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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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why the man
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reduced to rubble when an out of control car tears up part of a neighborhood and the driver didn't even get a ticket. good evening. i'm ama dates. the damage is extensive. the driver of a car lost control and crashed into a utility box. two cars, two fences and two homes. even knocks out power for a time to 250 residents in antioch. that's where abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live. lisa, is anyone hurt? >> amazingly, no. this whole thing started early this morning. the driver hit the island behind me and came behind two lanes of traffic. you can see the skidmarks on the ground and then crashed
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into that house behind me and then landed about 30 yards away in a neighbor's yard. >> went through the front of the garage and out the wall over here and came out the wall. i'm guessing he then flipped and took out the fence right here and then landed right in our front yard. >> this is what kyle boone woke up to. a black toyota that slammed upside down into the side of his home. it cracked the walls and shattered the windows in the far bedroom where an elderly relative was sleeping. >> it was two feet from your mom's bed. >> it could have came through the wall and on top of her. >> luckily it didn't. in fact, no one was hurt. not even the 19-year-old driver who apparently add a mitted to police he was going 60 in a 30 mile an hour zone. >> do you think he was going 60 miles an hour? >> no. >> he is outraged. his house got the brunt of it. the driver hit both of his parked cars and crashed
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through his garage and a a wall and a fence. he just bought the house in november. >> think about the people who are being suffered for no cause. my house is broken. whom shall i blame? >> antioch police blame the driver who tested negative for alcohol and drugs, but because officers didn't see the crash or what lead up to it, the driver wasn't ticketed, cited or detained. >> it is reckless and idiotic. >> all of the victims in cyst the city -- insist the city needs to crackdown on speeders. they are not hard to find. that's why residents want speed bumps, speed meters and more patrols, immediately. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. an antioch man is recovering from a pittbull attack that not only injured himself, but his wife and two dogs. he suffered a severe hand
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wound and his dogs have punctuation tour wounds and muscle tears. the attack happened when he and his wife were walking their dogs earlier this week and according to police three pittbulls jumped a neighbor's fence. >> they immediately charged, circled, got into position and started drawing blood. they started attacking. >> they used a pocket knife to drive the dogs away. they are in quarantine and not licensed with the city. wadsworth asked they be euthanatized. it happened just yards from a christian preschool. tonight san francisco police are defending the use of force by an officer after he was charged by an aggressive pittbull mix. the dog nicknamed "psycho" was put in the pound twice not because he was vicious, but fortress passing. neighbors were aware of the dog's reputation. >> we have the dog on a
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leash. >> sometimes he was over aggressive. >> were you afraid of the dog? >> he was arrested after he was found living in a vacant apartment. police want to know if he was trained to attack. also in san francisco, police are trying to figure out the details surrounding a dead body in a car. police were called to the intersection of 17th street and treat avenue today. they found a body in the backseat of a black suv with utah plates. investigators won't say how or where thd victim died. thousands of abortion opponents rallied for the 10th annual walk for life west coast. the massive crowd marched down market street carrying signs saying "defend a life" and women deserve more than abortion. they introduced a resolution opposing the abortion hurts women banners that demonstrators hung on market street. >> it is a good reminder every
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year that there are a lot of people in this country who love life and love babies. >> it is important that women have a choice. we can only go forward. we can't go backwards. a coat hangar will never be my only option. >> they gathered at the march at the justin herman plaza. the supreme court stition legalized abortion. >> we had more record warm temperatures today. it just doesn't stop. francis is in for leigh on live dopler 7hd. >> live doppler 7hd is picking up clear skies around the bay area. now, we did have a spare the air day today and high temperatures with a slight offshore flow. tomorrow the on shore flow returns so there will be no spare the air day. it is enough to clear up the conditions a little better for air quality. we broke and tied a few records today in the bay area.
