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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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tried to get in a scho >> tonight convicted sex offender and kidnapper in jail after trying to get open to the campus of south bay elementary school. now police want to know if he's been anywhere els else. good evening everyone. >> abc 7 news reporter is live at south peninsula had he brew day school in sunnyvale tonight with details. lillian? >>reporter: dan and carolyn the head of school says fortunately the man never made it past the front office despite his effort to appear as if he belonged here. >> he presented himself as prospective parent and dressed in a way he was wearing a yarmulke open his head. >>reporter: when theodore entered south peninsula hebrew day schools he did what he could to fit in. yet they still turned him away because they say something just didn't
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feel right. >> which of dress. way presenting himself. the way he was groomed it's really instan instant. >>reporter: turns out he's a registered sex offender convicted of kidnapping a child with the intent to commit lewd lascivious act. school staff members learned of the status after other members in the community saw him lurking in churches and sin goling going. investigators arrested him for stepping foot open school property. >> it's a violation of the sex registration laws. that he is responsible for. and he's placed under arrest for it. >>reporter: the criminal record span decades. ab can c 7 covered the 1994 arrest in which police say he kidnapped a 9-year-old girl and tried to abduct 2 other girls in santee neighborhood of san jose. parents at south peninsula hebrew day school knowing he came close to their children is unsettling. >> security camera in schools. there's a xwaivt. it's secure campus. so everything worked but it just feels too close for comfort.
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>>reporter: he is also known to dress as female. anyone with information about him is asked to call the sunnyvale department of public safety. in sunnyvale, abc 7 is news. >> new at 11:00. concerned parents east bay school met tonight about the possible sexual battery of a 6-year-old girl. the parents discussed the incident at the east bay waldorf school. richmond police tell us tonight it's unclear what happened but they do have detectives looking into the claim. water restrictions are about to go in effect for 2 and half million customers in san francisco. tomorrow the public utility commission is expected to call for 10% voluntary reduction in water usage. 7 news reporter is live at north beach tonight where restaurant owners are not too happy about this. >> it's a lot easier for resident to cut back than it is for businesses especially restaurants like this one that use hundreds of gallons of water a day and unlike resident that stop using the dishwasher businesses like this restaurant
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keep it running as long as customers are coming through the door. >> that's going to hurt you. >> it definitely won't help the situation. >> many restaurants say they are already conserving water with high fish interest amrins so reducing the usage by 10% cut in the bottom line. >> we do what we can. it's difficult but we do our best to get through it. >> san francisco public utility commission says the 10% voluntary water reduction starts on friday. and saving that amount should be easier for residents. >> so turning off the faucet when you are brushing your testimony can save 2 gallon per minute. taking shorter showers for every minute you save you save 2.5 gallon of water. >> paul hick began conserving by adding a low flow air to the kitchen faucet saving 4 percent. like many bay area public utility commission the sf p uc give out free amrins to city residents. >> so he went down to polk and
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golden gate and picked up my free bag of low flow shower heads and stopper and some dye. dye pill dropped in the toilet tank to see if it's leaking water in the bowl. >> you use the dishwasher. >> very also. wash them by hand. >> san francisco resident already have the lowest cap take water use if the state. 49 gallon day. this year drought is calling on them to do even more. in san francisco allen, abc 7 news. >> water board vote on south bay conservation plans tomorrow. santa clara county residents may learn whether they have to cut back on their water usage when water district board members will vote on variety of water conservation and the goal is to reduce it by 10%. cash rae bait are given if they take steps to conserve. that includes switching to low flow toilets, installing 48
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water irrigation systems and planting drought resistant landscaping. >> but there may be at legislature some relief on the way. sandhya is tracking some rain headed to the bay area right now and she's here with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya. >> yes. something we haven't heard much of in december and january lets take a look at live doppler 7hd. show you what is tracking right now. a lot of clouds and even a few sprinkles right around the place where our radar is located up on mount saint helena. seeing a few returns right around there and we are going to continue to see more than just sprinkles. i show you the computer animation areas of drizzle tomorrow morning. maybe a few sprinkle that the afternoon. but the real rain will follow. i'll be back to let you know exactly when you need the umbrella and how much rain we get and just how far behind we are. caroly carolyn? >> all right sandhya thank you. >> bart police are changing their policy on home searches after an officer was shot and killed last week. sergeant tom smith died after being shot by fellow officer mechanical mays.
