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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 30, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and the big chill. paralyzing cold gripping the midwest, as 45-mile-per-hour winds bring the temperatures down to 50 below. as the east faces dangerous cold on the way as we start the new year. and breaking overnight. olympic terror fears. two suicide bombers in 24 hours in a city near the sochi olympics, as a terror group vows to disrupt the winter games. will our athletes be safe? fighting for his life. racing legend michael schumacher is in a coma after a devastating ski accident. the man known for his high-speed heroics fell after hitting a rock on the slopes with his son. and a "gma" exclusive. beyonce's secrets revealed. the need-to-know operation to record her number one new album.
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how she lost more than 60 pounds after the birth of blue ivy and the reason she showed all in those steamy videos. >> i wanted to show my body. ♪ hold on to me she wanted to show her body. you have to bundle up in times square though now. >> i can't think of a better reason to bare it all, right? well, good morning, america. right? robin, george, josh, lara all off this morning. david muir along with amy robach and the team. a new year's gift come early to be next to you this week. >> stop it some more, david. a new twist in the tupelo murder case. the suspect allegedly threatening the president before his cross-country robbery spree. we'll have the latest details this morning. and we have the very latest on the antarctica rescue. stalled by punishing weather that won't let the ice breakers get through. what the plan is to free the passengers.
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as we prepare to ring in the new year, the bone-chilling temperatures in the midwest. ginger zee and the extreme weather team here. that's already a huge crowd in times square. >> they are. it's the warmest we're going to be. you can hear them. they're all happy. the temperatures are the mildest at this point that we'll be for a long time to come. let me show you where the cold air is this morning. now we have to make it serious. this is dangerous cold. when you expose skin to 32 below, that can be bad for the body. 10 blow in minneapolis. 8 below in sioux city. and look at this. that's not just a pocket in the northern plains and great lakes. it's going to spread east. early morning low temperatures will be dangerous and uncomfortable. look at detroit, low of 7 early thursday morning. minneapolis staying sub zero. and that is exactly where we find our alex perez this morning. >> reporter: well, ginger, good morning. the weather crossed the line where it is dangerously cold.
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the big concern in many places is the ice. to give you an idea how quickly it stormed. we dipped this newspaper in water. in about ten minutes, it was frozen stiff as a board. snow blowing cold and strong. parts of the northern plains this morning under windchill advisories. some areas feeling like 50 below zero. blustering 40-mile-per-hour winds in minnesota this weekend bringing the wind chill to negative 42 degrees. hurling snow across highways and creating whiteout driving conditions. overnight in duluth, snow buildup, causing this overhang to buckle. for some, a near miss. >> he had just stepped outside and saw the thing collapse right in front of her. >> reporter: in the northeast, it was a whole lot of rain ahead of the cold. and then parts of new england, a fresh shot of snow. utility companies bracing for
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more wide-spread power outages. tree crews in maine, trimming icy branches, hoping to keep the coming snowfall from damaging power lines. and there seems to be little relief in sight for parts of the upper midwest. in minneapolis, they'll struggle to get out of the single digits most of the week. ginger? >> thank you, alex, for braving all of that. and the question right here with all of these people behind me. are you staying for new year's eve? they're all staying. they're about to see the bottom fall out. look at the numbers. the temperature in the 20s when the ball drops. the windchill will be in the teens. if you're not bundled between thousands of people, you won't be able to handle it. and there, across the nation, cold is a really big story. you'll see a little clipper comes across with snow for the northern plains. other than that, the headline is cold and will be. we'll be right back here with more of the nation's weather coming up. back to you. >> thanks very much, ginger. we're forewarned. a big hello to everyone here this morning. we're going to turn now to
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the breaking story overnight. a second deadly terror attack in southern russia, close to the site of the olympics in sochi. dozens are dead after the two attacks raising security concern this morning as american athletes now prepare to head to the winter games just six weeks from now. let's bring in chief investigative reporter brian >> rob: who is just back from sochi. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. the two attacks first yesterday and then again this morning sent an unmistakable and chilling message that islamic terrorists in russian intend to do all they can to disrupt the winter olympics, being held only 400 miles and 6 weeks away. this was the scene this morning in russia. a new round of carnage. after an explosion on a packed trolley bus during the morning commute in the city once known ad stalingrad, now volgograd. at least 14 people dead and 28 injured, including a baby. >> translator: i heard glass shattering in the first two stories of the building. i saw a -- i looked out of the window.
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it was still dark. and i saw a bus that was -- ripped by a blast and people were running away from it screaming. >> reporter: for a second day, russian investigators said a suicide bomber was responsible in what they called a clear act of terrorism that spread fear across the country. >> translator: some of them were wounded. a lot of people were panicking. it was a horrendous sight. i was very scared. >> reporter: this morning's attack was less than 24 hours after another suicide bomber hit the train station in that same city. the bomb went off just before noon, on a peak travel day before the russian christmas holiday. at least 17 people were killed and dozens more injured. >> with these kinds of operations, it's not the size of the operation that matters. it's the willingness of the people executing the operation to target civilians. >> reporter: the attacks come five months after the leader of
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an islamist nationalist group, vowed to disrupt the winter olympics. >> i think the russian government has something to fear, the potential loss of face, the potential embarrassment to them if the terrorists are able to pull off one or more major terrorist events. >> reporter: president putin has taken personal charge of the olympics and has vowed to create air-tight security around the olympic village and the town of sochi. this is just shows how difficult it will be to defend the olympics against ruthless terrorists. >> brian, thank you. want to get to bianna golodryga with the news this morning. breaking developments in the case of the tupelo suspect. good morning, everyone. we begin with new information about the suspect in a terrifying multi-state bank robbery spree. the same man accused of shooting two police officers was shot dead by police during a robbery attempt in phoenix this past weekend. now the secret service is confirming this army veteran's troubled past. reena ninen has more.
