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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 31, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. the new year's arctic blast. the coldest air of the season, stretching from the plains to the northeast. 30 degrees below normal in some areas. temperatures plunging faster than the famous ball in times square. and the first big snowstorm of the new year, just around the corner. breaking overnight, a fiery train crash in north dakota. one freight train coming off the rails, colliding with another, sending massive plumes of dangerous, dark smoke into the air. thousands urged to evacuate. firefighters battling flames this morning. one guy's down. >> also, the dramatic end to the nationwide manhunt for a cop killer. his last stand captured on a 911 call. gunned down by police, after trying to rob one more bank.
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we learn more about him this morning. and it's "gma's" new year's rockin' morning. we're counting down to 2014 with the dynamic duo of times square's big night, ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy, with everything you need to know to ring in 2014 in style. plus, macklemore & ryan lewis. >> good morning -- >> america. good morning, america. a new year's eve. wow, did you see that? what a great crowd here this morning, getting ready for the new year. we want to take you sky-high here in times square. want to show you the famous ball right in front of us, right here in times square. bravest woman in america this morning, rachel smith, who is up there for us. it is freezing cold here. she is in the new year's spirit. and we'll check in with her coming up in just a moment.
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don't flip the switch, yeah. >> it is colder up there. i can tell you that. >> the windchill by the crystal ball. >> it's midnight somewhere. they're celebrating down under. the clock striking midnight in auckland, new zealand ju, just moment ago. >> and look at these people. we have a lot of news to get to. the breaking developments from russia. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross back from sochi this morning. real concerns after the two terror attacks in russia, with american athletes now headed to the games in just weeks. we want to get right to the big story this morning. certainly tonight, as well, the deep freeze. we know people will be packed in extra tight here tonight, trying to keep warm. ginger is tracking this arctic blast. ginger? >> you will -- i have my hat ready. i'm not wearing anything else all day. i have snow pants on, too. and everybody's going to have
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to. if you don't have 1 million people around you and you're celebrating here back to wyoming, it is dangerously cold. we're talking about right now. and we're going to see the numbers pick into what becomes midnight. down to sub zero. minneapolis, when that ball drops, will feel like it's 6 below. 4 below for green bay. 15, the feels-like in chicago. look at that. 2 is what it will feel like. this is putting in the wind. the wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. let me give you an idea of what it will be like here in times square. you see that? windchill, 12. it will feel like single digits or low teens. we'll have a whole forecast coming up. we have a snowstorm, which i told you about. the snowstorm toward the end of the week. i'm going to detail all of that. >> i couldn't think of anyone i would ring in the new year rather than ginger. a cold morning. they're bundled up here. we're going to turn to the
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massive fiery train derailment in north dakota. two trains colliding and sending dangerous plumes of smoke into the air. firefighters trying to put out the flames amid arctic temperatures there. and alex perez has been working this story for us overnight. alex, good morning. >> reporter: david, good morning. the crews working through the night. half of the town not taking any chances. and following the voluntary evacuation order. this morning, crews are desperately fighting to extinguish massive flames now threatening an entire town full of people. 300-foot fireballs filling the skies over casselton, north dakota, after a grain train derailed, striking another train carrying crude oil. and sparking a series of thundering explosions. >> it was the third explosion that rattled the house.
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the doors and the windows were shaking. >> reporter: those flames creating frightening dark clouds that could be seen for 15 miles. >> it was like nighttime. it was just dark. the entire sky is blacked out. you can't see anything. >> reporter: fumes from the blaze, so potentially toxic, authorities are now telling casselton's residents to evacuate. warning anyone south and east of the explosion could be in danger. >> our job is to protect the citizens of casselton. >> reporter: another big concern, the weather. in addition to subfreezing temperatures, a change in wind direction could end the plumes of smoke into town. >> crude oil, as it burns, has a lot of particulate matter in it. a lot of fumes and bad things that are really difficult for people, especially those with respiratory illnesses. >> reporter: and authorities say those flames are so hot, they will basically have to let this fire burn itself out.
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they say, at this point, they are very lucky there have been no reports of any injuries. amy? >> all right, alex perez. thanks for the latest on that. and now, to a new moment of truth for obamacare. the law takes full effect at midnight. that means more than 1 million people who have enrolled for health insurance can start using it for the first time. and abc's jon karl is with the president, who is vacationing in hawaii. jon, the stakes here, extremely high. >> reporter: that's for sure, amy. all told, about 2 million people have signed up for private insurance through those obamacare marketplaces, including nearly 1 million in december alone. that's not quite what the administration had projected for this time. but it's a huge improvement over the troubled early days of the health care rollout. now, the big test is whether or not all those enrollments have processed accurately. and whether people actually have the coverage that they believe they have enrolled in. and also, whether or not those new plans keep a promise that we heard the president make a lot, which is that if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep
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your doctor. >> and, jon, of course, another pressing question on this new year's eve. and i see you are in the hawaiian party spirit there. how are the obamas celebrating tonight? >> reporter: well, we expect a low-key celebration with family. they're not going to be going out. but i can tell you one thing. we have no official word on that. but pretty safe bet the president will probably play another round of golf. he has managed to play golf almost every day he's been here in hawaii. probably one more round of golf for 2013. >> all right. jon karl, thanks so much. we appreciate it. there's worse places to be on new year's eve. >> jon, the wildest guy in america this morning. >> he was taunting us with his hawaiian shirt. a lot of other stories to get to this morning. let's head over to bianna golodryga. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with two stories developing overnight. the first from california, where the family of a young teenager who has won a legal victory to keep her on life support. 13-year-old jahi mcmath was
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declared brain dead after tonsil surgery. doctors at children's hospital in oakland says there's no hope of recovery. but her family insists jahi has responded to her mother's voice. they want to move her to a long-term care facility. a judge has granted them one more week to make arrangements. overnight, doctors treating race car legend michael schumacher says he has improved after a second surgery. the formula one champion remains in a coma with a critical head injury following a skiing accident in the alps. doctors say it's impossible to tell what his condition will be when he awakes. turning to your money now. gas prices on the rise this morning. just as millions of americans are hitting the road for new year's. abc's linzie janis is here to show us. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: that's right. in parts of the midwest, gas prices rose 10 cents in the last week. this morning, the national average, $3.32 per gallon. the estimated one in four americans took a road trip this
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holiday season. that increase in demand for gas, plus, the rising cost of oil, are blamed for the sudden spike in prices. and they're expected to keep rising through at least next week. the highest prices in the country, connecticut, new york, california, where drivers are paying up to $3.70 a gallon. the cheapest prices in the rockies and the plains. some drivers there playing barely $3 a gallon. >> not good news for so many commuters. thank you. and a frightening scene in orlando, florida, as a van came crashing through this popeye's. police say the driver ran a red light and hit another car before veering out of control. three people were seriously hurt. and take a look at this in hawaii. heavy rain opened up this massive sinkhole on the big island, following a truck as the driver rounded a corner. she climbed out with only minor injuries. we could be one step closer to having packages we order dropped off by drones. just weeks after amazon's ceo revealed plans for drone
