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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 30, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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breaking news this morning. deadly terror attack in russia hours after a suicide bomber blew up a train station. the security fears just months before the olympics. disturbing details what investigators are uncovering about a dead bank robber accused of killing a cop. you have made it possible for us to move forward to finding peace for the long road ahead. >> the suspect's connection to threats to the president. counting calories. when you buy snacks at the vending machine. the big changes you will notice soon aimed at helping you to make better choices. it is monday, december 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm gio benitez in for john muller.
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>> i'm diana perez. so lucky to have you. always traveling the country and finally settled down. >> and on your last week. >> that's right. the last week before the big baby comes in. that's right. you are from miami. i'm hoping you made it down to miami for a warm christmas. >> not so much but i did go to california. >> okay. >> got a little warm weather out there. >> did you get r&r? >> and i went to disney. >> oh, you are so good. i wonder, do you work for disney or something? [ laughter ] couldn't be the reason you plugged that. >> yeah. >> let's get started. >> we begin with breaking news from russia. a second terror attack in the city of volgograd. many of the victims were students. this follows yesterday's deadly attack on a train station. >> no claim of responsibility yet but the incident raises
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serious security questions ahead of the olympics in sochi. here's alexander marquardt. >> reporter: a massive flash followed by a cloud of smoke as the blast rips through the frigid winter air. bodies strewn around volgograd's central train station. at least 16 dead. ambulance race to rescue the wounded. there were bodies everywhere, this woman said. inside the train station everything was destroyed. the suicide bomber's identity is unconfirmed. the station, one of the busiest in russia, was packed with travelers ahead of new years. had it not been for this police officer who stopped the bomber at the station's metal detecters, scores more could have been killed in the passenger waiting area. the bombings raised fears for the winter olympics in sochi that start in six weeks. around 250 american athletes will participate. sochi is 400 miles south in the heart of the north caucuses.
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a region wracked by terrorist islamist insurgents. a leader that claimed responsibility for past bombings called on attacks for what he called the satanic winter games. president putin promised the safest olympics in history. the bombing will only underscore the potential for a deadly strike when the whole world is watching. alexander marquardt, abc news, london. >> terrible. so many students apparently on the new attack, the new bus that blew up there. >> not only are there students there, but apparently young children among the injured. the russian emergency ministry is saying a 1-year-old baby was among the injured on the bus. the question is what kind of bombing was this? law enforcement on the scene are saying it appears like it was a suicide bomber, as well.
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this is a little tough to take in, but it says judging by the body fragments, characterization is such as that type of bombing. looks similar to what happened at the train station. another suicide bomber. >> at least 15 killed but the number is fluctuating as it does in all of these incidents. >> if you look at the images you can tell the trolley was obliterated. >> awful. we are learning details about the man authorities say robbed two banks and killed a police officer. they say mario garnet served for four years in the army and no friends or relatives in arizona where he was killed. with more here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the fbi identified the suspect shot to death by police after a bank robbery in phoenix as mario garnet from oklahoma city. the same man they believe opened fire on two officers in tupelo, mississippi, last monday wounding one and killing
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a sergeant. >> the suspect is from the midwest. i can tell you he was at one point a service member. the words i'm getting from our detectives is he served four years in the united states army. >> reporter: garnet, who was arrested in 2010 for threatening to kill president obama began this week's crime spree in atlanta where he tried to hold up a bank but failed. from there, investigators say he drove nearly 300 miles to tupelo where he robbed a bank and shot the two officers. five days later, the fbi said he robbed another bank. 1600 miles away in phoenix where he was taken down in a shootout with police as he tried to leave the scene. some relief for sergeant stauffer's widow. >> you have made it possible for us to move forward toward finding peace for the long road ahead. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement source tells abc news while investigators believe garnet acted alone, they are not ruling out the possibility that