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>> reporter: the nationwide manhunt over. >> the suspect has been identified as mario edward garnett. mr. garnett was a black male. he was 40 years of age. >> reporter: this morning, new details about the man believed to have robbed two banks, seen in these images. then killing a police officer. secret service confirming he was arrested in 2010 for threatening to kill president obama and previous u.s. presidents. authorities say in august 2010, he posted this message on the white house website. if you order a strike on iran, i'm going to come up there and blow your brains out on national tv. that earned him eight months in jail and three years suspension. later, after violating his supervised release, he had to wear a gps monitoring device for four months. a court order allowed his cell phone records to be reviewed. placing him in all three bank robbery locations. the crime spree started in atlanta, moving to tupelo, mississippi, and ending in
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phoenix, arizona, across the country, almost 1900 miles away. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. and our thanks to reena. we turn to the economy now. a major milestone for the housing market. home prices have returned to their pre-recession levels in 10 of the top 50 cities. surging to record his. some areas, for example, prices in oklahoma city are up 13% from the prerecession record and up 6% in the denver area. so good news there. and a developing story this morning. thousands of people are being evacuated as a volcano erupts in central america, spewing ash in the air and even el salvador. forcing flights to be canceled there. it's the first eruption in 37 years there. crews say it will take several weeks to rebuild this major highway that collapsed just south of the u.s.-mexican border. one section tumbled 300 feet down a cliff. the highway links tijuana to a busy cruise ship terminal. and for the third straight year, america's team, well, failed to make the playoffs.
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in the final minutes, yeah, against the eagles last night, cowboys backup quarterback kyle orton gave up this interception, allowing the eagles to escape with a 24-22 win. and finally, david, this is just for you. if you notice anything unusual in this picture, let us know. a woman snapped this photo in manhattan beach while her son and a friend were swimming. that appears to be a rather large shark lurking nearby. mom says she didn't see it until they were looking at the pictures on the way home. i have to say, as a mom, try explaining that to the other mom when you drop the kid off. that, i thought it was a toy, i didn't see it. i'm sorry. nothing. yeah. >> thank you, bianna. well, now fans are praying for a sports legend. one of the greatest race car drivers of all time, michael schumacher, is fighting for his life this morning after a terrible ski accident that left him in a coma. here's alex marquardt with the details. >> reporter: michael schumacher was skiing with his son, wearing
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a helmet, when he fell and hit his head on a rock. at first, he was just dazed. 1 his injury described as not serious. but the serve veerity very quickly became clear. he was rushed to brain specialists in southern france where he went right into surgery for a brain hemorrhage. this morning, schumacher's doctors say they're working hour by hour. and that it's impossible to say what will happen. but that without a helmet, he would certainly be dead. the news is a crushing blow to the legions of worldwide fans who affectionately call him schumy. the 44-year-old german is nothing short of a legend in formula one, one of the most popular sports in the world. he dominated for two decades. a world champion a record seven times. winning almost 100 races. >> he's a racing driver. like most racing drivers, he loves to push things to the limit. in his retirement first-time round he was racing motorcycles. recently this last year i know for a fact he was skydiving.
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>> reporter: he's an experienced skier. but the latest high-profile celebrity to be hurt in a ski accident. in 2009, actress natasha richardson, wife of liam neeson, died after hitting her head while skiing in canada. sonny bono crashed into a tree in 1998 and died of his injuries. just days after michael kennedy did the same while playing a game of football on skis with family members in aspen. schumacher was known on the racetrack for his intelligence and unparalleled determination to win, determination he will now need more than ever to recover, which is far from certain. david? >> a lot of prayers for schumacher this morning. >> alex, our thanks to you. now to an abc news exclusive. the family of an american husband, father, and grandfather is speaking out for the first time. the emotional interview after seeing the new video of their husband and father on it. his dramatic plea, fearing he's
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been forgotten, along with his direct appeal to the president for help. this morning, this video is all a maryland family has as they prepare to usher in a new year without a husband, without a grandfather. these newly released images, the first proof in more than a year that warren weinstein is alive. the 72-year-old was working as a consultant in pakistan on community projects, when more than two years ago, gunmen stormed his apartment and took him captive. it's now believed he's being held by al qaeda leader, aman al zawahiri. he looked into the camera and said, it seems that i have been totally abandoned. >> it seems that i have been totally abandoned and forgotten. >> i wanted to die right there on the spot. he has no idea how hard we have tried to get him back. but there's nothing to do to get him back because they don't tell you what they want. the funny thing is, that -- i
7:14 am
always take him to the airport. and i always pick him up. and he sees my lip begin to quiver and he says, oh, please don't cry. that was the last time i saw him. >> his grandchildren? they miss him? >> oh, yes, ask their mother. constant. >> our daughter, we finally had to tell her. that was one of the hardest things ever. that little brain of hers. a 7-year-old. to ask the questions she had to ask. >> what did she ask? >> my birthday is coming soon. is he going to be home for this one? how do you answer that for a kid? such a burden at such a young age to have to -- to have to go through that. >> to have her wonder if her grandfather is okay? >> in my heart, i know he's coming home. i try to tell them that. but -- you know, it's hard for them to be able to understand why this happened to him. >> reporter: her son, just a toddler, had figured out how to skype with grandpa before he
7:15 am
went missing. >> we were sitting at the computer and he figured out how to skype grandpa. and he was talking to him. now their only way to see him is through that video. >> what would you say to him if you could? >> just tell him how much i miss him. sorry. i would just tell him that i love him. that i think about him every day. >> he ends the video with a plea to all of you. i think about each and every one of you every moment of every day. >> i think about each and every one of them every moment of every day. >> it's just about the same way here. every moment of every day. >> we're thinking about that wife, those two daughters, their bravery coming forward this morning. the state department saying they're working to authenticate this video. reiterating their call that warren weinstein be released and returned to his family. let's hope it's this year.
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>> our thoughts and prayers with all of them. thank you, david. we have new details overnight about the australian ice-breaker trying to make its way to free a ship trapped in the antarctic for a week now. rescue attempts halted by ferocious weather. gio benitez has been tracking the story overnight and is here with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. that ship trapped in ice since christmas morning. during a blizzard. hours ago, we learned that that ice breaker has failed to rescue the passengers. at least for now. this morning, 74 passengers on board the stranded ship have no idea if an ice breaker sent to free it will ever get there. the powerful "aurora australis" had high hopes of tearing through miles of ice to get to the trapped ship. it was ten miles away when it had to turn around. no visibility. >> as soon as the weather clears, they'll probably have a another go. it's just we have no idea what the weather will do. >> reporter: expedition leader speaking to us just moments ago from that stranded ship.
