking to you. ♪ >> step-op-list. >> i mean jorge step-albatross. keep it classy, "gma."
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. terminal a at is not in service right now after a hot water line broke and flooded the upper floor. crews have been mopping up this mess since it happened shortly before 3:00 this morning in the breezeway connecting terminal a to the baggage claim area. the security checkpoint was flooded. most major airlines except southwest and alaska use terminal a. passengers check-in luggage and then passengers are bussed to terminal b for their flight. the freeway is looking flooded too. as we stay in san jose, another mess chp needs to come and mop up. southbound along highway 85 at el camino. we have debris in another lane.
8:28 am
altogether two lanes are effected. northbound traffic is packed as you
8:29 am
welcome back. we're off our morning lows. mid to upper 30s in inland neighborhoods. low to mid-40s in the bay shore. 50 in san francisco and near our high today in half-moon bay of 64 degrees. couple asterisks where we could get near 69. 66 in concord. 70 in san jose.
8:30 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, today's probably the warmest. spare the air, that will continue more than likely through tomorrow. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment we have all been waiting for. we have seen our beautiful audience. our fabulous producers in the control room. their christmas sweaters. now it's time to put our holiday spirit on display. who will win "gma's" second annual ugly christmas sweater showdown? it's time to find out. we bring in our host, ladies and gentlemen, kevin hart. >> wow, wow. all right, well, right now, i'm pulling double duty. listen to me. i don't even need that prompter, people. i go from the gut. i don't need the prompter. the second annual ugly sweater competition here at "good morning america."
8:31 am
and this year, from what i understand, is more serious than last year. these people are drawing blood. this is why a person like me has to come in to put some spice into the event this year. now me being here means this is going to be strict. i'm judging from the heart. fierce. fierce, people. you people that are watching, we need you to vote online. with that said, i don't want to waste any time. i don't want to waste any time. let's get to it. our first person coming out. ginger zee. [ applause ] ginger zee is wearing a christmas tree color with a light snow flake bottom. it appears to be a -- angel from the old on her shoulders. ornaments in a chain-like glued to her chest. and a little jingle bell at the back.
8:32 am
i like what you did today. >> thank you, kevin. >> up next, i want you to make some noise for robin roberts! wow. robin roberts, oh. robin is wearing, as we see -- a fierce fireplace on her stomach. it's almost fire-like. we have wrapping around the elbows. there are also candy canes. and it lights up. oh, my gosh! it lights up. if you didn't think jingle bells had any jingle left, robin showed you that it can jingle all day. don't miss the earrings. they're lighting up as well. a battery-operated outfit. >> you don't know me that well. you don't know me that well to be battery operated. >> one more time for robin roberts. all right, robin. okay. next, we have george stephanopoulos! oh, george. george, george is wearing a turtleneck and a sweater and a vest combination.
8:33 am
>> how about that? a little santa? >> this might be the first 3 in 1. reindeer on his chest. with a leather belt. on the back, a snow flake pattern. just in case you got cold. and wrist bells. i like it, george. next up, we have lara spencer. oh! oh! lara spencer. wait a minute. lara. wait. lara's fireplace is on! the fireplace is on! holy smokes! we have gold tassels and a christmas tree ornament style. she's also wearing a -- i don't even know what to call it, a somewhat goddess-like -- it's got santa's face on it and boxing gloves. the pants are a stocking but almost a drop crotch. this is amazing. i love what you did. walk it. walk it out one more time. hey.
8:34 am
it's getting hot in here. i'm talking about the fireplace. okay. next up, we have josh elliott. josh elliott. >> i love kevin hart. i love kevin hart. i love kevin hart. >> josh. >> my fireplace is not on! >> it's okay. it's okay. >> it's always on. >> it's very traditional. very look at what i can do. less is more. walk it out. walk it out. and turn. >> and did i mention, i love kevin hart. >> yes, you did. yes, you did. thank you, thank you, josh. wow, wow. you can help us determine the winner. go and vote for the sweaters on our website, on yahoo!. we'll announce the winner at the end of the show. time for our final check of the weather with ginger. whoa. >> what are you doing? >> this is amazing. >> oh, weather. you want me to do weather? >> you want to do weather? you're still working.
