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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 19, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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. and good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning. robin and josh are on their way back from the vatican this morning, after the holiday greeting, you see right there with the pope, in st. peter's square yesterday. >> what a day that was. this morning, we have a brand-new report out revealing the ratings of the safest cars. and we'll tell you, does your car make the list? and we have the latest twist -- wow -- on an escalating incident. an indian diplomat arrested in new york city, strip-searched after dropping her daughter off at school. we'll tell you why. >> some of the highest levels of the government right now. let's get to the huge holiday storm, forming right now, hitting so much of the country on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. ginger? we've been talking about
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timing. timing with weather is everything. that's going to be the issue. so many millions of us making our plans to hit the road. tonight, to tomorrow. from paerld to the cass dads, then southwest to parts of arizona and southern california. then rides along, saturday into sunday, here's the biggest concern, severe weather for the south. mississippi, parts of alabama. damaging winds and tornadoes. right in the mid doe. how about o'hare and midway shutting down. that could happen. getting snow and ice. right on the line. the heaviest snow looks like minneapolis to wisconsin. really the midwest into the deep south that will have issues early on. here's some snow totals and numbers. coming up in a couple minutes i'll show you how this affects your driving. >> and how warm, close to 70, by the way, ahead of it.
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>> 70 on sunday. loving it. now, a scare for anyone paying for their holiday gifts with credit or debit cards. target was the target of a major security breach, with credit card information being stolen from its stores, starting around black friday. rebecca jarvis has all the details. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this is really serious. top law enforcement officials are stepping in to resolve one of the largest data breaches of all-time. it started at target stores just before black friday. it went on for weeks. and now, millions of americans have been impacted. this morning, abc news has learned that secret service is investigating a data breach at retail giant, target, involving approximately 40 million customer credit and debit cards. the information, believed to have been lifted from roughly 40,000 devices at store registers between november 27th and december 15th of this year. terrible timing for those eager holiday shoppers who hoped they would be the ones getting the deal. >> from the bad guys'
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perspective, that's the perfect day. to launch an attack. the more deals you have, the more people are sweeping their cards. >> reporter: security expert brian krebs said the data was on the magnetic strip on card, not online. and the breach may extend to all of the 1,700 target retail stores nationwide. >> the name, the card number, the card expiration date. the bad guys can steal that information off the back of the card, they can create a second copy of it. >> reporter: target commenting this morning, we have moved swiftly to address the issue. and are working with law enforcement to resolve it. but security experts tell abc news that they expect we will be well into the new year before the issue is fully resolved, which, unfortunately, could mean a great deal of hassle and headache over christmas for the 40 million americans who shopped at target between, again, thanksgiving thursday and just this past weekend. as for what you can do, first of all, flag this, with your credit card, with your bank information.
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check those atm statements. check the credit card statements. and monitor your credit report for free, at i cannot say how important this is. you need to get to this quickly because the faster you get to it, the faster you go to your bank, the faster you talk to your credit card company, the more likely it is to resolve the issue for you. and you have to take this on your own. >> and i do have to. >> we've had it happen just a couple of times. you got to be on top of it. thanks, rebecca. going to turn to the escalating international incident, set off by the arrest of an indian diplomat here in new york, charged with mistreating her household worker. the indian government is formally demanding the charges be dropped, retaliating against indian diplomats. abc's linzie janis with the latest. >> reporter: this indian diplomat is accused of not paying her house help here in the u.s., a legal wage. but her claims of handcuffs and strip searches have turned her arrest into a diplomatic crisis. this is the woman sparking a firestorm this morning between
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the united states and one of its staunchest allies. >> the indian government is calling the u.s. barbaric. >> an indian diplomat in the u.s. has been charged with visa fraud and making false statements over allegedly underpaying an indian housekeeper. >> we're looking into the intake procedures surrounding this arrest, to ensure that all standard procedures were followed. >> friends don't treat friends this way. >> reporter: 39-year-old devyani khobragade. is india's deputy counsel general. and prosecutors in new york allege she's falsified a visa operation for her nanny, alleging he paid a nanny $4,000 a month. but in reality, paid her $3 an mohr, far below minimum wage. >> you work more or less around the clock. when your boss lives with you, the situations tend to happen. >> reporter: khobragade has pleaded not guilty, claiming she has diplomatic immunity. the diplomat said she was arrested in front of her
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daughter's school. then, subjected to repeated handcuffing and strip searches before being thrown in jail with common criminals. but the u.s. state department insists proper procedure was followed, adding that as a consulate employee, she does not have full diplomatic immunity. but the indian government is outraged. and retaliating. indian officials now asking for visa, salary and bank details of all teachers at u.s. schools in india. new delhi police have taken away barricades outside the u.s. embassy. and u.s. consulate personnel in india have been asked to turn over the very i.d. cards that grant them diplomatic immunity. >> there wasn't a reason on earth to have treated her this way. for that matter, there wasn't a reason on earth to have charged her with a crime. >> reporter: also overnight, the manhattan u.s. attorney, disputing khobragade's claims. acknowledging while she was fully searched as standard practice, the agents arrested her in the most discreet way possible.
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adding that unlike most defendants, she was not handcuffed or restrained. khobragade is due back in court january 13th. if convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison. in the meantime, u.s./india relations, deteriorating rapidly. >> thanks very much. >> let's go to amy with the top stories. >> we begin with the shocking video of a man with a gun terrorizing a city bus full of passengers. it happened in seattle. but as you're about to see, the passengers fought back, led by one man, who refused to be robbed. what was a quiet ride home from work turned into anything but quiet. a man pulled a gun on a woman, takes her phone and approaches chris briggs. >> he came up to me. stuck the gun at me. took my phone. >> reporter: at first, briggs says no. >> he jabbed me harder. and said don't make this harder than it has to be. >> reporter: and the suspect walks up the bus, points his gun, aiming directly at one man's head. that's when passengers had had
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enough. briggs jumps into the fray, tackling, fighting to hold down the suspect. others, terrified, scrambled to get off the bus. >> people were committed at that point. it was one of those things that no one gave any thought to once things started happening. >> the power of one man there. go, briggs, go. passengers held that suspect until police arrived. he could face 15 years in prison if convicted on those robbery charges. thankfully, no one was injured. president obama expected to announce his decision next month about the future of the nsa phone surveillance program. it comes after a panel recommended that the program be stopped. they say there's no evidence that collecting the phone records of virtually every american has helped prevent terror attacks, which contradicts what the president has claimed all along. if you are checking your investments this morning, you're probably going to like what you see. the dow opening at a record high for the 45th time this year. wednesday, stock surge followed the federal reserve's announcement it will begin reducing its stimulus program
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next month. analysts say that is a big vote of confidence in the economy. and the fed is predicting unemployment will drop from 7% to 6.3% in the next year. well, this morning, a former firefighter is under arrest, charged with deliberately setting this wildfire in northern california that killed one man and destroyed nearly 70 homes back in september. zane peterson has pleaded not guilty to murder and arson. he is accused of starting six other fires, as well. no word on a possible motive. and one of the world's top wine collectors has been convicted of running a fake wine factory in california. a scheme that drove up prices around the globe. prosecutors say he duped wealthy connoisseurs in paying more than $5,000 a bottle for counterfeit wine to finance his life of luxurious. using rare labels and old bottles.