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he may have had help. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. the family of an american contractor abducted two years ago in pakistan is speaking out for the first time, just days after he appeared in a new video. warren weinstein is apparently held captive by al qaeda. on the tape released last week the 72-year-old appealed directly to president obama. he said he had been abandoned and forgotten. tough words for his wife and two daughters who spoke exclusively to abc news. >> i wanted to die right there on the spot because he has no idea how hard we've tried to get him back. but there's nothing to do to get him back because they don't really tell you what they want. i'd like to think that somebody can rescue him. >> reporter: weinstein was working on community projects in the pakistani city when they stormed his apartment and took him captive. we will hear from other members oaf this family and hear from his grandchildren on "good
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morning america." stunning news this morning in the world of auto racing from the ski slopes. seven time winner michael schumacher is in critical condition. falling and hitting his head on a rock. it was serious enough they had to perform brain surgery on the 44-year-old retired driver. other formula one drivers have been tweeting support. schumacher is the most successful formula one driver of all time. he retired last year and let's hope he is okay. the search continues in michigan for a young doctor missing more than three weeks. police are trying to figure out if video she made and a possible mystery man have anything to do with her disappearance. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: these new videos of missing michigan dr. patrick -- >> i want to show you what i'm eating. >> seen here preparing a meal for two. >> here we have an omelet.
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>> may provide the clues investigators need to crack the case. her family said they only raise more questions. writing in a statement that since patrick is single it's unclear to whom she's making reference in the video. ♪ you walked in to my life >> reporter: teleka patrick was last seen on december 5th at this radisson hotel located five minutes from her home and miles from the gorgeous medical center where she works. >> she was concerned enough about her safety that she elected to go anonymously to a hotel. that suggests to me that she is trying to avoid something or someone. >> reporter: police say patrick tried to pay for a hotel room in cash because she left her purse and some belongings at her work. according to investigators after the hotel denied her a room she went back to the medical center. the hotel employee saying patrick appeared agitated. two hours later, more than 100
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miles away her car found in a ditch on the side of the road with a flat tire. inside her wallet, but no sign of car keys. the fbi saying as for the doctor herself, no one reported seeing someone walking along the interstate at that time of the night or any vehicle or person in the vicinity. linzie janis, abc news, new york. well, people in north dakota call it a real winter as temperatures dip well below zero. temperatures were warmer than average over christmas in minot. above freezing if you can believe it. this morning temperatures are back where they belong in negative numbers with winds blowing the snow around. today's high is expected to be minus four. tomorrow's high minus 12. the weight of the snow is blamed for the partial collapse of a building in minnesota. the canopy of an 88-year-old former hotel gave way over the weekend. there was a wedding reception inside and the bar was open. luckily no one was injured.
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another blast of snow across the upper great plains, the great lakes and the northeast. >> jennifer correa has the latest from accu-weather. good morning, jennifer. >> thank you. once again we are dealing with the bitter cold across the center of the united states, especially the upper midwest. minneapolis minus 13. early this morning zero in chicago. northeast not too bad. looking at the 30s across much of the i-95 corridor. at least through the end of 2013. we are kicking off 2014 with very cold temperatures. also a little snow through new year's eve. back to you. >> thank you. nothing can be left to chance for new year's eve. new york's times square of course, not even the confetti. organizers got a hand testing the confetti from none other than spiderman.
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the shreds of paper were deemed to have amazing floatability. >> the real confetti will have slips of paper including wishes for the new year and the test confetti is bad memories of 2013, known as good riddance day. exotic sports car so advanced it can roast a turkey. making healthier choices when you visit the vending machine and what it has to do with obamacare. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. ♪ pour some sugar on me
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♪ pour some sugar on me i don't know if this good or bad news for those trying to cut back on junk food. there are changes coming to vending machines thanks to a new law. >> in new york city we have calorie counts in restaurants and the same calorie counts are coming to a vending machine near you.
