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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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sergio quintana is live with developing details where she could move to and why it may not happen at all. reporter: i've been communicating with her family by text this evening, and they tell me that they have been working the phones all day, trying to line up. a move to another facility. they also put out a statement that read,s, in part, our attorney is in discussions with two facilities that expressed preliminary approval for accepting jahi on a ventilator, one in southern california, the other in new york. jahi mcmath was pronounced brain dead december 12th after complicationed from surgery to remove her top -- tonsils. her family has been arranging transfer to another facility. they say a bay area facility no longer has room available. the hospital will help in that transfer but the family has not passed on information on the
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alternative facilities, and this is still all happening under a -- [inaudible] >> unless there's another court order, the judge has said that at 5:00 p.m. on monday, the body of jahi mcmath may be removed from the ventilator, which is the only thing that is keeping her heart beating now. reporter: that court order and the costs related to transferring her to other facilities are adding to the century genesis for jahi's family. they have launched a crowd sourcing page to raise money, and they're also planning a fundraiser tomorrow. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that appeared during a birthday party last night. 33-year-old frederick parker was hosting the party for a friend when he was shot outside his apartment. parker had stepped outside for a cigarette break when the
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shooting happened. police have not made any arrest. it is another "spare the air" weekend. tomorrow is the seventh day in a row when people will not be allowed to use wood-burning fireplaces. lisa argen is in for leigh glaser tonight and shows us what is making the air so unhealthy. >> we have high pressure continuing to park right over the region, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. so, as a result we're looking at the worst air quality tomorrow in the accept clara valley. bringing us the seventh consecutive day and that's the 22nd alert since november 1st. we do have some changes coming. they involve wind, and we're looking at the upper elevations, very gusty offshore winds. so, a red-flag warning has been issued right now, right on through 10:00 tomorrow morning for the north and east bay hills as wind gusts up to 35-miles-an-hour. so that should mix things up a little bit. have your forecast for new year's eve and new year's day.
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coming up. >> we're learning about the new contract ratified by ac transsilt workers. the agreement includes a wage increase of 9.35% over the next three years and bus drivers and other works will need to make a flat monthly contribution of $120 for health benefits. ac workers approved the contract after voting yesterday. >> more than 200,000 californians will lose their unemployment insurance benefits today. congress failed to fund an extension for federal unemployment benefits that kick in after 26 weeks worth of state unemployment benefits expire. benefits average about $300 a week, depending on the recipient's previous salary. the end of the federal extension affects 1 about 3 million unemployed americans. a historic change will take effect at the boy scouts of america on new year's day.
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they will begin accepting openly gay youth and scout masters in january there has been a long-standing ban preventing them from becoming members. religious organizations that fund and support the scouts rallied against the change. a san francisco police officer went above and beyond her job duty to help a homeless woman she saw on the street. the officer's son posted this photo on our facebook page showing his mother buying shoes for the woman. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with the story you'll see only on abc7 news. reporter: very busy in union square tonight. during the holidays a lot of homeless people can be overlooked but not by one police officer who recently treated a homeless woman something she needed inside this sketcher store. >> i didn't really get her name. i didn't want to embarrass her. >> san francisco police officer jackie sullinger does not know
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the name of the homeless woman she spotted on friday but knew she needed one thing. >> she was holding a sign that she needed shoes. i looked down at her feet and she had some really flimsy looking slippers on. reporter: the woman told the officer she wore a size 12 and homeless shelters, which give shoes away, never have her size. >> i said you know what? i'm going to go into the store over there and see what we can do. >> the officer took the woman others the sketcher store and told her to pick something out. these pick become tick pures were taken by her son. >> this is something nice my mom -- she didn't know i was taking the picture. >> the woman chose the all- all-wither boot for $60. >> she was almost in tears. >> that was the only thanks this humble officer needed. >> we all have shoes on our feet
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and i thought about all the presents and stuff that were under our tree for our kids and that a lot of people are more unfortunate. >> they went looking for the woman wearing the new boots but couldn't find her. she has apparently moved on. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, how one spooked horse at a california equestrian center started a rampage of horses that injured several people. >> muir beach is open again after renovation. why a plan to make more california homes energy efficient has fallen far short of its goal. >> if accept brought you a new iphone or ipad for christmas, you can make the gift even greater with the latest version of the abc7 news app. you can make the text as big as you like, and iphone users can use our new user generated
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california's program to provide home owners with financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of their
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homes is off to a very slow start. the energy upgrade california program has helped 12,000 homes get upgraded in the first two years. that's far below the target of 100,000 homes. the program offers $4,500 in rebates to replace old aappliances and retrofits. supporters of the program says the public should be patient because the results will pay off. >> muir beach is open again after being closed for more than five months for renovation. the beach looked better than ever today. the work included a new parking lot, new restrooms, and restoration of damaged wetlands. the national park service says the beach's overwhelming popularity with damaged it for decades. parks officials put 11 years putting together the restore racing plan. >> what you get an out at the for christmas? how about 600 pounds of snow.
