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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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abc 7 news starts right now, with live breaking news. a terrible fire on the peninsula, two people found dead inside, tonight we're learning more about the victims. good evening, i'm caroline johnson. good evening, it happened on embarcadero road where firefighters arrived to find a home covered in flames. ama? >> reporter: dan, now that the fire department has cleared the scene we can actually get a good look at that house that was on fire where two people were found dead. the fire department is saying that they believe the fire began in the kitchen. palo alto fire got the call around 7:15, arriving at the home on embarcadero road to find the residents fully involved. they also found two bodies
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inside. the investigation into the deaths will be handled by palo alto police, fire and the arson task force. >> any time there is a death at a crime scene we'll put up a crime scene until we're able to determine exactly what happened. if the fire was criminal in nature or not. it is a routine investigative step, happening at every fire when we discover a body. >> reporter: the investigator said a man and his caretaker lived inside the home. >> donny was a vietnam war vet. he has been pretty sick. i have not seen him for a while. >> reporter: firefighters had trouble putting out the fire because there were a lot of items inside the home like newspapers and boxes. >> we had a hard time kind of getting in and where we needed to go. the home was apparently in fairly poor condition before the fire began.ñi so the fire just enhanced that and made it worse. >> reporter: and you can see the coroner arriving on scene right now to remove those two bodies. i'm told the investigation will really get under way tomorrow
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when they have daylight to help them. in palo alto, abc 7 news. more breaking news now, there is another fatal fire tonight this one in walnut creek. the contra costa firefighters found the fire shooting from the second floor and tried to rescue the person. the fire was too intense, the person has now been found dead. and developing news, the wreckage carrying five people including a silicon tech executive has been found in idaho six weeks after it disappeared from radar. there were no survivors. 51-year-old dale smith was last seen piloting the plane, when smith reported engine trouble about 150 miles northeast of boise. the officials discontinued the search, but family and friends looked for the plane.
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the family thanked searchers just before they had to wrap up because of weather, the storm is now moving into the area so the plane will not be recovered until the weather clears. and there are now 11 confirmed deaths from the flu, as the flu spreads, many are trying to get a flu shot. more on the story. >> reporter: yeah, this flu outbreak is causing a bit of run on the people looking for the flu shots. walgreens and kaiser permanente say they are actually running low on supplies but only temporarily and at independent clinics like this one in berkeley that advertise that they have the vaccine readily available they will have to re-order very soon, too, because they only have a few doses left. at the direct urgent care center in berkeley they're down to their last vial. the last couple of days has been busy with patients looking to
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get flu shots. >> we have had a bit of a run on it. we do have some available but we'll probably have to run out soon and have to order more. >> reporter: health care providers in the bay area are seeing a surge of people looking for shots after the continued reports of deaths. alameda health officials confirmed two more deaths, setting a dangerous precedent for this flu. >> it looks like we're heading above, more average than similar to last year. >> reporter: the good news is there is plenty of vaccine available this year so health officials hope to ward off further infections by encouraging people to vaccinations. >> they can get a spray in their nose, it is very easy and safe. >> reporter: even the oakland diocese is encouraging pastors to reach out to their churches. >> it is traditional not to greet one with a hand shake or embrace. we're caused now to respect each
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other's space. >> reporter: in prayer, the members are asked to hold their hands up instead of linking them. and people will find something extra in their seats. >> we came in and saw the hand cleaners that we'll put in the p pews. >> reporter: so far, 11 cases have been reported in the bay area. and now, one bay area victim, a young man just 23 years old. maddy walker posted this picture of himself on facebook just after christmas, he was sick for two weeks and died after christmas, he was a great guy, just in shock, his family says. >> he was young and healthy, it was such a shock. >> he went in the hospital, it was all good, he came out and went back in again and then all of a sudden everything went bad within like a day. >> maddy's father tells us his son did not get a flu shot this year. he was one of ten severe flu