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>> reporter: there is a new charge about to drop. according to fda, $25.8 million could soon be spent to encourage americans to make healthier choices. yeah, vending machine choice. >> vending machines are often a last resort for people. if you are trying to eat healthy, you can't even read the labels of what is trapped behind the glass. >> reporter: to curb obesity-related costs owners of 5.4 million snack and soda machines will be required to post calorie counts on all products. how bad can it be? we grabbed our smoothest dollar bills to check it out. >> potato chips, trail mix, buffalo wings pretzels. 280 calories. you might as well eat the buffalo wings. >> would you punch the same numbers if you knew these numbers. pretzel m&m's, 150. three musketeers 240, snickers 250. many chains are started to post
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calories next to menu items. in new york city it is a requirement. >> they found out people were choosing 100 fewer calories when they knew the calorie counts. over the course of the year, every day, that adds up to ten pounds. >> reporter: rina ninan, abc news, new york. >> do anything for you? >> not much for me. i have to say i look at calories and it doesn't mean anything to me really. you are kind of the same way. >> i don't care about the calories. i look at fat, saturated fat, sodium. >> sugar. >> when you eat a candy bar it is pure sugar. if you are eating out of a vending machine you are not worried about the calories anyway. >> here we have one healthy vending machine. >> they have snackables. they are not that healthy. and the facebook question of the day. we are asking do posted calorie counts have much influence on your food-buying habits?
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log on to and don't let what we said influence you. coming up, all of the jaw-dropping action in pro football. >> a wild sunday in the nfl and it all affected the playoff standings. jason page is here in a moment stay with us. inspiring actions of a dad losing weight to save his daughter's life. he could be dad of the year. it is coming up in our next half hour of "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ations.
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the nfl regular season came to a wild finish today. >> that's right and helping us to make sense of it is jason page. welcome once again. we have a lot to get through. there were two games. huge it was either win or go home. >> start with green bay and chicago.
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one of the earlier games of the day. green bay and chicago what a finish between these two teams. aaron rodgers making his return. first time on the field since week nine when he got hurt against the bears. jay cutler up to the task in this game. these two great quarterbacks going head to head. in the end aaron rodgers makes a huge play. fourth quarter, time running down. aaron rodgers a huge touchdown pass to get green bay a victory and send them to the postseason. they win the nfc north. the other game, the late game, dallas and philadelphia. what a finish between these two teams. kyle orton playing for romo. he gets the cowboys to within two points late. plays an outstanding game and throws an interception with just a 1:48 left in the fourth quarter to seal their fate. >> so close.
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>> tony romo basically pulled a tony romo. >> with the interception. philadelphia wins the nfc east. they take on the new orleans saints next weekend in the wild card round. that game will be in philadelphia. there was one team that needed help getting in the playoffs. >> two weeks ago if i told you the chargers would be in this postseason most people thought i'd needed my head examined. they needed miami and baltimore to lose. both happen. ryan misses a field goal from 40 yards out in the regulation. pittsburgh, the former -- i should say pittsburgh winds up losing out and san diego is going to the postseason and they win in overtime. also, jets and dolphins. the dolphins were one of those teams that san diego needed to lose in order to get in to the postseason. miami, all they had to do is win and they would have been in the postseason. baltimore lost.
