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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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can connect with us 24- welcome to "world news." on this christmas eve, holiday on ice. thousands of americans in the dark the night before christmas, the storm leaving ice an inch thick. the downed power lines, the crews working through the night. the other big holiday headline developing, ups just announcing some of those christmas packages will not make it. tonight their reason why. target, zeroing in on who might be behind the massive security breach, millions of credit cards and shoppers the target. on this christmas eve the new and troubling concern over your credit cards. the christmas message you weren't expecting from america's most wanted fugitive. what he said from russia and why it's angering washington and beyond tonight. made in america, a december to remember after so many of you picked your one thing, the workers thanking america,
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thanking you, but the new jobs created just in time for christmas. >> thank you, "world news"! good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this christmas eve. diane is with her family tonight and we hope you are with yours. if you have the power on and the christmas lights are on, consider yourself among the lucky ones because thousands tonight remain in the dark, and what's worse, frigid air is now on the way. temperatures dropping drastically as power crews from the midwest to the northeast work on this christmas eve, getting those ice-covered power lines back up. tonight so many families in the midwest turning to generators and fireplaces just to keep warm. traveling has not been easy for millions, some roads so slick and dangerous, look at this, cars sliding out of control, this pileup right here in ohio. we have team coverage tonight. where will it be a white and cold christmas in a moment here but first the pictures coming in
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on this christmas eve. we begin here with abc's alex perez. >> reporter: instead of holiday music, it's the sound of generators filling the frozen air in parts of michigan. at one point today, more than 300,000 michigan homes without power. crews working round the clock to make repairs. thousands forced to cancel christmas plans and sit in the dark and bitter cold. >> there's no place to stay. a lot of the hotels are closed. a lot of the hotels are without power. >> reporter: with the freezing rain, a 300-foot long power line covered in two inches of ice gets more than 2,200 pounds heavier, easily enough to snap that line in two. in the northeast they're coping with the worst ice storm they've seen in 15 years. near syracuse an inch of ice coating trees, cars and even homes. >> the scariest part of the whole thing was last night listening to the ice crackle. you could hear it crackle and the trees just falling. >> reporter: in the midwest, deep freeze, feel-like temperatures in chicago almost
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20 below zero today, the coldest christmas eve in nine years here. >> what do you got on? can you rattle them off for me? >> under armour, a sweater and my coat. >> and still feeling the cold? >> still feeling the cold. >> reporter: near cleveland that 40-car pileup closed an 11-mile stretch of i-90. slick roads and heavy snow in wichita, kansas had drivers spinning out and into ditches. in minnesota and parts of the upper midwest temperatures dropping to a bone chilling 30 below zero. in minneapolis even holiday cheer comes with a cold dose of reality. david, here in chicago and parts of the midwest tonight, the bitter cold will break and give way to snow that could lead to that white christmas so many are hoping for. david? >> alex perez leading us off from chicago on this christmas eve. alex, thank you. you heard alex report on christmas dinner likely in the dark tomorrow for so many across the country and of course the big chill on the way. i want to bring in chief
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meteorologist harvey leonard from the powerhouse abc station in boston, channel 5. always great to have you. this is tough news, power still out tonight for so many across new england. >> absolutely. 80,000 homes alone in maine and over half a million homes are still without power across parts of the midwest and the northeast. >> making matters worse, it gets very cold in the next 24 hours. >> it really does, very cold tonight and even the high temperatures that we're going to show you now for christmas day are certainly not that high. still below freezing in the northeast, 20s to around 30. atlanta will be in the 40s. cold in the upper midwest where it could be snowing across a good chunk of michigan. >> so many children waiting for santa tonight. who wakes up to a white christmas in addition to presents tomorrow morning? >> a pretty good chunk of the country. north and west of boston you have a snow cover, north and west of st. louis you have a snow cover. the upper midwest, the colorado rockies are snowy and the dakotas are snowy as well. >> harvey leonard, wishing you
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and everyone at channel 5 a merry christmas tonight. the other big headline here this evening comes from ups and this evening an announcement that will affect families from coast to coast. thousands of packages shipped from ups will not make it in time even if you were told they would be there, the shipping giant saying they're, quote, overwhelmed, saying the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network as demand was much greater than the forecast. millions of americans buying online this year, ups last week alone delivering 132 million packages, 300 a second. they're saying most of the effected packages will get there the day after christmas. this is the first time they have had to lay blame on volume and not weather. customers already outraged, some saying they placed their orders more than a week ago. to the other consumer nightmare playing out this christmas eve, new credit card worries as the investigation into the major breach at target now moves forward. millions of customers effected and tonight, are investigators getting any closer as to who is behind that? abc's linzie janis on the case
