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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a facility in california cannot take her. reporter: john jahi's mcmath's family and friend are trying hard to line up a facility so they can take jahi out of oakland children's hospital and they now have less than 23 hours to do that. the deadline, tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. by text this evening, the family tells me these are critical hours. jahi's family learned that a facility in southern california they hoped would accept her, can no longer do that. at the church of august all faiths in oakland, the pastor for jahi others mother had hoped to raise money to pay for the transfer but the even was cancelled after news the facility could not accept. jahi. instead the pastor led the church in prayer.
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>> i was informed via the attorney to not have the fundraiser because we're still trying to solidify a facility for jahi. and we definitely don't want to raise funds for something that is not iron clad. reporter: the family had launched an online crowd sourcing page to raise money, and as of today they reached their goal of $20,000, but children's hospital spokesperson sam singer says they have not been contacted by any alternate facilities. >> 'm the attorney for the mcmath family, so we don't really know where things stand. reporter: we have also been trying to contact chris dolan, have not received a response yet. i've also been in text conversations with jahi mcmath's uncle, but as of 24 hours, none of the family nor
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their representatives have done any on-camera responses to a lot of questions coming up as this deadline approaches. abc7 news. san francisco police hope to find witnesses who might have seen a man being shot to death near japantown. someone opened fire on the man. happened around 1:45 this morning, just as people were leaving nearby bars and nightclubs. police say the victim was 36-year-old david gillford of modesto. >> a san francisco firefighter was injured when his truck crashed into a car. just before 11:00 at fifth and howard. cornell bernard is live with details on the crash. reporter: this very busy intersection has re-opened to traffic tonight following the crash. that firefighter recovering from his injuries. ironically this is the same spot another fire truck crash was caught on tape. [sirens]
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>> san francisco fire trucks rolledly to intersection of fifth and howard streets all the time. sunday morning was different. >> the driver didn't hear the sirens. >> david bowers pulled over when he saw the ladder truck approaching but a mercedes station wagon did not. >> he came straight through in the right-hand lane, and mid-intersection, right into the side of the car. >> i turned around and heard boom. and it was like that fast. real quick. crazy. reporter: the ladder truck struck the mercedes broadside. the impact sent a firefighter to the hospital, along with one passenger in the mercedes. both injuries not serious. police say the car heading west on howard failed to yield to the fire truck, driving north on fifth. >> it appears that the mercedes, the civilian vehicle, failed to stop. for the fire truck. >> crashes involving station one
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fire trucks have occurred at the very same intersection before. the abc7 news iteam showed you this surveillance video last june, ladder truck responding to a call, raced through a readlight and collided with a motorcyclists, throwing the rider into a hydrant, seriously injuring him. the firefighter driving left the scene and was later arrested on suspicion of dui help has resigned but the investigation is still ongoing. the same surveillance cameras which captured that crash likely recorded today's click today. but today the firefighter driving the ladder truck tested negative for drugs and alcohol in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the highway patrol wants to find out why a man was walking along freeway. the suv driver was not drunk or
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high. >> san frayings police say a reported suspicious package was nothing more than a suitcase left unattended. sfpds bomb unit responded to the call after noon today. police blocked off the area and advised neighbors to stay in their homes. police found nothing harmful in the suitcase and cleared the scene in 20 minutes. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a two-alarm fire in east oakland this morning at 8:00 in this abandoned building. firefighters said no one was in or around the building at the time. fans of the silver and black donated green today to help a fellow member of raider nation paralyzed by a stray bullet. 19-year-old dominique romero is in the hospital after bullet ripped through he wall of her him and struck her. raider fans wrote messages of
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hope for romero at a tailgate parties. >> we can't get -- because of the obama law, and medvedev -- medi-cal and she is 19 years old, it's a long waiting list. >> the richmond police have offered a reward to track down and convict the shooter. there are increased safety measures at south lake tahoe's music festival a year after a petaluma teen wandered off and died of hypothermia. 35,000 people are expected to attend the festival that began today and ends just of midnight, new year's day. search crews found the 189-year-old's body near a snow bank last year. authorities found drugs in her system and believe she got lost walking back to her hotel.
