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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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coverage of dramatic
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>> novarro. going to take the nippers to the play offs. >> oh, what a way to say farewell to candlestick. >> dramatic finish to end an era of forty-niner football. good evening. >> let's get rate to sports director larry. this game ended with a perfect moment for this nature in forty-niner history. >> this is incredible. couldn't script this historic night that will be remembered for one magical moment. game on the line. we shall be calling this the pick at the stick. after recovering onside kick falcons had a chance to pull off the upset. matt throughs to douglas and bop up in the air and novarro grab it off to the races on 89 yard interception return for touch down that sealed the victory
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for the 49ers. 34-24 and clinched a play off spot as well. mike joins us live now in the end zone where bowman ended up. that was amazing. >> well, larry it was like a frozen moment in time. i was standing right here in the end zone. of course novarro running all the way down here. i talked to him afterward i said that's a long way to run in shoulder padres isn't it. what a way to end a 43 year run here at candlestick. with as you said the pick at the stick. i grabbed novarro off the field right after the game. >> that is how you take candlestick out, right. >> yes i mean the it's great feeling to get a touch down on defense any time but i had a lot of negative things on my mind for missing the onside kick and the only thing that could make it better as two do what i did. >> how does it feel walking off with a win. >> unbelievable. somebody upstairs smiling down on us and we are thankful to walk out of
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here with a win. just wouldn't be right without it. proud as hell of everybody. team win. >> how about the way that they ended it. no various oychlt unbelievable. you know he's lucky he knocked the wind out of himself because i was going to do it to him. >> all right. you could feel the energy from the players and of course up until that point, larry we thought they were going to lose the ball quite a moment. i know you have a lot more coming up in sports and of course vernon view and just found out here on midfield somebody just proposed so we have a marriage proposal on the final night at the stick. reporting live at candlestick, i'm mike, back to you. >> all right thanks. this is a memorable night for so many reasons and we have more highlights coming up later on. good stuff. >> thanks larry. >> for the fans this was thrilling but bitter sweet night. sergio is live with that part of the story tonight. what a great send off. >>reporter: pretty great accepted off and quite a few fans really don't want to quiet
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leave just yet even though this is the last game. let me show you right now there's whole lot of police officers who are kind of sweeping through frying to clear out the parking lot. for a lot of fans unfortunately thinks the last game they see here at candlestick. the final regular season game at candlestick ended with a bang. but at least a couple over zealous fans not going home right away. they tried walking off with two seats. they made it out of the main gate before police stopped then. this was a fitting game to wrap up the season. >> we thought this was an ep epic experience because of the park then the game turned out to be epic. >> few fans say they are hoping this won't be the last forty-niner game here. what do you think coming back here in the next two week. >> same thing. i sure think s so. >>reporter: for long time fans tailgate party are part of the fond memory they built over the years. she has been hosting a
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tailgate party for 30 years. >> we had 24 seats in the family and we just got a lot of memory here at the stick. >>reporter: don and patsy have hosted their tailgate party hear sentences 1980. >> we have great friend. you have no idea what this means. >>reporter: oh, >> lots of memories here. >>reporter: this tailgate started with just a few friends and slowly grew today long pre-game party. not looking forward to the move. >> i think it's really sad is over the years all the people that supported the 49ers. now can't afford to be there. >>reporter: planning on buying season tickets but don figures he just won't see the same fans down in santa clara as he saw at every game here at candlestick. i do understand that there are quite a few forty-niner fans who did take the parting a little bit too far exploratorium police tells me the drunk tank downtown filled up. they have had to take a lieutenant of the people who needed to try out a little bit to some of the other
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stations in the city. all all righting live at candlestick park, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. >> some fans spent the evening at couple of bars near the stick. with a lot of history linked to the 49ers. john is live there. >> if the familiar stadium let's burning brightly as they have for decades but the clock is ticking and for people who live around here in brisbane, one consolation of losing the stadium is well a victory tonight. the as far as these fans were concerned the end of the game came with a niner snag the interception and ran back for a touch down. fans went wild at 7 mile house sports bar in brisbane within sight of candlestick park. with the days now numbered. >> it's actually really, really sad. we have been we have been wish thanksgiving day wouldn't come but we don't have a choice but home is where the heart is. i'm sad to see it go. i have been here ever since 1971 when 49ers came hear to play. my
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father and i came here. i was just a little girl. i have been coming ever since. >>reporter: they were feeling the history at this pub next to the 49ers original home. fans shared their memory of the stick. >> i was at the game with steve young threw completion to himself. i think that was like the first time quarterback ever threw completion to himself. i was at that game. it was awesome. sitting almost at the 50 yard line. >>reporter: about fans can't wait to christen the new stapled. still consider the team the san francisco 49ers even though they will be in santa clara. live in brisbane, abc 7 news >> thanks very much john. >> as candlestick park goes that retirement levai stadium getting warmed up for its first game. tonight crew tested out the jumbotron showing the niners game. we get a look at the field now. progress every day. niners logo already painted on. niners will kick off first time at lee vye stadium next fall.