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2 were with a unit searching for evidence in home in dubli dublinless tuesday. why he fired the shot not said. today the chief changed the department policy to require written approval from the deputy chef before serving warrants or searching homes. officers also have to go through expanded training. . >> we believe in transparency and i also believe in officer safety. good officer safety. the only way you will achieve this through sound policies. good training. and good supervision. >>reporter: sergeant funeral is wednesday in castro cell and detective mays is expected to attend. now that service open to the public. sergeant smith viewing will take place tomorrow from 7 to 8:00 p.m. at chapel of the chimes in hayward. the funeral will be wednesday morning at 10 at neighborhood church on john drive in castro valley. that church is also known as 3 cross church. we have information on these services and how you can
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contribute to the memorial fund for sergeant smith just go to our web site. and look under see it on tv. san francisco mayor ed lee one of several honored guests to be invited to sit with first lady michelle obama during tomorrow state of the union address. real honest. mayor lee made several effort to mobilize immigration reform and drastically raise san francisco minimum wage. also invited is stanford graduate jason collins. former nba center made history last year when he became the first active athlete on major american sports team to 0come out as openly gay. president obama has said collins announcement marked a upon the of progress for the gay community. >> now we will broadcast president obama state of the union address then the republican response tomorrow beginning at 6:00 p.m. >> family hopes you can help find a missing university of san francisco student. bradley bennett family in kentucky not in contact with him since january 3rd exploratorium
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police say the 32-year-old wasless seen in fresno january 8. bennett is about 6 feet tall. weighs 175 pounds. detectives say he may appear to be homeless this warning coming from belmont police tonight but really applys to all of us in the bay area to be careful. remind you to be careful about your mail being stolen. alert comes after discarded mail began appearing around terrace drive, arbor avenue. detectives believe thieves take stuff from mailbox find things they want then dump the rest of the mail. postal officials say identity theft often starts when mail gets stolen. so that's a good reminder for all of us at our homes. >> ups driver caught on camera carelessly delivering a package. look at the home surveillance videoless week in concord. see the driver jogging up with a package. he then tosses it over the front gate. the homeowner said there was something fragile inside but fortunately it was packed correctly and did not break. ups has not commented on this.
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>> makes people angry with that kind of thing. >> war on sugar drink moves to the streets of san francisco. next on abc 7 news. how department of health plans to use city buses in the fit against soda. >> plus a promise from a father to his daughter. how a dad dying of cancer is making sure he will always be able to guide his little givrment an it's not quite silver lining to the drought but it's close. new reason to rush to the foot hills. >> first hears "jimmy kimmel live", >> take a gander what's up with us after the news. how many kids do you have now last time it was lick 18, right. >> i'm still under half dozen. no i'm at 5. yes. >> 5 kids. >> 5 and holding. >> 5 and holding. >> which of the kids is your
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>> major campaign battling sugar now getting under way in san francisco. the idea is to educate the public about the health dangers. and as john explains the campaign is starting just as board of supervisors begin debating a possible sugar tax on the november ballot. >> children shouting sugar madness. part of the kick off to campaign to get san francisco to stop drinking soda. happens to copy side with proposed ballot initiative
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to tax sugar drinks at 2 cents an ounce. >> we need to do lake tobacco causing disease as well and to use tax policy to make sure that people are drinking less. >>reporter: in the meantime shape up san francisco has received a quarter million dollar private grant to put up billboards and bus ads in mostly lower income neighborhood warning of the health danger of drinking too much soda. >> here's the crux of the campaign. supporters say a 20 ounce soda contains the equivalent of 22 packet of sugar. . among those at the kick off was councilman ritter who tried to pass a soda tax in that city as well as a woman working with the bench industry who was recording the event. american bedroom association says taxes won't make people health. >> you can make strid and show success without regressive taxes that result in raising the cost of living for folk whose can least afford it.
