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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, paramedics respond to a medical car. the ambulance is stolen. the overnight joy ride and how police recovered the vehicle the. >> deadline day for the bay area family fighting to keep their brain dead daughter alive on a ventilator. when doctors say they will take the gill off life support. >> caught on camera, terror in russia: new attacks hit the country week before the beginning of the winter olympic games. >> good morning, and thanks for joining us. >> a lot going on and not the least of which is a change in the weather with no more "spare the air" day. >> but go have cooler temperatures? >> running in the 30's to 40's at the bay. next 12 hours an increase in high clouds and temperature in the mid-50's at noon and upper 50's to low 60's in the afternoon and back to 52 by 7:00.
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inland we have frost forming as peoples are around freezing mark and high clouds and mid-50's at noon and low 60's around 4:00 and we will be in the upper 40's in the evening and maybe need a heavier coat than other places. for the coast it is clear and in the 40's and around 60 at noon and dropping to 58 under clouds. we at 4:00, look for a colorful sunset because of the high clouds. >> we have problems on the peninsula in the clear fays -- phases south of bunker hill blocking a left lane because of emergency crews and that should be clearing as you can see with the greens sensors. some slowing on 101 into sunnyvale but, otherwise, looking good. headed out right now, traffic is flowing nicely and we call it holiday "light." >> new this morning, police are trying to fine the person who stole an ambulance from the
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scene of an emergency medical aid call that was recovered a couple blocks away from where it was stolen. a few small items are missing. the medical response team responded to a home shortly after midnight. the medics were treating a patient inside someone jumped in the ambulance and drove off we will have an update next half hour. >> the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath faces another deadline today as they fight to keep her on life support. she was pronounced brain dead december 12 after complications from tonsil surgery. amy hollyfield is in the newsroom with the developing story. >> the court order keeping her on a breathing machine expired today at 5:00. officials say they will turn off the 13-year-old jahi mcmath's
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ventilator unless a new order is issued. a small group gathered in prayer but the family did not make public comments of what will happen next. six physicians have reviewed the case and agree she is brain dead. >> there is unfortunately no amount of hope, no amount of prayer, that can bring her back. everyone in this hospital and everyone in this community, all the friends of the family and the family, are grieving because this is irreversible and very sad situation. >> her parents have raised $22,000 on a fund raising website to pay for the transfer to another facility but a southern california facility that offered to take her has backed out. the family mentioned a place if new york could chair for jahi mcmath but the spokesman at children's hospital oakland says they have not heard of any other options.
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starting today, open burning of debris and grass is not allowed away the bay area. the decision was made because of the lack of rain and dry conditions. campfires are still permitted in designated areas. >> increased safety measures are in place at south lake tahoe music festival a year after a petaluma team wandered off and died of hypothermia. 35,000 are expected to attend the festival thaters after midnight on new year's day. the 19-year-old body was found after the festival ended. drugs were found in her system. she got lost, it is believed, walking back to the hotel. we they have added heats to prevent that from happen this year. >> in russia, there was terror at a train inflation after an explosion in volgograd one of two attacks to hit the city wees
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ahead of the start of a winter olympic game. now the details from washington, dc. >> matt, good morning. just 400 miles away from the winter olympic games russians are on edge after two winter blasts. security is tightened. another deadly suicide bombing in russia raising fears of the winter olympics, a troll bus in the city of volgograd and 14 people were killed, more than a dozen were wounded, and this is a day after the suicide bombing at at the train station caught by surveillance video identified the station and 17 were killed and dozens injured afternoon on a high travel day in russia. >> there were bodies everywhere. they are inside the train station everything is destroyed.
