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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> this may be something we're dealing with for 60 days or so. >> there is a long, cold winter head for mid west and east coast. businesses, closed, classes, cancelled and snow piling up, making roads dangerous, bringing air travel to a halt in cities good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. want to take a look at new york city now the temperature is 13 degrees. it's expected to drop to four degrees overnight. it's not just new york hit by cold. mid west
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also facing subzero temperatures in days ahead some areas hit hard by this winter blast. >> the northeast is digging out in a miserable, bitter, cold. temperatures forecast to plummet more, in many places it can dip well below freezing. >> it's storm sunday into monday going to be targeting the mid west with a quick stripe of 6 to to 12 inches of snow followed by coldest air we've seen. in about owe 20 years >> winds and snow caused problems for 100 million americans. >> the wind is the problem. it's crazy. cutting through you. >> roads were an icy mess n rural new york police say a 71-year-old woman wandered from home, and froze to death. city
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as customed to dealing with the weather, like philadelphia, boston and new york were paralyzed airports cancelled flights and highways were shut down, businesses and schools, closed. >> i had the day off. and mom had to work. so i was like okay. let's go sleding >>. >> in new york the new mayor and his son grabbed shovels. >> use your knees not your back. >> get low. >> here in new york tonight it's going to be cold. this weekend weather should warm up just a bit before another cold blast hits next week. >> travellers are feeling the affects of the storm. >> this is a live picture, dozens of flights have been cancelled there.
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>> there have been 26 flights coming into, and out of, sfo. most supposed to be headed here. and some crews were stuck in other cities. it's been beautiful here, a relief to people flying here from the cold. getting here was part of an adventure. >> we didn't think we're going to get out, but we got out. >> steve and his wife, jean, are celebrating escape from cold but here for a start of a cruise to hawaii they won. they got here with only a slight delay. >> by the time was deiced we're five minutes late arriving. wonderful. >> throughout the day, the flights and monitors flashed cancellations and delays. this line of additional services
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continued to grow. in line, passengers trying to get rebooked on cancelled or full flights the hardest hit airports in new york city area, that is where kate lynn and bobby are trying to get to. even if not delayed they're not sure how to gelt home >> we called someone. they said come pick us up they don't want to plan that far in advance. >> she says their home in long beach, long island is now blanketed in snow. >> it's so hot in this area, we can't see. it's going to -- it's below 0 now in long beach. >> they're prepared for weather, they'll be wearing some of the ski wear they didn't get to wear while in x%k at san francisco international airport, abc7 news. 49ers heading into teeth of the bitter cold weather after practition today, right now the
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accu-weather forecast calls for temperatures below 0. workers spent the day shovelling snow out of the sand the nfl does not have a temperature limit. it's icy steps and dangerous. no talk of moving the game to earlier sunday or perhaps tomorrow, when the temperatures will be like a balmy 25 degrees. monday, not an option, either the forecast is for colder temperatures but they're going to hand out free coffee and hot chocolate. >> oh, goody. >> coldest was the ice bowl. temperatures at 13 degrees below 0. so called freezer bowl in 1982. minus 59 with wind chill.
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it's bad news for niners heading into this. >> surveyoors found mostly bare ground today. snow pack is at the # 20% of average for this time of the year. and that tied 2012 as lowest ever on record for early january. at this rate, state officials estimate they'll only be able to deliver 5% of the water requested this year. >> despite that lack of snow and temperatures, ski resorts are staying busy. >> many are still making snow every night. it's still getting cold enough overnight. they're hoping for help from nature next week >> forecast calling for a slight chance of snow, maybe just inches on tuesday or wednesday. and... that will bring with us colder temperatures, allowing us to continue to make snow. and
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try toechl panned our train and signal a lot. >> heavenly says 19 out of 97 runs are open. >> no snow, no rain inside. spencer christian joining us now with the accu-weather forecast and conditions back east. >> you're right. it's hard to find weather news. poor air quality, looking ahead, still don't see rain coming our way in the week ahead, i know. there is light rain tuesday into wednesday. we we have a measurement of rain less than a tenth of an inch. meanwhile, looking at national weather map
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now it's 13 in chicago. wind chill now minus 12 in boston. 0, new york. talking about conditions in green bay. starting at 7:00 tonight, storm moving through and that is going to produce bone-chilling cold for the game temperatures dropping to minus ten during the game. wind chill warning for 25 to 45 below 0. that is going to be uncomfortable weather to do anything else. >> thank you, spencer.
