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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this wednesday. i am katie marzullo. >> i am eric thomas. >> first a check on the forecast. >> it will finally dry up. >> the showers will start to fall apart. we have a stray chance across the north bay this afternoon but it is a stray chance. >> you can see the rotation of the storm offshore. it will keep sinking to the south. it will take the instability and the moisture with it. in the afternoon hours, we will see increasing sunshine and it will be dry and upper 50's to low 60's and at the coast it is cooler, mid-to-upper 50's.
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the streets still wet. yesterday was a downpour. at treasure island along the western span of the bay bridge we have an accident involving a vehicle with a little bit of a confusing report from c.h.p. it is on the lower span we hear and also the upper span. one car is at treasure island and it could block one lane in an accident were in san jose, starting with 101 as you come away from the nimitz you can see the traffic which is smooth and not too many cars at the san jose airport. from one end of 101 to the other, the headlights in the southbound direction coming away from 580 to san francisco will take you under 20 minutes. >> in oakland crews are cleaning up after a tree fell on the street last night.
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three cars were badly damaged when the tree fell at 10:00 and another received minor damage. the trees took down power lines and knocked out electricity to homes and three homes are still without power but no one was hurt. we will check on the crews and the progress when nick joins us at 5:30 from the scene. >> in san francisco crews cleaned up the damage after this tree crash down in the castro take down power lines on 20th and shut down a block for an hour. power was quickly restored. a huge oak street fell on a house at jefferson street splitting the roof and this is a tweeted by the register, two baths and a closet were damaged went tree came down with two people home at the time and no one was injured. >> the storm is bringing late season snow to the sierra and this is interstate 80 with the
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roads clear and the pay patrol wants that can change quickly with no chains now require on 80 or 50. carry them just in case if you are headed to the mountain. >> using live doppler 7 hd on our weather app you can download this from abc7 pg&e knew of the problem and it did not fix the problem is what a federal grand jury found indicting the utility on multiple counts related to the pipeline explosion. matt? >> construction is still taking place 3 1/2 years after the explosion. the state attorney general says the indictment is an important step in providing justice if the people who live in the neighborhood. pg&e is charged with 12 felony violations of the pipeline safety act. the prosecution is accusing them
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of failing to identify threats to the pipeline. the charge are the result of a three year investigation after deadly deadly point line explosion. the mayor issue add statement saying one of the worst natural gas disasters in american history was caused by pg&e's gross misconduct. they should get the harshest penalty. the utility released a statement but did not provide additional information or answer questions. >> this was a tragic accident. we are deeply sorry and we are being accountable. >> an attorney said that the statement from pg&e speaks volumes and there is in mention of anyone bees disciplined, no one was fired and no one was asked to return bonuses. the utility faces 500,000 fine for each of the 12 charges and still no word on a court date or
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arraignment in federal court. in chile that president declared a state of emergency after a massive 8.2 earthquake that forced evacuation last night along the entire specific coast. six people were killed kill kild power was knocked tout thousands items were shown coming off the store shelfs and 300 inmates escaped from a prison and the military dispatched special forces to guard against looting. the aftershocks continue this morning but the tsunami warnings have expired but hawaii, and that runs until 6:30 our time. >> there was a fatal fire in san francisco when an 84-year-old woman was killed. we have video showing 5:30 in
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the afternoon a man living there jumped from a second-story window to escape the flames. he and four others were taken to the hospital, two in critical condition. firefighters could not reach jane thompson in time. the red cross is helping the familiar find shelter. >> a co-conspirators chow is accused of money laundering and other crimes as the alleged head of a chinatown-based gang and not yet enter add plea and denied bail after a judge deemed ima flight risk. >> in hayward, sleeping overnight on city hot will be illegal after a new ordinance was approved as part of the effort to make downtown hayward
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safer. it prohibits camping and putting up sleeping bag and tents on city property with fines up to $500. critics call this heartless unfairly targeting the homeless. >> a federal judge is ordering another pay raise for the monitor of the oak police department approving the $15,000 contract for the firm that has $900,000 deal to make sure the department is following reform ordered after a 1999 brutality case. he is getting the extra money after a separate court appointed overseer was fired and his cuts transferred to the company. >> an oakland woman will help the first lady plant the kitchen guarden, a member of a group that connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.
