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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 21, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm in for state march. bart and it's unions reached a tentative agreement on their contract dispute. i have a copy on my ipad. the agreement was reached early this morning. you see the signatures from both sides. there are several signatures on this document. it is dated 12-21-13. something you won't see is the issue that started the latest debit. right here you can see this is the aden dump for the section 9.1 for the family leave act. the section used to have something saying that workers would get six weeks off paid
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family leave, but that has been taken out now. now unions did approve a tentative agreement november 1st including this provision, but bart managers say the provision was included by mistake and approved the contract without it, prompting a lawsuit by the unions. the two sides spent the last month working to resolve the dispute. >> we still need to communicate with our employees and the board of directors about the agreements. if a board meeting is called, we will be sure to announce it to the public and until further notice we won't beholding commenting any further beyond the statements and the agreements posted on our website. >> it appears that the six weeks of paid family leave has been taken out of the new contract. here are the other changes. in a press release this morning from bart, the sides agreed a tentative agreement this includes expansion of bart's bereavement policy, updates to employee break rooms at bart stations and more flexibility on how families pay for costs of family medical leave. but the provision that started
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the whole thing for six weeks of paid family leave appears to have been taken out. now we will check in with lisa argen with a quick look at your weather forecast. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, matt. live doppler 7hd not showing a lot in terms of cloud cover. by the airport there had a little bit of cloud cover and another hour or a little bit more away from the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. it will feel like march around here. 30s by the delta. by noontime we are looking at 50s and 60s. it will be warmer than yesterday with mid-670s around the bay. clear and cool tonight. we are closing in on the driest year on record for san francisco. will we stay dry through the end of the year? i'll let you know coming up. >> thank you, lisa. developing news, a small victory for the family of a 13-year-old girl that's brain dead following tonsil surgery. yesterday a judge granted jahi mcmath's family a temporary
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restraining order to keep the eighth grader on life support, at least through the weekend. jahi went into cardiac arrest and declared brain dead by the hospital december 12th after a routine tonsilectomy went horribly wrong. the judge said they can obtain an independent medical examination. they can also access her medical records. >> we are happy to cooperate with 9 judge's suggestion that an independent expert be provided to confirm once again that brain death is the outcome that has occurred here. >> abc7 news anchor dan ashley had a chance to sit down with jahi's mother, nailah winkfield last night in an interview you will only see on abc7 news. >> it's not exactly what you wanted? >> no, it's not exactly what i want, but i'm grateful just to have those three more days with her. but it is hard because because i feel like i am on borrowed time
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with my daughter so it's like, i have to like call people and say everybody hurry up and come and see her because we only have three more days. >> so that's one of your major objectives, is to make sure everyone can come say good-bye? >> my major objective is to keep her alive, to keep her -- to keep her on. i believe she will heal. >> this is not similarly your hope to keep her on life support through christmas, you want to keep her on life support as long as you possibly can? >> yes. >> hoping she will recover. >> yes, and i really believe she will. i feel like she's recuperating. >> that isn't what the doctors tell you. how hard is it to hear that from the doctors? >> it hurts. it hurts a lot for someone to tell you that someone that you just love so much, 'cuz i loved my daughter before i even knew her. when i was pregnant with her i loved her. i will fight for my daughter
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until i cannot fight anymore and as a mother i don't know when a mother loses her fight for her children. >> but you are not ready to lose this fight? >> no. no. >> you can see his entire interview with jahi's mother on our website at the family will be back in court monday with the name of the doctor they want to do the brain examination. the court expects to have the final report on her condition on tuesday. >> this morning two area mauls will be open following separate incidents yesterday involving gunfire. this morning a man is recovering after being shot outside the bayfield center in san leandro. gunfire also broke out at a mall in tracy. >> this is what she saw who she returned from shopping at the bayfield mall target.
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at the time she was gone, two men got into an argument in the parking lot near old navy. one pulled out a gun and shot the other. the shooter drove off in a white compact vehicle. the 24-year-old victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> it was very surprising and a shock to come out of the store and there's yellow tape and police everywhere. >> she doesn't think the mall is in the best area and is now even more concerned. >> if i knew it happened today, i wouldn't be here right now. >> the question now, is there a threat to the community. >> in cases like this, we always believe that. someone who is brave enough to do a shooting in a large mall in day light in the east bay where there are many shoppers during the holiday season is quite capable of am anything. >> but the officer said people should feel safe because there are extra officers and undercover officers patrolling the mall. just shortly after that there was another one at the west valley mall in tracy.