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>> 7 must viewers are sharing their memory of the stick with us. these fans say nothing is better than tailgating at the stick. and viewer sent us this picture says that's him celebrating on the field after the niners beat the bears nfc championship in 1985. he says this has to be his all time best moment at candlestick park. niners went on to inwith the superbowl couple of weeks later. >> great moment. more open the 49ers a little later on in sports but lets move on. bold holiday heist people running at san jose mall tonight. 6:00 o'clock this evening at the east ridge center police say at least one mask man started smashing glass at this jewelry store. happened next to line where kids were waiting to see santa. parents grab their young one, took off running in terror and including 2 sisters in-law who watched the whole thing. >> we heard a shatter. >> i thought it was a glass bottle breaking. >> then i got to see him breaking one of the glass there. >> there's another crashing and
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just everyone just started. >> we scuts star the running. it did shock us a lot. i think we mate give up on santa thiser 82. >>reporter: now good news. no one was hurt. a lot of people scared but nobody hurt. police reviewing video to help identify who was responsible for this. a. >> june has ruled against san jose pension reform plan measure b voter approved law would have forced city work investigators pay more into the pensions and retirement health benefits. jump declared it illegal though the city said the city could make up for the savings expected from the pension reductions by cutting salaries. ruling could set press department for other pension reform fights all across california. and an appeal is expected. >> we have developing news now. family fighting to keep an oakland girl on life support has another week to prove their claims that she's healing. doctors at the children's hospital say 13-year-old girl is brain dead following
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complication after surgery to have her tonsils rae moved. family wants to keep her object ventilator and today a judge ruled the hospital must hold off on discontinuing life support until december 30. >> feel like my daughter is on death row. i never know when tm going to pull the plug or make that decision. >> heart go out to the family in this very, very difficult time. we appreciate how paneful and difficult it is for the family and appreciate all the community support. >>reporter: judge also appointed dr. paul fisher of stanford children hospital to he have ate the girl. test results are set to be presented in court tomorrow. >> more to bring you here. irreplaceable keepsake stolen from the yard of elderly east bay couple. next on 7 news. the plea to the thieves who took memory of the couple cause who died tragically. >> plus new details on the target security breach. fraudulent charges continue to wrack up why some victims have trouble cancelling the credit card. >> have you ever forgotten to
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. >> there's a family in concord who is pleading with thieves who stole the garden gnome to please return them. september mental value goes far beyond what anyone can imagine. they were made by a daughter who was killed. abc 7 news reporter has the incredibly touching story. allen. >> so i cut one head out and put in the brick work and sat the gnome right there. >>reporter: the gnome that meant so much to frank and janet ross wept missing on november 1stment one held a small potted plant. >> we looked over there. and we said the here one is gone too. i said how could it be gone you just watered it yesterday. >>reporter: couple knows that stealing garden gnome is a common prank and they might not have cared as much if the gnome hadn't been made by their daughter. carolyn died two years ago. >> she was hit head on by a drunk driver on her motorcycle. >> carolyn left behind a husband. 3 kid. and to her
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father the ceramic gnome she made for him as christmas present when she was only 8 years old. >> they were 2 pea in a pod. and carolyn used to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. and she would laugh. we would laugh. >> gnome have so many sentimental value that frank put up the sign asking the thieves to return this i would like to believe there's still compassion in people that would go by, see the sign, and say maybe we should return them. is. >> maybe they will wake up on christmas morning and find the gnomes that mean so much to them. in concord, al allen wong abc 7 news. >> that would be nice. >> developing news. feds are getting involved in that massive data breach involving the credit card of 40 million target shoppers. target says secret service and justice department will investigate after thieves swiped account
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information between november 26 and december 15. victims are now seeing fraudulent charges show up on the statements and say they are having a tough time getting answers from target either on line or on the phone. >> you can't get through. there's nothing on the web site that allows you help. nothing on any of the social media site that help you help. >> target says it has more than doubled the number of employees handling phones around the clock and says no customer will be held responsible for any fraudulent charges. >> well heading for the airport but for got the i.d. if you can pull up the facebook profile on smart phone you might be okay. over the weekend co-founder of the video web site tweeted this. got to the airport realized i left my i.d. at home. tsa allowed me to use my face book profile instead. tsa says it can use publicly available database to vir tie somebody's identity but stopped short of officially declaring passenger facebook profile an approved form of
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i.d. >> can't quite tweet and social media our way through the metal detector. >> i don't think so is that christmas couple days away. want to know what the forecast is. >> we have our summer during the winter. what's going on here sandhya. >> i know. item so unusual right. sometimes we get the really dry spells in december and then it really comes down in january. what is unusual is the fact that the temperatures today good 3 to continue degrees above normal and we are going to continue with this spring like weather in the middle of december. lack at live doppler 7 hd clouds passing through because just passing through. here's a look at the high pressure for the day. 67 in oakland. that broke the previous record of 66 degrees. got up to 70 in clover dale. 67 santa rosa. 61 in san francisco. pretty mild day down in the peninsula into the south bay. low 60's san jose. 64 in livermore. 66 santa cruz. hazy sunshine today. part of the problem is