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officials say there is no doubt it was an act of terrorism. russia is on edge. the country is set to hold the games in six weeks. >> the russian government has something to tear and that is the potential loss of face, the potential embarrassment if the terrorist organization pulls off one or more events. >> sochi is in the heart of the area which is plague by terrorist attacks by islamist insurgents. in the summer a leader who claimed credit for past bombings called for attacks on "the satanic winter games." >> the kremlin is taking measures to prevent another attack and russian president putin declares the safest olympics in history. back here, marin county is getting funding from the federal government for $15 million worth of road improvements at point reyes national seashore plus $2
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million in county funds to pay for resurfacing and widennen sections of sir francis drake boulevard. the federal funds are available in 2018 and the park service says parking areas, drainage and cattle crossings will get upgrades. >> today through thursday, the coastal areas of san francisco see unusually high tides are king tides when high tide is a foot or more higher-than-average. the high tide in san francisco is expected to be 6.9' at 9:00 a.m. the average high tide is 6' at the oldest continuing tidal observation station in the united states. they can vary in other parts of the bay area. >> so you have the warning at the coast and now we will check with mike nicco on the other weather warnings. >> all quiet. frost is forming in danville the cool spot at 30 to 31 in san a blown and pleasanton and concord and walnut creek. we have down lynn and lafayette
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at 35 and leften hill at 36 and pittsburg is 38 and antioch is 39. upper 30's along the east bay shore and the peninsula down to 34 in santa rosa and san francisco is 48 degrees, the warm spot. as we move forward in the three day trust temperatures today are low-to-mid 60's and tomorrow, about the same with maybe less in the way of high clouds but it will be close with more high clouds on wednesday with the warmth coming in and low-to-upper 60's with high clouds and sunshine and above average. sue is here for leyla gulen, what is going on? >> we have an update to the accident out this for well over an hour and this is in the san mateo county on 280 south of bunker hill that is cleared to the shoulder with the green at speeds of 65 miles per hour and traffic is getting by with no delay but tow truck is there and
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the accident is out of lanes. mass transit is the good way to go with everyone on time and no delays. no nearing lights at the bay bridge and traffic is stacking up on the right-hand side for cash-paying folks but everyone is in the city on time. >> we have a fight over bigger paychecks and how much more money for millions of americans will be the hot new political battle. >> seven time formula one racing champion is left critically injured after a weekend skiing accident. the overnight update from doctors. >> bring justice to the new year. big honor sonia sotomayor will have at one of the country's large of the
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those who've been d ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area. >> good morning at 6:12 on
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monday. this is a look at beautiful downtown san francisco, a dry day. but we do not have the "spare the air" alert in place. that is a change. we talk about the chilly temperatures. 74 are stranded on a russian ship trapped in sea ice off the coast of antarctica with the effort to rescue them called off because of a snowstorm. the ship was stuck as ice formed around it on christmas eve. it is not dangerous and there are plenty of supplies. efforts to reach them have been unsuccessful. in 48 hours the decision will be made whether to keep tracking or rescue them by helicopter and abandon ship. >> doctors updated us on the condition of race car driver michael schumacher after the weekend ski accident on a french am were. surgeons are taking the critical head injury hour by hour and cannot predict the outcome but add he is deteriorating rapidly.
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according to the chief anesthesiologist the formula one champion is still in a coma, medically induced, with brain scans revealing internal bleeding and injuries. the 44-year-old was skiing with his son and he fell and hit his health on a rock but even with a helmet it could not prevent the injuries. >> a man wanted in a bank robbery spree was shot death dug -- during a robbery attempt over the weekend, a 40-year-old army veteran arrest the in 2010 for trentening to kill rebound and previous presidents. a manhunt for garnett was underway when a bank problem we last reported in georgia and mississippi. he is accused of killing a could be and injuring another.