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a glass door was shattered but no injuries reported. that shooter also drove off and hasn't been caught. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> developing news, two people -- two blocks away from the family friendly event christmas in the park two men were shot just after 10:00 p.m. two men were taken to the hospital and are being treated for gunshot wounds. no motive on the motive or suspects. a 19-year-old will spend >> last night a man was hit. he was in the middle of the road and there was no crossing area. witness told abc7 news the victim frequently drove his motorized wheelchair on monterey road. >> police are looking for a man
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involved in a deadly fight last night in an antioch bowling alley. according to police the fight involved two men who knew each other. the victim was taken to southern delta medical center where he died. the bowling alley closed shortly after the incident. target has more trouble this morning in connection with the massive security breach this exposed millions of credit cards. at least five customers have filed class action lawsuits and some state attorneys general have started their own investigations. john alston has the details. >> target shoppers are waiting and wondering if they will see bogus charges pop up on their credit and debit cards in the coming weeks. >> i don't know, probably just close my account. i mean, if what you are saying is true and what i am hearing is true. because i can't afford this to happen. >> hackers got into target security system and grabbed information from 40 million credit and debit cards between black friday and last sunday. brian krebs, the security expert who exposed the breach, said the said the stolen data had already been used to make
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phoney duplicates, which is flooding the market. >> it's amazing how fast the entire affair went down. a lot of people expected the cards to emerge in the next couple weeks but they are here now. >> target claims that debit card pin numbers were not stolen so no one can drain your cash from an atm. but the company is in full damage control mode. >> at target we get a 10% discount if you are a team member and we want to extend that team member discount to all of the guests that come and shop with us this weekend. >> the biggest threat from the bogus cards appear to be online purchases. >> if an identity thief use it is online, it's remarkably easy. nobody checks your credit. they have all the information they need to the credit account or debit account. >> john alston abc7 news. . >> a fake postal worker who walks away with packages may have struck for the fourth time in novato. the woman wears a postal uniform. she went into the novato post office and took several parcels yesterday. postal inspectors suspect the woman also tried the same thing
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in a san rafael post office yesterday morning and may have hit offices in el~cerrito and richmond all since last friday. i actually talked to my postal worker. >> you see san francisco still in the 40s here. 30s around the bay. how dry are we this year? and will it stay dry until the end of the year? i'll let you know had we return. >> also neck, a terrific follow-up to a terrific story. dozens of bay area students get their christmas wishes granted. and the unbelievable gift a young woman gave to her best friend battling brain cancer. how that act
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>> a mission accomplished in outerspace this morning. these are live pictures there from the international space station. two astronauts, american astronauts, out there. we just got word that they took off four fluid lines to the degraded ammonia pump. that was their mission for today. they accomplished it. they did it so fast now they have extra time to do other item out there as they are continuing their spacewalk this morning. we are trying to, again, if i can the ammonia pump that's given them trouble the past ten days. they have had to shut down their scientific research out there since that happened. they are trying to get it fixed. another spacewalk is scheduled for monday and if they need to they will also walk on christmas morning. so far, so good from the astronauts at the international space station. >> when an iowa woman was diagnosed with cancer, her best friend offered to make a life-long dream come true. doctors discovered laura had
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brain tumors after she passed out at the gym. her and her husband wanted to start a family no matter what the treatment held, so before she started treatment, she froze her eggs. that's when her best friend kara, offered to act as a surrogate. she said it was selfish because she wanted to keep her best friend, laura, alive. tragically laura lost the battle shortly after that baby shower and never got to see baby carolyn born. but despite the sadness, there's hope. laura's husband was blessed with a healthy baby girl. he said having carolyn is like having a little bit of his wife back and he can see her every time his daughter smiles. >> on wednesday we aired a story about the journals that students at a san francisco elementary school keep. the writings are gripping and sad. a report from the academy in tenderloin touched the heart of a restaurant owner. so much so that yesterday he made it an early christmas for the kids. vic lee has the story you will only see on abc7 news.
