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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> tonight the deadly flu outbreak is worse engine. more people in the bay area have died and right now hospitals and schools are preparing for more. good evening. >> regional medical center in san jose is expanding the emergency preparation. lisa is live for us tonight. lisa? >> this yellow tent went up yesterday. it's a temporary at the present time where flu patients have been getting treatment since about 9:00 o'clock this morning. over here those white tenths will be up and running by tomorrow morning. they offer immediate care for flu patients who need to be quarantined. steady stream of flu patients flow in and out of the temporary tent outside regional medical center er. and in a matter of hours this tent will be the new go to
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place for patients. it's fully stocked. well equipped and holds 14 beds. and at stanford hospital tonight similar tent went up. necessary addition as hospital goes through renovation and deals with up tick in flu patients. at valley medical center tonight the emergency room and urgent care unit are filled with spoke like this person who has had the flu for three days. and and waited nearly 4 hours to see a talktor. hospital spokesperson says there has been a quote dramatic increase in flu patients this week. those at san jose unified school district are also taking precaution. house clerk in all school got this refresher chart this week outlining flu protocol. >> looking for up tick at ask site and talk to the health clerk no flu shot yet please go out and get it not too late. >>reporter: medical experts are noticing one trend mountain
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flu strain. >> this year people better get the flu are people that are younger to middle aged and this was very consistent with what happened during the 2009 h1n1 pandemic. >>reporter: 6 57 california an died that year from swine flu. this is abc 7 news. >> total number of confirmed flu death in the bay area is now at least 9 with two in marin county santa clara county. one death each in sonoma, san francisco, cocoa, alameda and san mateo counties. >> fda says there is a shortage of the liquid form of the flu drug tam flu typically given to chirp who can't swallow pills. this company is experiencing temporary delay in the manufacturing process. it is expected to become available again within couple of weeks or soil. how do you tell the difference between the flu virus and the common cold? with a cold you can have chill headache body ache same with the flu but those symptoms are
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more severe and you usually have a fever as well. people with colds often have hacking productive coughs. flu cough are typically dry unproductive. cold symptoms include stuffy runny nose or throat sneezing with flu the symptoms can come on rapidly in just 3 to significance hours. we posted the symptoms on our facebook page. share the information with your friends and family. >> in san jose tonight huge fire forces people to run for their lives and 3 families need a new place to live as a resul result. amma is there live near trevino terrace with the story tonight. at least everyone got out. >> yes the family are extremely fortunate tonight. quite the fire and fire fact a neighboring shopping center lost power for a time but really all you have to do is look what used to be the second story window to see how bad this fire was. cell phone
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video show flames spewing from the back of second story town home in san jose. chad erickson shot the footage who lives less than half million from the country club town home complex that backs up to shopping center. >> we ran over to see what was going on. >> fire department arrived minutes after the first call came in shortly before sex. you can see response from sky 7 hd. >> they found 2 structures upstairs and downstairs fullyen involved with flames. we tried to make entry to put the fire out. >> no residents hurt but 3 units damaged. 8 people displaced. investigators are still determining what caused the fire. >> they look lick it started possibly may have started upstairs but as crew arrived fully involved upstairs and downstairs. they said it was pretty surreal as they showed up. >> just hot. names really hot and then all the steam coming up from the fire or from the
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water, from the fire department. >> took firefighters about an hour and 15 minutes to knock down and contain the fire. they then went to work on the hot spot. one firefighters was taken to the hospital for exhaustion. this is abc 7 news. >> san jose fire officials tells us crew got tapped out today because they were so busy and one reason was because of this ferocious warehouse blaze early this morning near julian and north 28 street. flames devoured 120,000 square foot warehouse home to 6 businesses including a feed store that sold hay bale. you can immanuel how quickly that went up. nearby school closed for the day. neighbors evacuated for hours. no word yet on a cause. >> another fire also broke out this morning in san jose. cell phone video show the fire moments after it start theed. flames race through home on south 17 street nearest san antonio. firefighters credit smoke detector with wake the people up who live there and they got out. everyone got out
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safely. investigators looking for what caused the fire in house that was built in 1907. east bay man almost lost his life on the same day his baby was born. it was a terrifying encounter with armed robber who opened fire. the allen is live at group city police headquarters where investigators still searching for the gunman. allen. >> yes detectives say this is one of the more brazen crimes they have seen here in union city in the past year and it happened open one of the happiest day of this guy's life but before he was able to experience the joys of father hood, he almost lost it all. >> then he was here i was here. he was lick give me all your mongive me all your money. i said cool consolidate didn't shoot anyone don't shoot anyone here's the money. throw the money right here on the car. >>reporter: one minute the man was at the temple in free mont thanking good for the birth of first child earlier in the day.
