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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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be the 49ers last home game at the stick with a dramatic finish and fireworks at a san francisco landmark. >> the final day of one of the shortest shopping seasons in recent memory. ahead, we are in the east bay with the last minute customers and the deals they are finding. >> new this morning, clorox online, an oakland company is keeping tabs on what you post on twitter. >> thanks for joining us, and good morning. >> wish some of the bleach would wash that "spare the air" away, but it will not happen this week. we will check with mike and the forecast. >> we have a "spare the air" day and all of us should have poor air quality. sorry to start off on the bad note. clouds this morning in the mid-40's with the day planner hitting the upper 50's to low 60's so record highs and silent in the evening with temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's.
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in frost inland so far today. 40 degrees with partly cloudy conditions and a few high clouds and sunshine and above-average temperatures and low-to-mid 60's this afternoon and mild in the low-to-mid 50's during the evening and if you are out and about and near the coast milder this morning and mid-40's and a few mid-50's, hanging out in the upper 50's to mid-60's and gorgeous sunset at 53 degrees. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a stalled vehicle in the north bay, southbound 101 as you come to spencer where we have one lane blocked. a little bit of traffic is behind it and from sausalito to bart, muni, all on time and in good shape this morning but remember, tomorrow we have a lot of bay area transit agencies that are going to rub on a sunday schedule so make sure you check with me open twitter and,
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also, on the web site. eric? >> approaching 6:02. we started with a farewell to the stick if you missed it it was an epic pending with a last play clinching the end for the 49ers. he takes the 49ers to the playoff. >> he intercept add pass and went 89 yards blasting the falcons' home of a win on 49ers home turf and clinched a play off spot for our team. >> all that excitement was too much for some fans and new this morning, we are now learning how many people were arrested at last night's game and our reporter is at the sheriff department's with that story. nick? >> i can tell you there was a sell out last might and right now i am getting new information. we now know that at least one person was hurt and they are still making arrests.
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the numbers released tell us that this were 81 ejections and 30 arrests. most tailgateers started early and displayed the red and gold, fired up the grill and hung out with friends and prepared for an weric game with a sold out candlestick park. thousands showed up to pay respects before the 53 yield stadium is torn down. >> we had 24 seats in the family. we have a lot memories. >> it is really sad. over the years all the people that supported the 49ers cannot afford it now. >> in celebration form, there were fireworks, with most fans behaving heeded the message repeated by officials before the game: respect the stick. a few fans would find they willselves spending the night in a holding cell thinking it was a good idea to swipe seats from the stick and made it out of main game and as far as the
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parking lot before the police caught up we now have learned, again, there were 81 ejections and seven citations and 30 arrests. police have not said what the citations were but some were for alcohol and the test of signs from the stick. some are still being investigated so they have not shared more on that stats. >> fans could not get enough 49 football and packed the bars to want final regular season game at candlestick park going wild with sports bar in sight of the park. >> it is sad. we have been wishing the day would not come. bedon't have a choice. but home is where the heart is. i have been here since 1971 when the 49ers came here 20 play, my father and i came, i was a little girl.
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>> many fans hope for one more game at the stick in the playoffs. >> the goodbye to the stick is making national news the cover of "usa today" "candlestick was found by greatness." we want to see your memories by sending them to us at >> new this morning, a 4.3 earthquake struck northern california and hit at 2:28 offshore at 38 miles southwest of eureka and there is no report of damage or injuries. >> happening now, look for deeper discounts in stores today as retailers try to improve on lackluster sales. new figures this morning show that the retail sales are down 3.1 percent in a year ago which does not include online sales. the season was off to a strong start in november but figures have fallen. retailers may slash prizes for
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after christmas sales starting today. amy hollyfield will have more in a report in 30 minutes. >> san jose is expected to appeal a judge's ruling against the voter approve pension reform plan which forces city worker to pay more into the pension and retirement health benefits or accept a lower pension. the city's police and firefighters challenged it. yesterday, the judge declared measure b i will health but also ruled the to i could make up for savings expected from the pension reductions by cutting salaries. the ruling could set a precedent for other pension reform fights across the state. the federal government is giving americans another day of shopping for health plan through the federal website extended yesterday to today for anyone wanting coverage to begin john 1. california's health insurance exchange is offering a grace period for anyone who tried it sign up before yesterday's deadline but couldn't. officials will not say how long the grace period lasts.
