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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> w
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arrested on suspicion that she tried to poison her co-workers. good evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn john n so. police arrest editor resaw badger for what she served at a potluck dinner. we go now to matthew turner elementary school in vaw knee shaw where she teaches. >> carolyn, most of the people at the party were faculty members at turner elementary school. but the party was held off campus. police are not saying what type of food was served, but apparently a lot of the guests got high and some got really sick. police say 47-year-old teresa badger served marijuana-laced
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food to her co-workers at a potluck holiday party in november. >> there were probably 15 or 20 people at the party, and i would say half of them developed symptoms or showed signs of being under the influence. >> two guests who, worked with badger were taken to the hospital not knowing what they had eaten. a school parent spoke to one. >> it was off yously something she ate. she was huh loose -- hallucinating. she was distraught. >> another guest took some of the marijuana-laced food home and their 15-year-old child ate it and got sick. >> it was learned that ms. badger admitted to some of the party goers that she brought food with marijuana in it. >> but badger denied any involvement when they arrested her at her home this afternoon. dave padilla has known badger and her family for years.
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>> i know her as a person as somebody who is very, very kind and a sweet individual. this doesn't fit. it really doesn't fit. >> bodger who received an uh -- badger who received an award as outstanding teacher is facing three felony counts of poisoning. alan wang, abc7 news. we have learned that the man struck and killed by a cal train earlier this week was trying to help another man off the tracks. philip shultz was het at the santa clara station on monday night. we will take you back to the scene. this is what it looks like. investigators went over surveillance video. they say shultz reached for the man on the tracks and then both were hit by an express train. shultz died on the tracks. the other victim remains in the hospital with multiple fractures and he is not yet able to speak with investigators. students are on alert after a student says he was taken from campus and sexually assaulted. this happened at the college of marin in kentfield.
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abc news anchor a a ma dates joins us with the latest. ama? >> the students said it happened in this parking lot. it is well lit tonight, but last night, nothing but dark mess. the college of marin has extra police officers patrolling parking lot 13. the added security is in response to a kidnapping and sexual assault that began in the lot around 8:00 last night. >> that's horrible. that's pretty scary. >> students were notified through e-mail, text alerts and even a facebook post. the victim, a male student says when he got in his car after class there was a man with a gun in the backseat who forced him to drive to the valley where the man sexually assaulted him. the student was able to escape and get help and the attacker escaped. he is described as a black male 6 feet to 6 foot 2 and wearing wearing -- weighing 225 pounds. >> somebody who would do this is a sick person. >> this student who didn't want to be identified saw
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police putting up these alert notices around campus. >> i will be getting a parking permit so i can park closer to campus. >> she often uses lot 13 at night. >> generally it is pretty empty, the parking lot. a lot of students have left. >> the vice president of college operations says lot 13 is a temporary lot the school has had for a number of years. >> it is a gravel parking lot that is used and a free parking lot we use for students as well. >> permanent lights are not allowed because it is in a marsh zone. these temporary lights have been put up and the school is getting gates so they can start closing the lot at 11:00 p.m. students can also ask for an escort from campus police. ama dates, abc7 news. >> they confirmed three more flu of h related deaths. it brings the total to 32 of the one confirmed in alameda county and the other in santa clara county. and health officials say the h1n1 virus claimed the life of
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a woman and man, both with underling health conditions. new at 11:00, federal officials approved safety changes at san francisco general hospital after a patient was found dead in the stairwell. in september she disappeared from her room, but her body wasn't found until two and a half weeks later in a locked stairwell. now the doors have alarms and security must search the stairwells every day. tomorrow will be the 30th spare the air. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. it is the haze that will not go away. >> that's right. and what has been missing is the rain and wind to clear out our air. live doppler 7hd is just watched the clouds to produce rain as you look through the sutro tower camera.
