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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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out but everything else is still inside, including the pot plants. the firefighters found the plants as soon as they got the building. it looked like an electrical fire caused by the lamps used the growing the plants. the investigators believe they malfunctioned and started the fire. it was dangerous for the firefighters because most hoff the rooms were enclosed in large plastic sheets to keep the marijuana smell from escaping. officers told me this would be a medium size grow, but according to the buildings owner and the man on the bottom floor said the second floor was supposed to be vacant. >> are you surprised police found all these marijuana plants? >> i'm surprised. i just got the place here. i move in two weeks ago. i thought it was some kind of electrical problem in the back or so but i never saw anything else. reporter: the last time a tenant
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rented the second floor space was earlier this year. it used to be a dance studio. police confirm that no one was living up there and the entire floor was used strictly to grow pot plants. back here live now. you can see that officers are still in the area. they're keeping watch on this building. right now they're waiting for a search warrant to be issued about they can go inside and really assess the situation and start removing those pot plants. live in san francisco. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> power is back on for more than 100 pg&e customers in mission district after a smoky underground salt fire this mening at 11:00 a.m. the fire sent thick smoke oil of a manhole at the intersection and knocked out electricity for people living nearby. nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. a massage therapist in the south bay turned himself in to police after being accused of a
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string of sexual battery involving clients. the 35-year-old surrendered to the palo alto police department this week. one of his clients at the spa accused-of sexually assaulting her during a june 2012 appointment. authority says three additional women have come forward with similar allegations. the suspect has been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery charges. the search continues for four teenage boys accused of shooting a high school teacher during an attempted robbery at a fresno high school. the teacher was shot in the stomach and leg in a classroom thursday night. he survived the attack. the teenagers barged into the classroom and demanded a lap-top computer from guerrero before the shooting. police do not believe the teens were students at the school. a 24 year pittsburg man turnses him in to authorities in connection with a killing at a
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bar. a 41-year-old vallejo man died after a fight inside the delta bowl bowling alley. >> b.a.r.t. and its unions have come to an agreement over paid medical leave for employees and that means no more strikes in the near future. sergio quintana is live from daly city with a look at what brought the two sides together as last. reporter: this is basically a disagreement that has now come to a close and it likely will end eight months of often acrimonious contract negotiations and comes at a tie for b.a.r.t. riders and a sigh of relief just before the holidays. >> coming here during the b.a.r.t. strike is like hell. >> having to find means of transit, with ac transit, or even having to drive my car. definitely gives me peace of mind. reporter: the last eight months of protracted negotiations included two interventions by
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governor jerry brown. there will two different strikes by workers, and two employees who were killed, and even the contract agreement following the two deaths, a stick point remained a clause granting six week of paid family leave. b.a.r.t. management said that was a mistake. the union said that was part of the deal. no additional paid leave had been grant. instead workers have other options to take care of sick family members like parents if needed. >> with this change now, it's not a problem. that person can use the sick leave so they can go take care of their father. reporter: one of the other issues raised was a lack of adequate break rooms for workers at three stations, including this station near daly city. at part of the agreements b.a.r.t. has agreed to build break rooms as quickly as
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possible. the union members still have to agree to these tentative agreements. there's no word just yet as to when that vote is going to happen. reporting live in daly city, abc7 news. >> thank you. tonight a bedside vigil entered its second weekend for the 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after undergoading a tonsillectomy in oakland. an independent doctor approved by the family and hospital will perform a brain examination on monday. the girl will be kept on a ventilator through the weekend following the jump's ruling. dan ashley sat down with jahi's mother last night and spoke with her one-on-one. >> i will fight for my daughter until i can't fight anymore, and as i mother i don't know when a mother loses her fight for her children. >> jahi's mother released an open letter. it's ounce our web site. the family is also planning a march and a memorial monday
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sound children's hospital. >> out of colorado, a 1-year-old girl who was shot during a fellow student's rampage has died. claire davis was sitting in a hallway at the high school a week ago yesterday, shot point blank in the head by 18-year-old karl pier son who wanted revenge on the school's debate coach for disciplining him. claire had been on life support since the incident. pierson eventually turn the gun on himself. >> authorities in nevada are looking at a motive at the shooting at a reno medical office. neighbors of the gunman says he was angry with urologists from complications he suffered from a surgery in 2010. the man killed one daughter and chit wounded another before committing suicide. he left a note behind outlining his attack. a california congresswoman is calling for changes to airport security following last month's deadly shooting at lax. maxine waters wants the tsa to
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place armed police officers at every passenger screening areas at airports nationwide. waters also wants to give airport police the power to view all security cameras. an armed gunman shot with way through the screening area. a tsa agent was killed and three other people wounded in the november 1st shooting. still ahead, a new report on the natural gas minding process known as fracking. we'll look at the long list of health dangers found by researchers. a battle in the sky between two kinds of owls. why humans have stepped in to take a side. >> i'm leigh glaser. happy winter to you. it arrived this morning. but next week is not going to feel like winter. we'll check out some mild
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>> going to the niners game on monday night, leave early. the stadium will open three hours before the 5:30 kickoff to the final game to be played at candlestick. there will we heavy traffic on the bay bridge. at the stick, work crews are working to get the stadium ready for primetime.