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>> just doesn't really seem to me the government's business. i understand there is health reasons. >> so why not do ourselves a favor and help our cities and our country by charging ourselves a little bit extra to have to get it right. >> board of supervisors will decide next week whether to put a sugar drink tax on the november ballot. abc 7 news. >> all right. this video not pleasant to look at but very revealing. it's flu season and every sneeze is potential carrier. dr. richard vesser decided to find the best way to keep germs from spreading. test subject put fad coloring in their mouths. they tried blocking sneezes with their hand. then with the elbow. a lot of people do that then finally a tesh. the most protection came from the final option. the tissue let nothing through but other technique partially blocked the sneeze. now we know. >> puppy found in pile of gr
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badge in san francisco made remarkable recovery and ready to find a family. he was found in a pile of refuge at the land fill. gem has healed and is now healthy and searching for a home certainly looks like she will find one because 250 family already applied to take her in. >> pete seeinger died of natural causes. the may significance known for writing songs such as where have all the flowers gone and if i had a hammer. pete received life time achievement grammy and kennedy center honor. he was 94 years old. >> devoted father dying of cancer wants to make sure he is always able to offer advice to his daughter. garth has been putting inspirational notes in his daughter's lunch since she was in kindergarten. emma now threaten and over the years received hundreds of notes but
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with time running out her father is writing notes for the future to make sure his daughter gets one every day until she graduates high schoo school. he has 7 40 so far and needs to make it to 8 26. the notes include quotes from martin luther king jr, ronald reagan even yoda. but many are original like this one. this is great. dear emma everything in moderation except awesome. can never have attach awesome. love dad. >> california drought might have silver or even a gold lining. gold prospector low water level in the foot hills uncovering gold hidden for deck 8 this will make it possible to find not just gold flake but largelyer more valuable nugget nuggets. local businesses are benefiting as well by selling prospector the gear they need to get started. >> leave at day break for the gold country big chance. >> well at least it is going to rape a little bit. >> sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> we are lacking at some
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sprinkles right now live doppler 7hd and you will see here exactly where. right around the radar site up on mount saint helena more than just sprinkle very soon here. january typically is one of our wettest months here in the winter. it has been anything but, that will be changing. you are looking at fog over san francisco. contend with that in the morning. low 50's in san francisco. oakland redwood city. san jose and 40 degrees here. flight out of sfo low ceiling due to overcast condition. call the carrier in advance. right now santa rosa at 50 al with petaluma 54. concord livermore 53 degrees. the camera here with cool view of the transamerica pyramid in the financial district and there are some low clouds outside. cloud patchy fog drizzle in the morning. chance of rain beginning wednesday night better bet you have to deal with a wet thursday morning commute. take a look
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at the pacific satellite picture. warm front here is the first wave. lifting to the north and moisture engine and sprinkle today. we see drizzle tomorrow morning and then this system out here will bring us rain wednesday night going in thursday morning so here's the timing of all of this beginning wednesday evening it starts to barely move into the north bay at 5:00 p.m. start of the rush hour. the rain line slowly shifts by 3:00 a.m. thursday when many of your sleeping. you might hear the pitter patter of rain drop and then by 5:00 a.m. morning rush hour thursday does not look good. light moderate rape across the bay area shift into the south bay as we head in toward the 8:00 o'clock hours so when you are heading off to work or getting the kid off to school you have to deal with umbrella weather. we need the rain. look terrain fall amounts. not expecting whole lot about tenth to half inch in the north bay. central bay tenth to quarter inch. south bay 100 to continueth of an inch. middle of a drought now and understand