8:35 am
>> double duty. >> the pacific northwest. they have fog issues. visibility, less than a quarter mile outside boise. so please do take some extra care when you're driving this morning. in the southwest, a completely different story. very mild. look at las vegas. 63. 77 in palm springs. high today near los angeles, 80. keep it coming. and that little snow that we've been talking about all morning, they're trying to distract me with christmas. >> this weather report brought to you by the university of phoenix. george? the awards nominations already streaming in for julia roberts, the latest, a golden
8:36 am
globe for her intense, complex, and touching role if "august:osage county." she plays the eldest daughter in a dysfunctional family. here, they share a pretty stressful lunch. >> eat fish. fine, do what you want. >> i have to tell you something. ivy is a lesbian. >> no, you're not. >> no, i'm not. >> yes, you are. did you eat your fish? >> barbara, be quiet now. >> mom, please, this is important. >> eat your fish, eat your fish. eat your fish. what the -- >> julia roberts here. right now. we can laugh about it now. >> yeah, good morning. >> i hear it was pretty tough to actually film that scene. >> well, there's a lot of -- >> words you can't say on morning television? >> there's a lot of those, for sure. but a lot of repetition but it changes but it's almost musical the way i keep talking about fish. but it's a little bit different
8:37 am
every time. >> the last time you were here, it was right before you were going to start filming this. and i asked you about working with meryl streep. you got a little choked up at the idea. did it meet your expectations? >> it -- it, in the most tediously cliche way, it exceeded all my expectations. she really is the full true deal. >> and you're in it, you get into such tough stuff. this movie is really, it's searing in so many ways, funny at times as well. but all about the kind of pain that parents can inflict on their kids. it's got to be difficult to live through. >> it's amazing how hilarious it is. because it's, you know -- you find yourself laughing and -- >> you almost can't believe you're laughing. you're so glad you're not -- but also, what a cast. not just meryl streep and sam shepherd. chris cooper's performance. >> he's amazing.
8:38 am
>> but it turns out that dermot mulroney has a bone to pick with you. >> i'm not surprised. >> have you heard about this? >> what are you talking about. >> he said he did an audition for this and then asked you to put in a good for for him and you said no. >> yeah. >> that's true? >> yeah. [ laughter ] right? >> i guess, yeah. he got the part any way. >> need i say more. and now, he got the part and can say, he got the part, as opposed to saying, yeah, my bud put in a good word for me. >> on a set like this, you're with friends. you're with these fine actors dealing with such tough stuff. what happens when the camera is off? >> a lot of drinking. uh, no, there wasn't time for that. we were always from the set back to the apartment. back to meryl's apartment, eating, rehearsing for the next day's work. >> big christmas plans? >> um, cozy christmas plans.
8:39 am
just all in a pile by the fire, eating graham crackers. >> that sounds pretty great. >> yeah. >> thanks for coming back. >> thanks, george. >> "august: osage county" opens up christmas day. and coming up, ron burkedy's nemesis in
8:40 am
8:41 am
good morning, america.