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>> a judge says the mother of a 13-year-old oakland girl declared brain dead can remove the child from childrens hospital as long as she assumes full responsibility for consequences. >> jahi mcmraj's family has been on a vent later for a month now. abc7 news live now from oakland with ed today's development. >> there is a hearing underway regarding jahi's status. they're going on the fourth hour now. the other ruling came this morning. the judge accepted a plan for both parties to remove jahi from the hospital but denied efforts to have procedures done on her before that trance per. >> we agree to the stipulation. it's been jointly prepared. a judge approved something this morning childrens hospital
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administrators have been saying they'd allow. removal without additional procedures. >> all that occurred is that we formalized the offer the hospital has been making in the form of an agreement. >> right now, arrangements are being made. what we needed to know is that when the balls were in line, we can move quickly. >> with a tuesday deadline looming to remove her from a vent later, the family and attorney has been scrambling to get her moved to a long term care facility. they wanted the hospital to insert a feeding tube and perform a tracheotomy on the brain dead teen but the judge refused to issue that order. >> >> reporter: the parties moved to federal court for a mandatory settlement conference on many of the same
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>> same party wez saw inside there is a formal hearing set for this court on tuesday but the judge wants to get things settled before then, we'll be here and let you know if there are developments later on abc7 news. >> thank you, laura. we'll check back with you later on. santa clara county reported the first flu death of the season just minutes ago. health officials say a 41-year-old woman died, infected with h one n one. >> most cases they say have been that variant of the virus. >> more than a dozen people
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hospitalized with flu like symptoms in central california raising fears of the h1n1 pandemic. saying this year's strain is hitting young to middle aged people hardest. >> 25 states seen here in red reported wide spread flu activity last week, up from just ten states the week brchl the states in orange, including california have flu activity but only in part state. experts say it's been a typical season, but h1n1 has bhoevent common strain of flu. >> we know the winner of this winning ticket. california lottery confirmed steve tran was one of two winners of the megamillions jackpot. >> tran discovered he'd hit the jackpot on monday weeks after the drawing. tran is a delivery truck driver and told officials he's now quit his jb. he says he told his boss i don't think i'm going come in today, tomorrow,
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or ever. >> how many people would love to say that? he bought the ticket in san jose.. >> i wish him the best. i did. i wish him the best. he got his best. yeah. >> you did well yourself, too. >> yes. >> the store owner as you can see there gets $1 million for selling the ticket. tran wins $324 million before taxes. if he takes 30 year payout or $176 million before taxes if opting out for the lump sum. he's looking at $130 million or $130 million. >> he can afford to quit his job. >> he's going to be fine. >> yes. >> still head piecing together this bizarre accident >> a crack down on speeders and jaywalkers in one san francisco neighborhood besieged by fatal
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accidents. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live just a little bit later. you can contact him on twitter >> taking a look at traffic in berkeley this, is the view of interstate 80678 it's bottled up on the righthand side moving from emeryville toward berkeley and towards 580. it's slow going no matter which way you're
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california patrol trying to piece together details of a deadly accident involving a man running across the freeway. police say it began when two cars crashed at 280 this morning. one of the drivers then tried to runway but was hit by several cars and killed. more on this incident. >> we slowed down about a mile. and stopped here no, idea what is going on. >> these motorcyclists just waiting, engines turned off. a tangled suv and honda left disabled in the lefthand lane the driver of the suv didn't wait for help. he ran across northbound lanes and saw no shoulder here, turned and ran, was not struck. jumped center divide, ran into southbound
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lanes and was struck. >> the chp says this man had a duffle bag with him but in the suv officers found a small caliber rifle and a bebe gun. >> we're going do a lot of following up to find out what possible motivations were. >> a chain of events bringing traffic to a stand still nearly two hours, you can see the back up. and on the ground, drivers out of the cars just wandering around. >> we've become fast friends out here. >> this has been the worst. >> amber just left work. >> i would like to get home ask would like breakfast. i i guess my problems aren't that big compared to up there. >> chp believes the man was hit more than once. one driver has
