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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 1, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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caused by distracted driving. >> unfortunately the way our streets are designed, and the way that drivers behave and way we compete for street space creates an unsafe condition for san francisco. >> the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths in the story gone up over the years. accord together pedestrian safety project in 2004 there were 729 pedestrians injured or killed. skip to 964. 2013 numbers have yet to be released. this pedestrian acknowledged what he was doing was not safe. >> texting and driving almost. you know? shouldn't do it.. >> i did it. i was changing my music.
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>> very distracted. mayor ed lee is working with several agencies to come up with a plan to reduce pedestrian injuries by 50% by 2020. >> young mother killed and her baby is in critical condition tonight following a new year's eve accident in fremont. 19-year-old ashley capucine and 3-month-old baby as well as her 17-year-old sister were walking when hit by a pickup truck. police say it appears the women just left a car and crossing the street when struck. the baby is in critical condition the 17-year-old girl was injureed and expected to survive. the aunt says the family is in shock. >> good things were coming her way. so much change for the good. for the good. then this, had to happen. this is
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devastating. i can't believe this happened to us. >> the driver is cooperating with police and drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this accident. a 13-year-old boy shot several times last night walking on 104th avenue and walnut street. the boy died in highland hospital this morning. and a second shooting killed a 21-year-old woman out celebrating with friends. police say ashley walker was in a car when someone standing outside opened fire. >> someone claiming to be behind a security breech of snap chat users says the goal was to -- it was posted to a web site last night now taken down. but before
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that happened it showed user names and partial numbers of more than four and a half million snap chat accounts. snap chat warned this might happen the company said it put in save guards to make this breech more difficult. company founded two years ago but two fraternity brothers. >> a dry spell continues. in fact, take a look at the scene today. does this mean you're going to have to change your water habis? >> levels are dropping. water officials say they're concerned 2013 was the driest year on record but not panicking yet. >> some areas was shattered not only half as much rain as
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previous record. so we beat them badly. >> in willow glenn neighborhood there are people trying to figure out how to keep front yards green. >> i turn water system off. >> is your lawn getting brown? >> quite brown. and i've been thinking about what i need to do >> friday, readings indicate the snow pack is only 20% of normal. much of the water means less in the bay area. ground water levels are normal but reservoirs dropping with no storm clouds on the horizon. highest is vasona, 62.4%. average in the county is
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33.3%. and lexington reservoir people are noticing a week by week change. >> each time it's like maybe a foot, half a foot. you know? drop. so water district is waiting for rain to come. >> the water district hoping for more rain and snow over next couple months but if not they're going to meet in february and assess this situation and decide then if they need to call for more efforts. in los gatos abc7 news. >> so how big of a problem is this lack of rain? let's bring in spencer christian now with that part of the story. spencer? >> it could be a big problem and a serious one. just a few thin, high clouds moving overhead. no rain for a whiechlt take a look
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at our rainfall definite. santa rosa needs 12 inches of rain to get back to normal levels. san francisco, more than seven inches of rainfall. and you don't reasonably expect to get that rainfall in one event so we need a series of storms to come through to help us get back near normal levels and we don't see that coming our way. >> thank you this, means we'll be two for two in 2014. another alert has been issued for tomorrow. air quality officials say stagnant air is trapping pollution this, is the 25th alert so far. >> a state law in colorado. sale of marijuana for recreational use is now legal people waited to buy pot from one of the nearly 40 legal retail stores in colorado. the
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recreational use has been legal for adults in colorado morethon a year but retail sales in the allowed until today. >> i'm proud my money is going to go to construction of schools >> residents can buy one ounce per day. across state lines is a crime. >> and other new law as cross the country. a 16-year-old can preregister to vote though they have to wait until their 18 to cast a ballot. in oregon new mothers can take mrasent yaz home from the hospital. some say ingesting it has positive benefits. in illinois, sex
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education must include information about abstinence and contraception. >> boy scouts of america is accepting openly gay youngsters starting today. >> after 103 years boy scouts is is opening doors to young gays the decision being hailed by pascal, aiming to be one of the first openly gay eagle scouts. >> i am proud they did change their mind. >> in may, 61% said it's time to stop the ban. >> one lesbian mom thinks it's only a partial victory. >> it's a small step in the
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right direction but huge in another way. >> the scouts did not lift the ban on gay adults being leaders the change has not been welcomed by all n seattle, jim brass is creating a new youth score >> i'm pulling my son from the program, sadly. >> some are dropping their sponsorship because of the policy. some families are switching to other groups. >> one of the floats probably just for show, a same-sex couple appeared as real life grooms as part of a giant wedding cake. not everyone was pleased. it riled opponents of same-sex marriage and drew protests at the pro sechlths oak
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school marching band took place on new year's day parade today. it's the fourth time the marching band has taken part in the event. the high school panther marching band made its first appearance in the spectacular. so glad we saw pictures of that. >> yes. there is more ahead this first >> why is this neighborhood dealing with flood something >> how a driver managed to escape after falling into this sink hole. >> and is it lights out for the
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a deadline is looming to remove jahi mcmath from a vent later. her family is expressing optimism they're close to moving her away from childrens where she was pronounced brain dead last month. >> the family was just out here and told us they hope to have a positive update on her situation later this evening. today they told us they're revealing they're getting closer to moving her from this hospital. >> family attorney created a sad hoax that jahi mcmath is in some
