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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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people we spoke with didn't seem worried. >> i got back home, i came out >> we should be concerned because it's fault of life issue but it doesn't stop me from going out. >> now, look at the calendar for 11 days we've been under a spare the air alert. >> what is going to change. >> we have lots of clouds, and spots the moisture that might produce a sprinkle or overnight. this is where winds are beginning to increase and
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will increase more during overnight hours. it's calm in spots, 21 miles per hour gusts now. coast, and mountains and east bay hills, and diablo range, tindz 35-40 miles per hour. winds could topple power lines and trees. >> breathe it in. thank you. another shot of the sun going down. if you've taken pictures tonight we'd thereof see them. >> that 13-year-old girl who had a tonsil procedure that went
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wrong is still on life support tonight. jahi mcmath suffered serious complications. her family is holding a vigil now. abc7 news is live at the church with the developments. nick? >> you know jahi mcmath pronounced brain dead thursday the family decided to hold a prayer vigil. i had an opportunity to speak with family and friends and the lawyer for had jahi mcmath's family filed a request to stop the hospital from taking action the hospital granted the request but the decision is only intended to give more time to cope. this doctor says brain
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death is a diagnosis made by two doctors and irreversible their jahi's mother continues to hold on to top and lean on her faith. >> she's a big part of my heart. i won't give up. i won't give up. i can see her face saying mom don't give up on me. ill never give up on my daughter. she deserves to live. >> recovery in those situations is unprecedented and doesn't happen. again whether that is going to convince someone, you know who is praying and hoping otherwise is a different matter. >> reporter: under california law, a person declared brain dead is legally and psychologically dead. jahi suffered cardiac arrest and declared brain dead december 12th and legally dead on monday. back here live, you can see that friends and family
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continue to pour into paradise church the family did say that they will not give a time frame on when they will make their next move, or what that move will be we'll continue to follow this story. my colleague allen wong will have a live report tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, nick. a major announcement about safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. work on a permanent fix to install saddles was completed today. a set of steel bolts supposed to do that job, but 32 found broken. with work done, focus shifts to who will pay for the project, up from an estimated $10 million to $25 million. >> costs coming out of our fund right now, soits not going to increase the budget for the bridge. in terms who will be
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paying that, there is discussion. >> caltrans says it will continue testing other bolts on the bridge. >> bart and union returned to the bargaining table over disputed clause in the new labor contract. tonight there is another problem with another contact. the problem involves a third union representing 220 mid level managers in the form of a typo. a mistaken date when a new policy becomes effective. >> it was surprising to us. that we have that issue. or try to -- caught us by surprise, hopefully, we can get that
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resolved. >> talks between the agency and unions drag on over a disputed family leave clause. >> we have two winning megamillions tickets one snoeld san jose the person who has yet to come forward will share the jackpot. hi, leanne. >> it you haven't done the math, it takes $324 million. everyone who was celebrating with the owner of the story took home $1 million. crews arrived on tulley road the owner had not arrived but officials had, and putting up posters at the site which sold
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one ticket. the owner finally got there, he had lots to say. >> very good day. so excited. because i win a thousand, a million dollars, too. >> some in this community took pictures of the store, others twoent buy more tickets. >> good people do good things gshg people, for everybody in the community. everything is like karma. comes back to you. >> if i don't win, it's okay. >> what about the megamillionaire? many kept a watchful eye. >> i wanted to see who the winner is. officials were there to see if they can identify the winner the winner will get half of the
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$648 jackpot. >> do you want to have a sure thing every year 30 years? or take a chance and investment? find someone who knows investments and does it well? you can make more money. >> nguyen bought the store three months ago. he has three sxidz a happy wife. >> what am i going to do with money? be success envelope usa. he says he'll try to be successful in the usa. not >> the newest millionaire picked winning numbers using her family lucky number, seven, and the birth dates of relatives but wants to avoid limelight she met with officials today and let them speak for her. >> different family members checked numbers i don't think she believes she
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won until i walked in to tell her congratulations. >> 20 others won $1 million a piece. >> it's estimated americans buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week. and a lot of that plastic ends up inland fills. now a supervisor wants to make san francisco the first major city to ban single use nottels on government property. >> the supervisor says we're addicted to plastic bottled water. >> the city shouldn't be deriving revenue from something such an environmentally bad practice. >> tsu introduced legislation. he says it will wean the city off the bottle. it says on city property whether indoor or
