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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: that's right, dan. it will not be a white christmas but it will be a smoggy one. it is a hazy shade of winter that hung over the region today. because of that spare the air alerts are held for christmas eve and christmas day. and to that, many say bah humbug. >> we give the gift of clean air. >> it is a smoggy day. air quality officials say don't even think of using your fireplace. spare the air alert system called. >> we have no wind or rain and it is capping all of our bad air quality and keeping it here in the bay area. >> everyone wants clean air but breaking tradition is a tough sale.
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>> here are the complaints they received on the website. you people make me sick. it is christmas, people light fires. you socialist, you want to control everyone. followed by an expletive. people are frustrated and angry and feel like it is a tradition but people need to breathe. >> martha greases. if you go out there and try to do the walking and exercise, i am having a hard time broething. we need to spare the air. >> dramatic drop in fireplace. >> they are gathering dust and no one is buying. and in south san francisco, gas fireplaces are hot sellers at warm solutions. >> gas inserts are the way people are going now. people are afraid to make an investment in wood burning because of the spare the air days. gas fireplaces can run from 3- 5,000.
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it is a $100 fine and 500 bucks if it happens again. in san francisco, abc seven news. nmeteorologist sandy pateleis live with the dopson. how bad is the air looking. >> it is in a moment unhealthy air. and live dopson hd is tracking clear skies right now and emoriville camera, the vow and the wispy clouds and tomorrow severe air quality. and unhealthy and poor for the bay area and high temperatures today and unseasonably mild and contributing to why we have seen the stagnant air pattern. and 71 in the moffett field and a new record gilrod tide and it was mild and santa cruz, low 70 and 76 in san francisco and 69 in santa rosea. and i will let you know if you can do it for christmas day.
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mild and unseasonable weather and storms in sight before we close out at 2013. >> first degree murder came more than two decades after the crime and there is closure for family and friends for carren wong. abc seven reporter is in the newsroom with the story. >> the victim was a aspiring documentary film maker. for two decades, there were no leads or witnesses. >> karen wong was murdered in 1991. captain case went cold for 17 years. october 2008, otis hughes was released from state prison. two months later he was rearrested and charged with the murder of karen wong.
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they explain why. >> the conditions of the release he had to provide a dna samp and he will it matched the 1991 murder. >> joe toume was a homicide inspector working on cold cases. we got a hit it came back to a person by the name of otis hughes. it was mired in legal challenges in the appellate courts and finally yesterday, a jury convicted hughes of the murder. >> i am not joyful and it will never bring her back, but at least as of yesterday 5:00, there was a resolution. >> white was working with wong on a. and wong a local activist was profiled in the film. >> i was a member of the
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organization. i had been all of my dult life involved. >> light finished it. >> karen wong was raped and murdered in her apartment in san francisco. her slayer was never found. >> the film won an emmy award. two decades the unresolved death haunted family and friends. >> now, the story and the film finally has an ending. >> and now otis hughes will be sentenced next year. and the district attorney wants the judge to give him life without parole. dick lee abc seven nows. snrs a court decision will allow children's hospital to take a teen agent girl off life support. they went in cardiac arrest after a tonsilectomy. the partnerships tried to stop
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the hospital from removing her from a ventilators. this is why the legal fight is not over yet. >> i will have to therefore deny the petition that mr. dolanfiled. >> the judge ruled that which were's hospital doesn't have to cope the 13 year old on life support but will have to wait until december 30th to it remove her from the ventilator to appeal the ruling. >> the 30 at 5 o'clock p.m. >> and the decision came down to the independent neurologist. dr. paul fisher with the children's hospital. he examined her last night and found no response to facial pain or reflexes in the weres arms a legs. >> they are not opposed to her being taken to another facility.
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>> it is christmas eve and time for a miracle. >> the family's attorney said this case grabbed the attention of hospitals nationwide and raised significant legal questions. is death when the heart stops beating or the brain doesn't send a signal. it is before a child speaks in the womanb is it alive or not? >> the battle continues and the family believes they scored a victory for patient's rights. abc seven nows. >> a damper on christmas after o one of them plowed in a family. moments later the driver saw this. one of those sports car sticking out from the side of the home. it levelled the christmas tree and destroyed many dpifts.
