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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 29, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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. good morning, america. this morning -- breaking news. a bloody finale for the suspected bank robber accused of fatally shooting a police officer. what happened when he tried to hold up another bank across the countriened how police finally tied this wild crime spree together. suicide bombing, where the olympics just week s away, a woman blows herself up at the train station killing a dozen people. raising terrorism fears as we head into the winter games. frigid forecast. extreme winter weather to ring out the year. blizzard conditions and wind chills of 15 below pillarizing
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weather. and interception, former quarterback jesse palmer springing into action during halftime to save the life of a fellow announcer in a maneuver definitely not covered in the nfl playbook. hey, good morning. t-minus 2 1/2 days until 2014. special guest here this morning. spiderman on an important mission. at the scene of the times square ball drop. this will be viewed by a billion people around the world. he's on a mission to make everything goes smoothly. >> we bring our viewers only the best. also ahead -- stranded on the ship. frozen at sea. the latest update on the new rescue operation to free a ship
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stuck at the antarctica. thatry anxious for help there. we're going to start with the bloody end to a cross-country crime spree. a suspected bank robber shot dead in another attempted money grab. >> a trail of violence in three states and abc's ron claiborne has been covering the story for days. >> what a story. a wild and violent ends to what the fbi says was one man's week long ram page of bank robberies and murder -- single murder that stretched from georgia, mississippi, to finally phoenix, arizona. the fbi said that the gunman robbed this phoenix bank on saturday. while he was leaving gun in hand, he was spotted by a responding police officer. the two began shooting it out. >> i heard a loud pop one after another.
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>> reporter: a police detective arrived at the scene and joined in. >> he saw the suspect fire at the officer. at that point, the detective drew his service weapon and fired at the suspect. >> reporter: now the fbi says it appears he's the same man responsible for a crime spree that began in atlanta, georgia, moved tupelo, mississippi and finally, phoenix, nearly 1900 miles and triggered a man hunt that reached as far north as chicago. we believed that this suspect is the same individual. last monday morning, a bank robber attempted to hold up this atlanta bank, he's seen on this surveillance video in that bank. later the same day, the same man police robbed a bank in tupelo, mississippi and killed a police officer while fleeing. the man hunt from that suspect is very likely over.
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physical similarities are what led the same suspect in all three of those bank robberies. we should learn more about this later today from fbi officials, including perhaps the biggest mystery of all, who was this guy, this suspect. >> ron, thank you we'll turn now to the breaking news out of russia, a female suicide bomber walking into a train station and blowing herself up and killing multiple civilians, happening six weeks before the start of the winter olympics, raising new security concerns. abc's muhammad lila is here with more. >> reporter: it's very close to sochi. good morning, bianna. the death toll is likely to rise after the attack. target, busy train station. take a look at this. the security cameras captured the exact moments the bomb went out. you can see the smoke pouring out. russian officials say at least
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14 people are now dead and 35 wounded. there are confirmed children among the casualties. including a 9-year-old girl who was killed. they confirm it was a female suicide bomber. they say she had the explosives in a security. had she made inside the main part of the train station, the death toll would have easily been in the hundreds. two months ago, another suicide bomber targeted a bus killing 6. of course, bianna, this raise serious questions about how safe the jump' coming olympics will be. some of those militants have threatened to target the upcoming olympics. today's bomb would be the first in a bigger what wave of something to come. >> just six weeks away.
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also, muhammad, you mentioned that this was a female suicide bomber, we have seen female suicide bombers in russia in blast, these so-called black windows. >> absolutely, this is not -- this is a phenomenon that is known in russia, this isn't the first time that a female suicide bomber has detonated herself. this actually is a history of this happening in russia. two months ago, another female suicide bomber detonated herself aboard a bus, killing 6 and injuring 30. >> six weeks to go and as you said, the death toll from this attack may well rise 37. back here at home the stormy weekend weather that will stretch right into the new year, blizzard conditions followed by dangerous, dangerous cold and bill levin is tracking it all. >> good morning, dan.
