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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler whether he start with a quick first good look at the weather. we will lala in. we have the radar satellite. we are tracking patchy low clouds right along the toast. then we will be waking up to patchy fog for the most part of the bay area. we take a look at the emeryville camera. we see pretty clear conditions on the powell street exit there. it is going to be clear later on today. mostly sunshine with light winds and dry and mild week ahead. certainly very not winter-like, i'm afraid.
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the next twelve hours, a chilly start inland, 48 degrees, 44 degrees along the coast. it will start to warm up. the patch where fog will burn off and we will see a nice mild afternoon with starry skies later on today. i'll have the full accuweather forecast coming up in a little late. carolyn. >> a bedside vigil continues through a second week. now her grieving mother has written a heartbreak weather. the letter was released yesterday from jahil's mother. we have the latest developments from the newsroom. >> in this picture ms. winkfield holds for 13-year-old daughter's hand as she remason a ventilator in oakland. she writes they have been pressuring me to pull the plug. i can't. i won't. i can't let them kill my baby a second time. this is the latest effort to keep pressure on children's
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hospital. jahil's uncle brought this beener and had them ion it in the lobby. >> i want to thank everyone showing their love and support. >> friday the family got a temporary restraining order granting a temporary review of her condition. in herler she writes i never thought i would have to go to court to get a hospital to treat my child. the family will return to court monday as part of the order. while that's happening, there will be a march at children's hospital. >> her favorite color is purple so if you come out wearing a purple shirt, doesn't matter what the shade is, but if you have a purple shirt please wear it and mr. with us monday morning. >> she's declared brain dead last week. the chief of police released a response to the letter. he writes in part, as medical professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that we don't create hope where there is one. when one brain ceases to
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function and won't restart. represent defense from the children's hospital will also be in court on monday. abc7 news. >> if you would like to read the entire letter, we've post it had on our website. in developing news, a man is in critical condition in icu this morning after being attacked in petaluma. it happened just at 7 k. last night on park lane and mcgreger avenue. police say a man was crossing the street when he was almost hit by a car. the man and the occupants of the car exchanged words. at some point one of the people got out of the car hitting the man with a pipe-like objects. the suspect then took off in the car. described as a late 80ths or early 90s dark four-door schedule dan. police in the south bay have arrest add message therapist ausing him of in prop from thely touching several of his clients. 35-year-old man has surrendered to palo alto police. four women claim he sexually assaulted them during visits to
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the labell day spa and salon in palo alto and at the stanford shopping center. retailers are hustling to try to attract last-minute christmas shoppers. yesterday was super saturday for many of them. one of the business rest shopping days of the year. to entice for customers, many stores offered deep discounts and extended their hours. some, including macy's, k-mart and coals and toys-r-us are staying open around the clock through christmas eve. >> you work two jobs, it just makes it so much more convenience. and i actually have like that one hour time to go shopping. >> sales numbers for the past few weeks have been weak. they rose 2% from november 1st through last sunday, according to shopper track. target is trying to make amends of a following the massive credit cart breach. chiefs swiped information from more than 40 million target customers who shopped at the 50
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stores in the by area and 1800 nationwide. between november 27th and december 15th. the retail giant is offering a 10% discount to shoppers this weekend and free fraud monitoring to summers who have had their information ex-potioned. jp morgan-chase is staying their own precautions following the target breach. they will limit the use of debit cards for at-risk customers. atm withdrawals are temporarily limit today $100 a day. purchased are limited to $300 a day. and users won't be able to withdraw cash at atms outside the u.s. plans to become the first mij u.s. retiller to allow customers to pay for gods using bit coins. the peer to peer payment network is set to debut in overstock the second half of next year. overstock's ceo say they know prices are volatile and will
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liquidate the currency into dollars or find a market to hedge the risk. for people who live in vallejo, someone in impersonating a police officers and demanding money. a resident reported getting a cull from someone i saying this were with police. victim was threatened with arrest unless they used $2,000. the suspect used a computer program to display an official vallejo police phone number. police have stumbled upon a marijuana grow operation in the middle of the mission district. lisa amin gulezian has the details. >>. >> reporter: inside of each of these burlap tacks, a marijuana plant. 200 in all. evidence of an illegal grow operation that went unnoticed for months. >> i did heard some steps, but i had no idea who was the one. >> the owner of this auto body
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and painting moved into his space earlier this month. he was told there were no other tenants in the entire building. so he ignored the random noises he occasionally heard coming from up above. but there is no ignoring the fire potentially sparked by these grow lamps. firefighters quickly realized the situation as soon as they got through the front door. they entered a maze of false walls, a sectioned off rooms and rose and rose of pot plants. everything wassen cased in thick sheets of plastic. >> they rapid the bulling with a lost plastic to minimize the smell coming out of the building and to increase the warmth but there's also conditions for an excellent. >> those nearby are angry. >> we live here. there are three generations of my family here, and we definitely within to keep it from this kind of people. >> the building's owner hasn't had a second floor tenant for month.
