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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 23, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> this is not about money. this is about human beings. >> dozens gather to lend support for a grieving family. tonight the last-minute effort to keep a 13-year-old girl on life support. good evening. i'm ama dates. she is on life support after being declared brain dead. her family believes she is alive and they will be in court tomorrow fighting to keep her on a ventilator. family and supporters of this 13-year-old gathered together outside children's hospital oakland ahead a scheduled court appearance tomorrow to determine if she can remain on life support. she suffered complications from a tonsilectomy at the hospital and declared brain dead. a judge ruled on friday that she could remain on a ventilator and receive iv fluid through monday when a
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court-approved neurologist will examine her for any signs of brain activity.r mother jus her mother just wants more time. >> if you believe this, i talk to god every day. i tell him to have your way with my daughter, please. he is using her for something. when she do wake up she will shake up a a whole lot of people who didn't believe. >> local churches are rallying behind the family. >> we are saying when you are wrong, you are wrong. >> a group of pastors are demanding the alameda county district attorney to look into the case and they want the hospital to give the family the time it needs to weigh its options. >> you don't need a judge to tell you you are wrong. you they'd to do the right thing and -- you meed to do the right thing and give this opportunity the opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy. >> the family asked the hospital not to comment about the case. >> supporters of the 13-year-old plan a march around the hospital at the same time the family will be
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back in court. stay with abc7 news for the latest. go to and on the abc7 morning news at 4:30. tonight oakland police are investigate the death of a man at a wal-mart. officers say a man was found shot to death in the parking lot of the store they are not sure if the man was killed there or if his body was dropped off in the parking lot after he was shot. vallejo police are looking for clues after a man was shot to death outside an apartment building. it happened around 8:30 around interstate 80. a 10-week old puppy is recovering after a worker found the animal in a plastic bag on a recycling conveyor belt. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at the ecology plant in san francisco with details. lilian? >> ama, the employee says he has never seen anything like it. he was at the convey year -- the conveyor belt when he saw something move in a black, plastic bag.
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>> maybe there is some other trash or some other material in it. i can see the puppy was trying to crawl out the bag. >> greg foster stopped the line immediately when he saw this 10 week old poodle moving on the conveyor belt. she was wet, shaking and bleeding. she had been through quite an ordeal and somehow ending up in a debris box before being transported to the ecology recycling plant. >> it had to be loaded by a fork-lift driver and go through the shaker in which we try to shake the debris like the dirt and the little stay raw foam and it came -- styrofoam and it came down the line eventually. >> the puppy is in the care of animal control where workers call her gem. officers say gem is recovering well from the wounds they found on her neck. they also noticed lamice in her hind legs. the big question is how she got her injuries and how she ended up in the debris box. >> we are working and trying
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to see if they can track which truck she came in on by reviewing the camera systems and seeing if we know which neighborhood she came from. >> officers are hoping to get tips from members of the public, many of whom have expressed interest in adopting gem. greg foster is happy to hear that. >> hopely it can go to a good home and well taken care of and be somebody's best friend. >> lilian kim, abc7 news. powerful storms have killed nine people across the u.s. manyng many others. five people died in kentucky and three died when their suv was swept away by a rising creek. more ice is expected along the great lakes and in new england. 440,000 homes and businesses have already lost power. but it felt like spring in parts of the northeast. gators enjoyed 70-degree temperatures and new york city's bryant park will reach for a heavy coat soon. travelers checked in for flights at mineta san jose
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international airport and heading for places near and far. bad weather in some regions forced about 700 flights to be canceled nationwide. 11,000 other flights were delayed. our three local airports emphasize you should call your airline or go on-line for your latest flight status before you head ot. the airport. let's head to abc7 news meist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> live doppler 7hd is showing you clear skies across the entire bay area. we are seeing a little light fog develop near the coast. but we may see it in spots off and on by early tomorrow morning. otherwise it will be clear and cold. check out some of the highs. santa rosa 67 and 74 in cloverdale and 67 degrees in san jose. it tied the record for the day and 63 in antioch. the temperatures have already sliped into the 30s. 38 in napa right now and san francisco 55. we will check out our holiday forecast for this upcoming week in a bit. >> thank you, leigh.
