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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to be suddenly cut short. >> the giants are hours away from the home opener. we have the preparations ahead of the big game today. >> that weres for joining us on this tuesday. eric thomas is off and meteorologist mike nicco is here . >> i can smell those garlic fries. >> is that what you eat? >> good choice. and peanuts and crackerjacks. the garlic fries are unique to us. live doppler 7 hd shows a few high clouds with low clouds along the coast and visibility is low away half moon bay. we will watch that. 58 and mild this morning and low-to-mid 70's from noon to 4:00 with high clouds and 67. if you live inland, 54 and
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sunny, and high clouds and sunshine and mid-70's at noon and still warm at low 70's at 7:00 and at coast we have dense fog and 55. it will be brighter by noon and mid-to-upper 60's. i think of fresh fruit, carrot sticks...just kidding. >> how does that go with nachos and far lick fries? >> they don't. we do not have crashes to report this morning. we have congestion, though, over the apartment pass and in san jose, northbound, along 101, 40 miles per hour is the top speed as you travel define the 280/680 split to the nimitz. a wide view of san jose and nothing but green. on the bay bridge, you can see traffic is still funneling through in the cash-paying lanes
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and fast track lanes and car poolers. the san mateo bridge is moving along but a now extra folks are moving across the water. >> we have to talk about that food you eat at the ballpark. >> fire crews on sign of a house fire all night after flames chased seven people from their homes breaking out before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at a home near the campbell murder -- circle. the flames spread to two other houses. the neighborhood is made up of homes that the firefighters say are a design that can work against them. >> very nice hopes. they are build for open space. a lost natural air flow, natural lighting, bringing outdoors in and open configureation it helps the fire spread quicker. >> the crews for the fire under
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control at 11:00 with no injuries. the cause is under investigation. >> novato police hope you can find a man linked to a homicide. investigators say this sketch resembled a man called a "person of interest" after a hiker discovered a man's body on saturday. the victim is identified at a 29 -year-old but they have not said how he was killed. >> oakland police identified a homicide victims would body was fund near a popular wreck -- rec center over the weekend. the 21-year-old recently came here from dallas to pursue a job if law enforcement. she leave behind a three yearly girl. >> investigators have changed the focus of a search for a missing menlo park woman. a surveillance video captured
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this photo of the woman at a mount tamalpais parking lot on march 30. authorities called off the seven after crews town no trace of her this week but, instead, will focus on her personal life. her parents are in the bay area and are hopeful she is okay. >> she a very strong person. she loves hiveing. if she is in difficult situation...we are very hopeful. >> she a software developer unemployed for two weeks and authorities have search her home and her car but found little evidence to go on. >> in south africa unexpected developments in the murder trial for oscar pistorius after court was cut short when he broke down on the stand. oscar pistorius spoke of night he shot can killed the girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, last year and says the two enjoyed a cost evening and
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fallen asleep in bed. oscar pistorius heard noises in the middle of the might and thought an intruder broke into the bathroom. he fired four shots at the door and oscar pistorius removed his legs in court, walked open his thumps and stood by the toilet door displayed in the courtroom and says when he opened the door and saw reeva steenkamp he bitters into tears. >> i opened the door and i said, oh, reeva and i cried. he was too emotional to continue to testify. the judge adjourned the trial until tomorrow. california is an area of strong spoor for president obama. the president has a 53 percent approval rating among california voters and 41 percent disapprove. we the strong of the support for
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president obama remains in the coastal counties comparing president obama's california numbers to the job performance numbers nationwide they are reverse. 53 percent of americans disaprove of the president's job ance. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton will be in san francisco to deliver a keynote address. she will speak at the marketing nation summit at mascone center which will address the challenges companies face in their marketing and how the software can address the issues. her key note is scheduled to get underway at 12:30. >> after that, we will be smelling the garlic fries and taking the crackerjacks. today is the home opener and with the team off to a good start a lost excite president at at&t park and amy hollyfield is there with a preview. we are on the field which has been prepared for the game and trues are out here scrubbing the