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the driver of the red car went to the hospital and police cited both drivers for street racing. >> police arrested four people for a string of eight robberies. police did not release the name of the people facing charges but say two of the people are juveniles. stepping up security after a string of autothefts from the service department. two vehicles were stolen over the weekend and sunday night six cars were taken from the back lot of freemont toyota. it is called a crime of opportunity since the gate was left unlocked and three of the boosted vehicle were covered in oakland today. both dealerships are reviewing the security procedures. >> someone answered a local
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person's prayers. they pled for the return of stolen garden gnomes. that grieving family received unexpected holiday joy. here is johnathon bloom. noel. noel. >> the holidays are a happy time until they lost their daughter. >> carolyn was killed by a drunk driver and we haven't put up a tree or listened to music. >> she left behind a husband and three kids and garden gomes. she gave them to me as a christmas present. they were stole ep and we hadn't heard a word. i thought it is over a month,
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they are gone. >> i really thought it was a dead issue. they just showed up. >> yes, this morning. >> they were hoping for a christmas miracle and it arrived on christmas eve. frank was reading the morning paper and cooperate believe what he saw. they were standing behind the sign and looking at me. >> he carefully returned them to the rightful places. >> and wasted no time making a new sign. our faith in humanity is restored. >> i said god bless them because i believe that god had a lot to do with this. >> but janet thinks that someone else played a role. someone who wanted the family to have christmas again. >> it was like carolyn saying get on with life and enjoy yourself. i got out the christmas music
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and put it on. and we are back. ♪ born is the king of israel. abc seven news. >> and that is happy. >> and still to come on abc seven news. an east bay woman with a spirit of christmas. she could use more help. >> fair well to cappedle stick. 49er fans who couldn't bear to leave memories behind. sdmshgs big screen tv helps adults connect to the outside world. i am
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>> candlestick park is 24 hours closer to becoming a heap of dust. the 49ers played what is likely to be the last game last night and ended with one of the greatest plays ever. 89 yard interception return. it clinched the playoff stop of the 49ers and here's abc news nick smith with more. >> reporter: it is the morning after and frank refuses to remove the shirt. holding on to the memories of the place he loves as long as he can. >> i have a lot of great stories to tell about the place.
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>> reporter: he is not alone. tail gate ares shed the red pride before the face off with the falcons. fans wanted to pay the respect before the 53 year old stadium was torp down. most fans heeded the officials. respect the stick. but some may have gp out of bounds. >> got a few momentos for the closest. >> reporter: you will not tell us. >> no, we cope that in house. >> reporter: these fans wanted to it swipe societies and made it to the parking lot before the police caught up to them. there were other infractions. seven citations were issued and 30 arrest and one person was injured and more than a now fans spent the night in a holding cell for public intoxication. there were reports of fans turned away from the game because of counterfeit tickets. that was not the only mess from
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last night. the parking lot of the stick locks like a dump from the trash left by fans. >> five super bowls in a few short years and that was a accomplishment. >> they have been married and say the memors will last a lifetime. >> i hate to see the beautiful stadium go. >> reporter: the stadium is slated for demolition next year. in richmond, a mother and her family are working very hard tonight so they can work harder tomorrow giving gifts to the needy. that program is in a bit of need itself. wayne friedman is live with more. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. you are about to meet a family
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that personifies christmas. every year it fills with preponderates and it looks loc a lot, but they had hoped for more. here is the back story. we'll stop at the big gifts and put them in the bottom. it would appear to be a christmas dream come true. a room overflowing with parents and all given to the family to be passed through them. >> it is not about our family. it is about giving back. >> reporter: throughacs and deeds and heavy lifting edna and daughter and family spent the morning transferring the gifts to downstairs meeting room where they will organize and wrap and prepare to give them all away to the people in need. >> our family was on the other side as well. it is a blessing to be in the position to be a blessing. >> reporter: it was eight
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yearsing on in 2006 edna and her family were about to be foreclosed on. at that point they said this is a perfect time not to grief but to give. >> to take the focus off us. we roached out and helped someone else. and so, we thought less of what we were going through by helping someone else. >> reporter: that was the beginning of the family charity called christmas in richmond. look at what is becoming. they will give gifts and feed 800 people. she convinced hometown buffet to donate hundreds of meals and edna merely asked the general manager for a discount to supplement the money. the restaurant have.