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20,000 people were signing up a day as the deadline aetch positived. >> police are hoping just released surveillance video will help them find more witnesses and victims of a driver who plowed his car interest a san jose wal-mart. you may remember this in march at the wal-mart on for road. you can see in the video released people were running for their lives as the car crashes through the store. the driver got out and started attacking customers with a club until they subdued him and now police are trying to bolster their case against the man they arrested. he faces 12 counts including two attempted murder charges. >> kitten stolen from a san francisco animal shelter is reunited with the owners today. arizona was stolen from the animal care and control center but fund up sunday united at a hotel on market street. managers saw news of the theft on tv and called authorities when arizona showed up in a common use bathroom.
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arizona is in good shape and the be spayed this morning and go home with the family who adopted her before she was taken. >> now the christmas eve forecast: you can fought burn wood today. that would be a perfect ending, norman rockefeller type of holiday for you, with everyone around the fire but not going to hand. the air quality is too poor and actually it will be poor everywhere today something we have not seen so far this year with our prefer we 16 winter "spare the air" alerts. burning of wood banned until midnight but nothing else. the bay bridge is on the right and it looks beautiful, and 24 hour temperature change, all of us are the same, at 67 in oakland and one to one one to ts mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow and
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if you are outside low-to-mid 60's well warmer than average. >> a jog to work off the christmas deliciousness. >> the fudge. >> fudge, yes, absolutely. i enjoy someone who got some fudge. enjoy. >> good morning, everyone, as we look at the bay area we have quiet conditions and if you are headed out to lake tahoe no chain controls in effect because there is no snow. over to wood side, southbound 280 at highway 84 a rot of a car versus a deer so be very careful and lots of deer that cross other the freeways so drive with caution. eric and matt? >> thank you, new this morning, the pontiff's popularity and what american catholics are saying about pope francis as he is ready for the first christmas mass. >> bay area company is paying tax to your online activity, the reason clorox is very interested
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in your messages that are 140 characters or less. >> a technical titan joins the "house of mouse," and how disney stock is doing
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covering santa clara, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the bridge is a reminder, you still have driving to do to fight the last minute christmas gifts. it is christmas eve. more on the remark and the forecast ahead. >> three skiers in utah are lucky to be alive after being partly buried as they were skiing. rescuers dug out all three who were not injured. a resport sam says the slide was accidentally triggered by a skier. they say it is unusual to have inbound avalanche in the area. 9" of snow fell in the area over
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the weekend. >> pope francis will celebrate his christmas at the vatican and according to a new pole american catholics are happy he is at the helm of the church. 88 percent of catholics aprove of how the pontiff is handling the role nine months into the papacy. the poll shows that non-catholics are happy with pope francis and 72 percent of americans catholic or not have a favorable view. >> alaska airlines is struggling to main than their schedules after pilots and flight attendants called in sick saying the pacific northwest is affect ed by a cold and flu season canceling 24 flights. we just checked and the airline is not reporting any delays so for this morning. >> new this morning if you go on-line to complain of coughing, body aches or other flu like symptoms a company is paying attention. the "wall street journal" reports that clorox is among the many companies now tracking