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santa clara valley and it is the 30th alert as larry just mentioned since november 1st. if you have respiratory problems it has not been good. but there is a sign that there is a major shift in the weather pattern that is coming. i'll be back with the weather details in a few minutes. larry? >> see new a few minutes. lack of rain is a long-term concern. the more immediate danger was the ruer of sur. was the rough surf. there was one in live oak and the other west of downtown near the lighthouse point surfing museum. mark woodward tweeted several photos of that rescue. it was especially dangerous with the large crashing waves. two rescuers swam out and brought him to shore in critical condition. the other person rescued was not hurt. there were a handful of world class surfers who did tame the waves. one took home a $12,000 prize for winning the maverick's invitational. sergio is live with more on
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the competition and the celebration. sergio? >> well, right after the award ceremony that wrapped up the competition everyone who came out to check it out has gone home. you can check out half moon bay and the streets are pretty empty. maybe it was because spectators can't go out to see the waves anymore. also this come -- competition was during the week. and the crowds were smaller than they were in years past. >> let's look at a perfect 10. >> grant baker glided into the top spot in this year's maverick's invitational. this was his second win. this win took a lot of training of the. >> you never dream of winning. for me it will sink in tomorrow, but right now i am enjoying the feeling. >> for the second contest in a row they milled around half moon bay and watched the action on bart tv's or paid $15 to watch on a big screen set up in a parking lot. ever since a massive wave in
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2010 swept through the crowds watching from the cliffs near the action, contest organizers have closed access there. some fans missed the view. >> it would be fun to be on the cliffs. good times. >> there was a much smaller crowd than in years past. something restaurants quickly noticed. >> any empty seats? >> plenty of empty seats. >> kevin and ellen packed up their hot dog stand for their drive back to redwood city. they are taking home plenty that didn't sell. >> we had two people working the event. it was all day long busy. this year could have -- one person could have handled it. >> they sold two-thirds fewer dogs this year than last year. >> usually there are droves of people and there are just little -- a few people here and there. >> still, they love the event and they are already looking forward to next year. in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> wow. >> yeah, still to come, rescue
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crews are trying to get inside a retirement home that has completely frozen over with dozens of seniors believed to be trapped inside. >> also from ninja throwing stars to a human skull. the craziest items confiscated by the tsa at airports last year. >> and a seahawk star fined, but not for his post game interview. why the nfl is docking richard
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forced emergency crews to stop their search until morning for victims of a massive retirement home fire in canada. it broke out in quebec willing people. 52 of the residents are still micing. crews have been working in shifts to minimize exposure to the below zero temperatures. they are using steam to melt ice that is coating the ruins. we need to correct a mistake we made earlier on our twitter feed. we mistakenly identified this teenager as a suspect that oakland police are looking for in a family homicide that occurred yesterday afternoon. they removed it immediately after learning this is not the suspect, mario tolliver. we regret the mistake and misunderstanding it caused this young man and his family.
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the transportation security administration confiscates some bizarre items from passengers. here is a look at some of the weirdest from last year, human skull fragments. the person checking this in thought they were old pots, so they said. and this midevil-style weapon and a fake suicide bomber's vest belonging to an explosives instructor. lots of ninja stars and throwing knives and a world war ii era bough zoo caw round and a knife disguised as a pen. all in a day's work. >> that is remarkable. sfo's new terminal 3 will open to united passengers on thursday. the remodel is designed to give travelers a first class experience before they even take off. abc7 news reporter lilian kim gives us a preview. >> sfo's terminal 3 boarding area e has a midcentury feel. from the chairs to the psychedelic art installation. when it comes to conveniences it is 21st century all the
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way. there are 373 power outlets and work -- work stations while it gives information about sfo and san francisco. >> we provided a lot of luxury perks that one wouldn't expect to find in an airport, maybe in a four or five-star hotel. we found this investment pays off. >> boarding area e opens on tuesday. it is a little less than terminal two overhaul. you can expect a living room feel. a dressing room in both the men and women restrooms and a yoga room. >> this is the first yoga room in an airport anywhere that i know of. >> he is the president and chairman of united. it is part of the overall plan to expand service to asia. united will soon offer flights to secondary cities. >> so we are launching service to. china on a dreamliner.
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you will see more of the growth as we take advantage of the power house hub. >> boarding area e is the first phase of the on overhaul and phase two completed in 2015. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> abc7 is sponsoring the community day. admission is free, but tickets are required. we have a link on our website. go to and look under see it on tv. corner back richard sherman has been fined by the nfl, but not for his wild post game outburst. sherman became the talk of the universe after last sunday's nfc championship game when he screamed about 49ers' receiver michael crabtree. but here is what the league took exception to, the choking gesture directed at colin kaepernick. the nfl fined sherman $7,875. if you are wondering why the odd number, that's their standard amount. >> that is an odd number. >> that's the way they do it. let's get a check on our weekend forecast. >> now sandhya patel. >> we will be looking at more
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mild weather as we hit the weekend. today oakland got up to 71, 12th straight day one city or another in the bay area has gotten up to record levels. as you look at live doppler 7hd watching a few clouds off the coast we had a lot more cloud cover. midand high level clouds earlier in the day, but the temperatures were down in most areas with a few exceptions. from our emeryville camera looking out toward the bay, visibility is good. dropped to the mid40s in oakland and 51 in san jose and it is 46 in half moon bay. as we look from the exploratorium camera, it is a beautiful view from the financial district in san francisco. 41 right now in santa rosa and napa. it is not too cold because the clouds kept us insulated. same thing for livermore. and one last view from the camera, the wind has really dialed back, especially over the hilltops. mild to warm for the upcoming weekend. a spare the air alert was issued for your saturday and
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there are signs of change late next week. i stall here because the computer models are consistently showing potential for a major shift in our weather as we head toward the end of january and the mid-february. they drew up the high level clouds. and that is going to continue to pull up the cloudiness. not expecting rain. here is a look at the computer animation. you can see the filtered sunshine due to the clouds out there. the temperatures are still unseasonably mild to warm for this time of year. as you look at the overnight readings, not too cold. those clouds would keep your numbers up, 37 in napa and those will be the coldest locations. 37 livermore and low 40s around palo alto and san jose and 48 san francisco and 45 for you in oakland. and for your highs on saturday it is going to be mild.