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instead they lose to the jets and as a result rex ryan keeps his job as jets head coach. the owner announcing rex will be back as head coach of the jets next season. don't know if philbin will keep his job. monday in the nfl, always black monday. how many coaches will get fired on monday. the head coach of the browns already out of a job. he was fired before the monday even came. >> i can't imagine, though, how jason page watches all in one day. >> sunday, two tvs at the same time while i'm doing the same time i have things going on and peyton manning another record-setting day for him and the broncos. but when it comes down to the broncos they are the favorite in the afc to go to the super anything short of a super bowl will be a huge disappointment for the broncos. >> is it too early -- 30 seconds to go. give us your prediction this
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super bowl. >> if i had to guess, i will say seattle and new england. >> oh, okay. >> i think denver comes up short again. >> and the eagles. how about the eagles? >> they have a chance. i think they beat the saints next week. >> thanks to sports talk show host jason page. >> you got it. >> stay with us. jason paige. >> you got it. stay with us. i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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♪ pampers. welcome to the mix. we start with a lamborghini because not only are they cool to look at but can cook things, too. this is posted by scmee150. this is a lamborghini and he decided to pitch fork his turkey and cook it with the exhaust and the lamborghini's backfiring. he did it several minutes and it apparently cooks the turkey. i don't know about through and through. >> can you imagine? >> i cannot. plus i don't know if it is a good idea to put all of that exhaust on something you put in your mouth. it is so successful, to him he takes a bite out of it. there you have it. i'm sure it is smokey.
3:26 am
>> this is really cool. check this out. this is a flying yacht. look at. this is an airplane designer that came up with this. it is a 150-foot yacht that transforms in to a seaplane. it has four mobile masts that can transform in to wings and as they say it makes the transition from boat to plane fairly seamless, but it's not out yet. >> oh. >> look at how cool that is. >> such a tease. >> can go up 370 feet for now. >> it will probably cost $4 million. pocket change for you, right? >> yeah. why not? >> i'm going to get that for you next christmas. >> all i have to do is one more show. >> one more show and you get it. >> three shows with me and you get a flying yacht. this is a 6-year-old break dancing. her name, we don't know her real name.
3:27 am
her break dancer name is bgirl tara. this is over in britain. she's part of the -- she's so good she is part of a break dancing troupe. this is a competition in paris in march. she did not win overall because she was beat out by somebody else. i don't know how that is possible but she did walk away with the best dancer prize and stole our hearts. check her out on you tube and she's sensational. she is 6 years old. >> amazing. >> incredible. can you break dance like that? >> no. >> come on. you know you can do it. >> this commercial break he will show us. >> we have 30 seconds. >> new york here we have the ball dropping but there are places where other things dropping. look at this video. bethlehem, pennsylvania, a giant peep. in oklahoma, they drop an olive. in panama city, florida, they drop beach balls. i like it. >> i do too. >> two are edible.
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this morning on "world news now," dangerous freeze. the big cities waking up to below zero weather and the new england towns getting more snow after severe power outages. it's holiday heartache. another deadly terror attack in a russian city and it is happening hours after a train station bomb. who may be behind the back-to-back bombings? passengers aboard a cruise ship stuck in ice in the antarctica. beyonce's blockbuster the praise and outrage over her best-selling album. the extreme anger over one of her new songs is coming up in "the skinny" on this monday, december 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm gio benitez in for john
3:31 am
muller. >> i'm diana perez. welcome again. our last week of the year of 2013. >> that's right. >> is it me or did this year fly by? >> oh, yeah. >> such a quick year. i started in january and we are here in december. >> and you have traveled essentially the country three times over. >> i love it. >> do you have any exciting plans for the new year? >> not yet. but we have exciting stories coming up. >> look at you. he's a natural. let's start here. we begin with huge storms hitting the northern part of the country with snow, rain and frigid temperatures. one storm is moving across the plains and the midwest. >> the other is working its way northward and will converge in new england on thursday including areas that are still trying to recover from last week's ice storms. abc's linzie janis reports. >> reporter: new england bracing for up to a foot of snow. thousands of homes in maine still without electricity a week after an ice storm took down
3:32 am
trees and crippled power lines. the goal now, get the ice off before more ice and snow come. >> we will be trimming the lines a little bit to make sure that whatever has built a lot of ice weight on it might not come down. >> reporter: power crews are working around the clock. many may not get electricity back until after new years. meanwhile, an arctic blast sweeping through america's heartland. officials in north dakota banned travel in the northeast part of the state. across the plains and midwest it is dangerously cold. the kind that causes frostbite with windchills up to 50 below zero. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> it's cold. thanks. here's a look at your weather. heavy snow is falling in northern new england. dry but subzero temperatures in the upper plains. snow is moving in to the northern rockies and rain in to southern texas.
