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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. flames at a san jose nightclub and where firefighters will return to the scene today. a van goes off the road sending the driver plunging into the water. how the driver is doing and the early morning of the to get the van out of water. >> australia updates us on the continuing seven effort for the possible debris from malaysia airlines flight 370. good friday morning, everyone. it is the first friday of spring. thanks for join us. we will check with mike nicco. >> it will feel more like it should compared to the warm weather yesterday. the visibility now is up to two miles visibility and santa rosa is half a mile.
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everyone else is okay there we have clouds cross the coast and over bay. by noon the bay will be partly sunny and 59. cloudy this afternoon and 63. 57 as you head out this evening. inland, the fog is to the north. the clouds are trying to creep into the east bay valley and we have let clouds and fog turn interest high clouds and fog at noon. at 7:00, 61. at the coast, clouds for the better part of the day with breezy conditions in mid-to-upper 50's. >> 47 bart trains are on time. ace train one and three are on time. no delays if -- for now any and we had early accidents get us started but it is cleared. we are looking at congestion free conditions but 580 to the dublin interchange, there was an
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early accident blocking two lanes. 41 minutes gets you from tracy to dublin. senator ralph to trend is 17 minutes but watch out for the fog. this is the drive at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza where it is drive. the bay bridge toll plaza is busy with no metering lights yet. >> from san jose first fighters are spending to a fire at a church on minnesota avenue. matt is on scene. what is the status? against flames. the flames have been knocked down. firefighters say they do not have it under control. you can see a lot of smoke is coming out from the building, the church of god, the office building connected to the congregation. that front church building where the services are held has not been impacted at this time and that is what the firefighters are working on.
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they are concerned about the fire spreading and next door to the building. there is a basement in the congregation area they concerned about. this building is used for the pastors and the administration, the insurance is on site. they will be dealing with that when this is done and taken care of by san jose firefighters. the first call came at 5:27 and firefighters arrived to find big flames with trees sounding the building and a big concern it could get into the trees. there are power minutes around here and firefighters knocked down the flames the first goal do make sure it did not spread and embers did not spread. you can see firefighters are reacting like this is, again, not as serious as when they
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first arrived half an hour ago but they will be on the scene to pick sure all the fire is out. >> that fire follows another fire overnight in san jose that break out in a storage area in the back of the el dorado club reported by the workers when they were closed at 1:45 this morning 9 firefighters called a first first alarm and they went in with hoses to make sure the fire did not spread. they have not determined the cause. arson is coming this morning to figure out what started the fire. a 75-year-old man is okay but the same cannot be said of the van. police say the man was trying to leave a parking lot at the marine that and he drove over an embankment into the bay. the tow truck pulled the vehicle out. the man was able to climb out on his own.
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police sergeant says that it is possible the gas pedal was stuck. katie marzullo is there with a live report at 6:30. now the mystery of malaysia airlines flight 370 more than 24 hours have passed since we learned of the grainy satellite images showing what could be debris belonging to the missing plane but this morning this is in sign of the objects. we are in washington with more on the search. good morning, the high-tech american plane that can spot something the size of a basketball from 14 miles away flew back out to the spot in the indian ocean where the trail yaps think the secret liner went down. >> search planes descended on remote southern indian 1,500 miles off the australian coast looking for these objects thought to be debris from flight 370. it is a daunting task.
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>> the most inaccessible spot on the face of the earth. if there is anything there we will find it. we owe it to the families of those people. >> parts of the i dan -- the indian ocean are two miles deep. the teams took advantage of better weather after battling clouds and rain on thursday. they did not find anything. >> this is a long haul focus to reduce the area of search. >> for families and friends of those on board the wait is agonizing. >> i believe philip is alive and if that is part of the plane it dashes the hope. >> questions of why it took malaysians so long to move the search into the southern indian ocean. a satellite company says march 9 they had an initial idea the search should be moved south and shared the information.
