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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 24, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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can expect. amy? >> it is 4:30 in the morning? look at the parking lot at wal-mart, there are plenty of shoppers. are they the last minute shoppers? procrastinators? though are looking for good deals. this is an important day. retailers hope this last day brings in a big push to make the numbers for the shoppers. there are reports that say sales have fallen in the last these weeks. one tracking company puts it down do 3.1 percent down compared to this week last year according to shopper track. retailers are taking a hit because of discounts being offered and the free shipping offered by the online sales. it is the time to expect discounts. observers are saying they are here. they are deep. they are early. north of 50 percent already.
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sales usually that are seen after the holidays already here. retailers hope you are not finished with the shopping and you head out today and grab a last minute gift or two. another day left, retailers hope this day can make a difference. a historic night at candlestick park yesterday is remembered for one magical moment, the atlanta falcons had a chance to pull off an upset in the last minute but because of an 89-yesterday intersection return the 49ers were victorious and clinch add playoff spot. for fans, a throughing but bitter sweet night. now that story from sergio. >> the final regular season game at candlestick park ended with a bang but a couple of fans will not go home right away because they tried to walk off with two
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seats. they managed to make it from the main gate before they were stopped the fans say this was a fitting way to wrap up. >> we thought it was an epic experience because of the park. the game turned out to be epic. >> few hope it is not the last 49ers gale. >> will you be coming back? >> i sure think so. >> for a long-term fans, this is part of the fond memories built over the years, and a native has been hosting a tailgating fighter 20 years and is a produce son ticket holder. at one point we had 24 seats in the family with a last memories. >> the couple have hosted their tailgate party here since 1980. >> we have great friends. you have no idea... >> lots of memories. >> this tailgate started with just a few friends and grew to a day-long pre-game party. they are not looking forward to
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move. >> it is sad that over the years all the people that supported the 49 ares cannot afford it. author buying season tickets but don figures he will not see the same fans in santa clara as at every game here at candlestick park. >> in san francisco, for use 7 news. >> at park pack goes into retirement, levi stadium is getting warmed up. crews tested the jumbo ton by showing the 49ers game. here is the field in santa clara with the 49ers logo on kicking off for the first time in the fall. >> viewers are sharing memories of the candlestick park with fans saying nothing is better than a tailgate at the stick and a viewer who sent this picture says that is himself brighting on the field after the 49ers boat the bears for the nfc championship in 85 and says it was his all time best moment at candlestick park and want on to win the super bowl a couple of
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weeks later. send in your candlestick park memories at >> developing news today, the family night to keep an oakland girl on life support we will hear from an independent doctor appointed. the judge appointed dr. paul fisher to evaluate the 13-year-old jahi mcmath. doctors at oakland's children say the girl is britain dead after comply cases after a routine tonsillectomy. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row because i never know when they will pull the plug or make that decision. >> our hearts go to the family. we appreciate how painful and difficult it is for the family and the community support. >> the family wants to keep her on a ventilator. a judge ruled the hospital must hold off on discontinuing life support until december 30. >> police are look at surveillance video to help identify any suspects in connection with a bold holiday
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robbery in san jose mall. around 6:00 last night a masked man started smashing glass at the jewelers at the east ridge center that happened next to a line where kids were waiting do see santa. parents took off running in terror with their young ones including two sisters in law who watched it happen. >> we heard a shatter. i thought it was a glass bottle breaking and i saw him breaking one of the glass areas and everyone just started running. >> we started running. >> it was shocking. we might give up on santa. >> no one was hurt in the robbery. >> in a few minutes the 13th annual last chance toy drive begins, the young square restaurant collects toys each christmas eve starting at 5:00 a.m. and on christmas day, san francisco police and firefighters distribute the toys to the forgotten children. the mayor, police chief and fire
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chief will kick thing off this morning. if you want to stop by with a new unwrapped toy, they are located at powell on geary street. >> two astronauts are on the second spacewalk for replace a faulty cooling pump outside the international space station. this is a look from nasa tv as astronauts work to install a new pump to replace one that failed two weeks ago. on saturday, they successfully removed the faulty refrigerator-sized pump putting the task ahead of schedule but after the spacewalk, the accident allowed water to get inside the senate's space suit which could cause a drowning episode. >> alaska airlines is struggling to main than their schedule after pilots and attendants called in sick say the pacific northwest is affected by a very unusual cold and flu season.
