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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, massive earthquake. the huge 8.2 quake striking just off the coast of chile. a million people evacuating on foot fleeing stores, shelves collapse and tsunami warnings triggered around the entire pacific rim. damage reports coming in right now. in the hot seat, the head of general motors set to be grilled again in those blistering hearings by congress. dramatic testimony from mary barra about why gm didn't fix the ignition problem in millions of their cars as victims' families stare her down. jedi jackpot. this mystery man scores a massive golden ticket on april 1st. $425 million. his "star wars" celebration and the jaw-dropping plan for how he's using all that money. ♪ our house it really does take a
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village to move a house. it's friendship taken to a whole new level. 80 men, no machine, nothing but manpower. a whole new kind of home sweet home. ♪ in the middle of our ♪ and good morning, america. you're still bopping around, dancing star. >> my thanks again to everyone involved with that show. it was so much fun. >> it was fun to watch. >> i did that little spin with val and maks just for you. >> thank you. >> cinderella, put the slippers away. back to work. we have a busy morning for you with a new severe weather warning right now. more than 50 million on the watch for damaging winds and tornadoes over the next two days. and that breaking news overnight. a major earthquake just off the chilean coastline. the west coast and hawaii were on watch for tsunamis. we have videos just coming in. ginger is tracking it all right now.
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>> the video pretty astounding. 8.2 magnitude quake in the northern part of that nation. almost to the border of peru. you can see it right there triggering landslides, thousands this morning without power and tsunami warnings and advisories overnight. [ sirens ] >> reporter: this morning tsunami sirens blaring, chaos as devastation following an 8.2 magnitude earthquake on the coast of chile. driving almost a million people to evacuate their homes. fires burning after a six-foot tsunami followed the quake. watch as this surveillance video captures people running from a store, some holding children, bottles flying from the shelves. at least six people are dead and many more injured. power outages reported across the region. water levels to 9 feet above normal in some regions. the quake striking 12 and a half miles beneath the ocean floor.
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86 miles epicenter off the northern port city of arica. overnight, approximately 300 inmates escaping from a women's prison. chile's military dispatching special forces to guard against looting. the earthquake even shaking buildings as far away as bolivia and peru. >> you could feel the wall moving, as well as the floor. >> reporter: american mother tina andrews touring peru with her family when they had to evacuate their hotel. >> we all rushed outside to the courtyard. my kids were very upset, but we were really fortunate. >> a majority of earthquakes in this world do happen in something called the ring of fire. and this one is right there. this ring of fire has been extremely active for the past 7 days, more than 1,700 earthquakes worldwide. we've been hearing about those in los angeles. and, of course, this is not the only effect. we do still have tsunami advisories for the islands here in hawaii. no major tsunami expected. it's not going to travel that much, but the currents are going to be rough. and we're watching that coming up. also that severe weather today
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and tomorrow, back here domestically we have our own threats. >> all right, ginger, thank you very much. we'll move on now to washington where the new ceo of general motors is facing more tough questions this morning on capitol hill. abc's rebecca jarvis is live in washington with the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we're expecting an emotional day of testimony ahead with gm's ceo mary barra back in the hot seat. congress expected to pepper her with tough, new questions. including if gm senior management had no idea about those ignition problems for over a decade, who did? they've come to the capitol in search of answers. >> we're the voice of our daughters who can't speak for themselves today. >> reporter: jane rimer remembering her 18-year-old daughter natasha killed with 15-year-old, amy lynn rademaker when she says this chevy cobalt's ignition failed on a wisconsin road in 2006. >> do you swear that the testimony you're about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> reporter: mary barra, the
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newly appointed ceo and gm veteran back in the hot seat today for round two of grilling by congressional leaders about why gm decided not to fix the ignition problem linked to at least 13 deaths for over a decade. >> it's not acceptable to have a cost put on a safety issue. >> you're telling us that general motors has changed its position how it handles costs and safety issues? >> i think we in the past had more of a cost culture, and we are going to a customer culture that focuses on safety and quality. >> reporter: gm has now recalled 2.6 million cars with those faulty ignitions. >> ms. barra, you've been with the company for over 30 years yet you claim never once did this cross your desk in the last decade. what do you say to the families and how do you explain that to them? >> i was never a part of that process on this issue. >> reporter: but this morning, the families who lost their loved ones are looking for more hoping today's testimony answers their questions. >> there's no amount of money that can replace my daughter. but i do want justice to come out of this.
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>> reporter: one thing they'll be listening to very carefully today, our questions about a victim's fund. yesterday mary barra said in 30 to 60 days gm will make a decision about how to take care of the victims of those family members. robin? >> we are thinking about all those families. rebecca, thank you. >> still a lot of work to do. the latest on that desparate search for missing flight 370. in a new development, military submarines are heading to the search zone. and abc's david kerley is tracking the effort. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. good news a submarine arrived in this area, but where should it be listening right now? planes are just returning after searching 85,000 square miles, this larger box, just a portion is where they looked and so far they haven't spotted anything. this is the british submarine the "hms tireless" now probing the waters off australia. but with no wreckage sighted on the surface, where does it start looking and listening? those batteries on the black box pingers will start to fade in a
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handful of days and the sub will have to be within a mile or so to hear them. >> the luck with using submarines you have to be in the right place. the water will only conduct it for a certain amount of distance. we have to have a lot of luck to be in the right place. >> reporter: while the military had aircraft in the area, a new zealand newspaper reports peter jackson, movie director, has been enlisted to help too, or at least his private jet, which reportedly was to fly over part of the search area. so if the pingers stopped, what next? sonar scans of the bottom looking for wreckage. that's what found air france in the atlantic. with the help of these math wizards in virginia. they use statistics and a computer model to figure out the most likely place where the wreckage might be and even in this case, they think it'll work. >> in fact, it's really the only technique to use at this point when you really need something to constrain the search area because, you're right, they're looking at half the indian ocean right now. >> reporter: investigators and police say this -- this still appears to be an intentional criminal act.
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if indeed it was, one would have to say whoever at the controls may have accomplished what they wanted. making a 777 disappear at least for now. >> wow, okay, david, thanks very much. let's get the morning's other top stories from amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with criminal indictments handed down against one of the nation's largest utility companies. pacific gas and electric charged with 12 felony counts in connection with explosion that killed eight near san francisco in 2010. it sparked this fireball that leveled 38 homes. pg&e is accused of failing to address safety concerns even after inspectors uncovered problems. and new images of the mudslide in washington show the terrible scar where homes once stood. crews combing through the contaminated debris have uncovered more victims raising that death toll to 28. 20 people are still missing. and fugitive couple accused of collecting benefits for the poor while enjoying a life of luxury are now under arrest. in florida.