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>> santa took the kids by surprise. they just couldn't believe he would come to their school. >> i want to express some love to you and let you know that you are cared for. >> what was it like meeting santa claus? >> amazing. >> these are the children of the tenderloin. most are from immigrant families. everyone got a present at city academy. a school in the heart of a district with lots of drugs and mental illness. for many, city academy is a refuge. each student keeps a journal. what they write is gripping and raw. in our story wednesday we showed you from excerpts. "my mom and dad were on drugs. when i was little i was homeless. i was poor. living without my dad is like living without a heart. no emotions come through me without him." not all the passages were so sad and dark. some were positive. "sometimes i don't want to live anymore.
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the way i'm going to overcome this is by forgiving. god is with me and helping me even though i don't see it." >> the journal entries got to this restaurant owner, nick, who holds an annual christmas toy drive. >> so i had to make an emergency call to santa and have him come down early. >> he brought toys to all 120 students in the school. >> i got this dog thing and it makes noise, and i got a brush and i got this. >> i got play-dough. >> is that what you wanted for christmas? >> yeah. >> what do you think about santa. >> he's a nice guy. >> the story is about despair, but also about hope. today hope won. it was a small but significant victory over despair. >> for the kids to know this someone in their community cares about them is very special. >>merry christmas! >> vic lee, abc7 news. >> union square's lefty o'douls is holding their last minute toy
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drive next week. it will run from 5:00 a.m. tuesday on christmas eve until 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. santa will betraying in his red and white suit and wearing a blue uniform and badge today in san leandro. the police will give out 400 bike to disadvantaged youth. the bikes for dikes program raised $20,000 to purchase bikes and helmets for kids ages 3 to 14. kids were selected from a random drawing. the bike give away is from 9 to 12 to the davis family resource center. san francisco's chp officers will hold a last chance drive to collect toys. it will take place from 8 to 5 today across from pier48 in san francisco. all these chris massie vents going on, but it certainly feels like spring. >> you will need the jacket this afternoon. winter arrives in less than an hour. good morning, we are looking at not even a few clouds down
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there. a couple down by the airport, but other than that we are looking at milder numbers due to a northwest wind. the northerly winds taking over today, allowing for an offshore flow. and once again, temperatures goff average. but take a look at the mess in the nation's midsection where we have an ice storm from parts of missouri, through kansas city, and down here we are looking at the possibility of tornadoes for the mississippi river valley. where you see the heavy rain anywhere from three to five inches of rain, flooding rains are passable from cincinnati down through st. louis and then there's more ice in northern new york, vermont, and maine. so if you are traveling, it is going to be a tough go out there today across the nation. this is what we have for you locally from mt. tam. the sun was up at 7:22. we are looking at 9 hours 33 hours of daylight.
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it will be just a little bit longer in the days ahead. oakland you dropped to 39 this morning. 36 red radioed city. sitting at 50 half moon bay. the winds are quite gusty offshore. they should be dialing back throughout the day. san jose nice and sunny. you are going to have a stretch of temperatures well into the 60s all week long. that includes after christmas. right now 35 in napa. it's 33 in fairfield. so coming up from your morning low of 30, concord and livermore in the upper 30s. so pretty chilly out in the valley but we are looking at more sunshine today. our east bay hills camera still not the best air quality but no spare the air. we are looking at milder weather today as winter arrives at 9:11. this year going down is the driest ever on record. records starting from 1849, 5.59 inches of rain in san francisco. so we will keep this trend going as high pressure just does not
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want to give. in fact, it's double barrel high pressure to the east and west of us. a little bit of rain up in the pacific northwest. but the storm track remaining far to the north. the only thing we are going to see in the next couple of days are the chilly mornings. more records that will be shattered. in fact, we are looking at temperatures mild into the 40s and 50s. northern and southern sierra, just 15% of normal in lake tahoe and around yosemite and the southland 25% of normal. 58 in monterey. it was 56 yesterday in santa cruz. we will be looking at more upper 50s from half moon bay. low 60s elsewhere. even mid-60s. milder than yesterday. little thank tomorrow. monday, christmas eve, christmas day. about 60 at the coast. thursday and friday still mild. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine, plus
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get power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. so they are still making snow but with numbers in the 40s and 50s, they have a hard job. no help from mother nature you are. >> we need a little christmas feeling. thank you, lisa. we are entering prime time for pro craftnators. it's the final weekend before christmas. there's a mixture of fear and determination at the mall. general nice has been out mingling with last minute shoppers and has more on where to find the bargains. >> with only four days left until christmas, plus the freezing weather, shoppers are scrambling. luckily for some, retailers are desperate to shift all that inventory. >> shoppers can expect to see two main things this weekend. one, a lot of discounts and, two, a lot of different perks available online. >> but where should we look for the box deals? we ask the experts. their number one tip, go for the