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why when you lack at just how far behind we are we are looking at half foot to foot and a half of rain is what we need up in the santa rosa area to get us up to normal. san francisco needs close to 11 inches. oakland just over 9 inches. we have a long ways to good but at this point we take anything. so tomorrow morning make sure you give yourself plenty of time. drizzle will slow you down. low 40's to low 50's along with areas of fog and a lot of cloud cover tomorrow morning and you probably will grab the jacket or sweater. tomorrow afternoon temperatures come up a few degrees. low upper 60's. still looking at potential few sprinkle around santa rosa, clear lake, low 60's same thing for san francisco, 62. 66 in oakland. palo alto. out towards antioch. san jose livermore santa cruz 67 degre degrees. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast one that you haven't seen in awhile and that includes rain drops wednesday evening that thursday morning. morning commute doesn't look good on thursday and we look at another rain chance at least friday morning
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and look what i have just adde added. superbowl sunday watching the game here in the bay area we look at storm that is going to come close to the coast head down south but i nut a slit chance of showers rate now. things are changing quickly. >> looks like it. >> good weather inside watching the superbowl. >> except you are outside. larry is here. i'm not sure about the wisdom of that. well, you pay 1.6 billion dollars for a stadium you get out doors. pete carol page from the bill walsh superbowl play book. we have that and the sharks in a tight physical game with the
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>> no bad blood between the shark and king. no pay back for the injury that occurred back in september. spot flight this game was on the goalie. ready to do chomping on the
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kings. early opportunity for san jose. go to the back and quick. that's why he's one of the best in the game because he is quick. club save. a beaut beauty. even expected retaliation for the hit in december. pretty much it but look out. crushed by green. alex starting again for the sharks lacking for another shut out himself. denying. scor scoreless game late second period. stop on the dime and then pound it past him. 1 nothing l.a. quick making the save on boyle. point blank range. 23 saves shut out for quick. as the kings hold open to beat the sharks 1 nothing. more hockey news exploratorium bull no more raw hide. they ceased operation. team was minor league fill why the of the sharks but not owned by team teal. brian skated with the bulls last year. sharks had 5 players uncontract with the bulls and all be reassign.
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49ers fans captain stand the seahawks. but head coach pete carol is a bay area gay. born in san francisco. went to the college of marinth spent two years in the 90's as defensive coordinator of the 49ers. seahawks do not have any players on the roster with any superbowl experience and this is whole new thing for them. prompting carol to reach back to his old niner days. >> we installed game plan last week which was great for today. went out today and brought it right back up and guys knew what was going on so repeat it again. san francisco style. bill walsh deal from way back when and now continue to just try to polish it up a little bit. >> richard sherman and big group of seahawks including russell wilson at tonight game in brooklyn. 12 seconds left and williams throws it away. the steal. gets it back and toronto ladies. pierce going the other way for the win. no good. 104-103 and raptors. hawk thunder tied 1 0then.
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seconds left. give to it kevin and get out of the way. rises and fires good night game over drive home safely. 41 for the man who is now nicknamed the slim reaper. durrant scored 30 or more and women college hoop fourth rank stanford won 18 straight tonight. cardinal using a 16-2 run to open up against usc. she's inside and feeding rav. she has 30. tenth 30 point game this season. 86-59 stanford the final. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. do you like this. >> slim reaper. >>
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l. >> you might need extra time for the morning commute. it will be foggy and drizzle in spots mostly cloudy. temperatures 40's, fwishtion mike is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with live doppler 7hd tracking the weather. >> we have video that shows the city of san francisco like you have never seen it before. ♪ ♪. >> really cool. he shot the time lapse photo using an slr camera and go pro video cam. just amazing shots from all over the city and areas surrounding it. >> done huh rae leased the video last spring with more than two million view on you tube and we have linked this full-time lapse video on our web site. go to this site to check it out. >> watch that all night. fascinating. >> that's this edition of 7 news i'm dan
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight chris o'donnell. from the indiana pacers, paul george. and music from the airborne toxic event. with cleto and the cletones. and now, enough is enough. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks very much. anyone who's here in


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