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>> reporter: there is a down side. donations in 2013 have dropped. in previous years they filled this place. >> i am trusting and believing that the overflow is on the way. i know it is late in the evening, but i believe it is coming. >> reporter: if you don't see at this time edna campbell is a woman of faith and she will be here waiting even if it takes all night. wayne freedman abc seven news. >> they will collect them until 9 o'clock in richmond. >> hopefully will get much needed help now. we are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures. >> it is great. i am getting a new scooter for christmas. >> we have record warmth here in the bay area. i have to get a picture of dan
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on the scooter. >> i will tweet it. >> there you go. and of course, if you get out gifts tomorrow and get out and enjoy the weather, it could not be better. santa will have no problem. he will not need rudolph to guyed him. clear skies in the bay area other than the high wispy clouds and if you are expecting someone, no weather delays to report. and 60 degrees in san francisco and 50 in oakland and san jose. and upper 50s and you can see it across the bay in the east camera. 56 in santa rosea and napa and fairfold dropping in the 40s and so a little bit of a chill in the air if you are heading out for services this evening or tomorrow morning, you will need a coat and a jacket. winds are nonexistent right now.
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that is part of the problem and we have a land breeze and light wind toward the coast and what we really need is fresh ocean air to clean out the atmosphere. and mainly clear for christmas eve and spare the air continues christmas day. satellite pictures showing an area of high pressure and providing you with a dry pattern and goes on through the end of the year. and it is going to be mild tomorrow and if you want to head out to the beach and enjoy the sun, it is issued for wednesday afternoon and the entire coast line. there is a possibility of strong rip currents and waves and so be careful if you are heading out. and tomorrow morning, chill in the air and temperatures in the low to mid30s and inland valleys down to the coastal bay and in
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the 40s and start out clear and end up being a nice day for christmas. san jose and 70 degrees. and 71 in gilroy. and on the peninsula, and 66 in pacifica. and hard to believe that we are getting close to the end of december here. we are enjoying the temperatures. and 65 in the sunset district. and north bay, 78 in santa rosea and in the east bay temperatures will run mild as well. and newark and inland spots, hazy and mild 78 in san ramone. and cent in livermore and a look at the accu-weather seven day forecast sunshine and wrapped up for christmas day. temperatures will start to collittle bit friday and saturday. and more cloud cover and no rain there as we head in new years
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eve. it looks leak ringing in the now years with dry weather. nholiday cheer from wall street. ♪ ♪ (singing)
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>> the postal commission approved a $0.03 increase in mailing a first-class letter. the postal service is trying to
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boost revenue. starting january 26th. $0.49 to mail a letter. if you are an american express card holder, you might get money back. mong the offenses they billed for identity theft protection and charged monthly foes that put people over the credit limit. >> wall street, the dow gained sdoo points to set an all- time high for the fifth consecutive trading session. s&p 500 set a record. and tesslawent up six percent for the model s sedan. and the new york stock exchange ended with a song from darlene
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love. ♪ ♪ (singing) ♪ baby, please come home. ♪ merry christmas, everybody. ♪ god bless you. and happy new year. >> what a voice. it is amazing, gave me chills. >> powerful voice indeed. >> more to come. up next, a developing story. a bay area hepatitis scare. and a rare space walk. two astronauts unwrap a holiday gift for the bay area space station. >> and fighting the mission
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a warning tonight from san francisco's health department about restaurant patrons ma that may have been exposed to hepatitis.
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a food handler was diagnosed with hepatitis a and may have exposed people who ate or drank over the weeks. anyone who september december 19th could have been exposed. it causes inflammation of the liver. so a doctor if you are not vaccinated for help a. >> and the good nows for the crew of the international space station. an urgent mission to fix a broken cooling unit is a success. and marcy gonzalez explains the challenges this they faced. >> it is coffee and their mission complicated and now completed. >> everything locks good. >> two american astronauts, finishing this second spas walk and fix the cooling pump on the international space station. >> and there were minor are
6:32 pm
issues and a small ammonia leak for today. >> it locks like smoke coming out. >> and a bit of water getting in the space suit in saturdayy walk. >> we want to driveway it out. otherwise a dangerous task and perfect perfectly executed above the earth. and santa's only trek around the earth and getting the nasa in the spirit. nholding the 780 pump modul. >> it was the second christmas eve space walk in nasa history. the other 14 years ago. and during another mission exactly 45 years ago. the photo taken by apollo eight crew. >> it was the best christmas ever, thanks, guys.
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>> a third space walk was scheduled for tomorrow, since all of the work was completed today, astronauts on board of the international space station will take christmas off to celebrate and relax. >> well, deserved break. there are very few weather problems for those traveling by air on christmas eve. and that massive pile up in cleveland and they slammed in each other in interstate 90. and as bad as this looks, there were no serious injuries. >> and national security worker edward snoi depwill give the annual alternative christmas address in the united kingdom. it features offbeat mess amgs.