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san rafael tied a record. at the oakland museum we beat a record. the high was 73. the record of 72 set in 2011. now, to give you an idea that is the 13th consecutive day we have broken a record. tomorrow we might see more records broken and i do have a change in the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. ama? >> francis, thank you. developing news out of san jose state university tonight where two sexual assaults happened on campus within hours. one happened before 7:00 and the other at 9:20. university police say the same man came behind the victims and touched them inappropriately. he is described as white man between 20 and 30 years old with a mustache with a black hoody and black pants. he left the scene on a bicycle. both were not harmed. a california lament to protect people from food born illnesses had some in the
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culinary industry fighting back. workers are required to wear disposable gloves or utensils while serving food. we go now live to san francisco tw the growing opposition -- with the growing opposition. >> over the next self-weeks you will see more and more bartenders putting on these latex gloves as they are pouring drinks. they did not know about in new law. there is a petition to get it repealed. at lefty o's doole's they started wearing the gloves he is not happy about it. >> it is for the operating room and babies being delivered. >> the new regulation took effect january 1st. it is intended to protect customers from food born illnesses. some chains use gloves in their food handling, but the new law will include bartenders.
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>> a little insulting. having been a professional i feel like people in my industry and especially at this cal -- caliber of restaurant we maintain our cleanliness standards. >> katie anderson pours dozens of drinks in alameda. the co-owner of the restaurant has signed an on-line petition to try and exempt par end iters. -- bar tenders. she says gloves are meant to protect health workers and not prevent the spread of disease among patients. >> gloves are not a good substitute for hand washing or using a hand sanitizer. i would like to see what studies are linked to wearing of gloves and handling food situations. >> businesses can try to get an exemption. it is working out strict protocols that will enforce the law. and right now citations will not be issued. they are offering a six-month
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grace period for the rule. abc7 news. >> america's cup in san francisco may have been a one and done. the ceo of cup champ oracle team usa says the competition may move to hawaii or san diego in 2017. russell coates says san francisco is not offering the same terms as last summer's regatta. he wants the size of the catamarans in the next cup to be reduced to reduce costs. now more on a shooting in a maryland mall. >> they were running and they said he has a gun. i heard eight to 10 gunshots. >> witnesses are praising police for their quick action. what investigators say they found in the mall after the shooting. also, a woman is making waves all over the world for capturing her pregnancy in an unusual way. and later, more credit card users put on alert tonight.
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the latest retail chain that think
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a mall shooting in maryland could have been worse. investigators say they
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detonated crude explosive devices found in the gunman's bag. they say he shot and killed two people and then himself in the mall in columbia. police are using dogs overnight to search the mall which will remain closed tomorrow. abc news reporter chuck sievertson has details. >> it was just before lunchtime at this mall, a half hour's drive from washington, d.c. >> there were a lot of people at the columbia mall saturday morning at 11:15. this was a very scary incident. >> gunshots rang out. >> boom followed by four or five more. >> people were screaming, running and scrambling for cover. >> my manager yelled get in the back. >> s.w.a.t teams responded within two minutes of getting a 9-1-1 call. they directed people into a parking lot. some of them were in tears as they returned to their cars or boarded buses. >> people were running straight down the mall corridor or running into stores. i didn't know how safe it would be to run in the open. >> police found three people dead on the upper level. they identify the victims as
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21-year-old bree an pho delolo and 25-year-old tyler johnson both of maryland. the third body is believed to be that of the shooter. >> when our officers approached, he was obviously deceased, but had a large amount of ammunition on and about him. >> because of concerns about weapons and possibility of explosives police proceeded with caution. authorities are still working to verify the suspect's i'd fee and his motive. after a thorough search authorities gave the mall an all clear, but it remained closed the rest of the day. abc news, new york. some radio stations are hitting justin bieber where it hurts, not playing his music. it comes from his latest stint of bad behavior. he was arrested after allegedly drag racing. he admitted to drinking, prescription drugs and smoking
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marijuana. some stations are not playing his music saying he needs help. >> we are no better than the parents providing prescription drugs or being there when he is drinking booze if we are playing his music and enabling him. >> bieber made bail on thursday after being accused of drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving with an exposed license. if convicted he faces up to six months in jail. a passionate surfer created a heated debate for surfing in her 9th month of pregnancy. she created this video from clips of herself surfing from each month of her pregnancy. she also documented her experience on-line. she has been serving for more than four years and says she was care about when and where she surfed and fell in a way to protect her bump. she did get approval from her doctor who was an avid surfer herself. now it is time to check the weather.