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walls and you can see the crew wrapping up work hard to make the ballpark perfect. today should be a city holiday, so there is a lot of excitement here and the vice president of communications joins us to talk about the excitement that surrounds this day. how excited is the staff? >> we are ready to go. the team is off to a great start. >> tell us of the ticket situation. i assume you are sold out? >> opening day is sold out. we have tickets the rest of the week and quite a variety ofoning week events including a farewell to candle stick park on thursday with a lost former 49ers and giants participating in ceremonies. friday night we have fire works, really, the whole week is a celebration of 07ing of the
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season. >> are you excited? or is it business as urge? >> everyone asks what do we do in the off season. the reagans is this is no off season. everyone is getting ready for the season putting the team together, a lot of our current players are back with the team and everyone is excited to get the home season started. >> thank you so much for joining us. the first pitch, today, is at 1:35 playing the arizona diamondbacks. you can enjoy the pre-game if you are in your seat by 12:45. >> i am sure the fans will make a difference. giants fans are reminded to take public transit to the game. muni will have seven lines running to and from at&t park, and there be ferry service to the game and caltrain is a good opening coming from the south bay. metered parking is in effect
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until 10:00 p.m. with a full list of public transportation runs to the game on the front payment of i hit one out of the ball park mice, mike? >> that whiffle ball field. >> good for you. it will be warm. 74 at 1:35 and down to 70 by 4:00. you will be burned quickly with the u.v. index high. >> if you are taking bart we are 60 in san leandro and money 50's in most stations and the cool spot is dublin/pleasanton at 52. from mount tamalpais we is to watch out for the tree pollen that is high today and that kin sides with the warm temperatures: ten to 16 degrees above average today. it will not last. the seven-day forecast is coming
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up with a cooling friend. >> a cooling trend. as we look at what is happening across the bay area and our traffic, it is quite light. do not have any accidents to record. that is excellence news. >> in san francisco, of course we have the giants home opener at at&t park and we have see people lining up and the doors open at noon. you can expect heavy traffic in the area and along 280 at king street and all the streets surrounding so use mass transit. 15 minutes now, to across the bay bridge, and 101 southbound san francisco to sfo is ten minute commute. >> uconn is celebrating the ncaa win but there was a row difficult party. >> a mom is accused of leaving
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her kids in a hot car while she was going to job interview. >> starbucks admits the stores are not so earth friendly.
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>> covering santa clara, east bay, and san francisco and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 6:14, a look at traffic on the eastern span of the bay bridge, that is a normal morning but we will check with leyla gulen to see if there are troubled spots. >> speaking of trouble, rowdy fans celebrating university of connecticut ncaa national championship left damage across the campus. this is video from uconn uprooting a light post, smashed ones and overturned tables and chairs. some students were taken away in handcuffs and 30 were arrested. >> former president bill clinton and george w. bush were on hand in texas to watch the huskies defeat the wildcats. the final score was 54-60. the win is the fourth national title for the huskies in three
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years. connecticut won previous titles in 1999, 2004 and 2011 and remain undefeated in national championship games. >> donations are pouring in for phoenix mother arrested after leaving her two young kids in a house s.u.v. while she went to a job interview. the 35-year-old mother pleaded not guilty to charges yesterday. police say she left her 2-year-old and six-month-old in the dodge last month while she went to a job interview because she could not find a sitter the a new jersey woman set up a sunday raising website saying she could relate to growing up without a lot of money. so far, they have raised 91,000. >> most miss sided s.u.v.s fail crash tests. only two of nine earned top marks curing to the insurance
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insurance suited for highway safety and highlander was "acceptable" and the other six were rated poor or marginal after the front corner collides with another vehicle or an object like a pole. an admission from starbucks in efforts to recycle the paper cups that consumers use is proving to be a tall order. starbucks will not meet the goal of recycling bins in front of each other by next year because different cities have different policies for recycling. 40 percent of starbuck stores have recycling bins for paper products. from another company, ben & jerry's are set brighting the 35 anniversary and offering a free cone -- yes, free cone today at any ben & jerry's around here. >> nice day to have it.