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investigators are sure whoever was illegally using the space wasn't living there but simply using it to grow pot. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a two alarm apartment fire in san jose has left 17 people without a home. flames broke out on delmos avenue just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. firefightersen count every body happy smoke and flames when they arrived. they put it out about an hour later. no one was hurt. the fir started in a bedroom but firefighters are still work to go pinpoint the cause. today san francisco police will mark the 7 seventh anniversary of the fatal shooting of one of their own officer brian tavares was shot and killed december 22, 2006 in the sunset district by an escapee from a state correctional work camp. another officer opened fire, killing rupp a short time later. those who wish to honor him and
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visit the community room dedicated to him at the police station between 3:00 this afternoon and 10:00 tonight. as the deadline to enroll for health insurance looms, covered california, the state's health insurance exchange, will have extended hours today to help consumers enroll. tomorrow is the deadline to apply for insurance in order to have coverage begin on january 1st. however, open enrollment continues through march 31st. anyone who does notten royal had by that date will face a penalty. cord california's call centers are open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. today and can be reached at the number there on your screen. >> the u.s. has declassified more documents detailing how the nsa was first authorized to start collecting records in the hunt for al-qaeda terrorists. coming up on "this week" abc's george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with you house intelligent committee chair mike
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rogers and senator mark u doll on the new scrutiny the surveillance programs. you can catch it here on" this week ." the weather looks pretty good? >> it actually is. it's quite mild. that's what we are going to be seeing. pretty much no change for the holiday week as we take a look. a live picture of the sutro tower camera toward the bay bridge. you see how clear it is. we have patchy clouds along the post and early morning clouds. i'll have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in a little lit. >> thank you. also saying farewell to the stick. what ground crews are doing as the kickoff nears for what could be the final 49ers game at candlestick park. and the tribute around the city for the
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[i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. >> a tragic development from the shooting in a colorado school earlier this month. the 17 year old that was in
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critical condition since the attack died. she was shot point-blank in the head before killing himself. happening today, the massive crane that help build the new eastern span of the by bridge will leave the bay area. the crane known as the left coast lifter will be towed by tugboat down the west coast through the it will depart at 9:00. tomorrow night's monday night football game will mark the end of an era when the 49ers play the atlantic falcons. it will be the red and gold's last regular season game at candlestick park. but it's not over until it's over. as katie marzullo explains, the sameium crews are going about preparations as usual. >> it's the lift time jose alvarez will do this particular paint job. >> i'm going to miss it.