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he faces 40 years in prison. forget dating websites. one guy in florida is going back to the basics. he placed an ad on his bmw and his hummer, that say, looking for wife. followed by his phone number. he says he gets about 15 calls a day. he's set his uncle up with a woman who called. he says he likes to play matchmaker for family and friends. and is even thinking about starting a business. he says 80% of the callers are serious. but here's where i kind of -- anyone who mentions his nice car, he dismisses them as gold-diggers. i'm just curious who he's looking to lure by putting them on those very affluent cars. >> sets up his uncle but not himself? >> didn't meet the bar, i guess. i don't know. good for the uncle, though. my uncle will like you. >> you and me, not so much. >> no gold-diggers, though. >> don't notice the bmw. >> thank you so much, amy. we turn, now, to the holiday megamania. one of the two lucky jackpot winners has come forward to claim her share of the $636 million prize.
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that's one of the largest in history. and abc's linsey davis is here with her story. >> reporter: good morning, lara. she had 180 days to do it. but she did it within about 12 hours. ira curry came forward to claim her half of the second-largest jackpot in history. the 56-year-old wife and mother said she bought one ticket at the last minute. and this was not a quick pick win. she says she chose numbers based on family members' birthdays. overnight, ira curry, seen here in her facebook profile picture, has amassed a net worth equivalent to three-times super bowl winning quarterback tom brady. >> they were very, very excited about the win. >> reporter: after winning half of the 648 mega millions jackpot, the 56-year-old insurance v.p. from stone mountain, georgia, is now $120 million richer. and while she isn't speaking publicly, she did describe to lottery officials the moment she realized she had won. >> she had the radio on.
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and the announcer was talking about the megaball, which is 7. the 7 is the family's lucky number. >> reporter: so, she called her daughter who checked her numbers online. >> between joyful tears and laughter, she relayed to her mother that her mother had won. >> reporter: the identity of tuesday night's second big winner remains a mystery. all we know is that they bought their ticket in san jose, california, and will take home an even heftier $130 million because california doesn't tax lottery winnings, which is also good news for this man. >> i'm so excited. you guys, i win $1 million, too. >> reporter: he is now $1 million richer for selling the winning ticket at his store, jenny's gift and kids wear. but the owners at the gateway newsstand in georgia, where curry purchased her winning ticket won't get anything. state law in georgia doesn't give the vendors a bonus for a
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big win. 20 people in 15 states, however, are $1 million richer this morning, after matching all of the balls except the megaball. for the rest of the mega millions hopefuls, it's back to the drawing board for friday's drawing. the jackpot resets to a paltry $15 million. >> thanks, linsey. we're going to turn to the brand-new report about auto safety. >> the annual rating for the safest cars was released overnight as we learn about new technologies that make some cars safer than ever. the jim avila is in washington with all the details. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's more and more difficult to pass the institute crash tests. cars are getting so safe, insurance companies are raising the bar to get a high rating. they crash new cars. five different ways. from the full frontal. small overlap. side. rollover roof strength. and how head restraint protects crash test dummies.
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and if that weren't enough, the insurance institute for highway safety now gives out its highest rating of top safety pick plus. only if the new vehicles can help you avoid a crash altogether. with new technology that not only warns you of an impending crash, but can slam on the brakes. supposedly, i'm dozing off. i did feel the brakes come on. it would have prevented the damage. >> these crash prevention systems address a very large number of crashes that occur on our roadways. they have an automatic braking system that will brake for the drivers. >> reporter: and cars are getting better. accident rates are at historic lows. among the safest on the road, honda civic hybrid, mazda 3, and toyota prius, ford fusion, honda accord, the mazda 6, subarus legacy and outbook. only 39 vehicles got the top rating, compared to more than
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130 last year. you can see where your car stands on our website at at yahoo! george? >> jim, thanks very much. we turn to real-life grinches who steal holiday packages off people's doorsteps. you're seeing it there. abc's neal karlinsky has video of some of the worst offenders caught in the act. >> reporter: 'tis the season when wannabe grinches treat online deliveries to front porches like an open grab bag, a sort of buffet of unattended gives. increasingly caught on home surveillance cameras. in utah, these two thieves were shamelessly casual, as they strolled away with a half-dozen packages that had just been delivered. in michigan, a thief in a less-than-stealth, screaming orange sweatshirt, stole a teacher's christmas gifts to her students. >> shame on him. and to have somebody come and not only take something that doesn't belong to them, but to steal from 60 kids. >> reporter: the postal service
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estimates 16.5 billion cards and packages will be shipped in the month before christmas. gina chow told us she wondered why her order didn't show up as scheduled last friday the 13th. then, she checked her home surveillance cameras. what did you think when you saw that? >> my heart just dropped. >> reporter: this camera is so visible. do you think she saw that and that's why she put her head down? >> yes. you think she would turn around and go back to her car. no. she still took that chance. >> reporter: the lowest of the low struck before the holidays, as this worst father of the year candidate sends a toddler up to do the dirty work. look. she's just barely big enough to carry the box. once delivered, the man puts both, stolen loot and child, in the same stroller and rolls off. but grinches beware. with more cameras watching front doors, police, this morning, are shopping for bad guys and offering free same-day delivery to jail. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> we are going to make some
7:18 am
news here. lara has a confession. >> i had a flashback while we were watching that piece. before i understood, i was like 4. and my mom had packages in the garage. i thought it was really cool, in the neighborhood. >> she went to the neighbor. grabbed the packages. >> but my mom didn't put me up to it. >> i quickly learned, it's a federal crime. thank you, neal, for that horrible memory. >> to everyone else out there, over the age of 4, it is a federal crime. >> that's horrible. >> grinch. ginger, you're telling us about the storm before. now, this heat wave coming east. >> i'm not a grinch. i'm giving you all a little gift. that's right. pre-christmas warmth. are you doing your happy dance, if you like my mild weather? >> that's your happy dance? >> that looked like your christmas sweater dance. >> did look like that. i only have one. but the record highs are even possible. we're talking dover, delaware. philadelphia. and of course, new york city. as we get to 63, we tie a record. i think we're going to do it. i think we break a record on sunday. outside of it, you have the
7:19 am
snow, the warm air affects washington, d.c., up to 71. going to see some fog, too. be prepared for that. before it all gets warm and toasty. atlanta, close to 70. that's april-like temperatures, coming from the january-like december we had. and out west, a taste of reality. and winter, right there. you can see san francisco, down to 59. los angeles, you're much cooler, too. you were a record. now, under 60.
