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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 12, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this is abc 7 news. >> stops doing this, it is absolutely outrageous, and i hope they catch them. >> nervous neighbors in the south bay, and new video that could help the police track down the serial arsonist. the search is on in the bay, the authorities say he has already struck eight times since wednesday, the most recent, just this morning. and now police have a sketch of the suspect. more from san jose. lisa? >> reporter: alma, i'm at the corner of st. john, this is the
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target area, police believe the person lived right there. the fire ravaged this victorian home before dawn, it belonged to an elderly couple who moved here 50 years ago. jose lara helped them escape, tonight he is learning more about what he can do as a downtown resident to protect himself from an arsonist. don gagliardi is part of the 13th street neighborhood guard. he believes the arsonist started eight fires this week. >> hopefully this person realizes that folks are after them and stops doing this, because it is absolutely outrageous. >> reporter: this is surveillance video from a camera set up across the street from today's fire, and you can see a man walking back and forth four times before the fire. police want to talk to him. >> these fires have targeted san
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jose residents in the darkest hours of the night when they are most vulnerable. >> reporter: san jose police will focus on the downtown area tomorrow night, but tonight, residents will go door-to-door passing out the suspect's sketch and the smoke detectors. >> one fire is one fire too many. and it is clear this is a guy who intends to do harm. and we have to do everything we can for protect each other. >> reporter: the firefighters' union is offering a $10,000 reward. abc 7 news. and new details tonight about the deadly house fire in palo alto, flames broke out about 7:15 last night in the home on the 11th block of embarcadero road. two bodies were pulled from the home. the investigators can't investigate the cause until it is safe to enter. next door, a caretaker lived in the home, their names have not been released. new tonight, a man in
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surgery. it was just after 5:30 when police received the report of a man shot. the victim was shot between 23rd and 24th streets and rushed to the hospital. bad weather is stopping a recovery team from reaching the site where a plane crash killed a bay area tech executive. dale smith, his son and daughter in law, along with his daughter and her fiancee all died after the plane crashed in early december. the wreck was found yesterday, nearly a month and a half ago when the plane disappeared from radar. smith's wife spoke tonight. >> we have waited a long time to have some kind of closure, and we kind of knew their chances were not good. and this has allowed us to just identify exactly what happened and to move on and not be just in that waiting place. >> earlier today, the man who found the wreckage, dale smith's brother, spoke with abc 7 news by phone.
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>> we are just so happy that you found the plane. you know? and then, after a couple of seconds, that kind of disappears into grief, and it hits you because you found the plane. >> crews will meet monday to consider options for reaching the remote crash site and recovering the bodies of the five family members. turning now to the weather, some much needed rain finally back in the bay area, this video was taken in chinatown, the roads were wet in marin, and from oakland past san francisco, there were only a few sprinkles, more on the first check of the weather, lee? >> yes, no doubt about it. we desperately need the rain, got a little bit today but hoping for a little bit more. you can see on live doppler 7 hd that the very weak cold front brought us the clouds, a bit of
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moisture in the form of very heavy mist and drizzle. that has since moved on out of the way. overnight tonight we'll look for the fog to develop. and even in the high country, south lake tahoe reporting clear skies. earlier in the day they had a little bit of light snow and blue canyon today, much of what fell there was in the form of rain. rainfall totals, point zero 7 the total, in santa rosa, almost a tenth of an inch. so we did get a little bit. we need more. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and see just what you can expect next week. >> all right, thank you, lee. this storm system brought a welcome sight in tahoe. snow, this video of heavenly mountain this afternoon, can't see a whole lot. some trees there, it is courtesy tahoe tv. it was only a few inches but it is the first measurable snow around tahoe since early december. now, the snow is not such a welcome sight outside of california and now more than
