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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 24, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and it's bitter cold on this christmas eve. windchills near 20 below in chicago. hundreds of thousands still without power for the holiday. that massive coat of ice weighing everything down. driveways and roads, now skating rinks. avalanche warning. three skiers rescued in a wall of snow at a popular ski resort in utah. almost a dozen incidents in four days. >> get me out. >> this skier, buried alive. rescued by his brother just in time. what you should do if you're skiing this holiday. breaking now. the high-stakes christmas eve spacewalk, 200 miles up to fix the space station. a real-life "gravity." all eyes on those spacesuits worn by the american astronauts. one joking he's looking for a sleigh and reindeer.
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♪ joy to the world and merry christmas, everyone. stores slashing prices in the final hours. the breaking discounts right now, as santa takes off with his sleigh full of presents. we're tracking him live around the globe on this christmas eve. and good morning, america, on this christmas eve. we're already filled with the christmas spirit, thanks to our carolers. a lot more from them, coming up. we just saw santa. i think norad's tracking him already. >> yes. >> took off from the north pole just a little while ago. we're going to be following him all throughout the morning. he's over the solomon islands right now. it will be christmas in australia in about an hour. we're going to be tracking santa all through the morning. >> kids, the journey has begun. we have a lot of news to get to. the deadline extended for 24 hours for people to sign up for
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obamacare, after a huge crush of visitors on monday. and the headline about pregnant women and peanuts. a new study saying that eating them during pregnancy could lower the chances of your baby having a nut allergy. which explains all the reese's peanut butter cups and my kids not having any. we're going to begin with a big, christmas chill, freezing so much of the country right now. ginger is here with all of the latest. >> this is more than just it feels like the holidays. this is becoming dangerous chill possible. what i want to show you, the numbers this morning. give you and idea what is happening here. these are actual windchills at this hour. it feels like 22 below in minneapolis. it feels like 40 below in international falls. you say, they're always cold. but look at this. there are freeze watches for parts of florida, georgia. tallahassee feels like it's 35. atlanta, 21. with the cold, for some folks, will come a little peek of snow. that's going to be a white christmas for a lot of people, from minneapolis, parts of iowa, and yes, chicago. that's exactly where we find a
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bundled up alex perez this morning. alex, we worked there for a long time. it's a cold city. and it certainly is this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. according to our thermometer, it is about 3 degrees below zero here in chicago right now. in some areas, it feels like 15 below zero. some 95 million people are traveling for the christmas holiday. and many of them are running into an ugly, wintry mess. this morning, a treacherous mix of rain, snow, and ice is creating havoc for many americans and their holiday plans. from the deep freeze in the midwest -- to the dangerous ice storms in the northeast, where thick ice coats roads, trees and power lines. causing mass power outages, forcing families to scramble, right before christmas. >> we get a little heat from the stove, you know. because it's gas. >> reporter: more than 300,000 are without power in michigan alone, with crews working
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nonstop just to keep up. >> when they get one line repaired, now another branch is coming down, so it's just -- they're not really catching up. >> reporter: in vermont and maine, a similar situation. crews have vowed to work through christmas to restore power for thousands. >> we have employees who are delaying vacation time for the holidays so that they, themselves, can be here and be a part of the process to get things restored. >> reporter: and there's a lot of work ahead. those crews will stay all the way through the christmas holiday and work until as long as it takes to get power restored to everyone. it will be a long, cold day for everyone. >> it is. thank you so much, alex. the coldest day in nine years in chicago. not only with the snow, which would be the first chicago white christmas, you're going to have the air move east. we're not getting away with it here along the east coast. temperatures going to drop off. washington, d.c., 45. 36 by the end of the week. and look at this. new york city, we drop into the 20s. it's going to be very cold. cold christmas. >> huge difference from yesterday. >> yes.
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big drops. >> all right, ginger. thank you so much. and happening right now, high above the earth, two american astronauts are making a dramatic christmas eve spacewalk to wrap up some risky repair work on the international space station. their urgent mission, to fix a critical cooling system. and ryan owens has the latest from the johnson space center in houston. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, lara. that spacewalk now well under way. look at this. what a unique opportunity. we're inside the air lock here at johnson space center. this is where those very astronauts trained. they start here before they head out into the dark necessary of space. american astronauts rick mastracchio and mike hopkins start their work. the test inside their space suits, bone dry. they gave them a close inspection on monday, food who
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can blame them. one leak, one tear, and they are dead in an instant. i know you train for it. but is it scary when you're up there and there's nothing else? >> it is scary. it's a matter of just managing that fear. >> reporter: recent problems with those 35-year-old spacesuits have added to that fear. in july, an italian astronaut nearly drowned when water leaked into his helmet. >> i experienced what it was like to be a goldfish in a fish bowl, from the point of view of the goldfish. >> reporter: from part one on the spacewalk on saturday, a different problem with water in the suit. >> we want to dry that suit out overnight. >> reporter: plus, an astronaut kept explaining how cold he was. >> it's. >> translator: very, very cold. >> reporter: the american duo is hoping to finish their mission today, replacing this massive cooling pump on the space station. doug did the same spacewalk three years ago. he'll be talking them through it this morning. how much do you think it helps that fear to have someone like you in their ear when you've been there? >> it's the difference between night and day. when you hear a calm, reassuring voice.
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>> reporter: and here's another look, more than 200 miles straight up. you see one of the astronauts right now on tend of that robotic arm. what a sight. as one of them told me just yesterday, they hope by tend of this 6, 6 1/2-hour space walk that later today, there will be a brand-new cooling pump underneath the christmas tree just in time for christmas morning. lara? >> i hope they do. we will be following it all morning. george? >> thanks, lara. to president obama now. enjoying some down time in hawaii. his staff back in washington, signed him up for health insurance under the affordable care act. he wasn't the only one. a crush of visitors to the website yesterday caused the white house to extend this year's deadline for signing up to the end of today. jon karl is with the president in honolulu. he has all of the latest numbers. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. between health care briefings, the president has had a chance to get in a couple rounds of golf. but officials say today is really the deadline.
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if you want to have coverage by the first of the year, you must enroll today. that one-day grace period was granted because people faced long wait times on the website, as there was a crush of visitors trying to get in before the deadline. officials compare this to keeping the polls open on election day for a few extra hours because of long lines. they say that yesterday, there were well over 1 million visitors going to that website. that was a record. >> and, jon, the president signing up for this health insurance. he's already got the best health care in the world. so, what was this all about? >> reporter: well, the white house officials say this was a symbolic gesture. he does have the very best health care in the world. doctors and a medical staff that goes with him wherever he goes, even on air force one. what he got was the cheapest plan, the bronze plan. and it was individual coverage, just for him, not for the family. for this symbolic gesture, george, he will be spending $400 a month. >> thank you very much. let's get the other top stories from dan harris, in for josh today. >> hey, guys.
