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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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finally the rain has arrived. we are tracking the storm making its way through the bay area. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera in san francisco. >> with the rain comes much needed snow. this is a live look from heavenly mountain resort courtesey of lake tahoe tv. it is just what they need up there. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. sandhya patel is tracking the system and she is here with a live look at doppler 7hd. >> as i show you live doppler 7hd it is looking different than it did earlier. we are seeing light rain show -- showing up. the light rainfall has been around santa rosa and roaneke park. as we pan around napa was reporting rain and fairfield was getting some and out toward the east bay from san
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francisco out toward the uh rine do, walnut creek area. very light returns. percent of normal? we are way behind. san francisco is 16% of average. santa rosa 10 and oakland 18% of average as we look at the live picture from sfo. the clouds are gathering there. they are seeing a little drizzle and they are expecting rain. tomorrow morning prepare to carry your umbrellas and give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. it is going to be a wet one. i will be back with a detailed look at that and plan on possible delays at sfo. >> thank you. while the little bit of rain is needed and welcome it is next to nothing in terms of what we actually need. a lot of people are more concerned with each passing dry day. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live in santa rosa. >> dan and carolyn, this is what has been building up over our windshield in the past hour. it may not be enough to make you break out the umbrella, but considering the drought,
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it is something to cheer about. despite the forecast for rain here, this guy was one of the only people with an umbrella in downtown santa rosa. >> when was the last time you used it? >> the last time i used it? i don't know. >> people are concerned after .04 of an inch fell here this morning. erika is a civil engineer in the wine industry where experts are questioning this year's crop. >> it will be interesting to see how it affects the growth and growth affects the production which affects what i do. >> reporter: the pastures are usually green this time of year. instead susan is paying twice as much for hay to feed 400 cows. $10,000 a week. >> truly this affects all of agriculture. it is going to affect the beef producer and the pork pro tuesdayer and the sheep producer producer -- the pork producer and the sheep producer and it will trickle to all of agriculture.
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>> one cow drinks a bath bathtub of water a day. and now many are hauling in water to keep the milk flowing. he is a sonoma county supervisor and a director for the sonoma county water agency. >> if it doesn't rain considerable in the next six weeks or so, we are going to have mandatory restrictions. i just feel there is no other way. >> now, if this town gets a quarter of an inch of rain tonight, it will still need 19 more inches just to get it back on track. reporting live in santa rosa, >> yes and those drops will not help that much. in a tweet the governor writes today "the president offered on going support for california drought efforts. crucial support in dire times." snow is approaching the sierra and right now it is
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mostly rain with a few flurries, but it is expected to change overnight with the snow levels dropping to about 6,000 feet. tomorrow we will also hear more about just how much snow is in the sierra. another snow survey is scheduled for the morning. in hopes of bringing an end to the drought, a bay area muslim group will pray for rain this saturday. people are invited to take care in this prayer service. it is a prayer service similar to the one delivered by the prophet mow ham a immediate in times of doubt. >> so many of us were hoping for rain and now we want to see your puddle picks. you can post them to our facebook page or share them with us on twitter or instagram at abc7 news bay area. new tonight at 11:00, an over school counselor is under arrest a and accused of selling pot to students. police took 20-year-old edward diaz into custody shortly after school got out on tuesday at willow glen elementary. nick smith has the story. >> nothing seems to surprise
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you now a days. >> reporter: but the arrest of this man, 20-year-old edward diaz by police at willow glen elementary school is sure to make some uncomfortable. officers responded to a report that a counselor with the think together after school program sold pot to a couple of the students. investigators with the san jose police department interviewed diaz and arrested him almost immediately. >> it is a california-based nonprofit designed to help close the achievement gap. according to their website, the relationship between counselor and student is key to academic success. >> i think it is a sad commentary on society to have something like that happen at a school jie. edward diaz sits in jail on $55,000 bail and will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning. around the same time students at willow glen elementary return to glass. return to class. >> the dean of students at uc santa cruz has been arrested
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for suspicion of dui. he was arrested around 4:40 on saturday morning on highway 1 near freedom boulevard. police say her blood alcohol was more than the legal limit. the 49-year-old was booked and then released on bail. she has been on paid leave from the university since tuesday. the oakland teenager accused of killing his sister over a fight over laundry turned himself in. he was shot and killed inside an oakland chinatown apartment last thursday. police say her 14-year-old brother did it. he turned himself into authorities this afternoon. investigators say he walked into police headquarters with family and his lawyer at his side. >> i want to thank the family and friends who were in constant contact with this young man trying to persuade him to turn himself in. i want to take my hat off to him. he did something that was a great job. >> he says the teen will be charged with his sister's murder. justice tolliver
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leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. a touching memorial today for the bart police sergeant shot and killed by a fellow officer last week. thousands turned out to remember sergeant tom smith today. officers from across the country saluted as smith's flag-draped casket arrived at the neighborhood church of castro valley. an emotional bart police chief told mourners that smith will never be forgotten. smith died after being shot by bart detective michael mays. mays did not attend the funeral. they have set up the tommy smith memorial fund in san ramon to benefit his family. we have the address and the account number on it was a rough commute all because of a problem that happened more than eight eight hours ago. the traffic crawled along well past the evening rush hour. a car struck a power pole on the hayward side around 2:30 this afternoon. the pole collapsed forcing the
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closure and the result is the huge back up you can see here. a drive across the bridge from end to end took some folks two hours. a san jose office park is cleaning house, sort of. dozens of trees are being removed as a place to remove trees. mostly redwoods. they are shocked by the removal of so many trees. the developers say they will be replaced by smaller flowering trees. the change is an effort to improve the occupancy rate in that office park. we are tracking the storm tonight. live doppler 7hd shows the rain moving through the bay area right now. we will have details on how long it will last. >> rain here and the deep freeze in the south. the ice that shutdown atlanta and stranded thousands on the roads. it is finally beginning to thaw. how strangers came together to weather the story. >> and he was man's best friend and more.