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millions are dealing with more than just cold and ice, winds at more than 80 miles an hour toppled big rigs inand nearifor. and near raleigh, north carolina, more problems. >> reporter: the polar vortex saw massive triggering of flooding. >> i lived here five years now, and this is the first time that it has flooded this bad. >> reporter: in palm beach, california, nearly 22 inches of rain in four hours, some were wading knee deep, authorities say the driver of this suv died because she couldn't see where the street ended and the canal began. in georgia, strong winds sent a tree crashing through the roof of this mobile home, pinning a 14-year-old girl inside to the floor. >> very delicate situation where we had to keep the tree stable at all times so it didn't
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continue to fall on this young lady. >> reporter: rescue crews used an air bag to prop up the tree to save her, her cousin was saved, as well. funnel clouds in raleigh north carolina, with heavy winds ripping the houses being built. and here, a slick track sent this starting gate plowing into the horses. tonight, those horses are all okay. and in maine, freezing rain triggering this major accident between four tractor-trailers and two cars. the nationwide flu outbreak continues to grow, tonight, the bay area officials confirmed 11 deaths due to the flu, other counties are seeing results from the flu, they're waiting for test results to come back. this year, it is not affecting just the young and old, more are
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younger, twice as much as last year. according to the cdc, 37 states highlighted here in red are reporting heavy flu activity. and in marin, they sponsored a free flu clinic, the goal was to vaccinate as many people as possible. >> i encourage everybody to get the flu shots. it will help protect you against several various other flus, including the h1n1, which is the most difficult. >> you could decrease your chances of getting the virus by 50 to 70%. and the cdc has a flu shot finder you can see on the map and the prices and hours. there is a link on under "see it on tv". new at 11:00, a man was
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rescued after his boat got stuck under the bridge, happening just before 6:00. he got stuck in the mud on the eastern side of the bridge. the rescue crews brought him into east palo alto. the man hurt his foot in the incident but declined to go to the hospital. his boat is anchored securely. he told us he will go get it tomorrow. and a suspected cholera outbreak is causing officials to drain a pond, the man made pond is in red wood shores, officials say they first became aware of the problem after local bird watchers noticed a lot of birds are dying and contacted the fish and wildlife service. the plan is to drain the pond and kill the bacteria. and officers found 15 street lights and electrical boxes damaged and copper wire missing.
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the cost to repair damage has yet to be determined. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, the new plan that could change how you pay your electric bill. what state officials say they're considering. plus? a homecoming celebration for the music sensation called the justin bieber of korea, we'll have more on the interview with the pop star. and more on a test flight, more than 71,000 feet into the
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it is one of the most popular bands you probably never heard of. u-kiss, a popular korean band has been around the world. tonight was a very special night as one member returned to his
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roots here in the bay area to fulfill his dream. more on the story of kevin woo and his group called u-kiss. >> reporter: u-kiss danced and sang their way through their first and only show in san francisco through this tour. and for lead performer kevin woo, this is a welcomed homecoming. >> i haven't lived in the bay area since i was 16, a freshman in high school. >> reporter: kevin grew up in danville and went to monte vista high school. it has been a whirl wind adventure into the world of k-pop, in korea. >> i know it has been getting bigger, i'm pretty sure a lot of k-pop groups will be coming to the states. >> reporter: their youtube videos rack up viewers by the millions. and they're not shy about their
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admiration. so how many people from minnesota came with you? >> my friend, ally. >> fans from tokyo. >> reporter: some even lined outside the theater at 4:00 a.m. to make sure they were first in pipeli line. for hometown singer kevin woo, it is a dream come true. >> when i was seven, i passed by the war field theater all the time. >> reporter: next, he has a stop on his way back to korea. >> well, happening now, a sewer repair project happening on some of the city's biggest streets such as market and kerney, work crews are inspecting cleaning, flushing and fixing sewer pipes until early tomorrow morning. the san francisco utility commission says the work is routine maintenance. and you could soon be paying
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more for electricity, the california public commission is expected to vote on a potential new pricing plan. if approved you will be charged for when you use electricity rather than the amount you use, supporters hope they will be encouraged to conserve. and state public health officials launching a new on-line data base to learn more about the makeup you're using, the california state cosmetics program lists the names of harmful chemicals that have not been extensively tested for safety. the california health department says the data base is pressuring the manufacturers to use safer ingredients. we do have a link to the data base on and fans are ready, marina posted this picture on facebook, check out that cute little puppy. a fan, as well. this little girl's family e-mailed this vehicle to abc 7