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>> the trading area in japan is over, the prime minister was on hand this morning for the traditional ceremony at the tokyo stock exchange. as it has been in the united states, it has been a good year for japanese stocks, too, with the nikkei ending 2013 at highest level in six years. >> democrats, bruised by president obama's health care reform program are looking to a new issue to bring them success in the through year: raiding the minimum wage. party leadery held several meetings to set plans for 2014 including push by president obama to raise the federal minimum wage. and california pains to get higher proposal on the ballots in states with hotly contested congressional races polls show raising the minimum wage has widespread support among democrats and g.o.p. voters. california minimum wage goes up to $9 an hour in the coming new
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year. >> supreme court justice sonia sotomayor will bring in 2014 in what is to be the biggest party in the country and. press the crystal but the continue to lower the ball at times square in new york city leading to the 60 second correspondent down the first supreme court justice to perform the honors. she ifs lady gaga the previous year, and new york is her hometown. >> preparations are underway at times square and that includes confetti. spiderman helped throw the yetty into -- the confetti into the air tossing from the top of hardrock cafe, with a ton released tomorrow night. spiderman is the official super hero of the new year's eve celebration. >> sponsor suspect is everything. >> new details on the outgoing
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make bloomberg spending his own $30 million he gave to the metropolitan museum of art and money to clean fish tanks at city hall. he is worth $27 billion. >> a drop in the bucket. >> we could use some drops in our bucket. >> something. i put a little blush in the san jose mercury news talking about cloud seeding you have to have clouds to seed them which we have not have but if we get them they will be seeded and bring much needed snow to the north over continue areas are cloud seeded each year in california and we have been cloud seeding
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out here for six decades. nevada is the driest in the country. >> moving on talking about record sunday, 72 degrees and record high in oakland airport shattering the 63 and 73 at oakland museum, shattering 66. we tried at mountain view at 68. sfo bested the record by three degrees to 65. from the roof camera, we have a chance because of the record high in oakland being so low at 65, we could drop eight degrees this we could see another record set and the rest of us will be about one to three degrees cooler than year. on live doppler 7 hd, everything is quiet. the fog is having a hard time forming because the air is so dry there is nothing going on in the north bay valley. from the north bay, sausalito and san francisco in the background, today, we have high clouds rolling in, during the afternoon, and it will be mild, with clean air for now and a warm and dry going for 2014 on
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wednesday. mid-60 to the south and 63 to 66 is the spread and santa cruz at 67 and gilroy is 68. peninsula goes from 66 in redwood city to 62 in millbrae and half moon bay is 63, a warm spot along the coast and daly city at 60 and downtown we are 63 degrees today and headed through the in the in the -- north bay at 62. east bay shore is 63 to 65 for the spread. spread is bigger inland valleys from 61 at concord to 65 in pittsburg and livermore. tonight you can see the high clouds keeping the temperatures up and mid-30's to low 40's and 46 in san francisco, the warm or mild spot. two areas of high pressure dominating our pattern will steer the system to our north but no rain coming from the high clouds. loci 60's tomorrow and low-to-upper 60's on wednesday.
6:20 am
more clouds and cooler on saturday and sunday but no rain in the forecast. sue is here for leyla gulen. >> we have one insurance accident still in the lanes and this is in the san mateo county area on 280 south of beener hill in the northbound direction with speeds at the limit beyond the scene because everything is on the shoulder but it is still there and the tow truck is en route. traffic is slowing and it is heavy but slowing nicely into the maze. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza so it is holiday lite. walnut creek southbound 680 beyond the town at north main to 24 you can see a few brake lights and the 24 junction to and through the tunnel at the limit. matt and kristen? >> thank you, sue. >> bart workers were on strike not once but twice and now they are line up for bonuses. the reason employees are
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a look from atop the abc7 broadcast center with a look at
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the bay bridge and embarcadero. we could see record breaking temperatures later today, record highs. hike name will have the forecast. >> now a look at what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning to you, kristen and matt. the emotional family of an american government contractor held prisoner allegedly by al-qaeda is speaking out for the first time. we have more on the exclusive coming up next on "good morning america" after news. >> the lucky bay area winner of half of $640 million mega millions jackpot has not come forward and we may not necessity for a while, they have a year to come forward. no one has come forward with the ticket. two winning tickets from the drawing with the ticket holder entitled to $324 million before taxes. the other winner in georgia has come forward and the mystery
6:25 am
winner of san jose has a year to claim the prize. >> 49ers are headed to the post-season with momentum jumping to 17-0 lead against the cardinals in arizona but the cardinals came back and tied the game at 20 with 29ing ises left if regulation but the 49ers answered and kaepernick got a 29-yard pass setting up the 40 help yard field goal with time expiring and the 49ers won 23-20. san francisco plays packers next sound. it is never in a wild card game the. >> i radiability it will -- predict it will be cold. >> raiders love the finale but they are winners for the oakland unified school district giving local kids and chaperones free game tickets, transportation to the coliseum and people talk from a pro player.