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i love to paint these low goes. >> he's been painting the field at candlestick park for the past 22 years. >> they can see it all over the world my work but they don't know who it is, they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> he's been here a long time but not as long as the niners. the team moved to candlestick in 1971. >> it's where the 49ers played, where the giants played so we always took pride in the appearance of it. we tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game every time. >> reporter: preparations included power walk sidewalks and changing lightbulbs and checking generators and culminated with a walk through before the game. >> it's like another monday night game. i've been here quite a long time. we've had quit a few monday night games here but it's a little bit -- it hasn't really sunken in yet. >> on tuesday, christmas eve, they said they will clean up
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candlestick and do checks as usual, in case there's a playoff game. in the meantime. alvarez is ready to retire. >> it's a little sad, but then again, i'm getting older so it's time for me to stop too. >> he said he's taking a souvenir from the stadium, but he won't say what it is. katie marzullo, abc7 news. parking tomorrow will open at 1:30, an hour earlier than usual. stadium gate 2, and traffic heading to candlestick is expected to be rather gnarly. 49ers are recommending you carpool or take public transportation, if possible, and give yourself plenty of time. viewers are sharing their candlestick memories with us here at abc7 news. these fans who sat in these seats at the stick for 30 years. here are some fans really getting into the spirit of the game. you can e-mail us your photos to ureport at kgo san francisco's water bar restaurant is also paying
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tribute to candlestick. the restaurant along the embarcadero has created gingerbread and candy model of the stick. it's decorated with intricate details, as you see, including many gingerbread men playing football. it will be on display through the end of the the month. for patients being treated in an intensive care unit, a few moments can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. one bay area hospital group is using a high-tech system to provide a second set of eyes to watch over those vulnerable patients abc health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> reporter: the busy intensiveky unit at st. luke's hospital in san francisco handles thousands of case as year. for doctors, monitoring their patients 24 slash 7 is a constant challenge. >> although i can be at the bedside when a patient is critically ill and needs my afence, i can't have my eyes on
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them all the tim so it's comfortable to have another set of eyes. >> comforting, even if the eyes are miles away. patients in the icu are also being monitored by a second team of doctors across town. >> we can get realtime vital signs tell let me try from each bed. >> he's the director of the icu nurse center that tracks patients from 1 hospitals providing everything from routine monitoring to crisis support. >> we perform about 17,000 encounters a year amongst all the hospitals that we are serving. that translates loosely into about one intervention about every 20 minutes. >> cameras positioned in each room allows doctors and in your opinion test hub to zoom in on straws or patients themselves. information flows into individual stations via hay stream streaming.
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>> i can lee the lab results, the eeg, the patients themselves. >> besides alerting the icu about potential problems, the e-icu staff also includes specially trained physicians known as intensivists. they are there to consult if the on-side doctors aren't available. it involved one patient on a ventilator. >> we talked to the iecu who can zoom in on the ventilator, look at the settings, look at the patients, look at me, look at the nurses and help us revet the ventilator. >> the doctor points to successes battling conditions common to patience. he said cases of sepsis or full body infection dropped by more than a third. >> this translates into about 100 lives saved over a three-year period porous. >> saved with the help of a high-tech shadow team watching over some of the bay area's most vulnerable patients. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. and nurses and technicians
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at the e-icu typically monitor about 120 patience at anytime. the system has expanded to cover several regional hospitals outside the bay area. an annual holiday tradition made a big impact yesterday for deserving children in san francisco. santa and his helpers at glide memorial church handed out nearly 8,000 toys. kids were given a toy and a bag full of goodies. some of the families started lane up on friday night for that toy give away. millions of americans are having their holiday travel plans about snarled. look at that. a huge storm system from texas to maine. yesterday ice and snow contributed to several pileups on the nation's highways, and more in thety weather is in store. the weather also forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights across the country. they have really been ham every body in a lot of parts of the united states, lela.