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she has another record warm day for us. >> we did break a few records. live doppler 7hd showing clear conditions around the bay. there are clouds off the coast right now. we saw passing high clouds throughout the day. it did allow temperatures to warm up and break some records. as we look toward the east bay toward bay bridge and san francisco in the dance the temperatures are come nooght 40s in some locations. san francisco is still 59. oakland 48 as well as redwood city and los gatos at 50 degrees. we will also show you another shot from sutro looking toward san francisco. you can see market street and the bay bridge. a beautiful view there. 45 in santa rosa and 40 in napa and concord is 48. here is a look from our roof camera out toward the bay brick and -- bay bridge and the ferry building. chilly temperatures overnight. we will lose a lot of heat and sunny and mild tomorrow.
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possibly more records broken. a chance of rain finally late next week in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you that in a a little bit. the pacific satellite shows a high am amplitude ridge bringing a dry and mild weather pattern that will stay with us. the changes are on its way. they are showing the light clouds and the high passing clouds overnight and into tomorrow morning. we will see cool numbers as we lose a lot of heat overnight. and then tomorrow still a lot of sunshine with temperatures about 10 degrees higher than average. overnight lows will be in the 40s to even some mid30s in parts of the north bay like san san -- santa rosa. 42 in oakland and 41 in san jose. we will see the coolest numbers before sunrise at 7:19 tomorrow morning. highs will be in the 60s and 70s. 74 in fairfield and 67 in san francisco. we could possibly break a
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record or tie a record in santa rosa where there is an asterisk and oakland which would be the 14th consecutive day. and also in san jose. another possible record tie there. here is a look at the 10-day outlook that shows the rain finally creeping into the bay area and possibly by thursday afternoon. we could get trace amounts. and then for the beginning of the month we may possibly get up to half an inch in the north bay. we can use the rain. not going to make much of a dent. in santa rosa we need 18 inches just to get to normal year to date. in parts of the south bay we would need close to six inches to be where we should be for this time of year. snow snowpack as well, the same story. central california 14% of normal. statewide we are 13% of normal. and here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. enjoy the sunshine and the
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warmer temperatures. it will change. we will see a cool down and that's when the chance of drizzle moves in thursday afternoon to friday and bringing us a chance of showers and maybe even a few sprinkles. we will be 10 degrees warmer than what we saw today. >> thank you, francis. big night for hockey fans. >> we had a little of both. the sharks win their 6th straight and keeping pace with their california rivals. king is playing outdoors
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on a tear winning their 6th straight with the over time win. that is the longest in the
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nhl. they signed three-year extensions and they both had to watch on the breakaway sm. 49 seconds later and the shot blocked for his 22nd of the year. 20 stops and none bigger than this save. under a second left of regulation and it is tied at two. game goes to over time and guess who. to the much of a shooter, but when he does, good things happen. sharks, a big win in over time and three unanswered goals. what a come back. 3-2 your final. outdoor at dodger stadium. usc marching band the opening act for gene simmons and kiss. he made hockey famous. 63 degrees and an opening faceoff of the the puck is sticking to the ice.
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it -- his 28th of the year of the the ducks go on to a 3-0 victory. mens hoops and hosting lmu. he had a double-double 1k3* lead them 27 points. he shot 50% of the game. carter had 15 and lay itself in and the foul. they go on to win it 89-61. >> i feel good about this one. i thought we had a good effort defensively for 40 minutes. i think it is hard to separate in this lowing this year. we were able to do it against a good team because we were able to do a good job defensively on the players. >> a tough lay in there. he countered with 28 for the dons and beats brandon clark down low.
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they improve to 6-ly and conference play with a 75-66 victory. we'll take a brief timeout before we hype super bowl 48 one more time. both teams leave tomorrow for new york where the real hype begins. stick around. seahawks and broncos talking big game as we continue.