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mrs. obama invited her and several volunteers to help with the garden part of the "let's move" campaign to improve the health of america's kids. >> the storms could be moving on to greener pastures. mike? >> they are headed to the south. the storm is the strongest right now at light to possibly moderate rain from south san francisco pulling away from daly city and colma and headed through burlingame and millbrae right now and on top of sfo. the shower overoakland is headed to san leandro and weakening and the shower that pulling from marin county toward richmond is also weakening. here is 101 in san rafael, you can see the spray coming up from the car so it is wet with enough
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moisture that you will find slick spots. the next twelve hours we have weaker showers through 7:00. we will be dry by noon with clouds but brighter at mid-to-upper 50's and hanging out in the mid-50's to 60's at 4:00 and the bright it part of the afternoon is as the sun is setting. make sure your windshield wipers are in good working order. as we look right now at the san mateo bridge in the western direction we had an early stall but a tow truck is pulling that out of the lanes. it is clear and at top speeds from east to west. 580 away from tracy to livermore at the dublin interchange, 33 minutes and the traffic over the altamont pass. in the east bay, albany to the
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maze, it is four minutes and from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. 280 headed away from 17, we have a stalled vehicle and hopefully it is off to the shoulder. southbound traffic is a few scant cars making either to -- making it to 17. >> starbucks is bringing back something sweet. >> let the apple watch begin, a new report is talking about the next iphone. >> a visit to the white house in a selfie that is getting
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san francisco and east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, a look from our rooftop camera at the embarcadero which is empty right now with the wet streets there, but the rain is finally going to dry up and mike will tell us when. it seems like yesterday you got the new iphone and now brace yourself for were people and the next iphone production in may with a fall release. the next generation will have a bigger screen. a 4.7" version followed by a 5.5" screen. the current has a 4" scene which is an attempt to catch up to rival samsung. lufthansa has canceled many
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the airline says they cannot afford the increases. they expect to cancel about 3,400 flights altogether affecting 400,000 passengers. the airline said they have done what it could to offer alternate travel arrangements for passengers and rebooked customs on trains or different airlines. g.m. c.e.o. talks of dealing with recalls in the future while being grilled on capitol hill and a bigger and faster thrill for your buck. here is america's money. good morning, the new general motors c.e.o. mary barra runs to capitol hill today for a second day telling lawmakers her new g.m. is different from the old g.m. and even those recalls did not hold back the american auto industry with g.m. up 4 percent and chrysler up 13 percent. shoppers taking advantage of low
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rates. >> starbucks is bringing back cake slices by popular demand. the slices will now be more expensive. expect bigger and better and fast are rides at theme parks including sixing ins in new jersey with the tallest drop ride in the world lifting rider 41 stories in the air and they plummet back to earth at 90 miles per hour. that is america's money. the selfie boston red sox star staged a photo when president obama when the red sox visited the white house. a spokesman said that the company has a relationship with the player who signed a deal with the cell phone provider on monday. both tweet add picture as a promotion but it is not clear if
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the white house knew anything about lands for the selfie. it has been re-tweeted 38,000 times and last month, they had success during the oscars when ellen degeneres took a selfie with her samsung. >> in washington, dc, the baby panda at the national zoo is putting her chiming skis to the test: the seven-month-old went out for the first time with mom and the zoo coopers had to cub proof the enclosure putting extra hay out and big daddy hung around in another part of the exhibit leaving mom and baby to eat and adoring clouds to watch. >> baby proofing. just get the little plastic gets, right? >> because your baby could climb a three story enclosure. and escape.
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>> still need the umbrella this morning with some areas needing the patience. i am showing you the last three hours so you can see the showers out there and the reason why although it is not raining in your neighbor, possibly the streets are still wet out there as this area low pressure is giving us a last push of wet weather. broadening the picture it is sinking to the south and the slow to the west which is a center of instability which is headed to santa barbara. that is why a drying trend is on the way. 41 in palo alto as the cool spot and 44 in menlo park. redwood city is at 43. san mateo is at 45.