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deliveries, the faa has announced six locations where the testing will be conducted to determine whether the unmanned aircraft are safe for commercial use. but the faa is not committing to any timetable. and tim tebow has found a new team. espn, our own family. he's been hired as a college analyst. but just in case the pros come calling again, tebow has an option in his contract, allowing him to return to the field. and sticking with the world of sports. you think you had a rough day. imagine losing a basketball game by 104 points. 104, folks. that's what happened last night to the tigers of champion baptist college. it's a small school in arkansas. they lost to southern university, 116-12. they trailed 44-0 at one point in the game. but they can take solace. it's not the worse lost in division i history. that was in 1997, when one team lost 179-62. you can also just look at it and
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say, it can only get better from here on out. >> 2014. >> 2014, right around the corner. >> i'm rooting for them. >> thanks. we're going to turn to the growing concerns this morning over security as the american team now prepares to head to russia for the winter olympics just weeks away. we're getting a clearer picture today of the explosions. the two deadly bombings in two days. brian ross, back from sochi, where he pressed authorities there. >> reporter: u.s. olympic officials are saying this morning they have full confidence that russian officials will make sure the olympic games are safe. but counterterrorism officials tell abc news, they worry that the two blasts this week, may be a wave of terror attacks that will only increase as the games get closer. olympic security officials today will continue to pore over the chilling our surveillance tapes from volgograd, including this video from two news agencies, they say shows two suspects at
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the train station checkpoint before the suicide bomb was detonated. in six weeks, this will be a hub for athletes and spectators, heading to the olympics. >> this is one of the train stations they have to pass through on their way to moscow down to sochi. >> reporter: sochi, the site of the winter games is 400 miles away. president vladimir putin has promised air-tight security. and the mayor of sochi told me earlier this month, he had no worries about terrorism. no worries. but not all u.s. officials share that confident view. given this islamic terrorist leader and his group to disrupt the olympics. >> they're battle-trained. they're battle-ready. they have capability. >> reporter: and some officials tell abc news, the russians have failed to fully cooperate with american security teams, assigned to protect the 235 u.s. athletes who will come here to sochi. officials told me when i was in sochi earlier this month, they plan to shut down all traffic
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but for official cars and ring the city with troops and security officials. in their pledge to make it air-tight from terrorists. >> a fortress. >> right. now, to the dramatic final moments in the massive nationwide manhunt for a suspected cop killer. the man gunned down after robbing a bank in phoenix. the final standoff witnessed by a 911 caller. linsey davis has the story. >> i just saw somebody run into the compass bank on thomas and 20 -- 34th avenue, with a mask on. >> reporter: he didn't know it yet. but this caller was about to witness the moment a massive manhunt for a suspected cop killer came to a deadly end. >> he's wearing a bandanna around his mouth. covering his eyes and face. >> reporter: this newly released surveillance video shows mario edward garnet attempting to rob a bank in phoenix on saturday. the 40-year-old already wanted for attempted armed robbery of a bank in georgia and another one in tupelo, mississippi, where he
7:14 am
allegedly shot and killed a police officer, and wounded another. >> he entered the bank. he put a lock of some type on the door. he pulled out a weapon and said this was a robbery. >> reporter: the attempted heist in phoenix would be his last. >> he's running out. he's running out. they're shooting. they're shooting. holy crap. >> reporter: after demanding cash from the bank's tellers, garnet walked out the front door, allegedly firing at awaiting officers. that's when police shot him dead. >> the guy pulled a gun. started shooting at the officers. one guy down. he's down. that's crazy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> linsey, thanks. now, to the daring new mission to rescue dozens of people trapped onboard a research ship in the ice of antarctica. they're now going to use a helicopter to try to free the stranded passengers. and gio benitez has been on this from the start. >> reporter: this morning, it's go time for the passengers
7:15 am
stranded on the ship stuck in the antarctic. video of the crew outside the ship, stomping on ice, creating a helipad. >> we're preparing the hel ipad to stomp down the snow and ice so the chinese helicopter can reach us. when the weather improves. >> reporter: the expedition leader said there's no choice but to abandon ship. >> it's raining at the moment. heavy winds. poor visibility. not flying today. >> reporter: three ice breaking ships have failed to tear through all of that heavy ice. an estimated 13 feet thick. now, the passengers will be taken to australia or new zealand, away from that icy mess they first came to explore. >> so, for the moment we just take each day that comes. and looking after each other and supporting each other the best we can. >> reporter: and this morning, a look inside the ship, showing how the passengers have been passing the time. reading, watching movies.
7:16 am
waiting for rescue. outside, blizzard conditions packing an abnormal amount of ice into the area for this time of year. summer in antarctic. >> we just discovered a new box of coffee. we've got lots of beans. morale has jumped back up again. >> that coffee. and now, it turns out one of the rescue ships may be trapped in the ice, too. reports this morning that the chinese crew sending that helicopter may have to be evacuated because their ship hasn't moved in about a day. a mess. so many people. >> they're using their feet to create their own helipad. we have another rescue to tell you about down south. hero firefighters saving a girl who fell into a georgia well. getting her out, taking brawn and brains. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: it was a fall that could have killed little megan winters. the 7-year-old plummeting 50 feet down this narrow, dark well. a helicopter from our affiliate
7:17 am
wsb in atlanta, capturing the intense effort to save her. dozens of rescue vehicles and some very brave firemen. >> she was conscious, alert, able to call. what we had to do was set up a rope system, a rescue system. we sent a firefighter down. >> reporter: there was only one rescuer small enough to save her. into the blackness, he descended. he found her stuck in the well. the 7-year-old was facedown. one leg bent to the left. the other beneath her. >> we got the webbing under her arms. >> reporter: talking to megan, trying to keep her calm until, finally, after an hour and ten minutes, rescuers hauled megan and her savior to safety. >> down in a well. >> reporter: megan's ordeal wasn't over. she was air-lifted to atlanta children's hospital where she underwent five grueling hours of surgery for several broken bones, including a broken hip.
7:18 am
her mother tells us, the mother was jumping on the well's cover, which may have been weakened by the rain. she says the little girl is very lucky. and the family owes the lieutenant dinner and many more thanks. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> so happy they're both okay. what a scary moment there. >> we're pulling for megan after the surgery. you know what i'm pulling for? >> ginger zee. >> she's still outside. we all came back in, took off our coats. drinking coffee. >> all of my friends, hundreds of people coming down to times square. we will pack this place tonight. it is going to be cool. 22. by tonight, we're going to feel single digits or teens. it's the storm at the end of the week i want to highlight now. if you are sticking around after new year's eve, two low pressure systems coming together. chicago gets snow tonight. it is 6:00 p.m. on thursday. and the snow starts falling from d.c. to new york city, up to boston. that offshore low, the farther it stays offshore gives us more
7:19 am
and more. some places could see just outside the city and north, could see over a foot of snow. and others seeing three to five overall. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds.
