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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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next door to them. >> got close i mean, it doesn't matter if it's close. it's just disgusting. period. children are precious. and innocent. should be kept that way. >> last fall, homeland security agents went to the home of michael gow. they also confiscated his computer the federal complaint says he's been charged with receiving child pornography. >> does michael gow live here? we're told he was arrested in november? >> i don't -- sorry. >> the person answering declined to say more. a neighbor remembers seeing federal agents at the home. . >> i just kind of thought it must be something bad if it's homeland security. >> 14 people were arrested in the child porn investigation homeland security identified
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victims >> some three years of age up to 17. they were urged into committing sex acts with other children, younger, older as well as animals >> immigration and customs officials say those involved used a free world wide network called tour to share videos making it hard to trace internet activity. >> inquiries are routed through numerous computers in efforts to remain anonymous to make it harder for anyone to identify you. >> ice tells us the case is not over. they're still investigating 300 active cases they believe are related to operation round table. vic lee abc # news. >> police and fbi raided a home in east oakland part of a drug and gun investigation
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the raid started just before 2:00 this afternoon. at least eight people were taken into custody. officials also confiscated three pounds of marijuana and unknown amount of cash with ammo and illegal magazine the investigation had an impact on the neighborhood. >> prior to us serving the warrant we noticed there is a school in the area and maced the zoom on lock down. >> streets in the area were shut down temporarily as i recaution. >> a murder suspect turned state's witness and now revealed a motive behind homicide. three people shot to death outside of a party. the main target was involved with someone that bumped into one of the killers in mother party several months earlier. five gang members were arrested and one is now cooperating with
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prosecutors. the other three suspects could get life. >> exactly one week after a massive fire in san francisco caused hundreds of millions in damages the city commission heard the rest of it today. that is where leeand melendez is live tonight. >> well, firefighters still don't know how this blaze started but what we have learned today is that fire will not delay development here in the mission bay neighborhood. the city project manager for the area call it a blip. >> firefighters a building with no sheet rock, sprinkle system and collapsing. >> there is a risk to firefighters.
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to put them into that building when no live was to be saved. >> the assistant chief updated the community investment and infrastructure commissioners the massive fire destroyed a apartment complex under construction in the mission bay neighborhood. workers left the building about an hour before the before it started. >> two other bills suffered damage. 54 units still not liveable. >> water damage because of the sprinklers. >> megan moxley able to transfer a lease to the adjacent building. it will be weeks before work
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finish work inside. the project manager was also at the hearing. it will be finished in 4 to 6 after. if they can salvage the country. other complexes will soon come online to meet demand >> we're going to have over 1300 units under completed in the next 12 to 16 months down in mission bay alone. >> the building destroyed had 17 # units. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and we have breaking news to bring you. it was at grant avenue in san leandro. it appears a sheriff deputy has shot a suspect.
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it's unclear how serious the person's injuries are. >> emergency crews rescued a woman hiking near eagle rock when she fell over a cliff. a chp chopper lifted her to safety. the second chopper was waiting. the woman is in critical condition tonight >> this evening residents in a tight night neighborhood after an overnight killing. a man in his 20s found dead in a home in the coyote neighborhood. >> late night we're out so we don't know what is going on
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the properties around the property that is leasing, i know. >> the family lived here here over 25 years so it's a shock. >> fators say several marijuana plants were found inside of the home. they would not say whether it was connected to the homicide. a castro valley man is accused of shooting his girlfriend. alameda county sheriff investigators say he shot his wife friday afternoon. investigators don't know where he s they have yet to locate the murder weapon. >> one of them was the second is still outstanding. >> the couple has two daughters that were not harmed. investigators not releasing details on a possible motive.
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they know authorities visited several times. >> a former member of the hell's angels strikes a plea deal 3,000 people were gathered the 40-year-old shot and killed another biker with whom he had been fighting. ruiz claimed weigh was defending himself. >> city of san francisco grappling with a big graffiti problem. property owner who's bear the brunt of the clean up costs may be encouraged to hear about a new plan before the board of supervisors. now south of market graffiti vandals often strike. carolyn? >> some people consider this to
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be treat start. the city calls it blight. one supervisor is suggesting a new approach to try to stop it. it costs san francisco nearly $20 million per year to remove graffiti the city will scrub the stuff off public places but private property owners are responsible for getting rid of the graffiti on his building. >> costs me $15,000 in the last year to, because they go on the roof. and scale walls like spiderman. >> the department of public works, sharing this video, says 5,000 complaints are logged every month. a new measure unveiled today would target taggers in civil court rather than the criminal court system and perpetrators, not victims would have to pay
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for the clean up. >> it will hold offenders accountable. importantly, digging in their pock writ books to make sure they're paying for crimes that are committed. >> larry matthews is skeptical about the effectiveness. and says he's worried about the financial burden for kids. >> community service is okay. but to actually pay a big bill, that is going to be hard. those kids are low income kids >> don't owe do it. don't break the law. >> if you do another component calls for a new evidence collection process. and a specialist trained to identify graffiti tags. and their taggers. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 an east bay field fight. the needs of high school soccer team versus a baseball diamond. >> a wish come true for a hockey
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fan managed to put an ailment he suffers from on ice. >> i'm sandhya patel. transitioning from winter to spring, you'll notice the changes >> a bracelet now returned all of these years later.
