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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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berkeley. the damage and the problem caused by the fire. and new details about the victims in that deadly tour bus crash. avs 7 ts that can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week life gets a whole lot tastier this week life gets a whole lot tastier with foster farms fresh whole chickens, just $.88 a pound dulcinea mini watermelons are just $2.50 each.
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plus c&h sugar is only $1.88. there's more savings to love at safeway. ingredients for life. live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> a massive fire destroys a warehouse in berkeley. the fire causing more than just damage to the building. there are power outages and train delays. and lots of heavy traffic still on the -- in the area along i-0 right next to the scene that have fire. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. take a look what the fire looked like early on. our camera captured flames leaping from the building as firefighters is started to spray water on the fire. nick smyth has the tse(ñlatest. >> ama, this it is still an active scene. the fire is out. but it is contained. it is not out, ama.
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take a look behind me. you can see the fire crews are still on the scene. take a look at that fire ladder, an idea how they are still aggressively attacking it and still shooting water down on this fire. take a look at some of the video we shot minutes after we arrived. at its peak, the thick orange flames were ferocious. we captured this power line being attacked by flames causing sparks. the fire broke out just after 8:00 p.m. and according to the property owner, it has affected a 40,000 square foot building home to import tile tile, the wooden duck, joshua tree and thriving lifestyle. we can confirm that wooden duck, joshua tree and thriving lifestyle have been destroyed and they are still daling with hot spots in those stores. firefighters are dealing with wooden buck primarily because most of this property is wood. the fire knocked out power surrounding buildings, residents
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and prompted evacuations of nearby businesses. flames at times more than three times high caused a transformer to explode and could be seen from the bay bridge. joshua goldberg, owner of the wooden duck called his fare-in-law to tell him the story was on fire. >> i came down. and it's just unfortunate that he -- i don't know what his livelihood is going to be now. i mean, he spent 15 years building a business up, and let's hope he can get it put back together. >> we went to three alarms with with the fire department and three additional alarms within the county. we have alameda city, alameda county, and oakland along with counties from con tran cost at that time county that assists us to staff our stations. >> in the beginning, it was a mad dash to make sure there were no people inside of those buildings. they do say that because it was
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the weekend it helped. that many of the people just weren't there. they called in the fire immediately after seeing flames. that was the owner of joshua tree. he made the initial call. when fire crews?h say they immediately started to attack those flames and they saw smoke, saw flames, went after it immediately. there are no injuries. i can tell you these crews will be here through the night. they say they have a lot of work to do. it's only just starting. in berkeley, nick smyth, abc7 news. >> and the fire which is in the middle of your screen here caused a massive backup on i-80 affecting traffic in both directions. the university off-ramp eastbound is closed. this is what it looked like an hour ago. and let's take a look at a live picture of the same spot from our epryville camera. traffic is moving a little bit better. but not much. take a look at our drive time traffic map. traffic is improving as we mentioned. but still slow going in that area. 40 miles per hour in the
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westbound lanes of 80. the fire also caused train service to stop for a while. these pictures are of people waiting at the emeryville station. all trains were first being stopped at the jack london station, then at emeryville. these are live pictures from emeryville. fire department ordered the halt because the hoses are running across the tracks. amtrak officials are confident they'll be moving soon. and this fire led to power outages nearby. when the fire was at its worst, power was out to the 1500 pg&e customers. they say the fire department asked them to shut down power in the area. you can see the flash and sparks fly when the transformers blew. crews have been able to get power back onto the majority of customers. officials tell us they expect all but ten customers to have power back before midnight. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of this breaking story and our reporting continues right now on
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twitter @abc7 news bay area. the national transportation safety board is looking into what caused the deadly crash between a fedex truck and tour bus on i-5 near or land inm3z gn county. the ntsbft@ says there were no e tracks from the truck. the bus driver swerved to try to avoid the collision. chuck receive the son reports. >> investigators are combing the area, searching for clues to that fiery explosion when a fedex tractor-trailer slammed into a tour bus full of college bound high school students. the ntsb say the bus driver made defensive maneuvers to avoid the truck. >> there was an action on the part of the driver to stop the vehicle and there's a reaction beyond the braking to swerving the right. i looked over and saw the fedex truck coming straight for me. the driver reported seeing flames underneath the