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>> they have but not us. we have been try. in fact 2013 is going to go on the record for the are driest calendar year for san francisco. we don't have any rain in the forecast. in fact, what we do have is a pretty mild weather. the second day of winter. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be topping out in the lower to mid-60s for much of the by area. first as we take a look at the live doppler 7hd radar satellite, we don't see any returns, just patchy fog and patchy clouds along the coast. that's just about it. we take a look from our kgo roof cam toward the embarcadero and the building. a gorgeous sight. but it's very mild out there. let's take a look at our current temperatures. in san francisco we are at a cool 48 degrees. 50 in oakland, 48 in redwood city. san jose 39 degrees. 40 in los gatos and half moon bay we are 44 right any. so still very cool start to the morning but it will warm up later on. and this is why. because we have the ridge of high pressure that is coming in
5:22 am
and it's actually sort of blocking the low that is staying well to the north of us. that's what is keeping us so very warm warm and dry as compared to some of our other winters that we've seen. right now very calm conditions as well in terms of wind. we are looking at pretty much very low wind gusts. 2 miles per hour in fairfield and three in napa. 6 miles an hour in novato and calm just about everywhere else. we don't have a spare the air day today but we might just have one on christmas. so again, that stagnate air, you will be prevented from burning any wood. the visibility pretty much unlimited at this time except half moon bay, 2 1/2 miles visibility there. fog already starting to build just before sunrise. this should start to burn off later on this afternoon. we take a look at highs for california today. we will be seeing pretty much lower 60s in our vicinity. 62 monterey, 64 sacramento. 71 degrees in los angeles to south and 71 in palm springs and
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sunny skies there. as we take a look at our highs for today in our neighborhood, it's going to be in the low to mid-6 tos. 64 gilroy, 63 son hose and 62 sunnyvale 66 in santa cruz. along the peninsula in the mid-60s to upper 50s along the coast. 59 at half moon bay will be our high. 58 degrees in pacifica, and 61 in milbrae and 61 as well in san francisco. and also plenty of sunshine. as we head into the north bay, that's where we will be seeing some of our warmest temperatures. 66 in santa rosa, 66 -- excuse me, 6 cloverdale and 65 in calistoga and 63 in vallejo. in the east by, 62 degrees this hurricane list. 65 oakland, 63 in castro valley inland and the low to mid-60s. 64 in livermore is going to be your high for today. our overnight lows, it's going to be chilly, in the upper 30s to low 40s. we have a big game tomorrow at
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candlestick. it will be mild there as well, 56 degrees the starting temperature dropping down to 55. the accuweather forecast. the lower to mid-60s through much of the by area. dry. no chance of rain in our forecast but looks like it is going to be a beautiful christmas, nonetheless. if you have any last-minute shopping to do, you will not be needing the umbrella. abc news has another great weather resource for you. follow@livedoppler7hd on twitter. plus get video forecasts, weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> so not very wintry feeling around here like the rest of the country? >> not at all. it bodes for our roads, though. not like they are seeing in other parts of the country. >> correct. very true. up exin, why a couple tried to ditch the traditional limo at
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their wed
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>> newlyweds in iowa said forget the horse and carriage or a limo, instead though chose the wiener mobile. they traveled seven miles away in the iconic oscar mayer vehicle bus the wife is obsessed with the wiener mobile.
5:28 am
they entered a contest to win a ride. when they didn't win they took to social media pleading their case to kraft, the company who owns oscar mayer. and krafs agreed and they said was it a dream come true. >> up next, a dangerous spacewalk to get the international space station back on track. what's next for the astronauts. and a movement in san francisco to outlaw plastic werth bottles. why the industry is taking the solo attack very seriously.
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour, a we always do, with a quick look at the letter. here is lela gulen in for lisa
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argen. >> thanks, carolyn. good morning, everything everybody everybody. it's been un-winter like, hasn't it? you take a look at the satellite. very clear right now. fog is going to be developing just before sun advice this morning. we take a look from our mt. tam cam. pretty clear right here. you take a look toward san francisco. chilly, as well. santa rosa, 38 degrees, 32 in fairfield. watch out for possibility of black eyes there. loss got toes and gilroy all going to be in the lower 30s. los gatos, you will be in the upper 30s there. a look from our exploratorium camera toward the bay. we do have a pretty decent day ahead of us. mostly sub shine. light winds, but very dry and mild week ahead. as we take a look at our day planner for the next twelve hours, we are starting off with clear conditions. the patchy fog will develop and we will pretty much be in the mid-to upper 60s for across the bay area. the full accuweather seven-day forecast is straight ahead. carolyn. >> lela, thank you.