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72 los gatos. occasional high clouds filtering the sun on the peninsula. 71 redwood city and 67 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, south san francisco in the upper 60s. these temperatures definitely not winter like. it is more like what you would see in the springtime. north bay 72 santa rosa. 71 in novato. east bay communities if you are taking the dog out for a walk, take your kids to the park, nice weather. 70 in oakland and inland spots, 72 in walnut creek. livermore, pretty mild to warm for your saturday. sunday slight dip in the numbers. patchy fog may be returning and the temperatures will come down on monday. a nice recovery and i know we need the rain, but it is going to be near or at record levels as we head toward your tuesday, wednesday time period. thursday is starting to see the clouds coming in and friday, look at those numbers. that's a drastic change. low to mid60s. if the computer models are right, next friday or saturday we may be seeing some rain around here.
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>> finally. >> not just one system. it would be a couple systems coming through which would mean a major shift. the ridge could be breaking down. >> thank you, sandhya. ? steph had a big game and it went do the
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of a five-game home stand that a is not going particularly well. they hosted the t-wolves. it was like defense optional for most of the night. the first team to 150 points wins. the first game for steph curry since being called a starter. here is a behind the screen and three. finished with 33 points and the bank is open late on a friday night. four-point play and they combined for 126 points in the first half.
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kevin love, 26 points and 14 boards. that one one handed. tied at 88 late. attention k-mart shoppers. kevin martin your warriors killer knocked down the three. late in the game, final seconds and martin hits the jumper as klay thompson was late on d. that's for the win and harrison barnes and no good. steph was smothered and good d by the t-wolves and barnes couldn't knock it down. t-wolves hold on 121-120. grant twiggy baker won the invitational. we are not sure how he got the nickname. it is a secret. we assume it is because he is a lean, mean, 1 faff 5 -- 155 pounds. surfers took to the water with excitement and fear. mistakes at mavericks can easily be fatal. there was incredible wipeouts and incredible rides on 40-foot waves. this is share dorian streaking down the face. dorian finished second behind
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the south african who takes home 12 grand for first place and his second mavericks invitational title. it comes at a good time because bill -- billabong dropped their sponsorship, something they may want to rethink. >> to win mavericks, you know? i did it in 2006. it is eight years later and i am older and slower, but i still have a bit in here. >> he has plenty left. women's hoops, and stanford hosting ucla. also had 15 rebounds and it is her 72nd career double-double. stanford rolls 72-55. lyndsay is firing up troops before taking on usc. in the first half britney boyd and he knocks down three of 17. cal was up by 11 but couldn't close. crook with a game high 34 and number 19 cal is upset 77-70.
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the second round of the farmer's insurance and phil mickelson 1* wining on his practice swing and turned out to be a pretty big story. he tweaked his back and maybe it had something to do with flying to abu-d -- abu dhabi. it was not his a-game. he is 9 back. how about this from cal product. that's the way to play through the weekend. an eagle on 18. tiger was paired with jordan spieth. the kid was on fire. twenty-year-old fires a 9 under 63 and leads by a stroke at 10 under par. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> pretty cool. those golf shots are incredible. coming up next, how an nba team is bringing tv viewers closer than ever to the action. >> and here is jimmy kimmle with a peek at his show tonight.
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>> thanks. take a gander at what's up with us after the news. >> would you do a madea movie? >> for a second i thought you meant a greek tragedy. >> i am not
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wake up weather. if you have early plans tomorrow morning, it will be cool inland, partly cloudy, spare the air alert up. mid30s to upper 40s at 5:00 a.m. numbers will come up upper 30s to low 50s. a mild to warm day on tap. if you do have respiratory problems you may want to limit your time outdoors. lisa argen is here at 5:00 a.m.
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>> thanks. the sacramento kings gave their fans a new way to see the game tonight. >> yes, from the unique perspective of google glass. the kings gave out a pair of google glass to members of the dance team, one of the announcer and even the mascot. >> this is what it looked like when the players wore the glass during practice. the feeds were aired simultaneously inseed sleep train arena. >> their new owner who used to be a minority owner in the warriors and a big technology guy. i'm sure he is behind the push and anything that is new and exciting and google glass is among those items. he is all over it. >> it is a fun, different way to look at the game. >> jimmy kimmle is up next. he will talk to academy award-winning actress meryl streep. >> in for dan ashley, i'm lair a rebeale. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. >> have a great weekend.
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>> from hollywood, i it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, meryl streep, joseph gordon-levitt and music from johnny lang with cleto and the cletones. and now, what more can i say. here's jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have an extra great


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