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outdoor, if there are accessible water sources you can't tell on those sites. >> parts of the proposal kicking in next year. others in and vendors and those inside city hall would be restricted we found mixed reactions. >> i don't have to go around from my desk. >> i worry about plastic. the plastic is bad for us. >> this industry says limiting access would with misguided >> consumers do choose bottled water to limit or eliminate the calories in their diets. and sugar, caffeine. >> marathons and sporting events
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would be exempt. he points to two events, without a city requirement. outside lands festival had a refillable program since 2009 and vendors did not sell bottled water. expect a hearing next month. >> well, still ahead here tonight at 6:00 a new recommendation for protecting the dear that play along the peninsula freeway. >> tonight evolution of the war on drugs, dangerous substances you can find online. >> remove yafl a giant tree that fell in a november wind storm and ceremonies to remember it by. >> this iphone case claims to be water proof. proof.
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>> driving up 280 will be a spectacular ride now a uc study proposed a solution. 22 miles of fencing that will cost millions. >> this body shop manager can usually tell what did damage. >> this is typical. you're going
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to have in a front end collision. >> at freeway speeds he says nine out of ten cards are totalled. >> headlights. >> he would know. it's just a stone's throw from highway 280 >> sometimes we can get mountain lions and different animal that's cross the freeway. >> other cut through jungles of concrete, this one slices a lush forest in half. there is a field of science that studies that. >> understanding wildlife how it moves in relation to roads. >> the professor runs the center at uc davis spoke to us last year, putting gps on two dozen deer. now, with complete, they've proposed a solution. an eight foot fence designed to
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make deer cross under instead of over it. over here in backyards. >> they've got their bedroom one side. and dining room on another. so it would look like the fence behind the body shop. one keeps people off the train tracks he thinks it might work. >> you may prevent work from my door. at least it's saving a dear. >> caltrans has to decide if they'll take recommendations. >> new charges tonight for convicted criminal police say
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was running the business, officers say the business sold pot to customers with, and without medical cards. >> firefighters making progress on the so called fiver fire burning near highway one. late today, the u.s. forest service said it's burned 840 acres of brush and now 74% contained. 22 structures have been lost, however, and weather is cooperating. winds calm there today, now there is a 20% chance of rain tonight really helping. full containment expected by friday. >> an appreciation ceremony held to celebrate to a piece of oakland history. this tree is estimated 150 years old, it's
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nine and a half feet in diameter. everyone invited to say goodbye athis saturday at 10:00 a.m . >> but good news is that air quality will improve. here is a live doppler seven. we have clouds and spots of moisture found in clouds so we may see a sprinkle widely scattered but not a very strong possibility of rainfall. here is a live view at sfo looking at a cloudy sky. readings low 50s just about all locations san francisco, oakland
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and san jose. looking back towards part of the skyline, 52 now in santa rosa. 49 napa. you can see chillier in the north bay. and a live view from our camera looking west. gusty overnight. and winter arrives officially. saturday morning pacific standard time. satellite a pool of cold air being ushered in windy and cooler. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, into late night hours, we'll see just a slight chance of showers around monterey in late evening hours.
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then a spot or two of light rainfall or showers that will blow out of here, into the seera, snow overnight, into tomorrow afternoon. will be beginning to diminish into daytime hours tomorrow. bay area, this is the wind forecast. during late night hours winds increasing over the coast. continuing to increase so we'll see gusts along the
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>> overnight until morning winds out of the north, northwest at 35-40 miles per hour. some gusts up to 60 miles per hour. overnight lows into mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, however, will be a cool to chilly day. sunny skies by afternoon, high temperatures mid-50s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. highs around the bay, mid-60s >> coming up next a playground earns national recognition. >> for childre
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a unique playground will be getting national recognition. one of the few playgrounds designed for children who cannot see, walk or hear to play along children who can. they founded the park in honor of their late
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sun. >> this is so >> liz will ride on the float with christian campbell, a 17-year-old boy from concord. >> the food bank brightened holidays for hundreds of needy families today with a special surprise in bay point. hams, safeway and hormel foods donated hams. the food bank makes up food packages every month. today happened to be the first time hams went into those bags. >> hams and hushingies that, is the dinners and stuff. and being homeless it's easy to cook. >> stock market doing great.