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it is the final regular season game for the 49ers at candlestick park. after 43 seasons, the 49ers will beheading to a brand-new stadium in santa clara. fans are gearing up for the bittersweet moment. serming yow has details -- sergio has details. >> for the final regular season 49er game at candlestick park, it is all about the memories. he has become a big time fan. >> you have been a 49er fan for how long? >> since i was like zero years old. >> but he has never seen a game at the stick, so his dad decided to create a great moment for his son and went on facebook to try and win tickets for the monday night imam from san francisco rec and park. he won two tickets. >> it was basically a christmas present for me. >> they will join more than 60,000 fans for the final game. many of those fans already
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have their own special memories at the stick some plan to add even more. there are some fans who have great seats inside, but they also wanted to be very close to the action before the game. so they reserved an rv spot in here. >> there was no way we would miss this. we reserved this spot in april. >> they are season ticket holders and they can take home a piece of the stick when it shuts down. >> you will get the physical seats when it is done? >> yes, the exact seats. we brought a sharpee so the season ticket holders around us can sign our seat. >> they have come to the stick in good seasons and bad, and so it was emotional for fans to be here for the last time. >> people say it is a dump, but to me it really is like paradise. i will take those memories forever. >> abc7 news. san francisco police have advice for fans who want to take home a piece of the
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stick. don't. anyone caught stealing signs, seats or other things will be arrested. they will have 50% more officers on duty than for a typical home game. they promise to keep an eye on fans who are drunk or excessively rowdy before, during and after the game. abc7 news viewers are sharing their memories of the stick. check out these fans and these abc7 fans are saying farewell in style. e-mail your photos. >> ac transit workers are voting whether to ratify their contract . ac transit and union officials came to a tentative agreement on friday. they will vote from 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. they voted down two previous agreements. >> and it is on its way to the east coast.
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today the tug boats were dragging the barge to the new location, new york. the barge will do down the west coast to the panama canal and eventually to the big apple. many people will do last-minute shopping on-line tomorrow. not for gifts, but for health insurance under the affordable care act. residents can get insurance through cover california. tomorrow is the deadline if you want your coverage to begin on january 1st. you can call cover california at 1-800-300-1506 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the last-minute shopping scramble. and a waitress tries to be a good samaritan and the wrong man walks away with a thousand dollars. tonight there is a new twist in the story. and later, a very special christmas wish from a woman who died of cancer two years ago. how she made a dream come tr
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they don't help single moms. hi. hi.
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to hit the stores tomorrow for manic monday. there are just two days left in the shortest christmas shopping season in 11 years. stores are offering deeper discounts than they did on black friday and many retailers like macy's kohl's and toys r us are open for 24 hours to attract buyers. they make up 24% of christmas annual sales. and chase bank is trying to help those whose accounts were compromised. they opened a third of its branches to open new cards to those affected by hackers. 40 million accounts were stolen during a massive security breech between november 27th and december 15th. and in stockton, a brawl broke out in a shoe store over the new air jordans. this is cell phone video of the fight. a store spokesman says the $185 air jordan 11gamma blues
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sold out quickly causing tension among shoppers who couldn't get a pair. residents of lodi are opening their hearts and wallets for a family whose gifts were stolen. he has been homeless than two weeks after serving 17 months in afghanistan. last monday he and his family were out and thieves broke into his home. >> i did most of my shopping on-line because i didn't have much time when i got home. it was all here on the did esque and they rip -- on the desk and they ripped open the packages packages and helped themselves to what they wanted. >> when the story got out good samaritans donated gifts, ornaments and money and replacing 75% of what they lost. a man has righted a wrong he says was an innocent mistake. last week a waitress in florida found a thousand dollars on the seat in the restaurant. the surveillance shows she gave the cash to the man she thought lost it, but it was the wrong person. he saw his picture on newscasts and went back to the restaurant to return the
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money. he often carries large amounts of cash and didn't check to see if he lost any. the man who did lose the money gave it to the waitress for christmas. charities in the bay area really need your help this year. the curbside donation is off to a slow start. the goal is 500 hams and 2 feef00 pairs of socks. so far fewer that 200 hams have been donated. charities are seeing more need partially because of cuts in food stamps. the san francisco firefighter toy program handed out new bikes and toys to 200 needy kids. the toy give away is the nation's willeddest program of its kind. last year 300 firefighters and friends volunteered to give out 200,000 toys to more than 40,000 under served children. and for a look at how our weather is shaking out as we approach christmas, let's get to leigh glaser. >> we have warmed up nicely today. about 5 or 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. the reason is because high pressure has, -- has parked
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itself over the bay area. it is bringing offshore winds and it is helping 72 cloverdale. san rafael, a cool pocket area. that's why there is a big difference in temperature. oakland 67 and we had 65 in morgan hill. beautiful shot and a nice moon as well. that's a nice look from our exploratorium cam. san francisco 55 and 49 in oakland. san jose 49 as well. half moon bay is 41. and other locations especially in the north bay in the 30s with santa rosa 39 degrees and novato 39 and we have 41 in concord. here is a look at our forecast ahead. it does include clear skies and fog in spots.