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items retailers want to get rid of most. like anything cold weather related. sweaters, hats, coats. a late start to the cold led to a surplus. men's wear. shirts, ties. a lack of must-have colors left buyers uninspired. and finally, toys. they are a bit like food. after christmas they will be past their sell-by dates. speaking of toys, toys-r-us, just one of the many retailers catering to last minute shoppers. the toy chain will be open for 87 uninterrupted hours starting today through 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. so for shoppers, this one is for you. blooming days and macy's will ship which christmas if you order by today. >> luckily for me the stores are open late bus i have been
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procrastinating and i need to get my friends some gifts. i was thinking of you. all done and with plenty of time to spare. >> here we go. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> this is for 100 bucks! >> don't forget about us in the bay area. all right. next, high-five a furry friend where you can
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>> our give where you live campaign keeps on winning. thursday night we introduced you to our $7,000 winner of our give to the live campaign. the man said he would use part of the money to buy a bed for his young son. a viewer saw the story and was so moved he donated a bed so he can buy gifts for his family, instead. it's not too late for you to give where you live. go to our website and click on "see it on tv" for a food bank near you. an aquarium in southern japan provides a hands-on experience for animal lovers. it has cut holes in their otter tanks so you can properly introduce yourself. twice a day you can hold up a piece of fish and have the otters reach out and grab it.
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with the quick bait and switch move one of their fingers may wraparound one of yours. ahead, a push to get you covered with obamacare in california. and the candlestick farewell. how will they demolish the 53-year-old stadium?
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hose who'ved ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> we are starting with a quick look at your weather forecast. we are about 45 minutes away from the start of winter, right, lisa? >> that's right. take a look at this. just add a little haze and low clouds and this is had we get in the by area. this view from mt. tam just
8:30 am
unbelievable. really pretty start with temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the most part, except for redwood city on the peninsula. you are a chilly 36 but we will get into more sunshine today. you see a little wind blowing on top of mt. tam. that's an offshore win. with that temperatures warmer than yesterday. coastside upper 350s to show 60s. sunny skies around the bay and inland low to mid-60s. that's above average. we will see a few more records shatter before the end of the year. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast come up in a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. we have breaking news this morning. bart and it's two biggest unions have reached a tentative agreement on its dispute overpaid family leave. you are looking at a copy of the agreement there on your screen. you can see the signatures from both sides. it's dated 12-21-13 from this morning. the two sides spent the last month working to resolve a dispute involving six weeks of paid family leave. included in the tentative contract reached in october.
8:31 am
the director said that provision was left in by mistake and unions filed a lawsuit after unions accepted the con contract minus the division. they said they reached an agreement that includes expansion of bart's bereavement policy and how families pay costs for family medical leaves. it appears the six weeks of pa paid family leave was taken out of the contract. in a press release, they said bart has been adamant in their admission of the mistake and how they handled the situation. we have had meaningful discussion and resolved some of our difference wes bargaining table. president obama has arrived in hawaii to kick off his annual christmas vacation. and he michelle, sasha and malia arrived shortly before midnight. the two dogs, sunny and beau, also tagged along.
8:32 am
last year gridlock in congress forced mr. obama to return to washington the day after christmas. the president is scheduled to be in honolulu through january 5th. the president said there's been a surge of people signing up for healthcare before monday's deadline. the president said more than 1 million americans enrolled since october 1st. two-thirds did that before the website was fixed. with millions forced to cancel their plans because of the new law, the president said they will be covered with catastrophic bare-bones insurance plans until we can enroll in new plans. >> we thought and continued to think it made sense as we are transitioning to a system where insurance standards are higher, people don't have unpleasant surprises because they thought they had insurance until they hit a limit and the next thing you know they still owe
8:33 am
$100,000, $200,000, $300,000 authorize or more for a hospital visit. >> you must be enrolled by monday to receive coverage by january 1st. in california you have until january 5th to submit payment. the marketplace for the act told us they expect to see 100,000 california's enrolled before the deadline. the enrollment numbers have been extraordinary. yesterday 23,000 californians enrolled. they picked a health plan, and they will get a bill and they will be insured january 1, in one day. >> if you missed the deadline, you have until january 15th to enroll for coverage to begin in february. if you don't have insurance by the end of march you will pay a penalty. the call center will be open tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to help the last minute enroll lees. happening today a toy give away for families in need starting at 9:00 this morning. the church gave out nearly 10,000 toys for the giffords away. this year they are partnering with a social gaming company zinga for the toy event. it's in the tenderloin district.