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how the animals at the aquarium responded to a complete change of their habitat. >> we're unlikely to see any snow in our future. lisa argen is up next with the forecast. >> on the hardwood, santa clara in spokane and cal remains perfect at home with a
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six people were injured today at a southern california equestan center when a horse got spocked. the horse was scared by something and bolted. another horse joined. they ran over riders and people in the area. three adults and three children were taken to the hospital. though none seriously injured. a third horse joined for part of the rampage. its owner said her horse saw them coming and a pack mentality kicked in. >> my horse, i have a big horse and he was fine until they got to us, and then he decided, i'm going with you, and they all took off and went down the street. >> horse could just trip and -- then it goes faster and faster
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and then they're headed home. >> handlers contained the horses around noon. snow may not be in the forecast for the bay area but it is for a group of river otters at san francisco's bay aquarium zookeepers added 600 pounds of snow to the exhibit. the snow allows them to give the otters a new toy for christmas while keeping the exhibit natural. these otters are from louisiana so they have never felt snow before and were a little shocked. >> concern at first. a bit colder in there than they're used to, but they've been playing in it. they dig around in it, roll in it, having a great time. kind of experiencing it. probably for the first time ever. >> you can check out the snowy settling at the aquarium through monday. let's get to lisa argen, in for leigh glaser, here's a look at the forecast. still dry. >> it is. we have got driest -- dry rest
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of the year, but if our forecast model verifies in the next ten days or so in two weeks we should break this ridge. the live doppler 7hd is clear. sutro tower. it is calm but winds will pick up in the higher elevations. so temperatures dropping, right now in the 50s. 56 in san jose. san francisco, 54. north bay, mid-40s. for novato, 47. napa, 50 in concord. livermore, a high of 70. average high for the end of the month is 55 degrees. so right now you're warmer than your average high, and we still have some 70ness in the -- 70s in the offing for the weekend and perhaps a few more before we round out 2013, so red-flag warning in effect right now through 10:00 tomorrow morning above 1,000 feet, relative
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humidity will be dry. in fact below 19% in some of the east bay valleys. it was this afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon we should get a little bit of recovery, but a "spare the air" day again tomorrow. you'll notice the haze out there. and the air quality, particularly poor in the santa clara valley. so we're looking at the highlighted area of the higher elevations, mt. tam, diablo range. how often too do we get a red-flag warning in december? we're looking at not only the mild conditions, the poor air quality, highs today, livermore, up to 70 degrees. low 60s from san francisco to half moon bay. napa, 71. san rafael, 65. 62, napa. we should see 60 for san jose this time of year. tomorrow you'll be above 65. hilltop winds anywhere from 15 to 20-miles-an-hour, put we'll look for these to increase overnight and then right on
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through early tomorrow. so if you're headed out for a bike ride in the hills the winds will be subsiding by late tomorrow morning. we're looking at overnight lows near freezing. low to mid-40s. richard, san high pressure parkd over the eastern pacific. brought the clouds and the gustier winds and the high fire danger through the next 12 hours or so. above normal temperatures again to round out 2013, and the red-flag warning for us locally, and santa ana winds south. in southern california, highs as well. cooler numbers, some of the valleys. otherwise, the seven-day forecast shows the temperatures looking a little cooler as we start the work week and as we the end the year, numbers going