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tweets that mention flu symptoms and many twitter users list the city and state where they live so it is possible to identify areas where rout breaks occur. the company notifies the stores to make sure they are well stocked with their products including wipes. this is the second year in a row that clorox has mine the twitter for information after a similar of the last year boosted sales. >> apple fans, there could be something new for you with the latest rumors suggesting a new larger ipad could be in the works. the new version boast as 12.9" screen. they now have a 9.7" screen and the mini has 7.9" screen. >> santa bring you a new iphone or ipad? make the gift greater with the latest version of the abc7 app with a lost great new features
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including make the text as big as you want and use our new content feature so it is simple to send photos and video of any news at >> shares of the disney company are up 1 percent in after hours trading after jack dorsey is joining its door -- lose sight that it was started by a mouse. facebook c.e.o. has joined, and disney is the parent company of abc7. >> if we could sell our stock in firewood we would do that but it is not happening tone. >> no burning of the wood through midnight and possibly
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1:30 today there will be a "spare the air" issued for tomorrow, and that will keep continuing, probably, through friday. all that firewood stock in my 401(k), it is dropping. worthless. now. i need to get back into bricks. >> or other things. >> i need a new money manager. >> you need help. i will take over for a couple of minutes. >> partly cloudy conditions on live doppler 7 hd and that is keeping the temperatures up a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday so i am not seeing much frost inland and the coolest temperature right now is san ramon and pleasanton at 35 degrees and at stone ridge mall, that is one of the coolest spots and 38 in dublin, and 39 in livermore and walnut creek and we have 40's around concord and pleasanton hill headed to the mall that and lafayette is 41 and 47 in antioch and 42 at
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pittsburg. it is low-to-mid 40's around the bay shoreline and san francisco at 40. you may have forecast around novato which is a new temperature at 32. 35 in santa rosa. now, today, near record high temperatures again and a "spare the air" day that will last through friday. sunny all way through the end of the year and through the first week of january. low-to-mid 60's today the best chance of a record high at 64 in san rafael. as far as tonight, the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 30's mostly inland and a few low 40's and mid-40's around the bay shore and to the coast and it will be a silent but cool night. the high pressure shows it would, band north and it did, there is plenty of storms, one, two, three storms in the pack ocean but all them will be pushed to the north of us and that is why we going to be high and dry. they come right over the canadian rockies and go down the
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high plains and load for the deep south so you have temperatures like 43 in atlanta and ten degrees warmer but everyone is quiet, other than a few snow showers around denver and minneapolis and if you have people traveling tomorrow, it is quieter. so as far as airport delays, it is not going to happen today or tomorrow. back at home, it will be just as warm tomorrow, christmas day, mid-to-upper 60's and maybe noisy if the kids are outside playing with the new toys and low 60's by saturday, the cool of the day in the forecast, and, again, dry and above average all seven days. >> we have a report of an accident and it sounds like it is a solo vehicle facing the wrong way and is northbound 280 at highway 85, and, also, reported at foothill so it is within this stretch right here. be careful if you are going to be traveling through that area as you head into cupertino. to the north, though, we have a report of a wrong-way driver on the freeway in the wrong
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direction southbound along 280 and c.h.p. is headed out this right now and hopefully they can get things under control there but be careful for drunk drivers this holiday season. >> thanks, leyla gulen, the investigation into the massive data breach involving target customers is widening this morning. ahead at 6:30, who now is joining the case and the growing frustration for customers. >> first, are you looking if a last minute gift? "7 on your side" michael finney teams up with "consumer reports" to reveal the best senate phones hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments.