8:34 am
saint anthony's foundation in san francisco will hold their annual curbside donations. saint anthonys is located at golden gate avenue and jones street in san francisco. they will be collecting foods, socks and shoes, hygiene items and clothing for those in need. saint anthony's drive continues through tuesday. >> this morning more parents will go shopping for christmas toys without having to open their wallets or purse. yesterday the salvation army in san francisco held the first day of the two-day event allowing the families to go on a shopping spree. they browse the aisles with a personal shopper and hand pick at least three toys for each kid >> they can browse and pick the toy that they feel their kid would really love to have on christmas day. >> parents know what their kids are like and what they like so it's good they get to pick them out. >> the salvation army is one of the few charities providing gifts for teens, who are often forgotten by donors.
8:35 am
each team receives an mp3 player along with a gift picked by their parents. >> happening today, oakland will sold a ceremony of appreciation for the eucalyptus tree that fell with high winds last month. the nearly 150-year-old tree on lakeside drive measures 120 feet tall. the root ball alone weighs about 94,000 pounds. 64 miles an hour winds brought the tree down on november 21st. today's appreciation ceremony will begin at 10:00. due to fire and safety hazards crews will begin trimming the branches this week. there's been growing months tall jaw this past week about candlestick park. they are hosting their final game monday night for the 49ers. we have the story. >> some habits just die hard. why else would these guys park their cars outside candlestick park three days before the niners and this old stadium
8:36 am
kinging their swan song. >> you like the ambience? >> who? >> how about anyone whoever played here? anything that ever happened. the beatles. two world series. there's plenty of bay area identity wrapped into the stick. but after monday its days are numbered. the given is that candlestick park as we know it, as we remember it, will cease to exist. the structure will disappear. the question is how will they get rid of it, piece by piece or implosion? [blasting sounds] >> in what has become a disposable society, we've certainly seen a few implosions by now. three rivers in pittsburgh and another in cincinnati. they were similar to candlestick. in san francisco we are still a year away and the the man who signed the stadium's death warrant is still undecided about method. >> i think my preference is to implode. my gut tells me that may be
8:37 am
least damage to the neighborhood. his company plans to build 12,500 homes, businesses, restaurants and parks in a bridge between here and the shipyard. if you are wondering, this iconic old crane will remain. >> it is a landmark for the legacy of hunter's point shipyard. >> but what about our memories of candlestick? will the scene of dwight clarke's become the middle of someone's living room? >> we can provide for anybody who is interested in the history of the great events at candlestick something. >> good idea because these guys might need it. at candlestick park, wayne freedman, abc7 news. tickets are still available for the monday night game. stub hub has about 1500 seats listed between $300 to $3,000. >> the 49ers have a number of special events planned at the game. all fans will receive a free final game pennant.
8:38 am
the former owner will be the has been area game captain. everyone will participate in a card stunt after the first quarter. at halftime dwight clarke will be honored at the spot where he caught the game-winning catch in the 1981nfc championship game. after the game a ceremony honoring the niners' tenure at the candlestick. there will be 50% more police officers there than a normal game. they will look for fans that are especially rowdy or drunk and fans trying to steal a piece of the park. >> there are devices to make sure nothing gets in that might be used as a weapon. and any tool that could be used to take something apart could also double as a weapon. >> at halftime the niners will have a special tribute to the officers who have patrolled candlestick on game days. here's candlestick memories you sent in. a big flag on the field at halftime. here's a group of 49er fans tailgating before a game with
8:39 am
the 49ers' banjo man. and this woman's daughter took her to her first game in 55 years. we would like to see your photos. e-mail them to us at ureport at kgo next on the saturday morning news, putting the active in interactive. how you can turn your stationery bike into an arcade machine. and here's a live look now from our roof camera on the abc7 broadcast center. temperatures will warm up, winter is about to start in half hour. lisa argen will have your
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>> taking a live look from the international space station. good news for the astronauts trying to repair the damaged cooling station up there.