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>> it will be in the 80's in some places. >> we will get a cooling along the coast and in san francisco but the temperatures are well above where they should be. great day for ike cream if you didn't give it help for a certain event with visibility lyses than quarter-mile at half moon bay the localized sea breeze will bring cooler weather to the coast in san francisco today. the temperatures are, though, are warmer-than-average. in the south bay, in alum rock it is 54. sunnyvale is 55 and santa clara and saratoga and cupertino and campbell at 53 and 58 in san jose and los gatos in the hills it is 60 and mid-to-upper 50's throughout the bay shore into san francisco where it is 52. san pablo is 55 and lafayette is 53 and brentwood is 56 and 50 in novato and all the multichores
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because of the high clouds streaming in. mostly sunny because of high clouds and cooler at the coast into san francisco and cooling spreads across the neighborhoods tomorrow through saturday and the next chance of rain is 10 or 15 days days away. december, jap, and early february is a society up we have, a warm ridge block all of our storms and today it is the warmest outside. we will go to the south bay and show the mid-to-upper 80's but for milpitas and sunnyvale at 80 and 82 and santa cruz is cooler at 77. still a nice day at the poor walk. mid-to-upper 70's in millbrae and san mateo and the immediate neighbors but low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and flirting with the upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and ten degrees warmer-than-average if san francisco. 74 in sausalito and low-to-mid
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80's through the north bay valley and upper 60's at qualify beach and temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's through the shore and castro valley in the mid-80's and to the east, the valleys are all in the mid-80's. tote, we will drop into the 50's but notice the fog is more widespread along the coast and pushes across san francisco and into parts of the north bay valley so watch out for that during tomorrow's morning commute. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow as the warmth spreads inland holding steady for thursday and another push of cooling send bryces drops us a couple more degrees on friday and saturday and we will hold steady through the weekend with sun and still above-average temperatures. have a great day. we have a report from san francisco that there is a possible crash on lumbar and fillmore trillion stying to get more information through the marina and we are not too clear on all of the details but we will let you knowen we find out.
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in san jose, we have this accident northbound possibly blocking the on-ramp to northbound 101 near san jose airport with plenty of heavy traffic and a look through san francisco and daly city with top speeds approaching the 280 extension through daly city and top speeds on 280 and further down the peninsula closer to palo alto and los altos hills and 65 miles per hour on 101 and 70 miles per hour on 280 and foster city is 6 and 73 between san mateo and burlingame. >> san francisco police are still searching for the vandals targeting the smart cars getting national attention. victims reveal what they think is behind the bizarre vandalism. >> will your home insurance come
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through when you need it most?
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but "consumer reports" says that is not always the case. >> most are satisfied with their insurance companies physical they pit in a claim. we wanted to find out who came through for people. >> "consumer reports" surveyed 10,000 subscribers who filed homeowners insurance claims and found some companies did better than others. >> most shot if home insurance once and forget it. you never really have a chance to test your policy until you have a problem. >> "consumer reports" suggests picking a top insurers including auto owners all received top rating. like jim, occasionally reviewing your policy can help insure you have the right coverage in a crisis. >> another way to protect yourself, "consumer reports" suggest befriending a contractor before you really need one, hiring someone to do small jobs around your house now means you have a relationship with a contractor.