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tractor-trailer before it swerved into the on coming bus. >> left the southbound lanes at a 10 degrees angle and there are no tire marks braking tire marks in the median or the northbound lanes. >> this charred, mangled shell the remnant of the terrible collision that claimed ten lives and injured so many others. some people were ejected from the new bus in service only about a month and was equipped with seat belts. >> we're going to looking intoing whether see the belts would have kept them in their place. >> students took well gifts to victims recovering from their injuries. >> i wish this was just a bad nightmare. >> chuck receive the son, abc news, new york. -t(áájzg more about the victims in the crash. so far nine of the ten have been identified. the nine victims were on the bus. the other fatality was the driver of the fedex truck. abc7 news reporters are live in
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the newsroom with the latest. >> two chaperones planning on getting married, michael and madison were killed as was humboldt state admissions counselor arthur arzola. the bus driver has been identified as having five college students all on their way to a university tour. >> white balloons were released just outside los angeles, part of an emotional tribute to the charter high school senior ishmael jimenez. >> he was destined to great things. maybe that's why god wanted him up there. >> he and his classmate dennis gomez are among those killed in the class. they were elected prom king and queen at their school. marisa seen on the right was also killed. her twin sister marysol was unharmed. her family has driven up to northern california where the crash happened to collect her body. fellow students at el monthe
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high school near los angeles arñ bonilla an honor constituent. tonight investigators say skid marks on the freeway indicate the bus driver attempted to avoid the fedex truck headed towards them. that many driver was identified. friends say she was dedicated to her job and the safety of her passengers. >> the only person not identified who died in thursday's crash is the driver of the fedex tractor-trailer truck, along with those killed, nearly 50 people on the bus were injured, many still in the hospital. live in the newsroom, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. do stay with abc7 news for the latest developments on the story and follow us @abc7 news bay area. the marin county sheriff's department confirmed tonight a body found on mt. tamalpais is that of a missing hiker. magdalena glinkowski who recently moved from seattle was last seen on mt. tam. rescue teams received a tip yesterday who said he saw her that saturday. his information allowed investigators to narrow their search area. cause of death has not been determined. it is time to turn our attention to the weather. let's get to abc7 news meteorologist for our first check on weather. sandhya? >> ama, tonight we are dealing with another night of extensive low cloudiness. i'll show you where it is gray. it's actually pretty cloudy all
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the way out towards the santa rosa area out towards rio vista, san leandro, fremont, you're socked in along the san francisco coastline. san jose starting to see partly cloudy conditions. your sunday morning will start out gray. a little misty perhaps in spots. i'll let you know how the rest of the afternoon is shaping up in a few minutes. >> look forward to it. thank you. still to come at 11:00, the battle brewing in nevada over cattle. what's pitting a rancher against the u.s. government. plus, a royal slip-up? what prince william said today that might have been a little too revealing. and later, the search for flight 370 and what crews are now saying about what may have happened all coming up when
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introducing the xfinity my account app. this is abc7 news. >> we are following breaking news out of berkeley tonight where crews have finally gained control over a six alarm fire at a warehouse. the fire has affected traffic in the area and amtrak trains have stopped running. they should be moving again soon. you can see how large the flames were when the fire was at its peak. >> in nevada today, the government released cattle it rounded up after a rancher refuseded to pay grazing fees. >> get back! get back now! >> local militia, tea party member avs people defending rancher clive condition bundy clashed with agents from the bure of land management. this week the blm rounded up hundreds of his cattle because it says he owes almost $1
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million in unpaid range fees. he let his animals graze on public land for 20 years. protest ares and the family say the fight was about much more than cattle and money. >> it's about the freedom of america. we the people. >> in a statement today, the blm said it was releasing his cattle out of serious concern for the safety of its agents and protesters. someone in oakland city services made a little spelling mistake. if you come to the intersection of martin luther king way and arlington avenue, make sure you come to a full and complete sotp. somebody painted s-o-t-p on the street instead. hopefully drivers will get the right message. tomorrow marks the first sunday for walnut creek's new every day and more costly meters. the rates have doubled in some places for street parking as much as $2 an hour. city leaders say it's an effort to have more turnovers in the shopping and dining areas.