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news, she was born deaf, shortly after she had ear surgery she spoke her first word. listen! >> she does it with flair, too, almost like those commercials, what is up? her family says she is a fighter and a big niners fan. all right, let's check the weath weather. a lot of people will be inside watching the game. >> touchdown, absolutely, listen, gang, the cold weather has pushed to the south of us. some of the fog developing right into marin county, heading out towards oakland, and even down towards haywood, so we'll keep it definitely in the forecast tonight. what you see here, just a few
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little light snow flurries in the higher elevations, maybe a little bit of light mist and drizzle and the elevations there. roof top camera showing you clear patches as well as clouds still with us. cold, redwood city, 46, 46 for los gatos, half moon bay, 46, san francisco, 51 degrees, and looking out over the bay towards the bay bridge, that is, with the camera. you can see temperatures in the north bay, napa, 45, 40 in santa rosa, the forecast highlights will continue with the clearing although pockets of dense fog in spots mainly in the north bay and right near the coast, get ready for lots of sunshine tomorrow, and near record warmth as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. water vapor image ry shows you the weak cold front, with the high pressure playing a big role
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in the weather forecast for at least the next five to six days. behind the system, the high will start to build in after the fog lifts tomorrow morning. we'll return to sunshine, and tuesday, wednesday, getting into the offshore winds so temperatures will really start to warm up as we get into the middle part of next week, unseasonably warm near 70 degrees. overnight tonight, the clouds thinning out, fog picking up towards the central valley area and the delta. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, 2:00, look for plenty of sunshine. i want to warn you, though, if you head to the coast we have a beach hazard in effect. strong rip currents, keep that in mind. now, let's talk about the big game. thought we were going to have some rain there tomorrow. took it out of the forecast, get ready for high clouds, sunshine in charlotte. temperatures at kickoff, 60
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degree degrees so it should be terrific, football weather. 30s in the north bay, 40s elsewhere. here is a look at the highs tomorrow, more sunshine will mean warmer temperatures. we will look for breezy conditions late in the day. san francisco, 60s, half moon bay, 69. the friends in livermore, check on my accu weather seven-day forecast. you won't believe it for january, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, upper 60s, near 70 degrees, 60s at the coast, we need the moisture, january is typically a dry month for us, believe it or not. so we'll bank on february and march. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you so much, lee. all right, back in town after traveling with the niners. >> all right, what a day for former runningback, seattle's win over the
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eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment.
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we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
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well, seattle is the team to beat in the nfc, handling the saints, quite a performance, setting a franchise record, both talking smack, of course seattle does it the entire game. runs between four players, 13-0 lead, hawks up 16-8, lynch, fouls it to the outside, second td of the game, franchise best, drew brees to colton, nine yards, saints recover the on-side kick, no timeout, drew brees hits colton on the side line, throws it forward. the penalty, the ten-second run off, game over, seahawks win it,
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23-15, and host the nfc championship game next weekend. >> we knew it was going to be a physical game, a battle to the end. we knew it was not going to be easy. so the fashion that we won was pretty spectacular. and the fans were awesome, once again. >> patriots hosting the colts, afc divisional matchup, and it was a blunt show, third td, 21-7 pass, patriots punting from their own 44, way over the head. picks it up, gets hammered, loses the ball, andrew luck threw for 331 yards, two touchdowns, colts down seven, fourth quarter, blunt force drama continues, 250-pound oregon duck, ran for 66 yards, four touchdowns, luck threw four interceptions, in the two games brady didn't throw a td pass, on
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his way to a third straight afc title game, 43-22, the title. >> just great for our team, standing after tomorrow. so i know, you know, people have counted us out at times during this year. but i think we have a locker room full of believers. >> all right, we'll take a brief timeout before we check in on the niners. a lot of offensive weapons.