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san carlos is at 45 and same in fremont and oakland and napa, concord, san ramon, los gatos is at 42. hose is at 45 and san francisco at 47. this is how it looks. the clean air over us today. custody a great day to take pictures because of the clone air over us. increasing sunshine and's average highs coming in on sunday and the middle part of next week. at 7:00, you can see a drying trend developing as we head to 9:00 or 10:00 when it is gone. we get sunshine and a slow coming from the east pushing it up against the mountain along napa county with a natural lift creating an isolated shower and the rest of us are dry went sun
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is setting when we lose the instability and chan of showers. tomorrow morning will be more dry. upper 50's to low 60's is how you should dress if this afternoon. mid-to-upper 40's at the bay shore and to the coast. the seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and steady and a lack of sunshine on sunday and above average, mid-60's to mid-70's inland on monday, and possibility even 80 on tuesday. >> another report of a possible accident in oakland. maybe it is a stall. but it is busy and we have more drenched conditions on the roads. it is westbound at the westbound 80 connection so it is blocking partly one lane but not causing delays to the maze.
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we are waiting for a tow truck. try to avoid any accidents this morning because you do not want to be stuck in falling rain on the side of 9 road. if you are headed along 101 southbound from santa rosa to rohnert park, headed into novato at 66 miles per hour and dry approaching novato and highway 37. in lucas valley and mill valley, that area there you will see wetter conditions along the roads but staying at top speeds to the golden gate bridge. mass transit is all on time. bart and muni showing no delays. katie marzullo and eric? >> 5:20. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> big possible new addition to the cast of "good morning america" and a special speakers that had hundreds of
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know, six people are dead following an 8.2 earthquake that rocked chile's pacific coast last night, knocking items off the store shelfs and forced the evacuation of more than 900,000 people. tsunami warnings have expired all but hawaii. >> crews are cleaning up in oakland after a tree fell smashing three cars that brought down power lines and knocking out electricity at homes at 10:00. >> a snowboarder from san francisco who was lost in the storm has been found safe. the 25-year-old spent monday night and yesterday walking until he found a home in the
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soda springs area at 58 last night and got help. >> receding floodwaters are now allowing rescuers to look for bodies in mudslide areas that was inaccessible, the death toll north of seattle is now at 28, with 0 still missing. >> malaysian airlines is introducing strict new security measures in the wake of the disappearance of flight 370 including an extra crew member added on all flights and the pilot and co-pilot are never to be last alone during the flight. still tracking scattered showers for the morning commute and promising dry air to be on the way with warmer-than-average weather this weekend. >> water continues to trickle from the skies and cars are still trickling into the bay bridge as we look at soggy commutes on the bay bridge toll plaza we have a couple of problems an the bay.
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president obama heads to michigan had morning to promote the push to raise the national minute wage and will speak at the university of michigan in ann arbor with hundreds catching out for a chan to -- chance to get tickets. president obama wants to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. he will travel to chicago for two fundraisers. >> and "live with kelly and michael," will join "good morning america" cast part time with the football star working semi regularly during the first hour. "good morning america" has lost two anchors in the past month.
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>> who needs sheep? >> rosie is not in a broadway play but she will take home an award, the co-host of "the view" received a special award given to members of the theater community for their philanthropic efforts for arts in the new york city public schools and has host several times. >> top stories are at 5:30 including the double shooting in the east bay with a close look at the crime scene by investigators.
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this is abc7 news. >> good good morning, everyone,m katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> exhausted umbrellas may be getting a rest. >> new they will be put away for a little while but for friday in the north bay. here is marin county, and sausalito and the golden gate bridge all getting a light shower right now. sliding down and over sfo to san mateo, a light-to-moderate shower and those are the two main areas of wet weather as you can see, the area of low pressure and instability area is moving to the south. our forecast from the east bay hills, the air is clean and now we need to scrub out the clouds with increasing sun today and dry and milder with temperatures
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at mid-to-upper 50's and a stray shower across the north bay mountains in the afternoon hours. >> we still have an accident in oakland westbound on 580 as we make it up to the 80 connection headed to the maze at eastbound 80 it is possible blocking a lane with delays in that area as we make the push to the bay bridge so watch out for that if you are traveling along 980 or the nimitz. if you are headed to the snow, we have chains required for highway 88 but not 80 or 50. at kirkwood keep the chains handy because conditions are decent if you are headed up to the snow. >> we have breaking news in oakland all southbound lanes of interstate 880 have re-opened after a deadly crash that blocked lanes for several hours and triggered a sig-alert. the highway patrol says after
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midnight a car spun out-of-control on the freeway south of high street and ten minutes later that car was hit. a driver got out and walking on the shoulder and that person was hit and killed by at least one other vehicle. >> the combination of rain and wind is causing a problem for weakened trees and their weak root systems. >> nick is in oakland. stay away from the fallen power lines. >> not only the downed power lines but the possibility of more rain hitting oakland it is coming down now. this is something you are not used to seeing, held in one hand but it came down from the light poll. look at this, a downed oak tree which is about 90 years old.