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that is "7 on your side" and i am michael finney. >> the abc7 morning news continues with the top stories including the $100 million gift to bay area hospitals with a big named donor behind the we cash. one home destroyed and two others badly damaged and this acura burned down to its frame. a cooling trend for a few folks and it is opening day at at&t park with that sunny and warm forecast ahead. >> i am leyla gulen looking at the bay bridge toll plaza which is not too heavy. the fast track lanes, at least and the car poolers if you have three or more folks you can move along but i have a couple of
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hotspots in the bay area including san jose and san francisco and all the details ahead. i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a gorge picture from mount tamalpais looking at the bay with the sun rising. notice the color of the sky and the clouds: orange. and the mountain in the foreground, black. orange and black? it is opening day, home opener for the san francisco joy amendments. we have gorgeous weather on tap for that. we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco. we are trying to make this a holiday. everyonen whats the day of 50. even the a's fans. opening day used to be more special than it was when i was a kid than now but it is still special. maybe you can make it special if your kids and keep the tradition going. you can see the high clouds showing up with low clouds along the coast and today is going to be a special day as far as a lost sunshine and high clouds and warmer-than-average and most of us in the low-to-upper 50's
6:31 am
through 7:00 and in the mid-60's to mid-70's from the coast to inland and mid-50's at the coast and that area is cooler in san francisco. 76 to 82 bay and inland so amer than yesterday and well hang out in the 60's to low 70's through 7:00. enjoy the tuesday. leyla gulen? >> headed into san francisco this is where we have an accident involving a possible officer although we don't know if lanes are blocked. this is plenty of traffic. coming through the presidio away from the golden gate bridge and it looks like traffic is heavy there as you make it to surface streets into the marina district. we will try to find more information. into san francisco, on northbound 101, a car hit a metering light and pole causing slowing pulling away from the san jose airport. outside, we can look at walnut creek southbound is sludge-like
6:32 am
away from highway 24 to go from highway four to the 24 function it is 14 minutes. >> fire crews are watching for any hotspots after a fire ripped through several homes in san jose. nick is there with the latest. >> fast moving blames and a gas leak were the perfect mix to keep a fire burning for hours. look at this car: reduced to the frame the burned to the core. it is just twists of steel and fiber glass. firefighters spent hours pouring water from every angle frying to put out this blaze. part of the problem was a gas line fueling the fire even after the walls of one of the homes burned to the fund and the house where the fire started is destroyed ands with so big that it spread to two other houses. this neighborhood is full of what are called eichler homes built in the 1960's, the homes
6:33 am
have a reputation with firefighters. >> because it is so open it allows more air to flow through giving more help to the fuel production and heat in the fire or in the structure. >> because the homes can burn is quickly they have the nickname "seven minute eichler," and pg&e cut off the gas two hours later but not before the neighboring homes were badly damaged. the fire went to they alarms. a dozen residents were we evacuated to a local middle school. the cause of the fire is under investigation. you can see this car is burned out. investigators were run to the scene later today to continue their work to figure out how this started. this morning, a los angeles police officer has his bullet-proof vest to thank for saving his life as he was shot seven times. authorities say a man walked
6:34 am
into the lap traffic division yesterday and said he had a complaint and then opened fire hitting one officer seven times. the officers fired back hitting the suspect. the officer suffered only minor injuries. he was shot seven times at close range, and was talking to me and his friends on his unnamed mobile device, that is just amazing. >> the suspect is hospitalized in critical condition and no word on why he opened fire. >> a police officer will be arraigned before stealing prescription drugs from senior citizens. we 38-year-old 12-year veteran is accused of interesterring senior resident and stealing the prescription drugs. >> suspended state senator yee
6:35 am
is due back in san francisco federal court this morning for arraignment in the fbi corruption case. he and two dozen others were arrested in an f.b.i. sweep two week ago and named in a federal grand jury indictment of the chances range from political corruption to gun trafficking and is personally charged with seven counts of agreeing to import guns and arrange prefer usual treatment for undercover agents posing at campaign supporters. >> the war against technical workers is heating up in san francisco. protesters have distributed flyers in portrero hill neighborhood calling kevin rose a pair suit after a youtube video showing him pulling a raccoon off the dog and throw it down the stairs. the start-ups bring entrepreneurs who ravage the landscape of the bay area the latest incident in the war against tech workers blamed for
6:36 am
gentification and rising housing costs. >> trying to demonize technology workers does not make housing more affordable. >> in a defeat, he said he agrees with protesters that "we need to solve rising rents, keep the we san francisco culture and crackdown on landlords booting folks out." >> technical resentment is the new possible motive in the car flipping incident we reported yesterday. witnesses say eight vandals wearing hoodies tipped over four smart cars of the one owner has lived in the city for 20 years and says there is an association between smart cars and new wealth in the city. >> the smart car and the gentification of san francisco are linkedin some mines. we have only owns there for six months but you get a lost negative comments about them. >> others believe that senate cars are jut targeted because they are small and easy to tip over. this video shows guys flipping
6:37 am
over a smart care in vancouver in 2011. >> children's hospital will receive another sizable donation from one of the wealthiest technical entrepreneurs and c.e.o. benioff will write $100 million we check for the hospital that will be split between ucsf and children's hospital oakland forming an allowance in january. curing to the chronicle along with the sizable gift, the center get as new name: ucsf children's benioff hospital oakland. >> lay ball coming up and we are at at&t park with the fun ahead of the home opener for the giants. >> ahead, a teacher accused of using a derogatory remark against a 12-year-old girl.