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stagnant air. we have high pressure overhead and look at the wind. pretty much calm so nothing to stir up the at most fore and get rid of the inversion. ground level pollution so from our east bay hills camera visibility is goo good, we continue to have hazy skies and poor air quality for tomorrow. spare the air alert is up tonight and it will be up again tomorrow. no wood burning allowed. air quality getting worse with the area of high pressure overhead. the camera look towards the ferry building. temperatures 54 in san francisco. 48 in oakland. temperature has dropped down to 47 in san jose. getting cool los gatos in the mid 40's. tower cam are downtown san francisco and here are some of the other temperatures t.44 in santa rosa but lack at the chill. napa no have the 0fairfield already in the 30's. livermore 43 degrees and no fog related problems or winter related at sfo. so flying out tomorrow travel plans looking
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good. mild hazy tuesday. with another spare the air alert and it is just nothing but sunshine for christmas. here's look at the atmosphere conditions. high pressure. really keeping our storms away. i know we need the storms here but we are not going to get any rape or snow any time soon so we go with dry mild for the holiday and heading through the weeken weekend. we may closing out 2 2013 on dry year if we tip on the path. temperatures tomorrow morning starting out in the mid to upper 30's. some of you may still weren't to fight the crowds and get the last gifts and bundle up. most other areas in the 40's and passing high clouds and tomorrow afternoon. it's a mild hazy day. 64 in san francisco. 66 palo alto. san jose. fremont oakland. 63 antioch. 66 livermore. 68 degrees for you in santa rosa. 70 in clover dale. 62 half man bay. look at the 7 day forecast spare the air alert up tomorrow. christmas day it's
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bright and sunny. as you sit down for christmas dinner won't hear the rain drop and i tell you what. slightly cooler each every day as we head into the weekend. temperatures back down to average by saturday. low 60's. still no hope. no sign for any rain. all i can say just enjoy the. we captain change it right. that's true. >> thanks very much. >> all right time for sports. all we are talking about tonight. >> larry,fçç here more on not te greatest game but a great finish. >> 3 and a half quarter oh, but then the end was fantastic. no various 0potential get to to 9er legend. play that clinches the play off spot an also closes down
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so make your holiday merrier than ever before. . >> good evening. camp stick park so many great moments through the years so for the one final game we think, one classic moment. and the niners delivering style against the falcons. the stick. prime time. may for the last time. like a homecoming ceremony. jerry rice, clark, mays, craig and ed the honorary captain tonight. fans paying whom annual. ryan and jackson got drilled by dante. personal foul. that's a clean play. next play. jackson shrug him off and scores. 10-3 pal cons at the half but niners erupt for 31 points in the second half. kaepernick, screen and bolden and tied at 10. early fourth quarter cap on the keeper. 20-10 nippers but a touch down made it until and onside kick right underneath the hands here. jason tightrope
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independent bound recovery. falcons position to win this game. bobble picked off and whole lot of open field ahead. aloha. 89 yards. to seal it. 34-24. and what we think is it fair well to candlestick. unless they pull out the nfc west title. 5 straight whip. niners clinch play off birth. harbaugh celebrating 50th birthday and it's would man and the pick at the stick. >> been close to the might have been close to the catch. >> look like you were going to run down in the end zone. >> best birthday present i have ever gotten. second only to being born. that was awesome. >> being born. very hi up on his list. let's go back to mike live at the stick for this week edition of vernon view. shh! was hyper ventilating in the post game comments. >> i think hyper ventilating
11:26 pm
knoll novarro made the pick. davis rough night. no catches but all the talk afterwards was about novarro. >> novarro? oh, man he's definitely getting the game ball. that was terrific. he saved us tonight. >> i'm so proud of novarro. his growth as a player. tirm when he first came in and i look at him now. that boy he's definitely grown. >> there was a certain vibe here tonight before this game that i don't think i have of felt. >> yes, it was. a lot of the fans it was emotional for them. it was extremely emotional. didn't want -- they will miss this place. look at the history that went down in the stadiumth. not only the history but type of play that is were made. with guys back in the day. and current guys. frank gore, patrick willis. it is going to be hard to move forward. >>reporter: all right. you
11:27 pm
couldn't have a better end to go a 43-year-old story here at candlestick park. get the win. one more game against arizona and i can't take it. i'll take one more run at the stick. live at candlestick, abc 7 new news. >> well there is a lot of speed right there. oh. he runs the out and up. keep going. just keep going. let you know when you can stop. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. that is fantastic. >> he's still running. sharks and warriors victorious as well tonight. great evening all around. >> i don't want him hit or maybe we do. >> 3 is.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, orlando bloom, ufc champion ronda rousey, and music from the wild feathers, with cleto and the cletones! and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> welcome welcome. thank you for watching. i appreciate that.


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