7:20 am
>> i'm telling you. the energy out here could keep anybody warm. i'll tell you how long the cold sticks around, next. >> thanks so much. coming up next on "good morning america," an alleged conman faces a judge on charges he faked out top sports figures. why his lawyers are comparing him to ashton kutcher. ahead this morning, caught on tape. look who is here for new year's. and a school day for prince william. the second in line for the throne going back to college. what he's studying. and what it means for kate and prince george. and beyonce, in some hot water for one of her new songs. how the superstar is responding this morning. all of that. plus, our new year's rockin' morning is here in times square.
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7:25 am
bridge toll plaza. not seeing a whole lot of slowing except for right at the toll plaza. this out of the central valley everybody at or above the limit all the way from traci into the livermore area. and a live look at walnut creek southbound 680, boy, light as holiday light is goes. and that's the way it is all morning. kristen. got to like that, sue, thank
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. check out what live doppler 7 ht's picking up. no reports of delays yet, less than 1/8 mile in san jose and delays. check ahead if your heading there. current conditions, thankfully everybody is above freezing conditions. we have low to mid-40s hayward, fremont, mountain view and san francisco along with antioch. check out the sunrise from mt. tamalpais. poor air quality in valejo and
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♪ i just came to say hello ♪ hello >> i couldn't resist. i'm sorry. look at times square. everybody is packing times square. they have a few hours to go before that ball drops. they are marking their territory. they have their paraphernalia ready to go. the eyes of 1 billion people around the world will be on the famous ball when it rings in the new year. our rachel smith is way up there. look at that. rachel has quite a view. >> oh, yeah. the biggest party on the planet.
7:31 am
>> oh, yeah. the party's already started up here, amy. it is chilling up here with the new and improved waterford crystal ball. coming up, we're going to get great details about this 12,875-pounder. whoo! we gotta ring in 2014 right. >> a personal new year's party. >> a party of one. we have a big party down here. we have d.j. sugar ray here for our new year's rockin' morning. good morning, america. we should mention george, robin, josh and lara are all off this morning. i'm amy robach, along with david muir and bianna golodryga and ginger zee. >> i just love how you sang hello. i can't do it like you. ♪ hello >> all three of them, incredible. the party just getting started here this morning. ♪ i just came to say hello >> was that you or her? >> that was her. i lip-synced that one. >> you're the future, though. you saw the video earlier. the black bear showing up at this house, not once, but twice. what was it the bear was coming back for? we get to the bottom of it. >> i think i know what that was. i remember this story. prince william will be leaving his wife and new baby in the new year to go back to college, of all places.
7:32 am
we'll tell you what he will be studying. and what kate will do when he's away. and we're also counting down to the best commercials of 2013 before we usher in the new year. particularly the ones that went viral. the kmart ad. which one tops your list? the ones you love the most. >> can't wait for that. first, the hollywood prankster, nabbed for phoning famous sports figures and leading them to believe they were being offered big-money jobs. well guess what? he is facing a judge. and nick watt is tracking the story. >> reporter: kenny tarr wanted fame. but not like this. >> yes, indeed. >> reporter: called before a judge in an l.a. courtroom on monday. tarr made a career out of hoaxing tv shows. >> i was locked in a mortuary for 14 hours. >> you were locked in? >> yes. >> now i have to hear this. >> reporter: now, he's in hot water, accused of prank calls like this -- >> what kind of position are you
7:33 am
talking about? >> reporter: here he is, allegedly pretending he's with the university of texas, apparently offering ken whisenhunt of the san diego chargers the head coach job. >> i'll make it very clear, you're the one that i would like to select. >> that sounds good. >> reporter: tarr is alleged to have prank-called a dozen baseball, basketball, and football coaches. and the nfl contacted the lapd. >> at the behest of the nfl, because the nfl has hurt feelings, they have filed felony charges on this prankster. >> reporter: felony eavesdropping charges because in california, it's illegal to record a conversation without the other party's consent. tarr's lawyer calls him a social satirist. a modern day mark twain. tarr himself believes he's among the best who ever lived. >> andy kaufman. andy warhol, i'm glad they existed. but they're nothing compared to me. i don't even look at them like peers. >> reporter: what? what? what? >> i don't have any respect for their accomplishments. >> ashton kutcher made a career out of this.
7:34 am
and nobody's brought him into court. >> reporter: he's talking about kutcher's tv show, "punk'd"? the hidden camera mtv show. >> why does kenny get prosecuted? because he doesn't smile like ashton kutcher? he's not funny enough? it's outrageous. >> reporter: tarr is facing up to three years in the clink if convicted. he pled not guilty. and he's back in court february 18th. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick, we appreciate it. now, to an unwelcome house guest, not too uncommon around the holidays. we're not talking about the in-laws. we're talking about something else here. one florida man had a huge black bear stop in for a visit, not once but twice. and abc's steve osunsami with the guest who didn't knock. >> he's back, people. >> reporter: tremaine gaines nearly fell out of his chair. and he managed to record the reason why on his cell phone. it's a huge black bear, making itself right at home inside his screened patio, at his home in lake mary, florida.
7:35 am
gaines says he was in the kitchen, finishing off a pizza. and he noticed something big and bad searching through his things just a few feet away. >> i looked to my right. and to my disbelief i see two eyes looking at me out of the darkness. and the bear was actually on his way back in. >> reporter: and it turns out the bear's been here before and knows its way around. here it is again poking around the place just last thursday, when it first ripped through the screen on the patio. gaines admits he had left out used cooking oil that may have attracted the bear. >> this time, there's no food. no food outside. i pulled everything in. first time, it was really funny. this time, i'm a little more concerned. >> reporter: he has good reason to worry. >> a woman's been mauled by a bear. she's bleeding. she needs immediate help. >> reporter: earlier this month, a black bear in longwood, florida, attacked a woman while she walked her dogs. leaving her with serious injuries. that was just six miles away. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. she's so bloody, i can't tell. >> reporter: experts urging anyone who lives near woods or wetlands to watch out.