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good morning. happy christmas eve, everybody. we're going to begin with whistle-blower edward snowden declaring mission accomplished. the former insider ho has been busy leaking secrets about the nsa, the national security agen agency, tells "the washington post" quote, i have already won. in an interview from his temporary home in russia, snowden says all he wanted to do was give the public a say in how they're governed. that, he argues, is already happening. a developing story this morning. engineers in central ohio are trying to find out what caused a train derailment. this happened in chillicothe overnight, just south of columbus. 11 cars jumped the tracks. fortunately, there were no hazardous materials onboard. and nobody got hurt. overnight, we learned that the justice department is investigating that massive target data breach. as many as 40 million credit and debit cards have been hacked. yesterday, target's general counsel held a conference call with several state attorneys general. look at this wild new video out of a walmart in san jose,
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california. police say an intoxicated man deliberately crashed his car into this walmart store. injuring nine people. this happened earlier this year. but authorities are releasing this video now as a part of an effort to find more witnesses. this morning for the first time, we are hearing from a man who was wounded in last month's shooting at the los angeles airport. brian ludmer is right now in the chicago area, visiting his family for christmas. he admits he had some pretty anxious moments when he returned to l.a.x. the other day to fly to chicago. he passed through the same terminal where a tsa agent was killed and he was shot. >> he had shot me once. there was nobody else in the hallway that i noticed at that time. just me and him. and i remember staring at the floor. i remember the pattern on the carpet. and just expecting to be shot again. >> terrifying. he's had three surgeries on his leg. and there may be more in his future. the accused gunman is charged with murder. and attempted murder. and finally here, a crazy and confusing finish to a professional hockey game last
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night between buffalo and phoenix. check this out. the game is tied. the puck is up in the air. and then, it seems to disappear. but look. it has lodged in the goalie's pants. at which point he slides into the net. making this one of the strangest goals we have ever seen. the goal counted. the sabres won. we should say that the goalie, not happy about that. >> no. >> no. >> that does not seem fair. >> he says it's a violation of the rules. and actually, he may be right. >> how is that fair? >> he may be right. maybe the refs called it wrong. >> i wonder if there's a name for that. that kind of goal. >> yeah, i've got a lot of names coming through my head. >> i was so hoping i was baiting you. >> none of them could be said on national television. >> not suitable at 7:11. keep going. >> thank you, dan harris. keep us posted on that one. >> i'm on it. we turn, now, to a big scare on the slopes at a resort in utah full of holiday skiers.
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three of them nearly buried alive in an avalanche. clayton sandell is at lookout mountain, colorado, with the story and some important information for skiers on how to survive an avalanche's fury. clayton? >> reporter: good morning, lara. this morning, thousands of people are getting ready to hit the slopes this holiday. but finding conditions across the west dangerous and potentially deadly. this morning, three utah skiers are alive. search teams digging them out monday, at utah's alta ski resort, after they triggered an avalanche. the state's 11th in 4 days. no one was hurt. >> we know the risks up here. and it's -- you know, it's nothing to play with. >> reporter: slides can trigger without warning. watch what happens to edwin, skiing sunday in the back country near vail, colorado. his brother, davis, recording this dramatic video. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> what? >> that's edwin in an avalanche. >> reporter: davis speeds to the rescue. his brother, buried alive. >> help! >> breathe.
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>> dig me out. [ bleep ] i was really panicky. because it was basically like being buried neck-deep in cement or sand. and i couldn't move anything. >> reporter: experts say if you are caught, a swimming motion can help you get to the top or the side, out of the fast-moving snow. but if buried, try to create an air pocket to breathe. and always carry an avalanche beacon so rescuers can find you. but even experienced skiers and snowboarders are sometimes no match for the power of an avalanche. in april, five people were killed in colorado when this slope came railroading downhill at 60 miles per hour. at that kind of speed, that kind of power, you don't have much time. >> you literally have seconds to try and get out of the way. >> reporter: it may seem like more snow equals more avalanches. but experts tell us, more snow can actually cement and stabilize these layers. but for the next couple weeks,
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conditions out here could be treacherous. lara? >> thank you so much, clayton. incredible to see those pictures. avalanche beacon in your pack, if you're going skiing. we're going to turn now to breaking medical news. a new study with surprising information for pregnant women. it turns out that eating peanuts during pregnancy may make it less likely that the child will have a nut allergy. abc's senior medical contributor dr. jen ashson -- ashton with more on this. this is a big counterintuitive. how solid is this study? >> the larger question here, george, is whether a said behavior during pregnancy, in this case, eating peanuts or tree nuts, has a measurable medical outcome down the road. in this case, an allergy in the child. and the findings of the study found that pregnant women who ate nuts or peanuts five or more times a month, had a significantly less chance of their child having a food allergy than pregnant women who just ate them, let's say, once a month. this study did only show an association. it didn't show a cause and effect.
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but nevertheless, these findings are pretty noteworthy. >> would you recommend that pregnant women eat nuts? >> right now, obstetricians, pediatricians, allergists are all saying, go ahead in moderation. eat these foods that are considered allergens. there's no strict data that says you should avoid them completely. >> and how about if you suspect your child is allergic to nuts? or other foods. what do you do? >> see a pediatric allergist. get your child tested. if they are diagnosed with a real food allergy, make sure to have multiple epi pens all over. various locations. make sure people know how to use them. speak to your child's doctor about having other medications like steroids, benadryl, or anti-histamines on you or on that child. it can be scary and to be clear, life-threatening. >> thanks very much. and now, we turn to those very last-minute christmas shoppers, dashing through the mall. some department stores having -- staying open around the clock to meet the rush. and still, big, big sales out
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there for those who have waited right down to the wire. abc's linzie janis is here with all of the details and the deals. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara. the window for holiday shopping, closing quickly. retailers are doing everything they can to get us through the doors, one last time. we're here at best buy, where stores are open nationwide until 6:00 p.m. tonight. the hot deal here, a free iphone 5c, with a two-year contract on any carrier. one of the many bargains out there. oh, yes, it's here. the final shopping day before christmas. the sense of urgency is palpable. >> just got here. but i plan to leave with a lot of bags. >> my feet are killing me. >> reporter: while procrastinating may be stressful, it's likely to pay off, as retailers grow increasingly desperate to move merchandise. discounts are 13% higher than last year. >> backpacks, 50% off right now.
7:17 am
>> if you really look, you can really find some good deals. >> there's a sense of urgency to the stores. consumers in the stores on christmas eve, they're there to buy. >> reporter: according to shoppertrak, in-store retail sales fell 3.1% last week. the last full week before christmas. and foot traffic was down 21%, compared to last year. it helps explain the marathon hours at the biggest chains. toys "r" us will be open until 10:00 p.m. tonight. closing its doors for the first time in 87 hours. target will be open until midnight. macy's, until the wee hour of 2:00 a.m. another lump of coal in retailers' stockings. despite strong online sales, free shipping and lenient return policies may be why u.p.s. says it expects to ship 15% more returns. so can christmas eve, the fourth biggest day in the shopping
7:18 am
calendar, give stores the boost they need in? retail analysts say it's unlikely. and that means, even more, you guessed it, sales. >> typically the week after christmas can account for up to 15% of holiday season sales. >> reporter: the national retail federation says the average american plans to spend around $740 this year on christmas gifts. you might want to wait, though, until after christmas to add up your purchases and see how they compare. lara, you didn't spend more than that, did you? >> never. linzie, of course. not. george? >> me neither. seemed like a lot to me. >> it does. it sure does. ginger's here with the weather. >> i have to tell you. we've been talking about the cold that's coming in. maybe you're in elkins, west virginia, or new hampshire. and you know that it's going to be cold. what if you're in florida and you think you've gotten away with it this christmas? you didn't. freeze watches. and we're going to look for the temperatures this afternoon to be in the 50s, low 60s, to drop off. look at atlanta by tomorrow morning. just above freezing. santa will be seeing his breath for sure. it is warm somewhere. los angeles, close to 80 today. your local forecast, coming up
7:19 am
in 30 seconds.