7:20 am
>> remember earlier this week we were talking about the drought in the southwest. those little splotches of blue got some rain in some places. so good news there. >> thanks, ginger. coming up on "gma," startling off-camera comments by the head of "duck dynasty" put him in trouble with the show. also the latest on the frantic search for a young doctor in michigan. a suspicious phone call and she vanished from her hospital parking lot. and is there a cure for high-heel pain? it could be as simple as a spray. we're going to hear from the doctor behind it.
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let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. but your nerves aren't. getting rattled you know walmart's still got the xbox one. pa-pow! mom, you own this season. get the season's hottest gifts like the xbox 1. at walmart. i'm eric thomas. in oak, a man is this police custody and some residents forced out of apartments after a vehicle crashed into a nearby gas station on 98th and eads avenue. a sheriff's deputy was trying to
7:25 am
stop a suspected dui driver. there was a chase and the vehicle slammed into two gas pumping sparking a fire. residents nearby fled from their homes after seeing the blaze. the deputy who gave chase rescued the suspect out of his damaged vehicle. the fire is out but crews have been checking a small gas leak at the site. check the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> we have a couple of accidents to get to, the first one i want to talk about is this one in mar marin. travel along southbound 101 approaching ignacio boulevard. it's a three-car crash with quite a bit of slowing as you head into marin, still on the brakes. back into solano county southbound along 680, this crash involving a school bus still blocking one lane. now we're seeing backups on i-80 west. >> when we come
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good morning. tracking some winds on live doppler 7-hd, 12 in fairfield, 13 in lovato and half moon bay. higher elevations we could have those gusts to 45 to 60 miles per hour through at least 6:00. here's your
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there is phil robertson, the patriarch of "duck dynasty," megahit show. but he could be in trouble for comments he made to "gq" magazine. he's been suspended indefinitely from that hit show. and that could just be the beginning. and missing doctor mystery. the race against time to find a young resident who vanished from a hospital parking lot without a trace. and also coming up, is the end finally here for that pain from your high heels. the new spray that claims to be the secret for walking comfortably in sky-high heels. is it safe to use? and does it work? >> a spray. >> it must be a numbing spray, right? how do you feel your feet to walk? >> we'll find out. when it comes to christmas, are parents going overboard just
7:31 am
indulging their kids? this mom right here, says she's fine with buying whatever they want and has no regrets about it at all. >> right now, she doesn't have regrets. >> lucky kids. we turn, now, to "duck dynasty" patriarch, phil robertson, and comments he made in a magazine interview. people are wondering if this is the end of the show that's become an industry within itself. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: phil robertson is in hot water after offending the gay community. many are wondering how it will affect his family and franchise. they're best known for their duck calls. but this morning, "duck dynasty" is making headlines for off-camera drama. overnight, phil robertson, the star of the a&e hit show, has been suspended indefinitely, from filming the reality show after making controversial remarks, regarding homosexuality
7:32 am
in the january issue of "gq." making comments that many would say are homophobic, connecting homosexuality to a sin. >> reporter: among quotes we cannot mention here on morning television, robertson says being gay, quote, it's not logical, my man. it's just not logical. robertson telling the magazine he doesn't judge anyone. saying, whether they're homosexuals, drunks, terrorists, we let god sort 'em out later. you see what i'm saying? but later adds, they won't inherit the kingdom of god. don't deceive yourself. it's not right. >> he was basing his comments on some biblical verse. and you know, these are views that a lot of people hold. so, the question then becomes, is him expressing his views that are based on his religious views something that should get him kicked off the show? >> reporter: a&e tells abc news, we are extremely disappointed to have read phil robertson's comments. >> whatever fires you up. >> reporter: and the "duck
7:33 am
dynasty" patriarch also responded. releasing his own statement overnight. saying, my mission today is to go forth and tell people about why i follow christ. however, i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they're different from me. "duck dynasty" is a ratings machine for a&e, bringing in almost 10 million viewers a week. leaving many wondering this morning if this could be the end of the megafranchise with the megaratings. >> i think that's the big question. he's part of that family. so, there is that certain dynamic that people enjoy watching. >> amen. >> the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation, gladd, call the comments vile and extreme. while others, like sarah palin, defended robertson on facebook. saying free speech is an endangered species. >> thank you so much. that issue of "gq" hits newsstands december 24th. we want to bring in howard
7:34 am
bragman. howard, a&e doesn't know what to do. he's suspended indefinitely. what does phil robertson do to fix this? >> the question is, does he want to fix it? is he willing to go to a deeper level of understanding and see why his remarks offended so many people. and we can't even talk about it on a morning show how truly vile and offensive his remarks were. not just to the gay community, but to the african-american community, too, lara. they go much deeper than what we've talked about. >> really outrageous statements. the family never has made -- they've always been very open about their religious beliefs. do you think the show could survive without him, the patriarch? >> he's on suspension indefinitely. it doesn't mean that he's not coming back. i think a&e wants to see how he handles it. so far, it's been, frankly, a little ham-handed. he said, i didn't try to offend anyone. well, he did offend people. when we look at the rates of bullying in our schools, when we
7:35 am
look at the suicide rate among young lesbians and gays, he used religion as a weapon and not the tool it's meant to be. >> as we said, ratings dynamo. do you see a&e bringing him back because this is such a big business for them? and if so, how do they do it, letting people know they acknowledge how outrageous and offensive the comments are? >> i think they did. i think they made a very quick and unequivocal decision. they took their biggest show, a $400 million franchise, and put it at risk to do the right thing. and i think we have to applaud their courageousness, number one. number two, they have to work with phil, let him understand what he did was offensive. let him make a true apology. let him have a cathartic moment. and then, i think he can potentially come back. but these kind of shows, reality shows, they thrive on controversy. and other things have happened in other shows.
