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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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chinese consulate in san francisco where there has been a fire. it happened just after 9:30 at the corner of geary and laguna. fire crews put it out in a matter of minutes, but not before it charred the front of the building. the fire is suspicious. arson investigators are on on the scene right now. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley is off. we will have more on that fire in a live report in a few minutes. first, friends and family gathered to remember a young mother killed in a deadly accident on a busy east bay street. it is an accident that left the woman's 3-month-old baby in critical condition. tonight's vigil honored 19-year-old ashley and her baby salvador. ashley had him in her arms when she tried to cross the parkway near fremont following an argument.
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alan wang is live at the scene of that accident. alan? >> caroline, there were nearly a hundred people here praying for that mother and child tonight. that's when i got a chance to speak with family members and ask them exactly how this all happened. >> we honor the life, father god. >> relatives say 19-year-old ashley is a proud mother of three-month-old salvador espinoza. >> she came to see us on christmas day to show us the baby. she was all happy and lit up, man, glowing. how pretty she looked. >> police say there was an argument in the family car around a 10:00 on new year's eve. ashley and her sister got out when it was stopped near paseo padre parkway near fremont. they decided to walk to their neither by home, but -- walk to their nearby home. ashley was holding the baby in
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his carseat. >> from my understanding he was thrown 30 feet. it was quite aways for a 3-month-old baby to get thrown. >> ashley died at the hospital. her 17-year-old sister is in stable condition, but the baby is seriously injured. >> i miss my granddaughter and i love her so much. she is in better hands right now. just pray for my great grandson that he will make it. he is in critical condition. >> police say the victims were not in the crosswalk and the driver of the white truck that struck them will not be charged. tuesday was a particularly dangerous day for pedestrians in san francisco as well. 6-year-old sophia was killed in a crosswalk last night. she was with her mother and younger brother. the driver identified himself as an uber driver. he was making a right turn at poke and ellis streets. it was one of three pedestrian accidents in the city. an elderly man was struck in
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the crocker amazon neighborhood. a police chase in san francisco ended in an accident at paw trear row hill. this is video from a viewer of the scene as the driver lead police around that neighborhood. it started about 7:30 when officers tried to stop a car that matched the description of a vehicle involved in an armed robbery. police say during the pursuit a gun was thrown from the car. the vehicle eventually crashed into a pole near 22nd and connecticut. one person was arrested and he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries from the crash. a second man got away. and now back to the breaking news out of san francisco. a suspicious fire at the chinese consulate. john alston is live now at the scene with new details. john? >> police, san francisco police and federal police are converging on the scene in front of the chinese consulate. laguna is blocked off here at gear reas they continue their investigation.
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it happened around 9:30 and we have close up video that shows you the damage on the laguna side. you can see the front door is scorched and the scorching goes up three stories on this building. i spoke to gentleman who was the consul. he says it appears this was a fear bombing, but that has still needed to be determined. we don't know at this point. there was a sign left near the front of the building which said human rights in tibet. it is unknown at this point whether that is cebted to the fire. connected to the fire. certainly a fire near laguna and geary. residents called the fire department and laguna has been blocked off and some residents are not being allowed to get their cars. but a suspicious fire has damaged and scorched the front of the chinese consulate here in san francisco. federal and san francisco
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police are investigating trying to figure out what exactly happened. live in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you. the family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead hoped to be able to move her to a new facility soon. she has been on a ventilator since december 10th after complications from a tonsilectomy. they expect to firm up plans tomorrow to relocate her. they now have a doctor and a way to more her. >> we now have a plane that is ready and as soon as our facility is ready to receive her we will be moving her. >> it could be the new beginnings community center on new york's long island. it is a organization that was founded after the case of terry schiavo. a judge has ordered children's hospital oakland to keep her on the ventilator until tuesday. new at 11:00, a tip lead
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police to a bizarre discovery near an east bay park. oak ped la -- oakland officers found a skull on a paper plate surrounded by beads. the coroner said it could be native american remains. officers found the skull out in the open near children regional park. you can see them taking pictures of those remains. their investigation continues. developing news in eureka. staff found a priest dead in the church rectory and tonight police launched a murder investigation. his body was found in st. bernard church after he failed to show up for morning mass. he was a popular priest who taught religious studies at humboldt state university of the . >> he was a friend of mine and a tremendous person in this community. he is a tremendous person and this is a tremendous loss for our community in general. >> police say a violent crime
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took place, but they would not reveal how he died. they did released information about a suspect vehicle. it is a dabbing gray nissan you will tau ma hybrid with this california license plate 6ndw400. california is facing a record dry spell. 2013, the driest year on record since it began in 164 years ago. that is bad news for our water supply. water levels are dropping and the average is 33% or a third of the total available capacity. it is no better in the sierra. the snowpack is estimated at 20% of normal. spencer christian is in for sandhya patel and any chance of rain anytime soon? >> there is just a slight, slight chance of a little rain , but nothing significant is coming our way. here is live doppler 7hd. here is a look at how severe our rainfall deficit is. in ukiah and santa rosa, those areas need 12 and a half
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inches or more of rainfall just to bring them up to the average level for this point in the season. san francisco is more than 7 inches below average for this time of year. the same is true throughout the bay area. it is 4, 5, 6 inches below average and right now we are looking at about seven dry days ahead. although there is a slight chance that i mentioned and i will show you when that might happen in. accu-weather seven-day forecast. a tough loss for stanford. the cardinals took on -- took them on and could not pull off a win. mike shumann is here with the highlights or should i say low lights? >> i wore my sell law bra tore tore -- celebratory red tie. >> they won in 1902 and in this the 100th version they took it on the chin from a stout defense.