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in san rafael, a special preeaster easter egg hunt. this was the blind baby foundation's 14th annual beeper egg hunt held on the campus of guide dogs for the blind, it was for kids blind or visually impair.ed. the eggs had a beeper guiding the kids to their location. they exchanged them for bags of candy. it looks like things were pretty nice where they were weatherwise today. we have the latest our weather for tomorrow. >> sandhya. >> it was a nice looking day for the egg hunt there. sunshine around the bay and inland this afternoon. but the temperatures will were held back. most areas in the 60s. a few 70s showed up around the inland communities. coast socked in with 50s. tomorrow we'll bump up the numbers. live doppler 7 hd showing you the gray skies along the coast, around the bay pushing into some of our valleys already. from our camera, you can see the
11:18 pm
low clouds towards the bay. 57 oakland, 55 san jose and half moon bay. emeryville camera looking towards the bay bridge there temperatures in the low 50s for santa rosa. 53 in livermore and our roof camera showing you a bit of a breeze right now. it's strong around the travis air force base. that's why we're seeing low cloudiness. a little warmer the next two days. breezy and cooler weather towards tuesday. here's the pacific satellite picture. high pressure coming in for your sunday. minor warming trend sunday and monday as the wind flow comes more out of the north, northwest. we will actually see some change for your sunday. expecting quite a bit of gray tomorrow morning. maybe a little misty and drizzly in spots. sunny skies for most areas around the bay ear evenro coast, we'll see sun breaking through allowing temperatures to come up. tomorrow morning, it's going to
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be chilly, if you have early plans, if you're taking the dog out for a walk or jogging, well, it's going to start out in the upper 40s to the low 50s. you might need a sweatshirt. then in the afternoon, nice day. sunshine upper 70s around antioch, livermore, 68 in oakland. 74 in santa rosa. san jose 70. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, milder weather awaits on monday. our warpest of the next seven days. low 80s inland. the marine layer will get compressed. not as much fog and low cloudiness. breezy at times. the breezy weather continues wednesday. temperatures will come back up a couple degrees but ama, it's not anything to write home about. pleasant weather over the next seven days. >> thank you. we have sports. how did our baseball teams do today? >> good and bad.
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coming up. it was a quiet day for the giants offense. meanwhile for the oakland a's, it was sunny in seattle. that p
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this is sports report brought to you by river rocca sin know. >> he's in just his full first season with oakland but sonny gray has became is the ace of the staff. what do you think? do you like guys with a mustache? >> maybe not that kind of mustache. >> not tom celica. oakland jumped on top of the first. two-run shot by josh donaldson, his second of the season. after a shaky start, gray allowed just one run over seven innings and tied a career high with nine strikeouts. in the. >>th, a confusing moment for jhonas sestito.
11:24 pm
ackley drops the exchange. the new rules say that is not a catch but sestito was hecespide heading toward the dugout. runs were scarce at at&t park. the only score came in the third with the man on, troy tulowitzki. hunter pence with the throw home. not in time to get charlie blackmon. former a's pitcher brett anderson threw three shutout innings. he hurts his pitching hand. you can see he's in pain. he was diagnosed with a bruised left index finger. the giants were held to just three hits. pablo sandoval had one of them and thought had he another. nolan air nat toe makes a great play to gun him down. matt cain struck out eight over seven innings. in the eighth with the bases loaded, sandoval goes down swinging to end the inning. giants lose, 1-0. >> with their playoff position
11:25 pm
already set, the sharks close out their regular season tonight at phoenix. san jose hoping to finish up strong in the desert. the sharks jumped on top thanks to a pair of first period goals from joe pavelski, the fourth player in franchise history to score 40 in a season. don boyle with the shot. logan couture tips it in. san jose wins 3-2. the sharks next take on the kings in the playoffs. still to come, i have ties older than this kid. 20-year-old jordan speaks has a chance to make history tomorrow at
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will not have tiger or phil mickelson but it will have 208-year-old jordan spieth trying to become the youngest champion ever. despite this being his first masters, he has played like a veteran today firing a 70. 50-year-old miguel jimenez is shooting is the tournament best 66. he's just two back. matt kutcher is there with a 6, one off the pace. 2012 masters champ bubba watson began the round with a three-stroke lead. a great approach on the second hole sets up an eagle. he shot a 74 which drops him into a tie for first at 5 under. y÷ spieth. the former texas all-american drops this for birdie. tiger won his first masters at 21, spieth would be a full five months earlier. spieth on top. jimenez and ricky fowler round out the top five. >> i have a lot of respect for this golf course. it seems by the scores to be
11:30 pm
playing as difficult as it has in quite awhile. with that, you have to just accept par and accept the fact that you're going to have some wicked fast putts. that's why i'll lose more hair as we go on this week. >> he's young. nerves are no big deal to him. no, you know, i've won one. so i've got that going for me. if i play bad tomorrow, i still have a green jacket. that's the positive i have to go for. >> should be a fun final round. boxing, manny pack can i you has won a unanimous decision over timothy bradley. we'll have highlights later in the show. this sports report brought to you tonight by river rocca sin know. ama? >> thank you for that. still to come, crews are still on the scene of a six alarm fire in berkeley. traffic, trains and power in the are all affected tonight. we'll have a live report as abc news at 11:00 continues.