6:34 pm
he told the washington post that his mission is accomplished because it sparked debate on how far the u.s. government can reach on trafficking. >> governor brown had christmas eve pardons today. all of those granted pardons completed sentences and have been out of prison for a decade without committing additional crimes. one was a woman convicted of break nothing a house to steal food for her children. pope francis celebrated first christmas eve mass as pontiff today. thens crowded in the basilica to be a part of the service. he proached the importance of acceptance and humility and had a message for the cardinals and priests and asking them to it practice fraternal charity in the church and avoid gossip. >> some people need help all
6:35 pm
year long. an award- winning san francisco program expanded and worked to eliminate hunger. they show us how it works and you can help. >> christmas comes just once a we're year. this santa is picking up food to deliver to the homeless. >> you have mashed potatoes and green beans. >> the chef is with the catering in south san francisco and one of seven companies donated to peninsula food runners and restaurants and grocery stores and farmer's market and tech companies give trays of untouched left overs. >> it is some things that we have and can't use and will be left over. it is good nows to know they are getting good use out of. it >> santa is taking it to the safety harbor shelter.
6:36 pm
80 percent of the shelt ares benefit. and it is an off shot of the none profit that began in san francisco 25 years ago. and the founder told us about her simple and powerful idea. we are not asking them to give money and part of their profits or anything. don't throw it away but put it in the bag and call us. >> and it will not work. bon appetite. >> they collect 5,000 pounds of food a week and that trapsalates in 10,000 meals. no one should go hung row in this country and we have good food. >> makes all of the difference in the world between having a empty stomach and a full stomach. it is just a few months old and
6:37 pm
couldous more volunteers and donations to cope the spirit of giving all year long. this is abc seven news. >> and now if you can donate or vol tore to deliver it we have a link. >> making a big difference. >> seven on your side michael finny talks about a importance
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>> a sap jose home for desabled adults is struggling to make life epijoyable for the resident. >> this fall the tv set broke and they coptget it repaired and they were resigned to a gloomy holiday. >> until sen on your side michael finny stepped in to help. >> watching television is one activity to bring resident here together in shamrock house in san jose. >> it is a good thing for the household. >> it is a home for quad plegic adults that rarely venture outside.
6:41 pm
television brings the world inside. >> together the six resident watch movies and 49er games and reality shoes. the tv is important. they instead of living in it their rooms like a bubble they mingle. ntv and movie nights lift the spirits of the resident. >> it was broke and no picture or sound and the tv did not work. luckily the extended warpty was volid but only two more weeks. fer nando foiled a claim and a technician came. and the part was not that right part. >> another technician came with a part and it didn't work. a third and 40th. and the tv department work. and the mod if the house turned somber. >> they are in their rooms and it is not good. >> i found myself playing
6:42 pm
computer games that is boring. >> it was dark and no one was out here. just like there is no one living here at all. >> it was more sad during the time we didn't have the tv. we didn't have nothing to do. >> the warranty company stopped sending out technician. >> they were not going to honor it. someone told us about seven on your side. >> we contact # sharp and a ig insurance. and the agent agreed it should have been replaced and a few weeks later a knock on the dor. >> they were like hey, we have an e-mail. >> a ig insurance said a ig warranty works closely with its customers to resolve claims. after attempts to repair mr. ramirez's television in october and november. a ig warranty determined it would need to be replaced and it
6:43 pm
was. with's brand new sfo inch three d television and just in time for the holidays. >> it is done. they were all happy. they have a tv. >> thank you guys much. >> and the technicians that were not unable to fix the tv. but fer nando was entitled to coverage, why? he filed his claim before the expiration date and the tv made for a much nicer holiday for the folks in shamrock house. i am michael finny. seven on your side. >> and coming up next, the spirit of the season. the christmas delivery that will feed throw this happened people. that is just
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happy holidays to everybody. >> san francisco resident who need help dined on a prime rib meal in the glad memor yell church today. joe beth and his family from house of prime rib donated two this happened pounds of meat and that is enough to feed throw this happened people. the church partners with the restaurant to offer a free lunch of prime rib and screamed espn
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and mashed potatoes and desert. >> retailers are expecting tablets to be the gift of choices. you want abc nows app to be down loaded. they explain what is new just in time for the holidays. >> you know the abc news app is the place to go for all of the latest news. you can report nows when it breaks from your mobile equipment and you report is in the fingertip. >> you can bring the them to the nows rom and might so yours on air. >> you will have more control over the size of the font and scroll through the stories faster than ever. and get up to the minute weather. and watch the weather time. >> it is all on the now and improved abc seven news app. >> and available fro on itunes. >> and now our apps are easy to
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down load and go to abc seven >> and sandy pateleis back with a forecast that doesn't seem christmas like but it will be nice. >> it will be beautiful dan and carolyn. if you are hoping for a white christmas, it is not going to happen. there is no moisture to speak of other than high clouds passing through. here is your christmas day forecan have the. you will feel the chill and low 30s and 40s. and mild and sunny and short sleeve weather. and if you are traveling and heading down south. los angeles and 79. and 77 in san diego. really warm by december standards and 66 in sacramento and 51 in tahoe and 70 degrees in monterey. and pallo a lto and nothing but sunshine for christmas day and
6:49 pm
even beyond that cloud cover coming in friday and saturday. and no storms but just collar weather and we'll bulk up the temperatures in time for the now years plans on tuesday. we'll head in 2014 with no storms. we'll wait and see. >> larry beall is off this woke. and tough talk in the raiders camp. >> not just talking 49ers. coming up in sports. raiders head coach dennis allen had not so nice words for terrel's agent. and jim
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check it out. learning's fun now.
