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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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tonight? he is in a spot some people think could be a bicycle chop shop. it is a spot captured on camera before. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. a san francisco man who had his bike stolen was so frustrated by the response from the sfpd he took to social media to get action. >> nick smith is live on market street with the story for us. nick? >> kevin montgomery said when his bike was stolen he went looking for it. what he says he found was a chop shop where thieves break bike downs to their frames and sell the parts for cash. san fran sis scans love their bikes and so do thieves. kevin montgomery says it was
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wednesday night or thursday morning when thieves made off with bikes belonging to him and roommates. they are part of a growing list of bikes stolen in san francisco. >> i went around the neighborhood looking at various chop shops of which there are one behind us and went to look for my bike. >> what he says he found was this. stacks of bikes stripped to the frame. he snapped pictures and tweeted the photos to sfpd. >> they take the parts off and put the frames in a stack and the components in bins and load them in vans and take them out of town of the. >> when we went to the same spot today, the stacks kevin reported were gone. we found a man seated under the central freeway to use the tools to remove wheels from two bikes. according to sfpd4,000 bikes were stolen in the city in 2012. he spoke at last night's board of supervisors meeting. >> there are 96% more bicycles in san francisco in 2007 and more are going to come.
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>> reporter: police tell us there is a bicycle theft ripping in and around the civic center. we have no evidence that these bikes were stolen and neither does kevin. the numbers don't lie. >> it seems weird that piles of bikes, at least 50 would be sitting under an under pass being cut up and loaded in the van. >> nick smith, abc7 news. we are following breaking news where a house fire has left two people homeless. the flames were reported at 9:00 . the fire started in the garage and eventually moved into the attic. the flames melted an electrical panel there and the residents managed to escape without harm of the. crews in marin county are trying to control a grassfire burning near alpine lake. the fire is about half an acre burning heavy brush and a very remote area. firefighters are facing difficulty accessing the fire. governor brown made it official today declaring a drought emergency and urging
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all of us to start conserving by 20%. >> the drought emphasizes that we live in an era of limits. nature has its boundaries and we have to be as efficient and elegant in the way we live and the way we conduct ourselves. >> the declaration will expedite water transfers and provide aid to those hardest hit by the drought, like farmers and suspend state and federal regulations. for a list on how to save water at your home go to and click on see it on tv. the drought emergency has officials officials in marin county repeating their call for conservation. but it has not rekindled plans to build a facility that would build saltwater to reusable drinking water. john alston is live with that story. >> marin county is just about surrounded by water, saltwater. none of it is really usable. there was talk of building a desalination plant, but there
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is nothing in the works as residents are asked to conserve. they have been through droughts before in novato. that's why they rigged up a system to capture and recycle the water you see. once the dirt is refed month that water is used to clean wheels and rims. the nozzles can reduce the amount of spray. and then this latest drought hit. >> when the crisis was coming to a head we had our mechanic come in and fine-tune the system so to speak. marin county has been dependent on rain. just yesterday the water district started draining phoenix lake, one of the reserve reservoirs. a few years ago it explored the option of a desalination plant as a back up water supply. they beat a legal challenge who said the operation would create its own waste. governor brown's declaration of a drought emergency has not
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kick-started the push for a desalination plant. >> we should be thinking about it and we have to have it. but not for this route. it is for the next route. >> i think what is happening with the current drought it is something we definitely need to look at again. >> a plan to convert saltwater would cost millions and cost millions to build. he is trying to solve the immediate crisis. abc7 news. >> water around -- on the waterfront, but not in the sky. we are still waiting for rain. record setting highs and meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yeah, dan. round four of record highs. live doppler 7hd is tracking no rain right now. as we look at the records for the day we had all time records at monterey, salinas and downtown and the airports. you can see just how warm it was. 80 in gilroy and a any record. oakland museum, 74 today. 245* -- that shattered the
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previous record of 71 degrees. visibility is fine, but the air quality is not so fine. spare the air alert, poor air quality is in the north bay, the coast and the central bay. moderate air quality elsewhere. you can see why. the spare the air alert has been issued. i will be back with a look at your extended forecast which includes the holiday weekend and beyond to let you know if we may get a reminder that it is winter. >> that would be niece. thank you, sandhya. we are learning details about a bicyclist hit by a light rail train. hehe -- she was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. she shows us where the accident happened. the bicyclist has been identified as danika tyler garcia. there were about 40 people on the train at the time, but nobody on board was hurt. in san francisco a driver for the on demand car service lift
