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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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to new level. why they refuse
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>> we have no right. you don't have have my permission whatsoever to take her off. >> frustration and deep sad needs. heated confrontation between doctor and family of 13-year-old girl on life support. good evening. carolyn johnson is off tonight. while doctors are offering no hope that the girl will ever recover, her grief stricken family revving to give up. tonight her mother is warning doctors to leave herb. 7 news reporter is live at children hospital oakland tonight with the story. the tragedy is even more con prison taitional tonight. >> yes. and the family battle to keep the girl on life support is getting more and more contentious out here. tonight they stand guard at her bedside after meeting with
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hospital administrators, family emerge visibly shaken while the hospital has been imploring the family to allow them to speak publicly about this case. >> that man look us in the face and what done you understand she is dead dead dead dead. >> her mother uncle and attorney say that was a direct quote from the chief of pediatrics at children's hospital oakland. >> that's the only word he could use for her was dead. >>reporter: family met today with children's hospital administrators to ask for her medical records. eighth grader now brain dead has been on life support since last week. her family wants to know why she wept in cardiac arrest after a routine tonsillectomy. >> what is absolutely ridiculous is that this hospital says to them you ka than not have an independent doctor come in and see her and examine her and you can not have her medical records to take them to an independent doctor. >>reporter: we requested a statement from children's hospital but it says the family
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will not authorize it to talk about her case. family says the hospital is pressuring them to remove her from life support so they say they are guarding her bedside around the clock. >> i said well can we have her for christmas? can't we just stay for christmas so i can bring her a gift and her sisters and brothers can celebrate christmas with her and he said no. we want this done quickly. >>reporter: family gave thus picture of her holder her mother hand tonight. tomorrow morning the family attorney says he will be in court filing for an injunction to legally prevent children's hospital from taking the girl off life support. in oakland, this is abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00. driver hit 3 cars while trying to escape from the chp on interstate 280 interpalo alto this evening. driver was weaving in the northbound lanes around 7:45. that driver then exited the freeway. got on to south bound 280. the accura crashed in the other cars near alpine road.
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chp enter have you gone all 5 people who were in the accura. >> oakland police tonight are beginning an animal cruelty investigation after finding nearly a dozen pit bull what they call a training site for dog fighting. these are some of the dogs the officers found. many were chained in the back yard of house without food or water. and were suffering from wounds consistent with dog fighting. >> 11 hit pit mix fighting equipment, training apparatus, weight belt, weight vests, tread mills, medications, ving things like. that real classic dog fighting operation. >> the tread mill were designed to boost a dog's stamina. some of the dog may eventually be put up for adoption but must first pass a temperament test. no arrest in this case so far. fichlt san francisco man under arrest tonight after sheriff's deputy say he pre-continued to be a hay school junior to pick up middle school girls.
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28-year-old marlin was arrested yesterday in millbrae during undercover operation san mateo county deputy text message him pretending to be a 13-year-old girl. he claimed he was in high school and said he would bring alcohol to their meeting. he is charged with attempted child molestation and is being held on 200,000 dollar bail. >> caught in the act. surveillance camera captured 3 men checking out a back yard on berry hill lane in los altos hills yesterday. also looked into the home before breaking in smashing a sliding glass door. now these thieves ransacked the master bedroom and stole a jewelry box. santa clara county sheriff's deputy want to hear if you if you recognize any of these men. but as you can see they got very clear surveillance video. >> in london tonight all 720 people watching a play are accounted for after piece of the apollo theater ceiling suddenly fell 5 stories right on top of the audience. 76
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people were injured. 7 of them seriously. ceiling also took out part of balcony at the 112-year-old theater. police say it was not a criminal act. >> tonight community organization in san jose needs your help to make it a merry christmas for some very deserving children. for 49 years sacred heart community service has been providing christmas gifts to the needy. but this year, they say, it is the toughest yet. 6000 kid have signed up for gifts. sacred heart is short, very short. >> about 3000 gifts especially gifts for teenagers and books. we really want to make sure every kid that comes here over the next, every parent that is shopping for their children can choose at least one book for every child. >> holiday gift give away tomorrow and monday. sacred heart officials say they have never helped as many kids before and certainly not too late to donate gifts or cash. to help make ate merry holiday for a lot of children. >> tonight all of us here at
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abc 7 want to thank you for helping make give where you live a huge success because of you 75,000 dollars will be going to bay area feeding america food banks in your honor. and tonight we want to personally thank one of our viewers for helping feed the hungry by giving himself,000 dollars as part of our campaign. now i call them earlier tonight to deliver the good news. >> hello hello is this is dan ashley from abc 7 news how are you. >> fine thank you sir. >> i have a very important phone call to maichblingt i'm very glad to tell you that you took the pledge to give where you live to help feed the hungry in the bay area and guess what? you have won 7000 dollars, sir. >> no way? >> yes way. >> yes way indeed. fun to talk to him today. amma is here because after i got to call him
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you got to good meet him. >> yes. the it was just a joke that we were pranking him. he did not believe that he won. now he and his family couldn't be more thankful. if he was doing laundry when he got the dhawl would make his holiday whole lot brighter. >> i start talking to danni heard his choice it was for real. >> give where you live campaign that gives 75,000 dollars for local food bank. viewers who helped also got a chance to win 7000 dollars. he has 8-year-old son tyler to thank for win that go money. >> if i was checking facebook and i saw this contest and i was thinking that my dad should enter if so we could get new stuff. >>reporter: he didn't think he would actually win. he just thought he could do something good for the community even though his open family was struggling. >> i have been out of a job for almost a month. i have a lot of bills to pay. it's kind of
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hard. >>reporter: also an opportunity to seat good example for tyler. >> whatever you do it comes back to you no matter what. tl you do good come back to you. >>reporter: now yacht has 7000 dollars coming his way. money he already has plans for. >> fears my 55th for my kids. pay the rent. bills that i have to the thattive since i haven't been working for at bit and catch up. >>reporter: tyler told me what he thought his dad should do with the money. >> help charity and help f-help people when they need stuff. >> then i asked if he was hoping for anything. >> get a new bed. get a new desk. and get a new couch. and get clothes. tv and food. >>reporter: he only wants what his family needs. >> isn't that sweet. that tyler isn't really thinking about himself and just wants his family could use.