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organizes are offering heated areas to prevent the same thing from happening this year. nighttime temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. still ahead at 6:00. what a california church replaced in a nativity scene that caused quite a stir. >> how social media app snapchat has decided to report a security exploit that could reveal user information. >> i'm leigh glaser. the hopes of ending the year with rain, kind of dashing a bit this evening. we'll look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> if santa brought you a new iphone or our pad you can make the gift greater with the latest version of the abc news app. you can make the text as big as you want, and iphone users can use tower user generated content feature, make it simple for you to send us photos and video of anything. go to
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[ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and a nativity scene outside a southern california church caused a stir in the neighborhood. instead of the baby jesus christ it features a sculpture of trayvon martin covered in blood. the artist wanted to get the community talking about gun violence. he says there's a parallel between the dark times jesus faced and the amount of violence we face in the u.s. the church has had controversial nativity scenes before. previous ones featured mary and
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joseph as a homeless couple and war refugees. >> robin roberts has been public about her struggles with cancer and bone marrow decide. today she went become about something else, celebrating her 100th day post bone marrow transplant, roberts posted a note of gratefulness to her family and a long-time girlfriend amber. abc news released a statement in support of roberts, saying they've known amber a long time and are thankful robin has loving support in her life. >> up next at 6:00. the hotel ameant that could be gone in the near future. a look at your monday morning forecast. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next. >> no silver and black lining to the raiders' season finale. torched by broncos. who loves kickers?
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snapchat has answered to complaints of a security problem.
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an exploit could help hackers take user names and phone numbers and information could be sold leading to more spam for users. the security team that found the weakness said they reported the weaknesses to snapchat in august. but the parentally has not been addressed until now. snapchat post evidence it added countermeasures to combat spam and user information abuse. travelers may soon be saying goodbye to hotel minibars. new trend say travelers prefer socializing in hotel lobbies and surfing the web rather than staying in their room alone and drinking from the minibar. they cost hotels too much money to maintain. 21% of travelers ranked the minibar as an important amenity compared to 89% choosing free wi-fi. >> a lot of people stay in hotels, going places for a new
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year's eve and new year's day. leigh glaser has a look at the forecast. >> people with plans for lake tahoe, not a lot of natural snow but they're able to make manmade snow. but here's good news. don't be shy. head on up there and do a little skiing for the holiday upon us, because they do have some snow up there. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. no returns around the bay area. we did have some high clouds drift by from time to time today. otherwise, lots of sunshine, and how about some record highs today. 72, report high, oakland airport. 73, downtown oakland. 68, record high, sfo, mountain view tied the record. pick out your location and see how mild it was. 66 today in san francisco. 62 in san rafael. napa, 67. 61 in antioch. live moore, 66. and san jose today, 67.
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clear sky out there, but it is getting chilly in some locations. san francisco 60. 65 oakland. north bay, from the mt. tam cam, santa rosa, 56. novato, 48. fairfield, 42. with less wind tonight the offshore winds have stopped and the clear sky, get ready for colder temperatures overnight tonight. more sunshine for your monday, a few clouds will drift by. it looks like the dry, mild weather pattern is going to stay with us through the last several dives this year and the beginning two days of next year. here's a look at anticipated lows tonight. oakland and interior east bay, mid-to-upper 30s. so definitely frost expected in the north bay. water vapor imagery, almost a
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week ago we were looking at the same picture, and very little has changed as that jet stream, that storm track, still pushed way to the north. look at the dry air mass over much of the pacific, and this trend will stay with us for at least the next five to ten days. we had a little hiccup or at bump in the jet stream ed, which brought the offshore winds. we heeded up nicely but now the winds are turning more out of the northwest, so still above normal temperatures. although tomorrow some highs may come down maybe one or two degrees and then warm things back up tuesday and wednesday. but this high is not going anywhere, and unfortunately that's going to continue this dry season. to date, only 30% rainfall for the sacramento area. 23% for san francisco, and santa rosa, only 15% of where we should be this time of year, and
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this will go down as one of the driest, if not the driest, years for san francisco. if you're heading to tahoe for new year's eve, new year's day. mild, 50s, 20s at night. tomorrow, mid-to upper 60s, and the dry weather pattern hangs on. tuesday, new year's day, wednesday, thursday, and friday. hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll see some weather pattern changes. >> some rain move in. >> you're right. >> thank you, leigh. >> shu is in arizona, so you have the highlights. >> you know what the niner fans want to know? what the weather going to be like in green bay. that's where the niners are heading. on collision course. the cardinals had won 7-8. playoff still a possibility. niners winners of five straight, division title and first round
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bye within reach. major implications for both teams. boldin, destroyed his former team today. five plays after an interception, singling coverage, four yard. 10-049ers. next niner drive. signature boldin here. to the arizona three. 106 yards in the first quarter for boldin. next play, vernon davis wide open in the back of the end zone. cardinals flip the switch after that. 17 unanswered point. carson palmer, 34 yards to roberts, tied at 17-17. teams exchange late field goals. 18 seconds left. kaepernick down the sideline to patton. look at the rookie. phil dawson can win it. splits the uprights. 23-20, niners.