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come forward believing they were involved. the other driver, a woman is expected to be okay but taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> authorities defending a decision to release a man from jail only hours before he supposedly killed a catholic priest in you're yeeka. gary bullock had been jailed for being drunk in public. and within hours, police were called where he was acting strangely. he was ordered to leave and police found father freed had been murdered. >> sketch are searching for two people believed responsible for the fire bombing of the chinese
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consulate around san francisco. investigators say two buckets of gasoline were poured on to the front door. chinese officials call it terrorism. >> now, it's union turn to vote on the readvised labor contact. members of the transit union are casting their votes. it dropped a class granting up to six weeks of paid family medical leave bart says was mistakenly included in the contracts. >> spencer christian is here now tracking the weekend forecast. >> every day talking about poor
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air quality and drought conditions. uk be doing weather in green bay. >> yes. i feel like the prince of precipitation. >> let's talk about green bay. sunny skies now. and mid and high level clouds around. air quality remains poor. tomorrow rb the fifth consecutive spare the air day. live from our camera over the bay these 63 in oakland. 67 loss gat yoechls a beautiful view now. western sky from our east bay hills camera and other readings are 69 in santa rosa. and
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exploratorium camera, blue skies and forecast features clear overnight. spare the air ask cooler next week and rain is possible. we don't see much of it coming our way. here is the satellite image showing high pressure well north dry, mild for the weekend fblth animation at 10:00 tuesday morning, weak cold front will swing through tuesday. there is a slight chance we'll be left with very little, if any, rainfall from that system. inland low temperatures dropping into low to mid-30s inland. upper 30s to around 40 or just above 40 near
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the bay and coast. tomorrow, sunny skies and mid-60s on the coast tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. this dry weather continues mild weather starts to retreat tuesday as we get cloudy skies. late tuesday into wednesday, there is a slight chance of rain i mentioned again. yes. >> it's where we stand now. >> thank you. >> is jennifer hudson the best boss ever? amazing gift she gave to her assistant that caused this over the top reaction. >> and just when they thought they're home free, passengers
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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breaking news now in san jose. a police officer shot a suspect. sky seven is live over the scene. it's near king police tell us they received the call between two people at this location. one had a gun. moments after they arrived shots rang out we don't have specifics who shot first but know a suspect was shot once, now at the hospital. no officers were wounded. you can see there is a police response here, and investigation underway, we'll stay on top of the story and bringing more as we get it. >> san jose's landmark commission meets to consider nominating the century
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theater considered mid century modern architecture. attached flames restaurant will be considered. a nomination kicks off the december nation process involving a historian. >> singer actress jennifer hudson in the running for boss of the year. watch what happened. >> that is her long time assistant reacting to the news the singer gave him a house. williams has been part of her inner circle for years, close friends since sixth grachld how neat is that snoo when are you going to give me a snous >> sorry. no times two. >> more still to come, san francisco launches a new 0 tolerance policy for speeders
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and jaywalkers in a neighborhood overwhelmed by accidents. a report on the crash what that killed actor paul walker >> and the to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, 18-month special financing on all sleep number beds. only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized. san francisco police launching a 0 tolerance operation after the fourth pedestrian versus car accident in or near the tender loin in just four days one took the life of a
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6-year-old child. >> this is is a hoefyly traveled corridor in san francisco, also, ground 0 for today's police traffic accident, netting a lot of jaywalkers like this man. this has become a dangerous road for pedestrians. last night a young man was struck by a car jaywalking across bush street. he is listed in critical condition. today another pedestrian accident, a block away a man hit as he ran on to the crosswalk. just as the car was turning left toward him.
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>> the car hit him so hard he just flies out of the crosswalk and lands over there. and is just on the ground. >> the pedestrian ran into the path of the moving suv. >> coming to a crosswalk beings walking into the roadway sun safe. is a violation of the vehicle code. >> two accidents here on bush and two others prompted the commander to order immediate enforcement action. >> and we're going to go do do 2, 3 hour enforcement just to really reemphasize and do 0 tolerance for any vile yeahings of the law. >> the police operation involved motorcycle units from two district stations. vic lee, abc7 news. >> we have an update for you on the condition of baby salvador.
