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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 29, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> i'm carolyn johnson. tonight on scwim me kimmel -- on jimmy jimmy kimmle, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jesse tyler ferguson and eric stonestreet, robin roberts, and music from circa zero. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ]
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thank you for coming and joining us here in los angeles, california. and yes, i am -- in case you are wondering what this is around my neck, i am wearing a bow tie. this is a gift from one of ow guests tonight, jesse tyler ferguson. jesse started a charitable organization called tie the knot. and i spent the last 2 1/2 hours trying to do just that. [ laughter ] it's hard to tie a bow tie without your dad helping. you know, my wife is pregnant. i decided tonight while i was trying to put this on i will not help the doctor with the umbilical cord. i will leave that up to her. it was a very big day for l.a. sports today. donald sterling, the beloved owner of the los angeles clippers. [ laughter ] as you know, was captured on tape saying very racist things to his girlfriend. the tape came out over the weekend. and since then most everyone has been calling for his head. and today adam silver, the new commissioner of the nba, is getting a lot of praise for handing down the toughest
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punishment possible. >> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. [ cheers and applause ] i'm also fining mr. sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the nba constitution. [ applause ] as for mr. sterling's ownership interest in the clippers, i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team and will do everything in my power to ensure that that happens. [ applause ] >> jimmy: people are excited.
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they did the right thing. we still have not heard from donald sterling. he's been lying low since the tape surfaced. friend say to help lift his spirits he has been watching "twelve years a slave" in reverse. what we do know is that he will not be at the game tonight. sterling is banned from associating with the clippers for life. which based on looking at him should be four to eight months maybe? i don't know. five years ago being banned from the clippers games for life wouldn't have been a punishment, it would have been a gift is of what it would have been. but things have changed. donald sterling paid $12.5 million for the clippers in 1981. in 2010, david geffen offered him $700 million for the team. and he declined that offer. you remember the huge pile of money the joker burned in "the dark knight"? that is how much this donald sterling is going to get for the clippers. i still don't understand how a person who doesn't want to associate with black people winds up owning an nba franchise. it's like a vegan buying an outback steakhouse.
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but he did. it was interesting to watch espn today because everyone pretty much agreed the league did the right thing. it's rare that you see that. there wasn't much argument from anyone. but there was a lot of analysis of what exactly this all means and how it will work legally. i thought this was interesting. this is from last night's "nbc nightly news." >> in the midst of the playoffs players and fans are calling for the nba to take swift action against donald sterling, the l.a. clippers owner accused of making racist remarks. but usc law professor jody armor says it's a complex situation. >> the owners wouldn't want to establish a precedent. >> jimmy: i remember a time when the players had afros and the lawyers were bald. but -- meanwhile, paula deane announced yesterday she's heading out on tour. which she timed that perfectly, didn't she? this summer paula deane will do live shows in 20 cities across the united states. the tour starts june 21st in pigeon forge, tennessee.
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they say it will give fans a rare chance to see paula deane get diabetes in person. her opening act, wiz khalifa. see, donald sterling, it will be okay. say you are sorry, sit out a year. go on tour have all the butter you can eat. one of america's favorite game shows, wheel of fortune-s celebrating a milestone this week. their 6,000th show. i'm only up to 5,900, so don't tell me what happens. but it's an impressive milestone for what is essentially a televised crossword puzzle. wheel of fortune has been on the year for over 30 years. it premiered in 1983. they still have the the same hosts, pat sajak and vanna white. vanna doesn't flip the letters anymore. she just stand there and claps. like vice president biden. she's kind of a -- but 6,000 is a lot of shows. and the producers have done a very good job of keeping it fresh. i feel like they may be running out of common phrases. >> pick that up, please. that's $1,000 cash.