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malaysians say they recalibrated the certain when it was confirm. >> unbelievable. egregious slip-up. i cannot believe it. more ships and planes are headed back to the indian ocean including three chinese warships. the malaysians want more american resources. >> firefighters wrapped the scene of a serious fire in pittsburg that started at 3:15 in the afternoon at willow pass road in pittsburg. firefighters had to slog through thick mud and battle flames close to several fires carrying high tension fire lines. the fire was contained at 7:00 p.m. with crews staying overnight mopping up and watching for hot pots. >> fire investigators in santa rosa will be back at a burned out home for developmentally
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disabled at a group home. firefighters saw flames from the first and second floor but it took an hour to put out and the red cross is helping ten residents fine find housing. >> an image from a surveillance video hopefully can hold to a hit-and-run driver. this white dodge hit and killed a woman yesterday. a camera captured the vehicle as the driver left the scene at bay shore boulevard. witnesses say the woman was in the crosswalk with the green walk when the dodge hit her. the driver made a u-turn, slowly drove by the woman on the ground and sped off. she died at scene. >> now a look at the forecast. mike is here. so is spring. we will look at cool spring mornings, menlo park and palo alto at 41 and redwood city at 43 and san mateo is 46 and
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foster city is 47 and belmont is 49. moving north we have 51 in san francisco and south we have 47 in san jose. hayward and fremont at 46. and 49 at concord and 43 in sap a -- in san ramon and 44 at santa rosa and 47 at napa. from the exploritorium you can see the low clouds are hanging over downtown san francisco with our temperatures closer to average today and much cooler than yesterday. you can see a lost 60 out there and napa will reach 70 for a warp spot at two degrees warmer-than-average. sunrise we will not see until we are above 2,500' and sun will set at 7:23. temperatures are one to two degrees warmer tomorrow and on sunday and monday money 70's bay and inland and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast with cooler weather on way next week with rain in the seven-day outlook.
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good morning, everyone, a one alarm fire in san jose at the church of god. we have street closings in the area at minnesota where we will see fire department crews trying to fight the fire. watch out for that. stay away from the area. we can see in san rafael, along 101, southbound, those are the tail lights with traffic building at this hour, and it looks cheer from here but i tell you to the north that is where we have reduced visibility because of fog that is creeping over 101. use low beams this morning. coming up, the police department is fighting to keep prostitution legal for its officers. new video shows the quick action to save a baby locked inside a car for eight hours and the emotional reunion with the child's mother. president obama could dip --
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. a baby is safe this morning after his father forgot he left her in the car for eight hours. police officers in seattle used special equipment to unlock a car in a garage last night. investigators say a caller noticed a car with an indian in a car seat was parked in the garage since 10:00 a.m. and the distraught mother was completely speedless and could not form words after officers unlocked the car. the father last the baby in the car after dropping his other kids off at day care. the wife realized what happened after she picked up the older kids and the baby wasn't there. >> how duford get your own child in the back seat? >> i don't have an explanation.
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>> is the baby okay? >> he is okay. >> the investigation could lead to child theyflect charges or child protective services involvement. >> the c.e.o. of citizen motors is ready to go before congress to face questions over the re-recall of 1.6 million cars. mary barra will testify on april 1. the apology issued by her this week could offer a review of the testimony. she said and i quote, "something went wrong with our process and terrible things happened." in hawaii state lawmakers will continue whether to keep sex between prostitutes and police officers legal. a little known exemption in hawaii law allows officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations. state lawmakers tried to change that but the police department says they need the legal protection to help recent institutes in the act. officers are not revealing how
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often this happens, if ever, but they say they have provisions to make sure officers don't "abuse" the law. >> more bad news for blackberry that coulds there a very high profile client: probe and white house staff. the obama administration is testing new smartphones from samsung and l.g. with pilot testing underway. the spokesman will not say which we vices are in use. the testing is another black eye for blackberry that had half of the united states smartphone market and now down to .6 percent. we will look at how traffic is running on friday morning. it is not friday lite? >> it is not. you can use your phones for navigation with street closings in san jose because of a one
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alarm fire at a church of the minnesota avenue will be shut down until further notice with detours around that. at 580 westbound we have a lane blocked by a stalled big rig and traffic from tracy to dublin because of an early accident that lock since clear -- that long since cleared with backups remaining so 50 minutes from tracy to dublin. back to san jose and this is the drive along 101 headed up to the san jose airport with more cars but no accidents and no slow downs. >> we have the clouds on the picture in san jose and this is how live doppler 7 hd looks, manner layer clouds back and that means a cooling trend will take over today and we have clouds along the coast in the bay and we have been watching fog in the north bay valley. this will take until noon to finally clear out of here. then we will have high clouds this afternoon.