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the 3-month-old suffered critical injuries but his aunt says he's improving, moved to a facility in san francisco. his mother, a 19-year-old ashley capucine got out of a vehicle after a family argument ask z.was struck by a passing pickup truck. >> details about a deadly crash involving fast and furious actor paul walker a cording to the coroner's report the car that walker was riding in may have been going 100 miles per hour. or more before it crashed both walker and the driver were killed the report says no alcohol or drugs were detected in the system of the driver or passenger. the deaths have been ruled accidental. a 3-year-old girl son her death bed after suffering cardiac arrest during a dental
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procedure, she stopped breathing. lack of oxygen left her brain dead. she's been hospitalizeed and struggling to breathe. her mother has given up on a miracle and says her daughter has only two days to live. >> we were hoping and picu doctors are in tears we're all just waiting for her to wake up >> her mother is suing the dentist for negligence the lawsuit claims finley was given five different sedatives and the staff was not trained to monitor the vital signs. >> the obama administration today urged sonia sotomayor to stop blocking part of the health care reform law. one of those is little sisters of the poor, a group of nuns operating in san
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francisco. the supreme court must also decide if certain companies must provide coverage. >> a for profit company now they don't want to provide birth control because their ceo doesn't agree with the coverage. >> the catholic nuns refusing to sign an exemption and say doing so would allow their proceed vieder to pay for contraceptive coverage >> secretary of state john kerry met with palestinian president abbas in the west bank today. said there are tough decision make haegd. and this is his 10th year ago. some 300 palestinians marched today to protest the
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visit to the middle east. the protestors concerned the new framework would put the palestinians under siege and favor israeli security interests they're just in ours before the u.s. target date for a final agreement. >> pope francis raising eye brow was comments, reports say the pope warned priests can become quote little monsters if not trained properly and warned against accepting men for priesthood who may have been implicated in sexual abuse say proing teches of the catholic faithful is most important. francis made the accidents during a closed door meeting in november. >> still to come on abc7 news at 4:00 a big legal battle over a tiny painting. who is the rightful owner of a renoir a
4:37 pm
woman claims to have purchased in a flea market for $7? i'll answer your questions live here, a little later. >> clouds in the sky but there is a change in this pattern coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. taking a look at traffic right now, it's moving well, what is noticeable is that thick haze in the sky.
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talking about weather back east but powerful storms bashing the united kingdom and flooding seaside towns, wales and northern ireland are the hardest hit regions. those in belfast are being told they should be ready to evacuate. >> what a mess, couldn't be more different here. >> continues to be mild, sunny with haze. >> spencer christian is here with more of the accuweather update. >> we have changes next week but right now, exactly what you described, clear skies, clouds just enough to produce a
4:41 pm
in the southern planes minus three degrees another wave of air going to move through north central u.s. over and tomorrow, looking for sunny skies and mild conditions from top to bottom. upper 60s inland. almost to 70 degrees in spots. mid-60s on the coast. traveling from san francisco to green bay, you may have heard how cold it's going to be. yes, it will be. temperatures 0 dropping to about minus ten later during the game
4:42 pm
with wind chill minus 45, minus 25 is what it will feel like. so cold there. that is just >> it's cold out. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> that is amazing fan base. >> yes. >> a painting pits a museum against a woman. it's a landscape painted by renoir in 1879. she claims she paid $7 for it. >> if she paid $7 or $70,000, if the painting was stolen, a thief
4:43 pm
can't pass ownership on. >> the moisture seem says of it has evidence it was stolen, including a 60-year-old police report and old catalogs. a hearing is set for next week to determine ownership of the tiny work of art. >> that is a tough one >> i think she's got to give it back. sorry! >> give her a reward then. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 a newborn's arrival came off without a hitch thanks to a 9-year-old. >> plus, a breakfast break through. what you won't find in that bowl anymore. >> a fewer wants to know why should i be charged full price when crossing the bridge on christmas day. is there such things a holiday break? find out coming up next >> i'm going to say nochlt you'll get nudging and like it. now here is diane sawyer. >> coming up on world news our
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team everywhere in monster storm. we're going to show you people working in impossible conditions, so cold, they're helping everyone out as well. also, families sleeping at airport still trying to get home from the to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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a 9-year-old girl in illinois stepped up when her mom went into labor and she helped deliver her little sister. she says just push the baby out. she knew something was wrong something she'd seen on a medical tv show. >> the cord was around the baby. so i had to unwrap it a little the baby was a little purple. >> quick-thinking young lady the mom and new baby came home on new year's day. both in good health. alisa wants to be a paramedic and has shown she's
4:48 pm
cool under pressure. >> yes. indeed. checking healthy living news, independent group of experts recommending screenings for at risk adults those who smoked a pack or more a day for at least 30 years and currently smoke or those who quit within the past 15 years. recommendation for annual low dose ct screenings. patients adviced to speak to their doctors about screenings. >> and general mills says it's stopped using genetically modified ingredients in the popular cereal. the company says it different used gmo oats but some comes after pressure from cheeros fans. >> want to tell but a recall by
4:49 pm
walmart over a product alleging causing injuries including amputations for over 73,000 of the main stay five piece card table sxhar sets consumer safety officials say chairs can collapse, posing a risk of finger injuries when getting wedge ndz there. there have been ten reports of injuries inclurding a finger amputation and three finger tip amputations. anyone with the set is being asked to return to it wall mart. >> now, michael finney is here answering questions you sent to him by facebook, twitter and e mail. this from mary white i crossed bay bridge at christmas and charged $six are there exceptions if holiday falls on a weekday? >> you be the consumer reporter. you guys commenting on this. >> yes. okay. ready. >> yes or no? do they have changes? >> on the bridge? >> boy say no.