7:36 am
this doesn't mean a death nell for the show. it means a transition. >> thank you, howard bragman. work to be done there. we have an update on a desperate search for a young doctor from michigan. teleka patrick vanished from her hospital parking lot. police found her car 100 miles away. but there's few clues on what might have been done to her. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a mystery that's tearing the family of dr. teleka patrick to pieces. what happened to the woman? >> the police are working to put the pieces together for me. >> reporter: dr. patrick, a first-year medical resident in kalamaz kalamazoo, michigan, has been missing for two weeks. she got a suspicious call the day before she vanished. but they don't know who it was from. family members say patrick, seen here in this home video, was always smiling. she was last seen on december
7:37 am
5th, around 8:00 p.m. surveillance video capturing her as she returned from an evening out and tried to get a room at the radison hotel. a hotel that was a five-minute drive from her home. but she didn't have enough money for the room. she took a hotel shuttle to her car. 2:20 later, he gold lexus was found in a ditch, more than 100 miles away in portage, indiana. >> the indiana state police have gone out in the area, looking all over for any clue related to this case. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, investigators found her purse and cell phone at the medical center, not in her car. >> somebody out there has something. >> reporter: her family is desperate for answers. >> we keep getting close to christmas. and it keeps getting further and further away. >> reporter: they'll keep searching, they say, until that smiling face is back. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> such a strange one. the family has now hired a
7:38 am
private investigator. they're offering a $10,000 reward for any information that can help patrick. and it's time, now, for the weather. ginger zee has that. >> good morning to you. we want to say good morning to chicago. look at this. chicago, 38. that's some warm weather compared to what you've seen the last two weeks. paducah, kentucky, you're warming up, too. look at the ice and snow above it. and right back here, you'll start to get the cold and windy stuff behind that low pressure system. it's very short-lived. 63 for little rock. 54, kansas city. dallas, close to 70. houston at 72. corpus christi, 77 for you. the mild weather holding on for a little b good morning. i'm mike nicco. the big story sunshine, breezy, healthy air. you bet. we've got it in mid to upper 50s. pretty close to average. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. some frost inland tonight. and abo
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by folger's. and coming up next, i'm going to show you guys driving conditions for the weekend. so many people hitting the road. >> that's important. coming up, new lifestyles of the rich and famous. they're younger and more ostentatious than ever. and free from pain for your high heels? and could it be a spray? we'll hear from the doctor and could it be a spray? we'll hear from the doctor behind it. at waking people in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here! ♪
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back at 7:42, with the new reality series generating sears buzz before it even airs. "rich kids of beverly hills" features five extremely wealthy 20-somethings, with their normal everyday lives. but there's nothing normal about it. abc's nick watt has the story. >> washing your hair with dom is rich. >> reporter: meet "the rich kids of beverly hills." e! just gave this gang their own reality tv show, debuting in january. >> they're going to brag and show you everything they've got. they have no shame. >> i'm dorothy lang. my dad is a self-made billionaire. he has a fear of me being a princessy person. >> reporter: that's morgan. >> people think i'm conniving and manipulative. it bothers me that i'm misunderstood. >> reporter: this guy, the
7:44 am
brow-beaten boyfriend. >> how good does my hair look? >> it looks good. >> reporter: and there's an interior designer called roxy. and a singer/song writer named johnny. it came from instagram. a tumblr of snot-nosed millionaires. and from past shows. the housewives of wherever -- shahss of sunset. keeping up with the kardashians. there's a whisper that the rich kids might replace the k. clan on the e! lineup. >> flaunting their wealth. while we may be struggling to pay off our bills. >> reporter: i'm guessing this show will be so ridiculous. >> check the selfie lighting in here. can't get an apartment if the lighting is bad. >> there's windows all over the place. >> reporter: i'll watch every episode. for "good morning america," nick
7:45 am
watt, abc news. >> it's very important to spend within your means. >> los angeles. >> everything that's wrong with america. if you thought that was bad, listen to this. one of the rich kids describes herself as fun employed. which means unemployed and fun. i don't have words. i think we should move on. a royal selfie going viral. the story behind this new picture of prince charles and three, huge stars here live. kristen wiig, ben stiller and steve carell. >> we'll have so much fun. and i get "play of the day" today.
7:46 am
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> josh will be back tomorrow. we have a christmas hoax. a christmas tree prank. >> oh, my gosh. funny.
7:50 am
>> merry christmas to all. >> have no idea that roddey case is behind that tree. check this out incredible contraption. created by the people at dmi productions. all these vintage toys. and just watch this thing go. a crew of seven. ♪ >> how long did it take to make it? >> a lot of patience. ten days of planning. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that's a chain. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> here it goes. >> there goes the house of cards. >> and here we go. going to make it to the end?
7:51 am
>> look at that. >> i love it. >> and they made it. >> that's great. big "deals & steals" coming up. huge, huge savings. ♪ i'll call y♪u in a little bit. google... how do i get home? getting directions. ♪
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. the state public utilities commission meets in san francisco this morning to vote on sanctions and a proposed $17 million fine against pg&e. the utility is being penalized for faulty records that showed a gas line was seamless when it was welded together. here's mike with the forecast. thank you very much, eric. good morning, everybody. updating you on the wind advisory, continues until 10:00 for the north bay coast, all other areas until 6:00, could have gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour, power lines and trees may come to down. temperatures mild compared to tomorrow morning when that cool
7:57 am
air is hanging around. accuweather seven-day forecast, much warmer this weekend. leyla? speaking of high winds, we have chp issuing high wind advisories for bridges. this accident northbound at 17 this accident northbound at 17 at hamilton avenue [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have a jam-packed hour of laughs. >> your hair is like popcorn. >> three of hollywood's funniest superstars, taking over. steve carell, kristen wiig, and ben stiller. and it's just six days until christmas. we have last-minute "deals & steals" you don't want to miss. tory johnson and her christmas elves are here, with big bargains, up to 77% off. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> christmas elves have been working overtime this holiday season. giving out a lot of gifts out there to the great crowd in times square this morning. robin and josh on their way back from the vatican.
8:01 am
remember that moment yesterday. had a chance to meet the pope, right there in st. peter's square. >> amaze -- i'm captivated by that moment. it really was a magical. and speaking of gift-giving, we're going to get into the dilemma for so many parents. should you overindulge your kids? or does it send the wrong message? >> it's not a dilemma for me. is there a new solution to high-heel pain? and could it be as simple as a spray? we're going to hear from the doctor behind it. >> we'll find out more about that. you also want to look right here at our secret santa in front of me. we're kicking off "gma's" search for secret santa. >> that was an easy one. every day, from now until monday, the santa will appear in a segment of the show. you might have to look really closely. if you look hard enough, you will find him. >> all right. on monday, you can answer a quick quiz about where santa was each day and enter to win a gift card valuing up to $500.
8:02 am
>> not bad. if you want to find out how to play, see all of the rules at on yahoo! let's get some news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a nightmare for holiday shoppers. target acknowledging a massive security breach. 40 million credit and debit cards may have been compromised. the cyber thieves struck just before black friday, stealing personal data for more than two weeks. that information could be used to produce fake cards. and the breach may have affected every target store in the country. it, however, did not affect online sales. cardholders are advised to check bank and credit card statements. and breaking news from london. for the first time, we're learning that kate middleton's phone was hacked while she and prince william were dating. the revelation came during the trial of journalists accused of topping into the phones of royals and other celebrities. one of the conversations hacked, william called his future wife baby-kins.