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>> so grit that this money he cap really use it. that's really great. >> yes? fun to meet him. is in guy. >> it was great. >> not too late. still give where you live. get involved here just to our web site and click on see it on tv for more information still time to help make the holidays a little bit brighter for people who need it in the bay area. nice job. >> well, more victims than previously thought as we continue. next on 7 news what is being done about the massive security breach at target stores and what you can do to protect yourself. >> bay area girl gets her wish to become a super hero at school. we introduce to you wonder girl. >> plus. mcdonald's super size problem. what to do with 10 million pounds of frozen chicken wing that nobody seems to want. just won't sell. >> this is clear sky tonight. still in the morning sign that interest winter around the corner. seasons change
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>> target has fixed its computer system after data linked to 40 million credit and debit cards was stolen. the security breach involves customers who swipe the cards at target stores between november 27 and december 15.
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was this you? michael offers these tips to make sure your accounts are secure. check your credit card statements for any charges that seem bogus. go to annual credit card -- annual credit to get a free credit report. look for anything suspicious. call your credit card company medley to contest any charges that you disagree with. contact the credit reporting bureau and file fraud report and finally any crimes to local police. and federal trade commission as well. >> permanent fix is now in place for the cracked bolt on the new bay bridge. today jonathan bloom got firsthand look at the finished work and caught up with lawmaker who wants to hold someone accountable. >> after a boat ride out to the middle of the bay cal-trans took us high above the water to see the 25 million dollar fix for the new bay bridge. >> we are underneath the east bound deck and seismic device in the middle is where the
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broken bolts were. >> encased in concrete so the only way to fix them put clamp around the outside. the clamp called saddle took months to produce and now finally in place fichlt there was a major seismic event now all these seismic device the bearings would work exactly as they were to work. >> in major earthquake the bridge needs to be able to wiggle and these joints here are what allow that to happen. the devices here keep the bridge from wigging too much and these are the broken bolt. while fixing this they stuck metal shim into the gap here to make sure the bridge didn't wiggle more than supposed to in the event of earthquake. the saddle here replacing the bolt the shim have come out. now all left of the shim are few hole and saddle just like the bolt before them now mostlyen case entered concrete. >> this right here is the concrete blister and in spite of that is quite a bit of reba rebar. >>reporter: concrete covers up the fix, one prominent politician wants to make sure nobody covers up the roo route
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of the problem. >> we spent 25 million dollars because someone allowed this to happen. and that tells me that somebody is incompetent. they should be held accountable. >> state senator who chairs the transportation housing committee has launched an investigation. he's looking into allegations the bolts were mishandled. allowed to sit in standing water for months at a time making them weak enough to cachblingt even concern other bolts could have been weaken including the one at the base of the suspension tower. he says people paid for the bridge and they deserve to know everything. >> people make mistake we should tell the public. this is bigger than just the bridge. >> probe began last month with two more hearings still to com come. at the bay bridge, abc 7 news. >> well, first fat kids -- bat kid saved san francisco from evil now wonder girl wants to save vallejo. group called vallejo together organize series of adventure for monica
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aka wonder girl. she wants to be a teacher but wants to make the crime that blighted vallejo disappear. school mates heard monica read a recent essay about how super hero could save vallejo. >> she heats anger and injustice taking over the towns people. evil attacking my body it's similar in vallejo when the i which is to have a smile on my face. >>reporter: monica compared her fight against leukemia to vallejo fight against crime during a visit to city hall. good for her. >> well mcdonald's is dealing with super size problem tonight. >> they look good. fight you for them. >> my wing? >> first one to miss watch the other one eat. >> frainers quarterback kaepernick in commercial for mighty wings. sales anything but mighty. now the fast-food chain is sitting on a surplus 10 million pounds worth of frozen chicken. analyst say they were surprised just too high and too spicey. people
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wouldn't pay and didn't like them. mcdonald's is now thinking up a plan to get rid of all of those wings. >> how about a big barbecue party. all right let's go talk about the weather forecast. sandhya is here. >> dan, definitely barbequing weather so why not. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. clear skies tonight. down to our south. system that brought us the winds. definitely proud some rain and snow down there. it was measurable. it's now starting to wind down so if you have travel plans at least it is quieting down, down there we know it's been really dry. in terms of rainfall look exploratorium 29 percent of average. san jose 39 percent of where you should be but you are ahead of santa rosa which is 18 percent of normal. oakland and mountain view just over 30 percent. no signs of any storms come up over the next 7 days. as we look at the view from the south beach camera we look towards the ballpark her and here's a look at the temperatures. 54 san