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again tonight. >> reporter: the man who broke the news of the massive target hacking my be zeroing in on the culprits. cyber security expert brian krebs showed us this black market website, known as a card dump, where he says criminals are selling stolen data from target customers right now. you can see how cards are advertised. by expiration date, the card holder's zip code, the issuing bank and the prices between $26 and $45. now krebs says he's traced the site to cyber criminals in the ukraine. he also says the people who stole the target data may have gotten ahead of themselves. >> so the bad guys are stealing so much of this information, they're having a hard time charging what they want for this information and they're having a hard time off loading it to people who -- enough people who want to buy it. >> reporter: and tonight victims of the security breach are being hit again. this time, scam artists posing as target representatives sending sham messages to
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affected customers, hoping to steal more personal information. target says it will post official communications on its website to help customers identify authentic e-mails. they say their team is working with the secret service around the clock through christmas to get to the bottom of this. in the meantime if you get an e-mail claiming to be from target asking you to input your information, don't do it, it's probably a scam. david? >> be very careful. linzie janis, thanks for being here on christmas eve with me. from the post office tonight a christmas surprise of sorts. regulators authorizing a 3 cent increase for first class postage stamps. 49 cents to mail that letter come january 26. we turn to space tonight and that delicate space walk this christmas eve, astronauts suiting up after concerns over their space suits, the red flags earlier this week. millions of americans who watched the movie "gravity"
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found themselves watching a real space walk unfold today. abc's ryan owens now with a fascinating view from space. >> reporter: one man alone at the end of that farm. >> his feet planted at the end of the station's robotic arm. >> reporter: 260 miles below him planet earth whipping by at seven miles a second. breathtaking doesn't begin to describe it. >> mike hopkins taking a special sleigh ride on this christmas eve holding the 780-pound module. >> reporter: astronauts mike hopkins and rick mastracchio risking their lives to replace a cooling pump on the international space station. that's hopkins holding it. it looks like a huge refrigerator. this is hopkins' first trip to space. the missouri native is a former college football captain who recently bragged about getting his first haircut in orbit. his partner mastracchio is a space walk veteran. this is the 8th walk for the father of three from connecticut. >> nice work, guys. >> reporter: it took two spacewalks, 12 hours in the black vacuum of space, but the
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duo did what they came to do. >> we have a pump that is alive and well. >> reporter: and maybe more importantly, they reported no problems with their spacesuits today. no water leaks this time. >> everything is nice and dry. >> best christmas ever. >> it took a couple of weeks to get it done but we got it. >> reporter: we are inside a mockup of the airlock here at the johnson space center. this is what the astronauts actually train in and just a couple of hours ago those two returned safely to a room just like this to repressurize. i think it is fair to say mission accomplished. >> two words we love. ryan owens, thanks very much. mission accomplished. as this played out tonight it was not lost on us what americans were watching play out in space 45 years ago, looking at this image 45 years ago tonight. >> reporter: christmas eve 1968, the crew of apollo 8 capturing this unforgettable earth shot, the image seen around the world. tonight nasa recreating that moment with this new animation. there was something else that christmas eve, a billion
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listening as the astronauts in orbit took turns reading scripture, genesis, to spellbound listeners waiting for christmas to come. >> in the beginning god created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void. >> reporter: those astronauts would end with a message that is as dear tonight as it was 45 years ago. >> and from the crew of apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a merry christmas and god bless all of you, all of you on the good earth. >> spectacular message all these years later. those astronauts farther away from home that christmas than any humans had ever been. we turn to the christmas surprise message from america's most wanted fugitive, edward snowden. in fact, snowden declaring i've already won. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with a new video tonight. >> reporter: edward snowden,
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the fugitive whistle blower, has emerged from the shadows for a victory lap. >> hi, merry christmas. >> reporter: in this holiday message recorded for great britain's channel 4, snowden is resolute. leaking nsa secrets was the right thing to do. >> privacy matters. privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be. >> reporter: in fact, snowden was confident enough to tell the "washington post" he has already won. >> reporter: the conversation occurring today will determine the amount of trust we can place both in the technology that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. >> reporter: to critics he's a traitor but his supporters say the christmas season has brought some good tidings. in recent days a federal judge has said the thinks nis collection program may be unconstitutional and the presidential task force called for scaling back some of the program, something the president said he's considering. >> for everyone out there listening, thank you and merry christmas.