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live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. and back to our breaking news tonight. a six alarm fire destroyed three businesses in berkeley. this is what it looked like just after 8:00. you can see how high the flames got. nick smyth is live at the scene with the latest. >> alma, the fire is not out but contained. you can see the crews are still working. i also want to show you some of the video we shot the minute we got here. at its peak it caused huge sparks. the fire broke out just after 8:00. according to property owner, it
11:35 pm
has affected a 40,000 square foot office and re-tai space. the fire prompted evacuations of nearby businesses. flames at times more than three stories high. caused a transformer to explode. i had an opportunity to speak to the property owner who says hey, the wooden duck, one of the popular businesses here is completely destroyed. and the fire officials tell me it copies to burn. >> they're a brit big business. i don't know if they can restore their presence. you know, their material has to come from india and china and they're not going to be able to snap fingers and get back in business at any time soon. >> the fire's not spreading. it's actually contained to the building of origin. that's strictly what we're seeing. you're still going to see flames. we're going to be here for a while to knock some of that heat out of it. there's still going to be active flames. as far as the containment, we have the fire contained at this point. >> pg&e says there are still
11:36 pm
about 100 customers without power. they may not restore the>yá see till tomorrow afternoon. i can show you fire officials tell me wind was not a factor. they say they will be here all night. so far they have not determined the cause. one of the other things we learned here, fighting this fire, one of the challenges there are no hydrants in this area. they had to use extra hoses and used foam to fight the blaze. we have an update on twitter and on our website at abc7 i can tell you i'll probably be here tomorrow morning covering the clean-up everts. ama, back to you in the studio. >> thank you for that update. the fire is still affecting traffic along i-0. this is a live look right now. traffic is flowing better now through the area. the university off-ramp eastbound however is still closed. the fire also caused train service to stop for a while. these are live pictures from emeryville where all trains are still stopped right now. amtrak officials hope to get the
11:37 pm
trains moving again soon. stay with us for continuing coverage of this breaking story and our reporting continues right now on twitter, @abc7 news bay area. up the coast of australia, the search for flight 370 is taking a new and perhaps painfully slow turn. the search area has narrowed but the pings believed to have been the real thing now vanishing. abc news reporter clayton zan del has the latest. >> five weeks searching from planes, ships, even submarines and tonight still not a single sign. >> bearing 350. >> they're narrowing in on a 500 mile underwater search zone but those emergency beacon batteries are fading. this u.s. navy sensor hasn't detected any promising signal since tuesday. >> when the time is right, we'll say yes, the beacons are probably have stopped transmitting. it's time to shift to the short range sonar. >> in its place the automated blue fin 21 will steer itself
11:38 pm
nearly 15,000 feet deep using sonar to scan canyons and mountains on the seafloor in sections half a mile wide hopefully revealing the plane and critical flight data and cockpit voice recorders. a task that is also slow. blue fin's top speed only five miles an hour. given that slow pace and the size of the search area this could take months if not years. solid answers about what happened to this airplane and the people on board are still a long way away. clayton sandel, abc news. >> u.s. officials say there is no threat of a tsunami to the coast of california after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck in the pacific ocean near the salomon islands. quake hit around 2:15 this afternoon 200 miles southeast of the capital of the salomons. officials say large waves were reported but no tsunami. . >> scientists from the centers for disease control are investigating cases of people getting sick on cruise ships, one of which docked in san francisco this week.