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on tuesday two astronauts are scheduled to install a new ammonia pump during a second space walk outside the international space station. yesterday they remuffed an old pump to revive a tripled cooling line. abc news reporter mike beechier has the story. >> american astronauts, rick and michael zipped through time and space, removing the day ahead of schedule the ailing cooling pump that jeopardized operations aboard the international space station. >> don't let that go. that's a stocking stuffer. >> the walk was a complicated procedure that required the two astronauts to gingerly remove the refrigerator-size unit during a five and a half hour spacewalk. a replacement pump will be installed. but there was a glitch. one astronaut complained about having his feet cold and had to readjust the temperatures. the space suits came under
5:33 am
scrutiny when another astronaut almost drown when water droplets collected in his helmet last july. they came up with few fixes. absorbent pads to collect the floating water droplets and 20-inch plastic tube that would allow them to breathe air from the bottom of their suits if their helmets filled with water. mission control asked the space commander if he within today continue to walk for two more hours. he decided it was best to call it a day. >> my thought would be to call it for today. >> could you give us some ideas if it's temperature, your temperature? >> just -- just a little bit of a couple of things. >> it will take one and possibly two more spacewalks to completely repair the ailing cooling system. and if there is a third spacewalk, it will occur on christmas day. abc news at the johnson space
5:34 am
center, houston. >> it's estimated americans by more than half a basketball bottles of water every week. this is a lot of plastic. some of it ends up in landfills or littering the streets or the ocean. well, now san francisco supervise or hopes to make san francisco the first major city to ban single-use bottles on government property. >> san francisco's supervise or david said we are addicted to plastic bottled water and he wants the city to kick the habit. >> the city shouldn't be deriving revenue from something that is such an environmentally bad practice. >> he has introduced legislation that he says will between the city off the bottles. >> it says that on city property, whether it be indoor or outdoor, if there are accessible water sources, that you can't sell plastic water bottles on those sites. >> parts of his proposal would kick in next year, others in
5:35 am
2016. departments could no longer buy bottles 21 sounds and less and eventually the venders like this hot dog stand and those inside city hall would be restricted. we found mixed reaction. >> having the bottled water here is quite convenient. so i don't have to go away from my desk. >> worried about the plastic. the plastic is bad for us. >> the industry said limiting access to its product would be miss guided. >> bottled water is the healthiest beverage on the shelf and consumers do chews bottled water often to limit or eliminate the calories in their diets, the sugar, the caffeine. there are several exceptions, for example, marathons and sporting events would be exempt. but the supervisor points to two events as success stories. even without a city requirement. outside lands music festival has had a refillable bottle program
5:36 am
since 2009. venders at this year's americas cup did not sell bottled water. you can expect a hearing on david's proposal next month. happening today, the nation's oldest black-owned bookstore will begin their fundraising drive to help purchase the building it resides in. san francisco's marcus books was set to be evicted earlier this year but reached a settlement last month with the family that purchased the property during bankruptcy proceedings. the bookstore received a loan to help buy back the property on fillmore street, but it's still $1 million short. it's lacking to use a crowd-raising approach known as fund-ri to come up with the rest. today the fundraiser and book reading gets underway at mark us books at 3:00. some by area high school football coaches were in for quite a treat last night. former oakland raiders coach and monday night football analyst john gruden met with coaches and
5:37 am
players at hooters restaurant in san bruno. there he awarded the tip's checks and talk about the importance of giving back to football. >> the assistant offensive line coach. i found out real quick was i didn't get paid. then i found out we didn't have enough practice balls to practice. then i found out we didn't have any blocking. them i knew we didn't have a budget. that's when i found out how hard it is to be a high school football coach. so what we are here to do tonight is to thank all the coaches that are here tonight. please give them a round of applause. [applause] >> gruden's organization teamed up with hooters to provide financial assistance to football programs. still ahead here on the abc7 sunday morning news, a new recommendation for protecting the deer that play along a peninsula freeway and the costly crashes they can cause. >> and a live look electric our
5:38 am
emeryville camera. another mild, dry day with light winds. this is the east bay hills camera.
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>> one owl species is being killed in order to keep another from going extinct. they hope to kill more than 100 barn owls in a study area in northern california. 26 have been shot so far. the scientists are hoping the experiment will help save the northern spotted owl from extinction. the two species sight and the barn owls have been winning. they are hoping a federal judge
5:41 am
will issue a court order to stop that ex-experiment. a teenager from san jose will receive a carnegie hero fund award for rescuing a boy at yosemite. in april a 9-year-old slipped into the river and started floating toward the falls. 916-year-old smith heard the mother cry and spraining into action. he sprained toward the boy, vaulted a guardrail and grabbed a rock with one hand and the boy with the other. the carnegie medal honors others who risk their lives to save others. it comes with a $5,000 prize. i certainly think alex smith deserves that. >> most certainly does. it will be a beautiful week ahead of us. not going to be very christmas-like or winter like. as we take a look at our emeryville camera toward the bay bridge you see how clear it is. fog will develop near the coast until later this morning.