7:17 am
>> about ten days or so of fresh food. then we're on dehydrated rations. we have got the "aurora" within a helicopter ride. so, if it really got bad, they could drop us some supplies as well. >> reporter: even as a chinese ice breaker failed to tear through the ice and another couldn't get past the edge, the passengers are sending messages of hope home. >> just saying hi to let you know we're going to be a little bit late. >> reporter: while this ice breaker is stronger than the others, the ice could be as thick as 13 feet. the captain speaking to reporters. >> we're going to see if we can break them out. depends how much ice is pressured up and our ability to get through it. >> reporter: before the ship got stuck in the ice in the middle of the blizzard, the explorers were on a tour of historic sites in antarctica. now it's a rescue mission. >> we're hoping tomorrow or the day after they'll be able to
7:18 am
have a crack at getting to us. >> reporter: let's hope they do. if the australian ice breaker can't make it through, everyone on board that stranded ship will have to abandon it and be air-lifted to safety. aim my and david? >> one of the things they said they were most worried about is running out of coffee. before they get rescued. >> that's a priority here. we know all about that. we need coffee all across the country. it's cold out there. >> i want to be bathing in that. it's that cold. these are actual high temperatures. i want you to get right up in there and see it. 18 only for chicago. columbus, just shy of 30. minneapolis, fargo, sioux falls, that's who we're concerned about today. it's not just the high temperatures, let me switch it over, add the wind. this is what it feels like. like it's 8 in chicago. it feels like, green bay -- this is by the afternoon, these will be the windchills -- 9 below.
7:19 am
fargo, close to 20 below. and the cold, of course, will head east. burlington, vermont, yeah, it's 7 below. you're not that warm but even getting colder as we end the week. you want to be warm, you have to go southwest. that's where we find above-average temperatures. los angeles, close to 80 today. sacramento, 65. dry and nice there, too. josh is enjoying. we'll all just dream. your local forecast in 30 seconds.
7:20 am
>> while you bask in 62 degrees in las vegas, we had something cool happen in the cold. ice mushrooms. i'll show you what those are. >> don't you love the way she gets excited. >> and bathing in coffee. quite a morning. >> thanks, ginger. coming up next on "good morning america," the shocking murder of an american heiress in a caribbean resort. the suspect, a man she helped try to get his life together. the "duck dynasty" show back in full force for the new season now that the biggest star is back. what the star says about returning to the show.
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balance bar®... (coffee bein♪ poured into a cup.) save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. new this morning, daly city police are trying to figure out who drove off in a san mateo ambulance during an emergency call. the ambulance was found two blocks away.
7:25 am
few items were missing from inside. medics have been called to the area to treat a patient inside the home when the unusual theft occurred. now time to get a check on your morning commute with sue hall in the abc 7 traffic center. sue. >> thanks, matt. it is holiday light out there. that's all ki tell you. we had an earlier accident? san mateo county. it's finally been cleared out of lanes. little slow traffic on 92 towards half-moon bay. otherwise out of central valley green all the way into livermore same with highway 4, green into pittsburgh and bay point. everything is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights and traffic is light all the way into san francisco. matt. thanks, sue. mike
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. much cooler air is waiting for you outside. fros fi inland with 28 novato the cool spot. just about all of us in the 30s until you get to san francisco. sunrise from mt. tamalpais. it is not a spare the air day today. temperatures one to six degrees cooler. could still be a record high
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♪ ♪ it's a party in the usa and it is a party in times square as everyone getting ready for new year's eve. it may be cold outside. i don't think anybody minds. they're bundled up. they may just stay there. you have to mark your territory early if you want to get in the right place to see the ball drop and ring in 2014. nowhere better to be in the world. and the king of the night, ryan seacrest, will be here live to tell us what to expect. >> wow, he's sitting awfully still on our coach there. that was a photo. round the clock he'll be up. >> good morning, america. robin, george, lara, and josh, all off this morning. they'll be partying like it's 1999. i'm sure, tomorrow night.
7:31 am
>> look at me. luckiest guy in america this morning. happy new year! also ahead, the man millions of fans rallied around, phil robertson of "duck dynasty" back on the show. after his controversial comments. we caught up with him to hear what it's like to get the go-ahead to return to the show. also, lisa swayze, the widow of "dirty dancing" star pat strike swayze got a christmas present, how she's moving on after her husband's death. first, the gruesome case of the killing of the american heiress. aditi roy has the details. >> reporter: she was the heiress of a multimillion-dollar family fortune, from an american food empire that began with post cereal. now 46-year-old socialite nedenia post dye is at the center of a murder
7:32 am
investigation in the caribbean. she was found in her room, december 22nd, at the spa resort she owned. stabbed to death in the back several times. this morning, lenon roberto was being held for her murder. investigators located him hour after her death. his clothes allegedly soaked in her blood. he's being questioned in the crime unit and placed in custody for prosecution in court. >> when i went -- >> reporter: police say dye seen in a video here, moved to the island 15 years ago where she owned a luxury spa. >> she wanted the best for everyone. nedenia was never out to hurt anyone. >> reporter: overnight, dye's best friend, elizabeth chance, told us dye often worked with at-risk youth and was helping him overcome a drug addiction. >> my impression was someone that was a sick person and someone that nedenia was trying to help. he was not someone you would
7:33 am
normally have into your home. >> reporter: a local singer who goes by the stage name, the canary, seen in this youtube video told local reporters, i am innocent. she was like a mother to me, and it hurts me. this morning, dye's body is back in the states as authorities search for more answers. in this murder in paradise. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. now to the woman on trial for brutally killing her husband. prosecutors say she planned to kill him after finding out he was back in touch with an ex-girlfriend. abc's linsey davis is here with the gruesome story. >> really gruesome. good morning to you, amy. her husband's body was found naked with a broken flip phone on his chest. she is accused of using a plastic baseball bat and a lighter to beat him and ultimately kill him. and now she says she can't remember what happened that night. a battered wife suffering from mental health issues or a jealous, cold-blood murderer? this week, 50-year-old roxanne
7:34 am
jeskey will decide whether she'll take the stand in her own defense. lawyers are presenting two differing accounts of the night her husband was killed. in a 911 call, she's nearly hysterical. saying, we had an all-out, blow outfight. >> mrs. jeskey was beaten by mr. jeskey that night. >> reporter: her lawyers say she was beaten that night and introduced photos of evidence of bruises all over her body. she's pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. experts for both sides have said her ability to process and retain information was impacted when she had a brain tumor removed ten years ago. during a hearing earlier this year, the judge found her competent to stand trial. >> i think we presented a compelling case. two doctors both testified that she's not competent to stand trial.