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>> so it will be an easy drive to grandma's house. dallas, 53 today, if you're making your trip. and coming up, we're going to see santa ski and snowboard. don't go anywhere. >> looking for that. >> he's a very busy guy. also coming up, a world-record feat about to be set by 19-year-old american college student in the coldest conditions on earth. we're going to hear from him. also, the young waitress who did the right thing. returning a wad of cash, left behind accidentally. and the big reward she got just in time for christmas. and inside the superfakes. the high-end handbag investigation. what you should know about your new purse this holiday. and the miracle baby born weighing just 14 ounces. one of the smallest born in the u.s. now healthy, headed home for this christmas. ♪ this christmas and as i trim the tree how much fun it's going to be together ♪
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before christmas like today. let's find out how the traffic is doing out there. >> we have a little bit of a problem near sfo planning on making it out there for a flight. we have a crash. watch out for that causing delays. southbound side of 101 as we take you into the north bay, northbound side of 101, we debris in lanes. be careful of that up to highway 37. eric? >> thank you very mu
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. welcome back. check out the temperatures. mid-30s to 40s in both neighborhoods. check out the haze hanging around. poor air quality is possible everywhere. no wood burning through at least midnight. the way it looks downtown san francisco right now. temperatures about one to three degrees warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 60s. yesterday 67 oakland was a record. seven-day forecast, warmer
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♪ santa claus is coming to town santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town i know he is ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town santa claus is coming to town ♪ how do you like that? singing us into christmas eve right now. thank you, guys. a lot more from them ahead. we're tracking santa all morning long. norad has their sights on santa. he left the north pole just a little while ago. now over parts of new zealand and siberia. christmas has started to roll over across the globe right now. >> it's so exciting. >> i'm not sure how santa feels about this invasion of privacy. >> i know. >> a tricky issue for him. >> we can't help it.
7:31 am
we want to know every minute. >> i know. the paparazzi. >> he is santa. also coming up, the young waitress who did the right thing, returning a huge wad of cash that somebody left at the restaurant. and the big reward she got just in time for christmas. i love this story. >> it's a great story. and the next generation of high-end counterfeits. they're called superfakes. what you should know so you don't get fooled. an undercover, hidden camera investigation. coming up. we have a wonderful story for christmas eve. a little baby, one of the smallest ever born. defying all of the odds and finally headed home. all that coming up. plus, our one on one with leonardo dicaprio. >> that was my christmas present. looking forward to sharing that with you. now, we turn to that world record about to be set by a courageous american college student in the chilliest conditions on earth. dan harris has the story. he is a brave one. >> he is incredibly brave. this is a rough and risky mission. it's happening right now at the bottom of the planet. a 19-year-old american is expected to set a world record in a matter of hours.
7:32 am
and we spoke with him this morning. parker had been battling the elements in one of the most unforgiving and remote parts of the world for the past 19 days. on a mission this morning to break the world record for this journey. >> right now, we're close enough that i'm impatient. >> reporter: he's a sophomore from yale. and he's attempting to be the youngest person ever to ski across antarctica, with no outside help, except a truck that follows and broadcasts his exploits. it's a coast-to-pole trek that covers a span of more than 397 miles. a grueling slog through temperatures that dip as low as 89 degrees below zero and winds that rise to 55 miles per hour. at one point, they almost had to pull the plug on this mission, over fears that parker had hypothermia. all the while, he and his
7:33 am
partner lug 176-pound sleds, carrying the supplies they need to stay alive. >> we're pulling our sled, 11 hours a day. it could be through sunshine. or it could be through 40-knot winds. >> reporter: and even at the bottom of the earth, this college institutestudent's go-t, you guessed it, ramen noodles and oatmeal. >> new haven pizza is what i'm going to have before i get home. >> reporter: this effort to break the record landed him on "time's" 30 people under 30 changing the world list, parker insists his goal is not recognition, but instead, environmental awareness. >> through the research, we're contributing to better understanding the planet system. >> reporter: a little hard to hear him from the south pole. but you might have caught as soon as he gets home, he's having pizza. even after he sets the world record later today, he is going to return to the everyday responsibilities of being a college kid. when he gets back, he has a geo
7:34 am
chemistry exam to complete. >> aw, man. >> congratulations on setting a world record. >> is this going to count? >> for course credit? it should. >> and his face covered. >> typical college, though. pizza. >> a great, great story. we wish him a lot of luck as he heads to the finals. also love this story for the holidays. it involves a huge wad of cash and an honest waitress. and what she got in return for her good deed. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: samantha knight has been waiting tables nearly a decade. and never experienced anything like what happened last week. >> two different tables that cashed out around the same time. the first table had left money in the booth. i recognized the guy that was standing at the hostess stand. i thought that was the guy that had dropped the money. >> reporter: so, she gave him the money. all $1,000 of it. then, the next day, a woman called the florida restaurant,
7:35 am
claiming she was with the man who actually lost the $1,000. and as this surveillance footage shows, it turns out knight gave the wrong patron the money. >> i was crying. i felt really bad. i called the guy and apologized. >> reporter: the man who lost the money then contacted a local news station to see if they would air the surveillance video to see if anyone would recognize the patron who got the money. the very next day, in walked the man who mistakenly got it. he explained it all was a misunderstanding. and not only did he return the cash, he gave knight a $100 tip. knight called the money's rightful owner, who gave her an even bigger shock when he said -- >> it's yours. and he said, merry christmas. i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. called my mom crying. >> reporter: the waitress who is six months pregnant with her first baby, said she would have to work two to three weeks to make $1,100. >> i am grateful and appreciate the whole situation and the experience.