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next minute watching the explosion from muzzle of his gun pointed at the face. writ here he shot at me. from right there from this distance right here. yes. popeed the 51 at you just like this. yes. he missed. he missed. at the moment i feel like i got shot. >>reporter: investigators found the bullet casing but haven't found the slug. suspect also wept after the man's sister-in-law who was with her 2-year-old soychbility she was holding baby. she was running into the house and door was lock. she was screaming. >>reporter: suspect fired a shot into the ground toward the baby grabbed the woman's valuable and ran norton dire street. mr. have very vague description of him. >> we hope somebody will either have surveillance on the thousands check in the time window from that maybe 8:15 to 8:30 tomorrow period. >> it was a day of great joy and great fear for this man.
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>> of about the birth of new life and near loss of his own will have him travel back to the temple to thank god several times over. in union city, abc 7 news. >> man high on drugs tried to take over a bart train. tonight bart relessing details of really frightening incident last week on the yawn city line. police were alerted through 911 late last saturday night that man was in the taken operator compartment and fighting with the conductor. officers arrived and arrested the man who said he just smoked p c p. nobody injured. >> several local police agency on the look out tonight for for man they call braces ep car jaeshing. spotted today at gas station driving it stolen from oakland. he's accused of car yack ago woman and forcing her to drive him to san mateo o. forced a lock down at half moon bay high school. any one with information about this man to
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give them a call. >> mean time oregon police investigate hit-and-run that left university student with severe injuries. they say he was run over deliberately after new year's eve party in portland, 20-year-old connor and friend were offered a ride by unknown man in an suv. they refused. that's when the suv did u turn hitting him dragging him for nearly 100 feet. he broke pelvis, nose, skin muscle on his back ripped off and lost a third of his blood it was ba bad. doctors say rehab could take a year. police hoping witnesses come forward. >> commuters heading home on the barks pure ferry. passengers were 15 minutes lit getting to the destination after captain and crew stopped the ferry to rescue 2 kayaker. this is the crew member who came to the rescue. one member still in the kayak but other clinging to the side when spotted then picked up by the ferry. both will be just fine.
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>> very quick work. >> more to bring you next on 7 news. >> dramatic shooting in san diego. why police opened fire on man at the end of a chase. >> plus a plane crash caught open camera from inside the cabin. what passengers did to survive with the plane filled with water. >> anonymously commenting on the internet they may over. >> finally a storm is coming this weekend. let you know what know which day is wet. here's what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live". >> some of the magic after the news. we ask random people on the street what is the most interesting thing by. i'm unusually gifted at sewing. >> thanks for playing though.
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serve. >> flurry of gun fire in san diego after high speed chase. started this morning when police destroyed to stop a man for talking on the cell phone while driving. officers say he took off speeding up to 60
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miles an hour through neighborhoods. they say the car matched the description of one involved in a recent shooting and the driver had a gun. firearm possible drug found at the scene. driver is in critical condition tonight. just release video showing terrifying moments small plane going down off the coast of hawaii. passengers rush off the plane as it begins to fill with water. one person died in the crash last december. 8 others survived. passenger who shot the video says physically he's fine. but he still as you can understand a bit shaken emotionally. >> medical student at the university of virginia learned important lesson to never assume anything. brian jones creditd with saving the life of a patient actor unknown to anyone he was suffering from very real aneurysm in the abdomen. exact condition he was impersonating as practice patient. he was diagnosed correctly and there was successful surgery. wife says
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it paragraphs that medical students can make a difference even in training. well if you ever put refuse on the consumer rating site you may have toyed tie it yourself. virginia court of must identify viewer with thumb down to carpet cleaning business. they found no record that the critic were actual customers. judges rule there is an assumption that reviewers are customers in question. once the evaluator are identified the business plans to sue them for defamation. just one more practice here before the niners fly out to charlotte take open the carolina panthers. players practice today in santa clara getting ready for the big name. mostly did drails while reporters were on hand to make sure the plays stay secret. they did have a speaker blasting music to stimulate a noisey stadium. >> you have been showing us your niner pride keep it up. this is red and gold when they
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beat the seahawks. accepted us your fan photos and these are the addresses listed. >> larry will be traveling to charlotte this weekend to cover the niners. larry bring us complete post gym coverage including another edition of vernon view on sunday night with the niners vernon davis one-on-one with larry also follow larry open twitter for inside lick during the game. >> storm throwing the material at us at two million miles an hour is invisible to the human eye. but it is there. it is a solar storm and could cause big navigation communication problems. satelles ships even planes may have to change routes to avoid elevated levels of radiation. plus side this is scene farther south than normal look at the pictures from the sun this stuff comes