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economy doing great. not affecting people. >> dozens helped load care packages. >> there is still time to enter the sweep stakes. just click give where you live. >> we're going to enter you to win #$,000. that is a nice extra bit of money. that is going to be fun. >> more still to come up next a vote of confidence in the u.s. economy. the fed announcement sending stock prices soaring. >> congress relearns compromise. the budget deal now awaiting a presidential signature. >> and the evolution of the war
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on drugs. substances you can get online.
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wall street cheered today when it happens the dow jones shot up more than 200 points, the minute the decision was announceed and continued to climb from there. the fed said would it trim bond purchases from $85 billion to $75 billion but suggested interest rates would remain rock bottom into next year. >> today's actions reflect assessment economy is continuing to make progress. that it has much farther to travel before conditions can be judged normal. >> he says the economy is growing at a moderate pace but recovery is far from come scompleet said he consulted with
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janetelen. >> the senate voted 64-36 to pass a bipartisan spending plan that the house approved last week. this deal would avert another shut down for at least two years. lawmakers say this compromise was just that. a compromise >> this is a compromise. that means neither side got everything they wanted and both had to give a bit. >> the bill heads new to the white house the president expected to sign it tomorrow. >> a warning from drug enforcement administration about popularity of a new set of drugs. >> yes. coming mostly from china you can often buy them legally. but dea says they can cause
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>> war on drugs fought mainly on the streets. >> go. coke, crack, heroin. >> san francisco police sargeant is a veteran markics officer who knows the turf well. >> a lot of people use drugs >> the war evolved to perhaps a difficult marketplace. with a new set of drugs. the battles are being fought by federal agents. both at the internet and airports and post offices they try to identify their compounds. >> this one they call blue berry. >> blue berry.
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>> most being produced from china, india and pakistan. most popular mimic bath salts and marijuana. stimulants that affect central nervous system. they're marketed under labels like mr. nice guy and barely legal. >> we're seeing them as club parties and marketed towards young teenagers and adults. >> bruce is with san francisco office of the drug enforcement operation. he says research indicates they're dangerous. >> this can have affect on young peoples brains. >> the drugs are difficult to catch. many have chemical that's
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haven't been banned yet. once the dea identifies it, the agency can begin outlawing it. but the producers are trying to outstart the dea. >> this is a pay for people to stay one step ahead of the law. >> dea making progress, agents won a big victory against synthetic drugs. they cracked a drug trafficking wing. they seized massive quantities of drugs made in china. >> you'll have ten days to pay premium. you aren't required to
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have the insurance until april. if you want knit january you'll have to select a plan by next monday. you boent won't have to pay until january 10th. because of the deadline, call centers will be open sunday, here is the number. lines open from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m . >> the 49ers have signed inter-intel as a major sponsor of their stadium in santa clara. the products will be including a fan experience zone. pick tushgs candle stick market at playoff game will be packers
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last year. we want to see your pictures on the stick. you can e mail them to you report. >> donations pouring in for the man who fell on a subway platform. he fell and fainted in front of a train his dog was unable to stop the fall and tumbled in, too. the train passed right over them, williams says his 11-year-old lab saved his life. >> i stayed there, licking my face but he was there for me. williams will be there for orlando, too. weigh waez about to give him up because insurance won't pay for a retired guide dog but $40,000 in donations
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poured in. he can keep orlando now for the rest of the dog's life. >> that is an amazing story. >> coming up next another touching holiday story. >> the christmas give away
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today in antioch what has become a very big deal in the east bay. >> it gives new life to cards and freedom to people who received them. >> it changes lives. >> 13 years ago there were fewer people, a smaller spread. instead of four mysterious center pieces there was only one. i know i'm going to get one. i'm excited. >> eastbound one and susan arrived and did not have wheels, just hardships. susan is a single mother with two special needs kids. >> my friend gives me a ride. >> she's now the owner of
6:41 pm
honda accord. and now you get a chance of how the program changes lives by giving away formerly wrecked, and now repaired automobiles in the business these cars are called salvaged totals. for parts, too much to repair them. the companies and soul gave his heart, and soul. this year 200 people hoping for one car. >> we're looking for someone that wants to do something with their lives. after 13 years it made more than a small dent.