7:36 am
it brightened by holiday. made it a lot better. >> reporter: in turn, the restaurant is offering chuck, the man who gave knight his money $1,000 in restaurant credit. the season of giving full circle. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> love that. everyone wins. >> i want to go to that restaurant. never know. >> the man who lost it got lucky not once. but twice. just shows -- >> great. >> all right, terrific. and hold on. this just in -- we are tracking santa. the big man, well on his way in his gift-filled sled. over japan. there you see it. norad's high-tech interactive site. keeping tabs on his flight from the north pole. there's a twist to st. nick's trip not everybody likes. neal karlinsky explains. >> reporter: this morning, millions of anxious, pajama-clad kids are logging on to their parents' computers, to zero in
7:37 am
on santa's latest position. tracked by norad. >> big red one is moving over the arctic ocean with no problems. >> reporter: the same agency tasked with keeping america's skies safe. good, harmless fun, right? not so fast. >> santa is getting a security detail this year. and it really is sparking a christmas eve controversy. >> reporter: norad's fun, little teaser video this year, included this clip. a pair of military fighter jets, escorting santa. a boston child advocacy group pounced, calling it troubling. and arguing that the military might leave kids frightened that the beloved holiday icon might be attacked and shoot back if he is. the reaction to that is swift. and perhaps predictable. >> people on their high horses these days. >> reporter: after all, 'tis the season for controversy. >> i feel like we're getting upset for the sake of getting upset. >> there's nothing violent about this video. i don't see a mixed message at all. what i see is a situation that
7:38 am
they're trying to set up that is fun. >> reporter: norad this morning put out nothing short of a full general to calm any concerns over the militarization of santa. >> america, good morning. this is major general charles luckey, from norad. understand there's been a little bit of a discussion or concern about the latest website that norad has and the way we track santa. norad's doing what norad's been doing for almost 60 years now, making sure that santa's travels are safe and secure. >> reporter: fighter escort or not, the controversy can't last long. christmas is officially just hours away. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> i'd love to be in the head of that general. i got in this business to protect america. and here i am talking about santa. >> he at least has the right attitude. >> all business. >> it's his job. >> i love that's manned by military and civilian. all volunteers. they do it all night long. they said it's so worth it to hear the voices of those children so anxious to know how
7:39 am
close santa is. >> critical work. so is ginger zee's work. >> yes. >> yes, and you know, before santa, before we started tracking him on his christmas, he took a little prechristmas vacation. and he did this in steamboat springs, colorado. >> merry christmas. >> yes, that was santa snowboarding. all of that champagne powder. doesn't that look nice. we also want to check in on the west. they're going to be more mild. look at portland at 46. see these boxes? all that color. that would be air stagnation. once santa gets there, going to have to be careful. maybe wear a mask when he's flying through. because we have some air that's been stuck. salt lake city, 38 today. 35, boise. reno, right there. not too bad, either. they're on the southeast side and get the flow from the south. here's the christmas outlook. santa still flying. kind of awkwardly. meteorologist max loves that icon.
7:40 am
good morning. near record warmth again today. low to upper 60s but poor air quality for probably all of us. a pair the air today and possibly through friday. temperatures will taper a >> this weather report brought to you by progressive. and i have to point out honolulu. a lot of people do go on vacation. close to 80. a few showers. >> including the president. thank you, ginger. coming up, the superfakes. the high-end handbag investigation. what you should know about your new purse this christmas. and miracle baby. one of the tiniest little ones ever born. just 14 ounces. but about to go for his first holiday home. ♪ heaven and nature sing ing ♪ we use this board re car insurance rates side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ]
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7:44 am
welcome back. 7:44. and we want to tell you about a warning for all holiday shoppers. it's about the new superfakes. handbag knockoffs. nearly impossible to tell from designer originals. and they don't come cheap. we took our hidden cameras to the streets to keep you from getting swindled this christmas. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: knockoff designer handbags for sale, on the asphalt aisles of canal street. new york's semisecret world of count counterfeits. >> we all want bargains. we want cheaper things. so, we say, fine. i'll take a fake. >> reporter: not just any old
7:45 am
fake. the next generation counterfeit handbags. it's called a superfake. counterfeiting expert valerie gave me a pop quiz with a $900 louis vuitton handbag. and its superfake twin. >> which is the real? and which is the fake? >> reporter: this is the real? fake, wow. time to go shopping. fashion law professor susan takes us on a quest to score a superfake in manhattan's chinatown. we reject several garden variety fakes. finally, we're offered something special. a chanel bag. >> that's beautiful. >> that's nice. >> reporter: the real thing goes for nearly $5,000. a run-of-the-mill fake might cost $40. this one wasn't nearly so cheap. >> $600.
7:46 am
>> reporter: we haggled and got the price down to $430. >> all right. we'll do it. >> reporter: we are now the somewhat ashamed owners of a superfake handbag. >> no one has any sympathy for a big handbag brand. >> reporter: a little guilt might be a good thing for shoppers. you may care how much misery counterfeiters are spreading with your money. >> certainly, we have evidence that it's gone to fund organized crime. it's gone to fund terrorism. >> reporter: that's a lot of karma to carry around with your brand-new fake handbag. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> good advice. thanks, bianna. coming up, the baby born just 14 ounces. that's one of the smallest ever in the u.s. now, headed home just in time for christmas eve. and then, oh, a little christmas present for the ladies. one on one with leonardo dicaprio. >> you're not too excited about that, are you? >> i'm not. at all. and "the play of the day." a crazy, new twist on your traditional holiday greeting. keep it here. traditional holiday greeting. traditional holiday greeting. keep it here. which is why in here you'll find levian, the world's only chocolate diamond jewelry,
7:47 am
the open hearts collection by jane seymour, the leo diamond -- the first diamond certified to be visibly brighter. neil lane bridal -- from hollywood's premier jewelry designer. all this amazing jewelry and more in one place -- kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ maybe i'm wrong ♪ ♪ and nobody ever says goodbye ♪
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." ♪ angels sing hallelujah ♪ ♪ glory hallelujah >> feeling it? >> i feel it. >> that's ray nance and friends, singing us into a christmas eve "play of the day." wouldn't it be awesome if those
7:51 am
guys followed you around all the time. i'm working on that. in your head they do. let's do "play of the day." we're counting down to christmas tomorrow. this is putting a whole new spin on your traditional holiday greeting. these are iphones. 2,000 iphones, as they topple over. let's see the finale again. we have it in slow motion. at the end, you will see fireworks. and blamo. >> they've done this before. they did it one time with 10,000 iphones. >> wow. >> that is impressive. >> very impressive. >> you were impressive, pushing through that. >> you mean, with the music? they're just slightly as loud as the other voices in my head. >> we have a new update. >> there he is. >> over some sort of water. >> santa is over papua new guinea. >> santa is over papua new guinea. i've been to papua new guinea.
7:52 am
iday, don't get stuck at the corner of n] "oh! you got me something" and "oh...this is awkward." remember, walgreens has a great assortment of little somethings, and we're always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out. see you on your lunch break. swing by walgreens for lindt lindor truffles, hallmark cards, and more. plus most stores are open christmas day. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. thousands watch the 49ers snag a win over the pelicans in the final regular season game but there were some problems. police made 30 arrests and issued 7 citations. 81 people were thrown out and some with counterfeit tickets never got inside. here's mike with the christmas forecast. >> thank you very much. we have some issues here, too. spare the air day. no wood burning until midnight. low to mid-60s. 68 in santa rosa.