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we are in the 500 block of el dorado avenue in oakland and this tree came down just after 10:00 and one resident said this morning i didn't hear anything happen until i heard you talking about a tree downed on my street. i can show you how big the tree is, this is it, it came from that yard, it smashed these three cars and we have the s.u.v. to front, the bmw with rear windshield damage, if you can follow us on twitter we will show you the pictures, clearly, it is fortunate that anyone was in the car. clearly, it is fortunate that no one was in the car hype us and the weak soil may have play add part bring down the tree with downed power line and downed cable lines and three homes new
5:33 am
sitting in the dark. why need to tell you, katie and eric, i i am not knocking on the doors of the homeowners because they are probably upset. >> they deserve a break. >> in the santa cruz mountains, folks took the brunt of the we -- of the storm. the rain has been driving in customers to the local hardware store. >> we have emergency panchos and people camping out at basin and were not quite prepared so they came in and pick up some items. >> the wet weather brought a beautiful rainbow. but not many in the mood for ice cream at the local baskin robbins. >> in the east bay, hail.
5:34 am
a viewer sent us this video and you can hear the marble-sized chunks of ice as this was reported from indoors. >> you can track the rain using live doppler 7 hd on our weather app and download it from >> in the sierra a snowboarder went missing monday in the storm has been found alive and well. the 25-year-old was snowboarding with his father in the back country across interstate 80 and they were separated in the cold and snow. authorities say that he spent monday night and yesterday walking until he finally found a home in the soda springs area at 8:00 last night and got help. he survived by using his snowboard and debris to build a shelter and taken to a local hospital suffering from minor forecast bite. >> new developments in the
5:35 am
massive earthquake in chile with the death 208 rising to six overnight and a tsunami warnings and advisory expired everywhere but hawaii with the 8.2 earthquake that struck the northern coast. items fell off the store shelves and sent people panicked into the streets. 900,000 people were evacuated. buildings were shake as far away as bolivia and peru. >> you could feel the walls and floor moving. >> there have been 30 afterhocks one at 6.2. a tsunami advisory is in effect in hawaii until 6:30 our time but it is laxly a precaution. >> oakland police are investigating a double shooting that left one dead and sent
5:36 am
another to the hospital. police cordoned off 66th avenue where the victims were found last night. their names and ages have not been released. >> no word on the victim's condition. we are waiting for an update from police on the shooting suspect. a firefighter accused of driving a fire truck while drunk and striking a motorcycle will be arraigned. he surrendered to police after being indicted. video shows the fire truck allegedly driven by quinn going through a red light at 5th and mission and hitting a motorcyclist who suffered broken bones but survived. he was arrested in july but the case was discharged with further investigation. >> arson and trying to determine the cause of a fire that claimed the life of a grandmother in san
5:37 am
francisco. this is video shot by a neighbor. the fire broke out at 5:30 yesterday when a man had to jump from the second-story window to escape the flames. two are now in critical condition. firefighters could not reach the elderly victim. >> lady that was upstairs...we did everything we could to help her...but we had to leave it to the firemen. >> my drop was 84. she was our world, the rock of the family. >> the red cross is helping the fall find shelter. >> 3 1/2 years after the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire pg&e has been indicted for the incident. a federal grand jury indicted the out stilt on 12 charges for failing to identify threats to the pipelines and inaccurate record keeping after a blast that killed eight people and
5:38 am
destroyed or damaged 38 homes in 2010. the mayor release add statement saying and i quote, "one of the worst natural gas disasters in american history was caused by pg&e's gross misconduct. pg&e and the executived should get the harshest penalty to prevent this from happening again." pg&e. s committed to improving safety and faces a $6 million fine for the charges. >> the snow and rain coming to northern california is not enough to end the drought. in mountain skew the city council declare add stage one water emergency which means 10 percent water shortage. the move authorizes the staff to ban nonessential water use and restaurants do not serve water unless requested. you cannot watch your vehicles with a hose. in marin county, officials are urging residents to cut back
5:39 am
on water use by 20 percent 679 the marin independent journal reports that the north marin water district has adopted an emergency water shortage ordinance. it could consider mandatory cutbacks. officials are directing resolution depths to a special website for water saving tips. if you want to check it out we have a link on our website at do not be fooled by the rain. >> our swift is still huge but not as big as it was at still 7" in the hole in livermore and san jose and 9.5" at oakland and 9.5" in downtown san francisco and 18" deficit in santa rosa so, city, considerably smaller but still large. fog in novato.