7:35 am
>> reporter: in his opening statement, her lawyer said she couldn't remember what happened the night her husband died, that the walls of her mind starting closing in. she became a wild animal and lashed out. the prosecution rested its case on friday after painting a picture of a woman accused of viciously wounding and murdering her husband with not one, but several weapons. >> needle-nosed pliers. a lighter. >> reporter: this, after she allegedly found out he had been texting a former girlfriend. if convicted, she faces between 25 years to life in prison. a judge, not a jury, will decide the case. we'll learn later on this week if she'll take the stand in her own defense. amy. >> thank you. let's bring in dan abrams. the insanity defense is almost always difficult. but you say there's extenuating
7:36 am
circumstances? >> it's tough here. she has the burden to prove it. the prosecution has the burden to prove. in the state of maine, you have the burden to prove it. another judge has looked at this case already. now, that is not going to determine this case. but it's interesting that another judge felt there were indications she might be faking it. which makes it even harder for her in connection with this case. what does she have going for her in terms of her defense? number one, she had brain surgery. and number two, it's clear she was beaten. her claim is not self-defense, which i thought it would be. her defense and initially would seem to be her defense. now it's basically she was beaten and that triggered an episode that made her unable to distinguish right from wrong. >> in terms of the outcome, what do you make of the decision to go before a judge rather than a jury in this? >> really interesting. you would think that someone who had been beaten might say i want the sympathy of a jury. the lawyers are hoping for a more specifically legal analysis of the insanity defense.
7:37 am
they felt that was a better shot for them in connection with this case. but a risky decision. that will impact the question of whether she takes the stand. >> i was going to ask. knowing that you're going to be testifying in front of a judge versus a jury. how does that help you weigh the decision to put her up there or not. >> if this was a jury, you don't take the stand. why? think about why she didn't understand the wrongfulness of her crime. >> especially given the details. >> exactly. i think jurors would be looking at her and saying, i don't believe it. in front of a judge, there's a chance. i think it's unlikely that she takes the stand. because, if this was self-defense, i think she would take the stand. because it's an insanity defense, i think she doesn't take the stand. >> thank you, dan. time now for a check of the weather. ginger zee. big story. >> the cold. of course, i promised you ice mushrooms. so that's what i wanted to start with. you see that? it looks like a game of super-mario brothers where you're in that cold land and you
7:38 am
have the mushrooms jumping. it's in michigan, hours away from my parents. i have never seen this before. a closeup view, i think you have a little bit of ice, the waves go over and freeze, you get ice secretion over and over. how odd is that? look at that. very cool. thank you, judy, for sending those in. we'll see some frozen precipitation. it will keep the ice mushrooms in place. places like chicago could get a couple of tenths of an inch tonight. and a little bit more. these are some of the numbers you'll see. in the next 48 hours, these are the numbers you'll see. we get the most accidents when we have very little snow. be careful on the road. erie is just laughing. at a couple tenths of an inch. look at them. this is so far this year. feet of average. they have almost 60 inches of snow. syracuse. this is lake-effect. a lot of cold air. look at the number. goodness, gracious. three, four, five feet of snow. i'll leave you with a look across the country.
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by discover. i'm just singing super mario in my head. ♪ >> always -- >> i like that. >> the mario dance, too. >> thank you, ginger. coming up next, is the "duck dynasty" family claiming victory? what phil robertson has to say about being welcomed back to the show. as we mentioned, new love for patrick swayze's widow. the christmas surprise that is changing her life. it's a great way to stay on top of your credit, and make sure things look the way they should. awesomesauce! huh! my twin sister always says that.
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we're back now at 7:43 with the latest developments in "duck dynasty" as family patriarch, phil robertson, back on the show after his suspension after remarks about homosexuality and race. matt gutman with more. >> reporter: late sunday, abc news filmed phil robertson
7:44 am
sticking to his guns after appearing to win a week-long game of chick within a & e, telling abc news they may have fired me, but got didn't fire me. nope. a & e! announced its about face friday. stage entire cast will return this prispring. a a& e says this show is not about one man's views. they come together to reflect and pry fn unity, tolerance, and forgiveness. >> i think the surprise came from how early it happened. i thought maybe they would allow the holidays to be over. before they made the announcement that he would, indeed, return to the show. >> oh, man, i'm fired up about it. >> reporter: the fire storm began earl ler in month after robertson gave an interview to
7:45 am
"gq" about homosexuality and after americans. when the rest of the robertson family threatened to fly the coop, the network may have realized who really ruled this roost. >> we're excited that he's back on the show. >> it's probably the most excited. it's one of the only shows we can watch as family together. >> reporter: now, a & e is making this a teachable psa moment. launches a psa about unit and acceptance among all people. season five is scheduled to begin in january. >> don't ever tell a red neck that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. coming up, ryan seacrest. the busiest man in show business. >> he's squeezing us into his schedule. we can't wait to hear what is on the big show coming up.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> i said to ginger at the break, what is it? >> cold outside. i'm leading into who doesn't love ice cream on a chilly day? i guess if you're in another part of the world, it's great. a vendor with a little extra bit of turkish fun. this guy wants a cone. puts fit in the pocket. the tricks keep on coming. oh, no, he's not. now he's going to get it. or not. and the guy's taking it very nicely. people are getting a kick out of this video because it just keeps going on. it's been viewed, by the way, nearly 1 million times on youtube. oh. still no ice cream. >> that's how you know it didn't happen in new york. >> in new york, there would be -- >> police would be covering it. >> whoa! >> i love this guy. >> oh, nope, still no ice cream. >> come on. hand shake, now he gets a
7:51 am
little. oh! >> a final instult. this is the high-five. look at that guy. he's a good sport. i think that guy should have got an tip. >> you earned something. that was like "sportscenter." >> i felt so frustrated for that guy. he deserves the peace award there. everybody had fun. coming up, the behind the scenes secrets of beyonce's new number one album. i'm guessing no ice cream for her.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. in developing news, the family of 13-year-old oakland girl jahi mcmath has until 5:00 p.m. today to find a care facility willing to take her in. that's when a court order expires allowing childrens hospital oakland to remove the brain dead teen's ventilator. meteorologist mike nicco checks out the bay area forecast. mike. >> increasing high clouds, near record temperatures in a few areas, oakland, san jose low to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, not a spare the air today.
7:57 am
temperatures will be in the same even with the calendar changing to a new year, maybe slightly cooler but dry this weekend. sue. thanks, mike. one problem chp reporting to us on the road just off of 880. the onramp to 880 blocked by an accident. otherwise no accidents. san rafael, traffic flowing beautifully all the way to
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we're counting down the hours until the ball drops. ryan seacrest is here with the preview of the world's biggest new year's party. beyonce surprises fans with the secrets of her number one album. why she did those sexy videos? >> i wanted to show my body. >> it's a "gma" exclusive. and the hottest trend taking over 2014? all the facts on the juicing craze with our dave zinzenko as we say -- >> good morning, america. guess what? robin, george, lara, and josh
8:01 am
are off. but ginger's here. >> ginger's here. >> happy new year. >> we have david, bianna, and rachel here in their stead. you gotta love a woman that tells it like it is. beyonce. i wanted to show it off. her new video, for drunk in love. coming up, queen bee opens up for the first time, sharing exclusive details on the making of this groundbreaking album tapped making of that great body. >> that tune. patrick swayze. an incredible story. the "dirty dancing" star. his wife. his star offscreen. now she's engaged. an incredible story. >> such an amazing romance. also ahead, are you resolved to get healthy in 2014? juicing could be the way to go. there are dos and don'ts.
