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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. blal >> regrettably, due to field conditions tonight's game has been postponed. >> frustration at the coliseum as tonight's oakland a's game is canceled before it even began. >> the field is just too wet to play on because of this embarrassing mistake that happened tonight. you heard the boos. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for carolyn johnson. tiffany wilson is live at the coliseum. the fans are the ones who >> they are, and this is the third in a week. some fans are embarrassed and others are frustrated and many are simply aping gree.
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the -- angry. the worst seat in the house is this one driving around the infield when the a's should be up at bat. the truck was left off the field hoping it would dry out. a downpour made it worse and by game time the field wasn't ready. it looks fine now, but the vice president says stadium operations says the a's the seattle mariners and the umpires felt the conditions were dangerous. earlier you could see a worker's foot sink into the field. frustrated fans congregated in the parking lot. >> we are bummed. >> we are playing the mariners, seattle, washington. the wettest place in the world. they postpone the game down here? give me a break. they are a bunch of sis sigh es. >> he had 40 relatives to celebrate his birthday at the game. >> it is disappointing that the grounds crew couldn't get it together today to figure out how to cover the infield. >> they forced the
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cancellation of tuesday's game and the bay bridge series finale. >> a sewage problem in the clubhouse last saturday when the toilets were gurgeling. fans hope this is not a sign that the season is about to head down the tubes. now on a better note, everyone who did have a ticket to tonight's game will be able to go to a make up game, but the date of that has not yet been announced. reporting in oakland, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> a's players made the best of a cancellation by heading over to the warriors game next door at oracle arena. they tweeted this peck tour of josh red -- reddic hanging out at the game. >> right now, sandhya patel is here with the latest on the wet weather that contributed to the cancellation. sand yaw, they should have checked with you. >> they should have, but they didn't. let me show you live doppler 7hd. we have been telling you for a couple days now there would be light showers or a light rain, and that's exactly what we had.
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although at times we had moderate rainfall around the bay area. here are the rain totals. san francisco .38 and same thing for half moon bay. a third of an inch in oakland, 1400 santa rosa and 1200 and concord picked up a third of an inch of rain. will they be able to get the game in tomorrow? i will be back with a look at the a's fore -- forecast and a look at your weekend weather. >> all of the rain we saw this week brought heavy snow to the sierra. here is video of interstate 80 at castle peak. no chains are required on on 80 or highway 50, but you may notice a few more cars than usual to take advantage of the new snow. >> this may be one of the last weekends to hit the ski slopes. you can see all of the tail lights heading east. most resorts wrap up their season near the middle of april. time is running out at this
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point. the local ski shops say they have seen a steady stream of customers. >> you can track the conditions in the sierra using live doppler 7hd and you can download it on our website, breaking muse out of berkeley where the second uc student in two months has been diagnosed with measles. to make it worse, the student may have exposed an unknown number to this highly contagious disease. the student road bart late last month and then attended class before being quarantined on april 3rd. the city health department is notifying classmates and others who may have been exposed to this disease. and happening now, firefighters rescued a man from san francisco bay at the end of the berkeley pier. it appeared he was in distress when somebody spotted him in the water about an hour ago. paramedics wrapped him in blankets before driving him to the hospital to be treated and checked out. >> a national guard rescue
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team out of moffett field is on an urgent mission to save a sick baby on on a drifting sailboat. the little girl's family was stuck off the coast of mexico. abc7 news anchor ama dates is live where they are monitoring their colleagues who are part of this rescue. >> the family is in good hands as they await a navy ship. they are with a team from the 129th rescue. they are highly specialized guards men. imagine a navy seal come bined with a medic with more training. >> it was supposed to be an epic adventure. the kaufman family sailing around the world. but three weeks in and 1-year-old lyra developed a large rash. she started vomiting and got diarrhea. with no sign of improvement she called for help launching a rescue mission with the coast guard, navy and the rescue wing. the 129th flew to the
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boat's location almost a thousand miles southwest of cabo san lucas. >> we parachuted the rescue team and a rubber boat, inflatable boat to the location of the sailing boat. >> the team boarded the sailboat and stabilized the little girl. the rebel heart seen here in the website became disabled. the kaufmans and the rescue team wait for the navy's uss ussvandergrift to arrive from san diego. they will pick them up and bring them closer to shore so the helicopters can reach them and fly lyra to the hospital. a complicated and dangerous mission in particularly the middle of no where. >> it is cramped conditions and they are far out to sea. but everyone is doing fine at the moment. >> a relative in san diego is worried about the family. >> i just want to make sure the baby is okay and find out what was wrong with the baby. she is one. i am a mom. my instipg is make -- instinct