3:33 am
>> 30s in the northeast and southern new england area. 50 in the southeast. 70 in south florida and south texas and in coastal california, as well. single digits in the northern plains and 40s in the pacific northwest. evacuations have been ordered after a volcano in el salvador shot gas and ash three miles in the air. huge plumes of smoke could be seen billowing out of the volcano. the volcano is located near the city of san miguel in the eastern part of the country. the last significant eruption was in 1976. another attempt to rescue dozens of passengers aboard a stranded ship in antarctica has failed. it has been stuck in the ice for a week in the brutal cold. an australian ice breaker is trying to reach them breaking through miles of thick ice. it follows two unsuccessful attempts by french and chinese ice breakers. >> working really hard. little frustration. inevitably people are dealing with it in their unique ways.
3:34 am
>> the passengers have been told if a rescue by sea is impossible everyone will need to flown to a safety by helicopter. breaking news from russia. there's been another terror attack in the city of volgograd. at least ten people died when a suicide bomber hit a city bus during the morning commute. russian news reports say there were students on the bus. pictures show the bus was split in half. this follows an attack at volgograd's train station yesterday that killed 17 people. no one claimed responsibility for either of the bombings but they have renewed questions about security for the upcoming olympics in sochi, which is 440 miles away. a wealthy heiress has been found stabbed to death off the coast of honduras. a suspect was arrested and abc's aditi roy is following the investigation. >> reporter: honduran police say this man is a suspect in the murder of american heiress
3:35 am
nedenia post dye. the 46-year-old socialite was reportedly found stabbed in the back several times in her room at the luxury resort she owned. the police chief says they nabbed him hours later on the way to the airport. he was detained by police and interrogated. his clothes allegedly soaked in blood behind the wheel of her car. police say dye, heiress to the food empire that began with post cereal worked with drug addicts and helped them quit drugs. >> the reality is you are vulnerable in settings like honduras where you are treating troubled individuals. >> a singer that goes by the stage name canary told reporters i'm innocent. she's like a mother to me and i'd like to see the proof that they said i have harmed her. >> i have made life-long friends that supported me through thick and thin. >> reporter: police say dye seen here in a video for her alma
3:36 am
mater had been living on the swanky tropical island for 15 years where she ran a luxury spa. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. the family of a brain dead california teenager is facing a deadline to transfer her out of an oakland hospital. it will allow children's hospital to remove jahi mcmath from life support. it is scheduled to happen at 5:00 p.m. today unless her family appeals. mcmath had complications after a routine tonsil operation. >> when 5:00 comes around the ventilator will be removed. so there's clarity, many people have sent their best wishes to the mcmath family and friends. >> family is now pinning its hopes on a new york hospital after two california clinics withdrew offers to accept the teen. this is so incredibly sad.
3:37 am
>> this is just awful. this story. >> i think what is weighing most on her mom is apparently right before the surgery jahi told her mom she had a bad feeling and she didn't want to have the surgery. the surgery was routine. she had sleep apnea and this was supposed to correct that and there was nothing else wrong with her and she essentially bled to death and went in to cardiac arrest. >> all surgeries could be dangerous. these are things you have to take seriously. >> obviously prayers to that family. >> that's right. absolutely. a wisconsin man may have his wardrobe to thank for saving his life. police say shots rang out on saturday morning. one bullet hit the man's belt buckle leaving only a red welt on his mid section. two suspects ages 34 and 19 were taken in to custody and questioned and the super belt buckle is held as evidence by police.