8:02 am
>> anything green is supposed to be good for you. i don't ne that that looks so appetizing. we have "pop news" coming up, too. first, bianna. good morning to everyone at home. we begin with the breaking news overnight. the second deadly terrorist attack in russia in two days, raising security concerns just weeks before the country hosts the olympic games. at least 14 people were killed this morning when a bomb tore apart a trolley bus in rush hour. the attack comes less than 24 hour after 17 other people were killed at a train station in the same city. suicide bombers are being blamed for both explosions that follow a threat from a radical islamic group vowing to disrupt the games. the games will be the most secure ever, say the organizers. meantime, back in this country, more than 5,000 homes and businesses in northern new
8:03 am
england are without power. customers still in the dark since the record sis storm over a week ago. the coldest air hitting the upper mird west. harsh weather has forced crews to cancel a third attempt to rescue people on the ship stranded in apt arkt ka. the 74 researchers and tourists are locked in for nearly a week. they may have to be air lifted. zblmts one of in the best race car drivers of all time is in critical condition after a skiing accident in the alps. mike. schumacher is in a medical medically-induced coma. the 44-year-old just retired last year. in southern california, a driver lost control and crashed through the bedroom wall of this house kill mang as he slept in the middle of the night. the driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. and finally, it's happened
8:04 am
to all of us at one point, right? especially on this shift right? nodding off at just the wrong moment. football legend mike ditka appeared to catch some zs if a pregame show yesterday. key shawn johnson was able to nudge him awake. i'm just going to take a little -- >> you can see his head is slightly down. >> does he have glasses on? like dark glasses? hello, we're here. on the air. >> just remember that, amy. just a simple nudge. you don't have to jar me awake. >> i think it's more fun to say, hey, wake up. speaking of coffee, ginger said how much she loves it. she has a look at the weather. >> yeah, believe i said i wanted to bathe in it. i just want to it be warm. not too bad here this morning. we have a 13th birthday. and a 15th birthday.
8:05 am
your name? >> claire. >> let's start with somewhere warm. claire is from pensacola. this is miami this morning. clouds unsettled. high temperature, 82. south florida, plenty warm. the southeast, look at the high. a high-pressure system rotates clockwise. the cold air comes in on the front side. tallahassee, 69. you'll see showers up the coast. and florida, staying warm. and toward the end of the week, thursday into friday, you have two things coming together. could create icy conditions. in new england, some snow. we'll be fine-tuning that forecast.
8:06 am
>> these gals know what they're doing. this is where i get ideas for my head gear. i need to get one of these for myself. a look at what is ahead on the "good morning america" morning menu. the special guest britney spears got from a las vegas lemd. and beyonce gives us exclusive new ve dales on the chart-topping new album. zbljt and the secrets of the new juicing trepnd. all coming up live on "gma" here in times square.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah, it's that time of year. we're gearing up for new year's eve. we have a great crowd outside this morning. braving the dropping temperatures. gearing up, marking their spots, possibly. the incredible new year's rockin' eve just days away. where all the action will be. we bring on 2014. things are already popping outside, right? rachel is here. >> nice. very subtle. >> very subtle. good morning to you all. great to be here with you today.
8:11 am
something that is still buzzing this morning. britney spears kicking off her two-year residency in planet hollywood on friday. starting with a wonderful surprise. a bowl of roses sent backstage from the reigning queen of vegas, miss celine dion. the show features 24 songs and 28 outfit changes. somehow she works it out. her family was in town and kitty perry, miley cyrus, and adam lambert cheered from the vip section. some casting news. the producers of broadway's s t cinderella asked carly rae jepsen to call me maybe. she'll taken to role. her three-month run starts in february. she's thrilled. she's working on gnaw album out next year.
8:12 am
>> so that song can finally get out of my head? >> not today. not now. >> i have the image of colin powell singing it. >> everyone sang it last year. >> i'm ready for a new one, c carly rae. >> one of my favorites. kellie pickler spent the holidays entertaining troops in the mideast. her husband joining her on the journey. she visited with wounded soldiers, flew in a chinook and fired a howitzer. she said the tours i have been part of have been the highlight of my career. >> good for her. >> don't forget the troops as rering r we ring in the new year. supercute. snow is causing quite the headache for a lot of people.
8:13 am
not for this pup. basically, heaven on earth. >> oh. >> that face. the precious pooch played in the snow for the first time. >> hopping like a bunny. >> what is the problem here? i'm loving it. >> okay at him. >> or her. >> watch out for the yellow snow. >> yeah, be wary of that. >> or brown. >> oh, okay. >> oh. >> right? >> a chilly day. love it. >> thank you, rachel. now, we have beyonce in a "gma" exclusive. her new album has been topping the charts since she surprised the world with the release. in a video you'll see her first, she takes you inside the making of her music and how she got that amazing body back after having her baby. ♪ >> reporter: she surprised the
8:14 am
world, releasing her secretive visual album with no promotion. >> we had so much fun. my family was there. and i was breast-feeding, corn row s in my hair. >> reporter: now as that album dominates the billboard top chart. beyonce is revealing how she pulled off the surprise while balancing life as a new mom. >> because i was spending so much time being a mother, i would take a few hours out of the day and record. and in real-life, i was this woman, this mother, trying to get my focus and my myse self back. i was able to create whatever world and fantasy at the time was not happening. ♪ when i looked in your eyes >> reporter: queen bee revealing
8:15 am
her almost 2-year-old daughter, blue ivy, was the inspiration for many of her new songs. ♪ come on baby won't you hold on to me hold on to mow ♪ . >> reporter: but also presented her one of her greatest challenges. getting her famous physique back in shape. >> i was 195 pounds when i gave birth. i lost 65 pounds. i worked crazily to get my body back. i wanted to show my body. i know finding my sensuality, getting back to my body. being proud of growing up. so many women feel the same thing after they give birth. ♪ open up the partition please >> reporter: she says she hoping her album inspires women whether you're a pop superstar or a stay-at-home mom. >> you can have your child, still have fun, still be sexy,
8:16 am
still have dreams, still live for yourself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. >> but that body? >> can we all have that body? >> she can do no wrong. is there she's beautiful inside and out. to see the complete video, after seeing that taste, i'm sure plenty of people would love to see more, "good morning america" -- >> could somebody bring my laptop over here? >> she should have essential babies if she can look like that out there. >> all the singles out at once. then pairing up the videos. >> rave reviews. >> you went to high school with her, didn't you? >> i did. she became the famous one. >> same trajectory. patrick swayze, and the storey of his wife. so honest after their love after
8:17 am
his death. a new chapter. what a surprise. >> such a heart-warming story. a year after he died, she said, i would like the get married again. she's getting her wish. she has been dating for about a year and a half. ♪ oh baby >> reporter: with his heart-pounding moves, dashing good looks, unforgettable charm. >> nobody puts baby in a corner. >> reporter: patrick swayze dirty danced into the hearts of millions. but this lucky woman was his show stopper. his wife of 34 years, lisa niemi. now four years after swayze died of pancreatic cancer, his widow has a second chance at love. >> it was private. an intimate thing between lisa and albert. but it meant everything for her.