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hose who've been denied high speed internet. ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> it was intoad a fantastic finish last night and the 49ers shed up in lapt lapt and the
6:53 pm
final football game played in candlestick park. they recovered after it bounces by. atlanta went down to the ten and threatening to go away and germane breaks up the past and dowman returned 89 yards to clinch the victory and playoff spot. it was the perfect birthday present for jim h hardba rgh. i copthave had a better birthday present. i am shooting for a hundred. right in the halfway point. happier than a pig in slop. >> never seen jim smile so much. it is outside for vernon's vow. every woke we have special access to the 49er starting
6:54 pm
tight end. >> first time i think this year you haven't had a catch. how tough is that for a player who works that hard and not see the ball in your hands? >> it is tough, it is tough. i couldn't pout or get up set. that was my earlier days. i just move forward. because a win is more important than anything you know when it comes to the time. >> i don't know if you got to so them. they are playing good defense. that is not a give me. >> hey, that is what the league is all about. this is the nfl and everyone is good. and you can't take no days off. never. >> and we look forward to the challenge. >> we'll have another edition of vernon's vow and he sits down with mike shuman after the cardinals game and only on abc
6:55 pm
seven news. >> they blasted terrel pryer after they said he was trying to put them in a position to fail. he was starting on subpoena because he wanted to so him struggle and justify his decision to go with the quack quarterback in the past five weeks. allen called it the stupidest thing he had heard. >> no coach in their right mind. this is not the real housewives of beverly hills or made for tv drama and this is football. we make the decisions solely on that and nothing other than than that. >> and i am happy that the coach gave me the opportunity and i know for a fact the man coach alep is. he wopt do -- it never crosseded my mind that possibility. he wants to win and he talked about winning and we have a good game plan. >> warriors will not get
6:56 pm
christmas off this year and host the clippers and golden state is in eighth place and in three games of five times and mark jackson was asked about trying to emprove the position. >> when the schedule eases up and you have to capitalize and you are playing tough times on the rod and home and what have you. you have to make sure you cope your head above water and how we are playing right now. >> and the warriors will be going for the third straight win. and it was brought to you by orchard sploi hardware. >> and join me on coffee tv 20 and coming up. gifts delayed and maybe yours and why ups said you may not get your package until the day after christmas. >> witnessing loss and inspiring others to give. how an entire city's fire department came together to help a family whose home was
6:57 pm
destroyed. here in prime time, how the grinch stole christmas and followed by the full- length live version at eight time time 30 with jim carey and this is abc news. that does it for abc seven nows and it continues on twitter. i am carolyn jaups johns. >> and i am dan ashley. >> and i am dan ashley. thank you so much [ male announs are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a navy wife and stay-at-home mom from groton, connecticut... a legal secretary from surprise, arizona... and our returning champion, an actuary from hatboro, pennsylvania... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. 'twas the night before christmas, and our champion, larry white, was still savoring the big win on yesterday's "jeopardy!" program -- over $25,000. could happen to you, missy -- you, too, bonita.
7:00 pm
let's start finding out. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and now the categories. first off... easy. "d-u-c-e" is going to come up in each correct response. alex: larry, you start. let's try athletic cups for $200, please. larry. what is nascar? yes. athletic, $400, please. missy. what is the america's cup? yes. i'll take athletic cups for $600, please.


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