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it will be mild tomorrow, but we do have a spare the air alert which means no burning of food unless it is your only source of heat. a mild pattern will be with us through at least the next four to five days. overnight temperatures and maybe a little frosty in the north bay. santa rosa 34. chilly in livermore and a little more moderating as we head toward the bay and san francisco is 46 and 42 in oakland and richmond and 37 in palo alto. let's get to it. the water vapor imagery, you can see what is happening. the storm track is lifting to the north. high pressure is keeping the bay area. here we are here. very dry and a mild air mass and that will continue for the next four or five days. look at the amplitude on this thing. the high pressure is pushing the storm track right here. it stays north.
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it has the sinking air and it is compressing to the surface. we will have poor air quality as well as on tuesday. it will mean a dry air mass and a mild air mass. if you are heading to tahoe they are making the snow and the temperatures are cold enough. 20 by early monday morning there. south lake tahoe, the daytime highs in the 50s. a few clouds there on tuesday. and then on wednesday we will look for plenty of sunshine for christmas. if you are heading to the steek tomorrow, a -- heading to the stick, a terrific forecast for the 49ers. kickoff 5:40. upper 50s and low 60s which is unheard of this time of year. enjoy yourself. game time temperatures in the mid50s. 65 san rafael and 63 san francisco, livermore 65, 66 san jose. we keep it dry and mild. christmas eve and christmas day, christmas day the temperatures near 70.
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then we bring in some clouds. a slight chance of a sprinkle. enjoy the mild temperatures. >> we do need the rain though eventually. >> you are right. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is off and we have rick quan in and we are looking at the nfl. >> that's right. if the 49ers play in seattle they have some hope today. coming up in sports, the seahawks suffer a rare loss at home. and the raider fans continue to suffer as their team drops its fifth straight game.
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro golf tours? 1 in 7 million.
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the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit hopes, but 12 penalties and two churnovers -- turnovers. as ron burgundy would say, stay close see, san diego. darrin mcfaden finds the end zone. oakland had the momentum, but
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the chargers take it back as matt mcgloin is picked off bid with del. weddle. the inter section -- initter exception lead to this touchdown and matthews is hit at the line and fights his way in. third quarter now and philip rivers to keenan alan with the score. he is having a great rookie season and the chargers take the lead. down by 13 with four and a half minutes left the raiders had a chance and he looked like he has a touchdown and the ball comes out. he was ruled incomplete. oakland challenged the call and no luck. another miscue here and the ball slips through his fingers. raiders lose it 26-13 and the record is just four and 11. he was asked if he was concerned about the decisions facing his team. >> we can't worry about that stuff. we have one game left. we have another week of practice. we are going to learn from this one today.
2:24 am
i will. i know the rest of the guys will. we will start preparing for denver. it will be good too -- good to end the season at home. >> oakland will be trying to slow down peyton manning who set a record today for much touchdown passes in a season. he threw four against houston to give him 51. that breaks the mark held by tom brady. denver wins it 37-13 and clinches the afc west. the 49ers can earn a wild card birth tomorrow if they can beat atlanta. san francisco would have climped a playoff -- clinched a playoff spot if san francisco could beat arizona. that didn't happen. he hit floyd for a touchdown and arizona goes on top by 7. seattle still had time to come back, but russell wilson's pass bounces off baldwin and into the hands of dansby. and that is your ballgame. the cardinals stun seattle 17-10 and ending the seahawks' 14-game home win streak.