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prosecutors say andrea and colin chisholm from minnesota were living in a yacht as they scammed the government out of $168,000 out of welfare, medicare and food stamps even though they had millions in the bank and claimed to be scottish royalty. they could now face 20 years in prison. and now a very rich man has come forward to collect a jackpot most of us can only dream of. this morning the one winner of that $425 million powerball jackpot finally claiming his fortune. the date may say april 1st but this is no joke. the mystery powerball jackpot winner stepping forward and claiming his check for the largest winning jackpot in california history. >> he still can't really believe it himself and believes it's a prank but the reality it's not. it's the truth. >> ray buxton not showing his face but celebrating his newfound fortune tuesday with a fitting yoda t-shirt that reads, luck of the the jedi i have. that sole winning ticket one of two he purchased for the february 19th drawing picked up
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at this chevron convenience store north of san jose, california. buxton stopping in for a sandwich but leaving with a ticket worth a lump sum of 242.2 million bucks before taxes. i sat in front of the computer for hours in disbelief checking and rechecking the numbers, he said. it's amazing how a little slip of paper can change your life. after a bit of traveling buxton says he plans to use his jaw-dropping jackpot to start a charitable foundation focused on child health, hunger and education. >> winning the loto couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. >> reporter: buxton says he couldn't sleep for days even after the initial shock wore off. that's my kind of insomnia. a close call for a man trimming a tree near pittsburgh. the chain saw he was using -- look at that. snapped back and became lodged in his neck. two inches down the blade just missing a major artery. he's expected to make a full recovery. all right.
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finally, we all have friends who asked us to help them move. but this takes friendship to an entirely new level. watch as this group of amish men in pennsylvania, about 80 men altogether, they lift an entire house in just five minutes, they carry it using sheer manpower alone following amish customs no machines can be used. they hoisted it on to that concrete base. if you look closely, you can see all of their feet moving in concert to make this move actually happen. they say many hands make light work for everyone. i don't know. that doesn't look very light to me. >> they could be helping out. >> the guy not helping. >> what are you guys doing this weekend? >> not doing that. >> can i say something? because i'm now just getting back. i want to add my congratulations to you, amy. >> thank you very much. >> it's wonderful to have you. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. it feels odd. it feels like you've been a part of the family. >> i still haven't left. >> no.
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you still haven't left. >> right. >> but, you know, like everybody else i'm going to miss josh. i'm going to miss him so much and wish him the best. who am i going to talk sports with now? >> not me, sorry. >> i can do diving, swimming. sorry. >> that's a start. >> i can try. some soccer? i could try. >> what do you got? >> i'll do whatever you want but i can't dress like you and amy this morning. >> we coordinated. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you, robin. all right, now the miraculous survival story. a runner missing for two days found alive after enduring snow and brutal cold. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: a kiss from his girlfriend and words of thanks for his rescuers. >> i'm grateful. thank you very much. >> reporter: that's how bob root's survival story ended. this morning, in a "gma" exclusive he tells us how it began and how he lived. >> i was running and got lost. i picked the wrong trail and went that way. >> reporter: sunday morning the
7:13 am
55-year-old runner from modesto, california, found himself alone in the woods after getting separated from his running group. taking a wrong turn on a trail. >> i didn't feel too scared. i felt frustrated with myself. >> reporter: he survived 51 hours in the woods, two frigid nights and a snowstorm wearing only his running shorts, shoes, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. huddling in bushes at night to stay warm. >> i curled up into a ball to stay warm. it was raining and i backed myself up into some brush. >> reporter: the experienced runner had only half a bottle of water and some athletic energy supplements. he turned into eating snow for survival. more than 100 volunteers were searching for him when he spotted their brightly colored uniforms tuesday afternoon. >> i noticed some people over there in some red jumpsuits and so i walked off the ridge and i said, hi. >> reporter: root spent a few hours in the hospital but he's just fine and will not stay off his feet long.
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>> will probably be out running this weekend. he is that kind of a runner. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> that is some determination. we have a new story this morning about the power of pope francis. church leaders around the world being humbled by his example. atlanta's archbishop, wilton gregory, forced to apologize and offered to leave a massive $2.2 million mansion in that city's most select neighborhood. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this morning the calls from catholic families across atlanta are urging archbishop wilton gregory to move out of his newly built mansion and into something more modest. >> i think that the pope has set the precedent of how we should live, and i think it's simply. >> reporter: the brand-new home was part of a well planned expansion project for the growing church and its staff. but it shocked parishioners with its $2.2 million price tag and more than 6,000 square feet. this is not the simple life
7:15 am
celebrated by pope francis. it has an elevator, two dining rooms and an eight burner gas stove. the original blueprints included plans for a wine cellar and a chandelier. the church says it has always planned to turn the archbishop's former home near the cathedral into a work space. >> with that residence being freed up we have the opportunity for meeting space, we have an opportunity for expansion for school opportunities. >> reporter: but with a flood of complaints, atlanta's archbishop was forced to apologize this week and now offering to move. "i failed to consider the example i was setting," he wrote. "to all of you, i apologize sincerely and from my heart." the new leadership in the vatican hasn't taken lavish living lightly, removing the bishop of bling, that german bishop who spent 43 million on a new residence. and in new jersey, the archbishop john meyers is still defending the $500,000 he's spending adding a pool, fireplaces and other luxuries to his home. atlanta's archbishop will meet with other clergy and church
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council later this month and decide whether to move. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. now to someone doing the right thing. a 911 dispatcher on her first day on the job, she saved a life. one which astonishingly turned out to be her own father. abc's john muller is here with this touching story. good morning, john. >> it is touching and it is incredible. good morning. we all know how stressful the first day of any new job is but imagine being a brand-new 911 operator and lives are on the line. now, if that's not stressful enough imagine one of your first 911 calls as your own dad fighting for his life. >> reporter: dekalb emergency 911, what's the address of the emergency. >> reporter: a mere four hours into crystal morrow's first day on the job, and she was about to hear the last voice she expected on the other end of this call. >> i have a 55-year-old man here that's had diabetes or whatever and he's incoherent. >> reporter: her aunt gale calling 911 in this newly released tape to request emergency assistance for crystal's own father who had gone into diabetic shock last
7:17 am
august. >> i heard her voice and i saw her name pop up on the screen. i was like, wait, this is my aunt. >> reporter: the whole time her aunt had no idea she was speaking to her own niece. >> are you with him now? >> yes, i am. >> and is he awake? >> yes, he is. >> and is he breathing? >> yes. >> i did freeze. like i -- my hands froze over the keyboard but i knew i had to go ahead and get it in. >> reporter: worried about her father but remembering her training, morrow tried to remain calm, walking her aunt through life-saving steps while waiting for paramedics to arrive. >> is he breathing normally? >> yes. >> okay. i'm sending the paramedics to help you now. stay on the line. i'll tell you what to do next. >> reporter: for 2 1/2 minutes morrow remained cool under pressure. >> i want you to watch him very closely, if he becomes less awake and vomits quickly turn him on his side. if he gets worse in any way call us back immediately for further instructions, okay? >> okay. >> all right. >> they're on the way. >> reporter: her father would be
7:18 am
just fine but morrow is still surprised at the odds she would get the call in the first place at a dispatch unit with 8 to 12 operators getting close to 3,000 calls each day. >> because so many people in the room i didn't think i would get the call and it's crazy i got it on the very first day. >> just incredible. crystal morrow's dad doing fine. believe it or not, 911 training is so thorough that crystal was actually trained on how to handle herself in the event a family member were to call. that training paid off immediately. this morning that rookie is now a veteran. >> yes, she is. >> i'll say. >> it's amazing they're trained for that. >> cool customer. trained for it. >> you could hear it in her voice. i was thinking how does she say stay so contained? she was trained. she was prepared. >> you want to say aunt barbara, what's up? you don't do it. >> thanks to all the 911 dispatchers. all right, john, thanks so much. to ginger right now and, boy, some real severe weather in the heartland. >> severe season kicking off and we begin with video. i think it helps to see what could happen and this is what happened in north texas
7:19 am
yesterday. sandwiched between wichita falls and dallas, you saw that supercell there and then hail large enough to break through the windshield of this car driving. 2 1/2 inches in diameter in some places, today the threat moves into north texas all through arkansas, parts of missouri and up into illinois, eastern kansas too and then tomorrow is the one i'm really concerned about. most of arkansas, little rock, you've got to be on alert all the way through southern illinois, northern louisiana in there in the moderate risk. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. first pacific life insurance brings you your select stormy cities.