4:50 pm
>> i'm going to go no. >> you're both correct. back in the old days they used to do that here but those days are long, long ago. when you go across, unless you're in one of the hov lanes during those hours it is what it is. >> yes. my answer is going to be no. and under covered california my application was approved but they have not sent me an invoice. >> this is great. people are asking about that. this question there right now. covered california is never going to bill you. they're like the middle man. they set up the deal. you're going to have to contact your company. i have information on our web site. just go to abc and i'll have information there for you to pay the bill >> good deal. this is from
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rebecca h. i found a product in a dollar store with a warning using this product will expose to you a chemical known to the state of california to cause cancer. should it on the shelf for sale? >> that is a good question. this comes from prop 65 passed in 1986, around there. in the middle of the 80s. basically said if the state of california knows something can cause cancer then you must be warned bit. if you walk into any restaurant you'll see a sign. many products say it. it's almost much now. there are 800 items meaning it's hard to go anywhere without seeing this warning. we need to see how we're going to deal with it. it's monday. now, i've told you that. >> walking into coffee chops you
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can see it there. >> right. sure. >> it's too much. yes.. >> i love this, we get to play consumer. yes. >> and in the form of >> how you can fly free. >> wow. >> thank you, sure. >> why a trip back home is on hold again for 52 scientists suck in the ant arctic. >> heads up for drivers a major artery shutting down for repairs. and 49er fans about to battle elements. >> whatever sits in the stands in this stuff is crazy. >> testing out how cold is
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>> just as 52 passengers rescued from a ship thought they're getting home, everything is on old >> now it turns out their chinese rescuers might need to be rescued as well. yesterday, 52 passengers were rescued but now, the trip home is on hold. the ice breaker provided the helicopter to a new ship. the crew is at the ice breaker now carrying passengers to hang on to-to-stay in the area in case sthe need a rescue, too. yesterday relieve for weary
4:57 pm
passengers. >> the rescue operation took about five hours and included nine trips. >> the feeling of having relief. having completed the job, safely. >> the ship plowed through ice that several feet thick. >> it's not slicing through this ice. this is dealing with it. but we're making slow progress. >> the original ship still stuck in ice but 22 person crew not in danger and has supplies that could last for weeks. >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00.
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>> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> we agraeed to the stipulation jointly prepared. several rulings regarding 13-year-old jahi mcmath. >> tonight mer than two weeks after that $648 million lottery, a northern california man tumbles through a pile of tickets on his dresser. >> he decided to check tickets and realized he won the jackpot. >> live here on the roof there are signs and maybe rain on the way. >> santa clara county just reporting the first death linked to the flu this season. a
4:59 pm
41-year-old tide from h1n1 december 23rd. 7 cases of severe flu have been reported. and one was flu b. they want everybody to get a flu shot as soon as they can. the family of jahi mcmath ayou agree on a plan to move the 13-year-old out of the hospital. hear is the latest. two sides are talking about whether the hospital has violated a civil rights of her family. earlier the coroner issued a death certificate for the 13-year-old z a different judge said her mother can remove her daughter from the hospital if she assumes responsibility
5:00 pm
for her afterwards. >> reporter: this hearing is now in it's fifth hour, here at federal court in oakland. this is the complaint the family attorney filed over the civil rights of this family. and whether they have been violated in this case. he can ask for procedures to be performed on j jahi and more time. >> the mother of jahi mcmath can only bow her head in her hands. >> we agree to the stipulation. >> a superior court judge approved something this morning administrators saying they'd allow. the removal of jahi mcmath without additional surgical procedures. >> arrangements are being made. what we needed to know is that when the balls are in line, that we can move quickly. >> with a tuesday


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