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game mvp, boldin. nine receptions, 149 yards. >> number 81, terrific, terrific. what a football player. sum him up right there. football player. >> for me, another team, another stadium. division opponent. and for me it wasn't any other motivation. i'm motivated by winning and that's it. >> really? i don't know. we have another edition of vernon's view tonight at 11:00. mike shumann's conversation with vernon davis. he caught three passes in today's win. vernon's view, only an abc7 news. with seattle's 27-9 win over st. louis today, the seahawks win the nfc west, clinch homefield throughout. carolina get the two seed. the niners' playoff opponent would be settled by the green bay-chicago winner. fourth quarter, 28-20 bears. aaron rodgers back. look at this.
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48 yards. packerses beat the bear as soldier field, 33-28. they'll host the niners next weekend. date, the exact date and time, will be known later tonight. >> arizona needed to beat san francisco and have new orleans lose to get in. neither happened. drew bees. 4 2-17. sinces are dancing. >> niners finished the season with six straight wins, raiders, six straight losses. a denver domination at the coliseum today. manning gets exactly 266. pryor's first start since week ten. snap issues, denver recovers. leads to a touchdown. 14-0, raiders 55 yards of offense in the first half alone. manning, 63 yards on this one play. thomas behind the secondary, 24-0 game. here's the record. five yards, thomas again,
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manning, 25-28. 266. four touchdowns. 55 on the season for him. broncos clinch homefield advantage in the afc. 34-14 the final. head coach den nit -- dennis allen, we've heard this before. >> didn't in the win-loss column but there's a lot of areas we improved. that's something that i'll sit down with reggie and mark davis and discuss areas where we have improved. >> squarely on the hot seat. for san diego to get in they need help and they got help. ravens and dolphins both losing today. the third part of the equation, chargerred needed to beat the chief, minus alex smith and jamaal charles. to overtime, after a san diego field goal, kansas city unable to convert on fourth down. 24-27 chargers. that means pittsburgh is denied a playoff spot.
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warriors going for a fifth straight win in cleveland, and bogut doing it. how about a little of that. warriors rally from 17 down in the second quarter, leading 99-96 when erving sends it to overtime. golden stayed gets its done in o.t. 108-104. go for six straight in orlando on tuesday. as sharks host anaheim tonight at the
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[ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at join me tonight at 9:00 on kofy. we'll look at the next presidential election. who would win if it were held today. then at 11:00, the new laws taking effect on wednesday and how they'll affect commute north america the bay area, all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7ness. >> hollywood is projected to have a record year at the box office, making nearly $11 billion. this weekend "the hobbit." desolation or smaug" let the way. it's the third week in a row at the top spot.
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and disney's "frozen" was second, with families continuing to pack theaters six weeks after its release. and "anchor man 2" and the wolf of wall street, the martin scorsese film came in fifth. and that is it for abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, colin rush, mike shumann and all of us here, thank thank you for joining us.
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right now on the red carpet, the stars to broadway. >> it's a crowd show. >> backstage at the high heeled hit. >> and this is as close as it gets. >> and thinking about on stage with a tony winning musical. >> what if i forget the words to the song? >> just keep moving your mouth. >> we're rolling out a specialed addition of "on the red carpet" now. >> welcome to "on the red carpet" on location in new york city. i'm rachel smith. we're here in the middle of one of the world east busiest intersections, times square, and we're taking you right into the bright hub of the broad kay theater district which has seen its share of wood's brightest stars. ♪ >> people want to have a


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