5:42 am
but i've got your game-day forecast for tomorrow at the stick and your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, lela. also ahead, the warriors try to rebound from their tough loss to the spurs by taking out their frustration against the
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>> driving along the freeing can be a beautiful drive but when cars is deer share the road, it can be dangerous, as well. now there is a new solution. sensing along 280 that could cost millions. here's johnathan bloom. >> after fixing cars for decades, bodyshop manager, jim, can usually tell what did the damage. >> other typical accident you would have with a dear in the front-end collision. >> this is the mild end of it, but at freeway speeds, he said about nine out of ten cars that hit a deer are totaled. >> suspension damage, radiator, headlights. all of that stuff is very costly to repair. >> he would know. his consider is a stone's throw from the hotbed of deer collisions on highway 280. >> not only deer but mountain lions and other animals who happen to cut the freeway. >> this one slice as lush green forest in half. a beautiful man until man literally collides with nature.
5:46 am
there's a field of science that studies that. it's called road ecology. >> understanding wildlife and how wildlife move in relation to road. >> he runs the road ecology center at u. c. davis. he spoke to us last year when they put gps cool letters on two deer and tracked them over a period of months. they proposed a solution. this fence, 8-foot sense, to cost millions of dollars. >> it would be here by the crystal springs reservoir. a lot of deer make their home over here in the woods but find their food over here in people's backyards. >> they got their bedroom on one side and the dining room on the other and crossing back if fourth. >> deer prefer to cross under the freeway but not all of them know that underpasses exist. the fence would force them to learn. it would look like the fence behind his bodyshop, the one that keeps people off the train tracks. he thinks the deer fence might work. >> it may prevent some work from
5:47 am
my door but at least it saves the deer. >> caltran still has to decide if they will take the recommendation. abc7 news. you were saying we know people who have hit those deer along the way. >> oh, boy. and i report it every morning. there's so many that happen every morning. very dangerous. you have to be very careful. and hopefully that -- >> it could do the trick if they decide on that. day law is here talking weather this morning. >> absolutely. it is going to be a very unchristmas-like week. i have to say it's going to be very dry and mild. no rain in the forecast. 2013 will most likely go down as the driest year san francisco has ever seen. as we take a look at our live doppler 7hd satellite. no returns right now. we don't have any clouds that are bringing in moisture. in fact just patchy clouds along the coast that are moving their way out. we will be waking up to patchy
5:48 am
fog this morning but this is why. there's a ridge of high pressure that's keeping the cold and wet weather at bay, so to speak. it's staying well to the north of us. we really aren't going to be getting any of that cloud cover or rain, moisture, into the bay area really for the rest of the year. what we might have, though, is another spare the air day on christmas. this is why. look at how calm it is across the bay area today. it's calm just about everywhere. 7 miles an hour being recorded in novato and santa rosa. 3 miles an hour in napa and 2 miles an hour in fairfield. visibility almost unlimited. we have one and three quarter visibility in novato so the patchy fog already starting to affect the bay area. that should burn off later on this morning. the highs across the state, you're reekky 59 degrees and mostly sunshine in tahoe with 49 degrees as your high. 65 in fresno, 71 in los angeles. tomorrow, though, things will warm up. it will warm up for us here at home, as well. 53 degrees in eureka, 76 in los
5:49 am
angeles. we have 52 in tahoe. 74 degrees in palm springs w that warm weather, it is going to be very mild and that stagnate heir is going to city over the bay area once again. i know wave been hearing it many times before. as we take a look at our highs for today in the low to mid-60s in the south by. 64 degrees in redwood city and it's pretty cool along the coast in the upper 50s there. san francisco 61 degrees today in the north bay. we are going to be in the mid-to upper 60s. 66 degrees in santa rosa. 66 in ukiah. in the east bay 65 degrees in oakland, 63 castro valley. as we move inland, 62 in fairfield and 62 in antioch with 64 degrees in livermore. now for our overnight lows, it will be chilly. very clear skies as well. in the lower 40s to upper 30s. 41 degrees in san mateo, and 48 degrees in san francisco. 38 napa, 37 fairfield, 36 degrees in livermore. also don't forget, game day