8:42 am
they removed the lines to the ammonia pump and now they are taking this pump and moving that, as well. the good news is they are ahead of schedule. they have already finished what they were supposed to do today. now they are working on things that they were going to do on their second spacewalk on monday. they are going to be out there until about 10:30 our time so they say they have about another two hours for today's spacewalk. we will be keeping an eye on this and let you know how it turns out. if all things go well, they are expected to wrap up on monday or the latest, christmas morning. news. there is a spike in flu levels in houston health officials say six people have died from the medical editor said the flu tends to start in the south and spread from there. it's time for people to get vaccinated. >> first thing to know the flu vaccine contains that h1n1 strain.
8:43 am
so you want to get vaccinated. it's not too soon to do that. if you are sick you want to stay home. if you have a cough you want to cover the cough. there's nothing worse than sitting next to someone who is coughing on you. >> dr. besser adds you might wanting to with fist bumps rather than handshakes and wish those hands all the time. many people getting on planes and traveling across the country, that's how you spread the flu everywhere, as well. weather across the country, 1550 weather days and 342 cancellations. a lot of weather in the midwest. >> that's right, from wisconsin down through oklahoma and even mississippi severe weather. for us, this is what we got from mt. tam. i hope you are enjoying the final minutes of fall. 18 in truckee, 26 the tahoe valley airport. mid-40s today. i'll tell you the warmest day of the week in tahoe and who mother nature will help out in the snow department had we return
8:44 am
>> and the new challenge f
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>> just in time for the holidays. a gift you can use after the holiday. one might do you some good. how one of the greatest inventors of all-time wants to reinvent your daily workout. >> the guys who made guitar hero know a thing about game controllers. they built one shaped like a guitar and turned living rooms into concert stages. after selling the company for a reported $100 million. he has a little more time to work out than he used to, and he's finding this is kind of boring compared to this. but what brilliant entrepreneur ever settled for boring? remember, juan knows about game controllers. >> they are two hand controllers that strap on to the handles of any exercise machine. >> with a couple buttons and
8:47 am
velcro, the stationery bike is just a step away from being an arcade machine. >> we have a puzzle game and other games. >> they all have one thing in common. you can't get anywhere on them unless you exercise. i have activity sensors in my pocket. when i start moving, the character in the game starts moving. >> a tiny wearable sensor is the third piece of the device. the harder you work,s harder he punches. only takes a minute to learn and only a few minutes to get carried away. >> got beat up there. >> fortunately he brought me a towel. >> fair to say, i didn't even notice i was working up a sweat and that's the whole point. go-ji play is meant to take the most boring thing in the world and make it more interesting. >> our goal is to make exercise more fun and to ultimately help people lead healthier lives. >> he said he thinks it's working. while his friends and families have gotten some strange looks trying them out at the gym, they have been too busy playing to notice.
8:48 am
>> i have actually been in 45-minute exercise sessions literally playing one game. >> it's on sale for 99 bucks and most of the games are free. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> looks like a lot of fun to play the video games. anything to not be board while you are exercising. a lot of people probably want to head outside today. >> it is gorgeous out there. we have fog that's formed in the lift hour. we have another, what, 20 minutes until the official arrival of the winter solstice, the winter season. we have that going for us. and we have some wind out there that's allowed temperatures to stay up this morning. some cool numbers in the valleys. but otherwise some fog has reformed in the past hour. around point reyes and also the marin coast. we are looking at a little bit of this out there. a nice start to your morning. a little hazy, but that adds to the pretty sunrise and sunset.
8:49 am
so with the air quality a little better than it's been, it's not as great as it could be and we aren't as cold as we could be with the wind out there. 40 in san jose. los gatos 44. half moon bay now the winds are going to get awfully gusty offshore. if you are headed to the beaches, it will be a little breezy there. and the numbers, well, out of the 50s there. you should hit about 60 today or low 60s half moon bay and pacifica. san jose this morning, it is sunny for you. but temperatures are chilly in the north bay. 35 in napa. 39 in novato and still just low 30s by the delta. concord and livermore coming up out of the 30s. and today will be a warmer day out there. you can see a little bit of haze from our east bay hills camera. with high pressure still in command, it is capping the atmosphere. that offshore flow allowing for some mild temperatures today. 9:11 is the beginning of winter
8:50 am
season. today one of the shorter days of the year, just 9 hours and 33 minutes of daylight. thedy after tomorrow we begin to gain an hour -- i should say gain a minute on the day. so they will be getting longer slowly. but double barrel high pressure is with us throughout the day today. it looks like right on through the weekend and into christmas and beyond. because we are looking at this dry pattern with us as the storm trek remains well to the north. how dry? the driest year on record for san francisco with only 5 .59 inches of rain. even in second place, far away from those readings of 9 inches and 9.31 from 1917 and 1898. so, boy, weeder's from thely need the rain. we are looking at not only milder conditions but temperatures in the mid-and upper 60s for san jose, right on through christmas and after. in fact, we do have a forecast model that goes out beyond the next seven days.