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because i can. some talk crowd noise and footballs, but no one can replicate what the seahawks will experience as they fly to new york tomorrow for super bowl xlviii. nobody on the seahawks' roster ever played in a super bowl. this is the first time it has happened since the 1991 bills. but i remember a 49er team that didn't have a lot of experience either. however, the broncos are a much older team. four players have super bowl experience. they won and lost a super bowl and wes welker who played in
11:30 pm
two super bowls, but no victory. earl thomas claims he and his team will be ready. >> i don't care. i am just happy to be in the super bowl. i don't care when we play. i know when we play all of the feelings i will need to prepare will be there. >> we understand it is a business trip. you want to enjoy it and go about what you have been doing all season. it gets bigger on the outside and that's it. >> easy to say. it will be a lot of fun for both teams. while we wait for super bowl xlviii in new york, let's look at the future stars of the nfl in today's senior bowl in mobile, alabama. one familiar name enhances his nfl stock. the second quarter south up 13. esh rolls out and touchdown. he did make one mistake under more pressure and throws behind his receiver.
11:31 pm
he is picked off by lawson from utah state. but he finished big. six of seven and 104 yards and ending with his strike. south goes on to win it and it will be a steal for this year's nfl draft. the sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up later in the newscast, the scorecard one of his worst ever and we'll share it with you. >> thank you so much. edward snow 10 talks and -- snowden talks about new claims. and another retail store telling customers to check their credit card statements. the latest victim of a data breech. and selling girl scout cookies isn't what it used to be. the new security measures some troops have put into place. and stay with us. we will be right back after a quick break.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, police in antioch will not cite the teenage driver who lost control of his car, crashed moo two homes and narrowly missed a woman sleeping in her bedroom. the driver tested negative for drugs and alcohol, but because officers didn't see the crash, they didn't even detain him. san francisco police say an officer was forced to shoot and kill a pittbull that charged at him. it happened during a vacant unit search at an apartment in pour terror row hill. he was living in an apartment and that's when the dog attacked. thousands of people against abortion marched through downtown san francisco. this was the 10th walk for life west coast event. organizers say they would like women to embrace life and babies. pro choice advocates say women have rights and are not just
11:36 pm
incubators. tonight a rare interview with american fugitive edward snowden. the man who exposed the american spying program is now leveling a new claim that the u.s. is not only spying on other nations, but on corporations around the world. abc news reporter with the story. >> edward snowden delivered his latest bombshell revelation to german tv saying the u.s. didn't just spy on foreign government, but foreign companies too. >> does the nsa spy on other successful yes, sir pentagon man companies -- german companies to have the advantage of knowing what is going on in the scientific and economic vote. >> i don't want to preempt the editorial decision of journalists. what i want to say is there is no question that the u.s. is engaged in economic spying. if there is information that they think would be beneficial to the national interests and not the national security of
11:37 pm
the united states, they will go after that information and they will take it. >> technology insiders call it the snowden effect. companies wary of doing business with the u.s. >> the snowden effect is when companies overseas are very fearful of buying u.s. equipment because they feel the nsa has a backdoor. in other words, what ever is typed on to the software and whatever the software is used for will go automatically to nsa. >> just this week the attorney general said the u.s. government was willing to discuss the parameters of a criminal case if snowden pleads guilty adding clemency is not an option. >> it is ways i know i can quantify and demonstrate were i allowed to share with you. >> that was rena. snowden is in russia. the country gave him asylum for a year. he has no plans to return to the u.s. because he will not get a fair trial.