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>> remember the threats, hail, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes for the ozarks the next two days. >> keep that in mind. all right, ging, thank you. coming up, a powerful scene at the trial of a woman accused of killing her boyfriend with her stiletto heel. the dramatic reenactment. and surprise twist in the oscar pistorius case. what we just learned about where he is on the witness list. and "gma" investigates. undercover, the millions of
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good morning. i'm katie marzullo. he'll appear
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point hearing chow is accused of money laundering and other things. he's not enter add plea and was denied bail last week after the judge deemed him a flight risk. let's get a check on the morning commute. >> thanks so much. as we take you into fremont, with very this car fiefrmt it's not causing any delays. most of the slowdowns are coming out of fremont toward milpitas in the southbound direction. we've got wet crumb bling roads here. westbound 580 at baskhill road. a big pothole. it's very slow on the pass
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for 8 large rolls and honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to safeway. ingredients for life. good morning. here's live doppler. a few sprinkles pulling away from san leandro and union city. they're sliding to the southeast so peninsula may get a little wet. you can see a definite drying trend over the last couple of hours. temperatures in the low to mid-40s except for oakland and san francisco. we'll be a little warmerer.
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♪ cause i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ >> just seeing the video makes us all happy on this hump day. pharrell will be singing his megahit live. he'll be live in a blow-out spring concert. he's going to take over times square. he's going to be on our roof, down on broadway, all that coming this monday and we can't wait for it as we say good morning, america. look at the crowd. i love it when it's springtime and the crowd is coming out. >> so great. >> yeah. >> going to get there. >> it's going to be fun on monday. >> got a lot of must to. we'll turn to the latest headlines from the trial of oscar pistorius. we just learned about the witness list and whether he is taking the stand. "gma" investigates undercover, millions of recalled
7:31 am
vehicles are sitting on used car lots. what you need to know before you buy a car. this is really important. >> yes. all right, then lorde all fired up. what she's calling her own plug. why her comments are striking a chord in a very good way. >> a lot coming up but we begin with that murder trial for the houston woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death with her stiletto heel. lots of drama when the prosecutor showed the jury that shoe to reenact the killing and ryan smith has all the details. >> reporter: good morning. a stiletto heel front and center in ana trujillo's trial but in the courtroom, emotions are running high as the prosecution attempts to show trujillo murdered her lover. this blue suede platform shoe with a 5 1/2-inch heel is the weapon prosecutors say ana trujillo used to kill her boyfriend dr. alf stefan andersson and in a dramatic courtroom demonstration the prosecutor straddling a dummy shows how they say trujillo beat him to death.
7:32 am
>> the state is trying to show that ana went overboard and that a reasonable person wouldn't have struck him as many times. >> reporter: wearing a pair of high heels in court trujillo is accused of stabbing andersson 25 times in june of last year. >> also had 15 to 20 other puncture wound as long his face and arms and neck. >> reporter: trujillo's attorney says trujillo who has pled not guilty was simply defending herself with the only weapon she had available. >> dr. andersson had her in an excruciating hold when it got unbearably painful and she started striking him in the head. >> reporter: the 45-year-old mother of two broke down in tears as her voice played in the courtroom. for the first time, the court heard the 911 calls that haven't been released to the public from the night of the alleged murder. asking for help, she tells operators "i hit him with my shoe. he's bleeding a lot" before adding "he started beating me up." the police officer who picked up
7:33 am
trujillo from the crime scene testified that while she was emotional that night, it was an act telling the jury he only saw, quote, crocodile tears. the defense is hoping the jury will be able to sympathize with the woman in a desperate situation painting the alleged vic as an alcoholic with a violent streak. what happened between the pair that night seen here in his apartment complex lobby before his death may decide trujillo's fate. the prosecution claimed in opening tapes that trujillo, not the victim, had a history of being angry and aggressive in the relationship. but the challenge for the prosecution will be to show an intentional killing when the only person who knows what happened is the defendant herself. george? >> okay, ryan, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams and pretty dramatic presentation, effective? >> yeah, i mean effective and necessary, this is the murder weapon. you have to show exactly how you think it happened but as ryan points out, this isn't an easy case when it comes to intentional murder. after all a heel does seem like
7:34 am
the kind of thing you would use to defend yourself. they're trying to piece together evidence which is blood spatter, defensive wounds on him, no significant injuries on her, and eyewitness testimony putting that together and saying, there is nothing else you can conclude but that she intentionally used that as a weapon to kill him and that she was the aggressor. >> also interesting that the prosecution put in that 911 tape even though it could work for the defense, as well. >> the defense has been talking about this 911 tape for awhile now saying wait till you hear the 911 tape. u.s. going to change your view of the case. >> yes. >> i mean, there's no question that the 911 tape is consistent with her account. but there have been many, many people convicted despite the fact that they have made 911 calls that are somewhat consistent with their defenses. prosecutors had to introduce it. i don't think that it's a significant help to the defense. it doesn't hurt them. but it's not going to make a big difference for the defense. >> the defense wants to throw everything out there because all they have to do is raise some
7:35 am
doubt. >> raise some doubt and, remember, this is a claim of self-defense, remember, the legal standard is what a ream person would have done. what a reasonable person would have believed, if this was the risk of significant injury when she did this and so far we haven't seen a lot of evidence of that but she's going to take the stand, i think, and that could be incredibly powerful. >> we will be watching. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> people are watching this, as well. new developments in the trial of oscar pistorius. abc news just learning he will not be the first witness, not be the first witness and abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: could this be a second lucky reprieve for oscar pistorius? just four days after the judge announced a nearly two-week postponement in the blade runner's trial, after one of her assistants fell ill, another twist. the defense now announcing a pathologist would likely take the stand as its first witness and not pistorius himself. >> you always want the defendant testifying at the end, rather than at the beginning.
7:36 am
>> reporter: pathologist john botha is expected to refute the argument that the prosecution spent a month building that pistorius and his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, had been arguing early valentine's morning last year before he fatally shot her and that she was standing facing the bathroom door when he blasted four bullets through it. >> she was standing in front of the door facing the door. >> reporter: neighbors told the court they recall hearing screams from inside pistorius' house just before the shooting. those statements contradicting pistorius' claim that the couple had harmoniously gone to bed early. pistorius who has pleaded not guilty has maintained he mistook steenkamp tore an intruder when he shot her in the bathroom. when he realized his mistake he battered down the door with his cricket bat. >> the most important part of his defense is to convince the court that he did not hear reeva screaming after he began shooting. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:37 am
america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> and our thanks to matt. time now for the weather again and, boy, you got a picture there for us. >> this is sacramento, california. that would be lightning right there in the city so it has been a stormy stretch and some places that's great news because of the rain, they've been needing it so much in california and more to come even from los angeles to san diego, las vegas could pick up a shower today. this is all good news as that storm moves on, even phoenix, 10% shot at a shower today. that's good but the mild air and some rain possible in parts of the northeast, fork city today, 62, pittsburgh, good morning. i'm mike nikko. put the umbrellas away but get the sunglasses out. slightly warmer. upper 60s to low 50s. a chance of light rain friday and then warmer than average sunday throu >> all that weather brought to you by dairy queen.