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courtesy of caesar's entertainment. >> pat, i would look to solve. >> okay. >> omg, my bro crush eats fro-yo. >> yeah. that's it. nice going. >> thank you. >> jimmy: yeah, right. aol sent a security warning out to its users yesterday. remember aol the company that used to send the shiny mini frisbees in the mail to everyone? i have been getting dozens of e-mails from 20-year-old e-mail addresses of my friends. it really has been a stroll down memory lane. and it came courtesy of hackers. aol believes that a major security breach may have compromised the passwords addresses and contacts of a significant number of their users which, well, that's the bad news. the good news is if you are still sending e-mail through aol your identity probably isn't worth being stolen. starbucks doing very well right now. starbucks of course is the
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wildly popular chain of bathrooms for homeless people. they announced that in the last fiscal quarter, their profits rose 6% and brought in $3.9 billion in revenue. because they're doing so well, the ceo of starbucks just announced plans to open 600 new stores in the united states. is there room for 600 more starbucks in the united states? there are two on every corner already. it's -- they're going to have to open new starbucks inside existing starbucks. believe it or not, starbucks says they are significantly understored, which i didn't know was a phrase, in many markets. including north america. for instance, currently there is no starbucks at the bottom of the grand canyon, and that needs to be fixed immediately. tonight at the staples center the clippers got back to business with game 5 of their series with the warriors. there was supposed to be a protest outside but after the nba banned donald sterling for
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life it turned into a celebration instead. now, up until yesterday donald sterling was supposed to receive a lifetime achievement award from the naacp. that's not a joke. that was real. it's not happening now. but we went out onto the street in front of the staples center to ask people who happened to be strolling by if they wanted to send their congratulations on this honor anyway. >> donald sterling the clippers owner is getting an naacp award. would you like to congratulate him? >> no. >> donald sterling, the clippers' owner is getting a naacp award. would you look to congratulate him? >> not at all. >> what would you like to say to him? >> nothing i can say with my kids watching. >> mr. sterling, that racist prejudiced guy that was the owner of the clippers? no, i wouldn't give him no award. we would give the "a kick in his behind" award. that's what he deserves. >> how would you like to congratulate donald sterling? >> [ bleep ] donald sterling. i didn't know he was like that till i heard what i heard on tv.
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so [ bleep ] him. >> hey, mr. sterling, stick your nomination up your ass. >> it's an insult to every monitor group out here including all of the white people who are taking the heat because of it. you're going to express your thoughts, better keep your mouth shut. >> donald sterling, given an naacp award. would you like to congratulate him? >> i don't understand why the nwacp wants to congratulate donald sterling for. >> the nba, you're going to pay a penalty too as long as you let this man stay an owner. michael jordan you better step up, man. you was my idol. and all i'm saying is i'm from north carolina. i was born right there in ivanhoe, north carolina -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. i'm just getting this from the news desk. he's dead. sterling's dead. >> what? >> they say sterling just died. i don't know how true that is. we just have to wait and see.
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but maybe -- >> your thoughts on his passing? >> well, all my condolences go out to his family -- >> different donald sterling. >> well, scratch all of that then. >> jimmy: consider it scratched. [ cheers and applause ] that was nice. we're going to take a break. when we come back, you know the cast of the new "star wars" movie has been revealed. i will re-reveal it tonight. guillermo will fill you in on all the latest hollywood gossip on his entertainment news show, "mucho." and eric stonestreet, jesse tyler ferguson, robin roberts, and music from circa zero, too. so don't leave us. [ cheers and applause ] eric stonestreet and jesse tyler ferguson, robin roberts, and music from circa zero. so don't leave us. what?! it looks delicious. i didn't work out this morning. i should try it? that's pretty tasty.
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>> jimmy: welcome back! >> i have to admit despite the fact i am a grown man with muscles rippling all over my body. i was very excited with the cast of star wurz, episode 7 was revealed this morning. this is a foe toeshgs photo, ree internet. the cast reading through the script, see j.j. abrahams, andy circus from hobbit, and donald gleeson, john boyoga, max von seto in the exorcist, daisy ridley, and most excitingly, harrison ford, carrie fisher and mark hamil will be in the movie, old han solo, princess leah, and like skywalker.