8:03 am
and in another conversation, william describes to kate how he was almost shot during a military exercise. new details on the diplomatic crisis erupting between the u.s. and india. an indian diplomat was arrested here in new york and strip-searched after being accused of paying her indian nanny less than $3 an hour. today, the indian foreign minister demanded that the u.s. drop its case, claiming the diplomat has immunity. but u.s. officials say consulate employees do not enjoy full immunity. and breaking overnight, a massive fire spread through the strip mall near los angeles, destroying several businesses. collapsing the roof. it look 150 firefighters to extinguish the fire. but no one was injured. in medical news, an eye-opening headline about the risk we face when handling chicken. a "consumer reports" study just out this morning finds that 97% of raw chicken breasts are contaminated with bacteria that could cause illness. it's a growing problem. 400 people have now been sickened by salmonella linked to a california chicken plant. experts are calling on the government to mandate better food safety procedures.
8:04 am
everyone, wash your hands. and wash your kitchen areas. san francisco is considering a ban on bottled water. the legislation would prohibit the sale of bottled water on city property. and would limit the bottles to 21 ounces and smaller. what's being called the first-ever royal selfie. here it is. prince charles and a british schoolboy who had his camera phone ready to go when charles visited a local church. the boy brushed right past the bodyguards to ask the prince if he could take a picture. and he didn't wait to answer. and it looks like persistence paid off. i'm not sure about the selfie lighting on that one, though. >> i think he can keep it, regardless. >> thanks, amy. let's get some weather from ginger zee. >> hey. we're just talking about travel plans because everybody's got them here this weekend. and this young lady -- what's your name? >> shelby. >> shelby. 21 years old. hanging out in new york city.
8:05 am
she says, we've got to go back tomorrow. you're just going to beat that storm. we have to go out your door. and thinking about travel this weekend, look at that. the ice in the pink. it could go anywhere from chicago back through parts of kansas city, into kansas. and the flooding concerns. we're talking ft. smith, arkansas, little rock. anyone that do have flash flood watches. and snow on the top end of it. and starting tonight into early tomorrow in the pacific northwest. this is all of the same storm that could drop measurable snowfall in seattle. looks like anywhere up to three or maybe more inches. we have to see how the air works with that. but again, this is the day to travel if you have to because it's going to start getting messy, from west-to-east, as we go through the end of the week.
8:06 am
>> got some sisters from louisiana saying hello and good morning, america. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," what has matt damon, robin thicke, madonna, fergie, jonah hill, all banding together? and gift giving gone overboard when it comes to your kids. also, is there a new solution to high-heel pain? i know amy and i sure hope so. that, plus kristen wiig and major "deals & steals" coming up, on "good morning america," live in times square. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii!
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8:12 am
love that. >> like a fishing pole. we've seen you do that. that's awesome. "pop news" today, everybody. i love this story. dozens of celebrities are using their star power to protest the russian government laws that stigmatize the gay and lesbian community. today marks 60 days that will take place in sochi, russia. and matt damon and robin thicke are among the celebrities marking the day by wearing these t-shirts that you see. they show the russian words for love conquers hate. a beautiful message. the sale of the t-shirts have raised $100,000-plus, for the russia freedom fund. an important message. that's something that everybody's talking about. it's going to be a big deal. you were saying that. something to really watch how it all goes down. also in "pop news" this morning. brad pitt, two-time recipient of
8:13 am
"people" magazine's sexiest man alive honor. he's gracing another cover. but this one might surprise you. "aarp." pitt turns 50 this week. the organization did a mock cover for him, with the caption, mr. pitt joins the club. one of hollywood's hottest actors is eligible to join -- >> is he 50? >> 50, yeah. >> should be 60. >> we're talking about the american association of retired persons. so far, he does seem nowhere near retirement. nowhere near ready to join or retire. 50's never looked so good, mr. pitt. he's currently in production on the highly anticipated world war ii movie. and finally, one man's amazon shipping mixup has led to a twitter rant that's gone viral. josh gates ordered a t-shirt from the online retailer -- he
8:14 am
ordered a t-shirt. he got sent a pair of hamburgereer muhamburger e ear muffs. running late for work. i might be able to catchup. amazon, we would be happy to resend your order. sorry, can't hear you through the lettuce and cheese. the shipping mistake has been a plus for amazon, as well. they are sold out. now, i know. we're going to turn to an issue a lot of parents struggle with at holiday time. how much is too much when it comes to christmas gifts for kids? bianna golodryga talked to one mom who sparked a defor her argument for spoiling her kids at holiday time. >> reporter: this scene from the classic movie, "a christmas story," kids ripping open gifts galore, is a scene many parents try to avoid re-creating.
8:15 am
but this holiday season, one mom is buying her kids whatever they want. and she doesn't feel bad about it. >> walking down the toy aisle is really hard because you want -- she wants everything. i see how excited she gets. and you know, as a parent, you just want to give your kids everything. >> reporter: liz says all year long, she and husband, david, say no to extravagant gifts. and spend 364 days a year to teach her children. >> the whole year is about restraint and lessons. christmas might be a nice time to have gifts. >> reporter: other families have their own holiday giving strategies. president obama and first lady, michelle, say sasha and malia are allowed to ask for three gifts apiece. is there a right answer to the
8:16 am
great gift giving debate? >> i think the most important is for families to think about what is it we really want to focus on? is it empathy? is it gratitude? compassion? and what are the strategies we're going to have to help develop their inner kid. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> a lot of strong feelings about this. we asked our viewers about it. lisa tweeted, really bad idea. we spoiled our son. and now, at 18, it is difficult to change him. >> uh-huh. >> another viewer said, i taught my kids that christmas is literally year-round for them. we buy things through the year and christmas is just a big plus. and it's not about who gets more gifts or how much it costs. ericka souter is here. every family handles this in a different way. >> we're finding a lot of parents are going crazy, buying out the whole store. or trying to limit it this year. get one really special gift. whether it's a tablet or a
8:17 am
smartphone. and little stocking stuffers. people are trying to take it back. they're not -- kids are growing up to be entitled, spoiled little monsters. that's what we're dealing with these days. >> you hate the feeling under the tree, about half a hour in, the presents -- >> it's hard for parents to say no. i'm guilty of this. i was in the store yesterday. and i'm buying these things that my son loves. he's 5. and i get to the register. and the clerk says, how many kids is this for? and i -- >> oh. i said, one. but my best friend -- i decided to take some back because of that. >> this is interesting because when you have one child, it might be harder. i have to buy for five. i have to keep it simple. i can't go crazy. i'll go crazy. by that, you know, just have to make it simple. all of my kids asked for ipads. none of them are getting them.