8:18 am
>> reporter: for 22 months, she stood by his side as he fought the incurable cancer. a year after his death, speaking with robin roberts. >> i always new patrick was a tough guy. i had no idea just how tough he really was. >> reporter: since her husband's death, she's tried to shine a light on his disease, writing a book and becoming a spokes person for the pancreatic cancer net work. >> reporter: they had one of the most enduring love affairs. even surviving a year-long separation when he was drinking. they met when he was 20, she was just 15. >> supposed to have this big head, be a casanova. we're like, i'm not going to let this guy get to me. and, of course, first thing he did, our first contact was he pinched me on the rear as i was
8:19 am
passing by and said, hey, cutie. later on, hen he asked me out, i said yes. >> reporter: the two soon married and struggled as young dancers until "dirty dancing" made him a megastar. talk about for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and health. >> wyou went to high school wit him, too? >> a now years before me. it was a performing arts high school. i'm the loser that graduated with no talent. >> talk about name-droppin'. >> just saying. >> he also said incredible things about his wife. >> he said they had intense passion. their fights were huge but their love was huge. apparently, patrick swayze said to her when he was dying, he wanted her to move on. >> another chance at love. >> really a long marriage. 34 years.
8:20 am
>> incredible. we're going to turn to our series, "eat it to beat it" with a burning question, to juice or not to juice. dave zinczenko, who i also went to high school with -- no, i'm kidding. is this a trend or pulp fiction? >> reporter: remember when juice meant orange or apple? now smooth thinks are a choice of the stars. jessica alba, nick jonas, everyone lea michele have been seen with green concoctions of pressed vegetables and fruit choose. >> i love juices. there's no better way to get the nutrients than to use. >> reporter: is a salad in a bottle just as healthy as a salad on your plate? in most cases, no. check out jamba juice. kale is a superfood.
8:21 am
be beware, this kale apple pine jj apple and chia seed blend pax 250 calories and 43 grams of sugar. the carrot juice, 133 calories and 26 grams of sugar. when choosing your own ingredients, remember that vegetables have far fewer calories than fruit. naked juice has a 100% juice line you can find in most grocery stores. this is 150 calories for eight-ounce serving. there are two servings here. if you drink the whole bottle, you're consuming 300 calories and 64 grams of sugar. you might think a smoothie is healthier than other snax. but many are loaded with calories. try making one at home. i met up with candace to make a
8:22 am
smoothie. >> you're going to be able to control the caloric intake. >> reporter: we blended these. delicious. the key to juices and smoothies, watch out for sugar, read labels, add in green veggies for a superhealthy snack. >> we have juices here to try out in a little bit. before we get to that, let's talk to twitter followers. tanya tweeted, anything with kale, apples, and protein in it? can't do straight juice. starving in 30 minutes. jill says she likes sail, spina spinach, cucumber, carrots, green al. pine al. emily says, i like using the nutribullet. to get all the skins, pulp. >> david, i have to admit.
8:23 am
i was always told eat your vegetables and fruits. don't drink them. what makes these healthy or not so? >> it's more conveniencienconve. this is a way with minimal effort to get seven servings of fruits and vegetables. that makes a lot of sense. you have to keep in mind, an orange is 50 calories, 3 grams of fiber. a glass of orange juice, no fiber. more calories. >> fruit juice is higher in calories than vegetable juice? >> vegetable juice, watch the sodium. fruit juice, go for the smallest glass you can finld, or better, eat some fruit. adding too many fruits to a healthy drink is going turn it into a high-sugar dessert.
8:24 am
>> what about smoothies? are they good, bad? >> it's a meal. it's not a drink that goes with a meal. a 300-calorie smoothie is a great breakfast, but not when you're having it with pancakes. >> i'm so used to chewing my food. >> five examples here. >> four. >> david has one. this one is juice press, simple green. that's not one i would pick up. >> it's over $10. you have to realize you can buy a juicer at home for $100. make them. you save money if you want to do it. this is great because it's under 100 calories. even though it's two servings per boltle. >> does it fill you up? >> it's the epitome of a clean
8:25 am
green drink. >> this one sodium. >> and the smoothies. >> the smoothies. these are 22 ounces. this is from planet smoothie. lunar lemonade. 330 calories. a much better solution, go off the kid's menu. >> aren't the portion sizes large as well. >> this one is like chocolate chip. >> the chocolate chimp. protein blast. 15 grams of protein in that. great for after a workout when your muscles are prime to absorb
8:26 am
protein. >> and the lean strawberry. >> the grape ape. a good source of natural energy. it's a meal. >> dave, thank you so much. ryan seacrest standing by. come on back.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. be careful around the waters edge this week. happening today through thursday the bay area's expected to see minor tidal flooding caused by so-called king tides. high tide is a foot or more than higher than average. the next high tide is in about 30 minutes. 8:59 this morning. let's see how your morning commute is shaping up with sue hall. >> thanks, kristen. we know it's a light traffic day out there when the big story is a bull chasing a car on highway 12 in rio vista. let's go outside live and take a look at the toll plaza. into san francisco very light, san rafael traffic also very, very light making your way into the city via golden gate bridge. kristen.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. our temperatures are off our morning lows in most neighborhoods. santa rosa 28 and concord at 31. frost possible in napa and novato. ten degrees cooler in san jose at 38. 36 in oakland. hayward, fremont and palo alto all about 40 degrees. this is the way it looks in san jose, high clouds filtering the sunshine this morning. that's going to help drop temperatures a little bit. san jose gets to 66 that ties a
8:30 am
record. oakland drops from 73 to 65. that's actually an eight-degree drop. that would still be a recor [ cheers and applause ] 8:30 on a monday morning. what a crowd outside "good morning america." getting ready for -- you would think someone told them ryan seacrest is here. he is. he's got all the secrets for a rockin' new year's eve. >> we can't wait. there is the man of the night. man of the hour. >> the crowds are here. >> it's a party. >> new year's eve is the can't-miss party of the year. but are you ready when you're watching ryan? we have the last-minute fashion and beauty tips you need to make a year-end splash. and ahead, the worst dog in america. you won't believe his transformation over the last year. >> come on. >> that dog is a good dog. we have the tips you can use with your own family. ryan seacrest is here in the
8:31 am
house. the ultimate host, mr. seacrest himself. we want the secrets. it's so cold out there. you have done it before, amy. i have stood out there. how to you get through, the things in your pockets? >> i live in california. i'm not used to this layering up thing. i put on three or four layers, sit inside, sweat for a few hours and hopefully endour. this will be a colder year than a few years past. a year or two ago, it was warm. this year, in the 20s, with wind. maybe lower than that. there's so many people, so much energy. your blood is flowing. >> didn't your mom give you christmas socks? >> did you see that? >> i did. i believe we have a picture. i think you should wear those. look how cute those are. >> those are wine glasses with santa's hat on top. aren't those cool?