11:51 pm
and chewbaka and i can't wait to see what they do. they haven't revealed much of the plot. but, the rumor i am hearing is, that in this third trilogy, the cast of the first trilogy gets sent to earth. goes back in time to stop george lucas from making the second trilogy. technically this could only -- i don't know. and the "star wars" cast wasn't the only big news that broke today. here now with the latest on your favorite celebrities we go live now to guillermo with "mucho." >> announcer: tonight on "mucho" is george clooney turning into a chimp? baby bump. is jessica simpson's baby having a baby? plus, why is cameron diaz wearing cats? for shoes?
11:52 pm
meouch! why is she wearing shoes for pants, oh, no shoe didn't! and is dean cane dead? no! shocking modern family secrets all revealed. >> thank you. >> shh. save it for later on "mucho." >> you won't want to miss guillermo's exclusive interview with jennifer lopez topless. >> hey, my eyes are up here. >> all this and mucho mas all on "mucho" we are live from highland and hollywood center, the mall. >> hi, everyone. welcome to "mucho." i am guillermo. there are exciting things happening in hollywood. jimmy kimmel are you ready to hear about it? >> jimmy: yes, we are already. >> guillermo: okay, i will be right back.
11:53 pm
i'm back! tonight on "mucho" get ready for my exclusive interview with j lo topless. exclusivo. i am here with j.lo, she is letting me listen to her single. before thursday. >> no one has heard this? >> no, you are the first. >> guillermo: i am the first one? i will just listen to your song. hold this. all right, okay. all right. >> okay. >> guillermo: wow, this is great, i like it. >> thanks, when i recorded it -- >> shh, i am trying to listen to your song, j.lo. i'm out. that was amazing. but now it is serious time. i sit down on jesse tyler ferguson and eric stonestreet, from "modern family" to get to
11:54 pm
the bottom of their bitter on film feud. roll the tape! tell me why are you guys feuding? >> no, we're not feuding. >> guillermo: yes, you are. >> no, we are not. we are pretty good friend. >> guillermo: yes you are. >> no, we are not. don't know where you heard that. >> guillermo: yes, you are. >> no, we are not. >> guillermo: why are you hitting him in the face? >> ouch. >> hate crime. hate crime. >> mucho. >> those guys need help. now time for celebrity cupcake face. which celebrity is this cupcake's face? [ indiscernible ]
11:55 pm
>> guillermo: that's it for now. tune in next time to find out who has a baby bump and which members from "duck dynasty" pee sitting down. now i will dance off to j.lo's new song "first of l" mucho! >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. tonight, robin roberts is here. and we have music from circa zero. and we'll be right back with eric stonestreet and jesse tyler ferguson from "modern family." >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by at&t. get your first 90 days of beats music free now. head to for more information.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program from "good morning america" the author of this inspiring new book, it's called "everybody's got something," the exceptionally lovely robin roberts is here.