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is make sure the baby is okay and my next thought is what is going to happen now? >> the ship is expected to arrive tomorrow night or sunday morning. it should be just a few more hours before they can be lifted to the mainland. abc7 news. >> the teenager who ran over and killed a father and his daughter in concord is now being sued by the victim's family. in april of 2012, 17-year-old david rosen was driving over 70 miles per hour. his suv swoif swerved on to the -- swerved on the sidewalk hitting and killing nuri and his 9-year-old daughter. they were riding their bicycles. rosen will be released in two years. his father would not comment on the lawsuit. new details of the sexual predator called the pillowcase rapist who was around in the late 70s. christopher hubbard will live in the
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southern california community of palmdale after being released from custody. hubbard admitted to raping as many as 40 women and using a pillowcase to muffle their screams. he moved to the bay area in 1979 after parole and assaulted 16 women. he was convicted again and then went to the stiff clairemont. he has been in state custody since 1996. new details san francisco police confirmed that threats have been made against the department following a fatal officer-involved shooting. he was shot and killed by officers in bruno heights park. officers say he pulled out a stun gun and pointed it at police who thought it was a real handgun. an anonymous threat vowed revenge for his death. they warned officers to be on high alert while doing their job. san francisco will hold another gun buy back tomorrow. it is the drive-thru kind. from 9:00 until 2:00 people
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can go to the new grocery outlet store. participants must have the unloaded guns in the trunk of the car. guns in working con diecious, up to five per -- condition up to five per person per car. no questions asked. new details tonight and bart is looking everywhere it can, even on the internet, to find the parts needed to get trains moving at full speed again. an equipment problem that began this morning means trains must be driven manually instead of their automated mode. nobody makes the speed monitoring device anymore. the trains are back on time this evening after being delayed for much of the day. >> there was a hassle for a lot of commuters. the power of nature caught on camera. up next, incredible surveillance video of a tornado tearing through a neighborhood. you will never guess what the twister is was carrying. >> and millions of social security numbers stolen and sold . how one criminal hacked the
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system and why you may be a victim and not even know it. >> and furry photographers are stealing the showdown under. how these cute critters have mastered the art of the selfie. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> first, take a gander of what is up next in the news. >> and lady gaga comes downstairs and she sees the baby and looks at her like this and says divine.
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security video showing the power of a taliban. tornado. leaves and other small items whip up and then big stuff like port-a-pottys -- oh you don't want those to fly, but they did. one even comes out of no where and bounces on of a parked suv. >> that's something else. mob on now to the deadly shooting at fort hood. the army says tonight that wednesday's mass shooting was not set off by the gunman's mental state. specialist ivan lopez killed three soldiers and wounded six
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six -- 16 others before killing himself. those who escaped with their lives have begun to tell their stories. mary bruce is in texas. >> he was one of the first to be hit. sergeant jonathon westbrook, shot four times by specialist ivan lopez. >> the main things going through my head was my family and my wife and children and my mom and dad and making sure i can stay alive for them. that's what i did. >> he was working in the human resources department on wednesday when lopez came in to request a leave of absence. westbrook's father relayed to abc news what lopez did next. >> suggested he come back the next day. he left as they suggested he leave, but only to return with a weapon, a 45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, handgun. he shot one person in the front and then turned the gun on my son, shooting him four times.
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>> reporter: officials say lopez was arguing with soldiers from his unit. things escalated and shortly after he opened fire. killing three of his own 1k3* wounding 16. authorities don't believe lopez's mental health played a direct role. >> we believe the immediate precipitating factor was more likely an escalating argument. >> another father, ivan lopez, senior, says his son may not have been in his right mind when he killed his fellow soldiers. >> they are looking into lopez's combat record. he served four months in iraq and had no direct contact with the enemy and no specific tram tech event. abc news, fort hood. the federal government are looking into the sale of personal information belonging to as many as 200 million americans. the theft of social security numbers and bank data belonged to a vietnamese man accused of selling personal information.
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he posed as a private investigator. he was even hired bay a site called court ventures. experion bought court ventures last year. they have tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. >> we need to really think about which websites we share with and which merchants we shop at and which companies we ultimately do business with. >> prosecutors have not said how many people had their sensitive data stolen. extra cute selfies are going viral. koala's have learned to take pictures of themselves. it is triggered when one of the koala's gets close. the camera is hooked up to a screen allowing visitors to see these adorable pictures. i hate it when koala's take
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better selfies. >> they out staged us or upstaged us. let's check in with sandhya patel. there is no upstaging mother nature. >> we had some rain. kristen and dan, your selfies are cute, but the koalas take the show. live doppler 7hd is showing you lingering clouds around the bay area. the showers are long gone. you can hang up the umbrellas for the weekend and bring out the shades. we will see plenty of sun from our exploratorium camera looking at san francisco. low 50s san francisco, oakland, san jose, los gatos 48. half moon bay 53. from our kgo roof camera, looking out toward the bay the visibility is good and along the waterfront as well and the winds are not a factor. 50 in santa rosa. fairfield 47 and livermore 50 degrees. san francisco is in the clear from the sutro tower camera.