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the airline has canceled 24 flights since sunday because of the labor shortage. >> southwest airlines flight from st. louis to kansas city had to declare an emergency and return to the gate. the flight 1091 struck a bird open take off from lambert st. louis airport and 102 passengers were put on another flight. >> parts of new england and missile are cored in ice making holiday travel treacherous, the storm is blamed for 11 deaths since saturday and the power is still out for more than 390,000 homes. at the peak, the outage left 500,000 homes and businesses in the dark and canceled or delays thousands of flights across the country. in college we had a similar situation with no power for six days. >> mike? >> i can see the national map it is not looking too good? >> it is clearing out with the big storm pulling off, but there
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is snow headed to denvers minneapolis and lake effect snow through the chicago area, but, so far, all of our national airports are running on time. we have our own issues back here related to winter. can you see from the east bay hills it is looking hazy this morning looking across emeryville to san francisco. all of us can expect poor air quality so those most expensive to fine particulate matter may want to stay inside the 17th "spare the air" day of season, the 26th of the year, yet another record. here is the day planner today: we will talk about temperatures that will run in the freezing mark to 48 degrees. from the north bay valley to san francisco, we will be 58 to 64 at noon, and 60 to 66, and we could threat an few record high temperatures yesterday setting one at oakland at 67. it will be silent tonight with just stars and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. now, as we head throughout the next couple of days, tomorrow,
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christmas, we are looking at mid-to-upper 60's so if the kids get toys they will be outside playing no doubt about it and we will taper the temperatures to low-to-mid 60's to above average by friday. now, the morning commute or wherever you are traveling. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, at 4:39. we will check the drive, and if you are headed out to lake tahoe, no chain control in effect. 88, 80, and 50, you are looking clear. if you want to take mass transit, a lot of the agencies are going to be running a local day schedule is set a schedule for bart, muni, with to delays, and e.t.a. is on holiday schedule and you can get free rides, though, on new year's. i will have more on that in a little bit. in san jose, here is a look at this, a box of delays the on-ramp to northbound 85 and hopfully that is no one's christmas present. we will see c.h.p. coming in and making a break can clearing
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everything out. back to the east bay, 680, southbound, away from highway 4, all is quiet and calm. >> stolen keepsakes and stolen memories, a couple make as plea for the return of yard ornaments with special mean they v. >> some customs feel victimized again over target
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covering santa rosa, berkeley and san jose and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> adventurous start to christmas eve at the international space station with the astronauts out this working on pump to replace it so they can get their cooling system working. it is looking nice from several hundred miles up there in space.
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>> the justice department is now getting involved in a massive data broach involving the credit cards of 40 million target shoppers. they say investigators from the attorneys general office will join the secret service to trying to figure out how thieves swiped account information between november 26 and december 15. more victims reporting fraudulent charges on their statements and some say they are having a hard time getting answers from target either online or on the phone. >> you cannot get through. there is nothing on their website that allows you help. there is nothing on the social media site that helps. >> target says necessity have more than doubled the number of employees manning the phones around the clock and says customers are not held responsible for the charges and at you will find tips from "7 on your side" on how to protect your credit and what to do if you have been hit. >> family in concord is pleading with the thieves who stole their
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garden gnom." because it has sentimental value, made by their daughter who was killed. >> i cut one head down and i put on this brickwork and set it right through. >> the gnom." s went missing on november 1 and one held a small potted plant. >> we looked over there and we said, the other is gone, too. i said how could it be gone you just watered it yesterday. >> they know that stealing garden gnomes could be common but they would not care so much if it were not made by their daughter. >> she was hit head on by a drunk driver open her motorcycle the. >> she left behind a must and three kids and to the father these gnomes she said when she was only eight. >> they were two peas in a pod and she used tocy, the apple
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doesn't fall far from the tree and show would laugh. >> they have so much sentimental value that he put on this sign asking the thieves to return them. >> i would like to believe there is still compassion in people that would go by, see that sign, and say, maybe we should return them. >> maybe, maybe, maybe the couple will make up and find the gnomes that mean so much to them. >> the owners of redwood city recycling plant hit by two fires say they will comply with a list of demands made by the city. in two months there have been two major fires at sims metal management. the company will have lee three people at the plant around the clock and will keep storm water bonds full to fight future fires and will allow unscheduled
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inspections by the officials. there were two after hour fires. >> toddler who was choking is alive and well because of two lapd officers. the two lapd officers were in the neighborhood and answered a 9-1-1 call yesterday in less than a minute. the parents tried to get hard candy from the toddler and did not have luck with a few hard slap on the back doing the trick. >> it is not what you want to hear in your routine but in this instance it was a beautiful crying sound. >> the officers had a christmas present after giving the toddler the gift of life. >> we will check with mike if a look at the christmas eve and christmas day forecast. >> you will not be hauling the coat around while you are shopping, one last thing to wore about but it will be murky. here is a look at the clouds
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hanging around and the haze. a few high clouds are out there showing up on live doppler 7 hd. there is no rain, though, in the forecast. we will talk about what is going on temperature-wise on the peninsula, at 36 in palo alto, and we have 37 in menlo park, and woodside is 38 and redwood city and foster city at 39, and you can see warmer around bell not and san bruno at 49 and warmest at half moon bay and offshore breeze, a light one, and 61 degrees and 51 in san francisco and mid-to-upper 30's in the north bay valley toward san ramon and 40 in concord and 46 in antioch and now, sfo shows we are flying on time this morning with no arrival delays and hopefully with the haze we will not have any delays if you have loved ones coming in. record warmth is the first forecast. "spare the air" day and more likely all the way through