12:00 am
and then this is something -- andy summers from the police has a new band. this is their album. itt's called "circus hero." circa zero from the at&t stage. i wish more bands rhymed their albums with their names. you can see circa zero live at the troubadour here in los angeles may 14th. tomorrow night, kathy griffin will be here, from "veep", tony hale, and we'll have music from franz ferdinand. and on thursday sandra oh, from "grey aven's anatomy." "science bob" pflugfelder, and we'll have music from boy george. our first guests tonight are two very funny men who are making preparations for the most highly-anticipated tv wedding since starsky married hutch. watch them on "modern family," wednesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. please welcome eric stonestreet and jesse tyler ferguson ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: good to see you. thank you for the bow tie. >> very well. you look very handsome. >> jimmy: have you gotten good at tying the bow tie. >> i have. watched a youtube video. because i didn't know how to do them, yeah. >> jimmy: how did they do that in the old days when there weren't youtube videos to figure everything out for you. >> jesse and i haven't seen each other since we finished shooting. >> jimmy: the first time. >> how is it going? >> it is good. >> everything is going -- >> i did go a few places. >> it's still happening. >> the rash is? >> better. >> the rash is better. >> jimmy: we are on television. >> back to the interview. >> jimmy: when i see you together. individually i don't have this with you. when you are together you are -- >> aren't you cute, jimmy? >> it is very, we have been
12:02 am
traveling a lot recently. between our las vegas episode and australia episode. >> jimmy: australia. >> we will be in air ports together. and people have this sort of visceral reaction that we don't get when we are on our own. >> speak for yourself. i get a pretty visceral reaction. >> main thing. people think we are a couple. they're confused. i am pretty much just like mitch. and eric is like a straight version of cam. >> kyle looks like him a little bit. >> what's funny. when we travel with ty burrell. we will be together. people will come up to ty and say will you get a picture with -- for frz th for jesse is like a lighthouse on the side of the ocean. with his red beard and red hair going mitchell from "modern family." you see him from a mile away. >> eric's favorite thing he
12:03 am
likes to do. in a crowded place. walking together. he goes, hey, i'm the redheaded guy from "modern family" and run away. >> jimmy: very considerate. >> yeah, yeah. >> whe> th very confusing for p. >> jimmy: what is with people. in the old days it made sense. now we have reality television. it, i guess, maybe people get confused that this is not your actual family? >> we takecomplyment. and laugh at how stupid people are. sorry about that, everybody. ha-ha. >> jimmy: how remind me again which one of you is gay in real life? >> well? >> changes on a day-to-day basis. >> jimmy: gave you cam. >> sneaks out in places you are not expecting it. went to revisit eric, he was redoing a room. he was explaining the wallpaper.
12:04 am
>> for you at home watching, i genuinely don't know what he is about to say. on talk shows you never how how prepped we are. honest to god. what are you going to -- say? >> jimmy: what did he do? >> he was talking about this wallpaper. explaining wallpaper. his hands are explaining it like this. he is like -- speaking very masculine about the wallpaper but his hand are doing this like. >> the hands. the hands. >> jimmy: like frozen. letting it go. ♪ let it go let it go >> cam is very. >> jimmy: handy. jazz hands. yeah. when you go to australia do people know you and the show there? >> yeah, we are, we are pretty popular in australia. we were down there 12 days. we got to go out, leave the hotel a lot. with our crew. worked around the clock. we got to do stuff. you know people come up to you and ask for pictures. it's very nice. very flattering. but you know when that moment
12:05 am
starts the end result is them taking a picture with you and then going on their way to do whatever they're doing and you going on your way to do whatever you are doing. it is a quick exchange. in australia people are so polite and so nice. that the moment, instead of going hey can i get a picture goes a little something like with you. hello, how are you? i hate to be this person, and i would never do this, but oh my god my mum would kill me. you are like you probably want a picture, right? if i didn't get a picture, would you terribly mind if i got a picture? you're like, yes, let's do the picture! let's do the picture! >> very slow. >> long process. they are so friendly and nice. >> jimmy: this is why hookers make no money over there. >> i hate to bother you but -- >> jimmy: you guys, your parents got rescued by a biker gang in
12:06 am
the episode. and what i did not realize that was an actual biker gang. >> yeah, apparently those, this is how we found out they were real bikers, honest to goodness. so we are talking to them. when you are working with actors in hollywood. so what do you do? your day jobs, whatever? i said what do you guys do your a living? and the one guy in the back, goes, what do you mean, we sell drugs? staring at him, you are serious. you are real bikers. and then, come to find out they're like this bikers have been kicked out of queensland in australia, no more bikers allowed in certain areas of the country. one guy, i took a sneaky picture of his helmet. i went over to our producer, danny zucker, a jewish fellow, we may need to get black duct tape and cover the swastika on his helmet. they were all so, other than that --
12:07 am
>> jimmy: so nice. >> they were so nice. seriously. look one was a vegetarian. one was anemic. >> jimmy: hitler was a vegetarian, right. >> the other one was scared of heights. >> jimmy: very neurotic bike gang. yeah. we will take a quick break. eric stonestreet and jesse tyler ferguson are with us tonight. we'll be right back! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. but did it's not for me,a limo? it's for these heels. i'll call you when i get home. (cell phone rings) hi alison. i'm home. yeah, i can see you. thanks again! great party! no matter how you get there, smirnoff reminds you to get home safely. woo!