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now we will check with george stephanopolis and "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, at "good morning america" the new study that could be a game changer for pregnant mothers, what every parent should know about peanuts and pregnancy. >> if you are looking for a last minute christmas gift a smart phone could be the bay to go from droid to apple the choices are endless. >> "consumer reports" partnered with "7 on your side" to reveal the top part phone pick. here michael finney. >> good morning, smartphones are getting smarter and smarter and they have added a long list of
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features. "consumer reports" tested 100 phones so you can focus on what you need. >> buying a new phone? there is no end to the smart things these devices can do apple iphone 5s can scan to unlock the screen. this samsung lets you wave your hand to answer calls. sony has a phone that can survive a drop. >> the new phones do many things but you can get lost in the features. in our laboratories we have identified the essentials. >> high quality display is a must have. it makes surfing the web and watching video a pleasure. >> 4.5 itch used to be the exception but now we have bigger screens squeezed in cases that fit your hand. >> next, a good camera. no phone should be without a camera. >> they are improving and a lot of new phones have controls and
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2508s that make the pictures better. >> also important, battery life. what good is a gone that cannot keep up? >> some let you talk for more than 24 hours on a single charge. >> if you are shopping if a phone, "consumer reports" found many to recommend. >> with droid sax -- samsung s4 is top with great camera and long lasting battery. and the lgg2 has excellence display and super battery and apple iphone 5s is the best iphone yet. >> consumer reports tested apple's iphone 5c that comes in fund colors such as blue, grown, and pink, a less costly alternate to the 5s that share top notch camera and 4" display
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that is, length. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including the next step today in the family fight to keep a brain dead oakland girl on life support. >> the last minute shoppers are out and some of them may get rewarded for their procrastinate. i will explain coming up next. >> in the traffic center, it is quiet out there, we have had a couple of fender bender but mostly it is uneventful, although we have a local day schedule for tomorrow's mass transit with the details on that coming up when we a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities
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this is abc7 news on christmas eve. rooftop shots of a warmer-than-average san francisco and it really was hot at stick last night at 49ers played their last regular season game. we will show them what happened. a great victory and the nation is celebrating with "usa today" showing "touched by greatness," with a list of several things that took place over the years including willie mays and
6:30 am
beatles. >> we saw classic athletes plague at the stick the past 43 years. >> things are certainly heating up here today and we will be seeing some above normal temperatures today. >> if you want to see a log burning you have to pull it up on the computer or tv. >> absolutely. remember when they used to sell the vcr tapes back in the day? it is a "spare the air" day is the big story and all of us will be touched by poor air quality today as it is spreading through the bay area neighborhoods. no burning of wood until midnight so stay inside or go shopping. now, our day planner next 12 hours, 45 degrees around the bay with high clouds and it will be mild with upper 50's to let 60's and silent this evening with temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's. inland, no frost i have seen just yet but there could be some developing around novato with
6:31 am
temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's and low-to-mid 60's and piled 63 during the evening hours, and out at the coast we are looking at temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's this morning, and possibly topping out in the mid-60 by noon with a breeze dropping us back into the mid-to-upper 50's as we head from 4:00 to 7:00 with no burning of wood because of the pair spare. leyla gulen? >> it is 6:31 and in traffic we have this accident in cupertino if you are traveling along 280 northbound at highway 85 a single vehicle crash and c.h.p. is coming out and creating a breakthrough to move the car out of the lanes and open to the shoulders so much with out for that. we had an early stall, southbound 101 as you head through sausalito to spencer avenue that is cleared and you can see a little bit of volume head out of bound to the north bay. here is the travel along 101
6:32 am
from central san rafael, and we see extra brake lights as you make the commute in the southbound direction, northbound traffic is moving along smoothly and everyone is running at top speed. matt and eric? >> thank you, leyla gulen, happening now the last shopping day before christmas. retailers are offering big discounts to make up for the less than stellar season. amy is talking to the early morning budget an hunters. >> it is early but procrastinators are out and this wal-mart is open. look how busy it is. people are admitting to us, yes, they did wait until the last minute. it could be a smart move. some stores have already started offering deep discounts and some retailers admitting sales are not where they would like. we talked to people who said they are spending less this year but they are pending, today, even up to the very last minute. >> i am a last minute shopper.