7:57 am
near 70 in sunnyvale. warm and dry. >> safe travels on this christmas eve. i have a report of an accident in san jose. you come right up to santa teresa boulevard and delay there slowing highway 85. northbound traffic not affected that the time. eric? >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america." see yo
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on christmas eve. so much to unwrap in a jam-packed holiday hour. starting with two of hollywood's hottest leading men. lee far doe dicaprio, one on one. >> outrageous. >> outrageous. >> get ready. >> and christian bale, here bringing the hustle. and there's still time to bake. good christmas cookie recipes you can start right now. with secret ingredients that will have your mouth watering. all that, plus, we're tracking santa, live. and our "gma" carolers here to deck your halls as our times square audience says -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪
8:01 am
our christmas carollers this morning. we're having so much fun in times square this morning. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> that's what's happening here in times square. we're also tracking norad. he is over australia. already delivered over 500 million presents. that is billion with a "b" right there. look at that hearty crowd out in times square. >> so fantastic. we wish you all a very merry christmas eve. and coming up, the miracle baby defying the odds. 14 ounces when he was born. now, he's well enough to go home just in time for christmas. his incredible story, coming up in a moment. lara asked me to discuss this next story because she can't talk about it without hyperventilating. but she's going to go one on one with leonardo dicaprio. and not for nothing. we also have an academy award-winner named christian
8:02 am
bale, telling us all about his role as a con man, "american hustle." >> great movie. we'll reveal the winners of our search for secret santa contest. as you may know -- >> there he is. >> we hid this santa. oh, he's very busy. >> he's making a list and checking it twice. >> we hid him around the set over the past few days. >> and we also asked him where he was in our studio. there he is with d.j. skribble right there. up to $500. we have a special surprise for someone in our times square audience. a special gift from "gma" for two lucky viewers. that's all coming up. first, let's get the news from dan harris. >> excellent. let's start it off with the severe weather in the northern half of america right now. people from the cascades east to the great lakes are socked in by heavy snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures. hundreds of thousands are people are without power. 11 people have died. up in space, two american astronauts performing a dangerous spacewalk. they are hoping to fix that broken cooling system onboard the international space station. nasa is paying very close
8:03 am
attention to their spacesuits. during saturday's spacewalk, one suit had water in it. and the other caused an astronaut to be extremely, perhaps dangerously cold. breaking news out of san diego this morning. two people shot outside a mall. man and a woman found in a car across from a macy's. the woman pronounced dead at the scene. the man was taken to a hospital. no one is in custody. pope francis will be leading the faithful at a christmas eve service today. people will be talking about his meeting on monday with his predecessor, benedict. the popes, and it's unusual to be able to say that word, popes, exchanged christmas greetings at benedict's residence at the vatican. now, "gma" would like to apologize for reporting the wrong price for an ipad air, 128 gigabyte at walmart. the correct price is $799. the ipad air 16 gigabytes is priced at $499.
8:04 am
we regret any inconvenience this has caused. and finally, do not wait. sign this kid up for a football scholarship right now. isaiah lawrence johnson arrived in this world weighing in at nearly 14 1/2 pounds and 22 1/2 inches. he was born in florida. mom and isaiah are doing fine. he is scheduled to come home from the hospital today. later on "gma," we'll be talking about that christmas miracle, the smallest baby ever born. >> 14 pounds, 14 ounces. >> 14 pounds. 14 ounces. that's a lot. >> a turkey leg. >> thank you, dan. "pop news" coming up. first, let's get some weather from ginger. >> good morning to you. and merry christmas eve. look at this party crowd out here. a 44th birthday. what's your name? >> julie. >> julie, enjoying her 44th. and my new friends from louisville. love it on christmas. let's get right into the forecast, though, because we have to check in on chicago this morning. boy, is it cold.
8:05 am
oh, my goodness. looking along lake shore drive there. a little fresh snow. there's some lake-effect, trying to be bands coming through. but it's all about the cold. it is sub zero this morning. windchills, 20 below zero. 17, the high. and then, that snow will come through. that's this afternoon, as it moves into the northeast. we'll get a little white christmas for some folks in the northern plains and great lakes. and how about a christmas forecast? christmas, florida, in the 30s. rudolph, wisconsin. all of the fun cities named after one of our favorite holidays here at "gma." we're looking across the nation. that right now is the big picture.
8:06 am
>> i have found one of the cutest kids ever right in the crowd. look at this little guy with his antlers. lara, back inside to you. >> so adorable. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first up, in "pop news," why billy joel has us in a new year's state of mind. and two "pop news" favorites are making an appearance today. and then one of the tiniest babies ever born here in the u.s. now, finally headed home, just in time for christmas. and the ingredients for a tasty twist on your holiday cookies. the secrets. we'll pick them out. all that and leonardo dicaprio coming up on "good morning america," here in times square. ♪ and wonders of his love ♪ and wonders of his love [ female announcer ] jared the galleria of jewelry presents
8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:11 am
every heart ♪ ♪ prepare him room and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing and heaven and heaven ♪ ♪ and nature sing joy to all of you this christmas eve morning. we're having so much fun with our carolers all morning long. roy nance and friends. singing "joy to the world." i sthing think that's a perfect way to kick off "pop news." >> one of my favorites. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. we begin "pop news" with this. he didn't start the fire. but he'll help light the flame for the biggest party of the year. billy joel, now announcing he will perform one of his classic hits just after the ball drops on dick clark's "new year's rockin' eve 2014." the piano man joining a lineup that includes, miley, macklemore and ryan lewis, florida georgia line. blo blondie.
8:12 am
enrique iglesias. check the big event, new year's eve, starting at 8:00 p.m. here on abc. and tomorrow, the christmas fun keeps on going. after "gma," at 10:00, 9:00 central, with disney parks christmas day parade. >> whoa, who's that? >> who is that? >> i know. i had the honor, i do mean the honor, of co-hosting this year's with nick cannon and the one and only neil patrick harris. along with -- >> are they dressed up there? >> no. there he is. that is a musical dance sequence. >> no. >> i'm not going to tell you what happened next. let's just say, there was dancing in the streets. neil patrick harris. it was great fun. great fun. >> the choreography. you got to do the whole thing? >> i'll show you, but not on camera. i had a very small part. i begged for a larger part. and they said no. please do join us for some christmas magic tomorrow, after "good morning america." it's the 30th annual disney parks christmas day parade. a great way to spend your
8:13 am
morning. >> yeah. >> congratulations. and finally -- a little holiday hello from two of our "pop news" favorites. >> more animals? >> yes. first, christmas came early for teddy bear, the talking porcupine. let's see what he found under his christmas tree. >> show me what he gave you. >> what did he say? >> he said corn. >> lara believes that porcupine talks. >> she does? >> just go along with it. >> two, three. >> he said yeah. >> you're right, lara. >> teddy bear. a moment of zen for you, starring our friend li'l bub and a yule log. the feline sensation has more for you and your family. it's called li'l bub's magical yule log, which is an hour of this. >> i could watch that and ease seamlessly into a nap. >> by the fire and purring. it's been watched over a million
8:14 am
times. >> wow. not surprised. >> thanks, lara. now, to the tiniest holiday miracle. a premature baby born at a mere 14 ounces. now, after spending the first six months of life in intensive care, comes the greatest gift his family could ever have this christmas. here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: he is their ultimate christmas miracle. >> it's a great feeling to beat the odds. especially, right in time for christmas. >> reporter: baby connor, who didn't even weigh one pound when he was born in june, is finally home from the hospital. >> i've been dreaming of this day for so many years. >> reporter: connor's parents, holly and eric, spent eight years trying to conceive. once they did, early complications forced a premature c-section. >> i didn't even know what was happening. they came into my hospital room and said, okay. we're going to prep you for surgery now.