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the warmest days are expected early next week. i want to show you the satellite and the radar. the low that brought the light rain. the high pressure is building in. we are looking at a warming trend. and you will see the temperatures inching up beginning this weekend. tonight we are look at lingering clouds, 7:00 a.m. if your kids have games or you are teeing off, definitely have a sweatshirt and make sure the kids are bundled up. clearing begins from the north, but it will be crisp first thing in the morning. and then look for sunshine across the bay area and breezy conditions for your saturday afternoon. tomorrow morning starting out with cloud cover and cool temperatures. low to upper 40s and we are looking at sunny skies. 62 in san francisco. 68 santa rosa and 67 san rafael.
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out toward vallejo, 70 in fairfield and antioch and livermore, 70 degrees. definitely milder. 65 oakland, san mateo and down the peninsula. palo alto 68 along with san jose. tomorrow if you are going to the a's game they should be able to play. larry is mocking me. the seattle mariners 1:05. 64 toward the end of the game. i would take an extra layer. it will be breezy, but it should be nice weather conditions for that game. look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures are going to rise a good 10 degrees inland by sunday. you will go from 70 to 80 and you will feel. it mid60s coast side. numbers will come up next week, low to mid80s inland. low 70s at the beaches. temperatures back off on wednesday, but cooling down thursday and friday to the 70s. 60s coast side.
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no rain in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we might be done for awhile. >> they are doubting me. >> maybe no rain again tomorrow? maybe it will be another rainout. >> i wasn't mocking you. i was wondering if the field would be ready. >> they had their chance. we will talk about that more. the joke in l.a., dodger fans arriving late and leaving early. they made sure the show was be a real bear. that's why... ...they've gots lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week,... ... life's just a little sweeter with delicious red, seedless grapes. just $1.99 a pound. clean up with bounty paper towels, only $8.99 for 8 large rolls.
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the dodgers held their home opener in l.a. and it was over in half an inning, 18 minutes. the giants ruined the day for their arch rivals. dodger
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highlights came in the free became. skullly with his 65th year as a dodger broadcaster and handing off the first pitch to cofax. cofax was 78. all knocking in runs and it was 6-0 giants after one inning. the second inning and it is more of the same. brandon hicks with a blast. he was benched for showing up late. matt kemp didn't make the play. giants win it 8-4. a's-mariners game postponed. the tarp was not on the field when it rained. bob melvin seemed like he was stepping in a sandbox. the fans fumed over the situation. embarrassing for the team and the groundses crew. they said, quote, this was a miss fortunate miss interpretation of the forecast.
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you think? good time to remind everyone for the bay area conditions follow us on twitter. sandhya predicted rain last night. >> i did. >> never doubt wake up weather or you will be sorry. the warriors often struggle with their nor cal
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regular season and the warriors warriors are trying to lack down the 6th seed. taking care of wretched team.
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showing up and showing up angry. king shot 18% in the first half. no look dish to barnes with authority. kings were down 32 at the break. 59-27. klay thompson and this is like a globe trotter drill. 21 for klay. he is warming up the mo show. look at him put his left hand in his face. warriors 102 and kings are just watching 69. suns are fighting for the spot against portland. the backboard pass to himself and throws it down. we see this in the playground. the suns win it 10 9-93. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> fun night in sports. >> in games that were played it was a lot of fun. >> all right. hopefully we will get highlights later. >> we will
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here is a look at your wake up weather. it is going to start off on the cool side. partly cloudy and patchy fog. the temperatures are in the 40s. coming up to the low 50s by 8:00 a.m. in some of our coastal and bayside communities. lie saw argen is here at -- lisa argen is here with updates. >> that is our report. we uh preesh your time. >> -- we appreciate your time. >> abc7 news is on-line or smartphones and tablets. go to and click on the watch abc logo to find out how to access it. >> and search watch abc in your app store to download the april and watch "scandal"" resurrection" live on demand or your mobile device.
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have a great weekend. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- julia louis-dreyfus. michael pena and music from london grammar. with cleto and the cletones. and now, just so you know, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, the host of your show. thanks for watching. thank yo


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