8:18 am
they have to be aspired to attain, i think. >> a lot of parents have issue that the message of christmas is getting lost in all of this gift buying. kids don't know what the season is about. they're not thinking, it's about family and having fun and togetherness. they're like give me more. >> so many parents don't have to have the conversation. they just can't afford it. what is a good strategy for all of us? >> i think it's not going crazy. teach your kids about christmas is having fun. you get a present that you want. but that's not really what the season is about. it makes it easier for all of us. >> giving. it's the season of giving. >> kindness and love. >> i think it's important. >> great advice. thank you so much. let's move on to something that us women talk about often. yes. high-heel pain. beauty comes at a price. let's be honest. a plastic surgeon in l.a. says he has found a way to end
8:19 am
high-heel pain. it's a spray, designed to numb your feet for hours. abc's cecilia vega strapped on her stilettos to give it a try. >> reporter: the agony of high heels. could this be the cure? magic in a bottle? meet the newest product. it's called heel no pain. a numbing spray that hits store shelves in two weeks. and it claims to make possible what so many women thought, inconceivable. comfortable stilettos. >> it diminishes the pain completely. it puts it on the back burner. >> reporter: the man behind it, beverly hills plastic surgeon, dr. randall hayworth. >> we have the same medication, lidocaine, that dentists use. >> reporter: you spray it on your feet. wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to kick in. and go back to dancing, strutting, not complaining at your barking dogs.
8:20 am
but -- there's a but. critics say there are risks. that pain in your feet is there for a reason. something's wrong. >> it's not really curing any problem. it's really just masking pain. so, it's important to be able to listen to your body and receive any signals that it's sending to you. >> reporter: and too much time in the stilettos, doctors say, can be dangerous. >> arthritis. and even foot deformities, bunions, hammer toes. >> reporter: i'm going to spray one foot and see what happens. i wait and wait and wait. and the results -- okay. the foot without the spray, it feels like a foot that's been in a high heel all day long. it kind of hurts. the foot with the spray, it kind of hurts, too. i don't really notice that much of a difference. dr. hayworth says it works on 70% of patients. maybe i'm just one of the unlucky ones. i'm sticking with flats. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> i like cecilia's idea. i have a pair of flip-flops or
8:21 am
boots ready to go. these heels that we have on right here, two hours. two hours, max. and i'm done. >> i dunk my feet in a bucket of ice water. >> do you really? >> i'm totally kidding. >> oh. >> that's my way of numbing things. i do that before every show. >> that was so easy. >> i know. you men. lara, you have christmas gifts? >> i do, indeed. i want that spray, though. everybody, as you probably know, six days until christmas. if you haven't finished your shopping yet, tory johnson to the rescue. we have five, great gift ideas that will get to you in time for the holiday. these deals, however, go fast. you need to go on to our website, on yahoo! for the promo codes, the links you'll need to get the bargains. did i hear 77%? >> up to, yep. >> let's get started. >> first up -- so, from this is a teeny, little assortment right here.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
and from julep, free shipping. big bonus from julep. free shipping. >> my snow is shedding. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> pmd microdetermine. it's a little device you see here. you'll see it bigger on your screen. this is a face microderm machine. you'll get the device, plus 18 replacement discs. each disc lasts for three to four treatments. perfect more minimizing fine lines. huge deal on this. regularly, $224. this one is slashed by 70%. 72 bucks and free shipping today only. >> all of the items will get to us? >> it will get to you. that's why every deal is today only. amy, we brought in backup for this one. >> yeah. >> i'm ready. >> here's the deal. >> favorite company.
8:24 am
these, there's a bunch of different fragrances you can choose from. this is lime/basil. there's a variety of fragrances. they're all carved handles. it's fragrant, it looks gorgeous. you may also qualify to receive a free little silver holder. >> i love that. >> so beautiful. i love this company. these packaged in themes. starting at $48, depending on the package that you choose. slashed in half, $23. and these are great. >> several in a package, right? >> all packaged. at least in sets of twos and fours and more. >> the orange, it's my favorite. >> the last one. >> come on in. >> this is really good stuff. we're bringing in a tray over here. >> oh, yes. >> from our friends at omaha
8:25 am
steaks. two different dessert packages. chocolate lovers' celebration. exactly. so, if you're into chocolate, you will get 12 desserts, three different kinds, including the chocolate fudge cake. regularly at $65, depending on which package you choose. slashed by at least 60%. $26. and we've got coupons you find only on, as well. all these links and plus those online. and you get to eat yummy stuff. >> go online. logon. we'll be right back.
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8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. in oakland, a man is in custody and some residents wither forced from their apartments after a vehicle crashed into a nearby gas station. the crash sparked a fire at two gas pumps at the station shortly after 2:00 this morning. it happened during a chase with an alameda county sheriff's deputy trying to make a dui stop on the vehicle. the deputy who gave chase rescued the suspect from his damaged vehicle. the fire is out and crews have been checking a small gas leak at the site. your morning commute, leyla gulen, is it holiday light yet? i'm afraid not. two accidents are causing delays. san jose, this four car crash involving injuries has been pushed to the shoulder at 10th street on northbound 280 but has left quite a backup.
8:28 am
as we head into livermore, west bond along 580 at livermore avenue, this accident also blocking one lane and we do have heavy backups auz you approach it. kristen? like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. good morning. check out the high country. a couple more inches of snow many the sierra before it tapers around noon today. not going to be any new snow this week so you'll have to ski that powder. winds everywhere you see. gusting along the coast until
8:30 am
10:00, everywhere else until 6:00. 60 miles per hour, worst-case scenario trees and power lines ♪ ♪ something better than sweaters for me ♪ ♪ you'll see he might be somewhere over ♪ that's the cast of "a christmas story" the musical. they will be here tomorrow. wanted to give you a little taste. and they're here in new york city. all through the end of december at the theater at madison square garden. go check it out. >> really talented. coming up, what a star-studded morning in the studio. more of our "anchorman 2" week. the hilarious steve carell is with us. and by the fire, warming themselves up, ben stiller and
8:31 am
kristen wiig. oh. catching a rare moment. they don't even know we're watching. kristen wiig, ben stiller. they're in a brand-new movie. she's also in "anchorman 2." we'll talk all about that. and giving three hero moms a special gift this holiday season. we're helping them stay in style with three great coats for the winter. all under $125. we're going to tell you how you can get them, too. >> coming up. as 2013 winds down, it is a great time to reflect on the year that was. big changes to the world, including some brand-new additions to famous family. from baby kimye. to the heir of the british throne. here's a peek at the primetime special "the year," with our robin roberts. it's often said that good things come to those who wait. so, when it came to the bouncing baby heir to the british throne, we all waited.