7:38 am
hey, pops bombry, birmingham, atlanta, all in the 80s. yeah, we're getting there. >> i love hearing that. okay, ginger, thank you. coming up, "gma" investigates undercover. millions of recalled vehicles sitting on used car lots. what you need to know this morning. and if you're feeling overwhelmed when it comes to work, if you're feeling overwhelmed? new research and brand-new tips to start living a happier life this morning. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing
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we are back now at 7:41 with our brand-new "gma" investigates undercover and millions of gm cars have been recently recalled. so we wanted to know are vehicles with safety recalls still being sold before being fixed at used car lots? we took our undercover cameras to dealers and abc's gio benitez joins us now with shocking results. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, lara. when you buy a used car you expect to be told everything about it, especially if there's a recall. but as our investigation found out, that's not always the case. this morning, "gma" investigates. dramatic photos capture the horrific accident that killed a nurse on her 29th birthday. helping launch one of the biggest auto recalls in history. lawyers say her cobalt had an ignition switch problem and she lost control just a few months after gm settled the case a recall fiasco. now another potential danger.
7:43 am
car fax tells "gma" more than 3 million used cars from different manufacturers are being sold right now with open recalls and if you don't check, you might never know. 23-year-old damian snow says he bought this recalled 2004 p.t. cruiser from a los angeles dealership. >> they told me everything is fine. it has no mechanical problems, it was checked out and nobody told me there was a recall on this car. >> reporter: and there was a safety recall for that 2004 model. so "gma" investigates hit the road to see what dealerships would tell us. our producer went undercover in five new york area used car lots. asking about cars we already knew had open recalls. two of the seasmen do mention recalls. >> has a recall on it right now. but the ignition switch. >> reporter: but watch what happens at this dealership, a 2006 cobalt with that same ignition switch recall.
7:44 am
>> is it safe? i mean what about safety? >> listen, it's a small car so being what it is, it's safe. >> nothing i need to know about that car? >> no, all you have to do -- you saw my write-up. >> yeah. >> i'm honest as you're going to be. >> reporter: but what about that recall? >> "good morning america," how are you. >> "good morning america," how are you. >> reporter: good, good, good. "gma" investigates went back to see angelo. you said this car was safe but it actually has a recall. >> well, recalls get recorded once you register the car. we don't know there's a recall. >> reporter: well, we pulled it up right here on, there's the recall for ignition switch replacement. >> we don't get these. >> reporter: on we plugged in the v.i.n., the car's i.d. number and within seconds we see it has a recall. there's no law that requires used car dealers to tell customers about open recalls, but shouldn't they do it anyway?
7:45 am
so moving forward what do you think you'll do. >> look at every vicious evacuate v.i.n. number to sees if they a recall or not. >> you're promising on "good morning america." he called us to tell he took that cobalt off the lot and was getting it fixed right away. to see if yours is on the list head over to "gm on yahoo! >> great advice. don't assume they'll do the homework. >> great how you got them to make the promise. >> one down, how many to go? >> exactly. >> and honestly we are looking forward to so many more reports from gio and the rest of the team, go get them. >> thank you. and coming up, pop star lorde is causing buzz calling out her own flaws and it's striking a chord. >> good. the other dream diet. eat more and weigh less?
7:46 am
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. >> announcer: right then, here's the "play of the day." >> you know, you never know when you board an airplane who might just be sitting next to you. watch what happens as this flight in australia prepares for takeoff. it's none other than the cast of "the lion king" on tour down under celebrating their season launch with a rousing rendition of "the circle of life." ♪ >> that is amazing. ♪ >> hello.
7:51 am
>> everyone, start serving drinks. >> and the children on the plane got so excited -- that little boy, we have it trying to get closer. he's so excited. >> look at him. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ >> 30,000 feet up but what an amazing surprise and -- >> it'll never happen to me. >> no, i'm always next to the crying baby. >> exactly. >> i always put the earphones in, right? >> hakuna matata. coming up, can you actually eat more and weigh less?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. crews are cleaning up in oakland after a tree damaged four cars along el dorado avenue. it brought down power lines new yorking out electricity to nearby homes. power has since been restored but it's all on its way out, right, mike? >> absolutely. a few sprinkles and possibly a stray shower up north. but i think we'll be partly cloudy. still cooler, upper 50s to low 60s. your accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer and a slight chance of rain. look at the warmth this weekend. leyla? >> it's about 13 minutes late
7:57 am
due to a blockage by a freight train. also caltrans, delayed out of palo alto about ten minutes. we do have a new accident. solo spinout west side of solo spinout west side of highway 4 at somerville road.wis cheese are actuallyillamook swiy little black holes. never. ever. stick even your pinky finger into one of them. yay! tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better. now the $3 six-inch select of april. try it fresh toasted on garlic bread with shredded mozzarella and top it with your choice of fresh veggies like crisp cucumbers. it's the $3 six inch select of april. subway. eat fresh.
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8:00 am
♪ royals good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and "royals" revealed. pop star lorde posting untouched photos sharing a powerful body image with us all. ♪ and it's a star-powered morning here at "gma." samuel l. jackson and anthony hopkins in the house giving a firsthand look inside "captain america" and "noah," america's biggest movies right now. plus, our robin joining abc's "nashville." the show's star connie britton will tell us. she's here live as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. good morning. a great crowd out in times square this wednesday morning. all bundled up.
8:01 am
a happy times square as we move into spring. what are we looking at? oh, we're looking at becky worley in a baseball cap. why, you ask, because she hasn't -- she's taking one for the team. she hasn't washed her hair for seven days, becky? that's right. seven days. now, becky is not the only one doing this right now. over in the social square we've got all kinds of tweets from women all across the country saying how long they have gone without washing their hair, and i can't wait to find out why. >> that's good for it, right? healthy. >> there you go, robin. >> because it's different for different texture hair on how long you wash it and don't wash it. >> or if you're covering storms for ten days. >> exactly. >> it's been a lively conversation. >> it sure has. also ahead, can you really eat more and weigh less? a new supersized plan from a best-selling author that could help you drop the pounds in mere weeks, four weeks. >> wow. >> yeah. >> if you're like me and said today, is it really only
8:02 am
wednesday, and you're feeling a little overwhelmed midweek right now, well, when it comes to work and life, we actually have brand-new research and tips for you to start living a happier life this morning. i can't wait for that. >> oh, my gosh. >> ame, i'm going to be able to put a little smile on your face. we have new details on our favorite mike and why? >> oh, wow. >> well, what i will share with you is super magical, george. >> i can't wait for that, lara. let's get news first from amy. >> that's right. we begin with the massive earthquake overnight that rocked the coast of south america and triggered a tsunami advisory in hawaii. the 8.2 magnitude quake shook cities in northern chile so badly, nearly a million people were told to evacuate their homes. we know at least six people were killed. surveillance video here capturing people running out of stores while shaking the empty shelves. the quake sparked several fires that destroyed several homes and businesses. about 300 inmates in a women's prison escaped in the chaos. chile's special forces have been
8:03 am
dispatched to round them up to prevent looting. and in hawaii, only a tsunami advisory was issued, which means rough surf is expected but no major flooding. a mayor ruling from the supreme court affecting donations to political campaigns. the justices ruling in a 5 to 4 the caps in over all amounts are unconstitutional because they violate free speech and citizen's right to participate in the political process thatch will empower wealthy donors to contribute to as many parties as they would like. and a major recall. this morning, but this time it's not from gm. chrysler is recalling 870,000 jeep grand cherokee and dodge durango suvs. they were made between 2011 and 2014 because of brake parts that may corrode making it harder to stop. and meantime, general motors' new ceo mary barra is bracing for another day of questioning on capitol hill.