6:33 am
i don't like shopping. i always wait until the last minute. i like coming at this time of morning or late in the evening when there is hardly anyone here. the people we talked to did not wait because they are looking no deals, they just put it off. now they are just looking to get any gift under the tree on sale or not. they will have to hurry but they could get lucky, and get a deal. retailers are saying online sails are up but because of the discounts they offered and the free shipping they offer, that hurt their margin so today is important, and they are hoping the procrastinators can make this a merry christmas. >> historic night at candlestick park will be remembered for one magical moment, the atlanta fallen to the 49ers, with this
6:34 am
interception pass and going 89 yards for the touched guaranteeing the win other 9 falcons and guaranteeing the 49ers a playoff spot. >> despite the celebration, some fans took the partying a little too far and at 6:45 our reporter will tells about the arrests at the game last might and the reason why some fans had to be turned away. >> moments after the game ended the arizona cardinals took to twitter to express their pain as they realized their playoff hopes were sliding away. san francisco's win in a single word, for arizona to make the play 50s they have to beat or tie the 49ers and new orleans needs to lose to tampa bay and the saints are undefeated at home. candlestick park goes and retirement levi stadium is getting warmed up for the first game, and crews tested the jumbotron by showing the game, and sky 7 gives us a look at the field with the logo already painted on there. they kickoff for the first time
6:35 am
at levi stadium next fall. >> developing news, the family fighting to keep an oakland girl on life support has a week to prove he is healing, the family of the 13-year-old jahi mcmath will hear from an n doctor from stanford. doctor say the 8th grade is brain dead following complications from surgery to have her son it wills removed. the family wants to keep her on a haven't late and the judge ruled jahi mcmath will stay on life support until at least december 30. >> police are looking at video to identify suspects in connection with a holiday robbery at a san jose mall. police say at five o'clock p.m. a masked man smashed and grabbed at jewelers where kids were waiting to see santa. parents took off grabs their loved ones the no one was hurt. >> new warning going out about corner art -- con artists taking
6:36 am
advantage of vulnerable target shoppers asking for your account information but they are scammer phishing to get your account information which target already has. the justice department is joining the investigation to hackers who swiped account information between november 26 and december 15. victims seeking fraud it charges -- fraudulent charge are having trouble reaching target. target says they have doubled the number of employees manning phones an the clock and says victims will not be held responsible for fraud it charges. >> the 13th annual last chance toy drive is under way collecting toys at christmas eve starting at 5:00 a.m. and christmas day san francisco police and firefighters distribute those toys to the city's forgotten children. the mayor and police chief and fire chief will be kicking thing
6:37 am
off during today and if you want to stop by with a new unwrapped toy go to geary street at powell. >> the christmas eve spacewalk taking place as we speak inth's orbit. >> new rules for the recycling plant that is the scene of nut one but two recent fires. the promises sims metal management is make. >> a look outside from mount tamalpais, a beautiful shot of the bay area on this christmas eve morning and we will tell you what the weather will be like for the last meant ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪
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♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. good morning from the roof at the east bay hills and a colorful sunrise. up 1,000 feet you can see at sutro tower what is happening. temperatures today could be warmer than yesterday at 67 this oakland. yesterday was a record, and today you have to get to 69 to tie a record. we are a degree warmer in santa rosa at 68. 66 in fremont and san jose. san francisco is 64. three degrees warmer than year. rough surf to the south but otherwise it is quiet. speaking of south, mid-to-upper
6:41 am