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as the national weather service in indianapolis put this, winter warnings have been posted overnight. this tiech of cold, 15 below zero temperatures here for the real feel, the minneapolis weather called that flash freezing that could freeze your flesh in a momeatter of moments. it's creating a lot of travel problems. this morning, much of the midwest is waking up in a deep freeze facing dropping temperatures. north dakota officials are asking people to stay put. the whole region recovering from windchills that dropped 40 below zero. >> reporter: in minnesota. struggling to keep their vehicles on the road. the bitter cold is expected to bear down on celebrations across
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the east. in times square, revelers will be partying with windchills in the teens. last year it was in the 40s when the ball dropped. bostonians will feel the single digits as they flock to see patty smith and her band at the annual first night celebration. and in detroit, the new year's "d" drop will feel temperatures in the teens. chicagoans face frigid temps. last year here in new york city, they were wearing bathing suit it was so warm. not this time around. we're looking at teens and 20s across the area. big rains up the east coast today. we'll talk about that and bitter cold for next week and a big snowstorm next week in the northeast. bianna. >> those are the good old days. now, to the race against time to free a cruise ship.
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extreme conditions ended the first two rescue missions. new hope that the third time will be the charm for the dozens of passengers stranded at sea since christmas eve. and gio benitez has the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. dan, good morning. that powerful ice breaker could be reaching that stranded ship at any moment. if it doesn't get stuck in that thick ice that trapped the tourists in the first place. this morning, after four days stuck in more than 13 miles of ice, a helicopter was dispatched from a chinese ice breaker ship to fly over the stranded vessel, the latest in the effort to rescue the frozen ship. >> to check out the water. >> reporter: that ice breaker from china tried friday to rescue the ship but got stuck and had to turn back. another from france couldn't
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even make it past the edge of the ice. now the explorers are hoping this ice-breaking ship can free them. >> we're still here. stuck, any passing ship do pay a visit. brilliant. >> reporter: those me nacing ice. >> hopefully, it will start easing up little bit. >> reporter: the explorers got stuck near antarctica friday morning. now, the team is using social media to send more than just an sos, sharing incredible images from above sea and the penguins underneath. they're sending videos to family and friends. this explorer sending this one to his family. keeping with their smiles.
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telling us about what they need most. >> to be perfectly honest, the main thing is the coffee supply. >> reporter: that coffee supply. remember, they tell us they have seven weeks worth of food before they run out and they're confident that the australian ice breaker will finally tear through that ice and rescue them. >> you watch that video and it looks like they're having a good time. >> they're explorers, come on. lots of other news overnight. we're going to begin in the middle east where tensions are high after a rocket attack on israel, the rockets from southern lebanon struck inside northern israel. they fired back. israeli prime minister is blaming hezbollah for today's attack. there were no injuries in today's reported incident. it comes a day ahead of secretary of state john kerry's visit. a 15-year-old wisconsin
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teenager and her boyfriend were arrested in new mexico after a nationwide crime spree allege y allegedly, police said they chased the couple and two friends who were with them. they tried to's escape on foot but than were arrested by police. >> in mexico a large section of a highway collapsed just south of the border city taiwan that, it happened a series of small earthquakes in that area. it dropped 100 feet. luckily no reports of any injuries there. 9-year-old boy from california sets a new record climbing the tallest mountain in the western & southern hemispheres. tyler armstrong the youngest climber to get to the summit. tyler worked out twice a day for a year and a half to prepare himself for that.
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an all-star save for jesse palmer of his broadcasting partner chris fowler it happened last night at the pinstripe at yankee stadium. at halftime, fowler started to choke on a chicken sandwich that he was eating. palmer performed the heimlich maneuver. fowler posted saturday. thanks jesse palmer, he saved me from death by a dry chicken sandwich. dan and bianna, i'm right here, at your side, if you ever need help. >> exbachelor we should say as well, jesse palmer. now to a food story of an entirely different and slightly safer variety.