8:32 am
oh, how we waited, for the most-anticipated delivery of 2013. >> we were all holding our breath, waiting for that kid to get here. >> all i know is there's a baby. and it's going to be a king maybe. and i need to see it. >> when it is coming? i don't know. we have to wait. make sure the horns sound when the baby comes out. >> reporter: could be today. maybe not today. in the meantime, other babies kept us oohing and awing, like channing tatum's baby girl. jessica simpson's second child. >> i like ace newt because newts are very weird, slimy animals. ♪ my hump, my hump >> a whole new take on lady lumps. >> my lovely baby bump. >> reporter: the black eyed peas front woman, fergie and josh
8:33 am
duhamel, welcomed in jack. but the littlest star that created the biggest bang. >> the big priority is, it's happening right now. >> congratulations. >> a big one. >> reporter: you guested it, the north star. >> when i heard they were naming the baby north west, i tried to figure out where northwest was from where i was sitting. >> really? i mean, we were all prepared. for a ridiculous name. however, they went a different direction with it. >> north west? really? a direction. meet my kid, southeast. >> reporter: and from the east, in london, finally, we got the news the world had been waiting for. >> let's see. you see his willie. it's a boy. yes, it's a boy. >> everyone's been waiting for
8:34 am
me. i'm so happy i'm here. what is my name? george? oh, grand. >> it really is like a fairy tale. >> they're all cute. >> it was fun to look back. be sure to catch the primetime special "the year with robin roberts" tonight at 9:00 eastern, on abc. and "20/20" teamed up with "people" magazine for the broadcast of tomorrow's release of "people" magazine's best and worst of 2013. it's a double-issue. on the show, ginger will be bringing up the year in weather. so much, looking back at all that you covered. amazing. josh is bringing us plays of the year, in sports. the best in viral videos, including the 2-year-old who song happy birthday to her mom. it breaks our heart. we love it. george, you're doing the year in politics. >> right. >> they have all of us working overtime. and dennis rodman. >> dennis rodman, diplomat, on his way to north korea. >> i remember that. >> that's what made it. >> and robin is doing her thing on heroes. and amy is being featured in
8:35 am
that for her brave announcement and what you're doing through now with your breast cancer. >> thank you. and robin is my inspiration and continues to be. thank you for that. >> what a year. i'm exhausted just talking about it. >> it's a lot. >> it's terrific. we all worked really hard and are proud. and i'm so excited to give everybody this weather forecast. as am i. it's not as bad today. let's talk about what you need to know, though, as we go into this forecast. it has been absolutely beautiful in southern california. i know. big surprise. but the sunsets, just stunning. they've had record highs. it's coming to an end. and the lake-effect snow band, up by the lake in new york. remember, i told you about close to 70 in new york city. look at some of the other numbers in other towns. boston, into the low 50s by the end of the weekend. philadelphia, low 70s. this is not normal for this time of year. that will be close to record highs for many of us. we'll leave you with a look good morning. i'm mike nicco. the big story sunshine, breezy,
8:36 am
healthy air. you bet. we've got it in mid to upper 50s. pretty close to average. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. some frost inland tonight. and >> this weather report has been brought to you by sprint. george? >> thank you, ginger. i'm over here with steve carell, part of the "anchorman 2" gang. and he's back as brita tanner. >> and on the map -- there's my map. it's just green. ron, where are my legs? >> your legs are there. >> i don't have any legs, ron. i don't know how i'm standing up. >> steve carell joins us. not too funny to you? >> well, it's the subtleness of it all that i appreciate. i've seen that a couple of times.
8:37 am
>> i'll bet. how do you drain your brain enough to play brit? >> how do i drain my brain? i thought about my kids. not that they are brain drained. but they are naive. and cute and funny. and he stands there and looks like an idiot. >> he also falls in love this time. that's so sweet to see him find his match. >> it goes to show there's someone for everybody. even brick. there is a lady brick out there for him. >> we see her right there, with the popcorn hair. you've worked together in "despicable me." how much is just playing around? >> it's hard to tell what was scripted and what was improvised. she is such a good improviser. following her -- yeah. she's hilarious. she's never not funny. >> so funny. you guys have been funny, not only in the movie, but also this whole -- it feels like a several
8:38 am
month-long rollout. >> really? are you sort of done with it? is that what you're saying? >> you're the ones that are done with it. i was watching jon stewart last night. i want to put it up on the screen right now. all of you came together at jon stewart. this is the tame part. only had been on a couple minutes. yeah. >> it gets a little frightening. you set him off. >> we're going to attack jon. i need to be in it on, too. >> that's it. you guys are done now. the gang is -- >> the gang is finished. yeah. we've a couple more -- actually, i'm going to be doing three weeks more. if you don't know about this movie by now, you are living under a rock. >> you have been -- you caught the twitterverse. and a lot of questions coming in. what's your favorite news story of the year? or brick's? >> anything to do with the pope. >> hasn't that been amazing?
8:39 am
>> it has been amazing. >> josh and robin got to meet him yesterday. and he's been a revolutionary figure. >> yeah. >> tougher question from bob armstrong. what's the hardest thing you've had to do? >> wow. it was probably the hardest and the most joyous was being with my wife when she gave birth because, you know, you go -- you try to help her as much as you can. but you know you're kind of extraneous at that point. >> the target of all of the pain. >> just punch me in the face if you want to. >> what are you going to do with the family over christmas? >> we will make our traditional snowman out of mashed potatoes. i don't know. people at home are thinking -- that's weird. you know, we're going to go back to massachusetts. and spend christmas there. that's where my wife and i grew up. >> excellent. the movie's fantastic. a lot of fun watching the
8:40 am
rollout. enjoy the next three weeks. >> i'll be here tomorrow. and the day after. >> "anchorman 2: the legend continues" in theaters right now ben stiller and kristen wiig, here next.
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right here on my smart phone. [ brina ] join today at raley's dotcom, or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ brina ] something extra -- now rewarding over 1 million members. ben stiller and kristen wiig are joining forces in "the secret life o of walter mitty." stiller directed this movie
8:43 am
about a mild-mannered photo editor, who taps into his dreams to capture the girl of his dreams, played by kristen wiig. >> what are you doing this weekend? >> let's see. i bathed in arctic mountain water. >> i'm walter. >> cheryl, milhous. >> where have you been? >> i'd like to climb your hair and test that out. >> perhaps i could contact you. possibly through my poetry falcon. >> i like that. >> and i love this movie. it's so beautiful. and it's so charming. you've been busy. ben, around the world promoting this. let me get a look, paris, berlin, rome, london, australia. and, kristen, you've been doing double-duty with "anchorman 2." do you know where you are right now? >> are we in china? >> it's new york city.