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tyler gaff neither runs over a defender. a 77-yard drive. trailing 17-7 michigan state and scores 17 in a row. connor cook and trailing four with less than two minutes left. he was stuffed. michigan state's run defense comes up huge and they win the 100th rose bowl. it was 24-20. they were completing a four-year run. they won two, lost two and larry beil will have reaction from the stanford locker room coming up later in sports. >> frustrating. see you in a little bit. a new year and a new security breech. next on abc7 news, a wildly popular photo sharing app hacked. personal information posted on the internet. why this breech could put your other accounts at risk. and strapping lights from -- and strange lights from sacramento to hollywood. and we have more on the
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mysterious new year's eve ufo. and getting fit is a popular new year's resolution. why changing how you eat may be the key to
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series of high-tech security
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breeches. skype's official twitter account was hacked today. several tweets including this one bashing microsoft were posted and then retweeted thousands of times. a group called the syrian electronic army has claimed responsibility. the hackers compromised skype's facebook page and the company blog. and another high-tech security breech on the photo sharing app, snap chat. user names and phone numbers of five million people were posted on-line and making the breech worse, many people tend to have the same user names on the site. they posted the information to show the holes in the security. snap chat was founded by two stanford university grads. a series of strange lights in the sky were spotted in both northern and southern california on knee. those who -- on new year's eve. those who saw them were certain they were not fireworks. george warren has a closer look at what some believe was a ufo. >> we saw it through the trees. it was bright enough to shine through the trees without any problem seeing it.
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>> steven brown watched it over sacramento. another spotted it over auburn. >> it was in that direction and then came across kind of slow. >> did they see the same thing kay saw in stockton? multiple objects captured on his iphone. >> i have seen six bright orange colored lights. they were in a diamond or triangle shape. so they started separating. >> and not just northern california. someone posted this video from the hollywood hills on youtube. multiple glowing objects among the new year's eve fire, woulds. >> there are two, three altogether. >> no, it is four now. >> in auburn he and his wife saw it a few hours earlier than the other citings. >> there were no sound. that's the funny thing. no sound and no blinking lights. just this big illuminated form. >> and whatever it was moved
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up and to the left. it hovered there for probably about 60 seconds and then it took off at a high rate of speed out of sight directly away from us and disappeared. >> we are always looking for rational explanations for ufo sitings. this siting over the sacramento valley was an airplane with an electronic sign under the wing. a year later a mysterious flashing light near placerville was arcing power lines. we are still waiting to find out if there is a rational explain nation -- explain nation for what people uh-huh cross california. george warren, abc7 news. >> that ufo sighting comes days after a mysterious crop circle appeared out of salinas of the nobody knows where it came from of the but a security company was hired to protect the site. he cannot disclose who hired the firm. local police, the chp and the
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salinas airport say they don't know anything about this circle. it is still unknown who or what is behind it. could switching hands help you cut back on snacking? according to a new study moviegoers who were told to grab popcorn with their nondominant hand, so their left hand if they are right handed, ate6% less than if they used their dominant happened. using your nondominant happened makes you think more about what you are doing and slow down in the process. let's get a check on our forecast right now with sprenser christian who -- spencer christian who is tracking live doppler 7hd. >> i want to use my nondominant hand. we have clear skies in the bay area and we are taking a look at our current conditions. a live view from the high definition camera. tomorrow will be another spare the air day. along the coast and central bay and down the santa clara valley this will be the 25th spare the air alert since november 1st.