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listen up, there are big changes coming to a vending machine near you and abc's reena ninan is on the story. >> reporter: good morning. abc news vending machine, i have pop targets, hot fudge sundae pop-targets. you know you'll know how many calories are in the snacks. a new charge about to drop. according to an estimate, could be spent to encourage americans to make healthier choices. vending machine choice and vending machines are often the last resort for people. if you're trying to eat healthy you can't read the labels of what's trapped behind the glass. >> reporter: owners of an estimated 5.4 million snack and soda machines will now be required to post calorie counts
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on all of their products. potato chips, trail mix, how about these hot buffalo wing pretzels. 280 calories. might as well eat the buffalo chicken wings. not all candy is created equal. pretzel m&ms 150. snickers, 250. many chains have started posting calories next to their items. >> they found people were choosing 100 fewer calories when they knew the calorie counts. over the course of a year, every day, that adds up to ten pounds. >> ten pounds of weight is a lot to lose. the final rule on vending machines is expected early next year. but they'll have a year to comply. >> i have to say, not just because it's abc, dan, we also
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have a healthy vending as well. pretzel, hummus. >> i would want to know the calorie count. >> you were quite intrigued by some of those stats. we're going to turn, to a heartwarming story to save his little girl's life. he dropped enough weight to become a liver donor for his dying baby daughter. marci gonzalez is here with more. >> because of that sacrifice, this beautiful little girl not only has her father's eye and smile, she has a piece of him that bonded them in a remarkable way.
4:17 am
his youngest daughter was born with a life-threatening condition at 5 months old, she needed a liver transplant to stay alive. >> that's when it hit me. >> reporter: he volunteered to donate a part of his liver. he learned that at 210 pounds he wasn't healthy enough to be her donor. >> to be a donor safely he would have to lose weight. >> reporter: that's what he did. despite the many years that had passed since the 35-year-old had seen the inside of a gym, he ran 20 miles a week, through the pain and at times tears with just one thing on his mind -- >> when i was 33, i would just think of my daughter, my eyes
4:18 am
would get wider and i knew that i had to keep going. >> reporter: his prayers, answered. his hard work, paired with healthy eating, paid off. he slimmed down to 168 pounds as little girl took a sudden turn to the worse. >> we rushed to the hospital and went into surgery the next day. >> reporter: the surgery went smoothly. the daughter removed about third of the liver and rushed it across the street to the children's hospital where they replaced her failing liver with his father's healthy one. now after months of recovery, she's back home, happy, healthy and still keeping dad on the move. >> it's just awesome to have her with me and just to have her follow me all over the place, it feels real good. >> 16,000 people on the waiting list for a liver transplant
4:19 am
right now. he decided to share his story to encourage more people to become organ donors. >> that's so sweet. >> it looks like he kept the weight off. >> well he's chasing after a little one. time to check the weather once again and bill is determined to give bad news as well. >> you brought me back. that's what you did. you're going to need your rain gear along the atlantic coast. a vigorous low-pressure system, water values that are very high and warm convection. right into the d.c. area now where the heaviest rains are starting to occur. here's a live look from d.c. this morning. you can see the capitol and the washington monument. we'll be seeing, you know, a lot
4:20 am
of rain from the philly area, down to the atlantic coast, all of the way down to jacksonville, florida. behind that cold air is going to start to pour in behind that system, even as it leaves, vermont, new hampshire, the ski resorts are loving it, all of the way into canada, up toward montreal, windy out west, too. the wind 50 to 70 miles per hour. there's a fire threat. it will be 80 in burbank. across the country today, it's pretty quiet. rain is in the east coming up the coast. but that bitter cold comes across the great lakes and into the northeast for the next week. big snowstorm in the northeast. that's your weather forecast for now and let's take a look at the local forecast where you are.