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♪ hey, hey, hey babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks, which means babies born even a few weeks early can have breathing, feeding, and learning problems. if your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. . 49ers and panthers, rematch tomorrow in carolina for a shot at the nfc title game. the panthers beat carolina, let's say it is payback time, 49ers didn't have the offensive weapons in that game as they had now. michael crabtree was not even in the lineup, rehabbing his knee. but vernon and crabtree are back
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in a big way, he, for one, can't wait. >> it is a unique opportunity, our third time in the playoffs just making it back. and we have a great opportunity in front of us, most of the teams are at home. they're watching us, we're on the national stage, and this just -- it is a lot of fun for everybody. >> today in kickoff, larry beale was in charlotte for vernon's view, he and vernon will have lots to talk about right here on abc 7. and let's move to the ice, sharks leading boston, both teams 28 victories, here we go, tukarask and niemi, stops 21 pass saves, chara, who was also an olympian. carl soderberg, a shutout at home this season, losing 1-0, this abc 7 sports report brought
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to you by river rock casino, we'll tee it up in hawaii later on in this news cast. and still to come, new details about a security breach and why store officials say they waited so long to let anyone know. and one step closer to taking ordinary americans to new heights, the scene playing out in southern california this weekend. and stay with us, we'll be right back a
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my name is eddie metcalf. i enjoworking in my yard and you know, i can't. i can't do that any more,'cuz i'm missing most of my lung. they did a cat scan of my kidneys, no more kidney stones. that's the good news. "but, we found a spot on your lung." that frankly scared the "hell" out of me. i hadn't smoked in 22 years. how could this happen to me? he said, "well, you know about radon gas?" we'll... you know, i heard about it. he said, "well, the second leading cause of cancer" "in america is radon, 22,000 people a year die from this." i literally left the doctor's office, got a test kit, put it in my house, and our result was 39.8. the upper limit is 4. we got to get this fixed. that was on a monday, and on wednesday, our mitigation system was up and running. well, i think everybody should have their house tested. we'd never know. we'd still be living there.
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i could get another tumor from it. right now, it's changing my life. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, tonight's headlines, san jose police say this man would be a serial arsonist. authorities believe he is responsible for eight fires since wednesday, including this one this morning. a neighbor's surveillance video caught a man walking back and forth early this morning just
2:35 am
before the fire broke out. the wife of a san jose pilot before the wreckage was found, says she finally has closure. she said she knew the chances of finding her husband and four others were slim. and investigating the theft of more than 4500 feet of copper wire, officers found both lights and electrical boxes were damaged. vice president joe biden will lead a u.s. delegation to israel for the memorial service of former prime minister ariel sharon, who died earlier today, eight years after a stroke put him in a coma. abc news karen travers has a look back at the controversial leader. >> reporter: sharon began fighting for the young zionist movement at the impressionable age of 14, he directed a ruthless invasion of lebanon, in which he was found to be
2:36 am
indirectly responsible for the massacre of hundreds of palestinians, he survived, and was the single greatest political force to be within the party. a year later, he paid an uninvited visit to muslim-controlled religious sites in old jerusalem, leading to a breakdown in the peace process. a cycle of suicide bombers and military strikes followed. sharon decided to erect a wall, but in 2003, under pressure from the u.s. he agreed to new peace talks. >> a democratic palestinian state, fully at peace with israel will promote the long-term security and well being of israel, as a jewish state. >> reporter: in a major reversal, he began to push for the withdrawal of the israeli
2:37 am