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>> reporter: david, it looks like snowden's holiday giving spirit is far from its end. we're told only one percent of the material snowden took has been published. >> pierre thomas from the washington bureau tonight, pierre, thank you. from the vatican tonight a far more welcome christmas message, this one from a new pope celebrating midnight mass, his first as leader of the catholic church. here's abc's lama hasan now. >> reporter: under the majestic dome of st. peter's basilica, thousands gathering to watch the pope's first christmas mass. pope francis choosing his message of hope from the book of isaiah. people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. on monday francis visited his predecessor, pope benedict xvi, wishing him a merry christmas and praying together. another extraordinary image from a man who's captivated the world with simple acts of kindness and humility, welcoming the little
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boy who hugged him and wouldn't leave his side, embracing a disfigured man, even posing for selfies with tourists. and this week, reminding the faithful this season is about so much more than the parties and presents. tweeting, "christmas celebrations are often full of sound. it would be good for us to make room for silence, to hear the voice of love." on christmas day pope francis will deliver the traditional christmas blessing, urbi et orbi, latin for "to the city and to the world." before the unconventional people's pope what everyone really wants to know is how he plans to celebrate this holiday. david? >> lama hasan, merry christmas to you. back here at home tonight and to made in america, our christmas finale here tonight with your one thing made in america this year and if you thought it wasn't going to make a difference, wait until you see the jobs you've wrapped under the christmas tree, too. >> reporter: this year we set out to make this a december to remember, but we had no idea so many of you at home would make it the best one yet, thousands
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of you answering that age old question -- >> what would you like me to bring you for christmas? >> reporter: the answer, gifts, made in america. there was something we noticed right from the start. >> "world news" tonight? >> reporter: before we could even ask -- >> we're in. >> i didn't even get to ask you. >> reporter: thousands of you tweeting us, sending us your videos. >> everything we purchased this year is made in america. >> reporter: everything? she's still going and going. we reported here on clothing, those hoodies from american giant and after all those situps a knockout punch. in fact, since we first zipped up with them they have gone from one factory to five now. on this christmas eve they are comfortable, telling us their staff as tripled. then that message from the all american clothing company in ohio. >> we can trace each pair of jeans back to the american farmer to grew the cotton. >> reporter: you enter the code on the jeans and it takes you straight to the farmer who grew the cotton. you'll remember we tested it out ourselves, ordering up a pair of those jeans, put in the number
5:45 pm
and look, we met the farmers from ohio. >> hi, david. hi, america. we're the nickel family. >> our jeans are made in america. >> reporter: it was a snowy night on the farm. on this christmas eve, a new message. >> thank you, abc. with your support we were able to double our orders and hire employees. >> reporter: those are the new workers right behind him. >> thank you "world news"! >> reporter: those t-shirts with that american flag wrapped around their mission. on the left proudly designed in california. on the right something else we noticed, t-shirts they called the sawyer. i had to get one for diane. >> the sawyer for the sawyer. you are going to look good this weekend. >> this sawyer loves it. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one who loved it. tonight that t-shirt company telling us sales are up 300% since that report. that 30,000 square foot factory
5:46 pm
in detroit, made in america coming back to life. what are they making? the answer right in the reflection of that magnifying glass, watches made in america. this viewer hoping this wrapped gift from her husband will be a shinola watch. >> i'm hoping it's my very own green shinola watch. >> reporter: just a few more hours until she finds out. those elves at the north pole tonight facing stiff competition, workers back on the job in detroit and we wanted to see what they made. on the way the made in america team spotted. we won't forget the husband who told us his wife is in this year. >> i can't get to watch sports, man. i got to buy a new tv. >> she's watching "world news"? >> yes. >> reporter: suddenly we spot the showroom, proof that quality watches can be made right here. we had a hard time picking our favorite, this one or this one or this one. on this christmas eve, just listen. >> hi, david. we're back on the job. >> reporter: after "world news" reported on the american comeback -- >> crashed. >> reporter: so many of you at home crashing the website. your own merry christmas message for detroit.
5:47 pm
>> because of the amazing demand for shinola watches, our current plan calls for us to hire at least 100 people. >> reporter: tonight here their message for all of you at home. >> made in america! thank you, "world news"! >> reporter: new jobs created just in time for the new year. we couldn't have done it without all of you. there is still much more ahead on "world news" this christmas eve tonight. you've got to see what was captured on this helmet cam. this man rescuing his brother from an avalanche. why so many so early this year. later we take you to this famous macy's window here in new york with that famous headline, yes, virginia, there is a santa claus and tonight the tapes we discovered, the real virginia and her christmas message all these years later. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three.