8:04 am
lawmakers and family members of those killed in crashes want to know why it took gm more than a decade to recall defective cars linked to 13 deaths. barra has promised the company will focus more on safety. we've all heard it, snakes on a plane, but how about one snake on a train that was causing major problems. a 20-inch snake slithered into a passenger train causing complete chaos. 450 passengers were evacuated because of this guy before police finally captured it. and finally, one of my favorite stories of the day. one dad has come up with a strategy to get his daughter to clean up her room. he moved everything out of the bedroom into the drive way, even her bed. at first you might imagine she was very upset. this is a soldier from ft. hood. he warned her, clean up your room or you'll be treated like a soldier. that's what happened. he hired a painter freshening up her room hoping it would inspire her to clean up her room. see if it works for him.
8:05 am
let's get some weather from ginger now. >> hey. they've got this beautiful picture of us. thank you so much for bringing that great pic. i want to say good morning to -- where are you from, and what's your name? >> gina nolan. i'm from macon county, kentucky. >> from kentucky. about 40 of her closest friends joining her on this spring break as we start to talk about a not so spring-like weather forecast, at least for parts of the nation. look at this april snowstorm that will be moving through the rockies and then eventually in the next 48 hours affecting eastern south dakota, parts of minnesota and northern wisconsin. you could see in some places more than a foot of snow, and you know it's going to be blowing around and a mess up there and off to the west, we have not talked about the pacific northwest that much because they've been relatively settled. but it will become more unsettled as we go into the weekend, seattle close to 60, portland at 60 and medford, 63.
8:06 am
>> i love this. i love a woman who doesn't mind showing her age. kathy is -- >> 65. >> 65. all right. happy birthday, kathy. thanks for coming to times square. >> kathy looking great. and here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we say go big or go home when it comes to our favorite mike. we're feeling super about this story, george. plus, becky worley is in social square. so many of you are weighing in on her no shampoo test. why so many women are doing -- they're trying it, they're doing it right now. we'll talk about that. and then the best-selling
8:07 am
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8:11 am
new american grill from kibbles 'n bits... go together like... food 'n family. oh, my. >> o ♪ oh, my. >> oh. >> yeah, that's some wedding present. a group of friends getting into the groove with some britney spears dance moves for the bride who is apparently a huge fan. britney spears herself calling
8:12 am
the wedding toast incredible. one of the dancers is actually the executive producer of abc family's "the fosters," and you can see why this is getting more than 250,000 views since first posted. this was an elaborate post. >> wow. >> you know what, i wish we had a camera on the set when we do that. >> just like that. when we do it. >> just getting in the groove. >> really something. >> that's awesome. i don't know if i can top that but -- >> try now. >> i do have some breaking news, ladies and george. >> ladies and george. ladies and george, channing tatum, of course, has confirmed that he's actively working on a script for the "magic mike" sequel. i might have mentioned that. and thp morning i have some new information for you. indiewire's playlist is reporting that it will be directed by greg jacobs, the assistant director for steven soderbergh who directed the masterpiece. >> the original. >> of course. >> we also know that sony will begin in the fall.
8:13 am
i will be stalking the set. no, just kidding and we found out that the name of the sequel, this is no lie -- >> can we get a close-up of lara right now? >> can we get a close-up of george. >> the name of the movie -- this is no lie -- is "magic mike xxl." i didn't make that up. >> you're not going to read what's next in there, are you? >> go big or go home. >> i can see it. >> i guess she is going to read it. >> george, you know that if you dare me, i will go there. by the way, the kicker is for you but -- >> what? >> baseball season, baseball season is kicked off. the great city of milwaukee, nobody is generating more buzz than little hank. you remember he was the stray. we introduced you to him recently. the team adopted him after he began hanging out around the field during spring training and they named him after the great hank aaron. they want him back from arizona. and now it's a full-scale hank
8:14 am
mania. they also are selling hank cookies. they're called hank k9 cookies and the team mascot bernie, i'm just saying, bernie brewer, watch your back. >> oh. adorable. finally, yeah, finally, i was thinking, i wonder if this is how george feels these days. hmm. >> let's see the video. i wonder. >> surrounded by chicks. chicks at home. chicks at the office. chicks on your head. >> at home. >> chicks on the brain. chicks near your mouth. >> i never thought about it, because, yeah, at home you have three girls at home. >> all but one dog. >> can we get one more shot of george's counter? can we just see one more time? >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's going with it.
8:15 am
>> kick back and let it happen. >> rub your tummy and everything. hey, lara, that was well worth it. i was wondering where you were going with that. we're going to move on now to grammy award-winning pop singer lorde. the teenager is not afraid of her flaws posting a nonphotoshopped picture to her millions of followers and sending a powerful message. abc's cecilia vega has more on the story. ♪ ruler, ruler ♪ we'll never be royals >> reporter: she's the 17-year-old singing sensation who won double grammys for "royals," her smash hit mocking riches and excess. ♪ ♪ we live in cities >> reporter: but this morning, lorde is fired up about something else, her own picture. the new zealand native tweeting over the weekend a photo snapped during her concert in chile. this version retouched showing her with smooth, picture-perfect skin. the other, natural beauty, bumps, acne and all. lorde tweeting to her more than
8:16 am
1.3 million followers, "i find this curious, two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember, flaws are okay." >> lorde took to social media to make sure that her fans know that it's okay to embrace those flaws and imperfections and that those are a thing that everyone deals with. >> reporter: lorde is hardly the first celebrity to show outrage over a photoshopped image. actress keira knightley protested a publicity photo that boosted her bust and kate winslet criticized this magazine cover saying it overly slimmed her thighs. lorde has gone even further posting this not so glamorous photo on instagram, the singer with acne cream on her face and it seems to have struck a chord garnering more than 119,000 likes. >> teenagers are definitely more prone to acne than the general population. most of that has to do with hormonal changes. ♪ we aren't caught up in your love affair ♪ >> reporter: a reminder that,
8:17 am
yes, flaws are okay and even this megastar who seems to have it all is after all still just a regular teenager. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> i do love that song. oh, i love her. and we have the results of our flash poll. we asked you online, would you post a picture exposing a beauty flaw? it is split right down the middle. 50% saying yes. 50% saying no. joining us now is child development specialist, dr. robyn silverman. always look forward to having you here. >> oh, thank you. i love being here. >> so what do you make of this? how would this help, do you think? >> i think lorde is a major superstar, and in a society where we're constantly told we're not good enough as we are and celebrities go to the supermarket looking perfect, i think her voice is very refreshing. it tells people that flaws are okay, that she's not perfect and that everybody has these imperfections. >> i think it's really great. i'm excited for my daughter.
