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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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authorities. a probe launched when a public defender released camera video from residential hotels. charging that the video showed officers violating suspects' rights under the color of law the officers were on two separate videos from the henry hotel. >> the indictment charges him and other two with distributing marijuana, stealing money, and personal properties >> this is a victory for ordinary san franciscoins >> police officer association president said not so fast. >> these are only indictments they're now go to being afforded their rights to tell their side of the story. >> in an interview, halloran warned against jumping to
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conclusions. >> if it was informants, street informants, i would question their reliability. >> my feeling is now, tells me something about the evidence they v i don't think it's much. >> former police officer vargas appeared in court today. he was arraigned and pleaded not guilty. bail set at $50,000. other five officers from the indictment will appear for their first initial appearance. >> the coroner says the man that happened last friday died from two bullet wounds in the back. antonio guzman was acting strangely with a knife he was tasered twice before
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being shot. >> now, breaking news out of the east bay. westbound 580 is temporarily shut down in castro valley. >> they're looking for evidence over a reported. their car window was shot out. we're told shots were fired at a black suv. no one was injured. >> a dramatic rescue in san francisco happened in china beach by sea cliff avenue. it began at 1:00 in the afternoon. two teenagers saw a woman struggling in the water. the teens climbed down but couldn't get back up. the coast guard then had to rescue all three of them the woman put on a stretcher ask lifted into a helicopter and then, rushed to the hospital. the two teens taken to a nearby boat on wave runners and only had minor cuts and strapts.
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>> on to weather, batten down hatches. second two of powerful storms due to arrive in just hours. pg&e used a break in winds this, is the clean up done today, dozens of traes fell from the storm leaving many folks without power, pg&e urging residents to change, charge cell phones in case there are more blackouts tonight the storm expected to be more powerful. let's go down to spencer christian with the latest on this round two. >> cloudy skies, but bright skies. so let's go to live doppler seven hd. you can see clouds and moisture off shore this, storm approaching us is, as you said
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just hours away. let's take a look at rainfall totals from recent storms. over an inch and a half at santa rosa. two and a half inches in mount st. helena. and two inches in san rafael. and much needed rainfall. we did receive a serving of it. okay? here comes a second storm. this is, where it is now bringing animation up to 5:00 this afternoon. it's approaching the bay area, these are the risks associated with the storm. high risk of wind damage only a slight risk of creek flooding and rock sliding but power outyajz are certainly likely as this storm going to bring wind and rain. and tomorrow morning at 5:00 be prepared for. that going to be a slow, wet commute. >> thank you. a nearly $700 million job relief
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plan is heading to the governor's desk. the bulk will be used for water conversation ask recycle proing jekts. some will go to those communities running low on drinking water are and for food and housing for those living in drought stricken communities. today, snow pack finds state water content only 24% of average that, is below what is normal, it's mer than some expected. >> measuring snow pack may get ease year with a new satellite launched today off japan. it's the first designed to measure falling snow. it will as x ray and take scans of clouds, hurricane asks blizzards. you can track rain using live doppler seven hd on our weather app and down load on our web site abc7
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>> well, google made a multi million dollar gift to san francisco today to a free bus ride for children this, is happening at mountain view based company is under fire. they're upset google only pays a small amount for the right for bus stops for its employees. >> yes. this corner is where google picks up ask drops off workers a lot of people think that this gift doesn't address the bigger issue and they've been complaining about high tech workers moving here and they're afraid of this is google's way of getting off the hook. it was a victory for advocates three years they've been lobbying for residents to ride free z google just donated $6.8 million to give free passes to low income kids ages 5-17.
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>> naems need support like this to be able to survive in san francisco. >> many residents expressed thanks but say it doesn't address the bigger problem, this is the last latino family left in the building she's now facing eviction. >> this is caused by gentrification. >> it led a roetdest to companies using public stops to pick up, and drop off workers >> where they go, the rents go higher because they become more desirable. >> mayor ed lee believes google is making an investment in the city. >> it's another corporate entity added to a number of entities that can see the way forward to help contribute to solutions >> there are no guarantees after money runs out.
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community groups are trying to make free muni for youth a permanent policy. mayor lee believes this can lead to more for the city n san francisco, abc7 news. >> well, many of us are affected by a ruling by california appeals court. justices say it's legal for drivers to read a map while behind the wheechlts it's disbaised on the case of a fresno man ticketed for looking at a map while driving. a court has sided with high school officials over a tee shirt controversy that got a lot of attention. students banned from wearing american flag tee shirts on sinco demayo student sued saying it violated their rights to free speech. the ninth circuit court said rights of students in public high schools are limit and theed school can restrict speech if
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there is a threat to safety. >> governor brown made it official today, posting at announcement with this picture to his account. he's being challenged by republicans assemblyman tim donnelley. >> an airline response to panic at the airport, passengers hustled off a plane last night in oakland. what happened? >> plus, the head of the fbi is in san francisco. tonight new numbers and a hard sell on cyber security >> extended warranties you wonder if you should purchase tonight, michael finney has the [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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let's get back to breaking news out of the east bay now.