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cases in sonoma county this year, so far he is the only fatality there. >> and it is easy to get a flu shot. the cdc has a flu shot finder map where you can type in your city or zip code. and it shows all the places near you offering the shot, including the prices available. there is a link at and one person is injured, two in custody tonight following a drive by shooting in concord. take a ñilook. we have this video of the suspects being detained after the shooting on grant street. sky 7 was above the scene, as well, and witnesses say a honda pulled up just before 4:00 and fired two shots, the victim suffered minor injuries. and elsewhere outside a wendy's restaurant, sky 7 outside the scene there, as well. the victim was shot after a confrontation with several men
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inside the hospital. the victim was then taken to the hospital and police are still looking for his attacker. homes evacuated and streets shut down in newark tonight after police found two homemade devices during a probation search, discovered inside the home near the intersection of elm street and sunset boulevard about 2:30 today. again, near newark, sky 7 was over head tonight and the alameda county bomb squad was called out and detonated the bombs with a water device. and san jose officials say an arsonist could be at work in their city because seven suspicious fires have broken out in their are city within two days. near east san antonio street this morning, the firefighters were there after three fires broke out in the span of just an hour, that is why it is so suspicious. the fire started outside the properties. one area homeowner says she is
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scared about a possible arsonist targeting the neighborhood. >> i didn't realize it was going on in the whole neighborhood. and i am very worried about my renters. >> residents are urged to be vigilant and watch for anything suspicious. and flames seen at a two-story building, one resident ran downstairs to warn businesses on the bottom floor. >> i ran back up stairs and made sure everybody was getting out of the building, and making sure all windows were shut to contain the fire. it didn't go through any of the buildings and try to eliminate the smoke damage or the fire. >> jessica told us she had extensive medical training. it took about an hour to put the fire out, the red cross is helping displaced residents to find shelter. and it is not a lot. finally, rain is on the way. tracking the system with live
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doppler 7 hd. >> yeah, when you're desperate you will take anything. let me show you live doppler 7 hd, very light showers expected. right now, clouds, fog along the coast dropping the visibility. as you look at the bigger picture here the storm i am tracking wouldn't produce a lot of rain, but this is the system, bringing us very light showers. so take a look at the computer animation, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we see light returns moving into santa rosa. by 9:00 noon time, the front starts to fall apart. you see the showers making their way down to san francisco, oakland, i'll be back with the rest of the look at the time line and the rest of the weekend coming up in just moments. caroline? all right, thank you, and tonight, los gatos police released a sketch of a man who attacked a woman in what could be an incident of the knockout game, he is described as a black man, slim, white shirt, baseball
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cap. he hit this woman here at blossom hill road. in the knockout game, people try to knock out one suspecting victims with a single sucker punch. and foster farms say their plant will be up and running tomorrow after a cockroach inve investati investation. the plant was closed. foster farm releases a statement which reads we want to assure our customers and valued employees that we work di diligently to solve this problem. and now, there is a reason to check your credit cards. plus, the special delivery, a brave mom who went into labor in a downtown san francisco high
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and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at covering concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. all right, attention target shoppers, more customers' information has been stolen than we thought. tonight, target concedes that
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originally what was thought to involve a small percentage of debit cards was much larger, more on the largest personal theft of data history. >> reporter: today, target announced that anna green, along with 72 million of its customers had their personal information stolen as well. now thieves can open up more accounts under their names. anna still shops here but uses cash instead. >> yes, i have lost faith in target somewhat. >> reporter: and nieman marcus says there has been fraud since december, and don't know the scope of the fraud. they say they have begun to take certain steps to further enhance customer security. lana guardy has not heard from the store yet. >> i wish i did, i need to know, definitely, i need to know.