settlements in gaza, he was forced to quit the party and form his own centrist party. he suffered a major stroke and never recovered. he was in a coma for eight years, karen travers, abc news. and president obama sent his condolences to sharon's family and said in a statement, quote, we continue to strive for lasting peace and security in israel, including the two states living side by side in peace and security. the president is looking into training forces for counter terrorism. is being the idea is being discussed within the u.s. national security agencies and departments and has not yet been approved by the president or offered to the iraqis. and tonight, west virginia officials say it will be several more days before drinking water
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will be restored to about 300,000 people. on thursday, a one-inch hole in a storage tank allowed 7,000 gallons of a chemical used to process coal to leak into the elk river. residents of nine counties can only use their tap water for flushing and putting out fires. fema has delivered more than one and a half million bottles of water, and more is on its way. and a little girl in arizona is recovering after nearly drowning in a septic tank, the girl fell through the lid while walking to a meet. she was under for several minutes and was not breathing. another good samaritan has performed cpr, boards have now been placed over the septic tank. and neiman marcus confirmed that customers' credit card information and other personal information was stolen,
2:39 am
consumers wonder why it took the retailer a month to reveal what happened. >> it seems to me they didn't want to ruin their christmas shopping season. >> neiman marcus released a statement today saying we have begun to contain the intrusion and taken significant steps to enhance our security. and the news comes on the revelation that more than 110 million people were affected by the hacking over the christmas holiday. more than three times they thought was affected. some believe that retailers were part of the same scream. now to some of the images playing out over the internet. virgin galactic is the closer to space yet in that dream to find a way to take everyday americans to new heights. >> reporter: this is space ship two, the world's first
2:40 am
commercial space liner, on a test fight more than 71,000 feet into the air, more than double the height of the airport, enough to see the roundness of earth and the space program above. >> we want this program to be a new beginning of commercial air for space trial. >> reporter: it is the brain child of billionaire richard branson, hoping to launch his company this year. >> there are literally millions of people who would like to go into space. >> reporter: but the flights are not cheap, more than 200,000 a pop, more than 7,000 people have signed up, all for a chance to feel weightless in space, and weightless in their wallet, as well. and a woman claims the county took her money and spent it. she told her story to the iteam. and we'll take a look at the
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covering fremont, palo alto, and all the north bay this is abc 7 news. tonight an elderly woman says she has been living in hiding for six years, that is because she says she is afraid of the public guardian office in one bay area county. dan noise has her story, and why the county could be forced to
2:44 am
return thousands of dollars to her. >> reporter: 85-year-old rita cook can't get around without the help of her family and a wheelchair. but she says she doesn't need santa clara county's help with anything. in spring of 2008, the santa clara public guardian planned to conserve cook, taking over her financial decisions. they were concerned how she was spending her money, including taking a large loan out on her own, including selling it, and purchasing rvs for her grandchildren, and the money spent included investing in a hip hop artist. >> i think it is my right to spend my money on what i want to spend it on. i had enough. i knew what i was doing. >> reporter: after cook's primary doctor diagnosed her with dementia, they promised to take control of her health care.
2:45 am
>> i was not demented at all. >> reporter: she said that is when she decided to get out of santa clara county. >> i called my daughter and we immediately made the decision to leave. we had to do something. >> reporter: in late may, 2008, they fled in the rv to ventura county. days later on june 3rd, the santa clara public guardian conserved cook. janet harvey is rita's daughter and says they tried to get ventura county to take over the conserve tore ship, two doctors said she did not have dementia, one said she is capable of making decisions on her own, no medicines necessary. the conservetorship was closed.