5:40 am
reduced visibility at sfo because it is raining there now and same at half moon bay but over san francisco and toward berkeley it is clear this morning and we will breakdown the 24-hour temperature change, one to six degrees warmer but still in the upper 50's to 60's and cooler than average. today, get ready for scattered showers through the morning commute and they will end at 9:00 and we will see the clouds open and warm from the low-to-mid 40's to the mid-50's by noon and hang out in the mid-50's to 60 at 4:00 with a stray sure possible and sunny by 7:00 and low-to-mid 50's. 32 degrees at 3,800' but that is it. >> along the peninsula, saturated ground causing a mudslide and westbound highway 84 from portola we have one lane
5:41 am
blocked. be careful. c.h.p. will have to do traffic control or traffic break. >> in the east bay, into concord, westbound highway 4 at willow pass a two-car crash and one is totaled. it sounds serious and in the center divider they are not blocking lanes and we could see activity when c.h.p. is on the scene. to the south at tracy westbound 580 we have cars parked in the lanes but heavy traffic westbound push from 205 into livermore. walnut creek southbound, cars make their way from pleasant hill to highway 24 junction where it will take approximately ten minutes. >> drills will be working on an underground project that will corrupted several communes. >> first the house of representatives and now the
5:42 am
senate demanding answers from the g.m. chief. the winner of the $425 million power ball jackpot comes forward and his neighbors are shocked they have been living next to a
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covering los altos, andantsback this is abc7 news.
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>> with construction of the san francisco subway station underway the muni metro line along 19th could go underground coming from downtown from the west portal tunnel continues to st. francis circle and passes by the san francisco state university. muni officials are looking at a $1 million study to make that part of the subway system to improve pedestrian safety in the area and help the flow of traffic on 19th. general motors c.e.o. mary barra faces more grilling on capitol hill. she told a house of representatives subcommittee g.m. was slow in warning customers of a defective ignition switch that is blamed for 13 deaths. g.m. recalls more than 2.5 million cars over the switch since february. documents show the piece needed would have cost 57 cents. lawmakers want to necessity why
5:46 am
it took a decade to issue the recall. mary barra reportedly toll the panel the answers are part of the g.m. internal investigation. a local man has come forward as the winner of hundreds of millions. the man from discovery bay claim the $425 million powerball prize on february 19. the neighbors had no idea he won. >> he has been doing work on the house but not $425 million worth of work. >> he goes to work at 4:30 in the morning. so...maybe that will change. i hope so for him. >> the spokesman said that the winner went to the lump sum payout and set up a charity for childhood hunger the sixth largest in powerball history. >> he will not get up at 4:30 to
5:47 am
watch us but he will hire someone to watch us. >> we will take it. >> as many as we can get. >> we are watching sfo with big time delays the last couple of days up to three hours. the tarmac is wet and it has been raining for half an hour so far. the system has been slow to move through san francisco and down the peninsula so right now they are not saying there are any delay but they let us know at 6:00. i will health you know here. >> live doppler 7 hd shows from south san francisco to san mateo to hillsborough and millbrae, those areas are getting wet and still hanging around the golden gate bridge with some of our wet weather. here is the big picture, the low is sliding south and it will keep us in the potential for
5:48 am
showers through the 9:00 hours up north, with a stray shower possible in the afternoon. speaking of north, this is the area on the east side giving us the best chance of a stray shower. california story is 41 and napa is 44 and petaluma is 45 and san rafael is the warmest. lafayette and cupertino at 42, the cool spots. san jose and newark at 45. san carlos at 47. we have a low dropping from the gulf of alaska toward us. when the low moves by we have high pressure bringing increasing sun line and not so chilly and light rain on friday and above average warmth is. coming on sunday through early part of next week. here is the cloud cover and the
5:49 am