8:18 am
my daughter looks up to her as so many other girls do. do you think this also reaches boys too? >> i think she's a wonderful role model for girls but i think the message that flaws are okay is something we all need to hear, every gender, every age. >> i know i'm so happy she did this, and i know as a mom, what do you say because even though we see celebrities stepping out showing unairbrushed photos of themselves, what do you say at home to reinforce this when your child is self-conscious? >> one of the things we need to do is use these current events to springboard conversation that feels more natural. it's not like today we're going to sit down and talk about body image. this is what do you think about this and what do you think about what she said, and this is what i think and also talk about media literacy. we want our kids to really know exactly what's happening. this is how photoshop is used. this is what exactly is happening. >> nobody looks like this. >> nobody looks like this. and finally you also want to make sure that these kids know that they are perfect the way they are and that we care more about what a body can do rather
8:19 am
than what it looks like. >> it especially has to come from dads. >> yes, it does need to come from dads. i think we often think this is a woman thing but it's not. our fathers are the first man in our lives, they provide the template for how we think other men and boys see us and how we should see ourselves. >> robyn, that was great. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. thanks for letting me be here again. i love it. okay, we're getting to the stressed out part of the program. all of us have had that feeling, work and family, too much to do in 24 hours which may be why the book "overwhelmed, work, love and play when no one has time" is high on "the new york times'" best-seller's list. claire shipman caught up with the author to ask how she's finding time to read and listen. >> oh, my god. this bathroom is disgusting. >> reporter: the triple time pace of "modern family" life on screen can seem perpetually frazzled. >> ooh. we got about 20 minutes. >> reporter: and off screen and in real life things can be just
8:20 am
as hectic but not as funny. maureen devine estep, a wife and mother with two young sons and a high-energy, demanding career struggles to find a balance. >> it usually hits me when i don't expect it to be honest. it can be incredibly overwhelming. >> reporter: the never-ending spinning wheels of sports and activities and obligations and events can be overwhelming. and now a new book, "overwhelmed, work, love and play when no one has the time" addresses those issues head on. what for you was the tipping point? >> i was juggling, you know, work and crazy deadlines and trying to be, you know, a supermom. >> reporter: schulte, a reporter for "the washington post" figured her exhausting pace was just the price of american life but she was jolted awake after having an unexpected reaction to a photograph of her reporter husband taken while on assignment in afghanistan. >> he hasn't shaved. it looks like he hasn't showered in days. he's sitting in the -- outside of a container where sort of his bunk is and has this crummy old
8:21 am
computer on his lap and probably a really awful cup of coffee and looks so happy and i looked at that and i was jealous. >> reporter: schulte's research has found that overwork is making us sick as a nation. causing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure. me time is critical like the triathlon estep has given up for family time. >> me being present when they need me is much more important but i miss it. >> reporter: fear not, schulte offers a few suggestions for staving off those feelings of being overwhelmed. instead of getting everything done first and then enjoying life with your to do list, joy first, stuff later. priorities, set your own and don't forget play. it's what makes us human. but is it possible that we're addicted to being overwhelmed? >> we don't even allow ourselves the time to pause and think and reflect. if you took that away, would i still be happy? i would love to think that i
8:22 am
would be. >> reporter: for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> that's a good point. >> that last point is so good. >> some think it's a badge of honor to be overstressed. it's not. >> throw it away. >> mind if i just stop thinking about all the things and just focus on that one thing, but i want to put joy first. i never thought about that. do something happy first. >> yep. >> then get ready. >> go do it. >> that's great. one thing you can do to relax a little more is just not wash your hair. >> sure. >> maybe not, right? this week we're revealing dirty little secrets of beauty to help you look your best. and this morning, we're talking about women who have stopped shampooing their hair for various reasons. abc's becky worley, girl, you've done it again. you got to the roots of this surprising new trend. hello, becky. >> good morning. the root of this. we've been asking people on twitter how long can you go between shampoos before your hair turns into a matted, greasy mess. some people say two days tops. other people with wavy curly
8:23 am
hair, some of our african-american viewers say a week, no problem. some people go years, but me seven days no shampoo, yikes. ♪ shampooing, you do it every day, every other day, maybe you can go a week between suds, but after that, it gets kind of gnarly and yet a growing number of women are laying off the lather forever. >> a lot of people have gotten concerned about some of the ingredients in traditional shampoos, the preservatives, the parabins. >> reporter: whether it's the desire to avoid chemicals in shampoo, to save money or just have healthier hair, the no-poo movement is gaining momentum. >> when you don't shampoo, you do go through that initial phase where you produce a lot of extra oil and then it slows down usually around 30 days. >> reporter: this woman, who surprised the experts on the show "the doctors," has gone five years. >> there's no redness, no sign of irritation. i think it's kind of something i
8:24 am
might even want to try. >> reporter: i do love a good shampoo, but my assignment, go a week without washing and see what happens. day one, i washed my hair this morning, feeling pretty good. but i am a little nervous. this is right around the time when i would get my hair did and these roots, they could end up looking kind of oily by the end of the week. okay, day two, i rinsed it when i took a shower, and then i blow dried it. i think it looks okay but it feels sort of heavy and oily. as the week goes on, the hair gets heavier, the roots oilier, darker. i mean i'm running, i'm playing in the pool with the kids. i am rinsing and blowing it dry. this is day five. it's stringy and the top feels kind of like a waxy helmet. and on top of that, it smells like mushrooms. i enlist the help of my 6-year-old to corroborate this mushroom odor. does it smell normal? >> yeah.
8:25 am
>> reporter: but after seven days of no shampoo, what's the objective opinion? well, i'll let you be the judge for yourself. now, some women say they stopped washing because of the chemicals and so we reached out to the personal care products council to respond. they didn't get back to us with comment, but, guys, you are the final arbiters. do not hold back. come on. what do you think? >> i mean it is a little greasy on the top. >> but as it goes it's really not that bad. >> it doesn't look bad on the bottom. >> i have heard it's much better -- hairstylists always say if you can lay off, it does make it healthier. >> give it a rest to have your own oils. >> mushrooms? >> becky. >> what do you do if you want to try this? if you want to do the no shampoo, i mean, i can't. >> okay, you could, you could -- what you could do, first of all, rinsing, i rinsed it every day with hot water. you could use water and baking soda, you could use apple cider vinegar. that would get rid of the earthy odor.