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back up. next weekend is questionable but still dry. >> thank you, lisa. >> mike shumann is off to arizona with the 49ers. colin rush you have our game preview. >> he didn't have to worry about the weather there. outside probably 70, 80 degrees. niners have heard the talk all season. how they're not as good as last year when they went to the super bowl. guess what. they've now won five straight. 11-4. with a win over arizona tomorrow they can finish with a better regular season record than last year's team. inside the locker room players feel like they're peaking at exactly the right time. same can be said for the cardinals. a win and loss by new orleans and they're playoff bound. >> they were improving the last time we played them. you could see them improve egg the week or two above we played them, and they've improved tremendous amount since then,
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winning 7-8 games. >> the raiders finish with rival denver. pryor gets the start opposite peyton manning. manning, 266 yards shy of the nfl record for most passing yards. oakland playing for pride, broncos playing for home field advantage. >> not turning the ball over, playing against the best quarterback in the league, and league history almost. pretty sure. so, just got to control the ball and take advantage. >> be nice to end with a win. >> the 100th rose bowl on wednesday will by look like liking in some mirror. the michigan state squad has the number one defense in the anyway but stanford and their star rung -- running back welcome challenges. he was playing baseball. and has scored 20 touchdowns for the cardinal. >> you grow up watching the rose
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bowl as a west coast kid, this is a game you want to be in. this year is almost a surreal moment. a year ago today i was just a fan and now i'm in the game. >> larry beil will be there or wednesday. pinstripe bowl in yankee stadium. 103-notre dame. scar let knights coming back. chase dodd. corner of the end zone. tied at 10-10, tommy reese, threw for 319 yards about this offensive guard named the player of the game. irish the winner by 13. duck bowl in charlotte, north carolina, a little homefield advantage. the two-hour drive south, taking on cincinnati. this is ryan switzer and he is really good when it comes to returning punts. 86 yards. ties the ncaa record with his fifth punt return touchdown of the season. heels crush the bearcats.
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>> the warriors have won a season high four straight and go for a fifth tomorrow night in cleveland and the cavs will be without snaer andrew bynum. he has been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. not a huge loss. bynum a shell of the former player he was. crawford with the spin. cavs down two. celtics beat the cavs 103-100. >> college hoops. the chips stacked against santa clara in spoke -- spokane. little dude. bleeds zag blue. freshman, brownridge, the three in transition. the zags a 9-0 rub run to end the houseful right now 36-34 gonzaga. >> 'bird, a spectator, boot on
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his boardly sprained ankle. bears hosting the paladin. what the paladin? any of the 12 peers of charlemagne's court. cobb chipped in 18. so did power. the senior out of de la salle. two points all season, hit 6-7 from three-point rage. cal wins by 8 2-70. >> cal continue to be undefeated at home. >> thank you so much. up next at 6:00, a look at the unique approach one tahoe ski resort has taken
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abc7 news. the city's homeless need socks and members of the police force are stepping up to help. starting thyroid -- starting today they'll be collecting new socks. >> from visit something of the homeless facilities we found that the number one thing they need are warm, dry socks, and it's just our way, very small way to give back to the community. >> you can donate by stopping by the central district police station. socks will be accepted at other stations through january 31. 2013 could be one of the driest on record. that's why tahoe ski resorts are doing whatever they can to lure people to their slopes for the holidays, including a mobile d.j. booth at heavenly mountain resort. they transformed a snow grooming machine into a snow grooving
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machine. it has 52 speakers, 12,000 watts of power and a 55-inch flat screen tv. impressive. through the seasons they'll drive gates in this unique ski -- >> kind of hard to dance in the snow. >> not much snow anyway. >> all right. that's it for us at 6:00. thank you for joining us. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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