7:36 am
>> whoa. >> reporter: they say bears around the country are trying to fatten up for the winter. and they're not too picky where they find their next meal. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> keep that food in the refrigerator. >> leave enough pizza, we might show up. >> exactly. now, talk about big man on campus. back to hitting the books for the duke of cambridge. prince william will be college-bound in the new year, moving away from his 5-month-old son, george, and his wife, kate. bianna has the story on that. >> diaper duty became too much for him to handle. while so many of us say we'd love the opportunity to go back to school, reliving the good, old days back in the dormroom, turns out that sentiment applies to famous royals, as well. prince william announcing he will return to campus life early next year for a crash course in a field that may surprise you. between royal duty, diaper duty and everything between, prince william carries quite a
7:37 am
workload. but next week, the 31-year-old new father will trade in the baby carriage for a backpack. that's right. the future heir to the throne is proving you're never too old to learn. starting a ten-week course after prince charles' alma mater, cambridge university. according to the palace, william is digging in to the program to learn more about farming and rural issues across the u.k., preparing him for when his father takes the throne. >> he has 18 to 20 teaching hours every week. he is expected to do study time. he may be expected to carry out day trips and visits, which would take up additional time. >> reporter: while william will have his hands full, the second in line to the throne, may be able to relive his college days. becoming a part-time bachelor. of sorts. >> william will be away from his family for a little bit. it is not very pomp. it's private accommodations in cambridge. >> reporter: kate and 5-month-old george are expected to stay in kensington palace. but the family may spend time in
7:38 am
their newly renovated country home, anmer hall. the duchess will focus on baby george, her charity work and prepare for the month-long royal tour to new zealand and australia in april. and while royal watchers don't expect to see another bundle of joy anytime soon, there may still be a royal engagement in the near future. prince harry and girlfriend cressida bonas. >> what her friends seem to be saying now is that she has accepted that she will become a member of the royal family one day. >> what a fun wedding that would be to cover. now, prince william left the royal forces after serving nearly eight years. quite a step away. going to be doing agriculture. good for him. >> did i hear you ask the boss if you can cover that wedding? very subtle. >> i'm going. >> rubbing your hands like this. >> buying my ticket now. >> invite's coming. thank you. now, we go back outside to ginger zee. ginger, get the hat back on? that's the big question. >> i don't know if i can hear
7:39 am
you over this great crowd out here. look at this is hannah. and we're staying all cuddles up here. you're from where? >> louisiana. >> she's going to have a great time. watching the ball drop. so are so many folks. if you're in the southwest, it's going to be warm. look at the numbers out there. sacramento, is where we could go, hannah. 66. redding, 67. how about las vegas at 63. 73 as they start the new year for phoenix's high temperature. and in the south, along the gulf, there will be showers around texas, gulf coast. and then, they really start to spread in tomorrow. but they're going to be pretty mild. at least until that cold front comes through. and that cold front comes through hard and stays. look at washington, d.c., in the mid-40s. and dropping to 22 for a high behind that storm. boston, will be at 12 for a high temperature. and when it's 12 and then there's the wind,
7:40 am
>> this weather report brought to you by progressive. i'm going to need to get one of those really loud noisemakers to make any noise out here. back to david and amy. >> thanks so much. coming up, why one of beyonce's new songs has angered some astronauts. and what she's saying back to them right now. >> yeah, nasa very upset this morning. and coming up here, either they clicked with you or made you click them off. the best and worst tv commercials of the year. just this year. we're not going back many years. just this year. >> 2013. >> your picks, coming up. car insurance companies? yes. rect ar but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here.
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7:44 am
44 minutes past the hour. but they don't know the difference. they're already here for new year's eve. they're waiting for the ball to drop a little later on. this morning, we can hear it in the background there, beyonce. but she's in hot water over something on the new album. but some say the superstar has hit a new low. using found from mission control during the "challenger" disaster. >> and this morning, beyonce is responding. clayton sandell with the story. ♪ you better kiss me >> reporter: this morning, one, little six-second recording in a new beyonce song and video, part
7:45 am
of a big p.r. problem. >> flight controllers looking carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. >> reporter: those words played during the track called "xo." but you gotta go back. >> it is the worst disaster in the history of the american space program. >> reporter: nearly three decades back to know why it's launching new controversy today. >> obviously, a major malfunction. >> reporter: that recording from mission control, the day shuttle "challenger" exploded in 1986, killing all seven crew members. they're considered hallowed words by many current and former nasa astronauts, employees, and families, upset that they ended up in a pop song. ♪ turn the lights out >> to me, it seemed to be totally irrelevant. and the use of it insensitive. >> reporter: the widow of dick scobee, the "challenger" commander, said the moment included in this song is an emotionally difficult one. beyonce tells "gma," the song had the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost
7:46 am
loved ones. and to remind us that unexpected things happen. >> beyonce getting out in front and saying, she apologized. she did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. and explaining what the emotion of the song was, will go a long way towards appeasing those people who are upset. >> reporter: beyonce and nasa worked together before. a few years ago, she recorded this greeting for the final shuttle crew. >> you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams. >> reporter: now, one of the biggest stars, making amends with those who take us there. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> beyonce saying best intentions. but that was a tough day for america. >> it was. a lot of people remember. i'm sure she'll be -- >> she'll make up for it. >> absolutely. she always does. coming up here on new year's eve, the rockin' morning rolls on. macklemore & ryan lewis, opening up this morning. candid about their life behind the music. and, it's our "play of the year." not just the day. the year. >> where is josh elliott? "play of the year "? meet felix. ]
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> not just "the play of the day." >> it's the -- >> it's the "play of the year." and this was your clear favorite. it put a smile on all of our faces. it's 5-year-old claire at her holiday concert. all holiday concerts are cute. but this one is especially cute because she's signing the songs
7:51 am
to her parents, who are both deaf. they're in the audience. they can't hear the music. look at that. they knew what she was saying. and it was santa what's his name-o? ♪ s-a-n-t-a >> that's the play of the decade. that's like -- that's great. >> not much better than that. >> look at hers. that brings a christmas cheer. mom and dad got to hear everything she was singing, including rudolph. coming up, our new year's rockin' morning shifts into high gear. ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we have breaking news from santa clara valley. a vegetation fire on mt. hamilton. here's a live picture from sky 7 hd over the fire. it is right now around 40 acres burned and this is happening near quimby road and state route 130. you can certainly see the smoke rising. and there we're getting a closeup of the flame of the vegetation burning and fire crews of course at the scene. we talk about how dry it's been, no doubt contributing. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. winds are only about 10 miles per hour at mt. hamilton right now.
7:57 am
a lot of fog sfo and san jose, check ahead before you head there. sue. thanks, mike. we have holiday light right now. couple things cleared. earlier accident at the toll plaza is now gone and things are moving nicely through the area on 680 in both directions. kristen. sue, thanks so much. news before you settle for another ordinary mattress, isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, for one week only, special financing until january 2016. only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on new year's rockin' morning. we're ringing in the new year. ♪ with a look at the ads that made us laugh and cry in 2013. and we have an exclusive interview with chart toppers macklemore & ryan lewis, how they create their blockbuster megahits. and mr. and mrs. new year's eve are here. ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy. all that as we say -- >> good morning, america. what a fantastic, enthusiastic crowd out on times square, here on new year's rockin' morning.