2:25 am
this game was a blowout. nick foles gives him a 20-0 lead after one quarter. the defense did their part as well. returned thi he returned this pass 54 yards for a touchdown. 54-11 was the final. those teams have to win next week to make the playoffs. still to come, the cal women's basketball team tries to upset number one connecticut. and the saint mary's men were in hawaii. a win tonight would give the program its best start
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if you're 50 or older, talk to your doctor and get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives! ranked 21st in the country. the bears found out there is a big gap between them and being number one. cal tried to slug it out with connecticut at the garden. it proved to be a mismatch as sophomore brianna stewart tied a high with 29 points. the huskies lead by 20 at the half and rolled to an 80-47 victory. the bears dropped to 7-3. the cal men also had a rough
2:29 am
day against crayton. the bears had a scare in the first half when burt hurt his ankle trying to get this rebound. the bluejays lead from start to finish. doug mcdermott had 20. cal loses 68-54 and they are now 8-4. at the diamond head classic in hawaii unbeaten saint mary's took on south carolina after being down by as much as 12 they rallied and james walker the third ties it up at 50. the gamecocks regain the lead and never look back. then britain williams knocks down a big three. saint mary's suffers its first loss and it is now 9 and 1. and this abc7 sports report was brought to you by riverwalk casino. ama? >> thank you, rick. still to come, wild weather across the u.s. the ice, heat and delays. plus, the wish from beyond the grave. how a woman who died
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from cancer two years ago is giving a touching gift to her family this christmas. stay with us. we will be right back after this quick break. ( cheering ) ( grunts )
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. i am ama dates. a court hearing will take place to determine if a 13-year-old will remain on life support. doctors have pronounced the eighth grader brain dead. she suffered a heart attack after having her tonsils removed. san francisco animal care and control officers want to find a person who tossed this puppy into a larming trash bin. -- trash bin. they found the 10-week old poodle in a plastic bag. she was nicknamed gem and she
2:34 am
is expected to make a full recovery. and tomorrow is the last day you can sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act and be covered starting january 1st. california's insurance exchange cover california will answer questions over the phone from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. the first weekend of winter off you ared a hefty dose of nasty and niece from many people -- hefty dose of nasty and nice. >> you can see a device tumbling off the roof. no one was hurt. but three people died when an suv was swept off a kentucky bridge and tumbled into a wayne swollen river. >> it was quite high and it was extremely swift. it was moving very rapidly downstream. >> in ohio floodwaters threatened a retirement home and firefighters taking passengers by rememberer boat to safety. >> i grabbed my grandmother
2:35 am
her dog and my great cousin. >> a bird's eye view shows the extent of the flooding. in parts of the midwest, ice is so thick it is snapping off tree limbs. and it is forming the landscape into a dad lig winter wonder -- dazzling winter wonderland. >> my car is completely frozen. >> the ice is wrieking havoc with power lines. the power is out into new england. the falling ice is coming dangerously close to this reporter. it is what is being called one of the worst storms to ever hit toronto. >> i am in a rush to get out of here. along the eastern seaboard on the other hand it was downright balmy.y.even record sg temperatures bringing out some shoppers in summer-like outfits and golfers in virginia. >> december this time of year, you never get to have a short sleeve day. we are out here enjoying it. it is great. it is beautiful. >> it does president -- it
2:36 am
doesn't feel like christmas to a point, but it is great for the golfers. >> diana perez, abc news, new york. now a bizarre story out of seattle. a pair of glasses may have saved the life of a seattle teen. the 16-year-old was on a couch in her home when she was struck by a bullet. it hit the bridge of the girl's classes and apparently deflected away. the glasses broke, but the girl was not seriously injured. no one else was hit. cracker barrel is putting "duck dynasty" back on the shelves. they pulled the item after the anti-gay comments, but it received a flurry of negative responses from customers and fans. the store said it was simply trying to avoid offending people. the man who famously dropped his big mac to rescue three women held captive in a cleveland house for more than a decade is writing a book. charles ramsey signed a deal and it will be written by a former u.s. senate speech writer. for many the holiday season is a time for counting blessings and remembering those lost.