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. there is a turf battle
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baseball and soccer players at odds over space over ricky henderson field there is a baseball diamond but nowhere for the soccer team to practice and play. laura? >> the baseball team just wrapping up practice here behind me tonight. this is their field of dreams belt with community support now oakland school board will decide whether to alter it. kids from two schools are caught in the middle. they're just coming off an appearance of the finals thchl is a team without a field. they practice on cement. >> here we have access to enough resources we shouldn't have kids playing on croon kon kreet. you know? it not safe for kids.
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>> that is why they're asking for help to build a new soccer team. most of the space at international is already taken by noernl school's field of dreams, oakland tech. >> the baseball players were walking several miles away to play ball. >> oakland tech built a big beautiful baseball facility here named after ricky henderson. the effort began when the site was a closed middle school. it reopened about the same time tech finished it's new field now, cool district come up with a plan requiring moving tech's right field fence in.
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>> it's too small to contain high school athletes. kids are too big and strong to play on a field like this. >> we want the field to be seen as legitimate. i don't think we should look at it as sacred >> the school board will decide how to divvy up the field in another meeting >> listen an hour the game between sharks and panthers will get underway. it's part of a day long make a wish dream come true for a young man with a passion for hockey. david? >> well, we're expecting thunderus applause in just over an hour from now he's going to be so excited.
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hitting the ice is stuff of dreams for this 17-year-old a dream come true. >> just plays everything hockey. if he's not outside playing hockey he's inside, play station hockey. >> he could be what hockey keeps him going. he was born with a defective heart, only two chambers instead of four. he began playing hockey, roller hockey and never tires here he was today sitting on the bench. >> he told me to scoot over. and saying he wanted to see the
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fanl. >> i come to a lot of games. my favorite player is nemo. >> do you talk to him? >> no. not yet. >> here he's in his almost. afterwards giving him a jersey and a contract. >> he's so humbled and i think he knew what he >> the shoshgs love how happy he is today. >> it's a credit to players this is our pleasure to be able do. >> just wonderful
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>> yes. neat for sharks to come forward. >> yes. >> that is great. let's talk about the weather. another gorgeous day. >> yes. sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> yes. we're going to keep it coming tomorrow. so beautiful live doppler 7 seeing cheer conditions now the view from our camera towards the bay here. 67 in oakland. still low 70s in redwood city. here are the temperatures. 67 santa rosa. most areas into the 60s. we're looking towards golden gate bridge. warming trend continuing on
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wednesday. so here is the satellite and radar. high pressure is really diverting any storms well north we're going to keep it dry throughout the weekend not exactly what we need but that is what it's going to be ending up like. so next week on tuesday, we may be looking at a chance of rain and this may spill over. morning, starts out clear. upper 30s to low 40s so you'll need to bundle up as you leave in the morning.
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74 santa cruz. milpitas, beautiful day. 67 in half moon bay. north bay where you above where you should be. and nothing but blue skies and mild weather. temperatures coming down thursday. wait a minute. seasons are changing but we're going with a cooling trend thursday going into friday. then wield hold you there. i say cooling it's minor changes. chance of rain on tuesday in the accu-weather forecast. coming up next remembering the
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vet trns of the forgotten war.