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struck an elderly person at jackson and larkin streets. the woman suffered a leg injury. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. three people escaped injury this afternoon. sky 7hd says a single engine plane was taking off when it suddenly lost engine power. it lost control and crashed into another plane that was siting in a paxy way waiting for its turn to take off. >> the man charged with intentionally setting a string of fires in san jose lead police to locations where he said he lit those fires. 48-year-old patrick brenin waived his hearing this afternoon. it is a three strikes case. he was convicted in 1999 and he was found guilty for a sex crime. if convicted for the current charges he faces several life sentences. brenin is expected to enter a
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plea next month. new at 11:00, a sign of the times. san francisco muni will pull some of the historic street cars, trolley, buses and cable cars out of service on sunday afternoon during the 49er playoff game. it is a pre preventative measure to protect the fleet of irreplaceable vehicles from the fans that may get too rowdy after a potential win or loss against the seattle seahawks. diesel buses will substitute the affected lines starting at 2:00. the flu outbreak has gotten so bad the cdc says it it has reached epidemic status. that means the number of deaths exceeded what was expected. the flu has taken two more lives and bringing the total number to 23. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. cal trans has agreed to take down nets that were killing federally protected birds in sonoma county. they are on the highway 101 bridge near the petaluma river. they were intended to keep the
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birds out of a construction zone, but they were trapping the migratory swallows in the mesh. en -- they sued to have the nets removed. >> the sendoff and the preparation for the big game. >> coach harbaugh's unusual name sake that is going for a different kind of victory this weekend. >> he has no idea i am coming. i am a little nervous. i haven't seen derrick in eight months. >> this mom's surprise visit home and her son's unforgettable reaction
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kaepernick lead the team on to the plane headed for seattle. the niners play the seahawks for the nfc championship. >> and 9er fans were there with a spirited sendoff for a team that needs just one more win to go to the super bowl. >> exciting stuff. ama dates is here. >> hi, dan. hi, carolyn. you can't keep 49er fans away. they are too dedicated to their team. they gathered at headquarterses in santa clara and mineta san jose international to show the team some love. it was a festive farewell for our 49ers today as the team
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began its journey to seattle. >> the 49ers have the faithful to come out here and see them on the bus and waive as they leave. >> at the airport, super fans pam and john east helped with the sendoff. they were cheering on the niners for years. >> he started when he was like 10. i started when i married him which was in 1968. >> just 24 hours after the team lands in seattle, so will pam and john. expectations are high. >> mostly i would like to come back in one piece given how i hear how they like 49er fans. i am looking for good offense, good defense and a good game. >> they were able to get tickets despite the seahawks effort to keep californians out. the organization banned californians from buying tickets. that didn't set will with 9er fans. those at lefty odoul's had
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something to say. >> when you cheat, you lose. >> they will be checking id's and checking zip codes. >> we will have bloody mary's for anybody with a seattle zip code jie. and this washington couple will take advantage. >> we came to watch the game and the seahawk fans from 1976. >> hopefully they will be crying in those bloody mary's come sunday night. >> that couple is actually here celebrating 60 years together. it is better to be a good sports fan. >> exactly. >> it is all good fun. thanks, ama. abc7 viewers are showing off their 49er pride. look at these students and staff from jefferson high school in daly city. >> and even long shore men in oakland are showing the spirit. they are flying the 49er flag over the port in oakland. show us your pride. e-mail your photos to us. >> and we have a competition going with the station in seattle to see who has the best fans. seattle's elliott bay or the san francisco bay area. >> this is something we really
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want to win. to vote go to the abc7 facebook page and like this post. who ever has the most likes by kickoff on sunday wins. let's show seahawks fans that nobody has it better than us. niners' coach jim harbaugh s%s at a news conference and asked about a horse named after him running tomorrow. the coach's answer sounded a bit like he was describing himself. >> better not under estimate him. he likes being underestimated. you can use that as long as you can. is it a he or she? >> by the way, harbaugh, the horse that is, is a colt. he is also a 10-1 underdog. >> glad the 49ers aren't on sunday. the eighth grade basketball player in texas -- an eighth grade basketball player in texas was surprised by his military mom at the free throw line. this is great. he was shooting a free throw when his mother just become
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from kuwait surprised him. watch. >> that's all right, derrick. >> oh, isn't that great? lieutenant colonel jenkins sellers said he he -- she was afraid he would be mad. no way. the refs were in on it and h they called a technical foul and put him on the line just before he came in. so emotional of the. now a check on the forecast. >> sandhya patel is here. >> dan a and carolyn, unfortunately rain has taken a holiday along a with our holiday weekend. live doppler 7hd showing clear skies. there is fog up to the north. it is no where near the bay area and we are not expecting it. the niners are taking on the packers this weekend. sunday's forecast, chilly, mostly cloudy -- seahawks sorry. it will be mostly cloudy and low to mid40s. 9ers and seahawks in seattle.