8:42 am
you know, some people tell me i'm just too good for morning tv. i say, well, ron, try it. if step-o-popolous i mean jorge step-a-noop-a-looski and that gorgeous item robin can both do morning tv, why not a certain mr. burgundy. oh, now i'm sure i've got your attention, america. keep it classy, "gma." we're going to try. that's for sure, ron. classiest week ever has begun. all the stars of "anchorman 2" the legend continues will join us. and we begin this morning with james marsden. a new face in the sequel. he's taking on the role of ron burgundy's arch nemesis. jack lime, at least for a moment in the film. essentially, you're nothing if not like the rookie on this team here? >> yeah. >> so being added to the cast, going to work every day, we were just talking, i have to imagine these shoots are going to be
8:43 am
long because you keep doing stuff and more stuff. >> and in the original was shot on film. they would eventually roll out. on digital, you have 20-minute takes. will and steve are happy to fill them with improv. the thing about working with will, you know the scene, the lines going into it. you don't anticipate. you don't know he's going to do it like he does it. i had to pinch myself in my leg and create pain to stop laughing. we were all -- it was a -- it was a very loose, laid back comedy set. >> fair to say. when you see it, like a parlor trick. try to find people breaking outside the action. >> there's moments in the movie that you can see it. they allowed these takes where you see a couple of the actors biting their lip trying to keep it together. >> and rightfully so. i want to ask you. before we see a sneak speak. your character. jack lime. >> i play a guy named jack lime. already sleazy. he -- the boys move from san
8:44 am
diego to new york city for the first 24-hour news segment. and i'm kind of one of the hot-shot anchors there getting paid a mill a year. spends an hour on the hair, blowing it out. great suits. he's just -- it's a classic schoolyard bully. ron walks in and doesn't like his face. just wants him to change his face. >> let's take a look. >> can i help you, guy? >> what do you mean? >> well, you're staring at me, hot shot. do you want my autograph? [ laughter ] >> no, he was just explaining who you are and i was looking at you. [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> is that what i sound like when i talk? >> the guy's trying to be funny. and he's actually really not that funny. but everyone in the room is so
8:45 am
scared of him they laugh any way. >> how long is that scene taking? the director's just throwing stuff in? >> so adam and will wrote the script together. adam sits back and says, that's great. say this. tell him you don't like his face. tell him to change it. tell him you want to rip his head off and do whatever. and you just, you're the -- you just sit there and you're the conduit. he just throws these lines out at you. as long as you don't break character, that's the job. don't ruin the take. >> i wonder. we've been talking about this for awhile now. the rollout to this movie. it's a sequel. we're familiar, but boy, with the local news casts that will's done in character, the car commercial. what have you thought of the way they have prepped america for this film? >> i think what's great is that will -- i think that he's doing it all in character, like, he's doing that andy kaufman, like, is this -- obviously, we know this is a kind of a high-concept character. the fact that he's doing all this press as the character, probably introduces that character to a generation that
8:46 am
may not know who he is. it is very inspire -- he did a news broadcast in -- >> idaho. >> north dakota. kept it straight when the lady next to him was -- yeah, i think that's brilliant. >> twitter questions. quickly. why sit impossible to find copies of "second noah "? >> interesting question. copies? >> an old abc show. >> before the internet. itunes. we did that on. i don't know. no idea. we carved it in stone back then. >> "anchorman 2: the legend continues" opens wednesday. phenomenal. >> thank you. >> it's great. i got the see it twice. >> i said that like it's my movie. thank you. you're very welcome. i play ron burgundy. speaking of, ron burgundy will ferrell, live here tomorrow. coming up here, kevin hart, back in the ring. go nowhere.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
kevin hart is a very busy man these days. he's got six movies coming out this year. >> yeah. >> next, and this year, and next, including the boxing comedy, saw it last night, "grudge match." he gets to trade jabs with none other than robert de niro and sylvester stallone. he plays a promoter. trying his hardest to get them back in the ring. take a look. >> do you know what viral means? what type of two out of touch old mo -- >> hey, hey. >> hey. >> no, no sorry. up called for. forget it. the video of your fight. >> hey, that's me. that's me. they say the camera adds ten pounds. >> what is your excuse for the other 20? >> hey, stop. i'm about to lay something huge on you. i got a company that wants the official rematch. they'll pay each of us 75 grand.