8:26 am
or deva's no-poo shampoo which doesn't have any of those chemicals. >> lots of alternatives. >> i'm getting my hair washed right now. >> go for it. >> as you do we'll welcome samuel l. jackson. welcome samuel l. jackson.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. this morning one of the alleged co-con spore tors in the federal case involved leyland yi is due back in court. he'll appear for the appointment of an attorney at 9:30. he was arrested last week as part of an fbi sting. he's accused of money laundering and other crimes. he has not enter add plea and he was denied bail last week after the judge deemhood him a flight risk. an update on your traffic. >> this is on westbound highway 92. a car hit a motorcycle. we're seeing backups coming away from the name mets. across the waters, crash involving a big rig at highway
8:28 am
102 with traffic coming out. eric? >> thank you. when we come
8:29 am
welcome back. here's a look at doppler. notice the drying trend in the past hour. a few sprinkles but those are far and few between. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. we're off by the morning lows but not by much. beautiful picture of the exploratorium. temperatures will be 1 to 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. upper 50s to low 60s but still
8:30 am
well cooler than average. a stray shower possible in the new york bay tonight. otherwise our next chance ♪ pressure look at that star power in the social square this morning. samuel l. jackson, connie britton, taking a few selfies this morning. you know they'll go crazy on our twitter mirror and cannot wait to see all of those go out today. >> good morning, america. great crowd here in times square and we have a scorching performance coming up from dan + shay looking forward to that. >> really exciting and robin is inside "gma's" social square. she is with "nashville"'s own star connie britton. robin, inside to you. >> come on inside because here she is, this is tv's queen of country music. >> a queen. >> connie britton, you know you got it going on. she is here, you've got
8:31 am
"nashville" is really starting to heat up now. it's a big hit show on abc and tonight, i get to be a part of it. >> yeah. >> because i sat down with her character because, oh, it's a very revealing interview. look. here we go. >> reyna, mayor conrad, thanks so much for agreeing to speak with us. >> now, reyna, it's widely known that you and deacon did date back in the day. is that correct? >> yes, we did and deacon has always been a very important part of my life and our lives both personally and professionally and today we're here -- ? i'm sorry, robin. why don't we get right down to this. yes, i am the biological father of rayna's oldest daughter. >> just everybody i sat down was so revealing like that. >> i know. didn't we make it easy for you. >> hey, connie, congratulations.
8:32 am
things are continuing to go so well and the show is really -- we're going to see big revelations going. >> yes, well, tonight is -- it's a big show because the big secret. the big deacon secret is finally revealed to the world and we have to watch everybody sort of deal with that situation, so it's getting juicy. >> i had a great time there on the set and just the way everybody is together, the writing, the singing is its own character and in real life didn't you go to ft. campbell. >> yes. ft. campbell last week which was probably the greatest -- the greatest moments that we've had on the show so far being able to go to this army base and put on this show for them which they loved. >> you're singing live, baby. >> it was very exciting and they were -- also freezing cold day and nobody cared. like we were just like here we are and they were thrilled and we were thrilled and it was really, really exciting. >> and i'm thrilled with what you're going to be doing later today at the u.n. you are officially becoming a
8:33 am
goodwill ambassador. >> yes, i'm so -- i think that might be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me in my life. i'm very excited about it. working with the united nations development program which is specifically targeted at poverty irrad indication around the world so and that feels kind of right up my alley because of all the work i've done in africa and so anyway i'm thrilled. >> precious baby boy. it's not like this anymore. >> no. still asleep right now. i will tell you that. he's a good late sleeper. i know, he's 3 now, big boy. >> and he's here with you. >> we'll see you tonight. >> yes. >> see you tonight. >> oh, wow. >> for her. yes. >> "nashville" airs tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc and this one right here, she's on twitter now. >> ooh. yes. >> i know. >> i'm slowly getting there. i'm getting there. >> hashtag -- what is hashtag. what's a hashtag. that's my motto. >> check it out. lara. >> not hash brown.
8:34 am
a hashtag. we'll be watching "nashville.." this probably sounds too good to be true. "hunger girl." "the new york times," best-selling author lisa lillien says you can supersize your food and still lose weight? and the best part is you can drop pounds in under one month. abc's abbie boudreau tells us about this seemingly dreamy diet. >> reporter: really good. a heaping plate of chicken alfredo. >> this is definitely a go to. sweet potato tries and pizza for a sneak. feels like a meal and not a snack. chocolate stuffed strawberries for a snack. you mean one. >> all of them. >> reporter: sound like a diet to you? best-selling author and former food network hungry girl lisa lillien says it is. and swears her supersizing four-week plan can help you lose a lot of weight. you call this a diet but we're also talking about huge portions. >> i'm all about swapping foods. making better choices so can
8:35 am
bigger really be better? >> that's what "the hungry girl diet" is all about. you get a lot of bang for your buck. >> reporter: she is out with a new book, "the hungry girl diet" which isn't just for girls, by the way. it's all about huge portions but small calorie counts, a total of around 1300 a day. litt she says food swapping is your key. that's your secret. >> one of the best in the world. >> reporter: to fuhr tir achaya noodles. >> it's a regular serving which is what you basically get for 350 calories and this is about 350 calories or so and you get a huge portion. >> reporter: other favorite food swaps she says even kids love of the use high fiber cereals to bread chicken fingers or broccoli slaw as a pasta substitute in the sloppy jane stir fry. >> it's not so much of an extreme measure but addresses cravings and doesn't make you feel like you've left your old world. >> reporter: as for big portions look at this bowl of hungry
8:36 am
girl's oatmeal we whipped up. twice the cooking time and twice the liquid and her secret ingredient. >> pumpkin puree, high in fiber and adds favor and texture. >> the happy oatmeal dance. saving may be the best for last. low fat ricotta stuffed strawberries with chocolate chips on top, only 100 calories. >> and you can eat all of them. sure, why not. >> cheers. the kind of guilt-free diet you could get used to. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> mm-mm so for the recipes and more tips head to our website, on yahoo! let's get outside to ginger for a final check on the weather. >> oh, lara, thank you very much. that is chloe and her little american girl doll from kentucky. this young lady with her nails, can you show those? she said they're texas nails. she has them blinged out.
8:37 am
from the texas nails to some texas hail. yes, i did that. let's go ahead and look at it. quarter size hail in north texas. thank you very much for sending the photos in and a severe storm outlook for today that includes most and actually all of missouri and arkansas. most of oklahoma, north texas and far northern louisiana. watch out today and then tomorrow, the tornado threat increases to big hail, possibly some damaging winds. we are watching it all for you good morning. i'm mike nikko. put the umbrellas away but get the sunglasses out. slightly warmer. upper 60s to low 50s. a chance of light rain friday and then warmer than average >> all that weather brought to you by big lots!. and we've got the peach and the apple saying hello this morning. george. >> we're saying hello back. thank you. "noah" is taking the box office by storm taking in $44 million and top honors this
8:38 am
weekend. thanks to a rich and wild story and sir anthony hopkins plays noah noah's grandfather methuselah. >> reporter: he's one of the world's most acclaimed and versatile actors. brilliantly portraying everyone from a controversial u.s. president -- >> it could be ugly, henry. >> reporter: to a bone-chilling hannibal. and now oscar winning actor sir anthony hop kins is taking on a new row as the oldest known biblical figure. >> remember, noah, he chose you for a reason. >> reporter: he plays methuselah, the 969-year-old soothsayer and grandfather to noah played by russell crowe. >> it begins. >> reporter: how do you prepare for a man who's almost a thousand years old? >> i don't know. just show up. >> reporter: in the film based on the famous old testament story noah receives a message from god that the world will endure an epic flood to eliminate all corrupt mankind with the exception of noah and
8:39 am
his family and, of course, all of those animals. why people are so entranced by the story. >> the need to comprehend an incomprehensible world, this insatiable need to find out where is the truth? >> reporter: growing up an atheist hopkins says his religious views have evolved from a nonbeliever to a believer in life. >> i believe in the life force. get on with it, enjoy it. >> reporter: but you do believe in god. >> i feel as i get older it's all a miracle. i mean, my heart beats, lungs breathe. that is an extraordinary, extraordinary phenomenon. >> reporter: hopkins says he's humbled by the life he's lived. >> you only have one chance on this merry go round and don't take yourself so damn seriously. it's a tough business full of rejection, full of honors. i'm just one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, los angeles.