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bart is 41 in dublin for a cool spot and 43 in present and 46 in union city and hayward and 45 at lafayette. san lenadro is 47. 50 in oakland. 51 in san francisco. it is cooler than this time yesterday. this is how sfo looks, low clouds are there. so far, no flight arrival delays. we have cooler conditions today, where we should be for this time of the year. clouds tonight and brighter and warmer this weekend and a couple of chances of rain this week, sure hope so. you can see the high pressure is to the west with winds flowing to the low pressure so the cold front is there and it will be cooler today. our temperatures are upper 50's to let 60's brisk loan the coast and breezy conditions and 62 in
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san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's around the bayshore to the south bay and upper 60's to low 70's inland and clouds along the coast tonight and the fog to the north and the clouds will spill in the bay and may not be so extensive as this morning and mid-40's to around 50 for the bay and the coast and low 40's in the north bay and mid-to-upper 40's for the east bay valley. tuesday, first chance of rain with a warm front and second chance of rain is in the north bay with a cold front on wednesday, thursday, friday, a bigger system for saturday and sunday. you will love this weekend if you like to be outside in the warm sunshine. on monday we local five or ten degrees with the pattern shift on tuesday and wet weather tuesday into wednesday. i want to go skiing. what should i do? how long will it take? >> i have the lake tahoe report. >> good morning, everyone, it is not going to be snowing this
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weekend but it could snow next weekend. >> excellent...if you are headed up this weekend, no chains are requiring and 5' at alpine mode doughs and 3 to 3 1/2 hours to make it from there to the bay area, and north star, 5', and easy drive two hours and 50 minutes to boreal. no chains required. have fund. beautiful weather awaits even just to be in the fresh mountain air. >> well wishes from the bay area and beyond to a california k-9 wounded in the line of duty. the attack on bruno leaving him fighting for his life and how his recovery is going so far. >> baseball down under and we will show you how australia is making sure major league
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now a look at what coming up
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on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> we are following the latest in the search for the missing jumbo jet. planes are looking for possible debris deep in a part of southern indian ocean nicknamed the roaring 40's because of the dangerous conditions. we are tracking the currents and the conditions on "good morning america" in 36 minutes. >> stanford for the first time in six years is part of march madness, the ten seeded cardinal meets new mexico in st. louis and goes in as a slight underdog with lobos playing the third straight year and tip-off at 10:40 west coast time. >> the major league baseball senator be-- season begins tomorrow morning with dodgers and diamondbacks playing two games in said see on saturday first at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and the second at 7:00 p.m. our time. they had to have a big
6:25 am
transformation for the series with dug outs and outfield fence and 14 shipping containers of red class -- red clay from the united states. >> i have 500 tons of material that we brought into the ground and make sure we did not compromise the rest of the grounds. >> the first time in 100 years a major league game will be played in australia the last in 1914 between the white sox and new york giants. san francisco giants open march 31 in arizona and oakland plays the opener march 31 at home against cleveland. i know you want to talk about the red clay? >> so they used to rub up the baseballs to take off the sheen. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including a stunning story from the central coast after a
6:26 am
child is chained to the floor. >> i am katie marzullo where a man and his van plunge into the water and the man gets out but the van requires a massive piece of machinery. this is live doppler 7 hd tracking thick fog at less than quarter-mile visibility in vote of oh to a quarter in santa rosa aknowing today's temperature with a warming trend this weekend and the rain is next. in the traffic center, the metering lights are on at the bay bridge with heavy traffic and not friday light but we have street closings in san jose because of a fire.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:29 on friday and a look at san francisco international airport where waits and action and clouds sitting over the airport which could make for some delays for travelers. >> thanks for joining us. >> that guy was cleared for take off. will it stay that way in mike?