rain and you can see it dissipating from 9:00 to noon and watch the stray chance of a shower in the north bay in the afternoon when the sun is secretary at 7:00 and we will lose the instability and the threat. high clouds 8 come in and the temperatures are the same temperature as they are this morning which, still, is cooler-than-average. from the coast through the bay to inland, tonight, we will hang out in the low-to-mid 50's inland and mid-to-upper 40's to the bay sure and the coast. seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees warmer tomorrow holding steady on friday with light rain and temperatures jump back to average on saturday and above average with 70's and 80's monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> we have 45 bart trains on time and in redwood city, we have camp group, very soaked ground, westbound highway 84 a
5:50 am
mudslide now is aknowing -- affecting the lane and we my have to bring in one way traffic >> low from tracy to the altamont pass and car parts in the lanes causing delays. we have a crash at willow pass road with 18 minutes getting you from antioch to concord and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. in san jose, it is dry and you can see looks like 101 is traveling nicely away from 880. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> if you have had to kick the salt habit we have news for you the government recommendations on salt could be too low.
5:51 am
>> remembering the man who bilk investors of their life savings a quarter of a century ago.
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5:53 am
>> they could not wait to sing. >> the cast of "the lion king" broke out in song on a flight to australia. many passengers seemed to enjoy
5:54 am
the musical even if the cast was not wearing their elaborate costumes. >> first-class! >> if only kristen sze was here. sceat, -- katie, can you sing for us? >> sorry, you are missing the singer. >> double header today, a day-night double header. 12:35 is the normal ticket. the 6:00 game is the makeup for yesterday's game. that will be 55 degrees and falling into the low 50's, with sunset at 7:34. still snow showers in the sierra to the grapevine and heavy showers running through southern california and that is where we will be in the low-to-mid 60's and higher elevations around those areas could bring snow and
5:55 am
mid-60's through the central valley. clearing late today in monterey. >> would needs an inflight movie with that kind of entertainment. >> now, in concord, along in the westbound direction it is right along highway 4 at willow pass road a serious crash but it is not blocking any lanes and one car is totaled. from tray she to castro valley, 48 minutes and 101 through san jose airport it is 14 minutes and still clear, and as you go through daly city, up to san francisco that is under ten minutes. >> new this morning, you have her the centers for disease control warnings of eating too much salt and now it is bad for your blood pressure and heart but now the guideline could cause us to eat too little salt. the centers for disease control say members age 50 and old are and african-americans of any age should take no more than 1500
5:56 am
milligrams of salt a day but a new report says that number could be too low and could be harmful. the report says a range between 2800 and 4900 milligram as day would lead to more favorable health outcomes. >> money can buy happiness depending on what you buy. 400 people were looked at and those who believed material items were a better use of money than an experience lick a vacation but the purchases did not actually make them happier after they bought something, the same consumers believed buying an experience would have provided greater value as well as leading to greater well-being. >> here is an experience one guy will never forget, a tree trimmer survives after somehow getting a chainsaw stuck in his
5:57 am
next. the x-rays say it all. it barely miss add major artery in james' neck. the pennsylvania man was cutting branches at an odd ankle to avoid the power lines. he will take a few days off before going back to work. >> i think he should go in a different direction with his career. >> something that does not involve power tools. >> we continue at 6:00 with the new stories including reaction from the california scientists following a massive earthquake in chile and they say the shaking is not over. >> a campus prayer controversy over a little girl and what a family says a teacher did to her daughter after she starting praying. >> a surprising announcement from a popular news
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a fallen tree and tangleed power lines and mangled cars. the clean up is underway. the tsunami warning from hawaii to chile after a powerful earthquake rocked the country and where the threat stands now. >> the biggest companies in northern california is facing a criminal indictment for its role in the deadly pipeline explosion. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. i am katie marzullo. >> i am eric thomas. you must be wondering when the rain will end? mike? >> it caused havoc with the commute and it will do that. you can see the golden gate bridge,


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