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>> i want to thank you for the chicken sandwich you got me. it's been working on me all day. no, it's not there. >> aren't they cute? >> you know, it's so touching. very touch zblg i love the bond. thank you. >> the bromance continues. the quick preview of the year-end "this week" with george stephanopoulos. good morning, a very special "this week" coming up. we're calling it game changers
4:22 am
2013. brand-new exclusive interviews of the people who changed the world this year. from pope francis to senator ted cruz. edward snowden. it's all coming up this morning on "this week." thank you george, be sure to watch "this week" coming up little bit later right here on abc. >> it's been quite a here. also coming up on "good morning america" -- without a trace, the desperate hunt to find a doctor missing for three weeks, could youtube videos she posted shed light on her mysterious disappearance. also coming up -- killed in the caribbeana great granddaughter -- the heiress to post cereal. sara haines is with spiderman of all people in times square. >> coming up, i'm in times square, i know he's here
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because even one attack is one too many. i'm hanging out right now in times square with the spider-man. i can't imagine that food is very warm, i brought him some coffee like we drink here at "good morning america." oh, my god, i'm hanging out with spider-man. >> funny thing about live television, you don't know what to expect. you're okay after that near-fall? >> spider-man i don't know he survived the fall. i'm great. he apologized profusely. >> i'm surprised you're still speaking with him. yes. >> everybody's allowed an off-day. >> i ignored him through the commercial but made up with him. >> i'm worried about your
4:31 am
safety. >> i'm glad the two of you have reconciled. we'll see you later on in the show as well. spider-man making sure all is ready for the big day, 2-minus 2 1/2 days until new year's eve. an amazing experience. an opportunity for spider-man to take the show away. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. a great-granddaughter of a cereal heiress found stabbed to death in a luxury spa. but first, could a mystery man solve the case of a missing doctor. >> she went missing more than three weeks ago, now authorities are taking a close look at tender videos she made just before she disappeared and abc's linzie janis is here with more. >> reporter: they're trying to put it together. it's still very much an active
4:32 am
investigation. it appears to show patrick addressing a love interest on the internet. these new videos of this missing michigan doctor. >> i want to show you what i made. >> reporter: seen here preparing a meal for two. may provide the clues investigators need to crack the case. they only raise more questions, her family. since patrick is single it's unclear to whom she's making reference in these videos. patrick was last seen on december 5th at this radson hotel, located just five minutes from her home. >> she was concerned enough about her safety that she elected to go anonymously to a hotel, that suggests to me that she is trying to avoid something or someone.
4:33 am
>> reporter: police say patrick tried to pay for a hotel room in cash because she left her purse and some belonging to at work. according to investigators after the hotel denied her a room she went back to the medical center. patrick appeared age tated. two hours later, more than a 100 miles away, patrick's car found in a ditch with a flat tire. inside, her wallet, but no sign of car keys. this morning, the fbi saying as for the doctor herself, no one reported seeing someone walking along the interstate at that time of the night. >> the fbi assisting with the investigation is appealing to anyone who may have seen patrick or her car on december 5th the night she disappeared. she had been working long hours, she was due to fly out the 24th on christmas eve to see her family in florida.
4:34 am
>> thank you, linzie. now let's get a final look at the morning headlines from ron. in the news, a suspected bank robber and alleged cop killer, is shot dead by police in phoenix, arizona. the fbi says the same man tried to rob a bank in atlanta last monday and tried to rob and did rob a bank in mississippi and kill a police officer there, the same day, he was killed in a shootout with phoenix police after allegedly robbing a bank in phoenix. a deadly suicide bombing in russia. when a female bomber set an explosion in southern russia. no one has claimed responsibility. the blast comes six weeks before the sochi winter olympics. and the obama administration says more than 1.1 million people have now signed up for
4:35 am
health insurance through the website. white house officials say twice as many people enrolled leading up to the deadline for coverage beginning january 1st. the sign-ups don't include the number of enrollment through state exchange. rhonda rousey defended her title saturday night and defeated a rival, she won in a third round, making the first time that one of her opponent lasted past the first round. >> okay, now over to meteorologist bill evans from new york city with his football picks of the day. >> and the weather. whoever likes the water, whoever likes rain is going to do quite well. whoever likes the cold is going to do as well. this the actual temperature in minneapolis. 4 below. these are the morning
4:36 am
temperatures tomorrow. this is how it's going feel tomorrow morning, 10 below in minneapolis. 26 below in international falls. let's take a look at some video and we'll show you up toward northern sections of minnesota, you see the white-out conditions across the area, that's been terrible there. that will continue through the morning with this system, spreading eastward across the great lakes. if you're like rain, if you're a duck, it's great down south. up the florida coast and into the northeast, out west, still got some chilly conditions across the mountains. that's a look at your forecast and that's a look at the weather where you are.
4:37 am
>> this weather forecast is brought to you by keurig. let's have some shots. >> coffee. >> just to be sure. >> when the weather is nice, we also say we can't beat it with a stick. that's also a weather term. >> we may keep that one. >> time for shots. coming up on "good morning america" -- an american heiress killed in the cabibbean. we're checking back in with sara and times square. and spider-man, her new best friend. >> we're about to take a selfie. the only way you can get spider-man is when you catch him climbing down a wall.