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the touching tribute a police officer wrote to say goodbye to his canine partner. >> and now here is jimmy kimmle. >> he is a sample of what we have in store for tonight. >> what is the last tattoo you got? the seahawks tattoo? >> yesterday got a new tattoo of the golden girls.
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frigid weather. they could see 80-degree weather this weekend. for those who spent hours and hours battling the weather the warm up can't come soon enough. many roadways remain jammed and some children will spend a second night in school. ashley bridges is in atlanta with the latest. >> for most of the deep south, this freak winter snowstorm dropped mere inches. that was enough to grind parts to a complete gridlock. as snow and ice built up, the traffic snarled. officials took some of the blame after schools, businesses and government all let out at the same time. >> we don't want to be accused of crying wolf. if we had been wrong you would have been in hearsaying you know how many millions of
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dollars you cost the economy? >> thousands of crashes and some deadly backed up traffic for miles. even forcing one woman to give birth on interstate 285. her little girl's name? grace. speaking of children, most of these,000 of them -- >> i want to go home. >> they were stuck sleeping at their schools. >> we tried to get out, but we slid down the hill and turned around and went right back to the school. >> finally worked their way back home. and there were those trapped motorists one day later hoping to get on the move again. these travelers returned to their car after a harrowing escape. >> i was on ice and i kept slipping and i thought i would tumble over. >> if there was a bright spot in all of this, it had to be classic southern hospitality. >> they don't know how to drive, bottom dollar. >> good samaritans coming to the rescue. strangers lending strangers a helping hand. speaking of those acts of
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kindness they were taking strangers coffee and food when they were stranded in their cars on the roadways. we talked to some of the towing companies and they towed 700 of those cars. there are still many more out there on the atlanta roadways. for abc news in atlanta, ashley bridges. new details are emerging on the massive data breech affecting tens of millions of target shoppers. the hackers gained access to about 40 million debit and credit card numbers using stolen credentials from a vendor. that's how they got in. they used the credentials to access the retail system. the information of another 70 million people was accessed. a police officer's goodbye let tore his beloved k-9 partner is get august lot of attention. 9-year-old german shepherd dante had to be put down after being tying knowed with pulmonary hyper tension. he had a difficulty breathing and started having seizures. his handler didn't want dante's service to go
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unnoticed. he wrote a goodbye letter, a tribute to his partner on the way to the vet to put the dog down. he says it was his way of coping with the loss. >> he was a great dog. he was so intelligent. he loved to work. the dog loved to go to work every day. >> the department posted the letter on his facebook page and so far it has been shared nearly 10,000 times. he says he has been given a new k-9 partner. felix will begin patrolling alongside him soon. we now know who is adopting the puppy rescued off a recycling conveyor belt. more than 200 people from around the country wanted to adopt the 3-year-old puppy. but an employee won the lottery and get that poodle. he has been in foster -- she has been in foster carrie covering from her injuries and will head home. >> congratulations. finally some rain. here is a live look from our rooftop camera here in san francisco. >> it has been weeks since we
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talked about rain. >> december 7th was the last time we saw significant rain. i wouldn't call it significant, but at least it is a start. live doppler 7hd is seeing a swath of moisture across the north bay. right now the rain has been reported around santa rosa and petaluma and novato is getting very light returns ignacio boulevard. taking you out toward fairfield and they are starting to see light returns right now. the street level radar is showing you what it looks like. sfo is starting to see some moist roadways. out toward oakland and foothill boulevard and alameda. you can see the street level radar right here. definitely getting wet. your morning commute is going to be slow going. the see sierra nevada, so far truckee, rain. it has been raining at the higher elevations and eventually quite a bit of snow. let me show you where they are seeing rain and snow.