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um...hi georgia. i just wanted to apologize again for what happenedoww, that's hot.picnic. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich. >> why don't we put lily in one of his shirts.
12:13 am
>> she'll see through that. looks like we do it because she brought it up. >> liking for a photo of lily in a hand-me-down. i can't find one. i'm barely in any of these. >> are you suggesting what i think you are suggesting? you are suggesting we stage a photograph, put lily in hand-me-downs, make it look like her from the past, christmas, just to prove her wrong. >> that's not remotely. >> it is simplicity itself. don't second-guess yourself. it is simplicity itself. >> jimmy: jesse tyler ferguson and eric stonestreet! clip from tomorrow night. you are preparing for a two-part wedding episode. >> yeah, we shot the wedding. it was great. it was a really great episode. it was very bizarre being, just married in real life, last summer, i just married my husband. >> jimmy: a real commitment to the role. you know?
12:14 am
>> thank you. for reminding me of the pressure of marriage. but you know, then to, to get married. i got married in july. and then got engaged again in, september to eric. i'm elizabeth taylor awfulll of sudden. it was great. very surreal. >> jimmy: it must be surreal. were there people at your wedding at your real wedding. >> eric was at my real wedding. >> jimmy: you didn't feel jealous at all, a little out of the spotlight. >> well, you know i think i did say i thought it would always be me. at his rehearsal dinner. but it was a great ceremony. it was really, really net to be there with, with our cast, some of our cast, writers. >> ty, julie were at the real wedding. >> jimmy: real wedding. >> real and fake actually. actually, elizabeth banks is a guest on our finale. and she is in the wedding. and she wasn't able to make it. really good friend with her in real life.
12:15 am
wasn't able to make it to the real wedding. at least i made the to one of them. >> jimmy: convenient for her. this is kind of a big deal for american television. we have two men getting, characters that we feel like we know, getting married in primetime on a network owned by disney. that's kind of exciting isn't it? >> it is very exciting. [ cheers and applause ] you know, from the beginning of our show, like i think we have always said our main objective is to make people laugh and find our characters relatable and escape your day-to-day with whatever you have got going in your real life. tune in and go on whatever journey we are going on. this just feels really great at the end of five years, mitch and cam, two character, people have got in to know are having completion to their relationship as well. we are opening people's hearts and mind. no doubt. but making them freaking laugh too. prescription d >> jimmy: did you feel any real emotion when you guys were
12:16 am
acting? >> the pressure to be, here is the moment. how are we going to generate, this emotion? and the thing is our writers did let us go through the vows that normally one would go through getting married. really, i have a great affection for this man. to look at him. and he'll say these great word to. say i do to someone even if they're going to be a fake husband it does create a certain emotion. i did get very emotional. you did too. it was not acting. you love me. you love me so much. no, it is true. >> no, it is true. the way our show is shot. jesse and i spend the most amount of time together. we do know each other probably the best amongst each other on the show, you know? so it was nice to have that moment with him. my parents actually were there that day, just visiting the set. i don't know why that is funny. oh, what you laugh now, audience member b? >> jimmy: what did they think about the whole thing?