70's san diego and palm springs and mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley into monterey and check out the seven-day forecast for tahoe: highs in the upper 40's to low 50's and maybe friday a record high temperature but zero percent chance of snow the next seven days. sorry about that. leyla gulen? >> it is quiet and calm we have an issue we will get to in a m but, first, the bay bridge toll plaza where it is going to take you a short 11 minute commute if you are coming away from the maze to san francisco. the metering lights not on this morning. do not need to be. it is empty. this is walnut creek and nine minutes to the 24 junction with not a lot of country and interest san jose away from 101 up to cupertino, northbound traffic along 280 at 17, that is also a telephone-minute drive and we have a traffic break to clear an accident but all is
6:42 am
clear, otherwise. matt and eric? >> thank you, the owners of redwood city recycling plant hit by two fires say they will comply with the list of demands made by the city. the past two months there have been two major fires at sims metal management, and will company will now have three people at the plant around the clock and keep storm water importants if you will to fight future fires and allow unscheduled inspections by the city. sims will stop taking in scrap metal early in the day so it can be processed. the fires ignited after hours with materials wading to be shredded. >> tracking santa, the rules being bent if st. nick so he can make the trip around the world, but, first, at look at space, the critical spacewalk taking place right now to fix a major problem on the international space station. >> he is taking the 49ers to
6:43 am
the playoffs. >> first, the 49ers make an incredible play and it is what happened after that led t
6:44 am
6:45 am
covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:45. the 49ers wowed the fans at
6:46 am
candlestick park what was probably the last home game. >> some fans took their fun a little too far. our news reporter is at the sheriff's department with details. nick? >> good morning, we have no information and we have been in touch trying to get information this morning. one person was hurt and some fans had to be turned away from the game because the tickets they had were counterfeit. numbers released by san francisco police department say there were 81 ejections and 30 arrests. most started early in the day tailgating firing up the girl and hung out with friends and prepared for what would continue out to be an epic game and a sold out candlestick park. thousands showed up to pay their respects before the 53-year-old stadium is turned down. >> we had 24 seats in the family. we just have a lot memories at the stick and everyone that
6:47 am
drives up all these years will finally get a nice place to play in santa clara. >> the celebration included fireworks now. most fans behaved behaved and ld to the message repeated by officials: respect the tick. but a few fans found themselves spending the night if a holding cell. they tried swipe seats and made it out the main gates before police caught up with them. there were 30 citations and eight arrests. some sigh days were for alcohol and some were taking signs out of stadium of the the jail could not happen tell all the additional people arrested because of alcohol and some had to be taken to satellite facilities. we are expecting numbers from san francisco police department later today with more on >> thank you, knick, happening now, two astronauts on their
6:48 am
second spacewalk to replace a faulty cooling pump outside the international space station. here is a look from nasa tv, two american notes are installing a new pump to replace one that failed two weeks ago. cool pictures on christmas i've. on saturday they successfully removed the faulty refrigerator-sized pump but after the saturday spacewalk an accident allowed water to get inside one of the astronaut's space suits which could pose a drowning record. nasa hopes to wrap up the repairs today. >> trading is underway on wall street and we will look at big board. dow is up 37 points to 16,331 and reminder that the trading ends at 10:00 this morning because it is christmas eve. >> chase bank is besting daily withdrawal and spending limits on the two million customers who
6:49 am
used debits at target and can now withdraw $250 in cash using their card rather than $100 and bostonning the spending him to $1,000 from $300. they imposed tighter limit over the weekend after the data breach that left millions of customers vulnerable. >> the black market retail world is buzzing about the next generation of counterfeit hand bags called super fakes looking like the real deal but cost close do what you pay for the real deal, chanel that retells for $5,000 goes for $600. experts say counterfeiting encourages child label and funds organized crime. >> now, the weather, we have warm temperatures for christmas. >> today, tomorrow and through the seven-day forecast. hopefully we will be rid of the poor air quality.
