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another for a family of a girl on life support. a new facility is offering to take her. >> the question remains is who will perform the medical procedures needed to move her? good evening. i'm cheryl jennings in for carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. ama dates is live at children's hospital oakland with the late details. ama? >> dan, one of the hurdles that needed to be cleared for her to be moved has been taken care of. the coroner has given consent for her to be transferred to another pho ilt is. but there are still challenges the family faces and the toil is running -- the time is running out. >> he is a professional at this. >> the fight to keep her on a ventilator lead to a war of words in front of children's
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hospital oakland between the hospital spokesman and the family attorney. the family wants to move her to another facility for long-term care. >> if they want to move the body of this individual we will do everything in our power as long as it is legally and medically correct to help them. >> the hospital says certain requirements need to be met before she can be moved. >> one is they have a physician who will perform the surgery needed to transfer the body. second the body be transferred and third there is a licensed legitimate place that will take a deceased person on a ventilator. >> they may be willing to take her and they have spoken to children's hospital, but it required a traik tracheotomy and a feeding tube to be inserted to make the transfer possible. it is time to hash out the law jess sticks is running out. it expires on monday at 5:00 p.m. and her uncle is not
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giving up jie. we will have to go to court and buy time. we will do this by any means necessary. >> dolan plans to be in court on monday to ask for an extension and file a complaint in federal court. >> what this hospital is doing is telling this family we are going to decide what will happen to her even if it kills her. >> dolan says that is a violation of the family's constitutional rights. ama dates, abc us -- abc news. ac transit has ratified a new labor contract. this is the third agreement they have voted on in the past few months. you may recall governor brawn called for a cooling off period that prevents a possible strike. terms of this agreement have not been released yet, but the earlier contracts include pay hikes over the next three years and workers paying more for health care and pension. you know we need rain. here is how bad it is. california is now on track for one of the driest years on
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record. reservoirs are alarmingly low and farmers are starting to worry and so should you. here is alan wang. >> that is the dinner bell for the cattle herd. he has been feeding them hay every other day because the drought has left the pastures barren. normally he has five to six inches of green grass provided by mother nape. >> we are -- mother nature. >> we are feeding $500 to $sex00 every other day in -- 500 to $600 a day going out. >> they are selling out large portions of their herds. we could see a glut in the market 1k3* lower prices early on, but while the ranchers are regrowing herds and the supplies are low the prices could sky rocket. looking at folsom lake it is down to 20% capacity. people are ordered to cut back on water usage and many other reservoirs are below 40%.
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>> people in particular are the ones with the biggest concerns. >> right now the reservoir that supplies san francisco and other parts of the bay is at 70% capacity. >> right now we are not too worried. we will see what january and february and march bring. >> mandatory conservation orders will not be considered until the first. for now we just have to worry about food prices going up. alan wang, abc7 news. >> the drought could cost palo alto nearly $5.5 million. that's because the city would have to buy energy to make up for lost hydro electric power. palo alto gets half of the electricity from dams, but since the lake levels are so low less water is falling through the generators. if that continues it will force the city to look elsewhere for its power needs. >> for the 6th day in a row tomorrow will be a spare the air day in the bay area. it is the 21st coldest winter. the bay area quality says
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unless it changes this could be the new normal. wood burning will be banned and violators would face a $100 fine. $$500 if you are caught a second time. this is the pleasant by product of all of the bad air. the sunsets are gorgeous. the skies glowed in this deep hugh of red and yellow. our cameras captured these images. spencer christian is here with details on the forecast. spencer? >> the weather conditions have felt pleasant to us. a little cloud coverage today, but of course there are problems with this long dry spell. here is live doppler 7hd and most of the clouds have now cleared out as you can see on the live view from our exploratorium camera. our 6th consecutive spare the air day is tomorrow. it will have moderate air quality at best. and of course we have the drought situation. this is a look at the percentage of rainfall compared to normal for the season to date.