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you can see officers walking the freeway looking for evidence shutted down in castro valley. it's because of a possible highway shooting. >> yes. we've been told five, maybe six shots fired in a black suv. there are reports half a dozen shots were fired at this car on the fraechlt chp walking now looking for shell casings and possible evidence. we'll stay on the story here and on twitter. >> please leave original belongings behind. >> we cannot breathe back here. go. >> those are the voices of flight attendants as smoke begins to fill the cabin of a sky west airline flight from lax landing in oakland last night. >> passengers and foernler bart spokesman took this video on his cell phone. >> we started getting closer to the gate. the pilot slammed on brakes. the flight attendants started saying get off the plane leave
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your belongings behind get off the plane. off the plane. >> everyone is okay. airline today says the incident was an expedited deplaining not an emergency. sky west says the smoke was caused by an air conditioning unit. >> police raided a medical marijuana dispensary in livermore this, is sky 7 hd video. police seized marijuana and thousands in cash at the tree of life dispensary under investigation since it opened last month. city officials told the owner his business has been operating illegally. when he refused to shut down, the business was seized. >> and a pittsburgh man is facing charges after police say he tried to hire a hit man to disfigure a former employee. joseph moses did not enter a plea a cording to prosecutors he felt betrayed after being sued for back pay and wanted someone to break his former employee's
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legs the man he tired turned out to be an under cover police officer. >> the director of the fbi is in san francisco tonight. james comby talking about cyber terrorism he says will dominate his tenure as the head of the bureau. abc7 news reporter leanne melendez on how he hopes to convince companies to work with the government. >> >> reporter: hackers stole information of 40 million cards. this cyber theft hurt sales and target earnings. the state attorney general says california businesses and agencies experienced 300 data breeches during two years. personal information after kts have been exposed. >> people are frayed to shot shop. it's just has many knock down affects. >> head of the fbi was in san
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francisco to meet with staff and attend the conference where everything is information security related. his mission is to bridge the gap. it's no secret private companies are not keen on sharing information with the government. >> they're able to align security strategies saying next time, it's not going to happen. so they can approve in oerm companies >> saying working and sharing information will help predict and prevent attacks also criticizing those businesses that don't admit data breeches he says sharing information pays off. >> we worry are we going to lose a competitive edge? we have to look beyond that. look at how we might serve a
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greater good in this case. >> comby says they will come down hard on those that commit the crime. >> we're going lock people up to send a message you don't get to do this for free in your pajamas around the world. >> he admits the problem of cyber hacking will go on for longer. abc7 news. >> you know a lot of us worry about our cars. is it going to need repairs? and it's just after warranty ran out. >> some answers, i feel guilty about saying no to that. >> they they typically cost more than $1,000. but consumer reports checked to see if they're worth the money. when edward bought his honda pilot, he opted for a extended
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warranty but didn't use it. >> i paid $1800 and it turns out i never needed it whatsoever. >> consumer reports survey of 12,000 subscribers found extended warranties are an expensive gamble. >> we found half of the people never used the coverage. and among those who did, they spent far mer for the coverage than they saved in repairs >> the cost of an extended car warranty averaged more than $1200 among those using it, median savings is just $837. a net loss of $375. >> wu we surveyed subscribers and found is that they rated down at the bottom in satisfaction. >> owners were especially disappointed with their extended warranties. less than a quarter of them said they'd buy one if they had it to do again. >> honda, toyotas those tend to
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be reliable brands odds are is that those people have less need for their extended warranties we think that is probably why they're less satisfied. >> many of those surveyed say he won't buy an extended warranty again. >> i don't see this before. >> consumer reports says best bet? buy a reliable car, keep it in top shape. keeping your car up is good advice. let me give you my take on this. first some, an extended warranty does work. those who want to lock in the car costs for years with no surprises might want to consider an extended warranty. you're buying financial certainly as much as car repairs another note negotiate the price of a warranty. great to look at that. >> let's go back to breaking news all. all drivers out of the cars on westbound 580 because of a reported freeway
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shooting in castro valley. >> chp, they were walking on the freeway looking for evidence because of a reported shating. oof supposedly 5 to 6 shots were fired. sheriff said they're walking trying to find shell casings but look at the result as westbound 580 is closed for the time being. good news is that no one is injured >> yes. we're going to stay on top of this for you. in the meantime we had to check on weather. it's dry now. >> second wave of rain is coming in. spencer? >> this is going to be a more intense storm than previous one. you're going to notice it will
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be dark. and let's take a look at a live view from our camera in emeryville looking at western sky. san francisco oakland, redwood city, 55. another live view of the western sky from our east bay hills camera. 58, santa rosa. and an interesting view of a bright, but increasingly cloudy sky from mount tam forecast features rain develops becoming stormy overnight. and rain, showers continue into saturday morning. conditions start agent 7:00 p.m at, oh, well, throughout the night z into tomorrow evening. we'll see periods of rain and showers. across the state, this is a
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intense storm. across california producing snow in the sierra. then, as that low begins to dive south, we'll start to take moisture down into southern california showers and rainfall tapering off here mid day, saturday. the storm brings strong, gusty winds. for coastal areas san francisco bay area down to monterey bay. east bay hills, downed trees and power lines are likely with the storm. and a flash flood warning at midnight tonight for up to eight inches of rain. back up to san francisco bay area coastal areas and down to monterey bay, high surf advisory from 8:00 tonight into 3:00 -- 8:00 tomorrow night that, is to 3:00 saturday afternoon achlt chance of rip sxurnts sneaker waves.