8:40 am
>> thoughtful talk and coming up here, samuel l. jackson is live. there he is.
8:41 am
it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake.
8:42 am
get a free quote at ♪ pressure look at that. look at them out there. all little "captain americas" out there. >> they can't even see it. >> "pulp fiction," "star wars."
8:43 am
he is one of the most acclaimed and prolific actors dazzling audiences in more than 100 films. and you know how cool he looks in a hat. eye patch and all. he's proving again head of the superspy agency s.h.i.e.l.d. and head of the security council robert redford for help. take a look. >> i'm here to ask a favor. i want you to call for a vote, project insight has to be del delayed. >> nick. >> it's a hearing. a long one. >> could be nothing. probably is nothing. i just need time to make sure it's nothing. >> fine. but you got to get ironman to stop by my niece's birthday party. >> thank you, sir. >> not just a flyby. he's got to mingle. >> not just a flyby ladies and gentlemen, samuel l. jackson
8:44 am
here back on "good morning america." oh, it's great to see -- wow, you and redford. i like how you guys look together ton screen. >> kind of awesome. i was, you know, one of those things that you don't expect, you know, being a kid sitting in a theater in tennessee or atlanta when i was thinking about acting and seeing robert redford, never imagining i'd be in the same acting space, i mean, we know each other, we talk socially. he's a golfer. so we talked about golf that morning when i got to work the first day we worked together and we talked about some other stuff so with we got in the room it was like we were old friends. >> it comes across that way. >> he's a sneaky guy. he made that work for him. >> he did. your character really again very pivotal. those people who are not familiar with nick fury, just tell them about your role in the movie. >> well, nick fury is the head of s.h.i.e.l.d. he's been around for awhile. it's kind of hard to say what his history is. >> yeah. >> because when i was a kid, you
8:45 am
know, he was a white guy with a patch. played by david hasselhoff for a minute then i went into the comic store one day and all of a sudden there was my face with the eye patch on. i don't remember saying anybody could use my impact for nick fury and my manager called and said, well, we plan on making these movies and we hope sam would be interested. yeah. >> i think so. >> i think so. but, you know, he's -- he's a warrior. >> uh-huh. >> he's a fighter, a scrapper, he's been in the dark world, the shadow world, the spies and everywhere else which is where he met natalia, scarlett's character, they have this real bond but, you know, we finally follow him to work, so -- >> finally. >> yeah, we finally go to the office with nick, so there we are. >> you bring up about the eye patch and people often ask you about that. in fact, on facebook there was somebody who asked, he says, did you ever trip over things
8:46 am
wearing your eye patch? what does it take getting used to and acting in it and losing your depth of perception? any problems with it? >> the only problem i discovered that i didn't discover until we did "captain america," the original "captain america" because i very seldom have very much to say was that i sat at home and did all my studying and when i got to work the next day i was having difficulty seeing all the lines, i could only visualize half the page and i realized that when i cut my eye off with the patch i cut off half of my sensory perception for lers so now when i learn lines as nick fury i learn them with one hand covering one eye so i can visualize the whole page. >> you have to do that. >> yeah. >> well, it's being well received. you're going all around the world. these big premieres and everything. >> yeah, we've been everywhere. >> i know you said you went -- you've been around. people always are showering you
8:47 am
with gives and that and that you were actually surprised in the hotel they did something for you. >> yeah. >> what did they do? >> i've been in tons and tons and tons of hotels but when we checked into the barclay hotel in london when i walked in the room the first thing i noticed was they had monogrammed the pillowcase slj on it. i never been in a hotel room with my monogram on it and went in the bathroom and the bathrobe had my monogram on it. >> that's when you know you've arrived. >> hey. >> blake, that's a kufuor blake. we've never done this on "good morning america." we had monogrammed the "good morning america" -- there you go. so now you know. >> i'm happy about that. >> and since you're so, so -- you can have that on the golf course. >> twitter follower. >> you're so -- you make everything sound cool. you make everything look cool so why don't you take us to break here, mr. cool.
8:48 am
go ahead, hit it. >> "captain america," the winter soldier opens this friday, april 4th. >> ooh. >> break out country duo dan + shay. >> oh, that was so cool. >> perform. [ applause ]
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are joined by one of the hottest duos, dan + shay, met just a year ago and began writing songs the next day and went on to become the new duo. "where it all began" just dropped and this morning they're right here to perform their hit debut single "19 you + me." ♪
8:51 am
♪ it was our first week at myrtle beach where it all began ♪ ♪ it was 102 nothing to do man it was hot so we jumped in ♪ ♪ we were summertime sipping sipping sweet tea kissing off of your lips t-shirt dripping dripping wet how could i for get ♪ ♪ watching that blond hair swing to every song i'd sing ♪ ♪ you were california beautiful and i was playing everything but cool ♪ ♪ i can still hear that sound of every wave crashing down ♪ ♪ like the tears we cried that day we had to leave ♪ ♪ it was everything we wanted it to be the summer of 19 you and me ♪
8:52 am
♪ we had our first dance in the sand it was one hell of a souvenir ♪ ♪ tangled up so in love so let's just stay right here ♪ ♪ till the sun starts creeping creeping up right then i knew ♪ ♪ just what you were thinking thinking of when i looked at you ♪ ♪ watching that blond hair swing to every song i'd sing ♪ ♪ you were california beautiful and i was playing everything but cool ♪ ♪ i can still hear that sound of every wave crashing down ♪ ♪ like the tears we cried that day we had to leave ♪ ♪ it was everything we wanted it to be the summer of 19 you and
8:53 am
me yeah ♪ ♪ you and me watching that blond hair swing to every song i'd sing ♪ ♪ you were california beautif"a beautiful mind" beautiful yeah ♪ ♪ that blond hair swing to every song i'd sing you were california beautiful ♪
8:54 am
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make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. "good morning america" is brought to you by new american grill from kibbles and bits. >> we have some important to note. millions of people are lighting landmarks, monuments, businesses and homes with the color blue all in honor of children with autism. >> part of a global movement called light it up blue. that's why we're wearing blue. even our shoes are blue. congrats. have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. the oakland raa's play after rainout. mike nicco is here with the key. >> that's the key. day and night doubleheader mean's there's two separate games. last night's game is at 6:00. your tickets will work for that. 12:30 is the other game. two separate tickets needed. low 50 gs by the second game. chance of rain this friday and warmer teekend. leyla. >> doan forget to take mass transit. b.a.r.t., a good way to get around the traffic. speaking of which, we have traffic at the 880 connectors involved a couple of vehicles.
9:00 am
eric? >> leyla, thank announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "captain america: the winter soldier," samuel l. jackson. and star of the hit drama, "nashville," connie britton. plus, wild and unusual animals, courtesy of our own peter gros all next on all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly:


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