8:01 am
with new year's hats and glasses and poppers. getting ready for the big event in times square. you think it's crazy now. wait until tonight. it is going to be insane. controlled chaos. >> you and i are mr. and mrs. new year's eve. >> runners-up. >> we've always been the runners-up. and look at the fireworks in sydney. we had tweets wondering if we would show this. it's new year's somewhere already. rockin' in the new year. robin, george, lara, josh, partying somewhere as they get ready for a great year ahead. a great year on "gma." >> if sequins are wrong in the morning, i don't want to be right. i think it's great to get the party started. you know who got the party started? d.j. sugar ray. and there's a new year's eve ball above times square. you hear about that ball? it's going to drop in a few hours. we're counting down to the
8:02 am
biggest party on the planet. rachel was up there all morning long and freezing. you're going back up, rachel. >> warming up right now. >> stay down for a little while. also big this morning, girls around the country, and right here in our studio, you're looking at 2014 girl of the year from american doll. the top secret reveal. first look coming up. >> can't wait to show them. >> i was a huge fan of the american girl doll growing up. i lad molly or samantha or something like that. can't wait to see it. >> right. >> i have them. >> not the sequins. >> no, no. let's turn, now, to abc's bianna golodryga. she's here with the top stories on this new year's eve. >> we begin with dramatic video showing two freight trains, each a mile long that collided, sending massive fireballs and black smoke high in the air over north dakota. one train was filled with crude
8:03 am
oil, prompting authorities to urge the entire town of casselton to evacuate. the fire so intense, crews are letting it burn out. amazingly, no one was injured. but there's concern that shifting winds could spread the fumes through the bitter cold air. this is the third incident in recent months involving a train carrying oil. raising new safety concerns. a crash in quebec in july killed nearly 50 people. and the death toll from the suicide bombings in russia rose overnight to 34, as concerns grow over the security of the olympic games in that country. despite this week's violent attack targeting public transportation, they have full confidence the games will be safe. some counterterrorism experts are afraid this is only the beginning of a wave of terror. privately some are telling u.s. officials, abc news, that the russians are not fully cooperating with u.s. security teams. and the california teen declared brain dead after surgery to remove her tonsils remains on life support for another week. jahi mcmath was supposed to be
8:04 am
taken off a ventilator monday. doctors say there's no hope for her recovery. but a judge has ordered children's hospital in oakland to keep her on the machine until next tuesday. her family hopes to move her to a long-term care facility. and tense moments for two workers in new jersey who had to be pulled to safety from about 60 feet in the air. they got stuck when their scaffolding tipped and smashed into the window of an office building. and firefighters came to the rescue and safely lowered them to the ground. finally, some reporters will do just about anything to get the story, including one very tenacious reporter who braved her way through a fainting spell on live television. yes. she was reporting from a ski resort in utah, when the altitude apparently got to her. take a look. >> you guys are teaching me how to cross country ski. >> oh.
8:05 am
>> i'm yelling, timber. >> yeah. no -- she laughed it off. the snow was pretty soft. she kept on going. she says she's fine. >> she finished the interview. she got back up there. >> deserves the emmy just for that. time, now, for the weather. and she's not going to pass out. but she is a little cold because she's been out there all morning. ginger zee with a few of her closest friends. >> i will not pass out. i have a great crowd behind me. i do a lot of cold, outside remotes. these footties, you stick them on your shirt. cover it up. like a heater inside. it's going to be a lot of fun out here. let's check the forecast. it will be a snowy evening for folks in parts of the midwest and great lakes. a little clip comes across. you could get three to five inches in parts of chicagoland. and that's the same storm that's going to meet the one from the south and give snow to the east coast, eventually. we want to focus in on what
8:06 am
happens for the next 24 hours. rapid city, to kansas city, to st. louis. some of the snow totals you can expect. chicago just above 3. >> we have to get out here and get some of the beautiful glasses. you can give me one. give me a blow. happy 2014. yes. let's get in there. >> happy 2014.
8:07 am
here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." "hunger games" star josh hutcherson is given a huge welcome at a college basketball game. and love them or hate them, we've all seen them. the viral ads that got us talking in 2013. we're going to hear your picks, too. and macklemore & ryan lewis opening up about their breakout year. all coming up live here on "gma," in times square. the cut ♪ ♪ no need to chuck, donate or burn them ♪ ♪ just pack them in our flat rate box ♪ ♪ we'll come to your door and return them ♪ ♪ gifts you bought but never gave away ♪ ♪ or said you liked but thought were cheesy ♪ ♪ you don't even need to leave your house ♪ ♪ we'll come and take them, easy-peasy ♪ [ female announcer ] no one returns the holidays like the u.s. postal service. with improved priority mail flat rate,
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8:11 am
>> a rowdy crowd. it is the most exciting day and evening of the year. all happening right now in times square this morning. crowds already decked out to bring in 2014. and these guys, they're the early birds. they have the best spots, for the biggest party on the planet. things get tight. everyone gets roped in. you have to get there early. but it's worth it. it's an amazing experience. >> once. >> i might have done it seven times. i don't know. >> okay. >> it's a great night. rachel's going to tell us what's going on in "pop news" on this rockin' new year's eve. >> oh, yes. good stuff. i'm really loving this. a hero's welcome for josh hutcherson. or at least the "catching fire" version. the "hunger games" star showed up at a kentucky wildcats basketball game recently. and the crowd gave him a mocking jay salute.
8:12 am
if you're not familiar with the trilogy -- the sign, basically the sign of solidarity from the franchise. yeah. it was cool. they gave him the contribute. and he seemed to really enjoy it because he is a kentucky native. they pulled off a win. i love it. moving on, taylor swift, she is wrapping up 2013 on a high note. the pop star is taking home the title tennessean of the year, for 2013. by "the tennessean." big shoutout to my home state. >> that's where you're from? >> yeah. >> that southern drawl. highlighted there. >> this year, the seven-time grammy winner opened the taylor swift education center at the country music hall of fame.
8:13 am
and earned the title of most charitable celebrity of the year, second year in a row. >> next year, it's all you. tennessean of the year. >> solidarity. >> i love it. are y'all ready for the ball to drop in times square? i think we are. get a lode of this. across the country, there are interesting items to ring in the new year. they're pretty interesting. in pennsylvania, a giant marshmallow peep to welcome in the new year. >> is that edible? >> that's a -- >> the whole box. >> this is my favorite, in mobile, alabama, how about a moon pie. good to love a moon pie. it is 600 pounds. >> whoa. morning show here.
8:14 am
>> that's a pickle. >> that is a pickle. >> that's a giant pickle in mt. olive, north carolina. >> say no more. >> and there's like a sausage, a pine cone, even balogna? >> exactly. finally, spider-man is the official superhero, if you didn't know, of times square new year's eve, 2014. we've got an exclusive sneak peek of what's coming up in "the amazing spider-man 2." check it out. ♪ >> our fabulous crowd here in times square. they don't seem to get enough of it. they have their fighting mittens on today. it will be airing later over times square for new year's eve. >> fantastic. when does the pickle drop?
8:15 am
>> the same time. midnight. >> thank you. >> in north carolina. >> thank you, rachel. >> things dropping for new year's, i'm going to go up to the ball. >> and flip the switch. >> leave it. >> we appreciate it. staying with pop culture. what a year it's been for viral ads. some funny. others crazy. but everyone weighing in this morning. chris connelly showing us some of the most memorable ads of 2013. >> reporter: everyone loves it when a clydesdale reunites with its long-time owner. ♪ when the landslide brings it down ♪ >> reporter: to the strains of stevie knicks for budweiser. or when will ferrell ron burgundy gets giddy over the glove box in a dodge durango. or jeff gordon for pepsi maxx. undercover on a revved-up test drive. >> who do you think you are? >> reporter: or jean-claude van damme rocks with volvo trucks. but in 2013, kind of lacking in watercooler-worthy commercials.