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president obama awarded the medal of honor to 24 army veterans, presenting the medal to the brother of the late army corporal joe baldonado. a congressional review
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determined the men were wrongly denied because of prejudice tis after serving in world war ii, korea ask vietnam only three are still alive but did attend the ceremony. >> in silicon valley bay area veterans of the korean war honored with special medals taken out of the demilitaryized zone. the ambassador says the nation is proud of what it's accomplished. and veterans should be proud that they helped make it happen. >> we have had to achieve what we have achieved over the past six years. so thank you so much. >> those who lost their lives fighting in the war were honored with this wreath today about 300,000 americans served in the korean war. >> one community is taking advantage of the weather to cut
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down on pollution. palo alto celebrated the opening of the second largest solar installation. the panels will save the centers around 36,000 per year >> more still to come here tonight at 6:00 what witnesses heard and saw that might help investigators determine the cause of a news chopper crash in seattle. >> also latest theory on what might have happened to the missing flight 370 and some fishermen that claim to have seen it >> people's choice? or land grab in a new
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sky 7 ht is live over what we can confirm is an officer-involved shooting but will not elaborate on what led up to an officer shooting a suspect. >> now, the off ramp is chosed. as well as part of hesperian boulevard. we're working to get more details about what happened there. and what is the suspect's condition right now? no indication any officers have been hurt. our breaking news kufrnl continues right now on twitter >>. national transportation safety board is now investigating the deadly news secretary crash in seattle. witnesses say they heard unusual noises coming from the chopper just moments before it crashed. >> oh, my god. >> the chopper came down just
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moments after lifting off. . >> i heard engines turn on. and a boom. three vehicles were caught in the crash driving by. >> armageddon? kind of. just heavy, just boom. crash. and that is it >> firefighters reached the scene it's too late to save passengers two drivers escaped unharmed but a third was severely burned. >> someone forced their way out of one vehicle that was still on fire. >> the helicopter had taken off from the station's roof. witnesses say they saw it lift and pitch fofrd >> we can talk about the two people that we have lost. and this will be a very
6:32 pm
difficult time. >> award winning photographer and a pilot both killed in the cockpit. investigators are now looking for clues on what went wrong, thankful this accident wasn't worse. >> it would have landed closer to the street there could have been more casualties >> you can see over my shoulder what remains of it interest there the tail and charred pro peller the investigation continues into what happened. >> our best wishes to our colleagues >> time is of the essence to flight 370. thai military officials say they may have spotted the plane. a subhunter aircraft from the united states joined the search. officials are asking for help
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and for investigators to krut sunny skies data from defense satellites and radar. >> do those that are affected, you know went know what's happening. right? we're there for you. >> passengers have threatened a hunger strike if authorities fail to provide more accurate information >> the president and german chancellor both condemned russia's support to annex crimia from yuk crane to russia. vladimir putin signed a document to make it formal. yesterday the president ordered russian assets frozen. and indicated more sanctions can
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be on the way >> we haven't taken options off the table. >> nearly # 0% of those in crimia reportedly voted to join russia. putin blasted the west for ignoring what he calls free will of crimyins. >> that they have overreached their limit. >> next week they will meet in europe and discuss how to handle this. >> what could be a new era in mobile computing. google introduced watches that are due out this year. apple responding to calls for cheaper electronics lowering the price of the ipad n parts of the
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world apple started selling iphone five c at reduced prices. prices up on wall street tonight. and microsoft hit a four year high. walmart announced an expansion of the buy back policy for video games. you can take your used games back to anyone of the 3100 stores and get a gift card in return. >> the museum accomplished something it never did before it moved to the water front welcoming its one visitor. little kamia lee. >> my daughter is into science.
6:36 pm
>> there the family getting 1 million visitors in a year that is a big deal because it used to average just about #00,000 people in the old site. >> success on that. >> yes. yes. it's fun to visit. >> it's great. go if you haven't >> coming up next a bracelet lost by a soldier >> tonight it's back on his wrist after 70 years.
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a california man who lost a precious id bracelet hoped he would see it's safe return. he knew it wasn't likely but the gold plated bracelet not only turned up but now has been returned to him after all of these years. we're all to the together >> neil remembers the day well
6:40 pm
in summer 1945. the united states had just dropped atomic bomb and ishikowa beach had an afternoon of good weather. >> just getting sunshine. and which is a rare day >> he swam about a quarter mile to a buoy. before he realized that the priceless bracelet his parents had given him was gone. >> because i had no idea where i lost it for sure. whether swim are or on the beach. it washed assure on the beach. it's a sandy beach. every the years then decades the story of the missing brake let was familiar in the family. neil and his wife counted it gone for good. even it was found they knew it was unlikely to make it back to them. >> i'm pretty old as it is.
6:41 pm
i figured probably my age, probably won't be around if they did find it. >> several months ago a treasure hunter found the bracelet. it was a staff sargeant scouring the sand which he discovered it the sargeant toughered over the bracelet to an organization helping reunite service men with treasures lost overseas it tracked it back to this town through help of the local post master. >> it's you know, you kind of hear about these things like it's a post office, old letters are found or whatever. and it's it's an incredible story. >> last friday about 5500 later it was dhifed back to the hands
6:42 pm
it left 69 years ago. and takes joy in getting it back. he could hardly hold back the emotions. >> what a story. huh? just ahead at 6:00 a fresh start for a 52-year-old competitive rower. >> technology making knee surgery more effective.