8:15 am
>> reporter: connor sorensen was delivered at only 24 weeks and weighed just 14 ounces, becoming the smallest baby ever born at florida hospital. >> i literally took my wedding ring off, put it around his leg. and there was still plenty of room. >> reporter: his chances of survival, about one in three, according to his doctor. >> the doctors were saying, you know, some babies make it. but most don't. >> reporter: he underwent five intestinal surgeries, countless medications. but today, at 6 1/2 pounds, baby connor has beaten the odds and given his family the best gift they could ever ask for. >> it's a christmas miracle. >> didn't even get a chance to wrap any other gifts. he's the main one under the tree this year. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> wow. you think about the wedding ring. so small. >> so small.
8:16 am
>> didn't even -- it fit easily over his leg. that's extraordinary. >> mom works in the nicu. every time this time of year, it's so hard for parents. i'm so happy they get to see him go home. >> great story. what a year we had here at "gma." we're going to celebrate it right now. looking back at all of the fun, all of the performances, all of those unforgettable moments that made 2013 so special for us. take a look. >> hi. it's robin. and i have been waiting 174 days to say this. good morning, america. ♪ i love it ♪ i got this feeling on a summer day when he was born ♪ ♪ i watched it and let it burn ♪ i don't care i love it ♪ i don't care i love it >> good morning, america. ♪ always a good time >> carly rae jepsen.
8:17 am
>> yes. >> are you ready, matey? ♪ bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan ♪ >> gots to hide your crazy. >> that's the weather around the naked -- nation. >> are we going to brush past the fact he said naked in the first half hour? >> i think we might have to. >> "gma," weekend co-anchor, dan abrams. dan abrams. >> dan abrams will be coming up soon. i'll be dan harris. >> our weekend anchor, dan abrams. i want to call you dan abrams. >> thank you, diane sawyer. we appreciate that. >> there's something we call no follow-up. >> taking the month off now or after she has the baby. >> ooh, follow-up. >> i have a follow-up. >> you have a follow-up question? >> the follow-ups keep coming. >> i know. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls >> tlc. >> i feel like i'm in one of those 3d movies.
8:18 am
>> bears on the loose. >> the bear's in the pool. >> i got a buddy on my shoulder. >> a bird. >> my gosh. you're like snow white. >> a split screen and show you the similarities. >> blob fish. >> macklemore and ryan lewis. >> put your hands up, new york. ♪ looking for a >> want to have some fun? >> buckle up. >> when you know the song, lara spencer, you buzz. name this game show tune. lara spencer? >> i did it too soon. >> lara spencer. we buzz in when we know. >> okay. >> i don't know it. >> my button doesn't work. >> i can't hear with you talking. >> this is like me right now. >> that's a hot mess. >> thank you for playing, "name that cloud." >> buzz your buzzer as soon as you know the answer.
8:19 am
just testing, george? please don't buzz in before. george. >> mary wells, "my guy." >> no. >> run to you. >> no, you can no longer play. >> you're out. ♪ ♪ put your hands make 'em touch ♪ ♪ give me the feeling >> that was out. >> good morning, america. >> yeah! >> i never get up this early. >> jennifer lawrence. you look so good. >> thank you. >> you look fantastic. >> for the weather today, a chance of a sprinkle. >> we are. >> i believe i can fly. >> yeah. >> in case you need some other co-stars. >> look at sam. >> sam looks like he's on the run. like he's hiding out in new york as a weatherman. we all know he killed some people in missouri. he's not even gay.
8:20 am
it's all a -- ♪ we can't stop >> miley cyrus. ♪ we won't stop >> katy perry. >> kim kardashian. kanye west. >> macklemore. >> i see you. >> olivia pope. >> what did you do? >> george clooney. >> ron burgundy. >> veronica corningstone. >> one blockbuster you will only see on "gma." ♪ >> we need a response team. >> i call shotgun. >> i just shaved my mustache. >> i had no idea that lincoln
8:21 am
had a british accent. >> hot, right? >> you're on fire. you're on fire. ♪ it's getting hot in here >> nelly. ♪ so take off all your clothes ♪ >> it's getting hot in here. i'm talking about the fireplace. >> my fireplace is not on! >> now the back of my dress just popped. >> it popped? i dare say this is a tv moment. >> ole. >> "us" magazine. who wore it well? who didn't. >> one direction. ♪ i send you love >> i'm honored to take you inside the original reunion between service members and their loved ones.
8:22 am
>> this is daddy, sweet girl. >> the great "gma" car giveaway. >> oh, my god, oh, my god! this is wicked awesome. >> wake up the neighbors. we just won a new car. >> jason derulo. ♪ i won't be able to ask aloud i say, girl ♪ ♪ will you marry me >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> we have a yes. we have a yes! ♪ >> i pronounce you husband and wife. ♪ the eye of the tiger a fighter ♪ ♪ dancing through the fire >> high schools all across the country submitting their "roar" videos. >> i was truly touched. emotionally. i laughed, i cried. i was blown away by some of their creativity. ♪ roar, roar ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger
8:23 am
a fighter ♪ ♪ dancing through the fire >> hello, robin. >> i always knew this day was coming. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> we are excited to start our morning with you once again. ♪ i'm on top of the world >> imagine dragons. ♪ i'm on top of the world >> i share this morning, this day of celebration, with everyone. [ applause ] >> robin is going to be honored at this year's espy awards, with the arthur ashe courage award. >> thank you. thank you. >> big day here today because we are celebrating robin's first birthday. ♪ i'm a big girl now [ applause ] ♪ when the world is taking you under ♪ ♪ hold on just a little bit longer ♪ ♪ he knows this is going to make you stronger ♪ >> it's the first day of breast cancer awareness month. you're being so strong today. you're going to live, have a mammogram. never had that. >> i'm 40. i'm the age.
8:24 am
and i have been putting it off. you know i didn't really want to have that mammogram. and just a few short weeks later, words i never expected to hear. i was told that i have breast cancer. and having you to push me to do this, you said, you can do this. you saved my life. abc news saved my life. >> you saved your life, amy. ♪ early in the morning it's a dawn of a new day ♪ >> welcome back to amy robach. ♪ open up my eyes and open up my mind ♪ >> i'm thankful to be alive. and it's good to know that you get to be thankful to be alive. ♪ good morning, america >> let's have a party. >> party. >> ask and you shall receive. >> five. >> four. >> three, two. >> one. >> you all having a good time? ♪ ♪ don't stop the party
8:25 am
♪ y'all having a good time >> sometimes you just gotta dance. you just gotta dance. >> gnat's what i say. ♪ >> when i dip, you dip, we dip. >> none of us can dance. >> at all. not even that. >> we love it. ♪ ♪ don't stop the party >> hi. it's robin. and i have been waiting 174 days to say this. magma. no. that's for the christmas reel. i'm out. >> well, boy, did we get a lot in. >> that was a big year. >> my gosh. i'm out of breath from watching all of that. >> the milestones, the robin moments, just take your breath away. amy's journey and battle. and look. and now, the new year begins.