6:26 am
>> help them see hope in their own lives and their own situations and what it takes to be a pro: preparation, responsibility, and opportunity. >> legends to speak is willie brown and sam williams and more. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including a shooting investigation in the south bay with a fast food parking lot turning into a crime scene. >> daly city police are looking out for a suspect who stole an ambulance during a medical call. >> from the traffic center here for leyla gulen, you can see the bay bridge is holiday lite with no delays into san francisco but a little blip on the screen with an accident in san mateo county and we will update that after ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now a look from our camera looking down on san francisco
6:30 am
when you consider that we do not have to worry about "spare the air" alert it is nice to see healthy air out there. the funny thing is we have possible record breaking temperatures later today. >> mike nicco has some explaining to do. >> the dry ground and dry air cools off considerably at night and it warms up considerably even with the lack of sunshine this i'm of the year. you can see no radar returns, not a cloud to be seen but it is to the north and the day planner will show over the next 12 hours the clouds are coming in as the system passed to the northwest. but the clouds are high and gulf ice and the not drop rain. it is cooler this morning with a lost frosty temperatures inland and most of us in the upper to low 40's. toward noon you will notice mid
6:31 am
50's to 60 and the high clouds keep us dry and in the low 50's. we are from the broadcast center roof where it is colder this morning. sue has a look at the traffic. good morning, everyone, glad to be inside. we could see the steam coming from mike's mouth. >> you can see speeds getting by at the limit with no delays here. in san jose, everything is looking green which is good and 101 has slow traffic through the palo alto area but nothing too speak of. the drive time this morning is looking good and this is san jose to 280 to cupertino and everyone is at the limit. kristen and matt? >> thank you. new this morning, daly city police are trying to find the person behind an unusual crime overnight, an ambulance was stolen while parked outside of a home responding to a call.
6:32 am
our reporter joins with what investigators are revealing about this. cornell? >> yes, matt, a shock to the paramedic whose had their ambulance ripped off after midnight. ambulance would recovered a few blocks away from the original call when a gurney was still sitting on the sidewalk, in fact. the police say when the medics responded to the address and went need the house, someone not related to the legitimate medical care jumped into the ambulance and took off. it was of woulded five minutes later with small items missing from insides. police will not say what was taken. the ambulance hijacker is still at large this morning with a call into a.m.r. to find out what happened and what happened to the patient would needed help. we believe another we ambulance was dispatched to the address.
6:33 am
developing news in russia, another deadly suicide bombing is raising fears of the olympic this winter. 14 people were killed. this is a day after a suicide bombing at a train station in the same city killing 17 people. the explosion was caught on southfield. officials say it was an act of terrorism. russia now is on edge, set to host the winter olympic games in six weeks. >> san jose police are investigating a shooting that occurred in a restaurant park lot with new video overnight showing the scene, to happened at 10:30 last night outside the mcdonald's along actually road near the shopping center. paramedics rushed the victim to a trauma center. there is no word on the victim's condition. no further details have been released. a firefighter had to go to the
6:34 am
hospital after a fire truck smashed interest a car. the emergency lights were on and sirens playering and headed northbound on 5th street and a fire truck hit a mercede headed west on howard street. >> it was a loud "thud." the mercedes, the civilian vehicle, failed to stop. >> the same introduction where a fire truck hire a motorcyclist in june, and this is surveillance video obtained by the news team. tests show the firefighter was drunk. the firefighter has resigned. >> and new mediation in san jose over teacher negotiations with an impasse after the union rejected the district's offer of
6:35 am
2 percent raise going july 2014. in october, the teachers requested a 7 percent over two years and officials say the teachers have not received a pay raise since 2007-2008 school year. >> study estimates that the loss from august massive wildfire near yosemite could reach close to $2 billion. the "los angeles times" reports that the losses from the rim fire can range from $250 million to $1.8 billion. the study by the san francisco public utility commissions places dollar amounts on losses in environmental benefits, carbon storage, and property value. they say the estimates are conservative we. the august 17 fire is the third largest on record. >> december has been one of the driest months on record. already, water conservation orders have been issued in parts of california. the city of sacramento has imposed 20 joyce conservation order that could expand to other
6:36 am
places. local officials urge us to reduce our water usage but they are not ready to say the word "drought." >> you can blame the lack of rain for the lower number of marin county federally endangered coho salmon, helping to return to the spawning grounds with the rain. but this month there has only been 1.2" of rain with the average at 10". aside from the population crash four years ago the number of the salmon are the smallest in 17 years. >> coming up, the 5:00 deadline today facing the brain dead oakland girl and her family struggling to her on live support. >> end of the year bow news and how much each employee gets even after the strikes. >> the bay bridge this morning headed westbound no problems right now with traffic and weather next as the morning news
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i have some good news. look at this graphic, but, first, a picture from the tower to mount diabolo, a color sunrise but it is not, not, not, not a "spare the air" day with wood burning allowed. they would rather you din. high clouds will take over the northern half of the state with a fire danger until 10:00 this morning and in the southern