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>> we are back at 6:41 on tuesday and start with the home opener with the diamondbacks take on the joyans and taking on
6:41 am
the giants at 1:35. you have to watch out for the u.v. index. you could be burned easy. mid-to-upper 80's in sacramento and los angeles and 80 in san diego and fresno is 92. palm springs is 98 degrees. here is my seven-day forecast, if you are going to lake tahoe the next seven days temperatures are ten degrees warmer-than-average and no snow. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> a brand new crash into was flow valley westbound 580 at 238 and it sounds like there is a fuel spill so we will see the activity. as we head over to highway 4, a stalled vehicle is blocking the daily road 50 ramp and it is sluggish headed from pittsburg to bay point and it starts to loosen as you get to 242. headed into concord we are downtown to 24 miles per hour and it is slow through pleasant hill and you pick up speed through lafayette and orinda to the caldecott tunnel with some
6:42 am
brake lights. >> saying goodbye to the most popular operating systems of all times as windows xp fades into memory.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. >> the field is ready. the team is off to a propping start of the fans are breaking out the orange and black. the home opener at at&t park is where we find amy hollyfield with a preview. amy? >> yes, new seasons, new grass, 113,000 square' of kentucky bluegrass which has been prepared for today for the 41,000 fans who is a ticket for today's home open are game. it is sold out. business owners tell us the
6:46 am
neighborhood is on fire with excitement. so are the fans. some of them started gathering here at the ball park at 4:00 this morning. >> here every year. will tailgate later. have some barbecue, drink a couple of man beers. >> it is a holiday? >> opening day is a holiday. it probably is to san francisco. >> the giants are looking good so far. shear video playing the diamondbacks last week, 5-2 on the road. today they come home. they have played the arizona diamondbacks at 1:30 and asking fans to be this their seats by 12-45 to enjoy the opening day festivities. >> thank, amy hollyfield. a louisiana teacher is on paid leave after allegedly calling a student a derogatory name in class. this of involves a teacher at a
6:47 am
christian academy in shreveport who called a 12-year-old student a sassy slut. the parents say other students her the comment and reduced their daughter to tears. the parents are upset because the teacher is suspended six days with pay which is the same as a paid vacation. >> trading is underway on wall street so we will look at the big board: the dow is flat up only four points at 16250. a warning if your computer runs on end withs xp you are on your own. microsoft is ending technical support for the old operating system today and an estimated 30 percent of businesses and consumers use xp including many bank a.t.m.s but you can still run xp after today but no longer get security updates, patches, or technical support. >> a new consequence of rising lime prices can some airlines are not offering airlines in
6:48 am
crock tails and beverages. united is offering lemon rather than lime on some flights. the average lime price at supermarkets jumped 20 cents in two weeks with the california drought and the mexico drug war to blame. >> there is a little bit of lemon rather than the lime? >> exactly, and now, we will show you what is going on outside. good morning, everyone, i don't think i can have a margarita. too much sugar for the whole lent think. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and we have been following the visibility at half moon bay and less than quarter-mile at the localized
6:49 am
sea breeze is developing pushing through the san bruno gap. winds are light and variable and other than those two areas we should be clear for the rest of the morning commute. we will start in the east bay valley with low-to-mid 50's from san ramon and to pittsburg the warm spot at 57 and 57 in hayward and san carlos and 53 in san francisco and to the north, san rafael to half moon bay, here is what the east bay hills look like: clear and now the sun is on the northern side of mount diabolo and today is two minutes longer than yesterday. we are mostly sunny with cooler conditions at the coast into san francisco and coolings across the neighbor tomorrow through saturday and the next chance of rain is 10 to 14 days out. this is just on fire the picture from mount tamalpais.