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i want to connect our storm system. if we had a pineapple express it would extend down here. but it doesn't quite make it. they did see rain in the hawaii area. and they actually had snow. this is a picture from today. we are expecting snow in the sierra nevada. i wanted to relay the weather to the hawaii area. from our emeryville camera look out toward the bay it is moistening up. 54 san francisco and oakland and san jose 56. the view from the exploratorium camera showing a lot of cloud cover here. expecting some rain to spread across the south bay as well by the morning hours. 51 in santa rosa and napa and concord 55 and livermore 56. here is our view from the lake tahoe camera. it is not snowing yet. seen some rain drops on the lens and that's it. wet for the morning commute. might want to leave earlier to get to work or the kids off to school. chance of showers are lingering into tomorrow afternoon and the snow will pile up in the mountains.
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here is the pacific satellite picture. this didn't do a lot for us. we got measurable drizzle and showers earlier in the day. widespread rain is coming in with this part of the system. that's what we are watching. our computer animation, tonight 11:00 p.m. and nails it pretty good. it is right around where it is right now. around the 5:00 a.m. hour when many of you are on the roads, it is going to be pretty wet. but light rainfall as you will notice. the rain line shifts slowly, but at 9:00 a.m. we are still seeing the east bay peninsula and south bay. 9:00 a.m. on thursday getting wet and by 1:00 p.m. it looks like everything will start to break up. we will see sunny skies out there and a little sunshine. we could still see an isolated shower or two. rainfall totals, a 10th to a half an inch at the higher elevations. it is a start and it is not expected to be a heavy soaker, but a big snow maker. thursday, 7:00 p.m. and above 6,000 feet. they are expecting 8 to 20 inches of snow. if you are a skier or
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snowboarder you are loving the sound of this. gusts to 40 miles an hour. you will get a chance to head up there. tomorrow morning the temperatures upper 40s to the low 50s. mild start, but a wet one tomorrow afternoon. mid50s to low 60s. it is going to be a cooler day and a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is showing you the showers tapering. we will go with a dry weekend and then milder conditions monday through wednesday of next week. you can track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7hd on the weather app. it makes it easier to share weather photos and download information. it is at i have the weather app upright here. it is nifty. you can even see our radar, our live doppler 7hd tracking storms. dan and carolyn? don't forget to tune into the abc7 morning news. mike nico will be tracking the system moving through the bay area and leyla will keep an eye on the morning commute with the traffic information at 4:30 tomorrow morning. right now let's turn our
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attention to sports. >> larry beil is here. three days and counting. >> to the super bowl. and i have interesting stuff here too. stanford had the number one team on the ropes. could they finish? and speaking of finishing this is not what justin
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stanford had a great chance at what would have been their biggest win of the year hosting top-ranked arizona. the wild cats are on upset alert on the farm. it was who's who. it was his first game back in the bay area. they go up 49-42 and a 6-0
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run. just five points in the game. stanford went eight and a half points. it was less than a minute to go. nick johnson and the three-ball. johnson with 16 and six seconds left and stanford down three. jason randal racing up the court and got a good look from 27 feet. arizona stays undefeated 60-57. they are 21-sware -- 21-0. a sigh of relief. here is your done after the game. >> whether we won by 20 or we won by three. it is a hard fought win and it complements stanford and how good they are and how good we are as well. >> cal and arizona state and the steal and the easy lay up, right? i never seen that on a breakaway lay up. it is symbolic. this is how it is done. driving and scoring and 20
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seconds to go. for three and the tie. the game high 29 points and 11 in ot. 89-78asu and bears have lost three in a row. brian sabian watching the broncos taking on tbon swraw go. his son is a manager for the zags. the broncos lead it 52-51 and here come the zags. top of the key for 3. the heave and oh, almost. good effort. gonzaga survives 54-52. sharks in edmonton and that should be an easy win. the oilers are dead last in the western conference, but they have some fight in them. taking down matt brown. brown gets back to his feet and the vicious left cross takes hendricks down. this would be what it would be like if dan and i fought.
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taylor hall scores. sharks had 58 shots on goal and oilers win it 3-0. seahawks running back marshawn lynch with another cameo appearance. he explained his short presence. >> i appreciate it, but i don't get it. i'm just here. >> that's it, boss. don't get fined. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. if he wasn't there it would be a $100,000 fine. >> that's a huge fine. >> i would show up for that.
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tha is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at
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wake up weather. it will be rainy for the morning commute. 40s and 50s. make sure you have your umbrella. shear look at live doppler 7hd. mike nico is tracking the rain. >> thank you, sandhya ?ie. in a moment a life long dream came true and was caught on camera. >> what? what are you talking about? >> those are super bowl tickets. >> no. >> yeah. >> no they're not. >> oh yes they are. mike harris posted this clip of his mom who is a die hard seattle seahawks fan containing a package with several tickets to the big game in new york. >> she couldn't believe it. initially she thought they would be too expensive, but they were able to snag three for $1,000 cheaper. >> have a great time. i'm dan
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- andy garcia. chef norman van aken. and music from broken bells. with cleto and the cletones! and now that i have your attention, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for showing up to my


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