2:37 am
now the story of a wife and mother who looked ahead in her last days planning a family christmas gift that they will never forget. here is abc news reporter. >> it is a christmas wish letter unlike any ever written probably because the woman who typed it up more than two years ago died soon afterwards of cancer. yet the wish she made in it came to life only last week. when dave slid -- david, the husband she left behind unaware the letter existed was asked to drop by star 102.5. >> you lost your wife, brenda, a couple years ago to cancer. >> and at first they talked a bit about brenda and david could barely get through it. >> she was very strong, accepted what happened to her. >> and then they told him about the letter which they had only recently received anonymously. they read brenda's words allowed to him. >> i am writing this letter to
2:38 am
have sent to you by a dear friend who has instructions to do so when it was the time. >> and why was it time? because david who was raising three boys with brenda including a 2-year-old named max. >> what a great husband and father he is. >> because david had only recently been engaged to remarry to jane abraham, joining two families. and back in 2011 when brenda was dying, she had foreseen this day and asked a close friend to mail off her let torte radio station -- her letter to the radio station. >> she must be quite a lady and i wish i could have met to take on the task of raising a larminger and extended family. >> and it was brenda's wish to send gifts through the christmas wish program. among them a day spa for her kids' new mom. >> she deserves it. being a step mother to all of those boys and especially giving little max a mother's love that only she can gef. >> brenda, back for this christmas.
2:39 am
in someways, never gone. abc news, washington. >> the abc7 give where you live campaign keeps on giving. last week we announced the winner of our $7,000 give where you live campaign. the winner was yander. his son was hoping for a new bed with the money. an anonymous abc7 viewer was so touched they donated a bed to her son. it is not too late for you to give where you live. just go to our website, and click on see it on tv for a food bank near you. a fundraising campaign kicked off to keep a cultural icon open in the fill more district. the shop opened in 1960 and the home is up for sale. they need to raise a million dollars by february to ep could the store open. you may no longer have to go to the farmer's market to get organ neckly grown foods.
2:40 am
good is one of the start ups offering fruits and vegetables. the service operates in four regions including the bay area. good plans to expand to other u.s. cities. just ahead, the big new deal for apple in china. how the company hopes it will help sales overseas. plus, -- >> this iphone case claims to be water proof. proof. really? i will put it to the test. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh leigh glaser. if you have travel plans tomorrow we will look at some destinations and locations for you and even southern california. we will look ahead to our
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to bring the phone to china mobile. the deal could boost sales of the iphone in china which has slumped in recent years. the iphone 5s and 5c will go on sale in apple stores and china mobile sales in january. they faced tough competition from the cheaper smart phones. have you seen the iphone cases that claim to be water proof? 7 on your side's michael finney has. he grabbed one and headed toward the bay with it. it was on the water front and uh uh -- and the aquarium. there was plenty of water and
2:45 am
scuba divers. i have my daughter's new iphone 5 and an intern. he can read directions. the phone fits tightly into the case and that -- and the case is not easy to get into. three tiny locks opened and closed by a coin keep the case tight. into the drink the phone goes. now, the case claims to have a full touch screen and access to controls. underwater it does. it claims to be submersible three feet. they are carriful not to take it down too -- careful not to take a it down too far. the divers get out of the water. she brings a towel and we dry it off a bet. now see for yourself.
2:46 am
the front screen is brightly lit. i dial abc7 news. >> it is ringing. we open up a case and it is dry as a bone. >> we can all use that around here. i can't tell you what is the demise. oh no. >> it works as advertisement. could it go deeper? i decide not to risk my daughter's new iphone, but we do send the scuba divers back into the tank with the case to take it down even further. >> let's see if there is any water in there at all. oh there is water. i wouldn't take it to 16 feet. >> it is probably a good little insurance for those woops moments. but if you are trying to go for a swim in the day maybe
2:47 am
don't try to take pictures. >> i think it is cool. it would be cool if you were in hawaii or on a trip and just take it under the water and snap a quick picture. >> the outdoor check iphone case retails for $50. i have a link on our website. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> it is time to get one last check on the weather. we go to leigh glaser. >> let's check on live doppler 7hd and we are clear. all of the messy stuff is back east. you can still see the line of heavy showers and potential thunderstorms ahead of this cold front. it is ahead of this that is the warmth. behind it the cold air mass. chicago picking up a little snow right now. this is what you can expect for monday. only 5 dries in minute yap -- 5 degrees in minneapolis. 21 for chicago with some light snow. new york is 58 with some
2:48 am
moderate rain there. dallas looks good though. it will be chilly at 48 degrees. you want to be on our coast. that's where the nice weather is. los angeles 75 tomorrow. tahoe 54. sacramento 66. the accu-weather seven-day forecast taking us into the holiday. tomorrow is a spare the air day for the bay area. tuesday, christmas eve, wednesday christmas day x midto upper 60s, enjoy it. by next saturday and sunday we will see a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two which would be nice as well. >> thank you so much, leigh. >> you have some college hoops? >> football as well. saint mary's had a chance to start the season 10-0 for the first time ever. and too many dumb penalties and dropped passes doom their chances of a victory in san diego.