11:38 pm
american athletes head together sochi olympics are being warned not to wear their uniforms outside secure areas, and there is word of plans to evacuate americans if needed. more than 10,000 americans are expected to attend the games in russia. u.s. officials say the evacuation plans could involve two navy ships in the black sea as well as charter or commercial flights. some athletes are already taking precautions of the. we are big fans of the buddy system on our team. for starters we have that. other than that, we will be pretty sheltered staying in the village where we are. >> with the opening ceremony less than two weeks away there is no doubt everyone is taking extra care. russia has deployed a massive security force and insists the games will be safe. a top protest leader in the ukraine says the opposition is ready to accept leadership of the country. protesters stormed the
11:39 pm
international convention center known as the ukraine house that the police were using as a local base. the protests began in november over the president's decision to back away from closer ties with the european iewnen why. the president wants to become the new president under the new regime. so far they have not accepted his offer. pope francis says women should have a bigger presence in the catholic church as well as in the business world. he made the comment while speaking at a women's group at the vatican. he hopes women will become more active in church roles and praised womens for their talents including a, quote, special sensitivity and tenderness. another retailer is warning customers that their credit card information may have gotten into thieves' hands. michael's is investigating a possible data breech. michael's launched an investigation after learning of possible fraudulent activity on customer cards. it has not been connish ifed if the information was
11:40 pm
compromised. they asked customers to review as a precaution and there are 20 stores in the bay area. girl scouts in arizona are adding security measures when they go out and sell their iconic cookies. this after thieves snatched two cash boxes from the stands. they are keeping the money stashed in tightly tied aprons and the girls are using smartphones to accept credit card payments to avoid keeping cash altogether. they called last year's thefts an unfortunate reality. >> we looked at what we are doing safety wise and how we are training the girls and the volunteers to protect the girls. >> last year's robberies came on consecutive days and the thieves got away with $500 in cash. sparks fly during a high speed police chase and a dash cam captures the dramatic moment. why all of this could have easily been avoided. >> and a look at one of ireland's longest running
11:41 pm
international celebration held in san francisco. >> record temperatures today and possibly tomorrow and finally rain in the accu-weather seven-day forecast
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cam video from des moines, iowa. this truck driver and three other passengers lead police on a 45-minute chase at speeds over 120 miles an hour. police finally caught the driver when he was forced out of his truck after it erupted into flames. he told police he didn't stop because he believed there were arrest warrants out against him. there were no warrants. police say the driver would have gone free if he had just stopped right away. if you like go together movies, you are probably too focused on what is in front of you to notice what is going on behind you in the projection booth. jonathon bloom told us about a bold move that made film exit the theaters forever. >> i am going to do the thing god put ron burgundy on earth to do. >> it doesn't matter what you think about his performance. "anchorman 2" will be the last paramount picture to be shown
11:45 pm
in american theaters on film. >> i love film. and hearing the -- going through the projectors. you know you are at a movie theater. now it is quiet. >> it is replaced by hard drives. >> in here is about 22 minutes of film stock. here is the whole entire movie. >> it was state of state-of-the-art. the first with stadium seating. the reem almost didn't make it. >> these digital projectors cost $80,000 each. they launched a fundraising campaign with some help from hollywood. >> i am doug jones. >> i'm shorty rusty. do me a favor, help save the theater. >> they set out a bucket and enough to upgrade three of the four screens thanks in part to a mystery donor who dropped in $5,000.
11:46 pm
>> digital projection can quickly become a touchy topic among the independent theater owners who are shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for something that is designed to save the studios money. >> how much of the savings is passed to you? >> none. that's why we are not happy about it. >> he owns the grand lake theater where they are showing the first digital released, ""the wolf of wall street"." >> we don't want a bad reputation. >> it may cost several hundred dollars instead of thousands. he has no choice but to pay it, but he admits the digital image looks good. >> i love 35 millimeter film. i miss it. but there is nothing we can do. >> jonathon bloom, abc news. >> michael finney was the emcee at san francisco's rose of charlie festival. she was the city's rose for
11:47 pm