5:50 am
tomorrow at the stick. it will be a memorable one. you might not need to pack the heavy jackets either because take a look at that. mostly sunshine to get us going. temperatures dropping to 56 degrees. 55 by the end of the game. a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. see how mild it is nor this week. we will see the temperatures ramping up as we head closer to christmas. then a slight, a are have slight cool down as we get closer to the weekend. >> compared to the rest of the nation, we are doing well. >> we midwest certainly are. we need the rain. we need the rain but it's going to be pretty comfortable. >> all right. thank you, lela. let's check out sports. this afternoon the raiders are in san diego to face the chargers. kick off is at 1:25. last night the warriors were looking to get back on track facing the injury hag lakers at or example arena. here's rick kwan. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. after losing to a shorthanded spurs team, the yes, sir did not
5:51 am
take anything for granted last night against the lakers, who were without kobe bryant and paul gasol. let's go to oracle. got off to a slow start but eventually took control. playing just his third game after a hamstring injury. scores his lone basket of the the game. steph curry at 18 points and 9 assists. lee led with 19 points. golden sit broke it open in the third. bogus for the jam. a nifty pass to spaeth for his ten points. curry to bogut again. golden state crews to the victory. maple pavilion was rocking as the sixth rank the san francisco team took on tennessee. the cardinals led by shanee. 32 points and 30 rebounds. carter cuts the lead to 2. under 30 seconds to go. amber answer was a huge bucket plus the foul.
5:52 am
stanford hands temperature their first loss of the year, 76-70. the cardinal improves to 10-1. the stanford men took on michigan in brooklyn, new york. ben robinson iii finishes the alley oop. gets the cardinals to within one with this basket and the foul. after the free throws, randall with the chance to tie, but the shot is no good. michigan hangs on for a 68-65 victory. stanford falls to 8-3. dallas paid a visit to the shark tank last night. san jose is going to be without their rookie phenom thomas hertyl because after knee injury. they show up some nifty stick handling. the stars took the lead in the first. former shark ray whitney backhands it against stalock. the sharks trail 2-0 before coming one, joe paw valley ski with a nifty backhander of his own. ties the game at two. this game was settled in a shootout. captain joe thornton with the
5:53 am
only goal. sharks win it, 3-2. >> usc and fresno state in the los angeles vegas bowl. the first quarter, cody kessler under pressure. gets the pass off. it was nearly dropped. 14-6, ufc. kessler through four touchdowns in the first half. lee gets in for his second score of the game. it was 35-6 at intermission. kessler was shut out the second half but it really didn't happen, allen the walk-in there. usc wins 45-30. the trojans finish up 10-4. that's sports for sunday morning. i'm rick kwan. see you again tonight at 5:00. >> up next, the special connection a southern california in doesn'tly fell for a little girl when he found a red
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5:55 am
5:56 am
>> here are the numbers from last night's power ball draw. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $74 million. a california man is proving that if santa doesn't get your christmas list, sanity's helpers will surely take care of it. a kindergarten class in actuala vista attached their christmas letters to balloons andsen them to the north poll on tuesday. one letter did not make it that far, falling out of the sky in san diego. it was found by that man, terry harding, who tracked down the little girl who wrote it. turns out the girl happened to share the same name at harding's mom who died the previous year. their name is joy, spelled with the same unique spelling of joie. not only did harding bought a gift for the girl, he bought presents for all the kids in her kindergarten class. up next on the abc7 sunday
5:57 am
morning news at 6:00, a dangerous discovery at a building fire. what police are doing to find out who was behind it. and reacting to backlash. how target is trying make amends with customers following that massive credit cart security breach.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> 48 degrees. oakland with 39. 37 redwood city. 39 in san jose. los gatos 40 degrees and 39 degrees along the coast at half moon bay a look from ou


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