6:42 pm
they've given away 44 footballs. >> thankful. >> now, independent with her own set of wheels >> gift of mobility. >> yes. just head michael
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have you seen iphone cases that claim to be water proof sf >> michael finney has. >> michael? >> yes. >> it's almost like they sent me a personal letter. saying michael, please, test me the case look at this. it doesn't say water is a no no. it's water proof.
6:46 pm
>> at pier 39 and aquarium of the bay. plenty of water and scuba divers. i have the iphone five and an intern the phone fits into the case that looks water proof. phone handed off into the drink the phone goes the underwater it does. suba divers are careful. the divers get out and hand off the phone to a marine biologist. she
6:47 pm
brings a towel. now here. see for yourself. >> yes. yes. >> the front is lit brightly. so i dial abc7 news. >> inraining. >> inside of the case it's dry as a bone. >> that is impressive. i mean to be able to -- i can tell you how many phones under demise. i hear the dreaded thufrng. you're like, oh, no. >> so it works but i decide not to risk the iphone but we do send the divers back into the tank as much as >> there is water. >> it's probably a good little
6:48 pm
insurance. >> what do you think snoo snap a picture. >> it does it says what it says it will do. outdoor tech iphone case retails for $50 they have a link on our web site to check it out. >> cool. >> was your daughter nervous? >> she was. >> yes, let's see if there is water and rain in our future. >> big change for us is air quality. we have clouds and moisture in the clouds we may see sprinkles overnight. into south bay and santa cruz mountains
6:49 pm
cool conditions and windy overnight and higher elevations and along the coast as well. look at the forecast. nice, mild, winter arrives saturday mild weather throughout the
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enroll today at good evening, monday night at candle stick park the game promises to be part reunion, part accompany him out in the field. >> you know what?
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in a different way, i left a lot of my heart, my blood, sweat, tears on that field, too. and it's fitting we're all there you know? we had bad times and that is life. >> that is going to be special. then, there is the raiders. owner mark davis says you can hope for something or do you blow it up again and start over, again? raiders gave up 56 points on offense. what is the plan in quarterback? there is no clue but mcgoin
6:54 pm
looks like >> we're in the solution business. and we've got to eliminate a handful of play that's have been explosive plays. this is where we've got to go back and work on that. get that corrected >> suddenly all is right in warriors everything seemed to mish especially tee fence. warriors home against spurs playing without an injured tony
6:55 pm
>> they find ways to win ball games, no matter who is in uniform, you've got to make sure you're in the right mind set. now, coach hinson, not for play, he went off in one of the great post game rants of all time. guards were awful. it's unbelievable how our are guards played. our big guy, two for 11. how can you go two for 11? my wife, my wife can score more than two bucketsism know my wife
6:56 pm
will shot one time. those guys are uncovable now. i've got a bunch of mama boys now. i swear i thought one time one player said merry christmas and i thought it's a gift. >> he's like video gold. isn't he? >> just to be clear he was not happy. >> a little aboutsappointed >> wow. >> join me tonight the people who are buying as many bulbs as they can get their hands on at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 a massive security breech at one of the biggest retail yefrers. and you may be a victim and not know it. >> tonight it's middle followed
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by barbara walters and ten most-fascinating people of 2013. you can down load from the app store. >> enjoy, we'll see you at 11:00 >> that is right. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a good evening. follow us on
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