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>> i worry about actually shopping at many places if this is going to keep happening. if veu know, we're going to be compromised so often, and all the time with sensitive information. >> the retailers need to take more seriously the challenges of security information. >> reporter: david thaw is an expert in cyber security in connecticut. he says most major retail stores have only one person protecting all of their consumer information. >> and while some industries such as finance and health care are taking steps to address these problems, the retail industry is substantially behind the curve. >> reporter: and until the retail industry takes cyber security more seriously, he says more consumers will end up getting robbed. >> and 7 on your side michael finney offers tips to make sure your accounts are secure, check
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your credit card statements for any miss lay i-- unwatered charges, contact the reporting bureaus and file a fraud report. and finally, report any crimes to local police and the federal trade commission. and a new mom in san francisco has quite a story to tell about the birth of her baby, she went into labor at a san francisco law office near montgomery and clay streets today. it happened so quickly the baby was born before help could arrive. the woman says she went into the bathroom. and realized the baby was coming because she didn't want to bother anyone. both mom and baby are doing well tonight. well, the 49ers are in charlotte, north carolina, for sunday's big playoff game against the carolina panthers. and the rivalry between the two teams is getting so heated that even local bakers are getting involved. the bread makers have dressed up their signature sour dough gator red and gold, they even gave
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that gator something to snack on, a cam newton jersey, the quarterback. >> and decked out from head to toe, we want to see your pictures, e-mail them to us. you can also post them to our facebook page or tweet them to us at abc7news bay area. all right, let's talk about rain, believe it or not. not a gully washer. >> it will be bright and sunny, and as you look, the niner's forecast used to this weather. low-to-mid 50s at game time. as they take on the panthers, the weather will be considerably more milder. let's check out abc 7 hd right now, we're seeing fog along the coast, we do have rain in the forecast, right now, clouds are starting to move into the north
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bay. and check out the visibility because of the fog, down to a quarter mile in half moon bay, the early morning clouds will include pockets of low visibility, just watch out for the weekend. looking towards usf, if you would carefully look, a patch of fog there, 47 in oakland, 50 in san jose, 45 in half moon bay. and as we pan around here looking out towards the bay, visibility is poor, even places like oakland reporting low visibility. 39 in napa, fairfield, concord, livermore all in the 40s. and here is a view from the kgo rove camera, a light wind looking ahead. and near record warmth coming next week, possibly another storm for the long holiday weekend. here is the system.
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i know it looks really impressive, we'll call it a splash of rain tomorrow. it will fall apart as it bumps into the ridge of high pressure. but still it manages to squeeze out showers, 7:00 a.m., the cold front continuing south ward, falling apart, making it down towards the central part of the bay. and heading into the south bay you see a little bit of groeen, some areas remain dry, a quick mover, in and out, it won't make a huge dent in the deficit, but this is what we're talking about. central bay, two to 6100th of an inch, not a big snow maker but expected to bring at least several inches to the sierra nevada.
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gusts up higher to the snow levels, around 6 to 7,000 feet. if you have plans to head up there, perhaps go on sunday if you do want to go. tomorrow morning, upper 30s, to upper 40s. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see scattered showers around, mid-50s to low 60s, one thing i want to pass around, the beach hazard statement has been issued, higher than normal surf, watch out for strong rip currents, second half of the weekend is paul endrmilder, whe 70s in january, yeah, wednesday we could be talking about records. like i said, martin luther king jr. weekend we may be talking about a bigger storm coming. all right, let's turn now to sports, warriors. >> what a great game tonight.
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. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, returning home today, the golden state obviously tired, you know what? when in doubt, give it to stephen curry and get out of the way! we don't see this too often, the rare two-handed jam, who is tired? anybody tired? not tired. iguodala with his first shot, iguodala so good defensively in the passing lane, here the breakaway, and throw down, warriors up 13, iguodala with 22, they could not hold the lead. 15 seconds left, jeff green, green on green crime, to tie it at 97, and steph, money, golden
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state up two, they fumble it on the inbounds, the warriors hang on, now we'll enjoy four days off. women's college hoops, scouting the stanford/utah game. 30 points, nine rebounds in her first three of the year, straightaway, fourth-ranked stanford rolls over them. and bears visit colorado, cal down with nine seconds left. strong to the rack, and cal is up one last chance for colorado, from the half court life with a win. oh, gave it a go. and cal with a ten-point comeback in this game, 57-55, now to the 49ers, slight favorites on the road at carolina on sunday and the panthers actually feel disrespected aiming to do
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something about it. defensive end hardy said, if you don't stop me i'm going to break your quarterback's face. my, my, well, excuse me. 49ers had a lot of other broken pieces when they met in the regular season. no michael crabtree back in the game, and kaepernick had a rough day, vernon believes the offense could have been different. >> if crabtree was there and if i was there i think we would have had a stronger, better shot, you know, at winning the game. i'm not just going to put it on myself, but if crabtree was there along with myself i think the chances were pretty high. >> i'm flying to carolina tomorrow, first class, vernon's view will be sunday night when vernon sits down with me for a one-on-one conversation, you will see it only here on abc 7, abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> when does
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