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now a live view from the rooftop camera, 52 here in san francisco and the temperatures are in the 40s in oakland. redwood city, san jose, los gatos and half moon bea. another view from the sutro camera, the temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s at santa rosa and novato and fairfield. we have low 40s at napa and concord and livermore. one more live view looking down on to the bay i and a little bit of downtown san francisco. our forecast features will be cool overnight with a few high clouds. spare the air alert tomorrow. no wood burning. dry and mild through the weekend, but things may change a little bit. here is our satellite showing high pressure the dominant feature despite the few high, thin clouds. this ridge of p h is forming a barking pattern. rain is blocked from coming in our direction. things can change then. monday morning at 11:00 there will be a little moisture with an approaching cold front.
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it is a weak cold front, but by tuesday if it pushed into the northernmost part of our viewing area there is a slight chance of rain. but this is not the significant rainfall we need. low 30s in the north bay valleys and napa 30 and santa rosa. midto upper 30s in the other inland areas and upper 30s to low 40s in the bay and near the coast. then tomorrow another mainly sunny day with haze as high clouds pass through the sky and it will be mild and dry again tomorrow with the high temperatures mainly in the midto upper 60s airbeds the -- around the bay and inland low to mid60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the mild and dry pattern continues into next week. the high temperatures are remaining in the upper 60s in many inland and bay shore locations through the weekend. we will cool down slightly with a few clouds moving in and on tuesday our best chance for rain , but it is a slight chance. and if it occurs it will be a little bit of rainfall. >> it is not really even on your forecast model there.
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>> it is not worth posting yet. the chance is so slight. >> and one more time what is the temperature in green bay this weekend? >> niners and packers game, 6 degrees. that is 6 degrees. >> that's at kickoff? >> that's at kickoff time. >> it is dropping down to 0 by 6:30, 7:00 in the evening. >> and shu is asking because he will be there. >> i just hope i got to see inside the press box. >> do you have to start with the rose bowl? >> the rose bowl has stanford back as a defending champion facing michigan state. the spartan defense lived up to their billing. stoping stanford on their final drive and pulling off the victory. all your highlights and
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up in the 100th version of the rose bowl with mirror image teams defending champion stanford facing off against mile-per-hour mitch state. they made their first appearance in 26 years. it was a spartan defense that prevailed. 73 degrees. cardinals start the game in dominating fashion. a 77-yard drive. 16 yards. stanford is up 7-0. late second quarter and connor cook backpedaling. terrible decision. dropped by anderson who dropped one earlier. it is a 17-7 stanford lead. the spar tans respond. in 1:39 cook to pendleton 17-14 stanford at the half. now tied at 17 early four. 25 yards and 17 unanswered points for the spartans. they are up 24-17 with under two minutes to play. fourth and one at their own
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34. handoff to ryan hewitt. stuffed by the defensive game. mvp els worth and carolyn is still upset. michigan state 21 first downs and stanford just 11. mark dan tone yow and michigan state with a 24-20 victory. larry beil is in pasadena with post game reaction. >> a really disappointing loss for a stanford team that certainly had its share of chances. the second half was dominated by michigan state, especially their defense. so tough against the run, and it left tyler gaff neither with no where to run in his final game for the cardinals. >> they were everything. they talked the talk. they walked the walk. >> we knew it would be tough to run on them. we broke a few long ones early on. a team like that will adjust. they are able to fill the holes and run through the imaps. through the gaps. it was a great game plan for us and ended up pulling it off. >> you will not see a better class in stanford history or
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anywhere. i made sure and told those guys i appreciate what they have done. obviously the game still hurts. >> stanford has gone 2-2 in the last four years in bcs bowl games. the task is much tougher as the cardinals lose six senior starters on defense and tyler gaff neither at tail back. lair a rebeale, abc7 -- larry beale abc7 sports. the late game bryce petty and baylor against central florida. petty is head over heels for the second quarter touchdown. rg iii knows a thing or two about big hits. three td's through the air and one on the ground. ucf wins a shootout at the university of central florida. 52-42 in arizona. all right, multiple reports have lovie smith as the new coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. you may know his new offensive coordinator.
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this will be his first nfl gig after 24 seasons in the college ranks. good to see jeff back and coaching. hockey, the winter classic, the biggest crowd to see an nhl game. even a shark fan at the game. detroit and toronto and red wings and game is tied. it would go to a shootout. he beats howard right there. a great scene in michigan. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we'll give it the 2 4-hour rule and you will be over it by tomorrow. >> we didn't give
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enroll today at weather. it is cold early in the morning in some spots inland with temperatures down to about 30 degrees. carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. and check out this soccer game that dozens will never forget. chester united -- are to manchester united participated. you saw that, right? two of them versus 50 kids and five goal keepers. the mismatch didn't deter them. the duo appeared to have really no trouble making goals and i'm sure it was fun for the kids to just be on the field. coming up next on jimmy kimmle actor tim robins.
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