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only 15% of normal in parts of the north bay. they are closest to normal which is 44% in livermore and that is well below what is needed. we are hoping for some rain soon. we will have a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> spencer, thanks very much. new at 11:00, panic has turned to peace for a detroit mother and her son. the heart transplant resip yebt visiting -- recipient visiting for the holidays. someone broke into their rental van while parked outside the elephant bar. the thief got away with their luggage, laptops, musical equipment and medication smghts. sean is required to take it every 12 hours to keep him alive. >> he said we have been robbed and started walking back to the restaurant. i said man this could be bad. i don't know if it is easy to get. i get it from a mail in pharmacy. i am terrified. >> he had an enlarged heart
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and got a transplant at the age of 20. the immediate cation keeps his body from rejecting the organ. a local hospital gave him an emergency dose and a prescription to last while they record their new song for christmas. more than 1 million americans will lose their unemployment tomorrow. that's when the unemployment compensation expires. two senators, one democrat and one republican, proposed extending those benefits another three months. president obama plans to push congress to do so when it returns from its holiday break in a couple weeks. the abrupt cutoff will hurt comek growth as well as jobs. and there are new details about a san francisco killing that happened earlier this month. police arrested a 16-year-old in connection with a murder that happened on december 14th. investigators say a group of men tried to holdup a person with a cell phone. a victim complied, but police say one of the robbers shot him anyway.
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the bullet grazed the victim's face and then hit an accomplice killing him. they identified chapman as the dead robbery suspect. he was wounded, but he is okay. >> in the meantime, oakland police are trying to track down a robbery suspect who took a picture of himself, a selfie, with a stolen phone. here is the shot. police believe this man iseone of two people responsible for robbing a woman in august. they took her cell phone and a necklace that she was wearing. police say the suspect used the victim's cell phone to take this selfie. after committing the crime. they had no idea it would be up loaded on the internet through the cloud and available for all to see. >> oh boy. tonight the story of a san francisco police officer and her kindness for a complete stranger. sfpd officer encountered a homeless barefoot woman holding a sign that she needed new shoes. shy took the woman to a nearby shoe store at union square and
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bought a pair of boots for her. money out of her own pocket. she posted this picture along with a reminder about how giving shouldn't end after the holidays. >> absolutely not. well, he is back. next on abc7 news, the controversial star of "duck dynasty" reinstated. why they are allowing phil robertson to go back to work. >> and honesty really is the best policy. >> and one good deed deserves another and another and another. how the simple act of buying a cup of coffee is inspiring hundreds to pay it forward.
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is set to return to work on the reality show. the cable network reversed the decision to suspend robertson after he made comments in a gq articles -- in a "gy" articles about gays. some threatened a boy -- boycott of the network. >> and a couple caught on camera.
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>> what is that? >> what do you think it is? ucla football player recently proposed to his girlfriend and you may have noticed the proposal took place in a hospital room. this is the reason. he lost his left lower leg in a motorcycle accident months after meeting her. she stuck with him all through the surgery and the physical therapy and they even had dates at the hospital. this is not the first time he has proposed, but it is the only time he had a ring, number one, and number two was not on morphine. and by the way, she said yes. >> that's nice. the las vegas cabdriver who returned a huge wad of cash left behind by a passenger received a big reward for his honesty. he turned in $300,000 that was left in the backseat of the yellow checkered cab he was driving. money believed to be winnings from a local poker player.
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today the unidentified gambler gave him a cut, $10,000 as a reward. he says he is a devout catholic and plans to donate some of the money to his church. even more starbucks customers are perking up and paying it forward this holiday season. since christmas eve workers at this starbucks have counted more than 1,000 customers who have paid for the people behind them in line. the generousity continues across the country like in nevada where 70 customers have done the same thing getting their caffeine while spreading a little holiday cheer. >> we will keep the good stuff going. some 49er players suited up and showed off their big appetites. their coaches and their families huddled over a whole lot of meat at the house of prime rib for the lineman dinner. he has been hosting this event for decades decades and wants to give much needed recognition to the o-line. >> the prices change, but they have the same characters.