3:38 am
the administration reports a late surge in health care signups on its site. half million people who have chosen new private insurance plans did so just before christmas. there were 40,000 registrations a day in december. ten times as many as in november. it's believed another million signed up for state programs. the person ushering in the new year in times square will be a local girl makes good. supreme court associate justice sonia sotomayor will press the button that starts the ball descending in the 60-sec countdown to midnight. she will be the first supreme court justice to participate in the times square celebration. how exciting. >> just one more thing for her to be excited about. >> right. >> and add to that resume. >> add to the resume. this doesn't really count on the enormous resume she has already any way. some big heroics from a little boy on a virginia farm risking his life to save his family's livestock. >> the 11-year-old did not hesitate when he saw the barn on fire.
3:39 am
he rushed in though burning barn opened the pens and rescued more than 50 pigs. >> only three were lost. most of them ran out immediately but daniel had to lift some of the frightened piglets over the fence and herding pigs when they are scared is not an easy thing to do. flames engulfed that barn. so he put his life at risk to save those pigs and piglets. >> good job, daniel. coming up, who's topping the list of most generous celebrities for 2013. and later that is not santa claus streaking through the skies of midwest last week. was it a ufo or something else? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. rld news now" brought to you by comfort medical. wbrought to you by comf medical. ebrought to you by comf medical. abrought to you by comf medical. tbrought to you by comf
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medical. hbrought to you by comf medical. erbrought to you by comt medical. brought to you by comfort medical. ♪ my girl
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>> for those who have new year's resolutions to lose some weigh from the holiday fruitcake this story will provide inspiration. >> a father found out his daughter needed a liver transplant and he was the perfect match. what he did to be healthy enough for the operation makes this our "favorite story of the day." here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: when eduardo camargo shed more than 40 pounds in just two months it was meant to save life, but not his own. his youngest daughter jasmine
3:44 am
was born with a life-threatening condition and at five months old she needed a liver transplant to stay alive. >> that's when it hit me. i knew i had to do something. i didn't want my daughter to be on the waiting list. >> reporter: he volunteered to donate part of his liver but when he went to the hospital he learned at 210 pounds he wasn't healthy enough to be her donor. >> there was fat in his liver. we counseled him to be a donor safely, he would have to lose weight. >> reporter: that's what he did despite the many years that passed since the 35-year-old had seen the inside of the gym. he ran, 20 miles a week through the pain and at times with tears with just one thing on his mind. >> when i would start to be nauseous, i would start to think of my daughter. my eyes would get watery and i
3:45 am
knew i had to keep going. my thing is god help me help my daughter. >> reporter: his prayers answered. his hard work paired with healthy eating paid off. eduardo slimmed down to 168 pounds and decreased the fat in his liver as his daughter took a sudden turn for the worse. >> i came rushing home. we rushed to the hospital and went in to surgery the next day. >> reporter: the surgery went smoothly. doctors removed a third of eduardo's liver and rushed it across the street to children's hospital where they replaced her failing liver with her father's healthy one. now, after months of recovery, she is back home -- happy, healthy and still keeping dad on the move. >> it's awesome to have her with me. just to have her follow me all over the place. it feels real good. >> reporter: there's said to be nearly 16,000 people on the waiting list for a liver transplant right now. eduardo said he decided to share
3:46 am
their story to encourage more people to become organ donors. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> oh, marcy, that is a dad. >> oh, man. >> that is a dad. >> it wasn't just about going to the gym and running. for all the time he did that he also had to watch his portions. eating more vegetables, drinking more water and all of the adults in the family have decided to become organ donors. it transcended his immediate nuclear family. >> and the little girl. >> so cute. oh, my goodness. that's the best kind of story this time of the year. >> water works. dry them up. >> i'm good now. >> coming up, what taylor swift did this year again to outdo other celebrities. and beyonce's new album and anger about one of the songs. coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "w
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♪ skinny so skinny >> here we go. we are starting the "the skinny" with mega star beyonce. check this out. beyonce is on course for the third week at number one on the billboard 200 chart. it's incredible the amount of success she's had considering she released her album on itunes.