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this morning, a bizarre high-profile murder in paradise. an heiress to the post cereal fortune found stabbed to death at a luxury spa resort. it was actually someone the woman was trying to help. aditi roy has more from our l.a. bureau. >> it's a fascinating story. one that involves the murder of a wealthy american heiress. her family owned the general
4:42 am
post cereal. this morning, honduran police say this man is a suspect in the death of nedenia dye, she was reportedly found stabbed to death in her room in the luxury resort she owns. the authorities nabbed him hours later on his way to the airport. he was detained by police and is being interrogated. his clothes allegedly soektd in blood behind the with wheel of dye's car. the heiress to the food empire that began with post cereal worked with drug addicts and alcoholics and was helping the suspect quit drugs. >> you're quite vulnerable in settings like honduras when you're treating terrible ining individuals. >> reporter: he reportedly told authorities i'm innocent.
4:43 am
>> i have made friends, life long friends that have sported me through thick and thin. >> reporter: police say dye seen here in a video of her alma mater, george washington university, had been living on this island for 15 years where she ran a luxury spa. s she's back in the states. her family turned the post cereal into a cereal empire. dan and beeian? >> such a sad story. aditi, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- spider-man is here, helping everyone ring in the new year, look where he is now. he carries out the great con fetti test. next. you don't want to miss it. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves ]fetti test.
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♪ we're doing a special edition of "pop news" this morning. we're getting ready for the biggest new year's blowout on the planet, happening in times square and right here on abc. a big part of the midnight madness is the confetti that goes nearby. >> we're testing it out. a very special pop news. a pop-in spider-man is here. the amazing spider-man 2 and our sara haines is joining us in downtown times square with the latest. hey, sara. >> we had him to put him in pop news. i'm here with spider-man and some of his friends. you met mark the director, the movie comes out may 2nd. >> yes. >> what can you say about the
4:48 am
movie? >> spider-man having a blast at being spider-man. he'll have to face off not only the wrath of the big villainous corporation but one of the most size mattic villain lains he's played by jamie foxx who's unbelievably awesome. that battle is going to be his greatest battle as it says on the poster. you know, peter parker -- >> you were a comic book junkie as a kid. >> i love comics. >> so, are you living the dream right now. >> i am. >> you're looking young to be a director. excuse me, sir, you need to step over here we're doing a real interview. you mentioned jamie foxx. >> we have paul giama 2shtti.
4:49 am
>> i love paul. >> we got other villains. >> you're literally in the epicenter of new york city right now. >> we shot this -- i think this is the biggest film ever shot in new york state. some of it we shot over there at times square and so, there is a massive, massive action scene that we shot here, it's going to take place in times square. >> you have to tune in to see it. >> you have to tune in to see it. >> may 2nd. is the movie. >> okay. okay, we also have the president of countdown entertainment. you're a big deal making this new year's celebration happen. >> we're so excited. we're going to see a sneak preview of that clip, we'll get a little bit of that on new year's interview. >> in case anyone's wondering you're holding a bunch of c
4:50 am
confetti in your hands, you have a test on the confetti, today, you're giving us an exclusive look at the testing. >> just perfect on new year's eve. a little bit of that right now. >> now, you're going to let us do an official countdown. >> you're going to lead us and mark is going to direct. >> oh, my goodness. go ahead. we're counting down, guys. >> rolling. >> five, four, three, two, one happy new year! >> happy new year! >> happy new year. >> okay, guys, back to you guys in the studios. >> spider-man is a man of few words. the biggest movie shot in new york state, who knew sarah, it looked like you had a lot of
4:51 am
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. my tv is whole variety of reasons. one today. sara haines pulling off a little bit of a bit today. this is from earlier in the show. sarah falls, thinking she's going to be caught. >> spider-man to the rescue. >> sara not only tough, you're a very forgiving person. how is your relationship with spider-man right now? oh, yeah. >> it's been rough. spider-man, i'm ignoring him for the next two minutes at least. he wanted to try it again. i said -- >> sara, what was the director's reaction to that?
4:56 am
they spent so much money producing this scene. >> they might have to move the release back. >> your workers comp complaint has already been filed. thank you very much, thank you to spider-man. thank you everybody for watching. >> happy new year. >> happy new year.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 29. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> hello. starting off with another clear view. but air quality will be poor today. it's another spare the air quality. the poorest quality santa clara valley. this is actually the seventh consecutive day and the 27th alert since november 1. but we will see a lot of sunshine. as we look down towards another view of the bay bridge here from sutro tower, here's what you can expect. a clear st


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