6:30 am
>> so far, no delays. hopefully keep our fingers crossed. to the north, lets than quarter mike visibility at novato so the 101 corridor at novato up to santa rosa is packed with low clouds. we have fog and low clouds but in the east bay valley where the low clouds are rolling in now the marine layer has established itself this morning. mid-40's to around 50 and to noon the clouds are back to the coast keeping you in the mid-to-upper 50's and brick and high clouds and not is warm at 4:00, grab a coat mid-50's to 60's headed out this evening on friday. we low pressured for friday light. leyla gulen? >> the good news is it is starting to calm down. we will see how the traffic is leaving san francisco down the peninsula and 101 has congestion
6:31 am
building up to 80 but the rest of the skyway is clear. over the peninsula to burlingame top speed is 280 and further to the south headed to redwood city and palo alto top speed is 280 cheer from woodside to los altos hills and this is hour lovely commute across the bay bridge and up to the toll plaza, it is looking busy. you can see traffic is moving through at treasure island. new this morning, a driver is fine after a dramatic scene at the berkeley marina. he drove right into the bay. when you hook into the dark water it is scary when you realize how close the call was. berkeley police department or the scene say it was a 75-year-old man behind the wheel
6:32 am
trying to maneuver the van and he went into the water. the van was only partly submerged but it was very dangerous. it could have been worse. >> very lucky. lucky the car did not go in the water and turn over. the man was able to get out of the van on his own and not hurt. authorities brought in a rescue swimmer but that person was not needed. the next big issue to get the van out of the water the police and fire department decided to bring in a $1 million rotator tow truck. the sergeant did not want to drag up the van and risk damaging the gas task so they brought in the heavy duty equipment to lift it into the air to the pavement.
6:33 am
>> why something like this could have happened the sergeant says he things possibly the van's gas pedal was stuck. two salinas women are accused of abusing and starving three children and chaining one to the floor so they could not reach her food. the children were found on friday when sheriff deupties were called to a home in monterey. the victims were severally malnourished and beaten and emotionally abused. the deputies arrested two women, 31-year-old and 44-year-old, one child was taken to the hospital and the other two are in the care of child protective services. >> police are looking for the person who shot and killed a young woman in richmond in her 30's. she was shot at south 4th street and florida at 10:00. no word on a suspect or possible motive. san francisco police are investigating a shooting near city college that left one
6:34 am
person wounded. officers heard gunshots while on patrol around 8:30 last night. officers evacuated the whole foods on ocean avenue after chasing the suspects toward the store. they searched parking lot at city college but could not fine the suspects. the victim was shot in the ankle. the first search plane sent to lack for debris from the missing malaysia airlines jet returned empty handed. weather conditions are better today off the cost of australia. teams from the united states and australia and new zealand are looking for possible debris spotted by satellite with five aircraft combing a wide area looking for the plane that disappeared two weeks ago. they plan to return tomorrow with ships and planes still headed for the region and officials say the certain is taking place in the most inaccessible spots on earth. >> in the ukraine, president
6:35 am
vladimir putin signed bills making crimea party of russia calling this a remarkable event before signing the bill interest haw at the kremlin today. this comes after sunday's referendum which residents overwhelmingly supported practicing from use cran and -- ukraine and joining russia. the united states and european young have responded by slapping sanctions on russia. >> negotiators are expected to return to the bargaining table to prevent a strike on monday at hospitals. 13,000 patient care and technical workers lessen a five-day walk out at all five uc hospitals. they are fighting to preserve pension and staffing but a spokesman says that the real sticking point is over their wages. a tense community meeting in san jose brought out concern over losing police. there are new projections that
6:36 am
show the san jose police department wills there another 100 officers by 2016. the department now has 970 street-ready officers. the mayor disputes the figures saying the goal is to have more officers on the street in the next few years although the city is dealing with skyrocketing retirement costs. >> we give them 10 percent pay increase, 4 percent this year and another raise next year. april 8 we will improve the benefits for officers who are hurt on the job. we are taking steps to improve retention. >> there were 1,400 street ready officers in 2008 before a series of budget cuts and pension reforms led to layoffs and early retirement and resignations. the oakland police department is looking to rebuild their's and using social media to do it. 60' banner on the side of headquarters points recruits to
6:37 am
the web and twitter and facebook. oakland is planning two academies a area each with 60 recruits. starting salary for oakland police officer is now $70,000 a area and could climb do more than $100,000 with overtime. five years ago they had now they have 615 officers. people in one middle eastern country can not access twitter. the san francisco company is letting them work around this mock average. this is the transamerica pyramid system with clouds dotting the skies. stay tuned.