12:17 am
>> they thought it was great. welcome to the family. well, okay, yeah. >> jimmy: welcome to the family. great to see you guys. may 14th, it begins. "modern family" airs wednesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. we'll be right back with robin roberts. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by at&t. get your first 90 days of beats music free now. head to for more information. plan. sure, you get 10 gigs of data to with unlimited talk and text. and for a family of four, that's $160 dollars a month. sounds great. sounds like a slam dunk. oh you a basketball fan? yeah, i played a little. hmmm, me too. lily adams. point guard. high school jv. grant hill. small forward. college and professional. oh, good for you. introducing our best-ever family pricing. for instance, a family of four gets 10 gigs of data,
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which will cause me to miss the end of the game.
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12:23 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> now i know what it is like when you come to see us from the west coast to the east coast morning show. do an east coast morning show and do west coast late night show. it is. >> jimmy: disorienting. can i got you anything? >> i'm great. >> jimmy: are you working this week or off this week? >> well little bit of both. i was coming out here to talk about the book. then this thing with the clippers happened when i hit town so. i have been very busy with that as well. and it's just like you said. the tapes emerged over the weekend. how quickly adam silver the commissioner acted to day but gave you plenty of material for your opening monologue. >> jimmy: i think he handled it well. >> i think so also.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: is donald sterling some one you will call and try to get an interview with. >> our bookers talked to him and thought maybe it is best that somebody else speak to him. >> jimmy: very interesting. do you feel look you can't be imparti impartial? >> no, i can always be impartial much like the video that you showed with the people outside of staples. be impartial. no, he, he has a -- whoo he has a history. i don't know if he is ready to sit down just yet and talk with, with anybody right now. but if he were i would welcome that opportunity. >> jimmy: he will drag this into court until the day he dies. >> that's his history. we'll see what happens. >> jimmy: glad it resolved itself. sorry you have to work as a result of that. you had a book signing last night? >> yes, at the grove. >> jimmy: is that fun for you? >> i love it. everybody wants to share their story. when i say everybody has got something. everybody does have something. they come up and share their stories. >> jimmy: they do.
12:25 am
>> the people were very nice there at the bookstore. but you know usually you keep the line moving. and everybody is talking. so they're like flipping the lights on and off to rush me along to get me out of there. joy you can't speed people along when they're talking about their health issues and family, use? >> nor do you want to. but you'll love this you are a family guy too. i am signing books. speaking, talking with people. i look up and this beautiful older black woman is standing in front of me. she looks familiar. my mother's college roommate, 91 years old, lives here in l.a. >> jimmy: wow. >> i, i started bawling. tried to move the line along. my mom's college roommate. >> jimmy: have you not seen her? >> have not seen her since i was a small child. a great, great time. >> jimmy: did you keep her moving too? >> i said, get out of here, keach keep it moving! >> jimmy: this book covers among other things the health issues that you experienced.
12:26 am
first of all, the cancer. secondly, as a result of the chemotherapy you had, something that i can't pronounce? >> myelodystplastic syndrome. mds. >> jimmy: mds. >> i think i would be just the worst. i would be terrible. i would handle it so poorly. >> what do you think you would do? >> jimmy: order everyone out of the room just don't come back. i would be miserable in the hospital. how long were you in the hospital? >> i was in the hospital for 30 days. in isolation. i had something to keep me warm. i had a hoody from you that you sent me. >> jimmy: that's right. i have to say, i was -- to be honest thrilled when i saw this photograph of you wearing our -- our apparel. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> jimmy: that its a lot of machines though. >> winged out my iv pole. a disco pole. if you are going to have the
12:27 am
thing next to you. might as well be a disco and a party. >> jimmy: next to you 30 days, huh? >> i have to say my sleep pattern was a little different i got to watch you live instead of on dvr. wonderful to see you. and laugher is the best medicine, especially. >> jimmy: is it accurate to say that i saved your life? >>. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i'm glad. >> on page 52. i think i mention you saving my life. >> jimmy: by the way, i have to say one of the things i'm impressed by is how wonderful diane sawyer was with, to you, throughout this, this whole thing. >> i devote aid chapter to diane. she should have been a doctor. everyone, there are so many people, something my mother and the reason i entitled it everybody has got something, something my mother said. also she said you scant put a limit on gratitude. so many thanking through the book. >> jimmy: she got night.