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coach, but already jon gruden is coming back and the oakland rumors are heating up. the raiders blew a chance to beat the chargers by making too many mistakes. stay classy, san diego. oakland goes in front 7-3 in the second quarter. mcfaden finds the end zone. the raiders had the momentum, but the chargers take it back as there is this pick bid -- by weddle. that interception lead to this touchdown. a determined ryan matthews is hit at the line, but he fights his way in. it was 10-10 at the half. third quarter and philip rivers to alan for the go ahead score. the former cal star is in the running for rookie of the year honors. down by 13 with 4 and a half minutes left the raiders still had a chance. he looks like he has a touchdown, but the ball comes out at the end. it was ruled incomplete. oakland challenged, but the call stood. another miss cue as he puts it
2:53 am
up to the normally sure handed reese and he drops it. raiders lose it 26-13 with the record of 4-11 and he was asked if he was concerned about the decisions facing this team. >> we can't worry about that stuff. we have one game left. another week of practice. we are going to learn from this one today. i know i will. i know the rest of us will. come tomorrow we will prepare for denver. it will be good to end the season at home. >> houston's reliant stadium as manning set an nfl record for most touchdown passes in a season. this one to julius thomas and gave him the record of 51 and breaking the mark set by tom brady. denver wins it 37-13 and clinches the afc west. the 49ers could earn a wild card birth tomorrow if they can beat the falcons. san francisco would have clinched a wild card spot today if seattle knocked off arizona. that was not in the cards.
2:54 am
late in the fourth quarter and carson palmer hides michael floyd -- hits michael floyd. russell wilson's passes off the hands of baldwin. that would be your ballgame. it is 7-10 -- it ends 17-10. playing most of the game in monsoon-like conditions, the saints had a chance to clinch the nfc south by beating carolina. with no timeouts cam newton drives the panthers 65 yards in the final minute. the game winning catch here and 17-13 the final. carolina captures a playoff spot for the first time in five years. despite the loss, new orleans still earns a wild card birth. the cal women's basketball team was hoping to pull off an upset of top ranked connecticut. the bears could not even keep the game close. this match up at madison square garden.
2:55 am
brianna stewart scored 21 points in the first half. one more than the entire cal team. they roll to an 80-47 victory. stewart tied her career high and the bears fall to 7-3. the cal men also had a rough day against crayton. they got a scare when bird hurt his ankle. he had to leave the contest. the bluejays lead from start to fen. mcdermott lead with 24 points. cal loses it 68-54 and they are now 8-4. in hawaii, unbeaten saint mary took on south carolina. after being down by as much as 12, they rallied and james walker the third ties it up at 50. the gamecocks regain the lead and never give it up. the basket and the foul and williams knocks down a big three. saint mary's loses for the first time this season 78-71 and it is now 9-1. the sharks are 4-6 and it
2:56 am
could be worse had they not come back from a deficit against dallas. despite starting the season 8-0-1 they are in third place in a tough paw sesk division. even -- pacific division. >> that's something we keep an eye on, especially if you lose one or two games, it seems like every other team keeps winning. the points now are extremely important. it is as much as they will be later on in the season. we have to keep winning and keep getting points. >> and the sharks are at home tomorrow against colorado. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you so much, rick. thank you for joining us. that will do it for tonight. i'm ama dates and for leigh glaser and rick quan and mike shumann who is off thank you for being here. abc7 news does continue tomorrow morning at 4:30. have yourselves a great night and remember that the news continues now on-line and on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices on our new abc7 news app.
2:57 am
have a great night, everyone.
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this morning on "world news now," today's the day. the critical deadline for coverage and the americans that seem reluctant to sign up. disastrous tweet. the executive that used twitter to joke about aids and race in africa. the instant outrage and career downfall. >> this is one of the fastest responses in crashes and burns i've ever seen from a tweet. >> is this executive's apology enough to save her reputation? from the grave, a woman's remarkable surprise gifted to her family years after her death that caught her husband offguard. >> she was very strong, accept what happened to her. the spirit of the season resonates with this family. it is monday, december 23rd. >> announcerfr


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