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it is always the same and a great comradery. you saw earlier how nice they are to each other. it is a private atmosphere. >> just lovely, lovely gesture. he delivered the biggest hunk of meat. he put away the most meat tonight. >> that's a lot. >> if santa brought you a new iphone or ipad for christmas you can put the latest abc7 news app on it. it has a lot of new features and you can make the text as big as you want. iphone users can use our content and you can go to and download apps for details. >> stay here for the moment. we want to talk about the weekend forecast. >> the weather we have been having lately is the weather we have had for awhile. we had clouds around and they
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pretty much cleared out of the bay area right now. here is a live view of the clear skies from the south beach camera. we have temperatures in the midto upper 40s from oakland and redwood city and low 40s in los gatos and half moon bay. we have 34 right now in santa rosa and down to 32 and freezing already at napa and novato. 36 concord and 39 at livermore. it is going to be chilly in the inland valleys and one more live view from our sutro tower camera. clear and chilly overnight. our 6th consecutive one tomorrow. this dry mild pattern will be with us into the new year. the clouds has passed through. there was no rainfall i'm sorry to say associated with these clouds. another center of high
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pressure is giving us more clear skies and more mild weather and dry weather for the next several days. follow the time line as we animate the maps. we will see sunny skies developing tomorrow morning and with us tomorrow afternoon. the sunshine returns and the mild weather continues. overnight tonight it will be chilly in some spots in the north bay. look for lows to drop below freezing at santa rosa and napa and over at fairfield we will see low to mid30s in the inland valley areas. around the bay, upper 30s and low 40s. sunny skies in the afternoon. 65 in san jose and mid60s on the peninsula. 65 redwood city and low 60s on the coast and low 60s in and around san francisco. up in the north bay we will see 66 as a high in santa rosa and east bay highs are also in the mid60s from oakland to fremont and inland east bay, same range of highs, walnut creek, livermore and fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast and the next seven days we
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will have a high temperature range that will be almost uniform through the seven-day period. midto upper 60s inland and low to mid60s on the coast. that includes new year's eve and new year's day and how often do we see this kind of weather at the end of december and the beginning of january. you could do a little sun bathing on new year's day. >> the first time i have ever done that. >> you can do it. >> thank you, spencer. and time for a little football. >> larry is off and rick quan is here. you have football, basketball? >> watching that prime rib story reminded me of the 500 bowl. coming up in sports, the pro bowl teams were announced and which 49ers and raiders are going to hawaii. and at oracle, the suns have won eight of the last 9, but the wa
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cool off the red-hot suns, they handed phoenix the worst loss of the season. golden state was never threatened from the second quarter on. he finds him for the jam and the warriors lead by 19 at the half. once again curry with the dribble and sets up david leigh for the slam. he had a triple double by the end of the third quarter. he had 13 rebounds and 16 assists. curry to iguadala. the sharks were also playing phoenix. the coyotes took the lead in the first. he makes him pay. a nice move and brett burns to joe thorton to joe pavel ski
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and his 16th goal of the season. back comes san jose on the power play. it is tied at two. this game was decided in a shootout. marlow beats mike smith to -- who turns away larson. the sharks win it 4-3. washington took on byu in the kraft fight hunger bowl. he has been washington's interim head coach. he had his players ready after the cougars tie it at 7 and he takes the ensuing kickoff and goes all the way 100 yards for a touchdown and make it 14-7 washington. he had a big tbaim with 95 yards rushing and two touchdowns. the huskies win it 31-16 and they finish the season 9-4. >> it is a great win, a great team win. we had guys making plays right and left. this is one of the plays we had to come together and we did that.
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we enjoyed san francisco. great hospitality and great city. >> pro bowl selections were announced. the raiders have one representative, marcell reece. this is the second straight year reece has earned the honor. he has been one of the few bright spots in the 4-11 season. against the jets he ran 123 yards and two touchdowns including this 63 yarder. as for niners they tied the chiefs for most players selected with eight. four from the defense, bowman, brooks, willis and justin smith. representing the offense, vernon davis, frank gore and offensive lineman up ati and staley. this sports report was brought to you by riverwalk casino. i don't know if you heard they are changing the format. it is no longer nfc versus afc. they will have the players all mixed up. so bowman could be trying to tackle his own teammate. >> hope he doesn't hurt him.
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>> that's odd. >> coming up next, a man's best friend and apparently a baby's best friend too. >> and here is jimmy kimmle with what is coming up on his show. >> thanks. here is a sampling of the nonsense we have in store for you tonight. >> ♪ got such a long way to go
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weather. clear skies and cold spots inland. milder near the bay and coast. 5:00 a.m. it will be a chilly 30 degrees to 46 degrees. by 8:00 a.m., 32 to 48. dan and jill? >> thanks very much. >> you know it can be a stressful time for any new parent. the moment the dog meets the newborn baby. >> this first encounter couldn't have gone any better. jeff and danielle's daughter and their 6-year-old boxer bella immediately bonded. >> the day the baby came home the dog took to sleeping under the crib and the dog alerted the couple when she started crying. >> they knew the dog was protective, but no idea how much. >> coming up next on jimmy kimmle, will farrell. >> anchorman will have that
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report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. abc7 news continues now on-line, twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices. >> thanks for being here. have a terrific weekend. >> bye-bye.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will ferrell. adam scott. this year in unnecessary censorship. and music from christopher cross featuring ron burgundy. and now, though it's been said in many various ways, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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