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logos have been painted and paper used for stunts are taped to the seats. but preparations are the same as any other game. >> going through the detailing of the suites, power washing the main concourse and all eight ramps. we just finish up this morning with one of the last towers. always do a spot check and relamp of the nine towers. >> manager doesn't anticipate the blackout that hit the stick in 2011. the niners moved to the stick in 1971. niner fans are sending us pictures from the stick. this family has had the same seats for 30 years. you can e-mail your pictures to us at >> up next, the national award a bay area teenager is receiving for his actions at yosemite
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national park. what to expect in your winter forecast. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next. >> in sports the college football bold seen starts, and stanford women try to hand
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new research is raising new worries about fracking, common practice employed by oil companies to release natural gas. the us gee lodge cal survey says chemicals used in the process could cause serious hormonal disorders in humans, ranging from heightened risk of cancer, lower fertility rates and decreased sperm counts in men. wildlife officials are trying to kill one invase sit owl species in order to keep another one from becoming extinct. biologists hope to kill more than 100 bard owls from northern california. 2 have been -- 26 have been shot so far. they hope to save the northern
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spotted owl for extinction. the two fight and bard owl have been win. ing. a teenager from san jose will receive a carnegie hero fund worry for rescuing a boy in yosemite. in april the nine-year-old slipped into the merced river and started going toward the fall. alex smith heard the boy's mother cry and sprung into action. he sprinted toward the boy, vaulted a guardrail. grabbed a rock with one hand and the boy with another. the the carnegie medal comes with $5,000 prize now. let's get a check of the weather. >> winter arrived this morning a little after 9:00. live doppler 7hd right now showing you that we have clear winter sky out there. some of those offshore winds
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pushing the low clouds and fog well off the coast. not so pretty weather, though, back east, folks. we've been talking about this, ahead of this very strong cold front. severe thunderstorms from cincinnati, ohio, back towards -- now entering into middle tennessee. very heavy line right here, and they have had reports of tornado activity in that line. of course, behind it, the colder air mass, already chicago reporting some freezing rain so de-icing of planes a good pocket. -- a possibility. kansas, a foot of new snow by tomorrow morning, so tricky travel back east. we'll keep you updated. here locally, our rooftop cam, embarcadero, everybody out and about. 52, los gatos. sutro cam showing the lights down there. santa rosa, 55. already 46 in novato, already
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cooling down. livermore, 54. the emeryville cam over the bay, clear overnight, chilly inland, a mild winter day tomorrow, and then get ready for dry and mild temperatures as we head towards the holiday week. winter did arrive this morning, the winter solstice at 9:11 and that means tonight -- actually, today, the shortest daylight hours. only nine hours and 33 minutes. as we head temperatures the next couple of days'll see more daylight. this is the setup. high pressure, double-barreled. you can see the jet stream to the north. that's where the storm track is. it is not going to move anytime soon so this dry weather pattern will hang on in through our holiday week. possibly into the first few days of 2014. here's how it is going to shape up in san jose tomorrow. a high of 54, and christmas eve, 66.