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>> it is 40 on this friday. we have beautiful sunrise developing from mount tamalpais. you have to be 2,600' to see the sun rising over the marine layer clouds bringing a temperature of two to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. closer to where we should be. we have a few showers around las vegas and a last high clouds and sunshine and track kills of clouds, low clouds, along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's in san diego and los angeles.
6:41 am
nearly 80 through the industrial industrial -- the central valley. and lake tahoe, next week, that what we are looking at a chance of rain on tuesday and winter mix on wednesday and thursday and again next saturday. in fremont we have a brand new accident southbound along the nimitz at warren avenue involving a vehicle that hit the center divider. we do not have delays. we did have slowing apporaching mission on 680 southbound northbound traffic not too bad. they have this big rig hooked up and it is on the way. it was at airway boulevard westbound 580 block one lane and now we are starting to see the traffic dissipating but 24 miles per hour as you head through livermore away from vasco and it things out as you get closer to the dublin interchange. 6:41. another bay area tech company gets a multi-billion dollar
6:42 am
evaluation ahead, the new riches for air b&b. >> outspring of support for a canine officer that was hit with a bullet. >> huge flames at a south bay church and we are on
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6:45 am
>> covering benicia, san ramon and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we continue to follow breaking news in san jose where firefighters battled the fire at a church on minute avenue avenue. >> our reporter is on scene with the latest. matt? we have good news: the fire is officially out. firefighters are work on getting the structure secureed. the video dramatic. large flames were shooting from the office building of the church of god of san jose and firefighters called for two alarms and they were able to knock down the flame quickly before they got into the trees surrounding the building. only one building has fire damage. i woke up to noises and looked out my bedroom window and saw the lanes and smoke rising and i
6:46 am
said, everyone get up the church office is on fire. >> flames did not spread to the neighboring chapel and is used by the church staff for administration purposes and 100 people attend the church with no word on what starts the fire. no one was reported inside the bidding when it starts. firefighters are expected to be on the scene for a few hours this morning. support is pouring in to southern california this morning after bruno, a beloved police dog, was shot by a suspect. his photo shows him recovering after extensive surgery yesterday. bruno is a seven year old canine officer and is expected to survive. he was out with two prohibition officers in orange county and taking part in a search for a suspect when he found the man hiding in a trash bin.
6:47 am
there was a shooting and the suspect was killed. bruno was hit, as well. >> it was the -- he was the first to shot at the the have three officers shot. >> there are well wishes to bruno with the department say "our canine unit wins you a paw tacular recovery." >> turkey blocked access to the social media site on twitter. turkish users were given instructions on how to tweet using text memorials. turkey banned twitter at midnight their time. turks can use the work around to text tweets with citizens using twitter to voice opposition to the government and organize
6:48 am
demonstrations ahead of legislations. early this month a turkish prime minister threatened to opinion youtube and facebook. san francisco based twitter celebrates the 8-year-old birthday. to celebrate you can find your first tweet with the link posted on our website at abc7 news. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the big board. the dow continues in positive territory up 78 importants right now to 16409. in business, air b&b has new financing putting the value of the company at $10 billion. they let users rent out a couch, bedroom or house and champions a fee for each rental.