8:32 am
this is connie seacrest at her best. >> do they watch? >> they do. you would think they would be sick of me. >> i think what is going the keep everyone warm the billy joel. billy joel. >> i put them all on my phone. there's such a list of artists. we have miley cyrus, right, performing. times square. >> she's starting now. >> we have pit bull. in miami. billy joel in brooklyn. ma macklemore and ryan lewis. daughtry, arianna grande, and the fray. >> a bunch of up and comers. >> miley had a breakout year. robin thicke. macklemore. >> how do you convince blondie
8:33 am
to come back? >> they have a new album. >> you have a couple of blondes with you. jenny mccarthy and fergie. >> jenny is so much fun. >> that was a tough gig for me. book ended by fergie and jenny. >> they're both unpredictable. >> i wish we could broadcast some of the rehearsal is jenny you would never find on broadcast television. she'll be kissing somebody at mid night. somebody she met here four years ago that she ended up with. >> the fcc will be monitoring. >> wahlberg. more so her than me. >> you also juggle so many other hats. how do you find the balance? >> i just get up a minute earlier etch day and try to fit it all in.
8:34 am
>> you just don't sleep at all? >> i don't sleep enough. i enjoy the pace. >> success magazine dubbed you the busiest man in broadcasting. >> i have to go. >> season 13 of "american idol." and then you have mixology? >> a show i'm producing here on abc. from the writers of the -- "the hangover." >> so it's not going to be funny. >> they put together this series that takes place over one night. 24 hours. the entire season is 4 hours. >> it's like "24." the same concept. >> kind of the same in a bar. about rlgsshelationships. "american idol" in a few weeks. harry connick jr., keith urban, and jennifer lopez. it's great.
8:35 am
people will be excited to see it. >> before you start on new year's eve, do you say something to yourself before you go out there and a few of your closest friends out there? >> i go, ten, nine, eight, seven. >> are you a resolution kind of guy? >> i'm not. i'm really not. every year i get asked about it. i make something up that i never stick to. >> he was bummed when he found out the smoothies were about 100 -- >> i have them with a meal. not as a meal. what wias the word you used? calorically? >> we can't wait, ryan. >> from our warm living rooms. >> it's dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2014. >> i want to see the christmas socks. lift up the trousers for me.
8:36 am
we all want to look our best for our new year's celebration. rachel tapped fashion insiders for tips on how to get glam. >> i sure did. the age-old question, what am i going the wear? the question gets bigger on new year's eve. we took a look at how to produce up what is already in your closet. ready or not, at the stroke of midnight, the massive ball will drop. to make sewer you don't drop the ball when it comes toing look fabulous, we enlisted the help of fashion experts. look number one, pump up the little black dress already if your closet. >> the way to take it up a notch is bring on the bling. leave home the black purse, the black shoes. tease are from the real real
8:37 am
superaffordable. >> reporter: look number two, fancy pants. take your black trousers to the next level. >> we all wear them to work. for new year's switch up the look. find a great sparkly top. >> reporter: number three. take cashmere to a new level. >> nothing more synonymous with new year's than sequins. >> reporter: greta says go glam. silver and gold. the gold all over the eye. from lid right up. >> reporter: really? >> yes. fade right up into the crease. >> reporter: and for the adventurous, go red. >> this is the old hollywood glamour look that screams sexy.
8:38 am
>> reporter: i'm new year's eve ready. now for the lovely locks. a side braid and curls are in. >> put the strand of hair in. the fast beep means you can release. >> reporter: wow. now let the celebration begin. >> happy 2014. >> cheers to figuring this out. >> cheers to new trends. >> reporter: i was fascinated with this. this is for the person afraid of burning their fingertips that wants to curl their hair. you grab a piece, clamp it down, you can hear it close. it beeps because it's baking your hair. and it tells you when to release. that's fun to use. then, of course, new year's eve, go big or go home. the bling is always in. i'm rocking a statement necklace
8:39 am
right here. >> very pretty. >> go big. the bling with a clutch or shoes or what not. then you can also turn to accessories for your finger tips. these are hot colors for this new year's eve festivity. and this is squeen use. i have never used them before. greta showed them to me. if you have man cure or don't have time to go out to -- if you don't have time to paint your nails or get the gel manicure. they're press-on stickers. and guys, there's even bling for the lashes. >> oh, wow. >> i was rocking these in the piece. kind of, you know, the touch of bling. >> are they heavy? >> a little bit. you know what, it's worth it. dpl the price of beauty, right? >> thank you. time now for a check of the weather. the final check of the weather
8:40 am
with ginger. look how big this crowd is. not just on this side of the studio. come with me. we have dozens of people here and do you hear them, right around the corner. look how big this is, everybody getting so excited about new year's eve. run with me. see it all the way down on that side of broadway. i couldn't let it go without giving this whole crowd their time in the sun. and here's what i found. elizabeth. right here. she's from pennsylvania. she loves gam "gma." we love you, too. we have so much to tell you about. snow rollers in travis city. those are blown by the wind and create their own snowballs. more frost in the state of washington there. and in the northwest, we do have that air stagnation problem that is still an issue. temperatures a little on the mild side. thanks to the southeasterly flow.