8:44 am
good morning. >> sorry. >> this is a very ambitious undertaking for you, ben. you're directing and starring in it, as well. you shot it in iceland. and i understand you even got into the water. >> yes. >> the very frigid temperatures. >> yeah. there's sequences that happen in the ocean there. we wanted to get the real seas. >> there's a great white shark there. >> that's not actually -- that's a mako. it's a trained mako. >> thank god. >> just happened to be there, that shark. >> how cold was that water? >> about 40 degrees. you know, you have a dry suit you put on underneath. once your head gets wet, though. >> you're done? >> yeah. at least it gives you a little bit of energy, as an actor. >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> i'm curious. what did you most identify with, with this character? >> i just love the idea of someone who lives inside their head and has all this potential inside that nobody sees. i think there's a lot of people in the world that nobody really notices on the outside. but inside, they're incredible.
8:45 am
and that idea of sort of trying to get in touch with your potential and be the best possible version of yourself. >> and, kristen, you did this as an actress, too. everyone identifies you with "saturday night live" and "bridesma "bridesmaids." and the comedic side of you, you're hilarious. everything that comes out of your mouth, you start laughing. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> you had a dramatic role and it's a big twist for you. >> be funny. >> be funny and dramatic at the same time, go. >> i just start sweating. i'm grateful that ben, you know, thought of me because it's not something typically i would have done. but i like doing dramatic stuff. people see you as one thing, i think, sometimes. and you know, you want to be able to branch out. >> how did it feel, watching it back? >> great. i love this movie. i've seen it i think four times now. >> i loved it, too. it was interesting. we were teasing you. you have two different love interests. they're both here, a little awkward for you. ben here.
8:46 am
and steve carell here. you're juggling two leading men. you're the woman they're fighting over. >> yeah. it happens all the time. it was happening backstage. >> i was happy to be part of the "anchorman 2" rollout in a small way. in any way. >> to be attached to the publicity of it all. and you said this movie really spoke to you deeply because everyone has secret fantasies of what they -- wish they could be. you two have -- the opposite of dull lives. is there something -- is there secret fantasies you have to live out? share with us your secret fantasies. >> i'm going to tell you, right here. >> okay. >> on national television. they all involve kristen. for me, you know, as a kid, i just wanted to be a movie director, ever since i was 9 or 10 years old. being able to do this and do what i love doing is totally -- it's my not secret fantasy. >> and you're not sharing? >> i will say that i think it's
8:47 am
important to have a fantasy life. and everyone has one. everyone goes to different places in their head. at least i do. >> i always loved the beastie boys. and i got to go on stage with the beastie boys five years ago at a concert. >> it's the beastie boys. >> great. you could have gone, also. i got to go up on stage and do a song with them. >> i'm even more impressed now. thank you for being with us. everyone should see it. it's a sweet story about what a guy will do to win a date with the girl of his dreams. >> thank you. >> even if it takes going to iceland and greenland. "the secret life of walter mitty" opens up christmas day, nationwide. coming up, warm, winter
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to
8:50 am
town ♪ >> we want to send a big thank you to those who are donating coats as part of the warm hearts campaign. some of you out there might need a coat yourselves, because you boated. our model and reality tv star is here cynthia berry is here with the hottest looks of the season, with prices that won't leave you out in the cold. >> good morning, lara. >> these are three trend setters, available at burlington. and special models. >> my first model here for our coat drive. these are moms who not only are fabulous, they make time to volunteer in their schools and community. >> can i brag about you a little bit? angela is a triathlete, a mom of two. and volunteers at her daughter's school. and in community works programs. thank you for just donating. why do you love this look? >> you can't go wrong with a parka. parkas are always on trend because they're just warm and fuzzy. but the great thing about this coat is, it's bright. bright colors are on trend this season. you can always get them in
8:51 am
black. but you can use a pop of color. >> also, sarah jessica parker, can be seen about town. you can get your own at burlington. and you can get this one for a very reasonable price. >> how much is it? >> it is under $100. it is only $89.99. >> thank you for all of your hard work and for donating. our second model is christy. and, christy, thank you for the donation. christy is a do-gooder, mom of two sons. and proclaimed volunteer addict. i love that. what a great thing to be addicted to. tell me about the look. i love the peacoat. >> peacoats are great. normally, you get them in black or navy. i love it in the winter white. it's a great coat. timeless. you see jennifer aniston rocking this coat. and you can get them in bright colors, as well. bright colors, again, are on trend and you can also do it in the pea coat. >> and the zipper. >> the peacoat can be expensive. >> this one is not going to set you back. you can get it at burlington.
8:52 am
and get this one for the low price of $79.99. >> looking good. thank you for your hard work, you volunteer addict. and our final model. come on out here. this is a preschool teacher, who also has a first-grade daughter at home. and finds time to work at summer camp as a counselor and donates her time at the local ywca. >> i call this the a olivia pope coat. you can see kerry washington on "scandal" with all of the great coats on. this coat is fabulous for women of any age. a lot of times, women of a certain age feel like they can't do the plaid. you can do the plaid. it's a great coat. it's timeless. it's beautiful. >> and i like the little swing on the back. >> i love that. >> let's get one final look at all of our models. our great volunteers. thank you again for the donations. and everybody, all of these coats are available at burlington. >> and this coat is $109.99. >> we went over $100. but just by a little bit.
8:53 am
to learn about the code drive, go to on yahoo! please consider donating. so much to so many. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
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santa claus is coming to town. we have the search for secret santa going on. we want to show yo he is.
8:56 am
we're going to follow him where he is tomorrow. and monday, you can find out the details on on yahoo! the search for secret santa. and we have josh and robin headed back. >> they'll be back. >> back tomorrow. big show tomorrow, as well. >> meryl streep. david o. russell. and performance by the cast of "a christmas story." another great show. >> i love the christmas thing. so close right now. have a great day, everyone. bye, elves.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. gusty winds are replacing the stagnant air that has hung around the bay area for more than a week. meteorologist mike nicco has the changes. yeah, it's a tradeoff. going to be cooler today and breezy, but live doppler 7-hd, less than ten miles until you get to the coast, half moon bay at 14. the gusts in the higher parts of the atmosphere we're worried about that could be up to 60 miles per hour through 6:00. accuweather seven-day forecast, mid to upper 50s today. but low to mid-60s this weekend. leyla? aef a two-car crash in oakland west bound on 580 as you approach mcarthur boulevard. blocking a lane, just pushed over to the shoulder by the chp. but we have solid traffic coming
9:00 am
away from 98th avenue so give yourself extra time. >> join us for the midday news announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the new film "american hustle," bradley cooper. plus, a performance by the winner of "the voice," tessanne chin. and chef andrew carmelinni continues our all-star chef's holiday home cooking week. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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