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new technology designed to make a common knee surgery more effective. cheryl jennings has more on how it's changing lives p one hospital. >> really worn out shoes >> anticipation is building for this xet rower. she's ready to kick her career into a smoother gear. >> the first thing i want to do is get back to my boat. that is going to be wonderful >> she struggled against competition and chronic knee pain the result of an injury suffered while still a teenager.
6:46 pm
but despite the discomfort, she worried total knee replacement could be limiting to compete. >> this is going to show the computer what deformity of the leg is. >> in an operating room in san francisco, this orthopedic surgeon is preparing to resurface the knee with more precision than he says he could ever achieve by hand. >> you're preserving good parts of the knee. acl, pcl. other side of the knee, only resurfacing the damaged portion. so we're going to teach the computer that now. >> the system known as navio works like a gps. signals passing back and forth between surgical instruments. first, doctor plots the area
6:47 pm
where it will be placed which is then displayed as a graphic map. >> the doctor shaved away bone to create a to create a subpocket. >> a camera and can slow or stop stop the cutting action. >> that is good >> one ready, the doctor fixes upper and lower caps into place. >> fit was perfect. >> still under animaling thetic evan was able to leave after the surgery on a stapled knee. she now hopes a rehab program will help her return to the modest list of sports she's looking forward to. >> snow shoeing and rowing and
6:48 pm
maybe i can do like a swim bike. >> i bet she will. >> that sound in the surgery. >> oh, yeah. >> intense >> let's update the forecast >> yes. beautiful day today. as you look from our camera this afternoon, a few high thin clouds. but just a gorgeous day. this is an indication that is clear out there. tomorrow afternoon low to mid-70s into our warmest locations. 70 degrees in san francisco. 67 half moon bay. 75 santa rosa and napa. san jose. palo alto, santa cruz, mid-70s. and a look at the accu-weather forecast if you like what you see you're probably going to like the rest of the week. thursday taking us throughout the weekend. starting the second half of the
6:49 pm
weekend temperatures will rise. thank you >> still in there >> yes >> let's turn our attention now to sports. >> yes. larry beil is here. a's baseball? >> a's trying to figure it out. a pitcher admits he
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running back brendan bigelow rolled the dice entering draft after junior season. and he was concentrating on today. got blazing speed but you can
6:53 pm
see him pull there, pulled his hamstring and ran a 4.48, 40 yard dash. >> this i put a lot of work in. and you know, i have been preparing for this for a while, three months now. you know? just there is, you know, i'm keeping my head up high. you know just keep soaring. because that is all i know. >> nfl, mario manningham heading back to new york giants. starting in 2008 a key contributor on super bowl victory team he had 51 catch asks one touchdown warriors are home tonight against orlando just got word two of significant injuries. because they were both miss tonight's game with minor injuries but, the rest of the warriors is a nice stretch at hem owe
6:54 pm
we'll have three straight at oracle then five days off before the next game. warriors beating blazers in portland. steph curry went off for 37 and 1 move in particular was ridiculous. shaking wesley matthews and drawing a three he had his godfather and god sister at court side >> you >> if you look i was thinking i was in front of them. i turned around people that i recognized. to my left, he was talking to me all of the game. >> phil jackson hopes what he made will be a triumphant return to the knicks today. turning this into a championship team son reportedly being paid $12
6:55 pm
million a year for his zen like guidance. >> a better opportunity than to have opportunities i've had in three of the biggest cities in america to bring a basketball franchise in chicago ask los angeles. now this is a great feeling. >> 16 seeds both have 21 and 2 runs in the first half. and nc state and xavier in the first half. injuries will move jesse chavez into a's starting rotation he started out today and it went well. jed laurie starts the borage with a three-run homer.
6:56 pm
and gave up runs but all a's today, 16 to 6. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> nice to see phil jackson coaching again. >> ease in the going to coach he's going to be team president. the question is who is he going to pick to coach. . >> i hope he picks himself. . >> i don't think we want to do that. he's off the grind health wise oochl yes. >> thank you. >> probably in a year, though >> just to be smart. >> well, join me tonight at 9:00, the latest at 9:00 >> and following breaking news. an officer-involved shooting in san lorenzo. we have details for you at 9:00
6:57 pm
and 11:00. >> tonight at prime time and we'll be back with you at 11:00 >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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