8:26 am
a new journey with you. >> many, many, messups to come that will make that reel -- >> we're taking notes. we're checking it twice. >> saw dan harris dance in that. >> a little cabbage patch. >> i tried to get that edited out. but it didn't work. >> thank you to the producers who put that together. did such a great job. amanda, jen, matt, liz, and seth. boy, they did such terrific work on this. thank you, guys. such a great job. be right back.
8:27 am
. good morning, everyone. i'm eric thomas. california's health care exchange is offering a grace period for anyone that tried to sign up before yesterday's deadline. officials won't say how long it lasts. 20,000 people were signing upper day as the deadline approached. an update now on the travel into work christmas eve. >> as we take a look at the drive into al bahny, we have a new crash at central avenue and one lane is currently blocked right now. clear conditions, though, as you continue that drive in the westbound direction. eastbound traffic also nice and clear and at top speeds. if you rely on mass transit, tomorrow everything is going on a holiday schedule.
8:28 am
check in with me on twitter. eric? >> will do. thank you very much. of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before.
8:29 am
safeway. ingredients for life. we are looking at temperatures mid-30s to mid 40s except for in san francisco, 48. half moon bay already 54. talk about the air pollution. all of us under spare the air and poor air quality for those most susceptible. stay inside today if you can. big story, otherwise.
8:30 am
there are above average temperatures by about say one to eight degrees today. ♪ o come emanuel ♪ ♪ that morn the lowly angel did hear ♪ ♪ until the son of god appeared ♪ so beautiful, live music, from our special christmas carolers this morning. tonight, a very busy night for santa. we want to let you know where he is right now. norad has been tracking the journey.
8:31 am
and he's making his way to the united states, george. >> got a ways to go. we both had our secret santa here all week long. and now, the time to reveal the winner of our search for secret santa. he's been all over the set in recent days. asking you about your favorite holiday traditions. based on our essay, we have a winner right now. congratulations to christian andros. how are you today? >> i'm good. thank you so much. i'm so excited. >> tell us about your tradition. >> well, we have a 18-month-old daughter, named jordan. we're starting out with our new family traditions. so, this year, she and i made a couple christmas cookies together, although she made more of a mess than help. we made christmas air pins for her hair and bows. and we're starting with christmas books. she'll get a couple books before
8:32 am
christmas, to learn more about the season. >> we hear her yelling in the background. where's mommy. you have a chance to win up to $500. we got a lot of people here in our times square audience. they're holding up numbers between one and ten right now. snowflakes. you have to pick a number from one to ten. and then, we'll find out who is going to help you win your secret santa prize. >> let's go with number eight. >> number eight right there. >> what's your name? how are you? >> chris. >> where are you from? >> i'm from minnesota. >> you're well prepared for the snow. >> absolutely. >> are you ready to get in there? >> absolutely. >> we're going to set the clock to 40 seconds. he's going to grab as many snowflakes as he can. we're going to count it up. each one has dollars written on it. and we'll find out how much chris wins. ready to put the clock on? let's -- go. >> go, go, go, go.
8:33 am
>> what kind of technique does he have here? >> he's using the sweater. he is definitely using the sweater. 15 to go. 15 to go. you can cheer him on. keep scooping. >> all right. >> good job. >> you look like you gained a little weight there. i think you're going to be happy. we're going to count up all of the flakes and tell you how much you won in a little bit. let's get a final check of the weather. >> my goodness. how exciting. i love games on this early tuesday morning. let's check in on that forecast because we've got a couple of twitter photos we want to share with you. you send them.
8:34 am
we put them on tv. and panama city beach is a little stormy when that was taken. just yet, mike took that in whitehall, michigan. lake-effect in full effect. feet of snow to come. and the warm front comes across the great lakes. chicago, 2 1/2. grand rapids, over three. that would be an extra white christmas fo good morning. near record warmth again today. low to upper 60s but poor air quality for probably all of us. a pair the air today and possibly through friday. temperatures will tape >> this weather report brought to you by abreva. savanna's here. what do you want to say? >> thank you. and "the wolf of wall street" hasn't hit theaters yet. but it's napped two golden globe
8:35 am
nominations. i recently sat down with star, leonardo dicaprio, about playing a crooked wall streeters during the '90s heyday. >> $26,000 for one dinner. >> this can be explained. we had clients. the pfizer clients. >> the porter house. >> the champagne. we had to buy champagne. and tell them about the sides. >> the sides. >> $26,000 worth of sides? what are these sides? do they cure cancer? >> we're so happy to have leonardo dicaprio with us. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> it's great to have you here. what can you tell me about jordan belfort? >> i picked up this book, seven years now. and i was fascinated of this man's account of his time on wall street. he was so candid and honest and unflinching. these incredibly embarrassing stories where he became incredibly self-indulgent. consumed a lot of drugs.
8:36 am
was with a lot of women. and became consumed by greed. ultimately, i felt he represented, you know, something about our culture. >> right. >> you know? and soon after the crash of 2008, i became really obsessed with making this movie. >> directed by martin scorsese. what is it with you two? >> i feel incredibly lucky to work with someone that i see as one of the great directors of our time, as one of the great artists of our time. he keeps challenging me and pushing me. it's fantastic. >> to be on a set where you're made to be just horribly decade decadent. was it a good time shooting it? >> it was a good time. i don't think marty ever had a better time making a movie, to tell you the truth. but kind of a disgusting world he lives in, on a personal level. i wouldn't want to do a lot of this stuff. but when you have no moral compass and there's no one you really need to answer you to, it
8:37 am
frees you up as an actor. >> i do love shoes. i wonder if you're doing ankle weights or something? >> i sprained my ankle. nothing serious. >> it's not a fashion statement or a tracking device? >> no tracking devices. no tracking devices. >> movie's not out. two golden globe nominations. is that kind of heady? >> for me, it's incredible because -- it was a miracle this movie got made. i'm really proud we got the film made and people are acknowledging it in some sort of capacity. that's cool. >> it sounds decadent. >> it's outrageous. >> it's outrageous. >> get ready. >> "the wolf of wall street" hits theaters nationwide christmas day. leonardo dicaprio. happy new year. happy holidays. >> to you, too. >> mazal tov. i'm here with some little christmas presents. all season long, we've been getting into the holiday spirit with a special effort to cheer children with serious illnesses. macy's teamed up with
8:38 am
make-a-wish for their sixth annual believe campaign, in which your letters to santa have helped make many sick children's dreams come true. take a look. the power of a wish. the spirit of giving. >> we're here. santa's got a lot of letters. >> reporter: the sixth annual believe campaign combines two powerhouses, macy's and make-a-wish, to help provide wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. this year's campaign kicked off right here in times square. >> santa's elves are already on the case. >> reporter: for every stamped letter that was written to santa and mailed at a macy's believe box across the country, macy's donated $1 to make-a-wish. and on one special day, macy's doubled that amount to ensure that even more wishes could come true. we saw firsthand the power of those wishes. >> help, batkid. >> reporter: batkid, saving a city in peril.