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66 for christmas day, and then 57 for friday. next weekend, we'll start to bring temperatures down, heading to tahoe it will be dry. of course it's cold up there, making snow. just don't think you'll have any natural snow coming in the next five to seven days. sunshine tomorrow. temperatures -- this is at lake tahoe. south lake. you'll notice temperatures in the 50s. 50-degrees for christmas eve and overnight in the teen. tonight, chilly night in the north and east bay locations. clear sky, overnight temperatures, mid-up toker 40s. and tomorrow will warm up slightly. 56, santa rosa, 52, san francisco. livermore, sunny. the seven-day forecast, headed to the game on monday, candlestick in the 60s. terrific day. christmas eve, 60s, christmas
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day, sunny, mild. >> thank you, leigh. >> we have rick with sports and high school football. >> can day lasalle do it again? they go for its fifth straight open division state championship tonight. winner takes on unbeaten st. john. the spartans are also undefeated, having gone 14-0 under the first-year head coach. the says the key to victory is to play a really physical and disciplined game. >> our kids have put in a lot of work. our seniors especially. their work paid off in the right way. not say if we lost there work wasn't worth it, but it would be a great ending for those guys and that's what wore focusing on. guys working for this type of game, and i'd like it done well for them. >> in the division 3 title game, corona del mar dominated sacred heart prep.
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the vikings take the lead as napolitano dumps its off to sage. and then mason randle is picked off and it's gone. corona del mar with its first ever state football title and the first school to finish a perfect 16-0. >> the college football bowl season is upon us inch las vegas, usc quarterback kessler was dealing against fresno state. interim head coach had his trojans ready. first quarter, kessler under pressure but gets the pass off to nelsonning a wig already, who nearly drop it. 14-6sc. nearly a big oops. kessler threw four touchdowns in the first half. lee gets in for his second score of the game. it was 35-6 at intermission. kessler was shut out the second half. didn't matter. allen for the walk-in. usc wins 45-20. finishing a turbulent season
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10-4. at the new mexico bowl it appeared washington state was headed to victory against colorado state. cougars qb halladay had six touchdowns. wsu led by 15 in the fourth but the rams rally. grayson finds vader for the lead. after a washington state fumble, colorado state scores again, and then ties it witch the statue of liberty play. 45-45. then on the ensuing kickoff, the cougars fumble again. deep in their own territory. that set up this roberts 41-yard field goal as time runs out. colorado state hands washington state a heartbreaker, 48-45. one of the great rivalries in women's college basketball resumed today as number six stanford played host to third ranked tennessee. the rose bowl bound cardinal football team was there to show its support. chiney nneka ogwumike. a season high rebounds.
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carter cuts the lead to two. with 30 seconds to play, amber answers with a huge bucket. plus the foul. stanford hands tennessee its first loss of the season. 76-70. the cardinal improve to 10-1. >> today after practice, vernon davis went to work hosting a toy drive at his gallery 85 saturday studio. davis, along with some teammates, handed out toys and signed autographs for underprivileged children. this is a special event for davis because he knows first hand what it's like for these kids. >> for me i know what is was like growing up in a -- as an underprivileged kid in a neighborhood that was low in income, and it means a lot. it really does. so it's just a blessing to be here and share this. >> good for vernon. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. up next at 6:00, why a couple
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>> join my tonight on kofy cable 13. how living in a microapartment could be hazardous to your health and disruptive to your social life. >> here on 11:00, from it's a wonderful life to a christmas story, what makes a movie a christmas classic this great debate on abc7. mean while, newlyweds in ohio said, forget a limo, horse and carriage, instead they chose the weiner mobile. the couple traveled from their wedding to the reception site seven miles away in the iconic oscar-mayer vehicle because the wife is obsessed with the weiner mobile, the couple entered a contest to win a ride. they didn't win. they took to social media and pleaded their case to kraft, the company that owns oscar mayer, the company agreed to lend them the weiner
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mobile for their ceremony. the couple says it was a dream come true. to each his own dream. >> give you something like that. >> go full house. >> that's it for us at 6:00. for leigh glaser, rick quan, thank you for joining and we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> hosted by network tv correspondent katrina szish. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret? we're about to find out. ♪ >> the first time i saw cindy in person, she turned around, i went, "whoa!


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