12:28 am
started researching. >> i would be on the phone with her. could hear her flipping through her notes. this is the type of transplant. see this doctor. it was just so reassuring to have diane and my, george, and lara and the people i work with on the show, and, our president, ben sherwood, everyone. >> jimmy: especially your sister who gave you a ben maone marrow transplant. >> what do you do when somebody gives you the gift of life like that. >> jimmy: you are screwed. you really are. >> i have to wash her car for life. >> jimmy: you won't watch my dog for the weekend, i gave you my bone marrow? ha-ha. >> basically it. i have another sister and brother. so i try and, you know make sure that i don't favor one over the other. if it's kind of hard. it's a little hard with sally ann. >> jimmy: were they both eligible donors? >> glad you asked that. people feel if you have a sibling or relative tip its automatic they're going to be a
12:29 am
match. one sister was not. the other sister was 10 for 10, perfect match. so vital to have people join the registry. that's what we have been doing a lot on the program is encouraging people to seen up for the bone marrow registry, the match. giving people an opportunity. because 70% of the time you had to rely on a total stranger. >> jimmy: total strangers will do that for other total strangers. what an incredible thing is that. how do you soon up? what do you have to do to be part of the registry? >> first to be part of it. a simple swab. swabbing your cheek. that's it. you send the kit in. if they determine you are a match, some testing that goes along with it. a lot of people feel it is a painful procedure if you are a donor. my sister is biggest nilly on earth. doesn't like pain, who does like pain, but she doesn't. >> jimmy: a few weirdos. >> in hollywood -- >> jimmy: super heroes outside
12:30 am
that enjoy pain. >> oh, they do? it was uncomfortable, but wasn't a painful situation. it was more like, giving blood. than anything else. it wasn't like a big drill in her back and taking out the marrow. but as she said, she didn't feel that she was doing anything that anybody else wouldn't do. and she said so eloquently that she felt she was born to do this, to give her baby sister new life. >> jimmy: that is very, very sweet. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] baby sister. >> baby sister. >> jimmy: i am glad she did. we are very fond of you. this is the new book, again, called, "every betd has gbody h something." that's true. by robin roberts. watch robin on "good morning america." when we come back music from circa zero. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank eric stonestreet, jesse tyler ferguson, robin roberts, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next, but first, their album is called, "circus hero." here with the song "levitation" circa zero. ♪ dark clouds storm your skyline mind stare down the barrel ofe a firing line ♪ ♪ ton of passions at the bottom of your hill push your piano out the window sill ♪ ♪ why it won't fly ♪ ♪ concrete boots at the bottom of the bay mood on a canvas in shades of grey ♪ ♪ heavy heart sunken by regret head dragged under by the things you said ♪
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♪ why it won't fly ♪ ♪ i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up levitation ♪ ♪ caught under lies you tell yourself drowning under waves of guilt ♪ ♪ best laid plans buried underground all you ever wanted under ten million pounds ♪ ♪ why it won't fly ♪ ♪ i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up levitation ♪ ♪ i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up i wanna lift it up
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i wanna lift it up levitation ♪ ♪ levitation levitation levitation levitation ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight -- banned and shamed. a stunning punishment for one of the richest and most powerful moguls in l.a. called racist after rants to his alleged ex-mistress caught on tape. now, shocking allegations from another woman who claims donald sterling says she could destroy anyone who dared to oppose him. >> there it is. >> plus on a dangerous journey to snake island. >> probably be more cautious. >> overrun with lethal


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