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friday. it will be sunny and warm through the end of the week and well into san francisco. hopefully by the mid-john or late january we will get a change in the pattern but right now the medium-range models are saying not much in the way of snow for us or, rather, snow in the sierra. richmond will be 62 today, and oakland is at 66 with a lot of the high temperatures around 70 to 72 and we will be in the low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and a few upper 60's. tonight we dip in the same ball park and mid-40's. the gradient will push to the north and push the storms further to the north making it dry and mild. if you are traveling around, other than a few snow showers
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around denver, the eastern seaboard has been cleared. here is the seven-day forecast: temperatures are in the low-to-upper 60's with low-to-mid 60's through the rest of the forecast. have a great day? leyla gulen? >> everyone must be at the malls because it is green on the map showing top speeds. as we look at the drive from tracy to dublin, nothing but top speed so if you are hope wrapping the gifts, or you are out and about you have arrived at the stores. from antioch to concord, bay point, you are looking at 60 miles per hour commute. 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains is 24-minute
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delay and here is the drive to oak maze along 880 making it to 580, it is clear and accident free. >> at least 14 people have been killed and nearly 100 injured in a power will explosion north of cairo and the blast at a police headquarters in may have been caused by a car bomb. most killed were police officers housed inside the headquarters, with egypt's swum government including the muslim brotherhood of orchestrating the attack. >> utah officials are waiting to hear from an appeals court whether the state can stop same-sex marriage from getting married after the ban was declared unconstitutional and rejected the request to put the marriages on hold. hundreds of gay couples have rushed to get marriage licenses and experts say even if the federal appeals court grants the stay the licenses issued will probably remain valid. >> a new study has surprising
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news for pregnant women and why it may have moms-to-be eating a lot more...nuts. >> have you forgotten to bring your i.d. to the airport? no problem and why your facebook page could be all you need to
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good morning, everyone, what a gorgeous picture of san francisco with the lights on the perimeter of the building on christmas eve. we will tell you about the last minute shopping underway and look at the weather and traffic. >> hours ago before christmas santa has the all clear for entry into the united states and the department of agriculture says st. nick can enter the country start at 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. the agency has put the requirements in place if those bringing livestock across the border and the reindeer are
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"healthy." >> a san jose boy's t-shirt design is in malls across the nation. 11-year-old won a contest with hundreds to design the next t-shirt of lebron james. he picked the winner, himself, and the boy's school has the family flown to florida to watch a miami heat game. >> a lot of heat here in the bay area today, right, mike? >> the possibility of record high temperatures is out this again with our record high yesterday was 67 in oakland and that bests the 66 we had yesterday. today, you would have to get to 69 to tie, so, we are going to get close but not make it. temperatures are three degrees warmer today in concord at 64 and san francisco 64 and fremont and san jose at 66 and santa rosa is 68 degrees. rough surf headed to los angeles and san diego today, otherwise it will be smooth sailing with
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mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley and monterey and mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and palm springs. and a seven-day forecast forecast for tahoe, here you go, zero percent chance of snow with highs in the upper 40's to low 50's. enjoy the travel. no chain requires at lake tahoe because of the lack of snow and closer to home we have very good conditions across our roadways. look how green everything is. so we are at top speed. not seeing a buildup of traffic with a couple of construction projects and this is through the caldecott tunnel eastbound highway 24 through highway 13 to the end of the caldecott tunnel and you can see the red coming through and that means there is a slow down, and the second bore is closed, westbound traffic is not too bad and everything else is at top speed. san francisco to sfo is 11 minutes on 101 and 880, looking clear, north bound from 238 to
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the maze is 14 minutes and northbound highway 85 to san jose airport is, also, 11 minute commute. >> over to you. >> thank you, leyla, a study fines the more peanuts a pregnant woman easts the less likely the child will have a nut allergy, something like a vaccine. for the study they tracked 11,000 mothers and children from birth and they found pregnant woman who ate peanuts that or nuts growing on trees more than five time as month were less likely to have a child with allergies published in the journal of the american medical pediatrics. >> dozens linked to tuberculosis outbreak have tested positive for the disease in a neo natal union, with 59 showcases and two showed signs of being contagious. hundreds of babies, family members and staff at the unit this past summer were tested
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following the death of a mother and her twin babies from the disease. >> headed for the airport but forgot your i.d. in if you pull up facebook from file you could okay. the co-founder of a video website tweeted this, got to the airport, left my i.d. at home and t.s.a. allowed me to use my facebook profile and t.s.a. says it can use publicly available databases to verify someone's identity but the age stopped short of officially declaring a facebook profile an approved form of i.d. >> the 49ers end the era with an amazing victory but some fans took the celebration too far.
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yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning and merry christmas eve thanks for joining us. >> one our gifts this christmas is warmer than normal temperatures. here is mike. >> if you get a new sweater tomorrow you may not be able to wear it. or tonight. depending on your tradition. during the day, it will be warm and threatening a few records. >> clouds this morning with high clouds across the sky. that is all we are seeing on live doppler 7 hd. dry air again. temperatures today are going to hang out in near record levels with most of us in the 70's.


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