2014. she will take part in one of the longest running celebrations. it brings young women of irish dissent to celebrate the irish culture. >> i would have to say it probably affects everything i why i do them. >> the festival includes live concerts, theater and our internationally renouned rose parade. it is time for one last check on our weather. hi, francis. >> hello. temperatures right now are 20-degree spread. napa 40 degrees and 60 in antioch. it is 59 in san francisco. things will cool down quickly. we will have a cool start tomorrow. around the nation, below freezing temperatures from the midwest to the great lakes. the high in fargo tomorrow is
11:48 pm
11 degrees. in new york the high will be 20. while the rest of the nation is freezing, here in california we have seen record warmth of the we broke records around the state today. tomorrow the temperatures will be in the 60s and the 70s. 74 in sacramento. 73 in chico. 72 in fresno. 55 in tahoe and still no snow and mild in los angeles. 68 in san diego. around the bay we will see lots of sunshine. the temperatures will be very mild and warm. 60s and 70s for the most part. 67 in san francisco and 70 in oaknd la. in oakland we actually might tie or break a record for the 14th consecutive day. two weeks straight and we may tie a record in san jose and santa rosa. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we have the warm days until about wednesday and that's
11:49 pm
when things change. mentioned drizzle in my report and temperatures come down for next week. enjoy the warm weather. we are finally seeing change. >> shu has sports and a big night at the tank. >> the sharks are on a tear winning their 6th straight at the tank. after signing a three-year contract extension he proves he is worth it it. you won't believe the come back. we have i
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
they are on a tear with six straight against minnesota. it was the third time this season they won six straight. captain joe thorton and patrick marlow signed extensions yesterday, but they had to walk as matt cook was chased by the defense. now 2-0 in the second and joe pivelski and his second of the year. the shot blocked for his 22nd of the year. 20 stops and none bigger than this save of the under a second left in regulation and keeps it tied at two. game goes to onto. game goes to ot. sharks win it in over time.
11:53 pm
three unanswered goals and 3-2 your final. outdoor of dodger stadium. the usc marching band leads it off. wayne gretzky, 63 degrees at the opening face of yo. faceoff. his 28th of the year. the ducks will go on to a 3-0 victory. they lead the gails 27 points and 10 boards. a put back dunk after the james walker miss. carrie carter 15 points. games win it big. >> i feel good about this one. i thought we had a good effort for 40 minutes. it is hard to separate and we were able to do it against a good team. we were able to do a good job
11:54 pm
defensively. >> santa clara and usf30 points for the broncos. tough lay in there. 28 for the dons. beats clark down low. usf improves to 6-3 in conference play with a 75-66 victory. let's tee it up at torrey pines in san diego where tiger woods has won eight times and is the defending champion at the farmer's insurance open. this is his first event of the year, but today he missed the cut. a rare 54-hole cut. beautiful torrey pines. tiger 2 under until 19. he finds the water and shot a 79. 7 over for the tournament. he matched his highest round ever in the united states. shot of the day. three doubles today. no problem on 18. holds out for an eagle. even par on the tournament. everybody is chasing gary woodland. a nice birdie here on 16. he leads by one stroke into sunday's final round. lpga tour starting in the
11:55 pm
bahamas. an up and down day for paula kramer. two eagles including this hole on the par 511th. a triple bogey puts her in third place. looking for her first win since the 20 between u.s. open. cc sabathia and his wife amber with his annual pitch in baseball clinic at vallejo high. 240 kids showed up. cc feels like baseball is losing its luster and trying to reintroduce the sport to the youth of today. >> it is definitely dying in the inner cities. that's why we try to put on these camps and clinics and let the kids know baseball is a fun game to play. i grew up playing it and i want to share it with them. >> getting the parents a to learn that it is important to take your kids to clinics like this. keeping your kids active is most important. >> super bowl xlviii set for
11:56 pm
next sunday. let's look at the future stars of the nfl at the senior bowl. san jose state quarterback enhances his stock. he played for the south team and gus bradley. south up 13 and a freshman from stanford. i don't know why they are not on the same team. rolls out and finds alabama. kevin norwood and 20-0. picked off by utah state. he finished the game 6 for 7, 104 yards. it is 20-10 and he will be a seal for someone in this year's draft. let's go to the oak -- the oakland coliseum. eighth lap and loses control. ends up flipping on the track. three-time defending series champion would end up winning
11:57 pm
the race. the second win of the season and 36 of his career. his leads the season standings seven points over chad reid. th abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. the super bowl hype will begin tomorrow as they arrive in new york. >> that's right. thank you so much, shu. >> thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for mike shumann and francis and leigh glaser who is not here, thank you for joining us. have a great night.
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