2:46 am
>> at this place where she was out of her money, the first couple of months in 2009. >> reporter: the santa clara public guardian continued to spend cook's money after the conserveship, they used the money to pay assisted living money and fees to santa clara county. >> she had to pay for it out of her money against her will. >> reporter: the santa clara county public office refused to be interviewed for this, citing ongoing legal procedures. the county makes the case it spent the money in cook's best interest, saying the public guardian had had a duty to make sure her bills were paid. but in a tentative ruling, the judge ordered santa clara county to pay cook more than $19,000 plus interest for the money it spent after the conservetorship. cook is not sure she will ever
2:47 am
get her money back but she is more concerned about the treatment other people receive under conservatorships. >> people should never have to go through this. >> reporter: for the iteam, dan noise, abc 7 news. >> cook and her family have left california and have no plans to return. the santa clara public guardian has a court date later this month where they can argue they don't owe cook the money. all right, it is time for a final look at the weather, and what is ahead for the rest of the week with lee glasser. clouds will clear out tonight, we'll look for the patchy fog to re-form overnight, arrest we as well. for the game tomorrow, high clouds, sunshine, for kick off. much of the country looks good, atlanta, 68, 55 for dallas,
2:48 am
check out california, i know we need the rain, while we have the mild weather we should enjoy it. 73 palm spring, 77, 62 for fresno, tahoe, 62 degrees, the accu weather forecast kicking in here as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, yet temperatures are well above where we should be for this time of year, 70s to upper 60s around the bay area for at least much of next week, and then we'll start to cool things down next saturday and sunday. and all i have to say is, go niners. >> yeah, big game tomorrow. >> that is right, two wins away from the super bowl. and spot on the nfc title game, and niners would not be in this position if not for this
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you know, from a young age. i definitely want to major in political science. become the mayor or something. make the situation better for other people. my name is justin, and i am your dividend. . all right, we're down to it, panthers host the niners tomorrow morning with a 10 a.m. kickoff on the west coast, the
2:52 am
panthers beat the niners in week six, 10-9, lost vernon davis in that game to a concussion and he did did have michael -- colin kaepernick in that game. this will be a different matchup, as the 49ers have more offensive weapons. speaking of which, their kicker has been phil dawson, mr. clutch is never as nervous as mother. >> you have to embrace the situation. i think my mom would enjoy it not coming down to a field goal. but you know, hey, whatever it takes, the most important thing is getting the victory. there is no room for description on the score board and we'll take it any way we can get it. >> all right, the winner of this game gets seattle, after winning today, quite a day for former cal bear marshawn lynch. lynch gets to the outside, goes
2:53 am
31 yards, second td of the game, franchise rushing best in the playoffs. drew brees, only td pass, nine yards to marcus colton, 13 seconds left in the game, no time out. instead of going out of bounds he tries a lateral. throws it forward, seahawks won at 23-15, and host the nfc title game next weekend. >> we knew it would be a physical game and a battle to the very end. we knew it was not going to be easy. the fashion that we won, it was pretty spectacular, the fans were awesome once again. >> and patriots hosting the colts. afc divisional matchup, andrew luck threw for three tds, colts down seven, fourth quarter, brady, gives it. andçó the blunt force trauma continues, franchise record of 166 yards, four tds, meanwhile,
2:54 am
andrew threw four interceptions, brady didn't throw a td pass but still won the playoff game, on his way to a third straight afc title game, 43-22, the final. >> just a great team effort, only four teams standing after tomorrow. so i know, you know, people counted us out at times during this year, but i think we have a locker room full of believers. >> all right, let's move to the ice, sharks host the atlanta division leading the boston bruins, both teams with 28 wins, tuukuu rask and nieme, stopping 21, and chara, also an olympian, only one score in this game, came late in the third, in, the sharkings shut out for the first time at home this season losing
2:55 am
1-0, third round of the sony opening in beautiful honolulu, hawaii, first event of the season, lot of low scores, 5 under 65. will wilcox, you don't see a lot of yellow balls on the tour, birdie putt on 18, the leader heading into sunday's final round. all right, let's switch gears, wcc action, randy bennett after serving a five-game suspension, had the team all pumped up. brad waldo, reserve layup. the third, at 17 going up. only missed one shot, this is not it. st. mary's wins their 17th
2:56 am
stre straight. santa clara playing pacific and stockton. off the bench, led the tigers with 19, andrew bach added 16, off the glass and in. not the broncos's day. you know when the ball gets stuck in between the rim and glass not a good day. santa clara falls 88-68. beavers led by as many as 16 in the first half, richard solomon finishes the alley-oop, throws it up, gets it to fall. shooters touch. c cal with 53 points in the second, winning 88-83, this is the abc 7 sports report, brought to you by river rock casino. i think it will be a tight game against the panthers, but i think the 49ers will prevail. everybody has been talking about seattle and the 49ers, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> one game at a time. thank you so much. and thank you for joining us, that is it for tonight, abc 7
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news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., thank you so much for joining us, and the news continues now on line, facebook, twitter and all your mobile devices with our new abc news
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♪ >> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> hosted by network tv correspondent katrina szish. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret? we're about to find out. ♪ >> the first time i saw cindy in person, she turned around, i went, "whoa!


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