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and let's than an nifrj lower elevations overnight, windy, rainy i cans stormy. low temperatures low to mid-50s, then, tomorrow, showers and periods of rain. some breaks of sun and here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have a partly dry weekend sunday looks like a dry day. every day there is a slight chance of rain and of course, much needed for snil a severe rainfall deficit. >> spencer, thank you very much. >> and just ahead, lacing up a woman finds herself a celebrity after putting on running shoes. plus... >> it's sort of like body by siri. technology bringing the benefits of a personal trainer in a small, wearable device.
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that is at 6:00 >> and going to break, polar bears welcome google maps is now available in the arctic. back in a moment. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ nnie-o walwhere every thursde ia switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today.
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so you ate a bag of chips right? label tells you how many calories per serving? 230 in this bag the problem is that it's really three servings and all of a sudden you've consumed hundreds of calories that is why the fda is proposing changes to the labels on the back of everything we buy at the grocery store the goal to reflect real portions. new labels will highlight calories. changes could cost food industry $2 billion this, isn't going show up on our shelves for a couple years. >> a woman is becoming a local celebrity after running a marathon four weeks before her
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due date. she's 28 years old and says she ran in beijing, believing the training and the run will make the delivery easier. she says she kept easy pace and her doctor approved she says she took inspiration from a british runner paula radcliff ran 14 miles per day while pregnant >> boeing, developing a smart phone providing security against hacking, filing papers for the phones that self destructs if it's tamper wchltd it's designed for secure communication and contractors. boeing plans to sell it to approved purchasers. >> ellen degenerous res is hosting oscars. >> what does she have to be nervous about? you're going to find out next. >> abc7 is the only place you can see oscars our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m on sunday you can visit abc7 and click on countdown to get a
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printable ballot in my picks section
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the besis that millionsa is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at back now out of castro valley, westbound 580 temporarily shut down. you're looking at bullet holes in a car. >> yes the reports of six shots fired you can see 2, 3 shots there on the phone with us is chp officer eric thomas. are you there? >> yes. i am. >> thank you for coming on. what can you tell us? sdrou an indication as to whether the driver knew the other driver? >> it's unknown at this point if the driver knew each other or had a relationship. what i do know is that officers on the ground are at the scene
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and investigating that. and we don't have updates as far as the investigation at this time. >> oofser thomas you're looking at this bullet hole next to the driver. was anyone hurt? >> no. there is no injuries. the suspect, the victim party is on scene working with chp as far as investigation goes >> we're looking from sky seven hd. we're looking at who we believe is the driver ask a little girl may have been in the car. were there two passengers in the car >> i didn't get information if the amount i know the rider and chp, anything other than that, i don't have infor on. >> and how long is the highway going to be closed? you know? >> we're hoping no more nan 30 minutes. from this point on. any information we'll put out on
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twitter >> thank you very much. we'll continue on twitter abc7 news bay area. welcome to "world news." tonight, washout. 1,000 homes ordered to evacuate tonight. the big storm on the west coast, threatening mud and floods. already, accidents on slippery roads. and will the sandbags and barricades hold off the possibility of slides like this? attention, shoppers. for the first time in 20 years, a major change on those labels at the grocery store. and "real money." is this the most unsellable house in america? we'll show you lessons for everyone looking to make money on selling your home. can a doorknob make all the difference? good evening, to you on this thursday night.


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