6:40 am
sierra until 4:00 this afternoon so bleak down there. in the mid-60's through the central valley and no chance of snow the next seven days. sue? >> we go back to the san mateo area where there are no delays but there was an early accident off to the side of the shoulder with tow truck on the scene but you will not find any problems obtain scene and it is very light out there this morning, holiday lite and we will look at 580, westbound, highway 4 and 101 san rafael to san francisco, and a quick look outside you can see traffic is flowing smoothly and san rafael, tail lights are headed beyond the civic center at the limit. bart workers will is a chance to earn embryo news under the labor agreement and the chronicle reports under the if you contract reached between bart and the unions, they will pay $500 for every 1 percent
6:41 am
commuter ridership exceeds projections capped at $1,000 a year each of the four year contracts. >> new this morning, nasa is not a fan of beyonce's brand new album and the reason they are slamming the star. >> from school bathrooms to papparazzi, there are new laws. >> the family fighting to keep a brain dead oakland girl on life support, the battle can end today with a 5:00 deadline facing jahi
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covering walnut creek, campbell, burlingame and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the family of 13-year-old faces a 5:00 deadline today as they fight to keep her on life support. >> amy hollyfield has the latest details. >> the court order keeping her on a ventillator expired today and officials will turn off the breathing machine today unless they hear otherwise from a judge. a small grouch supporters gathered yesterday to pray for the 13-year-old girl but her family did not make any public comments about what comes next. the family said that two facilities could accept her but one has since backed out. the representative of the family has been the person who has been
6:45 am
speaking with the hospital and we have not heard from him for 24 hours about the status of the facilities so we need to hear from him as to what is in the cars and what happened next. >> why is southern california facility back out? a when has raised $22,000 to pay for her transfer. a family mention add place in negotiation that could care for her but it is still asking for prayers on this website six brain dead. no court hearings are scheduled for today so doctors are planning to shut east ventilator at 5:00. >> only a couple of days until the new year and that brings new laws here in california.
6:46 am
one law prohibits girlfriends from using voice activated technology for texting and students who cyberbully other students can be disciplined lastless of writ happens and inextras -- transgender students can have access to whatever locker room they want. >> it is important to respect all students and create environments they feel they safe in their environment and be themselves. this law would do more good than harm. >> also, january 1, aing where city for -- a registry for rifles and shut downs will be in a database. papparazzi photographers face stiffer penalties for harassing celebrities and their children. >> and new tougher penals penalr
6:47 am
swatting. >> and up to six months in jail if sex offenders cut east g.p.s. tracking device. >> if you are coming to san francisco for new year's eve, consider mass transit. traffic advisories are posted. expect delays from 11:00 on new year's eve through 1:00 o'clock a.m. on new year's morning. extra bus and train service offered and it is free. hue any is offer flow rides from 8:00 people to 5:00 a.m. and add extra service. bart operates extra rains weekday hours until 3:00 a.m. and a.c. transit has regular service with free rides from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and caltran has free rides with extra train service after the fireworks last train departing san francisco at 2:15 a.m. >> lots of options with trading underway on wall street and we will look at the big board as trading for 2014 comes to an end and now the dow is up eight
6:48 am
points trading at 16,486. >> more money news, with more hack attacks in 2014 on smartphones and other mobile devices according to santa clara-based computer firm that is forecasting a jump in attacks that should down or slow down your device and demand you pay money. hackers will use social media to get a consume's personal information. >> the maker of crocks is getting a $200 million bailout from a private equity fund and the c.e.o. is retiring. we the shares were peaking in 2007 as buyers snapped up the shoes but they have not added new products so blackstone gets see seats on the crock board and last check this morning the shares were up about 12 percent at $15. >> this is a talker: beyonce is taking criticism for her use of audio from the challenger space
6:49 am
shuttle disaster in a newly released song about troubled relationships starting with an audio clip recorded when "challenger" blew up 27 years ago killing all seven astronauts. nasa astronauts call the use by beyonce "insensitive," in a statement to abc, beyonce said and i quote, "my hard goes out to the families lost in the "challenger" disaster." she said it was recorded with sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones the. >> new, we have dry conditions and cold conditions in some places. >> colder than yesterday up to 22 degrees in some areas and now as far as dry conditions, our last four driest years, 1898, 1976 and 1929 in san francisco. it has been 100 years since we have been this dry. we are going to shatter that record for the year, 9" is the
6:50 am
old record and the new year is 5.59" with no rain tomorrow and nothing today, either. since february, john, -- january, february and march, that is us, in the below normal category for precipitation because el nino, nothing, nothing to say the weather pattern will change is the drought will deepen. live dopplerlive doppler 7 hd i. four miles visibility in novato but no thick fog. temperatures will start in the south bay at 34 in san jose and cupertino is 33, and 36 in saratoga and sunnyvale and santa clara and zambrano park at 37, and 3 in mountain view and 54 in the hills around los gatos and 41 in los altos hills and redwood city at 34.