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up. hundreds of million ypsilanti of miles in space. >> wild. let's get a check of the forecast right now. >> sandhya is not looking for solar storm but any storm righ right. >> i found one. get ready for some rain. i'm so excited to tell you. computer model holding the system together. don't see the storm just yet. few patchy cloud and dryer air mass sundown another 5:09:00 p.m. cloud moving through. here is picture september than from livermore. sunset tonight the. you see sunlight like this again tomorrow night. looking owl towards the bay bridge there visibility is great because we don't have to would go to worry b.not a drizzle morning tomorrow upper 40's redwood city half might be bay 52 degrees. and from the
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exploring camera san francisco high dang we saw a couple l and temperatures in the mid upper 40's so most of you 46. same thing for livermore exploratorium sparkling tonigh tonight. chilly morning mild afternoon for your run coming saturday finally. it's expected next week. it's not going to be a lot but it's a start. this system is the one that will produce the rape. you can see a lieutenant of moisture with it but it has to pwraing breakthrough this high pressure system keeping us dry for so long despite the drizzle this morning. once it comes in here's what happens. 7:00 a.m. sprinkle around for the weekend plans then as the morning goes on. this cold front holds together hart of the bay area 1 to 3 p.m. and hold together as it heads down
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to rain total total listed her here. fv chance of snow for the lick tahoe area but here's what i want to draw your attention to. it's extremely windy on saturday. high wind watches have already gone up. ridge gust as high as 85 to 105 miles an hour so watch out if heading there sunday is dry. if you decide to head up to at that time hoe area. overnight temperatures going to drop with lack of mid cover. like nap a-santa rosa, most other 80's in the area, fairfield 43 san jose so you know you have to bundle up tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon it's mild. sunshineing few high clouds again. another gorgeous sunse sunset. mid 60's santa rosa napa. here is a lack at the big game forecast. 9 tears on the panthers they have the
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weather in their favor mostly sunny. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain on saturday, dry wear harding into the ease. wednesday thursday. >> the incredible. >> thanks. >> of course everyone is talking niners i. sprorts director is heading out to carolina this week. pain. >> subpoena eric read planning against pair line didn't work against safeway presents work real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, honey nut cheerios are just $1.88. that's a sweet deal.
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>> good evening. thursday night is a huge evening in college basketball every week. great finish between these schools in morega. west coast conference ripeal at it. second half before and jeff he's called the governor. 2 minutes left. broncos up 2. shooter touch. santa clara up 5. holtz only shoes took it in the heart. true freshmen cross-over jumper good night game over drive home safely. had 23. broncos win 57-fwooip 55. puddles the duck taken in the game between 17 rank orego oregon. matthews in ampleing 5 points per game. richard solomon in the lane here. 16 points. 2 handed jam. matthe
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matthews wept for 32. 27 over his afternoon cal up said 9 96-83. robinson oregon state hosting stanford first half bieber down 1 collier big lap i got your bank here. human game for the cardinals. 30 points. nrooter. counsel done from 45. with authority on the reverse. but oregon state tl steel coast to coast beavers beat 8 81-72. reid learned his less an back in november the hard way. >> when mike is coming at you. we'd for the 245 full back. mistake. heading into the niners panthers play off gym on sunday reed admitted he may have to take the a different approach. >> i think a little bit more
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attention. 250, 2 50 so those guys i try to lower. i can get a little higher so just time to be smart bit. >> to the ice charges renewing the arrival rate with take it down the east beats jim however 1 nothing detroit answers. if we are tied at 1. second period stewart with shot and little joe with rebound. shar sharks power play gist on to dan boil wrist ter the shoshing bit day with of 4-1. 7 sports brought to you
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at >> make sure you have a jacket or coat in the morning chilly start patchy low cloud out there. temperature 30's, 40's. mike tracking saturday rain. 4 30:to 7:00 a.m. >> when it comes to dealing with cold weather scientist say americans are really a bunch of wimp. >> it's true. first of all the world is warming up so the u.s. is getting fewer cold spell lick this week. >> second government meteorologist craig discovered mopped the first time in 34 years the national average tempo dropped below 18 degrees. >> it couldn't happen that often thanks for watching. >> security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you.
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>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight kristen wiig. from comedy central, nick kroll. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from lord huron. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much.


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