6:50 am
most of the united states is very winter like. santa will like it here. >> we have 36 in santa rosa so no black ice. it is hazy. the clouds on live doppler 7 hd are high level clouds that will blow through today and make for a beautiful sunrise as we uplight the clouds. now, we will start in the south bay and we have 39 in san jose and saratoga and only to be colder in cupertino at 37, and 40 in campbell and sunnyvale and mountain view at 41 and 44 in am bull rock and 47 in los altos hills and the hills of los gatos it is 51 degrees. 40 in newark and 42 in san carlos and we have 40's in the north bay and novato is 40, and lafayette is 41 and san pa be low -- san pablo is friction. the sky is on fire this morning looking to the impending sunrise to the east with record warm the
6:51 am
today and "spare the air" probably through friday and it will be dry through the end of the year and possibly the first week of january. from the roof camera this morning, it is pretty picture, and everyone is touched by poor air quality today so if you are success sentibl to fine particulate matter you may want to stay inside through most of the day. i almost guarantee another "spare the air" day tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's is where we will send up today and a few upper 60's in santa cruz can cloverdale is 70. best chance for record high today is san rafael at 64. we set one yesterday in oakland at 67 and 69 today. mid-30's to low 40's inland and upper 30 to mid-40's for low terms around the bay and the coast. the high pressure is moving north and expanding and there are plenty of storms: one, two, three, all being depleted to the north and dropping in the eastern two-thirds of the
6:52 am
country. a weak one moving through denver and minneapolis and tomorrow, lake effect snow showers around the great lakes and maybe a sprinkle in seattle. staying at home, today and tomorrow the warmest days and probably the days with the worst air quality, mid-to-upper 60's and we are in the low-to-mid 60's through the forecast. >> where is santa right now? >> he is now in japan. >> he will be here soon. >> mass transit shows everything is running on time and ace train one and three are on time, and i want to warn you that tomorrow most of mass transit is going to run on a holiday schedule so check with your local agency. as we look at the altamont pass, it is top speeds and it is only going to take you 23 minutes from tracy to dublin and westbound 4 looking clear at 101 san rafael into san francisco at
6:53 am
16 minutes. >> speaking of santa, with hours to go before christmas, santa has the all clear for entry into the united states and the department agriculture says that st. nick and his reindeer and his fighter cover may enter the northern border port starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight, and the agency has waived the disease testing requirements for those bringing livestock cross the we border and the reindeer have been found to be healthy. the trails were tankers waiting for senator -- hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios?
6:54 am
love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. as we hand thing off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know: saying goodbye to the stick the thousands came to much watt 49
6:55 am
-- watch the 49ers beat the falcons. there were problems: police made 30 arrests and issued seven citations and 81 were kicked out of stadium and some were turned away with counterfeit tickets. >> after christmas discounts start before christmas as they try to recover from a shot are than normal holiday shopping system. they will try begin on sluggish shopping numbers. >> new warning going out this morning to already vulnerable target shoppers. the federal trade commission says watch out for e-mail that look as though they are from target but are from con artists trying to get you to give them your information. >> a new study finds more peanuts press women east the less likely the child is allergic to nuts. it is like a vaccine. "good morning america" will have brothers and cons of the study if a few minutes. >> a christmas eve tradition is under way at a san francisco
6:56 am
landmark: right now there is a collection for children in need with san francisco police and firefighters caltraining the toys tomorrow. >> since, check out this beautiful picture from sutro tower almost like the sun is exploding behind mount diabolo. we have poor air quality everywhere today and again tomorrow and through friday so no bumping of -- burning of wood, low-to-mid 60's. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open and quiet and it will only take you 11 minutes from the maze to san francisco. to the maps, here is a look at san jose, again, wide open with top speeds and no sheriff department to report but we have a small inbound delay at embarcadero on the subway. >> you would think people would take christmas eve off by look at that traffic. we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. and it's bitter cold on this christmas eve. windchills near 20 below in chicago. hundreds of thousands still without power for the holiday. that massive coat of ice weighing everything down. driveways and roads, now skating rinks. avalanche warning. three skiers rescued in a wall of snow at a popular ski resort in utah. almost a dozen incidents in four days. >> get me out. >> this skier, buried alive. rescued by his brother just in time. what you should do if you're skiing this holiday. breaking now. the high-stakes christmas eve spacewalk, 200 miles up to fix the space station. a real-life "gravity." all eyes on those spacesuits worn by the american astronauts. one joking he's looking for a sleigh and reindeer.


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