8:16 am
what made for a delightful or disastrous ad, depended on your point of view. >> what made ads buzz-worthy this year, they were longer. they had better narrative. they used viral pranks to get people to share them with each other online. >> reporter: like this much-buzzed about kmart commercial. >> you can ship your pants. >> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> reporter: appealingly funny or appallingly vulgar. this geico humpday spot make you laugh. >> guess what today is. >> it's humpday. >> reporter: or long for the gecko. >> looking a little more business-like might help, too. >> reporter: it was a year for ad epics like this one.
8:17 am
a two-minute super bowl spot for ram trucks, the late paul harvey's ode to a farmer. best of the year ads may be rare. but could flourish in any medium. >> somebody would seed, weed, feed -- >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to chris this morning. we asked you at the home to tweet us the favorite commercials of the year. >> favorite kmart bells and ship my pants. >> say that carefully. >> i'm glad there's a tweet to move what i just said. the least favorite, humpday gets old. zesty man, my salads haven't been the same since. great to have you, sam. >> thanks for having me. >> ship my pants, with a "p," everybody. morning show. before we've seen they moved up to that line, didn't they? >> just a little bit. even if the ad gets banned from television, it can go viral over the internet. i'm 9 years old and i think it's funny. >> we had some great stunt ads,
8:18 am
where they didn't rely on stuntmen. jean-claude van damme doing the splits for the volvo shot. >> there's another ad the same company did, where they had -- you can only get people to run away from bulls in spain. they had people in a little village running towards volvo trucks and away from angry bulls. >> without stuntmen? >> without stuntmen. >> we heard about it. she went to school all of yesterday. >> jean-claude van damme. >> i love the michael bolton ad, the car ads. there were so many videos that went viral. not many of them have sentiment. what was your viral video of value of the year? >> my favorite is the dove real beauty ad. it's one i didn't think a lot of at first. the folks that have the police sketches taken of them. and described by strangers being prettier than they are.
8:19 am
>> i did that piece for "gma." >> what's the worst? >> oh, my goodness. you know, my favorite -- >> the best. >> the best? >> we don't want to know the worst. >> the bottomless pit. the chipotle ad, with the stop-action scarecrow. and the fiona apple song over it. >> a look back at the ads from this year. we're going to move on to a medical miracle, right? >> it can be described as the miracle boy, whose condition at one point puts him out of school. deprived him of so much of his childhood. dr. richard besser has been following his case very closely over the years. >> i try not to think about it. but when i do, it's like looking back at a nightmare. >> reporter: robbie's might nightmare began at age 7, with a diagnosis of tourette's syndrome.
8:20 am
misfiring in the brain, causing involuntary movements called ticks. by the time he was 8, those ticks were brutally overwhelming. taking over his life. sometimes they'd last for hours. >> i had no control over it. i'm conscious. i hear everything. feel everything that's going on. but it's like someone has a remote control and it's just taking over my body. >> reporter: i spoke with robbie and his family in 2010. >> his body can twist and contort into positions that you wouldn't even think was humanly possible. >> reporter: what do they do to control the ticks when he gets one of the severe ones? >> we protect him, put him on the floor. i have pillows. and just stop him from hurting himself. >> no medication could control his symptoms. so, in 2011, robbie tried a radical experimental surgery for tourettes.
8:21 am
>> his ticks are so severe. >> reporter: the hope, the jolts from the pacemakers could stop robbie's overactive nerve cells from misfiring. this was robbie then. and today -- hey. good to see you. after ten years of torture, he has his life back. it's been three years. and robbie has had only a few small ticks. how has your life changed in the three years? >> it's been the most challenging and the most incredible three years of my life. i woke up in full control for the first time. and i'm experiencing this whole world on my own. and i can do everything that a normal person can do. >> reporter: he's a sophomore at the pratt institute where he's studying film with a 4.0 average. and an added bonus, he dropped 120 pounds after stopping his medication. >> we have our lives back. able to watch him grow, move on with life, and chase his dreams. and just go forward. >> he's incredibly happy. and we're incredibly happy. >> gives you chills.
8:22 am
dr. richard besser, what a great story. we know that robbie has a few small ticks now. how does he manage them? >> he has a remote control. he can turn up the current if he feels one coming on. he's on the very severe side of tourettes. most people his age, the ticks have gone away or are controlled by medication. >> is this going to apply to others, as well? >> people with severe tourettes, it offers them hopes. it's experimental. but some insurance is covering it. >> we have our lives back. >> thanks, rich. speaking of breakouts, 2013 has been a breakout year for macklemore & ryan lewis, rocking central park. and now, acclaims and awards everywhere they went. dan harris went to the dynamic duo about their amazing year in the spotlight. >> reporter: macklemore & ryan lewis had a wild run in 2013. their record sold more than 1 million copies.
8:23 am
the videos for "thrift shop" and "can't hold us," had a combined 7 million views. ♪ give you thank you i'm so damn grateful ♪ >> reporter: they're nominated for seven grammys. they just wrapped up a triumphant tour. and tonight, they'll play new year's rockin' eve. but right now, as they transition away from the screaming crowds and back to normal life, is when macklemore, also known as ben haggerty, worries about relapsing into the substance abuse that has derailed him in the past. >> for me, what is a temptation is coming home off of the road. that's why this time period is interesting. >> reporter: right now is kind of -- >> this is when it's happened before. >> reporter: really. >> this is when i've fallen back before. >> reporter: at its worst, drugs and alcohol landed him in the hospital. and in 2008, in rehab. how bad did it get for you? >> isolation, broke, depressed, no reason to really live.
8:24 am
>> reporter: did it impact your working relationship. >> yeah. we didn't work for the first three years that i knew him. probably at the centerpiece. absolutely. >> reporter: when macklemore is healthy, his working relationship with ryan lewis, who he met on myspace eight years ago, is more collaborative than many fans might realize. are you throwing in lyrics sometimes? >> i'm critiquing lyrics for sure. >> critiquing the hell out of my lyrics. >> critiquing the hell out of them. >> reporter: does he have a red pen? >> he might as well. we should get you a red pen. >> reporter: one song when lewis weighed in heavily, "same love," the band's ode to gay rights. >> i was telling a story about my mom about a gay bully. it started with me writing from the perspective of that kid, trying to take it on from his vantage point. and as usual, i kind of liked what i wrote. gave it to ryan. and ryan was, you know what? red marker. this isn't your story to tell.