8:50 am
>> each of us? >> each of you 100 grand. >> kevin hart. first of all, thank you for judging. i'm not, you know, thank you for judging the christmas sweater competition. i'm still wearing. i love this movie. it's so fantastic. >> thank you. >> and legends, all of you. i just lost my head. my headpiece. but, robert de niro, sylvester stallone. what is that like for you, who, i know, have been working so long and so hard. that's got to be special. >> i understand. it's a kid in a candy store. it's a big -- a big check of reality. i mean, for me, you work hard, you work hard. work to get to a certain point. you look up, your company is robert de niro, sylvester stallone. alan arkin. kim basinger. it was huge. i was a sponge. i sat back. soaked it up. i was on time, knew my lines. i wanted them to walk away at the end of the day to say, not only i like this guy, but he's a profession fall. that was important for me to
8:51 am
have them thing about me like that. it went above and beyond. i call sylvester stallone sly. i call robert de niro bobby. hey, sly, hey, bobby. we high five. what's up, man. alan, i don't have a nickname for. >> not so much. you said some of your favorite scenes are working with alan arkin. >> yeah. >> is that a lot of ad libbing? or were you knowing your lines? >> he would come in and on the first day, i was improving, ad libbing so much. he pulled me to the side. he said, look, i'm old. i can't keep up with you. just leave a space where i can go, huh? if you look in a bunch of the takes, he's going, like, huh? what? it was fun working with him. his background is so amazing. he still is sharp as a tack. he doesn't miss a beat. he knows what is going on. and i, i literally just picked his brain. he told me a bunch of stories. he told me he admired what i was doing. it was just the best.
8:52 am
>> day one, you're on set with robert de niro, sylvester stallone. did you feel nervous? >> no. i didn't feel nervous. because i'm a sex symbol. i said, i'm not coming in nervous. honestly, i was a little bit. it wasn't a nervous of me doing the work. i didn't know what to expect when i met them. when i shook robert de niro's hand, he shook my hand and smacked my face twit. twice. i was like, i guess this is how it goes. what i got to expect every day. maybe he'll smack me every day. i was asking other people, did he smack you? what does it mean? is it good or bad? does he like me? is it because i'm short? i was driving myself crazy. it was cool, man. you'll be surprised. people try to put this big old stigma and this thing. and what you expect people to be like. when you relax, you'll get a normal feedback back. that's what i got from both of those guys. >> beautiful. you know what?
8:53 am
six films coming out. doing so fantastic. >> i'm blessed. >> and you're judging the christmas sweater competition. >> that was the hugest moment of my career. stay with us, everybody. kevin hart. "grudge match." it's opening christmas day. he'll be back next. stay with us on "good morning america."
8:54 am
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guaranteed. d-con. get out. oh, no. >> all right, kevin. do the honors. go ahead. >> all right.
8:56 am
ladies and gentlemen, the first runner up, it's ginger! ginger! ginger! >> thank you. >> okay, and to announce the winner. drum roll please. can i get a drum roll? our winner of the ugly sweater competition is lara! lara spencer. lara! this had nothing to do with the interview, i swear. >> yeah, right. i would like to thank kevin hart, whose movie is the best i have ever seen. hart, whose movie is the best i have ever seen. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we're off to a record ninth spare the air day this morning. and things are going to warm up today. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> near record high temperatures. some of the asterisks are cities that could get near 69, 66 in concord, 70 in san jose. tonight partly cloudy. milder this morning. palo alto low to mid-40s around the bay shore and coast. san francisco 48. tomorrow's probably our record tenth consecutive spare the air and then air m changes. quite cool and breezy thursday and frizz. leyla. in menlo park we have an accident involving a motorcycle on the bay shore freeway southbound on 101 up to marsh road. we have two lanes blocked, a
9:00 am
motorcyclist still lying down in lanes. we have delays especially announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the comedy "anchorman" 2, christina applegate. broadway and film star, john leguizamo. and chef alfred portale helps us kick off our "all-star chef's holiday home cooking week." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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