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way alive. >> reporter: children's hospital continues to say she's legally dead, her family tells us they're optimistic and will have her moved, and soon. >> we do have ground transportation ask a plane ready and as soon as they're ready to receive her, we'll be moving jahi. >> it's unclear if it has in patient capabilities. associated press reports the new beginnings community center has ties to the terry schiavo life and hope network started by her family after a prolonged legal battle to keep the brain damaged schiavo on life support. jahi's efforts say their efforts are being thwarted by the hospital. >> we will not allow surgery to be performed in this facility by any of our physicians or any
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physician. we'll turn the body over if the family and it's turn can find a physician who would do these procedures. >> jahi's family say they have a physician, transportation and a facility to accept the girl on a vent later. childrens hospital maintains it has yet to hear from any of them. >> no tsunami, apparently no damage from a 6.6 quake hitting an island nation in the south pacific. hitting early this morning. part of the ring of fire filled with volcanos and fault lines. in hawaii look at this, a woman so thankful to be alive after a sink hole opened up and swallowed her truck. look at this, on the side there with her inside. she says it just sucked her in. days of rain weakened roads the woman was able to climb out of the window and said she hurt
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her ribs and is otherwise okay. >> wow. remarkable. >> time now for consumer news with michael finney. >> we have had interesting stuff going on here. survey by check book shows increased competition in the grocery business means you can lower your food bill. discounters and nontraditional sellers are changing the way it's sold oochl there hasn't been a lot of competition here for a long time in terms of groceries. now, there is. >> by changing stores you shop at, you can save 25% on your groceries. gas prices have gone up about a nickel during past week depending where you fill up. it appears that won't last long. that trend is expected to
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continue. triple a says average prices was about $3.49 per gallon predicting it will be average about $3.43 and today marks the end of the incandescent light bulb. it's part of that 2007 law that raised minimum efficiency standards beyond what they can can manage. surprised? well, you're not alone. a survey found fewer than one in three adults were aware of this phase out. >> i know. really.
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>> really? >> thank you >> sure. >> new year started with a surprise for people. take a look at what this looks >> great. love it. it's g feels good. first day of the new year. wakes you up. >> that will wake you up all right. tomorrow is the last day of the king tide until january. >> so odd to see flooding. >> right. right. >> just get right alignment of the sun and
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>> no rain in site, here is a look across embarcadero. temperatures mid to upper 50 ndz san francisco and oakland. 50 in half moon bay. looking northward there, and temperatures are at 60 degrees now in santa rosa. mid to upper 50s in napa and 61 in livermore. one more nice, live view of a colorful sky from mount tam. cool overnight, spare the air again, tomorrow, this mild pattern throughout the weekend. why low pressure is still the dominant feature in our weather but looking rain.
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there are systems now but they're being deflected well north. if there is no rainfall but there is a chance monday morning. you'll see by tuesday afternoon a little weak front, weak cold front pushing through bringing us a slight chance of rain. back to current conditions tonight some mid-30s inland south bachlt upper 30s to mid-40s around the bay. tomorrow, filtered sunshine and high clouds producing hazy sunshine. low to mid-60s on the coast. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, tomorrow another spare the air day. 25th
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one. and that pattern continues throughout the weekend. monday, partly cloudy skies. and by tuesday a slight chance of rain. at this point any rain will be welcome oochl we'll take it. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> still ahead whether running in, pushing out, or going around, lots of ways to welcome the first day of the
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hose who'ved ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at oo this is a live picture from a store that is packed. >> stanford, 20. michigan state,
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246789 >> all right. stanford going for the second win. right? we'll have coverage tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. and it was a cles race to become new year's daby in the bay area. several babies born just seconds after midnight but a baby girl born two seconds after midnight won the honor becoming the first baby of the new year in the bay area. surprised she's so close. >> so cute. love the ribbon. little hat she was supposed to be born at home but after a long labor the family decided to get to the hospital and
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>> you know what this. they stripped down to swim suits and ran into frigid waters for this dip. and this look noon. about 30 people took the frosty plunge >> alcatras swim sponsored by the dolphin club is and a half. >> we swim no matter what tides are doing. so there are some days that are good and others
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are not so good. this is one boy not choose to be putting 100 people in the water if choosing a day >> but it's the first of the year you've got to do it. >> some did not take the plunge this, is the polar bear skate in san francisco union square. ice skater with best ensemble won tickets provided by alaska airlines. >> less is more, i guess >> crews collecting and during regular pick up days throughout the month. crews will pick up
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through january 15th. >> seemingly impossible odds. two players taking on a team
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coming up marking the five year anniversary of the death of oscar grant the message behind the gathering. >> also a woman is told she owes more than a thousand dollars but she never opened an account. >> ask mazing come back by teen usa in the bay area first ever america's cup coming up in a
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half hour at 6:00 >> a soccer game that dozens will pronlly never for >> top players and manchester united participated in a local television show. 50 kids and five goal keepers but did not appear to detear the due really incredible and kids were just happy to be on the stage >> wow. how exciting. >> they're going to be tired tonight. >> yes. exactly. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next.
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>> thanks for joining us tonight. >> h welcome to "world news." tonight new year, new storm, the giant system on the move, temperatures plummeting below zero, more than a foot of snow in some places, 70 million americans in its path. our extreme weather team in the middle of it all. new year's rescue, the passengers stranded tonight frozen in place, preparing their own landing path. tonight will those choppers be able to fly right into those conditions. health scare, former first lady barbara bush taken to the hospital. what doctors are now saying. and the new year's diet you haven't heard of, simply eating with your other hand. can you trick yourself into eating less, what our cameras captured, a new year of "world news" starts now.


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