3:49 am
take a listen to one of the songs. ♪ >> she hit a little controversy because some of the videos she released with the songs were highly sexualized and some people say it is a bad example for the girls that look up to her but at the same time she is beyonce and can do whatever she wants. there you have it. one thing she might not be able to get away with is the next controversy that is apparently hitting beyonce. one of the songs called "xo" features video of the transmission of the day that the "challenger" blew up. so nasa has come out to say this is not acceptable. take a listen to the song. this is "xo." >> flight controllers here are looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction.
3:50 am
>> there you have it. one of the communications from that day and it moves in to her song. obviously, nasa is saying they are troubled by this. they don't like the fact she used the communication without their permission and such a news story that beyonce hasn't come out to give her side of what happened. obviously, she stole, took or is using it without permission and they are none too happy about it. >> other people wrote the song. >> but it is her name on it which makes it a problem for her. >> absolutely. now celebrities, a lot of them are charitable. now has created a list with the 20 celebs gone good. look at who tops number one again. >> taylor swift. the second year in a row for her. and then we have number two, that ends up being one direction. >> oh, check that out. one direction is relatively new. maybe because i'm old.
3:51 am
>> did you see the concert on gma? >> oh, boy. they can throw it down. >> beyonce makes this list too. she is number three. paul walker is the fourth most charitable and mclemore and ryan lewis as the fifth most charitable. >> so sad. paul walker on that list. patrick swayze's widow has remarried. there you have it. she is engaged to be married. this is four years after losing her husband to cancer. she was married to patrick swayze for 34 years and she is now engaged to albert deprisco, who is a jeweler. he apparently proposed on christmas eve, according to a rep that confirmed this is the case and she has obviously found happiness once again. there you have it. >> as robin roberts always tells us, onward. >> good for her. wonderful news for her. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. k.
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♪ ♪ did you happen to see a bright flash in the sky last week, gio? >> no. >> me either. a lot of people did see something. what did they see? >> and they turned to social media to figure out what it was. this morning a likely answer. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: more than 1200 people in six states saw it. some thought it was lightning. others fireworks.
3:56 am
my husband saw the fire ball on his drive home, one woman tweeted. he thought it was a plane crashing. cameras captured a bright streak from cedar rapids, iowa to des moines. it was the day after christmas. so not santa claus but still a mystery. >> it was a fire ball meteor, which is a meteor that is brighter than the planet venus. its origin could have been from a piece of a comet or from the asteroid itself. >> reporter: apparently whatever it was, it burned up harmlessly unlike this meteor in february that came blasting through russian air space. sending debris and shattered glass flying, injuring hundreds but also kicking off a cosmic scavenger hunt for valuable pieces of space rock from far, far away. >> there is no doubt that millions of dollars in value pieces fell to the earth.
3:57 am
>> reporter: they don't have to be big to be bright. this meteor over the east coast in march about the size of a refrigerator. the good news, the last time anyone can confirm getting hit by a meteor is in the 1950s. >> you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting hit by a meteorite. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news. >> all right. clayton. >> an incredible amount of people reported this. wait! >> a meteor. >> did we get hit by a meteor oh, my gosh. can we post this on ebay. >> what is this. >> turn to social media to find out. >> oh, it feels like space trash to me. tinfoil maybe. is this what our planets are made out of. >> that's right. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
u headed? uh just gonna hang out. it's a school night. with gary and todd? yea. not sure about those two. i've been meaning to ask you - this is tougher than i thought - is there any drinking going on in this crowd?
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making news in america this morning -- breaking news overnight. concerns are growing about the safety of the winter olympics after another deadly bombing in russia. we'll have a live report. also this morning, a blast of arctic air. temperatures fall well below zero in parts of the country. who will feel mother nature's bite? and an abc news exclusive. the family of an american being he would hostage in pakistan shares their anguish and hope. and spreading the holiday spirit one cup of joe at a time. how thousands of people decided to pay it forward with some much-needed christmas caffeine.


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