6:51 am
danville is 31 which is the cool spot with fairfield. san pablo is 46 and novato is 43. law today, it is quiet but we have an increase in high clouds helping to dim the sun enough to take the temperatures down one to eight degrees compared to yesterday and clone -- clean air is here now. today, 65 in oakland, 66 in san jose which will tie reports for the date. high clouds, and sunshine, and low-to-mid 60's for moist of us, tonight, look at the clouds, temperatures in the mid-30's to low 40's but san francisco is at 46. it is high and dry through the weekend but no rain, once again. here is sue and leyla gulen. we have an accident on the peninsula with a little bit of
6:52 am
yellow moving northbound off to the shoulder near bunker hill in the northbound direction. otherwise, we are looking at a good commute with highway four westbound and everything is at the limit. if you are headed out you can see mass transit is on time and bart will have extended service on new year's until 3:00 p.m. and outside, no delays, walnut creek southbound toward highway 24 out of walnut creek. kristen and matt? >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in 60
6:53 am
>> good morning, from the sutro tower camera, a cold start in the bay area this morning. we will warm up nicely and no "spare the air" day at 6:53. as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know of with you go:
6:54 am
daly city police are trying to determine who drove off in a san mateo county ambulance during an emergency call after midnight. the ambulance was found two blocks away with a few items missing from inside. medics have been called to treat a patient inside a home. >> the family of a 13 yield declared brain dead after tonsil surgery has a 5:00 p.m. deadline when a court order allowing jahi mcmath to. on the ventilator expired. her family has raised $21,000 in an effort to transfer jahi mcmath to another facility. >> three, russia is on alert after another deadly explosion in volgograd with 13 people killed in two separate blasts and dozens injured, raising fears of terrorism and the safety of the upcoming winter olympics. >> doctors in france say they are unsure if race car driver michael schumacher will survive a critical head injury in a
6:55 am
medically induced coma after falling while skiing in the alps yesterday. >> five, today law -- through thursday, unusual highly tides will be experienced, a food or more high are than average causing flooding around the bay during high tide. >> sis, we have had streaks of record "spare the air" days, but no more. not for today. from the east bay hills camera, beautiful as night gives way to morning across the bay area. temperatures today are not so warm as yesterday. you could almost have a picnic yesterday. with the leftoffs from the holidays. today is almost as nice. we will have high clouds rolling in, in the afternoon, making for a beautiful sunrise and sunset. enjoy. >> seven, we are looking at the
6:56 am
bay bridge toll plaza and the though metering lights all morning and it is holiday light. we have no delay on the roads with an accident in san mateo county which has been cleared to the shoulder and we are not seeing any delays. looking good this morning. we continue online and twitter and all mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. and the big chill. paralyzing cold gripping the midwest, as 45-mile-per-hour winds bring the temperatures down to 50 below. as the east faces dangerous cold on the way as we start the new year. and breaking overnight. olympic terror fears. two suicide bombers in 24 hours in a city near the sochi olympics, as a terror group vows to disrupt the winter games. will our athletes be safe? fighting for his life. racing legend michael schumacher is in a coma after a devastating ski accident. the man known for his high-speed heroics fell after hitting a rock on the slopes with his son. and a "gma" exclusive. beyonce's secrets revealed. the need-to-know operation to record her number one new album.


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