6:50 am
>> today is our warmest day inland although we are undercut by the localized sea breeze in san francisco. we have 87 in los gatos, and santa cruz is cooler at 77 and 79 in millbrae and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere, and mid-70's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 15 degrees cooler at the beaches and upper 70's to low 80's along the east bay shore and castro valley is 83 and through the dublin grade you will hit made 80's through the east bay valley and tonight, open up the ones if you can handle the pollen, around santa rosa and napa and the rest of us in the fists and more clouds look the coast and the north bay valleys. seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees cooler and steady through thursday and another two to four degrees on friday and saturday and that is cool day,
6:51 am
still, warmer-than-average. >> laying? >> if you want to take advantage of the free cone day...why does it happen this time of year? it will be beautiful weather and if you are sitting in traffic it is gorgeous. we do have this accident that is causing the backup and it is blocking two lanes because we have full spills in the roadways and westbound 580 we are looking at heavy backups heavy from redwood city and as we continue along 238, it stays bumper-to-bumper situation to the nimitz. northbound 101 in san jose a car hit a metering light and a light pole that was in the lanes and that is causing the heavy lanes so when you head beyond that everything is move along fine. now, it will be our drive through san jose, again, north bound 87 beyond the julian street off-ramp it is still light conditions there. >> thanks, leyla gulen.
6:52 am
coming up, seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" herer seven things to know before you go. several san jose residents are waking up in a different bed after a fierce fire yesterday that break out at a home and spread to two other homes. no injuries, this word on what
6:54 am
started the fire. >> two, suspended state senator yee and 28 other suspects will be had federal court if san francisco this morning for arraignment in an f.b.i. corruption case after being arrested in a sweep two weeks ago and indicted on charges ranging from political corruption to drug trafficking. >> a concord police officer accused of stealing prescription drugs from courts heed it court. the 38-year-old entered a senior housing complex and stole the prescription pain medication from residents. today is qualify payday, the day when a woman's pay finally catches up to men's arrestings from -- previous earnings from the rest year because of the wage gap. president obama will ban federal contractors from retaliating against imply he -- employees who talk about pay. >> a month ago today malaysia
6:55 am
airlines vanished. crews will listen for the sounds from the indian ocean. they could be from the two data recorders. >> tracking high clouds over most of our neighborhoods, with live doppler 7 hd and fog along the coast which is indicative of a minor microclimate sea breeze and cooler weather, and this is how it looks from the camera, downtown san francisco and the high clouds with temperatures upper 60's to nearly 70 along the coast and mid-70's to mid-80's an the bay and low-to-upper 80's inland. injury. >> the bay bridge will take you 30 minutes to head from the maze to san francisco so it is busy conditions and sluggish on the ride through san francisco with a crash involving a bus southbound 101 and as i take you into the east bay this crash causing more backup, westbound 580, two-car crash out there blocking two lanes. we continue on-line and
6:56 am
twitter and facebook. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. savage storms caught on tape. almost two dozen reported tornadoes and flash flooding across the south. trapping people in their homes. one twister swoops in on this pickup truck with a father and son, carries them right over power lines. they survived the real-life "wizard of oz." breaking now, oscar pistorius back on the stand reading aloud the dozens of text messages he and his girlfriend sent each other testifying at this hour about what happened in the hours before he shot her. >> the huskies once again. uconn takes it all. a slam dunk in one of the biggest underdog match-ups in college basketball history. an electrifying game. the fierce fight on the court, right down to the final seconds. and the big celebration overnight. ♪


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