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than 95 members of the air national guard back in time for christmas. we love that. we move on now to the mountains of colorado and the dramatic video caught on a helmet cam, an avalanche and one amazing family rescue. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: 'tis the season for avalanches. across the west, loose, unstable layers of snow are creating a new danger. davis lamair went skiing with his brother edwin this weekend near vail, colorado. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> what? >> that's edwin in an avalanche. >> reporter: suddenly edwin is buried alive. >> once i started sliding head first downhill it sunk in that i was in a big avalanche and it was really happening and i might die. >> reporter: on average 28 people are killed every year. three skiers were trapped just yesterday in utah. they are okay, like lamair, lucky to escape a force that can travel 60 miles per hour or faster. >> at that kind of speed that
5:51 pm
kind of power you don't have much time. >> you literally have seconds to try and get out of the way. >> reporter: and the deeper the snow, the less chance for survival making new technology like these airbags critical. this one saving a snowboarder by floating her safely to the top. helping make avalanches survivable when the mountain comes crashing down. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton tonight. when we come back the christmas stunner, thousands watching this moment, the case of the missing hockey puck. you are not going to believe where it ends up. we'll show you in a moment. where it ends up. we'll show you in a moment.
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it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! our "instant index" on christmas eve, the most unlucky hockey player in the world and the freak play you have to see to believe. it was an intense overtime in buffalo, new york when the hockey puck vanishes, hit in the air. it lands in the back of the goalie's pants. he does not know it, the players confused. then he goes back to hunker down, not realizing he just scored for the other team because the puck was in his pants. a lot of people saying that was a bad call. that was a rough christmas for them. to one christmas grinch who really did a number on a family in florida. burglars broke in, grabbed the presents, even the little dog but police there saving christmas. they've replaced all of the gifts. they are still searching for the dog. we'll keep you posted. a christmas surprise one mom wasn't counting on.
5:54 pm
here she is in new jersey with other nurses as they present her with a touching christmas card from her son serving in afghanistan. she tears up obviously as she reads about how much he misses her, no idea that the santa right behind her is her son. this is why it's fun to anchor on christmas eve. her son right behind her the whole time said he dreamed of surprising his mom. when we come back here on christmas eve, we peer into this is macy's windows in downtown town manhattan and that famous question, is there a santa claus, tonight the real virginia with a real answer. town manhattan and that famous question, is there a santa clause, tonight the real virginia with a real answer. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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[ male announcer ] new robitussin dm max nighttime. fast, powerful cough relief that helps you sleep like a baby. robitussin nighttime. don't suffer the coughequences. that helps you sleep like a baby. famous headline all those years ago declaring, yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. >> reporter: we set out to show all of you at home the famed macy's windows here in new york city coming to life every christmas. this year that famous newspaper headline from so long ago, yes, virginia, there is a santa clauses. the editors publishing that
5:57 pm
after a little girl asked is there a santa claus. >> i am 8 years old. some of my little friends say there is no santa claus. papa says if you think it, it is so. please tell me the truth, is there a santa claus? >> reporter: they answered that little girl in 1897, yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. years later the real virginia all grown up, still reading the answer she received to that question, this time to the next generation of children sitting right before her. >> yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. he exists as certainly as love and generosity exists. >> reporter: all those years later, virginia was still moved by what they wrote back to her. >> alas, how dreary would be the world if there were no santa claus. it would be as dreary as if there were no virginias. >> reporter: virginia o'hanlon would share her story through the years.
5:58 pm
just listen to this very serious radio interview we discovered. >> first we would like to know your reactions of your letter. >> i took the editorial literally but found it overwhelmingly convincing. >> would you tell us something about your christmas in 1897? was it particularly happy? >> my christmass were so very happy. >> reporter: tonight more than a century later, those windows in new york city telling her story all over again, virginia answering the most important question of them all. >> do you still believe in santa claus? >> i've had much reason to. >> she has much reason to and tonight the proof, look at the radar, the famed norad radar, santa in the air tonight. hope you've been good. merry christmas. good night. >> angry reaction to a christmas eve edict. officials impose another spare the christmas on the bay area. >> a murder of a prominent jewelry maker. >> and the family of a brain
5:59 pm
dead teen gets a second opinion. and the east bay family whose stolen gnoms are home for the holiday. >> well, extinguish the yuleh logs and stop roasting chestnuts. no more open fires. spare the air day declared for christmas day. good evening. i am carolyn johnson. >> and i am dan ashley. a fire in the fireplace is a christmas tradition. but air quality officials told us not to burn and the hazy sunset is y. there is a spare the air alert tonight and tomorrow, christmas day and not everyone is happy about it. they are live in san francisco with the not so jolie story.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: that's right, dan. it will not be a white christmas but it will be a smoggy one. it is a hazy shade of winter that hung over the region today. because of that spare the air alerts are held for christmas eve and christmas day. and to that, many say bah humbug. >> we give the gift of clean air. >> it is a smoggy day. air quality officials say don't even think of using your fireplace. spare the air alert system called. >> we have no wind or rain and it is capping all of our bad air quality and keeping it here in the bay area. >> everyone wants clean air but breaking tradition is a tough sale.


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