8:25 am
you have a story. you have a vantage point. it's not this. >> if i was gay, i would think hip-hop hates me. >> reporter: that song that takes a hard run at homophobia in the rap world created some backlash. but it was nothing compared to what happened when macklemore brought up trayvon martin on the american music awards. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling. the feedback from that, the hatred in the next 48 hours from that surpassed all of the hatred in the last year from "same love." >> reporter: after hustling and scraping to make it for years, saying they admit is sometimes trickier than they thought. especially the lack of privacy and the exhaustion of the road. macklemore says he sometimes has to check himself when he has a diva moment. >> i don't want to look back and be like, you had it all and you
8:26 am
weren't even present for it. you weren't able to enjoy it. i want to be here, be now, and be grateful. >> reporter: go watch some behind the music. check out m.c. hammer. see how quickly it can go. >> i'm wearing his jewelry. >> reporter: you had me for a second. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> of course. >> yeah. >> that's a cool neckless, yeah. coming up on "good morning america," ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy reveal what they have planned for the biggest party of the year. if that's not enough, d.j. sugar ray is here, too.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. we're continuing to follow breaking news from santa clara county. firefighters are now battling a vegetation fire on mt. hamilton. here's video from sky 7 hd. right now the fire is around 40 acres. this is happening near quimby road and state route 130. fire crews are there at the scene. we're told the plane started after a car fire spread to nearby vegetation. let's get the latest now from sue hall with the commute. all right. kristen, it's pretty light. in fact very light. we have some fog you can see by the orange on your screen in the san jose area with an accident solo spin-off off to the shoulder north 280 at saratoga avenue. otherwise things pretty clear. go outside and look at the 80 freeway towards the maze very light here. toll plaza, it is holiday light. no metering lights at all this
8:28 am
morning. just a few cars coming into san francisco. kristen. thank you so much,
8:29 am
good morning. we're back and we're with sky 7 hd over san jose. airport just now getting back on track. expect a few delays through the next couple hours. visibility on live doppler 7 hd is still less than an eighth of
8:30 am
a mile. no reports of delays at sfo. if you're heading out this evening amazing crowd here on new year's eve. they have their gear on. they're braving the cold before the ball drops on times square. party gear on. >> look at that. >> i'm guessing some of them will be out here tonight. >> they marked their spots. you're going to be here all night? look at that. if you look down, you can see the confetti on the ground already in times square. it's everywhere you look. people partying already. >> this is interesting. >> very nice. >> ginger is pressed up today. >> who wore it best. i'll tell you who is wearing it best, is rachel smith. best seat in the house. she's looming over times square this morning, where the
8:31 am
countdown is on, at the famous ball. >> and d.j. sugar ray is here, as well. spinning the best music of the year. we've been dancing all morning long. also, take a look at these excited faces. american girl doll fans. anxiously awaiting a first look at the 2014 girl of the year. there she is in shadow. >> wait a minute. >> they've been anticipating -- >> she's got the amy wave >> a special introdestructiucti. we have rachel smith back at the top of times square. she is all the way up at the new year's eve ball. what's the temperature up there? >> all right, guys. just hours away from beginning our countdown to 2014 and ringing in the new year. back up to the roof of one times square.
8:32 am
this iconic waterford crystal ball. it will make its descent at 11:59 p.m. i'm here with three gentlemen behind the scenes. very important in getting this up here for us. first up, jeff strauss, the president of countdown. fred curtis, you provide the crystal. and this morning, how are you going to make this evening so magical for the millions out here? >> every new year's is magical. we have 150 million americans watching this star. the ball descends, kissing and bringing in the new year. over 1 billion people watch our news coverage. it is a global celebration. we're all coming together as one. >> how cool to be a part of this team that brings this iconic figure every year. and, fred, this year, you are the master of sculptor of the
8:33 am
crystal. this year, you're bringing us a new theme with the gorgeous ball. tell us about it. >> it's a brand-new ball this year. completely covered with new crystals and a new design. over a ten-year period. it's called the greatest gift collection. it's gifts of imagination. so, it's cut, as you see on the panel here. cut deep into the crystal on both sides to give maximum refraction with the light. it's solid crystal. there's 2,688 of these panels covering the ball. >> that's awesome. and you actually partnered with st. jude for the design this year. >> we partnered with st. jude. not for this design. there's one crystal on here that's very special. it was done by a little girl, a patient of st. jude, that chose her design. it took us back to ireland, the drawing she had done. and i pcut it and engraved it o the crystal. the only one that's different
8:34 am
from the rest. >> and, tim, what kind of special performances are we in for this evening? >> miley cyrus, macklemore and ryan. iconopop. and john legend's "imagine." and justice sotomayor is going to drop the switch for the ball. and she's an inspiration for us all. >> let's ring in the new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> rockin' new year's eve, 2014 on abc tonight. break a leg tonight. >> oh, my gosh. awesome. i'm going to go ahead and -- i can hardly hear her. we want to check in on our coat drive. it is that time. the most check, warm hearts, warm coats. we want you to donate gently
8:35 am
worn coats. they will be distributed free of charge for your community. when you do, snap a picture of yourself and tweet it to us. if you do, you just might see yourself on "gma," just like arlene. listen to this. she donated 14 coats, 6 pairs of gloves and 2 scarves at the burlington store in thousand oaks, california. there's so many people that do not have what i'm lucky to have. let's get a tally of the coats we collected already. ready to see the number? 88,404 coats. we have more time. go to on yahoo! to find out how you can donate a coat to someone in need. we want to say good morning to some kids in oklahoma. what are their names? >> cayden, jaden, bristol, killy. >> all these folks are from texas. check the forecast quickly. look at the pictures.
8:36 am
elton, wisconsin. doesn't that look pretty. you're not warm this morning. and wichita, kansas. we don't have a lot more time. it's cold. you can see the tears in our eyes. and the snow to come by the end of the week. we'll be >> this weather report brought to you by the university of phoenix. amy and bianna? >> got to come in and see the dolls. all morning long, we've been telling you about our american girl event. the exclusive look at the 2014 girl of the year. as you can see, we're surrounded by american girl fans. each holding their own doll. and they're so excited to see the new revelation. >> you girls are excited, right? >> yeah. >> the new doll is right here in
8:37 am
this box. a special edition. she'll only be available for the year, for one year. and there will be two clips about her in movies coming out in dvd this summer. >> the time is here. girls, are you ready to see her? >> yeah. >> got a few girls to help us. >> that's right. we have natalia, zoe, they're from the ballet school of new york to reveal the new girl. they're dancing. >> i love what they're wearing. i think, maybe, this is a clue as to what may be behind this box, do you think? >> may have something in common. you're thinking the same thing, right? i can't take it anymore. amy, you have to do this. >> drumroll. >> look at this. isabel. >> dancer. >> she's a dancer, right? >> uh-huh. >> 2014 girl of the year. and of course, that's why we thought you were going to be a good clue because you have a lot
8:38 am
in common with her. >> i see a lot of smiles right there. >> that's very exciting. you guys did such a good job showing us. and we should mention that her story, being a dancer, is learning how to be the best you and to overcome any obstacles in your path. so, you all obviously are showing us that you can do that, as well. and you told us that you have the same attributes. we have something very special for you. >> that's right, girls. here are isabel dolls just for you from american girl. they look just like you. >> they're dressed just like you are. >> you see that? look at those smiles. >> all right. are you happy? >> yeah. >> i think so. >> isabel, the 2014 girl of the year, is available at american girl stores and on the american girl website starting tomorrow. to learn more about the new doll, go to on yahoo! coming up, the king and
8:39 am
queen of new year's eve, ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy.
8:40 am
th'rtwfoju rebus. yodre.