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francisco. 51 oakland. 44 in san jose. 42 los gatos. still a little breezy in spots and you can see from our east bay hills camera looking out across the bay that we definitely very clear skies out there. cleaner air today thanks to 40, 50 miles per hour wind gust last nature and here's a lack at the current temperatures not the that wind out there. 48 santa rosa. 49 nap a.vacaville 50. look at concord wind dialed down 37 degrees one of our colder spots. exploring camp remarks financial district sparkling tonight. clear chilly overnight. sunny tomorrow looking at calmer conditions with milder weather saturday as winter arrives at 9:11 in the morning. pacific satellite picture. this is a storm that moved through and really didn't produce whole lot for us other than few sprinkle around monterey bay. breezy pattern to windy pattern set up as the low manufactured down. high pressure started to build in. and i tell you what. this area of high pressure is so strong it's not going if i where. dry pattern continues
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into winter. and even beyond that for your holiday plans so i don't see any major storms in sight. not even a little storm coming in here. san jose tomorrow 58 degrees. right around where you should be then in the mid 60's range above average for most of the weekend and into the work week. temperatures will be more spring like than winter like that's for sure. tomorrow morning the chill will be in the air 28 in napa. 30 santa rosa. some of the coldest spots concord fairfield livermore morgan hill low 30's. oakland san francisco 43 degrees so one thing for sure when you leave home make sure you grab the sweatshirt or jacket it's definitely on the cold side. tomorrow afternoon sunny skies temperatures in the upper 50's to the low 60's. pretty narrow range of high pressure as we expect around this time of year and you will notice the wonder will drop off considerably so tomorrow light winds cold start mild afternoon. winter first
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weekend of winter not exactly winter like. low to mid 60's. we'll keep that pattern going through christmas eve christmas day and i don't have any rain to tell you about. i can tell enthusiastic much. you are going to the stick for the last game monday night larry told me monday night i think. >> right. >> with atlanta. weather is looking fantastic. >> look at you with the sports details. >> i'm trying to steal his hundred thunder near welcome to do the warrior highlights if you like. >> this looked like pretty good game for awhile but didn't end that way. >> you can't lose this game. never look a gift horse in the mouth. spurs gave the warriors a gift and they threw it away. 24 times. >> oh, ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was the camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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0. >> gechlt spurs seem to hand the warriors a holiday gift tonight. no big 3 for san antonio. parker hurt. spurs chose to rest duncan and mon0. win was just lick gift wrapped under the tree but no. green and warriors celebrating the team 50th consecutive sell out and fans certainly had plenty to cheer about early. curry hooping from half court with andre. 30 points. 15 assist look at the dribbling clinic right here. globe trotter like to david lee with 32. but leonard goes for twuchbility lack at the passing by the spurs. led by 2 at the half. former warrior. up 8 in the fourth and patty mount st. helens out of saint mary worked on the jumper clearly. 30 seconds left. warriors down 3. curry calmly pump at home. 2 seconds left. look what i found. goal tending should have been the call but no call basket counts and time running
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out. jack up a prayer not the shot they wanted clearly. 24 turn overs for the warriors andless to the super sub 10 104-102. bad loss. kings in l.a. collides knee to knee with hurdle. brown gets a 5 minute major and game misconduct. hurdle limp off and could be out awhile. that could be really serious. martinez gripping and ripping in the second period. l then tyler to foley with the 9th of the year to make it 2 nothing and jones spectacular the rookie seventh straight we kno know. club save on this. harbaugh peppered with question about his the future today. most likely scenario is harbaugh gets contract extension after the season. we get 7 million a year. meanwhile rumors all over the place. interest from texas about alleged 46 with gm and jim response today hearsay i tell you.
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>> well in judge judy court hearsay is not admissible evidence. beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. they speak with forked tongue. watch a lot of june judy. >> beware unnamed sources. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino. good way to duck the question too. >> absolutel
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enroll today at sf. >> we couldn't leave without showing you this the. we got an exclusive look at the zoo new baby gorilla in san francisco. 5 month old girl seen here with her adoptive month. 5-year-old brother. nice. zoo reveals the name tomorrow by the way. for all of
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will ferrell. adam scott. this year in unnecessary censorship. and music from christopher cross featuring ron burgundy. and now, though it's been said in many various ways, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thank you for being


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