8:41 am
what will not be mild? not at all here as the cold air settles in. look at the high temperatures. sub >> this weather report brought to you by macy's. so many people with great smile. amy, inside to you. >> i love that you're standing right next to my bulldogs. go dogs. coming up, strategies to
8:42 am
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8:44 am
♪ yeah it's a party in the usa it's one of the top new year's resolutions and one of the hardest to keep. getting your closets organized. we have tips from a celebrity organizer. to help you make order in your own closet. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: gwyneth and her husband moved into this two ped room, one bath home five years ago. three kids later, space is scarce. >> everything does double duty. it's our wine rack, whiskey cabinet, and our children's activity center.
8:45 am
>> reporter: you have markers here, whiskey up there. it's an all-purpose hutch. in the 900-square-foot house, there's one closet. >> here we are in the closet. >> reporter: stuffed with clothes, toys, and that green plastic? >> this is my infant son's bathtub. >> reporter: she was desperate for help. >> i'm justin. >> i'm gwyneth. >> reporter: enter justin klosky. a professional organizer and author. his challenge, making this mess manageable. >> the biggest challenge is accessibility. this is accessible storage. for thing that we use on a regular basis. >> reporter: justin and his team executed a three-step system he calls ocd. >> organize. pull everything out and realize the function. create together what we want the space to be used for. the d is the discipline. keeping things up where things go. labeling things. >> reporter: getting gwyneth to part with her favorite things was another matter. >> i'm not going to throw away a sewing machine in perfect condition. >> you're tell megayou want this space functional, but you're
8:46 am
going to hold on to a sewing machine that your daughter probably won't use for four more years. >> yes, that's possible. >> reporter: at one point tough love is heated. >> all you have done is argue with me 80% of the time. >> i know. >> reporter: but things cool down. >> i'm not going to fight with you. i'm here to help you. i'm only challenging you because of your goal. tell me what your goal is. >> function. >> reporter: with help from the container store, five hours later. >> you can open your eyes now. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: her closet transformed. >> wow. >> reporter: using simple steps justin saying anyone can apply. >> you have to determine what you want the space to be used for. it was easy to pull everything out and only put things back in that truly belonged in that space. >> reporter: did you think it would look like this? >> no. this is fantastic. >> quite some turnaround. you can see justin's top tips for decluttering your space on on yahoo!. coming up, he was dubbed the
8:47 am
worst dog in america. what a difference a year can make. we have tips to turn your pooch around, too. ♪ oh, i want some more
8:48 am
8:49 am
all right, you have heard the phrase, bad dog. you're about to meet a dog so bad she won what title, david? >> i don't know where i'm going with this. >> can i get an amen? >> the worst dog in america, right? keep going with this cantankerous line. >> all right. can the new pooch in the new year become a new dog? abc's linsey davis. >> our producer, angie says, i like you two together. >> just repeat. >> that's right. and there is hope, perhaps, for this particular dog deemed bad to the bone. but consider this. pets are often a popular holiday gift, particularly dogs. but problems arise when people don't do their research.
8:50 am
don't think a cute dog is necessarily the best dog for you. do the homework. here's why. meet lucy. a champion dog. not exactly best in show. but her unmatched destructive nature earned her the title worst dog in america. >> lucy required a lot of stimulation. >> reporter: when eve adopted the husky mix, it wasn't until lucy managed to chew through her metal cage that she knew she was a prime candidate for camp bow wow's champion. the worst of the worst. the prize. a year long of pet rehab at camp bow wow. >> she displayed the behaviors that typical parents have with their dog but to a degree that really needed some expert intervention. >> reporter: and so it was off to begin training. >> ready? >> reporter: she went straight to work with a full day of focus
8:51 am
exercises and group play. but lucy's naughty behavior is something we have seen on screen. >> that's a good boy. >> reporter: marley took the cake when it came to destruction. but if bad behavior translates into real issues in homes across the country -- >> it's responsible for 80% of all animal abandonments in animal shelters. >> reporter: the hope was lucy would become the poster dog for success. two months in, we spot progress. her energy is subdued with a cd for dogs. watch as she goes from this to this. here are some tips dog lovers with use at home. choose the right dog. >> often, i deal with people that have this great big dog and a tiny apartment. >> reporter: work out your pup. >> if you can go out and walk and run and play briskly with your dog for 30 minutes a day, most of these behaviors magically disappear. >> reporter: be selective of what goes in the bowl. >> many of them are fed foods
8:52 am
and treats that are high in sugar and simple carbs. they've been shown to change the behavior. >> reporter: and quality time. >> you must be willing to dedicate time, energy, and effort. because they don't come ready made. >> reporter: we check in with lucy fourth months later. has there been a transformation? from coming home to a destroyed living room to this. the same dog that once dragged her owner down the street now calmly strolls along. from demolishing toilet rolls to being unfazed by them. the last check in at the one-year mark -- >> lucy is manageable. she's listen to instruction and relax. whereas before, we could never have that. >> reporter: after more than a year of reigning as the worst dog if america, it may be time to pass that torch to a more deserving pup. one takeaway here is that all dogs can be trained.
8:53 am
even those that seem like they're reckless. dogs apparently want to be disciplined. something for you the take into consideration. you're a new dog owner. >> this is the mom that wraps the dog for christmas. amy robach. >> day four of puppy training. it's going well. he's sweet. 11 weeks old. we're training him away. >> pictures tomorrow. >> pictures tomorrow. >> look at the crowd as we count down to new year's eve, 2014.
8:54 am
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well, tomorrow, on "gma," before new year's rockin' eve, it will be a new year's rockin' morning. right here. an exclusive interview with macklemore and ryan lewis. and if that wasn't enough to draw you in, the new american girl doll unveiled first right here. and all you doing "world news" with me, right? and all you doing "world news" with me, right?
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. let's get to the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. open the weather window. looking back at mt. diablo, much harder to see today than yesterday. the air is not nearly as clean as it was, but it is not a spare the air today. let's talk about temperatures compared to yesterday. we're going to be a little bit cooler but still threatening record highs around san jose and oakland. we'll have high clouds roll in this afternoon and dim our sunshine. start the new year one of the warmer days low to upper 60s, cooler by the weekend. hi, sue. solo spinout in the cupertino area. emergency crews are blocking lane of traffic southbound 880 at homestead.
9:00 am
and live look at highway 101 at the 880 overcrossing. it is holiday light and that's pretty much all th announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "the secret life of walter mitty," kristen wiig. and she's part of the all-star cast of "august: osage county," juliette lewis. plus, all week long, members of our studio audience will compete as we kick off "live"'s new year's look back challenge. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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