8:41 am
8:42 am
a blowout dash of 2013 is taking place tonight in times square. and abc will be bringing it to you live in less than 12 hours, with the help of these two. ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy, the host and co-host of dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2014. >> thank you. >> it's going to be a long day for you. >> we're used to it this time of year, though. when the crowds show up. >> and the crowds get out there so early. they're already out there. >> give them credit. >> i do, too. >> i don't know how you go to the bathroom. >> i ask them. they don't. do you go to the bathroom? no. >> this is your fourth year working together. what surprised you most about the duo? >> i can tell you about working with him. he is -- i'm not saying this just because he's sitting next to me. one of the greatest people i've ever worked with. there's a lot of people with huge egos in this business. he's very giving.
8:43 am
he's the one that brought me to this job. he is. he's been a class act. and i learned so much watching him because he's so good at it. listen to him talk. the way he says his intonation. i really -- >> and no awkward moments? >> for me, she's my bad influence. i love having her around. it's great. i live a little when she's here. yeah. >> jenny, what bad influence are we going to see this year around? >> maybe a good makeout session. >> i feel like there's usually kissing going on. >> usually i have no one to kiss. so, why not? >> this year, you find -- >> i find randoms on the show. where do i find people on this show and make it a tradition? i will be kissing someone this year. >> i hear it might not be a random. >> we'll have to see. >> there's a lot of randoms in your life right now? this random inside scoop she's got. >> there are randoms. >> there's fewer randoms in 2013 for you. >> there is someone that's taken
8:44 am
over my heart. >> that's a big heart to take control of. >> will he be with you? donnie? >> we'll have to see if he's on the block. >> that's a nice tease right there. tell us what you -- amazing performers. a few names you might have heard before. >> more performers than ever. miley performing right underneath the ball before -- >> will there be twerking? >> there could be. i've seen the outfit. and there's a cape involved. >> it will be removed. >> tune in to find out if the cape makes it or not. >> that's the most exciting thing. she's wearing a cape. she's going to do something amazing with that. >> it could change. but i saw it. >> let me ask you this. we know, these are long hours. it's cold outside. what's the first thing you do when the show's off? >> i eat. she drinks. i drink and she eats. >> that's true. >> i think you may sip one before we're off the air. it's 2:00 a.m.
8:45 am
it's 2:00 a.m. when we sit down. we're starving by the end. >> last year, i was eating old food in the hallway. strangers' food. i was starving, i was that hungry. >> she had "gma" food leftover. it was a crunchy bagel. >> i'll be watching from my home in front of the fire. i can't think of two people i'd rather spend new year's eve with. dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest, 2014, starts tonight, at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. coming up, we put our knowledge to the test. our friends from buzz feed are here with a 2013 quiz.
8:46 am
8:47 am
not empty for long. times square, in front of our studios. and inside, the party's started on new year's eve.
8:48 am
it's been quite a year for celebrities. for what tipped the scales and topped the lists, ryan broderick. i wanted to use this microphone. >> yeah. >> i did not put on the guy smiley hair for nothing. ready to go. josh, don't worry. your job is very safe. are you ready? buzzfeed comes up with quirky lists. and this is a group in an effort to come up with the best pics of the year. how do you come up with the lists? >> it's a lot of a gut feeling. a real gut emotion. >> you use gut. >> and we use the buttons. does it make me feel wtf? or omg? >> we're going to go with omg on our show. let's have fun with our anchors lined up and ready to go. each getting ready during the commercial. testing the bells. >> there you go. >> don't stop me now. >> this twerky due topped the
8:49 am
earth-shattering hair-dos. >> it has to be. >> jennifer lawrence or michelle obama. >> miley. >> you are correct. >> only in 2013. >> she has been up at the ball all morning lon. the cronut did not make the -- >> false. >> it is true. >> did not make it? >> it did. it made it. >> you said did not make it. the answer is false. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. amy robach gets a point. >> like the cronut, i was confused. >> buzzfeed gave this couple the cutie couple of 2013. was it kanye west/kim kardashian. >> andrew garfield and emma stone. >> i didn't say that. >> wow. >> i know.
8:50 am
>> all right. tie game. ginger might be behind. >> maybe. >> buzzfeed says this oscar winner will rule all in -- >> jennifer lawrence. >> that's right. >> nice work. nice work. >> this time. we're all tied up. this is going to get good. okay. this saltry singer -- >> rihanna. >> yes. >> it was rihanna. >> wondering how the heck -- you're getting the questions. no answers. but i can see you're reading ahead. one more? buzzfeed called this regal woman the most flawless human of 2013. >> princess kate. >> yep. >> okay. how many more? another question?
8:51 am
all right. this hot condiment -- it's a story from earlier. >> sriracha. >> yeah. >> everything tastes good. >> we catch that. >> frequently instagram's baby who is starting a documentary more than anyone else in 2013. >> blue ivy carter. >> that's right. >> nice work. nice work. >> who's ahead? bianna's ahead. we're told bianna is ahead. >> i had three. i was right. i have three correct. >> more. >> the control room -- >> i know i have three right. >> this celebrity strong enough, hint, to be a queen of twitter. >> katy perry. >> cher. she has great emoji.
8:52 am
>> write it down. what cat did not make the most important cats of 2013? true or false? >> false. >> got a chance. >> true. >> most important cat. >> amy robach is sharp. >> the most important cat of 2013, is cat dressed like a shark, riding a roomba chasing a duck. >> we have a tie. we have a tie. how often does that happen on "good morning america"? i can see -- >> it's tied between whom? >> drumroll, please. how about some bells? tied for first place, amy robach and bianna golodryga. the highlight reel tonight on "world news." thanks, ryan. thanks so much. happy new year and 2014. you can share the trophy with
8:53 am
ginger and rachel. we'll be back as the party continues here on "good morning america."
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] we want to thank d.j. sugar ray for putting us in a mood to celebrate this morning.
8:56 am
>> we want to thank d.j. sugar ray. also, happy new year's day. the biggest bowl game of the season. coverage starts at 4:30 eastern, on our sister network. josh and hannah storm. >> george, robin, josh, lara, happy new year to the four of you. and happy new year to everyone at home. we'll see you tonight on "world news."
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
nch good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's new year's eve and meteorologist mike nicco has your forecast. >> yeah, still tracking some thick fog with live doppler 7 hd. sfo half a mile, eighth a mile at san jose. if you're going out tonight, especially pier 14 here in the city, dress for the upper 40s but the clouds will clear out. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, spare the air today and probably through thursday. warm and dry start to the new year. sue. d still have a problem out there couple of things chp has issued a traffic alert for mt. hamilton, there's a brush fire there. northbound 280 for about the next ten minutes saratoga avenue being diverted off due to an accident. kristen. sue, thanks a lot.
9:00 am
join us for midday news at 11:00. have a great day. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, our end of the year special. so now, without further ado, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] kelly: hi! oh, thank you. hi everybody! hi and hello. it's tuesday, december 31, 2013. it is our year, end of year special, everybody. i cannot believe how ft


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