8:51 am
i'll tell what you i think in a minute. but for highs today we are looking at mid-670 napa, 62 fremont and half moon bay in the upper 60s. 63 san rafael and the seven-day forecast showing more sunny and mild weather with little change through christmas day. after that he are still looking dry into next friday. then through new year's eve it lacks like we are going to be dry, as well. we can hope for january and february. we've had this weather before where we get a lot of rain in the new year. maybe. >> we will have to wait and see. in sports, tonight the warriors will try to rebound from thursday night's loss to the spurs who they face the lakers, who are now without kobe bryant. here's abr7 news sports director larry beil with more in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the warriors host the lakers tonight. golden state really a team searching for answer after losing to the short-handed spurs on thursday. turnovers, poor defense, a lack of urgency plaguing the golden
8:52 am
state team that has high expectations. the warriors couldn't stop the spurs. the spurs were missing their big players. lack of execution on the last-second shot. in video provided by the team. klay thompson talks about his own struggles recently. >> i had turnovers, lapses on defense. played terrible on my part. i know shots won't fall every night, i know you will have your rough stretches, but that shouldn't affect how you play the rest of the game. i take it personally when i play bad. probably my biggest down-fall. i've learned a lot the last two years. i've had my storms. when you play so well you feel miserable. it's tumbling after a few bad games. >> honest comments. >> lakers hosting the t-wolves. third quarter. young for the hammer. a dunk fest for a while here. jody meeks, exploding. no kobe, no problem. 21 points, 1 boards and the lakers pulled away late for a 104-91 victory. smiles in l.a. de la salle has not lost
8:53 am
to a california high school football team since 2008. tonight might be the night. they face john bosco and their 350-pound lineman, damien mama, in the state championship. oh, mu ma! they have 15 d-1players, but the spartans have been down this road before. the coach knows this will be a test. >> they are a great team. there's talent all over the place. but it's well-coached talent, which is the real tough thing to deal with. like i said, we have enough guys to be able to able to bottle -- battle them well. we will have to play a really clean game. >> baseball news. now we know maybe why the a's didn't make a big effort to resign brad belfour. the orioles walk away from a two year, $15 million deal with the former a's closer saying they had concerns after his physical. might have been his shoulder they were worried about but the orioles were not specific. belfour's agent insists the orioles had a change of heart and the 35-year-old closer is really healthy.
8:54 am
well, it looked bad and unfortunately the news now is it is bad. sharks rookie tomas hertl expected to be out for a month after that knee-on-knee hit from dustin brown of the kings thursday night. the 20-year-old from the czech republic, who has been sensational early in the season, limped off and it not return. hertl leads all nhl rookies with 15 goals and he will be out a while. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, the san francisco zoo's baby gorilla now has a game. we will tell
8:55 am
[s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
8:56 am
>> here's a live look from houston as they are talk together international space station. you see a couple astronauts
8:57 am
doing a spacewalk this morning. we are trying to fix a cooling line on a degraded ammonia pump. they have been successful this morning. they are working ahead of schedule. they had two other spacewalks planned for monday and christmas morning. looks-like things are moving well today so maybe they won't have to go out as much next week. here are the winning numbers from last night's $15 million megamillion draw. >> nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $22 million. this morning one of the san francisco zoo's newest additions will make her first public appearance. abc7 news got an exclusive look at the baby gorilla thursday. yesterday they revealed the name of the five-month-old. lady.
8:58 am
>> the winds are light offshore here around the bay and that makes for a warmer afternoon. 62 fremont, 63 livermore. oakland 63. where is the rain? where are the cool temperatures? he we of above normal for temperatures, way below for rain and we are dry, dry, dry looks like through 2013. >> we will have to wait for the winter weather. thanks for joining us on the saturday morning news. we continue at 5:00 p.m.
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