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it will be chilly. as we look at our exploratorium camera at the financial district of san francisco, clear skies and temperatures 56 in san francisco, 50 in oakland. numbers were falling into the 40s range. san jose, los gatos and half moon bay and the view from our so tro tower camera. there is no fog right now in the low 40s. santa rosa and napa and 37 degrees and 42 in livermore. here is the view from our emeryville camera as we look toward the port of oakland. right now there are no visibility restrictions. spare the air alert. mild to warm for your holiday weekend, but not as warm and record-setting as we have seen. the dry pattern continues into next week, but there is hope perhaps some changes and rain moving into california. high pressure slightly weaker as we head into the weekend. that means those temperatures will be backing off a little more. a little cooler for your long holiday weekend. we are expecting the temperatures to remain on the
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mild side. and then you look at the 10-day outlook. today, dry. look what is happening as we head toward january 27th. trace amounts of rain in northern california. no rain for the central or southern part of the state. we are in a drought. perhaps this is a sign that we may be seeing some snow at least around then. that's our hope. statewide sierra snowpack is dismal. it is 17% of normal. a year ago we were at 111%. you can see the break down from north to central to south for the smoa pack. tomorrow morning if you have early plans and you are getting away you may want to bundle up. the temperatures are going to be lower. upper 20s to low 30s in the coldest north bay valleys. it is very similar to today. this is where you will feel. it the bay and the coast. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon it will be mild and sunny. 72 in morgan hill and san jose and santa clara and santa cruz, 74. 69 in san mateo and 70s for
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palo alto and redwood city and still mild in half moon bay. 69 degrees downtown san francisco. 68 daly city and 67. in the north bay, upper 60s for santa rosa and calistoga. 68 in san rafael. 70 for oakland and union city. inland spots, 70 degrees in livermore and walnut creek. accu-weather seven-day forecast spare the air alert tomorrow mild weather continues and we see an increase in the cloud cover and decrease in the temperatures middle of next week. carolyn and dan, still holding out hope for some rain. >> thanks, sandhya. >> hope they are getting a good night's rest. 49ers are in seattle. a prediction, i would like to thank my facebook friends who responded. kevin durant explodes. all the
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the warriors got into a blistering shootout with the oklahoma city thunder tonight. this was like bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. witness magic. it took us frame by frame, but we figured it out. nba's leading scorer kevin durant on the break. unstoppable. the splash brothers are raining three's in the first. steph curry from way out. he had theater 7 points. klay thompson with 36. 16 was not enough. durant had 29 in the half. green was all over him. jordan crawford hit his first three shots and finished with eight points. in the end too much durant. a career high 54 points. hands in his face and the thunder rolled 127-121. are the 49ers loose and relaxed headed to seattle?
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sure looks like jim harbaugh is. the coach spent time today raving about his quarterback colin kaepernick and specifically his headphones commercial. >> ♪ girl you can tell everybody ♪ ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ go ahead and tell everybody ♪ ♪ i'm the man, i'm the man >> in the ad kep silenced his haters by slipping on the headphones. >> do you love the commercial with colin with the headphones? i love it. i absolutely love it. you are riding in and the fans are all out there and sometimes they are the way they are in the video. the song is a toe taper -- toe-tapper. i am getting myself some beats by dre. i am sold. that commercial sold me. >> cha-ching. i predicted a 20-16 seahawks
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victory. carolyn johnson was shocked. you know, i am not a gold rush girl cheerleading. they told me i couldn't fit into the outfit. i am trying to pick a winner. facebook responses. paula writes, lair a re, move to seattle and do sports up there. how dare you pick seattle to beat the niners? go niners. susan says, even if you believe that, how could you say that out loud? i can hardly believe my eyes. the only reason i didn't change the channel is i was hoping to hear you say more stupid stuff. susan, keep watching. i can pretty much guarantee that. another, larry beil, what's your deal? niners all the way. mike shumann, what is your deal? he will be in seattle for the post game coverage. another edition of vernon's view on sunday night one on one with the niners' tightened. follow mike shumann for an inside look at the game. you may not like his prediction either. >> making friends wherever you go. >> it is interesting that
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larry only showed us comments from women. i think maybe a lot of the men had a lot more -- even more mean things to say about you, larry. >> some of them got to the letter f in the alphabet. let's put it that way. >> ouch. just ahead, a plane maker like no other. an unusual man and the item they use to create the intracate models. >> first, a look at what a is ahead on jimmy kimmle. >> here is a sample of what we have in store for tonight. >> i hate jimmy kimmle. he has squinty eyes and a gape mouth that never really closes.
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you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪
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wake up weather. it will be cold and under clear skies. spare the air alert up 20s and 30s. >> thank you. if a paper airplane contest was held right now this man would be the run away winner. >> luca made this incredibly detailed model of a boeing 777 airplane he made out of file folders and glue. >> can you believe this? it is so detailed it has a retractible landing gear. the model is a work in progress. the seats alone took an entire summer to build. that's unbelievable. >> i am guessing that does not fly though. next up, sophia vergara. >> that's our report. i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m.
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sofia vergara from "shameless," emmy rossum and music from yuna. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hang on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for being here from far and wide to be here tonight. i hope it's getting warmer wherever you live.


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