11:39 pm
a princess cruise spokeswoman says only 37 people on board had norovirus when it stopped here monday. now more than 350 people on two ships have gotten the stomach bug. it can be picked up through contaminated food or water or touching contaminated surfaces. >> costly cleaning our hands. you could even pick up your own drink. they had to hand you your drink. >> the cdc is collecting samples from each ship to test. despite the sick passengers the grandeur of the seas is on a cruise to the bahamas. good news to report about a story we brought you yesterday. 54-year-old andrew taylor does not have a broken leg and plans to rejoin his mates on their around the world trip. taylor was swept over board in the middle of the pacific ocean during rough seas march 30th. this video shows what crews spotted after a search, a dot on the horizon. he was pulled to safety and covered with blankets and given
11:40 pm
plenty of coffee. prince william,x@ duchess e and prince george with on their big overseas trip but did prince william trip up revealing the family soon be growing? cecilia ca vega has the latest from the new zealand. >> kate's first solo stop on this royal tour a visit to a new zealand's children's hospice. it was a chance for a duchess to meet a princess. >> a tea party. can i join you? >> her work with children's hospices a cause close to her heart. and to the woman nicknamed the queen of hearts, the images of kate and princess diana nearly identical. that has been a recurring theme here. kate and diana both in red coats upon landing, baby george in his shorts just like his own father's royal crawl about more than three decades earlier. royal watchers say it's not a koibcy dense. >> it falls to the younger royals to visit the countries to
11:41 pm
maintain the relationship with the man arc can i. >> one royal hit after the next from the royal play date to the royal sailboat races where kate crushed the future king not once but twice. but the biggest star of this royal show coming in the smallest package. and still managing to outshine even his superstar parents. and could there now be another baby on the way? prince william prompting speculation here when he told a woman who gave him a shawl for baby george she may need to make another one soon. could there be a little brother or sister? we'll wait to find out. >> they don't get much cuter than that. they'll travel to australia next week. still to come, the place where the grass really is greener and what that means for the new 49ers stadium. and the bay area program helping to get kids on to some new wheels. >> i'm ip meteorologist sandhya patel. a warmup coming up for your
11:42 pm
sunday. we
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> even though baseball season is just getting underway, we're only a few months away from the san francisco 49ers opening their new stadium in santa clara. construction is making progress but if you visit, you'll notice one key element remains missing. abc7 news reporter wayne
11:45 pm
freedman paid a visit to the central valley town of livingston which has the missing piece. >> you'll find it miles from any rabid hollering crowd, packs of bermuda grass destined for sunday glory. >> when it comes to professional football, we have to be perfectionists. >> which explains why greg dunn has been spending a lot of time on his hands and knees these days weeding out the occasional imper if he cans. how did that get in here? >> probably by birds or the wind or someone like me walking on it with dirty shoes. >> if greg and the people at west coast turf could grow this in a-5-j clean room they would because if you haven't guessed yet, next week they'll roll up 2.5 acreses of this stuff and put it on 13 trucks. it is destined to it be levi's stadium's inaugural 49er turf. >> you have no idea where the 50 yard line is, right? >> i no clue. >> they picked this turf for a number of reasons.
11:46 pm
it doesn't need much water. it stays green late in the season and this is as tough as the men who play on it. since planting last september, the roots have burrowed deep into this flood plain soil. one of greg's favorite tricks to hand the turf to a visitor and have him try to rip it apart. >> you can hear the ropes that's what you're looking for in a grass. >> consider this your first preview for next football season from the feed level literally. just a few more0s8c days and il be yours. until then, perfection has its price. >> were you going to watch a football game and they're going to rip this up. how is that going to feel? >> comes with the territory. it's partté[ñ of the business. >> you didn't say it comes with the turf, did you? >> no, i didn't. comes with the territory. >> near livingston in the central valley is, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> nearly two dozen kids have new bikes tonight and training how to i'd ride safely.