8:39 am
meeting teen adoll josh hutcherson. a princess dancing with a real prince. and baking with none other than the cake boss. >> high-five. >> reporter: just a handful of wishes among thousands across the country, bringing joy, smiles and hope for families. >> thank you, macy's. >> thank you, make-a-wish. >> "good morning america." >> so many beautiful stories. and here with us now for our grand christmas finale to this campaign, are macy's chief operating officer, marcy reardon. and the president and ceo of make-a-wish, david williams. >> good morning. >> marcy, let's start with you. i know you got more than 1 million letters. what does that mean to the amount of money you'll be donating to make-a-wish. >> we are so proud to say we will be donating $2 million to
8:40 am
the make-a-wish organization. >> what does all this money mean for your organization? >> it's amazing. there's 27,000 kids that are diagnosed with a medical condition. for every family we're helping, there's a family we're not. what a donation like this does for us is enables us to close that gap. >> martine, what does it mean for macy's? >> giving back is such an important part of the macy's brand. to give back to an organization, like the make-a-wish organization, it benefits children with life-threatening diseases, it feels so good to be able to help. and we're only making help here. but we're really proud of the work we can do with the make-a-wish organization. it's been six, great years. $8.5 million in total donations. we're thrilled to continue to do this great program. >> $2 million. and we've seen the benefits play out right here on our broadcast. thank you very much, guys. coming up, our crazy holiday
8:41 am
cookie challenge. the secret ingredient, putting a tasty twist on your christmas. keep it here. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪
8:43 am
♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell welcome back. oh. presents giving on this christmas eve. and we are rocking the holidays. right now, with some christmas cookies. unlike any we've ever tasted or
8:44 am
so we're hearing, we're joined by kelis is a martin, of tasting table. an online food lover site. everything you need to know about cooking and dining. she's going to put us to the test. we're going to try to guess the secret ingredient that gives these cookies the extra special something. be brave and dive in. what are we starting with? >> we're starting with these decadent chocolate truffles. truffles are great for the holidays because they require very few ingredients. and they're pretty fun to make. these have an extra crunch, thanks to an unexpected college favorite. can you guess? >> ramen noodles. >> instant ramen noodles. >> that's really good. >> and it's a great alternative for anybody with a nut allergy that wants to add some crunch to their chocolate. >> really good. >> so, for these lovely linzer
8:45 am
cookies, heads up. they have something savory sandwiched inside. >> it looks meat-like. >> it is definitely meaty. >> oh, no. >> give it a try. any guesses? >> pulled pork. >> close. it is bacon. specifically, bacon jam. >> really? now, i like it even though i didn't like it before. >> sweet and savory desserts are popping up all over. bacon's not just for breakfast anymore. >> so far -- we have adorable gingerbread cookies. but they have a twist. >> they look very friendly. but as soon as you bite into it, you'll notice he is extra spicy. >> oh, that's so good. >> so good, right? >> yeah. >> you know, i'll bet all of these cookies would be a welcome surprise. close, another spice. i'll just tell you.
8:46 am
it's -- >> sriracha. >> these are so good. >> they're so good. >> really spicy after they've been there for a little while. >> you will love these. >> there are three different types of ginger in these cookies and a hit of the hot pepper sauce to really round it out. >> loving the spicy gingerbread. >> which one wins? >> well -- >> i vote for ginger. >> i do, too. >> i always vote for ginger. >> all these cookies are really fun to make as a group. mix them in on a cookie tray for delight to friends. >> go to on yahoo! coming up, christian bale, one-on-one, "american hustle." ♪ the lord is come let earth receive her king ♪
8:47 am
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8:49 am
"american hustle" is one of the must-see movies of the year. it's generating all kinds of oscar buzz. it's packed with oscar winners like jennifer lawrence and star, christian bale. he sat down with josh to talk about it. >> it is fair to say oscar winner christian bale is having a good month. he has not one, but two oscar buzz-worthy films. "out of the furnace" and "american hustle," his second go around with "the fighter" director, david o. russell. it just opened this week. it means more christian bale to love, figuratively and literally. take a look. >> i feel like we have a secret, just the two of us. you know, like that thing when you just want to be with one person all the time? you feel like the two of you understand something that nobody else can. i could just tell her everything about myself. i never had anybody like that in my life before.
8:50 am
and i felt like finally, i could truly be myself, without being ashamed. without being embarrassed. >> a beautiful shot. beautiful capturing of a fascinating relationship. so great to have christian with us here today. a fictionization of the abscam sting of the '70s. i was struck by something, we saw amy adams say about irving, the character you play. never met a more charming character than your irving. this is a man who really wanted to improve his own life, not just swindle. >> it's what david and i really found to be fascinating about the piece. looking at it as dreamers. we would have a sense of our dreams and reinvention of ourselves. that's really what we liked about these characters. >> the reinvention of the characters themselves and the people playing them. he said one of his personal favorite things to do was to see
8:51 am
the stable. the bradley, jennifer lawrence and you and amy, disappear into new characters. >> we were doing something radically different. this is one of the most consummate con artists. but you have this crazy combover. who does he think he's kidding? it's like one ear throwing a lifeline to the other ear. it's a great contradiction that you get in good character. >> for someone who prepares, a obviously, as you do. is there a private joy in descending into the lives of the characters you're going to play? >> definitely. i really love having a job where i really get to investigate and meet with really fascinating people. >> what is the trauma on your body? at this point in your life of the characters you've inhabited? >> i've possibly gone a little too far. but it felt appropriate at the time, with body weight loss and weight gain. obviously, that's the case with irv. i saw this rolling ball of
8:52 am
momentum. and i wanted to achieve that. >> i would imagine that makes it all the more fun, all the more challenges. >> yes, it does. >> "american hustle," so incredibly worth it. christian bale, congratulations. so glad having you here. coming up, the finale of our like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines,
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and we are here with chris. he brought it home for the secret santa giveaway. check this out. $369. and kristin andros. congratulations to you, kristin. they're right there, with daughter, jordan. we had a lovely christmas eve. how about we end it with one more carol from ray nance and friends. ♪ joy to the world
8:56 am
the lord is come ♪ ♪ let earth receive her king let every heart ♪ ♪ prepare him room and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heaven and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ he rules the world and make ♪
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. happening now at union square a massive last-chance toy drive. collecting toys every christmas eve and then christmas morning san francisco police and firefighters distribute the toys to the city's forgotten children. if you can help, it's in san francisco. here's mike with the christmas forecast. >> nice to hear that good news looking a this. the grinch stole the clean air. in fact, we could have a spare the air through friday. temperatures near record highs again today. about, say, six to ninerees warmer than average with mid to upper 60s today and tomorrow. >> unfortunately, we don't have anyone with a holiday spirit here at this accident. westbound side of 80 at powell street.
9:00 am
profanities are yelled because of this accident. over to the should we are a kelly: twas the night before christmas when all through the house -- michael: not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. kelly: a mouse! [screaming] cocoa er: get your hot up arm blanket as we cozy for "live." from "the secret life of walter mitty," ben stiller is here. plus our studio becomes a winter wonderland with a new disney production. and kelly and her kids invite us into their home as they whip up a family holiday treat. plus some of hollywood's hottest stars share their favorite christmas memories, including jennifer hudson, emma thompson, mark wahlberg and


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