6:49 am
it is cheaper than hotels and a source of income for homeowners. it will be the most valuable start-up. now a check on the spring weather forecast. mike? >> here is what is going on: lots to talk about. most of the fog around santa rosa has moved away from novato but it is there and it is thick through the 101 corridor. we go up to santa rosa you can see how it is overspreading most of highway 101 and highway 12. it is quarter mile this and five miles visibility at half moon bay because of marine layer, and the winds at oakland and fairfield pointing to the knows the sea breeze will bring us cooler conditions today. we will start in the east bay valley in the low-to-mid 40's through the san ramon valley and walnut creek and concord and pleasanton hill and upper 40's and 51 in pittsburg and 46 in
6:50 am
livermore and friend in brentwood. 50 at half moon bay and. warmer spots and mountain view and mid-to-upper 40's hayward and san carlos and san jose at 39 in novato. from the east bay hills you can see the clouds cascading over the hills and trying to fill in the east bay valleys and they better hurry because the sun is just about up and we will have a slow reveal of sunshine with clouds tonight and prettier this weekend and the pattern change means a couple of chances of rain. our cloud cover law 7:00, can you see by noon most of the low clouds are back to the coast and the high clouds come in for the afternoon hours and the coast has stubborn clouds because of the cooling sea breeze. brisk and upper 50's there and low 50's in san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's at the bay shore and upper 70's inland. tonight is a repeat of this morning with clouds and fog and maybe a little less in the mid-40's to 50 around the bay
6:51 am
shore account coast and low-to-upper 40's inland. rain and cold front on tuesday, a break on thursday and friday and better chance of rain on saturday. we have our fingers crossed and we have been celebrating highway all month. in the big island this weekend on the eastern side near hilo is the best chance of rain on friday interest saturday and everyone will be dry on sunday and mid-to-upper 60's overnight and mid-70's headed throughout the afternoon hours. the winds are blowing out from the east so hilo has a better chance of showers. a home, a lost sunshine and one to two degrees warmer and cooler with a pattern change next week. >> hawaii sounds nice but it will be beautiful here in the bay area. happy friday, everyone, as we take you to san jose, matt is on the scene of the church fire and
6:52 am
minnesota avenue is still shut down in willow glen area and line 82 is being re-routed but bart is on time as all ferries are running on time. at vallejo and american canyon, 80 in the eastbound and westbound direction is at top speed but moving to the west you can see where peek has been telling us about fog with the area shaded in orange still looks to be right over petaluma and novato and we have moved into mannerwood and san rafael and we are still at we top speeds at 21 miles per hour at highway 16. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
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good morning, this is lake tahoe obviously, and this is heavy especially resort with snow and it will be a nice weekend for spring skiing there and the lifts are being tested and no one is there. it is a gorgeous way to start the day. >> as we hand thing off to "good morning america", here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news in the south bay, san jose first fighters have a church fire uncriminal and are now working to secure the building. large flames shot out of the office building as a church of god on minnesota avenue 90 minutes ago, and firefighters knocked it down. number two, 75-year-old man is okay after he drove his van into the bay. berkeley police say the man was trying to leave parking lots at the marina when he drove over an embankment into the water. the sergeant says it is possible the gas peddle was stuck. four fires have cleared the seen of a 40 acre fire in pittsburg.
6:55 am
they watched the place if part of the night with no word on a cause. >> no sign of the missing malaysia airlines jet after a second day of searching in the indian ocean. teams from the united states, australia and new zealand are looking for possible debris spotted i satellite 1,500 piles from the trail beyond coast and they return tomorrow. >> stanford will be part march madness for the first time in half dozen years taking on new mexico in st. louis. stanford is a sight underdog with tip-off at 10:40 our time. the fog in the authority bay valleys and the rest of the manner layer clouds on high live doppler 7 hd. check out as they cascade over the east bay hills. it is beautiful. our own cloud fall, not a waterfall. mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and veteran to 61 along the
6:56 am
coast where it will be breezy. >> seven, the upside is, you will not be lonely. it is looking busy at the bay bridge toll plaza but in san jose we have a brand new crash blogging 101 northbound at 680 at the 2 the 80 splash -- 280 slash 680 split. heavy traffic through livermore and back on breaks -- brakes at castro valley. >> way to see the silver laning, leyla leyla gulen, thanks for joining us. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. happening now in the search for the missing jumbo jet, planes in the air all night over the remote rough seas zeroing in on that search area. no signs of wreckage and new worrisome questions about the key data held back by the malaysian government wasting time in a search where every second counts. breaking now, vladimir putin fires back after president obama slaps new sanctions on russia. all aimed at putin's inner circle. his response this morning as tensions escalate in the ukraine crisis. plus, stunning security breaches at the freedom tower. how this 16-year-old boy slipped past a security guard to make it all the way to the top. his camera rolling. how could the new world trade center be this vulnerable before it opens later this year? new baby buggy. new baby -- new -- >>


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