11:47 pm
the yellow bike project gave out the free rides to kids ages 5 to 15 this morning at the tenderloin children's playground. volunteers also fitted them for helmets. they're picked with help from the community center. the bike booings come from the police department, private donors and spokeland, an organization that teaches people how to ed by their bikes. >> george washington carver elementary school got a makeover today thanks to four san francisco rotary clubs and the sfpd. they painted the playground sprucing it up for students. studies show students who have access to a safe and welcoming play area at recess are more likely to have a better school experience. tomorrow looks like a great day to play. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with our accuweather forecast. >> a great day to take the kids to the park tomorrow. morning might not be such a great idea because it will be pretty h
11:48 pm
heading back home after a visit to the bay area, scatters showers thunderstorms heading towards the st. louis area towards new york. 74 degrees. 48 in d.c. warm in phoenix. 90 degrees. 71 in portland. as you look at the statewide temperatures, we will see breezy conditions around tahoe. 61 there. 84 fresno. down south, morning fog and 66 in los angeles. taking a look at our high temperatures they're coming up tomorrow. definitely a warmer day. up into the 70s in some of our inland valleys. 60s around the bay and along the coastline. most of you will enjoy the sunshine. accuweather seven-day forecast, a little bit warmer for the start of the workweek only to see those temperatures couple down by a few degrees. no rain in that seven-day forecast. and i know the giants are taking on rockies again tomorrow at at&t park, ama, the weather should be beautiful for that. sunshine, low to mid 60s out there. >> thank you. rick is here with sports and
11:49 pm
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with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. this abc7 news sports report brought to you by river rocca sin know. >> after losing a controversial decision to timothy bradley would years ago, manny pack can
11:52 pm
i you reclaimed his wbo welterweight title. let's go to las vegas. the pack mann landed several flurries but bradley did not go down although pacquiao was hoping to win by knockout. it went the full 12 rounds with pacquiao winning by unancqñ decision. it was bradley's first loss. 17 years after tiger woods became the youngest masters champ at 21, 20-year-old jordan spieth may break the record tomorrow. it was another great day for golf at augusta, des playing in his first masters he hasn't looked nervous. today he fired a seven. jimenez is 30 years his senior but fired a tournament best 66. just two back. matt kutcher made a move with a 68, only one off the pace. bubba watson began with a three-stroke lead. a great approach on the second hole sets up an eagle. but he shot a 74 which drops him into a tie for first at 5 under.
11:53 pm
watson shares the lead with spieth hog just turned pro in 2012. he drops this putt for birdie. young texan has a chance to make history. so let's take a look at spieth and watson on top, cutcher and joe nas blixt is, jimenez and ricky fowler round out the top five. >> i have a lot of respect for this goff course. it seems by the scores to be playing as difficult as it has in quite awhile. with that, you have to accept par and you're going to have wicked fast putts and that's why i'll lose more hair as we go on this week. >> after losing to the mariners yed yesterday, things were look sunnier tonight thanks to sunny gray. seattle. not a bad mustache. oakland off to a good start in the first with a man on. josh donaldson gets all of this pitch, his second home run of the season makes it 2-0. after a shaky start, he settled down striking out a career nine batters over seven innings.
11:54 pm
in the sixth, confusing moment for jhonas cespedes. he appears to line out to dustin ackley but ackley drops the exchange. a new recall says that is not a case but cespedes is out. it didn't matter as the a's go on to win, 3-1 and take over first in the a.l. west. at at&t park this young lady still had a good time. with a man on third, tulowitzki shy floois to shallow right. hunter pence also throw home. make it 1-0 rockies. former a's pitcher brett anderson threw three shutout innings. during this at-bat in the fourth, he hurt his pitching hand. he's in pain here. a bruised left index finger caused him to be done for the day. the giants were held to just three hits. pablo sandoval thought had he another but air nat toe makes a great play to gun him down. matt cain struck out eight over seven innings but the offense
11:55 pm
couldn't come through in the eighth inning with the bases loaded, the pan ta strikes out to end the inning. giants lose, 1-0. with their playoff position set is, the sharks close out their regular season tonight at phoenix. san jose hoping to finish up strong in the desert. the sharks jumped on top thanks to a fair of goals from pavelsky. he becomes the fourth player in franchise history to score 40 in a season. in the third, dan boyle with the shot. logan couture tips it in. san jose wins, 3-2. they will next play the kings in the playoffs. two-time defending pac-12 champ stanford wrapped up spring football with its annual cardinal and white game. stanford is set with kevin hoggan back at quarterback for his senior season. here he's picked off by john flacco, the younger brother of joe flacco. cardinal fans hope to get a great year out of barry sanders junior breaking loose for a 29-yard run. hoggan did throw for a pair of
11:56 pm
touchdowns and finds devon who makes a nice leaping catch. the white beat the cardinal 47-23 while stanford has lost several star players on defense, hoggan says the team will be just fine. >> it almost seems like this he reload. we lost some good guys in the front seven and secondary. i'm excited for them. it's been fun going against them. i can't wait to see them shut down the offenses, as well. >> stanford kicks off the season august 30th at home against uc davis. this sports recover the brought to you by river rocca sin know. football is still my favorite sport to watch. >> is it really? >> baseball is mine. i'm loving it right now. >> enjoy yourself. >> that is it for tonight. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. i'm am ma. sandhya patel, for all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. the news continues on twitter, facebook and on your mobile
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